The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 27, 1907, Page Five, Image 5

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    . AAvvA UUAUXAA, XaUAOVAl, U Ui1i JC , LOJ t X 1V9
(iL'O. llflO. nf tlin Arm nl I i. ni.
field, of N"u Vork, wag in the city
tbe latter uait of th- weak Mil
ia tou. tog tbe western statei In tbe
luterum n nig uoiiHe. lie ia well
known in tbia city having mad get
ral tring on brnrinna mi.jnn. i
an interview with tbe gentleman, we
uuu.i ui ui iu e very congenial and
liberal iu the discussion of tbe fruit
Mi. line hag been traveling ever
1 uruary. ne naa juBt passed
through Colorado and stated that the
apple crop iu tbia stut ig much more
flattering now than it was earlier in
tho epriug. It was tliouRbl that early
frost bad practically destroyed the
entire cron. but it unnenra that
apple crop tbia year will be at least 65
pei cent in tne .Norfolk section
however, the crop ig generally out
Utah will have a Lumper of a peach
urup mm year, niauo, ramoug or
hei Ben Davig apples, will be out far
below her usual output. Mr. Kae
stated that tbe lien Davis will be r
snoit crop over the entire apple rais
ing districts of tbe middle west, and
west as far as lie liud otism unit
Mr. Kae drove out to the Sears &
rorter orcbaid ou the east Bide last
Friday. Ibis firm bag handled the
apple crop of Sean & Porter for the
past three years, and Mr. Kae stated
that be bus had tbe most pleasant
business relations possible iu the
nanaiing or tueir crop.
One day last year tbii firm received
25 can of apples, and in ona week
they. received (51 curs, paying tbe Erie
railroad tho sum of 81!),'215 freight on
tbe consignment. Their last year'a
appio receipts trom tbe states of Ore
con. CnlllirHrlri Wllullinirtnn rUok
Idaho and Oulifornia amounted to 300
oar loads.
In speaking of the apples import
ed from Tasmania this year, he said
that this was largely an experiment
with the Amoric in bouses. The fruit
ig not to be compitrod to the appleg
grown on our soil and tbe bouses lost
hftAVilv ill tlipir Avnorimanta
The enviable reputation that this
nn nag wmio in its buBinesg oareer
baa gained tor it a trenieudoia vol
umn of tuiisness.
Mr. Rao left tbe city Sunday after
mm for Portland. He expeots to visit
th ) liowue Kiver country and prooeed
to the S mid nniintrv for fiflcarnl Hum
stay. On bis return to New York he
wil stop olf in the lakmia valley, and
also tbe Wenatcbee country. Tbe firm
receives large consignments of apples
from these districts annually.
Prolitahle Merry Crop.
The strabweny crop of Whatcom
county tbia year will yield its har
vesters thousands of dollars more than
in any other yeai Pinoe tbe culture of
this berry was started in northwest
ern Washington. Through tbe What
com County Fruit and Produoe asao
oiation between 3000 and 4000 crates
will be sold tbia year. Tbia ig far
more than were nnrketed in any other
The association has joined hands
with the Va-jhon fruit aa iciation in
marketing stiawtieiios ts eastern
states and tomorrow night the local
organization saya Manager MoKean,
wiil make its first expott shipment.
It ia planned to ship a large consign
ment ot beniea by boat to Seattle
whence the fruit will be expxeaaed to
Montana and the Dakotas, where a
good demand of berries exists. Man
ager MoKean says the growerg figure
that they will got $1.75 net of eaob
Larseat Cherry Orchard.
Probably the largest cherry orchard
in the Willamette valley ia that ot S.
P. Kimball, which ia located on the
Oak drove road in Polk county, a few
miles from Sulem, and which consists
of about 87 acres. Mr. Kimball ia tbe
manager of the Salem Mutual Can
ning company and bad 40 acres aiiea
"dy get iu cherries and yesterday be
purchased an adjoining tract of 47
aorea from E. Schiller, which he will
also put in cheiriea. lie paid $50 an
aore lor tbe land which ig ooneideied
remaraably cheap for it is especially
adapted to tbe growing of oheries.
Salem Stateesman.
Squaw Crenles Merriment.
