The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 25, 1907, Image 2

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r " TWnil fTtrr Tharidar bT "
KIIIL D. MOB. PiiMtabar.
f baarlptloa w waaa ai4
Celebrate (ioldra Wedding. Sat art ay was memorHlile dnj
In the lives or Mr. and Mrs. I
Clarke. Tbe ocoasion marks a lalf
ceotroy of married life in tbs lildtory
of this home. The day was tittincly
commeoiorated by a family reuuioii
In which all of tbe children now liv
ing were privileged to particpate. i he
children present woie: Frank J., of
Portland; Mra. W. (). 1 1 ad ley, of Col
line, Wash.; Fred W., of The Dalles ;
U. Arthur and Chas. N., of liood
Aa tbey were all gathered around
tbe festal board and indulged in the
reminiscent mood tbe following lilt of
history waa reviewed: Levi Clarke
waa bora October 16. 18'iO. Mary J
Keya waa born April 20, lfii:t. Mr
Clrke and Mi a Keya were mnriiedat
Ingeraoll, Onterio on April ), 18j7.
Shortly alter their marii. ee Mr
Clarke engaged in business In Wood
atock, Out., where be reiuaineil for
aeveral yeara. He moved from ther
to Ft. Soott, Kansas, and engaged in
tbe hardware business until 1881
From tbia place be moved to Socorro,
Mew Mexico, wbere tbey resided un
til 18a', and then returned to Kl Do
lado, Kansas. After remaining hen
for about five years, tbey decided
tbat Oregon waa the ideal st He, and
came to Hie Dalles in lNIK), and t"
liood River in IH'.YX where they huvt
ainoe resided. Nine ohilidreu have
been born to this home of Loiii five
are iivlug.
On Kunday they all gathered at the
borne of Mother and Father ('lark
and spent tbe day in a most dulight
ful family reunion. Mr. mid Mrs.
Ciarke were the happy recipients ot
tbe following gifts: Mrs. Clarke ru
oelved from ber five chlldreu a beau
tiful gold finger riug, sot with two
diamonds and tbiee emeralds, a net ol
gold waist plus from Miss Beryl
Clarke, a large box of choice ton bout
from ber graud children. Mr. Clarke
received an elegant gold beaded emit
and a Sna suit ot clothes from tiU
Ave obildren, and a gold mounted
briar pipe from his graudohildren
Amid the day's festivltiea the entire
family waa grouped together and had
tbelr pbotograpb taken. The aim)
versary waa a most delightful ocoa
slon, because It honored tbe home
Mr. and Mra. L. Claike were the
gueits of bonor at a banquet given b
tbe Eastern (star on last luesday eve
Ding in tbe Mason lo ball. Mis. Claike
ia one of tbe charter members of the
looal order. A sumptuous banquet
waa spread at tbe conclusion of a brief
business session of tbe lodge. The
tables were laden with the richest vi
ands and choicest delioacies to be had
A beautiful wedding cuke, with lighted
candles, set In tbe torm of a star,
graoed the festal board. Appropriate
remarks were made by numerous
members and heartiest congratulation
extended hy all. During the festivi
ties the ilood River buud discoursed
some splendid music, w bi all whs ful
lowed by a genoral good social time,
Tbe Glacier exteuda congratulations
and best wishes.
Headquarters for poultiy supplies.
Moftf yuolds Jr. Co.
New supply of thicken tood and
line and course grit, oyster shell and
stock foods. McKeynoldi Co.
Mis. James (avails was a passenger
for Poitlund on Wednesday local,
wbere she will visit tor a time.
Mrs. Anna Hies, ot Mt. liood, baa
been visiting with bei daughter, Mra.
J. W. Ott, of Portland
Rev. J. T. Merrill will preach lo the
congregational church on L.)xt bun
day morn'ng at 11 a. ui.
1'. P. Orr came up from Portland on
a viHit, but bis wife put blm to bouse
cleaning so li. r. 'kldooed.
Dr. Watt has disposed oi 55 acres of
land to A. A. Clarke, who wlil clear
tbe same and set it to frnit trees.
