The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 04, 1907, Page Seven, Image 7

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9 Everybody Celebrate I
B-vcr3r"bod3r Q
Look out for surprises.
jj Everybody Celebrate
The Nation's Birthday will be recognized all over the
civilized World in a fitting manner. Hood River will
maintain her reputation for loyalty and progress by
celebrating royally.
Our Store Will Be Closed All Day
We thank you heartily for the largest and most satisfactory Spring
and Summer business we have ever yet enjoyed. We will let you
hear from us regarding our midsummer campaign very soon.
The Up-to-Date Store
Pt JC. C iCZ II J i m i
Phone Hoi man's Market, Main 1401,
on Tbe Heights for your meat orden.
Free and prompt delivery.
8. J. Frank Las a fine line of men's
belts and purses.
Mr. Bartmess is on a cash basis.
Mrs. Venable has opened dressmaking
parlors in the Jacobson residence, where
she is prepared to do fashionable dress
making. "The Gem", Ice Cream Bricks made
in as many colors or any style. Give
us you orders for your party or Sunday
dinner. We do our own manufacturing.
Hamilton & Adolph.
Fresh made sausage at McGuire Bros,
every day.
L. Huggins' Annual June sale began
June 1. Watch our add for real values.
Big line of tents, wagon Covers, and
summer lap dusters at S. J. Frank's.
Chickens for Sunday dinner at Hol
inan's Market.
Get yeur spray hose from W. H.
Fresh fish at Holman's Market.
Metal house numbers at Hunt's Wall
Paper store.
Our work guaranteed. DeiU Studio.
Ph. C. Young is in the market for cat
tle, hogs, chickens, etc., and will pay
the highest market price.
Green onions, asparagus and radishes
at McGuire Bros.
Salt mackerel, eastern white fish and
pickled salmon at Jackson's.
Full line of garden hose, with coup
lings, at Haynes' store.
"The Gem" Hand Rolled Ice Cream
Chocolate Creams, Taffies and Bon
Bona. We make all our candies and
ice cream. Hamilton & Adolph.
Just received at Soule's Piano house
large shipment of phonographs and the
'elebrated Jonophone records. A spe
cial discount will be offered this week.
Maple Syrup and New York State
Buck Wheat at Jackson's.
A good Emerson piano at Soule's Pi
ano house for $1.75. Also some fine
organ's $35 to $50.
Olives in bulk, bottles and cans at
Go to Hood River Apple Growers
Union for drums of gas for nitrogen
Economical buyers go to the Huggins'
store they can do better.
It is to your interest to refer to M.
Bartmess' ad under the new system.
The Dietz Studio for photos.
Chinook salmon at McGuire Bros,
every Friday.
Chicken;: for Sunday dinner at Mc
Guire Bros. Order early.
Lawn mowers, the best make, at W.
H. Haynes.
Finishing for amateurs at DeiU Studio.
Mt. Hood tooth powder, best in the
world at Williams fharmacy. Money
back if not satisfactory. f 14
The first delivery will be made at 8
o'clock in the morning. Do not fail to
have your orders in for your bolls and
roasts in time for this trio. The last
trip will be made at 10:45 and the last
trip in the evening at 4:30. Please ob
serve these hours of delivery to as to
receive your meats on time and assist
us in the delivery. McGdirb Bros.
If you want to buy or sell real estaie
go to Onthank & Otten. Money to
loan on first mortgages. Abstracts and
legal papers carefully prepared. Nota'
rial work of all kinds.
R. H. Webber, nf Tha Dal la. .a.
on oar streets last Friday.
F. W. A nana u a vlaltn f Ik.
county teat last Thursday.
Dr. Robinson, nf Mnslar mam In ha
oity tbe latter part of tbe week.
J. K Nnnnemaker was a passenger
from Heppner Monday on No. ).
Fred Shoamabar
land last Tuesday on tbe overland.
8. A. Skinner was a passenger for
Carson Tuesday on tbe Telephone.
C. II. Bennett was a passenger on
the local from The Dalles Saturday.
Mrs. John McKanzIa anil nhlMran
Of lone, ara In Hnnri Riap vinlflnu
Mrs. O. P. Knnslaa mhn hutt h..n
visitina In Portland. rntnrnaH Tnaa.
day on No. 2.
Mr. Ida Rlinncla anil inn .Inaanh
tetumed Tuesday from an extended
visit in tbe east.