A native of America, of tbe femin
ine sex, created quite a oonstenration
among tbe pasengerg on board the
Spencer last Friday. Aa tbe bustling
Siwash started up tbe gang plank car
rying something leaa than 500 pounds
of luggage on ber back it waa noticed
that she bad three yo'ing poodle .dogs
tied together and was carrying them
undor bei left arm, while she had four
young kittens tid arcund the neok
and waa cairying tbem with all of tbe
dignity displayed by a newly married
couple carrying their grips aa tbey go
off on their wedding tour 'Ihe oats
and doga were making all of tbe noise
possible and peculiar to their kind,
augmented by a tierce scratching con
tent as they dunglod in mid air on the
end of a string. The paasengers
cheered lustily ag tbey witneaaed tbe
persistency cf the squaw in her at
tempt to transport this miacellaneoug
Hoot! River Hears in Parade.
Rev. S. L. Lapham and II. A. Hog
tett'er, of Portland, who had been
aorosa the Columbia ou a fishing
tour, captured two cub bears. Iheir
experience in making the oapturo was
quite thrilling. Tbey were not bunt
ing tor bear, consequently tbey were
unarmed ns they met old bruin with
ber cutis. As the parties met there
was n short triangulur stare and thfn
the gentlemeu gave an unearthly yell,
each seized a large club aud gave tbe
old bear a good scare. Ibe ouba im
mediately climbed a tree and after
driving the mother to a safe distance,
tbey returned, cut down tbe tree and
captured the cubs. The gentlemen left
Hood River Thuisday on the local and
took the little fellow to Portland,
where they were decorated with flow
erg and appealed in tbe great street
parado. Aa they marched amid tbe
gr nd and glor oua pageutry of the
day they were the objeots of a great
amount of interest.
Hjerlee Bites.
Luck apparently baa no end with
gome tellowa. Last Saturday' after
noon as No. 1 was Filling into the
station Bother Byerlee, oity editor
of tbe News Letter, while awaiting to
board tbe train for Portland, espied
a lady's purse lying on tba end of
a tie near the depot walk. His eyeg
at once protruded from their sockets
and extended noarly as long aa a gun
barrel, while the pupila dilated to tbe
size of email aaucerg ag he sprang for
ward with eager grasp to claim tbe
treasure a bia own. A bunch ot fel
lovtj were engaged in promigonoog
conversation, when all of a sudden
we were startled by tbe announcement
of our brother, with bis voice pitched
to F sharp on tbe upper staff, Hello
boys! I'e found something." With
tbia exclamation ha lit iih knii. -
opon the pone, while bia pulse vm
IUUDIDI r II' it m annnitujl . k. -.
' tlarrlman bad passed over tba Una
upg nis wauei out or tbe oar
window but aa ba stooped down to
iiu i up, oe aiscovered that under
neatb tba nntalrt
ourely fastened to tbe tie with 18 lud
nails. With look of terlous disap
pointment npon bia face be lit bis
uy cent cigar and boarded tbe train
iur roruana
Northwesters: Inventors.
Ihe following patents were Issued
this week to noitbwestern Inventors,
repotted by D. Swift & Co., patent
"jiii "kumgiou, u. u. :
Oiegon-R. 1J. Beebe, St. Johns,
hydraulic elevator. & W. Bowser,
Junction CitT. rail inint A A
Churchill, Poitland, traok aanding
n. w. lojvin, uranta fasa,
handhold forming maobin. A. L.
rosoy, rorlland, means for propell
itN and steering. . Mint-as, Marsb
Held, anobor projectile. E. E.
straw, Marsb Held, tonsllotonme.
Blr Uame the Foarth.
The Hood River baw ball team baa
maae arangements with tbe Canby ag
gregation to pall off tbe swiftest base
ball game that will be seen on tbe
nooa niver diamond tbls season
Ibe Fourth of Jniv ia tho At tw
Canbv team in Anmnnuul nf (..! lt
of fellows and they bave been playing
iu i auv company tois season. We are
authorized 'o aay that this game Js
not a oart nf th
duiy pn gram as prepared by tbe cit
izens, uowever, it nag been arranged
in harmonv with the Knnrlh nf .lulu
oommittee. and it wilt h ninraii t .
time so as not to Interfeie with any
numoer on tho regular program. Ibis
game has been scheduled for tbe pur
pose of obtaining funds for tbe liquid
ation of some ot tbe debts inourred
bV the hniTlA tAam fiat In vnnl
and toot for Hood River.
Old Method Revived.