Rev. J. W. Hi by leturued from hi
regular trip down the Columbia where
be npa been tilling bis regular Sunday
J. T. Neil, county cbool auperlo
tendetit, was down from Tbe Dalle
luesday, and was tegistered at the
Mt. ilood hotel.
Tbe latest reports from the Telegram
voting contest Indicates that Mias
hthul Sharp niay be a winning oon
testiint to this district.
A movement Is on toot to Institute
Masonic lodge at White Salmon
Rev. V. A. Flklns Ileslirim.
Rev. W. A. Elklns, pustor of tbe
Valley Christian church, handed In
bli resignation to that body on April
3, and at a meeting of tbo ccugregn
tion held on April 21, tbe same whs
duly aooepted. Rev. Elklns will ever
bis pastorate with tbe church on Au
gust 1. reserving the privilege to ter
minate it aoouer by giving tbe oongre
gallon ;u days notice.
No definite arrangements have yet
been made to supply his place. Ru
mors are ourrent that Rev. J. W. Jen
kins, who has prevloualy served the
oburoh as pastor, may receive a call to
All the vacancy. Rev. Blllingtoii, who
la now oonductlng set vices in the city.
bat also been mentioned by some as a
suitable successor, in any event, it
will ba very d I moult to select a sucoes
aor who will give the universal sutis
faction that the present punter his
Kev. Elklns has had a most oougnu
ial pastorate. No serious discord lias
entered during his two yours' service
with the church. The church hut
been greatly built up and strengthened
in every department of its social and
spiritual life under his most etliuioiit
regime. Large congregations have at
tended bis ministry with pleasure and
prollt. The nou-ohurch members ot
bis congregation are very greatly din
appointed at the action of the board.
The pastor baa always dealt fairly
with those who ditlered with bini in
faith, yet, he has never compromised
bis oouviotous in order to secure the
favors of tbe public. Without doulit
. Kev. Elkins will be al io to so 'lire a
more roinniioratlvo appointment tlmn
be ia serving at present.
Hood Itiver ('oiiiiiilioii llmi e.
A. U. llersnoy will soon open it
commission home In Hood Hirer.
Mr. llershey has a lease on the Ore
gon Lumber Co. 's atoro on Oak street
and will open quarters there (or the
present time. Mr. llersliey intends to
do a general commission business, lie
will buy anything that you have to
sell and give you the highest canl
price for the same. This onterprino
will meet a long felt need in this com
tnunity. Bring your produce to him
and get tbe cash, it is also the pur
pose to impoit fruits uud vegetables
in order to supply the luou) trade
Mr. Hetsbey Is a praolloal fruit giower
and truck gardener and his expert
knowledge will place him in liue to do
a safe and conservative business. Mr.
lleishey is a drat class business man
and a ball good fellow. We predict
lor blm tbe highest success in his new
enterprise, ills tlrst consignment oi
Portland fruits and vegetables. was de
livered Wednesday to Wood & Smith
I'hiit thriving little city Is always a
to dale, dood luck to you boys.
E. it. Hawkins, who Is out lo tbe
interests ot the insurance docartmen
of t he K. ot P. lodge, was in our city
' uosday interviewing tbe boy
E. E. McClain, of Portland, la up to
look alter a tract ot land purchased of
ii to. trattier. Mr. Met Iain Is highly
de:isod with bis investment,
Rev. II. L. Davidson will (ill Rev
Clark's appoint uie"t at Mt. Hood on
next Sunday. A oordial iuvitalon U
exteuded to ali,
Mrs. B. M. Arnold, who has been
in Hood River for several weeka i
the interest of the Christian Alliance,
went to The Dalles Monday on tbe lo
P. II Stranahau lost his watob
ohartu one day latt week while engag
ed in mowing bis lewn. Tbe ohuim
wis very valuable, and of Royal Arob
Several U.S. regulars passed through
Hood Kiver Wednesday In charge
seveu piisonerswbo had been convict
ed for desertion, and are now on their
way to Vancouver, Wash.
A petition if being circulated
Underwood to prevent the Meuominee
Lumber Co. from blasting in tl;
White Salmon river, it Is reported
that thousands of fish are being killed
as the result.