R. K. Tnelrnr and mita
plating a trip to Trap Hill, N. O., in
mo uuiti iuiure.
I. T. Flnrnanna and arlfa nt T su k n
geles, are in the oity and regittered
at iuo naoooma.
(1. M. Kddv VII a naaaanaar rtn fha
steamer JSpenoer Saturday from down
tuv river puinia.
Lyman Smith, of Portland, who has
been viaitinff in Hand Rltar latnrnad
to his home Monday.
Harold Tnnlrftl lnft nn tha innal
Thursday tor a visltl with relatives
and friends in Portland.
Mrs. Martin Dragsetb left Thursday
on the local for Oregon City to visit
with her parents.
Amos Underwood, of Underwood,
Wash., was a passenger for The Dalle
Friday on the Simons.
E. Goldsmith, who has been spend
ing several days in Poitland, returned
Thursday on tbe Spencer.
G. M. Eddy took a height for Cas
oadea Looks Monday to do some
painting and paper hanging.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nichols, par
ents of J. E. Niohols, are here from
Milton to visit with their son.
John Wilson, whs has been attend
ing tbe stat Q. A. R. sesions held
in Neffberg, tetumed Thursday.
Miss Lenore Adams left on the local
Monday to spend a few days visiting
friends and relatives in Portland.
L A. Fabriob, of Rook ford, I1L, is
visiting with his son (Hen, proprietor
of the Hood River Steam Laundry.
J. T. Cooper and wife came down on
the local Saturday and went out to
their place in tbe Mt. Hood district.
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Thorn, who re
side on tbe east side returned from a
business trip to Portland last Thursday.
uiioa uo uuiununu nuv uaa wen
teaching school at lone during the
past year, has been visiting with her
parents In Hood Klver.
After spending some time with her
daughter, Mrs. F. W. Wilson, of The
uaiies, Airs, jjuoreti storey arrived
in Hood River Saturday.
J. T. Cooper returned to Rowena
Monday wbere He has charge of a
large farm. His family will remain in
Hood River to spend the summer.
Earnest Halfpap has secured the po
sition aa timekeeper for tbe sbovelers'
O. R. A N. gang witb headquarters at
Hood Klver and is now in charge.
Ed Wright was a passenger on the
Dalles City lneaday for Uoldeudale,
wbere De win spend tne r ourtn.
Earl Koberg, who bad his arm brok
en recently, is improving nioely at
this writing and will soon be himself
James Laoey returned from Port
land Thursday wbere he has been
spending several days on business and
Mrs. F. T. Mullikln. of The Dalles.
who has been a visitor inthis oity for
several weeks, returned to her home
last week.
Maynard Menden, of Michigan, who
baa been visitina with hi old friend.
H. J. Frederiok, left for Portland last
Jos. Wright, of the Cascade Looks,
came op on tb Spencer Monday to
be present at tbe oouncil meeting in
tbe evening.
H. R. Albee, who has a farm out in
the Bariett district, arrived from
Portland last Tuesday to spend a few
days in the valley.
Leslie Butler went to Centralis,
Wash., la it Saturday and spent Sun
day witb bis two daughters who re
side in that city.
Miss Lurline Fisher, of Tbe Dalles,
who has been visltlug with her giand
paients for several weeks, teturned to
her home last week.
Miss Grace Upton was a passenger
for Troutdale Saturday to remain sev
eral days to attend tbe camp meeting
now in progress tbere.
C. I. Dak in, who baa been attend
ing tbe annual U. A. R. encampment
at Newberg, returned to Hood River
Saturday ou tbe Spencer.
No. 5 stopped for breakfast in Hood
River Tuesday morning and about 100
passengers enjoyed their morning
meal at our popular hostelries.
Mrs. Augusta Jobnson, of Portland,
sister-in-law of Mrs. Samuel Heppner,
who baa been vistling in Hood River,
returned to her home Saturday.
W. F. Laraway, aooompanied by his
daughter, Mrs. Cooper, and his son
Percy, and wife, made a trip to Tbe
Dalles Thursday on tbe Spender.
Capt. Olsen, of tbe Underwood fer
ry fame, baa installed a new gasoline
engine in his launoh. Tbe way that
sbe cuts tbe water now isn't slow.
Rev. Adams and wife, of Moro, are
in the oity visiting with their daugh
ter, Mr j. J. E. Nichols. They will be
in Hood River to enjoy ti e Fourth.