For tbe Hrst time in almoit 20 veara
i ne j. n. sx. company wll run
their pay oar over tbe main line this
month for tbe purpose of distriroting
the pay checks of employes, instead
of sending tbe checks to tbe station
agent for distribution as bag been
done during tbe peat few years.
ine pay oar wai run over tbe Wash
ington division of tbe svstem last
mouth aa an experiment and this
month the same oar will be run over
tbe main line. It passed through
Hood River last Thursday and will
stop at every place where men are em
ployed for tbe purpose of disbursing
tbe many obecks issued monthly by
tbe company.
Ibe oar will ran slowly over tbe
system and will atop wherever a gang
ot men la working on tbe traoka to
give ot't the checks aa well aa at sta
tions headquarters and the offic
ials nrj going to test the old method
thoroughly under present conditions.
ihe pay oar system is not new on
tbe O. R. & H., but baa been sus
pended for a number ot years. When
the system was first operated baok in
tbe early eighties, tbe pay oar was
run over tbe line regularly and at
first the coin was distributed, tbe oar
being a veriatble treasury. Tbia was
not long praoticed, however, until tbe
obeok syteem waa adopted and finally
tbe oar was taken out of service alto
gether and tbe cheoka were sent out
by express to tbe various agents along
the line.
Hood Ulver Flowers Win Prize.
Tbe offloeis of tbe Portland Flower
mission oommunioated witb Truman
Butler, of this city, a few days pre
vious to tbe Portland flower oarnival
for the purpose of obtaining a large
supply ot bachelors buttons from
Hood River to be used In the deoora
tion of their float for tbe street pa
lade. There seemed to be shortage in
Poitland in blue hued flowers for dec
oration purposes and in order to ae
oure tbe best eflecta in tbe intended
design for tbe mission float Hood
River was called upon and as she U
every ready to supply emergencies,
tbe call waa not in vain.
Mr. Butler secured tbe servioes of
Viola. Gertrude, and Lowell Nick-
elsen. of Belmont, who secured a large
quantity of the flowers in tbe Belmont
district to supply tne order, rne
flowers were oarefully proked and
shipped to Portland, where tbey were
interwo.en witn Portland's beautiful
roaea in tbe decoration of a large tal
ly-bo rawn by tour ooal blaok horses.
Amid tbe bowers and arcnes ot now
ers were seated a dozen or more of the
most beautiful ladies of Portland Ibe
horses and harness were literally cov
ered with the fresh flowers..
When tbe time for tbe awards ar
rived tbe judges found strong compe
tition in this class of entries. How
ever, tbe tally-bo of tbe Portland
Flower mission, carrying. tne uooo
River flowers, won tbe first prize of
$100. Tbe Post Indus Degree ot Hon
or won the second prize of 175.
Another Smaghnp.
.The Hood River climate is ao reju
venating that both man and beast are
susceptible to its invigorating in-
Huoncea. Tbe delivery team of tbe
Wood & Smith Bros, grocery store
took a lively rant last Tuesday morn
ing. Edgar Van Allen bad enarge ot
tbe delivery team tor tbe day, and as
he was delivering some grocer iei near
tbe Unitarian oburob tbe team became
frigbteneu at some unknown cause
and ran down Sherman avenue at
break neok speed and oame to a stand
still up it. Winan'a addition. There
were several baskets ot groceries in
the wagon at the time which were
scattered from Dan to Barsbeba. Lit
tle damage was done to tbe wagOD and
no one was killed, inn J ss w.H not
exceed $20.
To Mr. and Mra. J. R. Bogey, Sat
urday, June 22, a giiL Tbe mother
is doing well.
To Mr. and Mra. J. P. Jencen, of
Uee, Monday, June 23, a glri.
To Mr. and Mra. Bert Thompgoo,
of Dre. Friday, June 21, a girl.
To Mr. and Mra. Jay Sbipley, at
Ibe Cottage hospital, Sunday, June
23, a girl.
Do Sot Neglect the Children.
At this season of the year the first un
natural looseness of a child's bowels
should have immediate attention. Tbe
i.-t thing that can be given is Cham
lierluina Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Uriiit'ily followed by castor oil as di
rected with each bottle of the Remedy.
For nale by Keir & Caas.
laid up for repairs for several days
during tbe busy soason, la at his poet
once nioie trying to serve tbe pnbilo
as baggage smasher.
A Fortunate Texas.
Mr. E. W. Goodloe, of 107 St. Louis
St., Dallas, Tex., says: "In the past
year I have become acquainted with
Dr. King's New Life Pills, and no laxa
tive I ever before tr:ed so effectively dis
poses of malaria and billiousness."
They don't grind or gripe. 25c at Chas.