1 Dr. Stautou Allen, a prominent re
Lireii physician of Milwaukee, Wis.
baa ootne to Hood River to make hi
permanent borne. The doctor will
purchase property in the valley and
engage lu ralsiug tbe big red apple,
S. F. Raymond, tbe popular clerk
iu Cram's store, loft Monday to take
up bis residence on bis homestead on
the Klickitat. Mr. Raymond has
proven himself a very efficient sales
man, uud his many friends are loth to
see bini leavo.
Hie PaciUu States Telephone and
I'ulcgraiih Co. sent a cousructlouciew
to Tbe Dalles the tlrst of tbe week,
Du Tuesday tbe foreman received do
tice to cease opeiatiuus, make an in
veutury uud proceed at once to Port
land.' The significance of this hasty
move cannot be understood by the
patrons at The Dalles.
the lutorscbolastio contest, ilood
Kiver vs. The Dalles, in oration and
declamation by representatives of tbe
two high schools will be held In the
opera bouse Saturday at 8 p. m. Come
aud bear tbe best intellectual treat of
tbe y at.
D, P. Smith and family, of Casper.
Wyo , have moved to ilood River to
make it his peruiatieut resideuoe. Mr,
Smith their purchased the Uao. VY,
Kiuin place, uud aa soon as bis house
hold goods arrive, will go to house
P. M. Davidson, an old soldier, who
served iu the IGlh Indiana, Co. ti, ia
visiting old triunds in Hood River.
Mr. Davidson arrived from Ortiug.
Wash., where he has been staving In
the HoldiciH Homo, lie left for Walla
Walla Wednesday evening tor a visit.
J. M. Moulton, of Lind, Wash., is
n the valley looking for a location,
Mi Moulton and family took a drive
over the country Monday aud express
themselves as well pleased with tbe
valey. Ho has been engaged In bus!
nesa iu Lind for several years, and
dnmld bo decide to oome among us
we win give blm uu auuudaut wel
inns' er Hpaulding, the base ball
mnguiilo of (loldeudale, was iu Hood
Kivei Monday iu tbe interest of the
American game. Mr. Spaulding is
anxious to arrange u ser es of sumea
will our boys, lbo Uoldoudale fel
lows have always played a clean game
with us, and it is hoped that a nine
will he organized and go over to take
ttii) conceit out of the Klickitaters,
1. J. Cunning and wife, who left
for Pouionn, Cel., last January, are
vi'iy much pleased with that suction
ot too country. It has been lepoied
that Mr. Cuuning may dispose of his
propery heie and may make his per
manent residence there. C. E. Mark
lum, who left for a visit with Mr.
Uuuuing, arrived there Tuesday aud
will look over the country in the
southern part of tbe state.
A very quiet wedding occurred
on last Saturday morning before
Judge J. L. Henderson. The con
tracting parties were David L. Sals
bury, of Hood River aud Miss Alma
Olsen, of Duluth, Mian. Tbo groom
is a prosperous farmer in Dukes Val
ey. He had been iu tbe city for sev
eral days awaitiug the arrival of bis
biide, who arrived Saturday on the
overland fiom Duluth. Upon her ar
rival they proceeded at once to the
sanctum sanctorum of the genial
judge, who very gracefully pronounc
ed them man and wife. Mr. Salsbury
Is a very genteel and popular citizen.
Tbe bride appears equally favored In
The Ulacier Joins the many friends
of the happy couple In wishing them
prosperous journey through life.
Mr. S. L. Bowen, ot Wayne, W
Vs., writes: "I was a sufferer from
kidney disease, so that at times 1
could not get oat ot bed, and when I
did 1 could Lot stand straight. 1 took
Foley's Kidney cure. One dollar bot
tle and part of tbe seoo-id cured me
entirely." Foley's Kidney Cure
work wonders where others are total
failures. Clarke Drug Co.
John Dark was quite badly injured
on last I' rlday while working tor the
Menominee Lumber Co. in Washing
ton. While somo large logs were in
transit to the river, a heavy steel
hook pulled out uud stiuck Mr. Dark
just above the left eye. If the hook
had struck a little higher it niluht
have caused instant death. The pa
tient was takeu to the Cottage bogpit
a. and u rapidly improving.