Tboma-t Goes has sold his plaoe in
tbe Barrett district to his son-in-law,
G. M. Eddy. Mr. Goss left Tbursdy
for Troutdale to visit for a few days.
Cbas. Gill was a passenger op tbe
line Monday to look after tbe long
distance telephone line which is "in
Hon. M. A. Moody, accompanied
by a party from Tbe Dalles, oame
down Monday morning and left at
noon tbe same day for Mt. Hood in
an automobile.
Misses Anna and Bessie Lang, of
Tbe Dalit, were in Hood River tbe
first of the week. They will make a
trip to Mt. Hood before their return.
Mi Anna stated to a Glacier repre
sentative thst sbe bad made tbe trip
to tbe mountains 19 different times.
Amos Underwood, of Underwood,
Wash., was on our streets bright and
early Monday morning. When accost
ed by tbe Glacier man, and asked
wby be was in the city so eariy be re
plied: "I am over after money, it
takes money to run Underwood." We
discovered that bis pockets were fair
ly bulged out with the pre?stne of tbe
Ultby lucre.
R til
. &srS44f fA THF BIG STORE
Jelly Glasses Jar Tops,
Jar Rubbers, Jar Fillers, Sealing
Wax, etc. Little Prices
Water ' Glasses of every
shape, thin and heavy, plain and
decorated patterns. Little Prices.
Gloves A new lot of working
(i loves, in all styles and grades,
just in. Good wearing quality in
every one. Little Prices.
Going Camping? We can
fit you out complete, with Tents,
Bedding, Chairs, Stoves, Dishes,
Cooking Utensils and other Chmp
Supplies, at Little Prices.
Nickel Plated Ware
Every sort of utensil ior your
kitchen and dining room in this
pretty ware, at Little Prices.
Bicycle Supplies We
have everything in supplies for
the biker. Little Prices.
Fishing Tackle Rods,
Reels, Baskets, Hooks, Lines,
Spoons, Bait, Flies and every
thing else the fisherman need's,
at Little Prices.
Box Stationery Pretty,
new styles of correspondence pa
per in the latest shapes and fa
brics. 20o to 60c per box.
Our Post Card Shop
is a very interesting place, tilled
with the la' eat novelties. Better
come in and rubber.
Picnic Goods Lunch Bas
kets, paper napkins, wooden plate
wax paper, lunch cU.
Little Prices.
Hammocks, new styles and
Croquet Sets, 4, 6 A 8 ball.
Tennis Sets, complete.
Dinner Sets 42 pieces com
plete, beautiful decorations.
$6 per set.
TV. rwrckfc tvt MttCtr You will find ons Phonograph Pa lor an interesting place these
IU LAJVCIa Ul XTlUaiv day days. Our fine stock of new Records is here, and we are
anxious to hive yon hear them. If yon baven't a machine get one now, o you can have the enjoyment of it
during the Summer. We sell tbe best makes.
Willie Welsh, a small bov from the
orphans borne in Potland, left for
Grants Monday, wbere be will make
bis permanent borne with Mrs. Fow
Martin Rand and wife left Monday
on the local for their home in Univer
sity Park. They have been spending
several weeks on their farm on tbe
east side.
Chas. Peugh and wife, ot Ccndon,
accompanied by Mrs. C. 11. howelj.
of Wasco, are in the city visiting
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. 11.
Mr. and Mrs. Belieu, of Moro, are
camping in Hood River and will re
main to spend tbe Fourth. 1 hey came
overland and enjoyed their trip very
Dr. Ferguson, who owns a farm in
the Helmont distriot, has painted his
fence posts witb a coat of white paint.
This improvemnet adds materially to
tne appearanoe ot tbe pluoe.
Mrs. J. II. Aokerman and daughter
Isabelle, wbo have been visiting in
Hood River for the past three weeks,
returned to their borne in Portland
Charles Temple, who has been vis
iting In Hood River for tbe past
week, left for Portland Thursday.
Cbas. will return to Hood River be
fore leaving for tbe east.
Attorneys A. J. Derby and A. A.
Jayne returned from Tbe Dalles
Thursday wbere they bad been to
argue the case of Savage vs. Fouts, be
fore Judge Biadsbaw.