N. Clarke's drug store.
TTTT1 TrrrT DTTrPD nr a rTTt rn ttttt a t a tt ttttts a-iw .
Every Man His Owi Deetor.
The average man cannot afford to em
ploy a physician for every alight ail
ment or injury that may occur In bia
family, nor can be afford to neglect
them, as ao alight an injury as the
scratch of a pin baa been known to
cause tne loss ol a limb. Hence every
msn must from necessity be his own
doctor for this class of ailments. Suc
cess often depends npon prompt treat
ment, which can only be bad when suit
able medicines are kept at hand.
Chamberlain's Remedies have been in
the market for many years and enjoy a
good reputation.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Jtemedy fr bowel com
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
coughs, colds, croon, and whoonins
Chamberlain's Pain Balm (an anti
septic liniment) for cuts, bruises, burns,
sprains, swellings, lame back and rbeu
matic pains.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets for constipation, biliousness and
stomach troubles.
Chamberlain's Salve for tbe diseases
of the skin.
One bottle of each of these five nrep-
muimi costs out ror sum oy
Keir A Cass.
In tie Circuit Court of tbe stale of Oregon
iur w aou county.
John A. Wttuon, Plaintlrr,
La Rue Wattaon, Defendant.
To L Rue Wattaon, tbe above named defend'
Id tbe name of the state of OrMrin! Ynu are
nereoy required to appear In tne above en.
titled court and answer tbe complaint filed
agHlnst you in tbe above entitled suit, on or
before the lam day or tbe time prewrlbed In
tbe order of publication, to-wlt: on or before
toe bid aay or August, iwo7, ana ir you rail to
ao appear and answer, plaintiff will apply to
tbe oourt for tbe relief demanded In the com
plaint filed herein acalnst vou and for a de
cree dissolving the bonds of matrimony now
existing between the plaintiff and youreelfon
ui9 grounaa or winui aeseruou, ana ror sucb
further and other relief as to tbe court uiav
seem Just and equitable.
Tbls summons Is served npon you by pu bit
cation thereof for a period ot six succexitive
wbl'u iu pursuance 10 ai oraer 01 tne Hon.
W. U Bradsbaw. Juda-e of the above entitled
court, duly made on tbe 22d day of June,
1MI7. and the dale of tbe tlrnl publication
thereof la tbe 27lb day of June. 1907.
J27 augtj Attorney for Plalutlfl.
In the Circuit Court of tbe state of Oegon,
ur n mow uuuuiy .
M. A. Martin, Plaintiff,
J. 8. Martin, Defendant.
To J. 8. Martin, the above named defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon: You
are hereby required to appear In tbe above
entitled oourt and answer the complaint filed
uKitioM, you iu tne aDove eniuiea suit on or
before the lata day of the time prescribed In
the order or publication, to-wlt: on or before
the 8th day of AUKiixt. 1907. and if vou fail to
so appear and answer, plulnttS will apply to
the court lor the relief demanded In her com-
Inint filed herein against you, to-wlt: For a
ecree diasolviag the bonds of matrimony
existing between tbe plaintiff and yourself
on tbe grounds of willful desertion, and for
sucb other and further relief aa to the oourt
may seem equitable and Just.
This summons Is served urjon von bv rubll-
oatlon thereof for a period of six consecutive
weens in tne nooa Kiver uiacier, a weekly
newspaper of general circulation, published
at Hood River, Wasco county, Oregon. In pur.
suance to an order of tbe Honorable W. U
Kradshaw Judge of the above entitled court,
duly made on the 22d day of June, 1SW7. and
the date of the flrst publication thereol Is the
27tb day ofjuue, IUU7.
J3T aug8 Attorney for Plaintiff.
Department of the Interior, Land Office at
Vl.. IUIIui . i - ....... HWV.
""J I "-111-, .''H p UUD V, 19VI.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Mosier, Oregon, has Died notice of bis In.
tention lo inane nnal eonimntatloo proof In
support of his claim, viz: Homestead entry
No. 12420. made Aurll 8. 19(13. for the NV.V.HKV
and lot 5 of section 28, township a north, range
11 east W. M., aud that said proof will be
made before the Register and Receiver, at
The Dalles, Oregon, ou August 1, 1WI7.
ne names tne louowing witnesses to prove
his contlnuog residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, the land, vl: Vincent C. Young,
William W. isievenson, David M. Duvall and
W. K. Hiikkey, all of Mosier. Ort-ann.
J2 aul J. W. MOORE, Register.