Mr. Leader, while iu the employ of
the Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.. at
Urceu Point, met with a serious acci
dent ou last Tuesday. Mr. Leader
was employed iu the logging caniD.
aud while at work a log rolled down
upon him aud pluued him between
two logs, breaking oue leu between
the kuee aud ankle. He was lmnied
lately takeu to the Cottage hcsnital
aim is now on me way to reoovory.
At a business meeting ot the W. C.
T. U. hold at the resideuoe ot Mra.
Ueo. P. Crowell on Tuesday afternoon
the pulillo fountain committee pre
sented a most enoouruging report.
Nearly f 100 have been secured tc date,
aud tbe society will soon order a new
fountain from New York. Tbe next
meeting of the society will be beld
with Mrs. Hartley on Tuesday, May 7.
The subject for discussion will te
"Health and Heredity."
Wi O. M7nor7tbe""'oattle king of
Morrow county, waa in our city last
Saturday. When interviewed he stat
ed that be had been over to the Byr
kett farm at liingen tc Inspect hie
Jeisey cattle, with a view to purchas
ing them. Mr. Minor Is tbe largest
breeder of short horn cattle on tbe
Paolflo eoatt Be took first premium
at tbe St. Loots exposition and also
at tbe Lewis and Clark fair. He baa
engaged N. C. Maris, offPorland, wbo
ia an expert judge of stock, and who
baa bad charge of Mr. Minor's oattte
ranch at lieppner for several years, to
lour toe eastern state In search cf
tbe finest cattle to be obtained. Mr.
Maris will be gone for several months
In gathering up a fancy herd.
Wm. Undeiwood bad tbe misfoi
tone to break one of bis legs Jaft
Wednesday. He f at work In the
mill at Cbenowltb, and in an effort
to torn a log with a cant fbook th
hook broke aud lei the log I msk on
bis right leg, breaking it between tbe
ankle and the knee.
W. F. Laraway received some flower
bulbs from friends in Iowa recently
accompanied with a boast ot excellent
spring weather. On last Monday
morning be received word from bis
brother at Ole lwood, Iowa, stating
tbat be bad driven to town on tbe
18tb of tbia month in a aleigb, and
tbat tbe trees were ail in bloom. Tbh
will completely destroy tbe eaily fruit
crop ot this region. ,
Mr. Cbas. Davidson, While visiting
lo Columbus, Ohio, last lummer pick
ed up a lead pencil on tbe sidewalk as
be was walking along High street. He
noticed later tbat tbe pencil bore tbe
stamp of Geo. Sloeom. The fact was
Incidentally mentioned to Ueorge and
tbe pencil produced, and opon exam
ination It was found tbat it ean:e from
Slooom'a book store in Hood River.
Mr. Davidson exchanged it for a new
one, in order tbat Ueorge might pre
serve tbe mystio graphite.
Miss Isadora Dowden. superintend
ent of tbe Oregon ana Idaho Child
ren's Home Findings association, will
speak In the Baptist church on next
Sunday morning and In the Congrega
tional oburoh In tbe evening. Miss
Dow-ien ia a speaker ot rare ability
and has bad about 16 yeara experience
in tbe work of finding tbe destitute
and neglected children of our cities
and placing tbem in good homes.
Miss Dowden is an Intimate friend of
Mia. D. N. Byerlee, of our city, who
speaks of her lo terms ot highest
praise. Miss Carrie Byerlee, wbo has
been connected with tbe association iu
Portland, will probably aooompany
ber to tbe city tbe Hist ot tbe week.
Miss Lowden's permanen address is
1143 Hawtborrne avenue, Portland,
Ore. She will be pleased to oommuni
oate with any parties interested in
the cause. Miss Dowden passed
throngh Hood River Wednesday tor
Portland, having lo charge a number
of homeless children.
Departs For North Dakota.
Miss Alma Wilson, wbo has just
finished ber term as intermediate
tacber lu tbe Barrett school, left
Monday for ber borne lo Vulva. North
Dakota. Miss Wilson departel via
the Union Paoifio and will visit at
Hutchinson, Minn., ber former borne.
and will also spend a tew davs in tbe
"Twin Cities." Mies Wilson has
proven herself a most competent in
structor and her sterling obaracter
aud winning personality has secured
for ber the cuurJdeuoe and respect of
tbe entire community.