E. Goidsmitb, who has been tbe
proprietor ot the Rmona hotel for
some months, left for Portland Satur
day wbere he will make his permanent
Misses Anna and Vina Frazier, tf
Portland, ;who have been visiting rel
atives and friends in Hood Hlver for
tbe past two weeks, teturntd to the
Rose city.Saturday.
Mrs. A. L. Douglas and babe, are
guests at the borne of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Gangei. Mrs. Douglas resides
at Weston, Or., and is a sister of our
city maisbaL
C. D. Nlckelsen and wife, accompa
nied by Mrs. Niokelsen's brother, Wid
Barnes, of Prineville, took a trip np
to The Dalles last Friday on theSpen
S. A. Knapp, of Portland, wbo has
been in Hood River tor several days
looking after business interests, re
turned to that oity Saturday on No.
Mrs.. R. J. Masoall and daughter
Madge and Anna, wbo spent several
days at the home of Mrs. J. A. Mobr,
left on tbe local Monday for their
borne at Dayville.
Misse Erma and Vivin Masoall and
their brother Walter, visited at tbe
home of Mrs. J. A. Mobr while on
their return home form Vancouver
where they had been attending col
1U0 Pinriniirlann - nAlrlAn4n1a, .
rived in Hood River from Portland
Tuesday and spent part of tbe day
visiting witn tier sister, Mrs. Tbos.
Hill. Mrs. Riobardson left for ber
home tbe same day on tbe Dalles City
Tbe Ladies Aid society of tbe Con
gregational oburcb will bold a meet
ing at tne borne of Rev. Gilmore next
Friday at 2:1)0 p. m. You are urged
to be present as there is Important
business to transact.
Prof. Roberts, wbo is at the bead
ot tbe civil engineering department of
.be state school at Fuilman. Wash..
was a visitor iu Hood River the first
of the week. Mr. Roberts is inteiest-
ed in matters that concern the future
of tbe cities water supply.
Lou Baldwiu fell 12 feet from
building last week and sprained his
wrist. I'Le injury has oaused bim to
carry bis arm in a sling, and it will
be several weeks before be can uee bis
arm again.
John Castner has succeeded in ob
taining 10,000 eastern brook and rain
bow fry for Pbelpi creek. The stock
has been deposited in tbe creek and
in a few years there will be some fine
fishing in these waters.
Attorney B. H. Huntington and
wife of Tbe Dalles, were in tbe oity
tbe fore part of the week. They made
a' trip to Dee on tbe Mt. Hood rail
road Monday.
Miss Sadie Frances, of Portland,
who has been vistling for tbe past
tbiee weeks witb ber sister, Mrs. K
E. Coad, returned to her home Tues
day on tbe steamer Telephone.
Rev. D. D. Dodge, wbo has made
an extended visit to Boise, in tbe in.
terest ot tbe Free Mntod 1st ohurob,
returned to Hood River Tuesday ou
No. 6.
Miss Nola Coad, a daughter of
County Judge and Mrs. Ed F. Coad,
has been chosen as Goddess of Liber
ty tor tbe Dallas celebration. Miss
Nola Is a charming young woman and
tbe people of Dallas are highly pleased
witb the oboioe of tbe committee.
Polk Observer. Miss Coad is tbe
cousin of our populur high school
pilnoipal, Prof. E .K Coad.
R. H. Lindser. who bas been woik-
ing in a togging canin near Cascade
Looks, is in Hood River on a visit.
He stated that the tie on on tbe low
er river had no effect upon tbe work
wneie ne bas obarge of a crew.
Miss Lottie Klnnaird. who haa been
in Vanooover visitina herlfriend. Miss
Freda Bier, returned reoently bring
ing net iriend with her, who will
spend several weeks in Hood River as
the guest of Miss Lottie.
Mian M.lii. P TTill I
the instructor of Engligh in tbe Yaki
ma blgn school, is in Hood River and
will remain for the summer. Sbe will
return to Yakima in tbe fall and re-
sumo ber work.
former college chum ot the Misses Id
and tilla Kvaus, while attending tbe
university at Sulem, arrived in Hood
River Tuesday and will remain beie
for several mouths as tbe guest of the
young ladies at tbe Evana home.
D. R. McDonald and wife, of Los
Angeles, are in the valley looking over
tne oouncry. lbey tbinic that Hood
River is an ideal plaoe for fruit rais
ing and if they oan find something
suitable tbey wll locate here.