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are on land. If you don't know about
my watches, you should visit my
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f a.
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xxs rrr rrvtf lc anm j
and Union Pacific
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Thmneh Pollman standards and tourist
sleeping cars dally to Omaha. Chicago, Hpo
kane; tourist sleeping cars dally to Kaasaa
City; through Pullman tourlut sleeping ear
(permnsally conducted) weekly to Chicago.
Reclining cbalr care (seats free) to the East
Union IV pot- Leave. Arrive,
Chicago-Portland Special for
the Kaxt via Huntington. dally :30 am 7:30 Dm
Himkane Flyer for Kastern
Washington, walla walla.
l.ewlBton. Coeurd'Aleneand
Great Northern polnu, dally 7)0 pra 8 Ml am
Atlantic Express for the Kant
via Huntington, dally 1:15 pm 9:30 am
Portland-mints local, for all
points between Biggs and
Portland, dally J: LI am 5:15 pm
FOR ASTORIA andff.00 P. M. &00 P. M
way points, connecting! Dally Dally
with steamer for Il aco except except
and North Beach steam- Hunday, Buaday.
er Haasalo, Ash street Hat unlay,
dock (water per.) j 10:00 P. M.
FOR Dayton, Oregon 7.-09 A. M. 7:30 P. M.
City and Yamhill Rlv- Dally Dally
er points. Ash street except except
dock (water per.) Sunday. 8unday.
FOR LKW 18TON, 1:40 A. M. 4.-00 P. M.
Idaho, and wsy polnte, Dstly Dslly
from Hlparla, Wash. except except
Saturday Friday
orrics hours
Freight House 8 a. m. to 12 noon: 1 to b n.
m. No freight received or delivered after 6
p. m.
Paxsenger Depot Hours for delivery of ex
press und baggage will be in. in. till 6 p. m.
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
B. W. BOYLE, Agent, Hood River.
East bound-
No. a, Chicago Special, 11:48 a. m.
No. 4, Spokane Flyer, 9:40 p. m.
No. , Mall and Express, 10:42 p. m.
No. 8, 111:43 a. m. No mull.
No. 24, Way Freight, 12: IS p. m.
No. 22. Kat Krelithl. 4:06 a. in.
West bound-
No. 1, Portland Special, 4:55 p. m.
No. 8, Portland Flyer, 5:25 a. m.
No. 6, Mall and Express, 6:30 a. m.
No. 7, 8:15 p. in. No mail.
No. 23, Way Freight, 1:2ft a, m.
No. 66, Fast Freight, 1:06 p. m.
Notice Is hereby elven that the underslirned.
Eugene Aekley and J. E. Slaats, will
apnly to the common council nf the
city ot Hood River, Oregon, at Its reg
ular Hominy meeting on Monday trie
1st day of July. HOT. at the hour of elirlit
o'clock, at city hall In said city, for a license
to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors in
quantities less than one irallon In suld cltv
from the Bth day of July, l'J07, to the 0th day of
situated at the northeast corner of First anil
juiy. jtK iu tuai certain irame Duumnir
oak streets In said city, and known as the
r.ttHi naioon.
J. E.8TAAT8.
Dated and first published June 27, 1907.
In the Circuit Court for the State of Oregon,
for Wasco county.
Minnie Kline, Plaintiff,
Charles Kline. Defendant.
To Charles Kline, tbe above named defendant
before the 18th day of July, lvOT.the complaint
In tbe name of tbe state of Orecon von are
heieby required to appear and answer on or
filed against you In the above entitled court
and ciuiHe, and you are hereby notified that II
you fall to so appear or answer, the plalLtlft
will apply for the relief nraved for in the
complaint, to wlt: For a decree dissolving
tne ikiihis or matrimony now existing be
tween above named plaintiff and defendant,
and for such other and further relief as to the
court seems meet and Just.
hub summons is puDiisnea Dy oraer or tne
Hon. W. L. Hrsdsnaw, Judge of the above
named court, made and entered on tbe lHth
day of May, 1907.
J0-Jyl8 Attorney lor Plaintiff.
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regularly appointed the undeniiKned sdtnln
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ceased. All persons having claims Hicalost
the enlate of the deceased, sre hereby re
quired to present them witb the proper
vouchers therefore, to the nndersltrnad at th
offlee of Oeo. T. I'rathvr, Htxid Kiver, Oregon,
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EvArtfrvsans, Rosas and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
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Proprietor Lumber and Cedar Posts