The Christian oburoh was the scene
of a touobing farewell given Miss Wil
son on last Sunday evenins. At tbe
olost ot the endeavor services Presi
dent Cash called her forward to afford
an opportunity to say good bye. All
the young people and many of her
sobolars marched forward to bid her
farewell and as the emotions sprang
up in toe nears many cheeks were
dimmed with tears, but all rejoiced
in tbe faot tbat she will return and
occupy her place In tbe school and
ohuroh for anothei year.
East Hood River Irrigating Ditch Co.
roe east side larmers are doing tbe
sane thing In their effort to own and
control their own irrigating system.
The basis of tbia enterprise is identi
cal with tbe basis of tbe Farmers Irri
gating Co. on tbe west side. It la
tbeir purpose to sell sufficient stock
at 1,10 per miner's inoh to raise a total
ot 124,000. Tbia amount will seive as
tbe first payment on the Bone ditch,
which Is belld at 172,500. After this
payment baa been made it willlbe nn
easy matter to float bonds sufficient to
meet all demands. The Bone ditch
baa an undisputed right to 25U0 min
er's inohea of water from tbe east fork
ot Hood river. It represents 31 miles
oi oiton and boob feet of pipe line,
from a comparative standpoint this
system at tbe figure named is much
cheaper than either ot tbe west side
canals. A ooinmittee appointed to
solicit stook have sold about 800 Inch
es to date. Those who have the mat
ter lo band feel conlldeut that the
necessary amount of shares will be
taken and the Bone system will Le
As soon as the 121,000 is assured the
company will organize and incorporate.
Hie stork's biith notice of last week
was mislaid, and oonsoaueutlv v.u
apologize for the ommissiou. We
herewith report notice with addi-
To Mr. aiid Mrs. William Isenberc.
au 8a pound daughter.
lo Mr. aud Mra. Frank Caddv. a
io iur. ana iurs. Knua Hhnino nn
Friday, April 19, the brightest 11 V4'
pound girl in Barrett.
10 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Knnna
Odell, April 21, a girl, who has been
named Miss Bessie.
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Dedication of Pine (irove Church.
Complete nrraoge nents have now
been made for tbe dedication of tbe
Pine Grove M. 10. oburoh. The edillur
will te formally dedicated on next
Sunday, April 28. Ihe cervices ot tbe
day are aa follows: Dedicatory ser
vice at 10:3(1 a ui ; sein.oo by Kev.
J. II. Colomnn, D. O., president of
the Willamette uuiversity. liasket
dinner at l'i in. Sermon at 3 p. m. by
Kev. A. "a. Lnoe,' pastor" of The Dalles
M. K. church. .Sermon at H:.H) p. m,
by Kev. Waltou Skipwortb, presiding
elder ot Ibe Dalles district.
tbia will be a great day for Pine
Urove. Tbe speakers are all eminent
pulpit oratorr and are deserving of a
generous heating. Tbe people should
turn out emiiHsae and prove loyal to
tbeir local church. Kev. 11. C. Clark
will have chnrge of tbo -tervioea for
the day. aa are all most cordially
invited to attend.
Don't Fiiriri t the Time and Pine.
The Woman's Relief Corps, of Hood
Kiver, will nerve u m tier ana supper
in liootD's store Saturday, April 21.
Tbe proceeds to be used in charity
for needy ffiuilies of tbe old soldiers.
The oorps solicits the patrouago of
tbe city aud valley for this good
cause. We get tbe bone tit of tbe sales
made in the store and hope our
friends will buy freely and largely.
We will not be offended if provisions
are donated by thoso whom we have
not been able to solicit. All oome.
Phone 270 for information.
library Contest. '
Barrett school, 10,385,
lierean clur:, 912:'.
K. of P. Lodge, 8.m
Pine Urove Orange, 83 U. -Hood
Kiver public school, 1799.
8-booll)lstiiot 61. 450.
Odell Urauge, 2(i.
Crapper school, 221. -Crapper.Urango,
District 5, 39.
Frankton Orange, 70.