Tbe W. C. T. U. eervioes held in
the Baptist church last Sunday even
ing, weie largely attended an greatly
enjoyed. Tbe ladies gave a flower
program wbioh was unique and im
Kwa 1!., Un I.... U
oamping in Hood River for tbe past
two weeks, left on tbe local Monday
for her borne near Monkland, Ore. ,
Mr. Benson left tbe same day, drlv
Ing his team overland.
Mrs. J. W. Rigby. who was down at
Carson last Sunday holding religious
servioes, returned on tbe steamer Si
mons Monday. Ibe people of Carson
ara always glad to hear Mrs. Klgby
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Hixon. of Ta
ma, Iowa, .wbo have been visiting
witb Mi. and Mrs. John Castner. left
on the steamer Telephone Tuesday for
Portland. Mrs. Hixon is a sister of
Mrs. John Castner. Tbey are in love
witb Hood Klver valley and speak
very nigniy ot tnis oountry.
FlffMP rinvla nf Mnaiap hrnnorhfc a
sample of wheat into our office whioh
mAaanrad naarlv air faafc In hafcrht
The epeoiman wps grown on bis farm
adjoining tne larm ot 11. w. iiuxiey,
and was grown without irrigation.
A. C. Staten and wife were passen
gers for Tbe Dalles on tbe Simons last
Saturday and returned tbe same day
on tbe Spencer. Mr. ataten was In
Tbe Dalles loking after some bnsinesa
connected witb the Farmers Irrigating
G. H. Gearey and wife arrived from
St. Paul Tuesday and are visiting with
Mr. Gearey's brother-in-law, C. S.
Smith. Mr. Smith bas purchased 80
acres of land across from Mr. Gearey,
two miles nortb of Husum, wbere the
latter will make some substantial im
provements. W. E. Herbert, wbo haa been cruis
ing in tbe Lost Lake country, left for
Poitland Thursday. He called at tbe
Glacier ottloe for one ot tbe blue
prints. He expects to return shortly
and make another trip into that sec
tion, and will be aooompanied by
Harold Billings
Rev. Eliott, jr., boarded the steam
c r Spenoer at the White Salmon dock
Friday afternoon for Portland. The
Rev. gentleman has been taking a lit
tle vacation from bis arduous minis
terial duties iu the Rose oity and
spent tbe time whipping the streams
iu tbe White Sulmon aouutry tor tbe
finny tribe.
Miss Fay Lavenson, ulster of Mrs.
J. II. ileilbronner, accompanied by
her friends, Misses Howeustine and
Cora Minks, arrived from Portland
last Thursday and will spend some
time In Hood Klver enjoying the One
climate and Econery.
Max Henrietta, wbo bas been attend
ing tbe O. A. C, and who graduated
from that Institution tecenlly, is now
In Scboneotady, N. Y. He will enter
the electrical tecbinal instituition ot
tbat plaoe, wbere he will finish his
course in electrical engineering. Max
is a bright young man and will an
doubted lr make an eminent suocessin
bis chosen branch of mechanics.
Mesdaaies Mulholland and Hillings
bave purobatod tbe Knapp Millinery
store and will continue to supply tbe
Hood River trade witb tbe most tasty
and lastideous designs ot tbe season,
Then? Indies are experts in the ait and
wm undoubtedly give uu bounded sat
Children's day was observed in I
very unique way at tbe Congregation
al oburcb 1st Sunday morning. Tbe
usual moining preaoblng servioes were
uieiged Into tbe Sunday sobool Ber
vices, at wbiab a special program was
rendered. At tbe conclusion ot tbe
literary exercise tbe children were
given a very agreeable surprise. Tbey
were invited out on tbe church lawn
and treated to ice cream, to aay tbat
tbey did tbe occasion full justice, is
to speaic very sparingly.
More Room
More Work
More Frames
"yE have enlarged our
facilities for framing
pictures. Our stock of
Mats and Mouldings
was never so large.
Our customers never
so many and never so
pleased. Bring in your
pictures and let US frame
them and you will be
-Sty vr
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to buy at the Big StO?
Because we carry a complete Stock.
Because the quality of our Stock is the best.
Because our Prices are right.
Because we do just as we agree.
Because our salesmen are courteous.
Because we appreciate your trade.
We Are Showing Today a Fine Line of
Rocking Chairs
37 Different Styles, ranging in price from
$1.60 to $12.00
Take a look at them. No trouble to show goods here.
Stewart Hardware & Furniture Co.