Baptist church, 38.
Frankton subool, 31.
U. U. S. 8., 2C.
Foresters, 20.
Mt. View Grange, 5.
M. E. ti. 8. 3.
Kodol for dyspepsia oloara tbe (torn,
aoh aud makes tbe breath ns sweet as
a rose. Kodol la sold by druggists on
a guarantee relief plan. It conforms
strictly to tbe National Puie Food
and Drugs law. Bold by Keir & Cass
Card ol Thanks.
We desire to thank tbe sympathiz
ing friends and relatives who so kind
ly assisted as aud contributed their
services iu the hour of bereavement
lo the death of our dear wife and
mother. B. P. Fuller and family.
Cardef Thanks.
At a meeting ol the Buptist oburcb
on Wednesday evening, April 17, it
was onaniaiomly voted to extend
t eir hearty thanks to the publio for
tbeir cheerful and prompt ooopera
tion, alto to both newspapers of the
oity for assistance in giving publicity
to tbe announcement, and to 8. E.
Bartmese for tbe loan of 100 folding
ohalrs. F. O. Coe, clerk.
The New Pure Food and Drag Law.
We are pleased to anuouuoe that
Foley's iloney and Tar for ooughr,
ColdH and lung troubles is not aliect
ed by tbe National Pure Food and
Drug law aa it contains no opiates oi
other harmful drugs, aud we recom
mend it as a safe remedy for children
and adults. Clarke Drug Co.
On the 'Washington Side
I am a farmer and have wme tine
fruit lands for sale around me six miles
from White Salmon. A fine chance.
HO acres of good fruit land, a fair frame
house, good frame barn and wood shed,
family orchard in bearing, 5 neres ready
to plant to trees. Considerable fenced
and it can be had for $20 per acre. All
correspondence answered. J. II. LAW,
Bristol, Wash.
Little White Salmon
I have now arraged so that I can sell
land in tracts ranging from two acres
up to 160. A number of places im
proved with good buildings, water aud
fruit. Will sell at reasonable prices
and on easy terms. This land is second
to none on the Columbia river for fruit,
berries and gratis. 1 also have some
good timber land, homesteads and re
linquishments. Will be pleased to
show parties wishing to buy what I
have. Write or call on
Underwood, Wash.
For Bale PoDey, 4 yean old, well broke lo
drive or ride, sound, weight, about 700. Dr.
Cooper. a26-m 16
For Sale-Norman stud colt. 10 montlii old,
or will trade for rood driving horse. Alex
Hukar, Route fio. 2. a26-nil6
For MaleA Hamlltonlan roadster, a rood
traveler, broke for riding or driving. Per.
fectly gentle, inquire Ulacier office. a2rul6
For Hale-Sixty acre, six acres under colli,
vallon, rest very easy cleared, practically .
level, plenty of water, U anile from school,
aMlJolDlog comity road, three miles south or
Moaier, 6', miles south-east of Hood Kiver,
If sold at once Man acre. Write owner. Ad
dress box 272, Tbe lallea, Ore. agft-mld
For Bale Timothy and clover bay, alK
strawberry plants and carrots In the field
Come this week, farm ia leased. Mrs. Ida H
Mercer, on Barrett road. al8 m9.
For Bale-Tboroughbred White Wyandotte
eggs, Sl.OO per setting. C. A. Newman, across
w i iruiu rara street scnooi nouse.
..l0.r.8R!!-Buff PfP'ngton eggs, lor setting'
11.00 for 15 eggs. Phone 175. Mrs. Anna An.
demon. nil4-niayl
For sale-White Wyandotte eggs from mated
Pens, $1.60 and 2.00. Two tine cockerels left
tni i . .i.uu riui iur tuiie. can oe seen and
Flour, Feed, Hay, Grain kr,T'flfn.nK.',r, c?tlwi" bTSiSJ
I with a fine line of vegetable d anta. Home
McReynolds & Co.
and Poultry Supplies
Petaluma Incubators and
Phone 1091
choice rosea, lilacs and wistaria vines,
dale. Fletcher A Fletcher. Hood Kiver.