Claude Crandall. wbo has been at
tending tbe Willamette university at
Salem, returned .to Hood Klver re
cently and will' remain during the
C. E. Larson, of Underwood, was
in the oity Monday and made tbii
office a pleasant call. Mr. Larson is
one of tbe prominent farmers in the
Underwood district.
John Moore was a business caller at
The Dalles last Monday. He went on
on the local and returned on the
Spenoei. When interviewed by the
uiaoier representative be requested
us to state to the boys that be return
ed sober. To wbiob fact we will glad
ly attest.
Guy Ingram, wbo broke his lea sev
eral mouths ago while working in a
logging oamp on tbe Washington aide,
and who has been laid up (or repairs
in the hospital at Collins for 61 days,
returned to Hood Kiver Monday ou
tbe Spencer. Tbe boys are all glad
to see Uuy back again and 'hope tbat
he may soon be able to. throw away
bis crutches.
Bruce Llndsey, an old time Hood
River boy, was visiting in tbe valley
during tbe week. Hruoe stated to a
reporter that tbe people here were
nearly all strangeis to him. There
was a time when be knew every face
in tbe valley, but times have changed.
Mrs. Norman Titobenal and daugh
ter, Mrs. Ira Rowland, departed for
Hood Kiver, Oregon, Wednesday af
ternoon. She will visit with daugh
ters living la Hood Kiver and White
Salmon during tbe summer months,
and will take treatment a. tbe Hot
Spilngs, near Hood Kiver before re
turning. Cashmere Valley Record.
Mr. a W. Phillips will leave next
week for a visit to old friends in tbe
Willamette and Hood River, Oregon,
countries. Wenatcbee World. Mr.
Phillips is a prominent fruit grower
In tbe Wenatcbee valley and bas been
a prominent fruit inspeotor in tbat
section of Ibe state.
Dr. D. L. Rader, editor of tbe Pa
clflo Christian Advooate. of Portland.
arrived in Hood Kiver Tuesday on
No. 2, and made a trip over lot tbe
White Salmon country. The doctor
bas reoently retained from an extend
ed trip to tbe Orient, wbere he has
been In search of better health and to
obtain needed rest.
I H. C. Jobnson and wife left for
Woodlawn. Wash.. Tuesday. Mrs.
Johnson received word that her moth
er was not expected to live.
Mrs. S. A. Knapp has sold her mil
linery establishment to Mesdamea
Muiholland and 13illlns. and will
leave shortly for Portland to join her
nuscana wuo is in business In tbat
city. Mr. and Mrs. Knapp oame to
this city about 10 years ago, and dur
ing ineir residence bere tbey bave
made a multitude of friends wbo are
sorry to sea them leave.
D. N. liyorlee, who has served so
efficiently as city editor of the News-
Letter, left on the looal Saturday to
take up bis duties as editor ot the St.
Johns Keview. We shall miss bim at
tiain time and upon othei occasions
when we, the Hood River reportorlal
start have occasion to meet. We aro
indeed sorry to write this Brother
liyerloe's obituary.
Chas. Rogers returned Jast week
from a trip into the eastern Oreeou
oountry, where be bad been in search
ol a team. Chas, purchased a flue
span ot young horses out near Wapi
ti ita. He stated tbat be wrote a lit
ter from tbat plaoe to bis wife in
Hood River a week before be started
borne, and when he oame back to
Hood River be discovered tbat he bad
beat bis letter borne.
W. B. Kelr and wife, of Chehalis,
Wash., passed through Hood River
Saturday from an extended visit to
Mr. Keir's home in Viroqua, Wis.
Mr. Keir bad not seen bis old home
for 20 years and this occasion of bia
visit was indeed an enjoyable one.
Tbe party was met at the train by Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Cass and Arthur Keir.
where they made a brief visit while
the train made its usual stop.
There will be evening servioes st
tbe Alpha opera house next Sunday
evening at half past seven o'clock.
Rev. J. W. Rigby, of Hood River,
will oonduot the servioes. It is hoped
by many oburoh going people tbat it
oan be made a union meeting. Mr.
Rigby is a Methodist Kpiaoopal min
ister and an earnest Chiistian work
er, walking many weary miles on Sun
day to deliver tbe message ot Christ.
All are welcome. The proprietors of
the Alpha opera house have very gen
erously doaated the use ot tbe ball
for the servioes. Enterprise. J
i 4