For Sale. Factorv location.
building on ground, S2x4, two miles from
town. Also apple and strawberry land in W,
l0,i5vBnd ' acre ,rct. Keamuable figures.
I. T. NealeiKh. Mood River, lira u v r
1. I2lf "
Patron's Day.
Friday. April 26. baa been ant nnnrt
i Fatrou's day for tbe school. All
patrons and friends of the school are
invited to be present at 1:30 p. m.,
pass through the diliereut rooms and
lew specimens of the work dnnn hv
the pupils during tbe year. At '2:110
all will assemble in the rooms of the
lllah sobool for a seneral dismiaainn
of topics that are ot Interest to school
and home.
Foot Crashed by Train.
Un last Fridav etenina. .lnhn Mn.
tienry was down at the O. R. N. je
pot attempting to board a moving
train when bis foot slipped and the
hind trucks of a heavily loaded ear
passed over It. It appears tbat Mo-
noury uau ueeu trying to snow some
or me coyi now to Jump a moving
tram, iie oaa niaae several success
ful attempts to board tbh west bound
freight, but tbe last attempt proved
fatal. As he swung onto the side of
tbe oar bis foot slipped, and the oar
passea over it omening it la a fright
ful condition, lie was at once taken
to tbe Cottage hospital wbere it be
came necessary tt amputate one ot
the toes. '
Four ladlans Arrested.
Un last Sunday evening Detective
Ganger arrested four native aborig
ines wbo were hooking fish out of tbe
Hsb ladder Xbey were at once
marched to tie "skookutn bouse."
Kaily Monday morning tbey bad a
trial before Judge Henderson wbo
Sued tbem 15 per capita, which
amount was paid and tbev were r.
leased. The testimony proved that
tbey bad captured one aalmon ni
foui trout.
James T. VYhltumiib.
Jamea I. Wbitcomb died at his res
idence on the fieitfhU on Ihurediiy.
April ISth, at 2:40 p. m, age 57
years, two months and 12 days.
Mr Whiti'onib can e to Hood River
lufct fall troni, Ore , where be
had resided for HI ytars tHe hud
lieeu a sufferer from tciocioua foi n
period oi .ill years, t ut being a man
ot iiiiii.ifiv-t ropolutioii uud courage,
lie ivae Uli loss mul bedfast for only a
lew days prior to his death, ilia wiie
uud six obildren survive him, resid
iog as follows: C. W. Wbitcomb, Mit
chell, Ure. Mrs. Lnla Lyle, J. E.
Wbitcomb, Arthur Wbitcomb, Ruby
Wbitcomb. Vern Wbitoomb and his
beloved wife, all of Ilood River. Fu
neral services were held at tbe resi
dence. Rev. C. II. McKee otticiated,
aud interment In Idlewilde, Satur
day. S. K. liurtmesB, undertaker.
is now open and solicits a share of your patronage. A full line of
Patent Medicines, Drugs, Chemicals, Combs, Brushes, Syringes,
Soaps, Toilet Preparations, Stationery,
and all those articles usually carried in a first clasa drug store
given careful compounding by a Registered Pharmacist
On the Heights, Hood River, Ore.
Wanted Bids to clear from sin in i
land and set the same to trees. Apply to J
L. Hendeison, Hood Kiver, Ore. a6-mi6.
Wanted an eldtriy man to milk ftflnwi anil
do chores aronnd bosrdlnr house. Ww
t& .00 a month and cost. Address N. II. Kel
son, Dee, Oregon. a5-mlt
Wanted-To trade or sell one lot. DOziOO feet.
with two houses, oneslx-rooin, one four-room
. O. box 688 or 360 Hlate street. a-mltf
Wanted Help for bouse cleaning. One
week's work, good waves. No objection to
Japs. Mrs. Thomas Avery, Fggermount.
Wanted-Man wltb team to contract to haul
and load 600 cord 4 foot wood. Oreicou Lum
ber Company.
Wanted Lady to rook In Hoarding bouse
I at 1 lee. Oregon Lumber Co. ttl8-n9.
For Rent
For Kent Furnished housekeeolns- rooms.
targe and pleasant, at 3i6 ( olumbla Street,
nso Mrs. 1). B. Taylor.
Phone 491
It Requires Thought
Strayed-Buckskin Cavuse. white mane
and tall, weight about 860. No shoes. Brand,
left shoulder, probably "J. R." Ketii'n to C.
M. Dickinson for reward. Dee, Ore. a'6-mlB
NOTICE Thoroughbred bull for service.
I Terms of service, Sl.60, payable at time of ser
vice, with privilege of returning cow during
season without additional clmrire. V. Win-
chell, Phone 90x1. m2M-mayfi
In the County Court of the State of Oregon,
iur n hmxj cuumy.
In the matter of the estate of II. A. Leavens,
Notice is hereby aiven that the iinderiitrncrt
has filed her final account as the adminis
tratrix ol the estate of H. A. Leavens, lie.
ceased, and that Wednesday, the 1Mb t"ay of
May. 1SKI7, at the hour of 2 o'clock d. m. at the
county court room. Dalles City, Oregon, has
been fixed aa the time and place for hearing
objections to said final account and the set
tlement tnereoi.
Date of first publication April 11, 1907.
to practice economy in grocery buying
and still get the best qualities. But that
thought will naturally turn your mind
to our store. In every line we handle
high quality is sti'died. Sugar. Butter,
lea, Coffee, Flour, Cocoa, Canned
Goods, Cereals and everything else
And it is not alone quality, but
quantity that y u get the full worth
of your money, and every possible satis-1 Administratrix of the estate of H. a. Leavens,
faction with the purchase. nticic nf kinai. im,-
Notice is hereby given thattheundeisicned.
as executor of the last will of LoulsH. Rhoades,
deceased, oas filed his final account as such
executor In the county court of the state of
Oregon, lor wasco county, and that the ludire
I of said court has appointed Monday, May
tt m, uit) uunr oi -a o ciock p. m. as;tne time
uu me county court room at i ne Dalles, In
said Wasco county, as tbe til see. for lienrlmr
objections to said final account, and for the
settlement thereof.
All persons interested In said estate are
oereDy nounen to aDDear at said time and
Dlace and show cause. If anv tbev have, vhi
mm hvuuui buuuiu uii iw approvea.
rnuea at aooa Kiver, Oregon, April lfi, 'ltw.
(. M . KHCIA 1 IKK.
executor oi last win or louib s. Kboades, de-
Free Delivery
Wood & Smith Bros.
Moth Balls
Cloride of Lime -Formaldehyde
Bed Bug Destroyer,
Soaps, - - - -Sponges,
" -Disinfectant
Sulphur in packages -
10c lb.
15c lb.
25c and 50c
All Prices
5c to $1.50
5c and 10c
Largest Line of Fresh Drugs and Drug Sundries in the City
The House of Drug Staples
We Deliver
Phone lOOl
Prescription Specialists
A. R. Byrkett. of Bineen. Wash., has
sold his entire ranch at that place and
on Friday and Saturday, May 3d and
4th, 1907, will at his ranch, in Bingen,
eell at public auction, without reserve.
tion, all his fine herd of core bred short
horn cattle, about 56 head of all ages;
bout 20 bulls and 36 cows and heifers.
Also all the rest of his herd nf
bred Jersey cattle, censisting of 2 two
year old bulls, 4 cows and 2 two-vear
old heifers.
Also all of his Shropshire sheeD. con-
sistine of about 120 head : about SO ramn
and 90 ewes.
Also one span of horses, weitrht abnnt
2800, and 1 span, weight about 2200, 1
brood mare and one yearling colt.
Also one hack or wagonette. 1 spring
wnuron. 1 set waeonetta harnnaa. aaHHloa
and bridles.
Also 1 six huudred pound De Laval
cream separator, nearly new. and othpr
dairy supplies.
Also a large amount of good house
hold and kitchen furniture, 1 dairy
water wheel and other articles too nu
merous to mentton.
Terms of Sale Anv articln silll no fnr
less than $50, cash on dav of sale. Anv
single sale exceeding $50, or any num
ber of sales exceeding $50 each, may be
included in a note with securities ap
proved by himself on 8 months time, or
if desired, ono years time, at 7 per cent.
- - - . av- .............. ... ... ..t . ..., - . I, Hrn - .-