The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 18, 1907, Image 2

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k iai , . f ' arAar f
"aria Mtaer'.ria(LH jmm wara tMa
fcUt ,
Sew Laontk Dea."
Maaara. Dean and Pearson, of tt
Hood Kiver-Wbite Salmon ferry fan.
bar tbeir new gasoline launch
"Dean" in readme toi traffic T
ay that ahe ia a "peach" la acarcely
an attempt at exDresairia ber appear
anoe ' and merit. The propi ietora of
tbia aaDerb tittle craft Invited tbe
Glacier reporter to take a apeed
aboard tbe newly lanncbed abip. tie
iaa an old akipoer canelvea. we cho
a day when tbe tea would be high,
Aoootdinelr we weot down laat Mod
dav afternoon to enjoy tbe toaaios
and p onglng of tbe atardy little era It
aa aba cat tbe wave, and almost leai
ed ber full lenetb into apace above
Mr. Dean, who waa tbe akll ful pilot at
tbe wheel aaid "I'll give yon tbe
ride of your life." 1 aueaa It waa.
lie aet Ler prow bard against tbe
fierce winda and ansry wavea. aa be
took aa to tbe Waabintgon aide and
return. When I stepped asbore J
took a long deep brent b and tbanked
God fur "terra Hrma.
Tbe craft ia 40 feet in lengtb, 8 fool
beam, 30 Incbea draft and will Beat
40 paaaengera. Sbe ia finished In oak
and poaseaaea a 20 borae power en
cine. Sbe la fitted witb all tbe con
venlr.ncea and eieentiala of a first claai
launot. Tbe writer will vouch fot
tbe i impetenoy of Messrs.
Pearaon to man ber.
1 t aud
b . ren
le Lil
-1 yrtl.
Barrett Hohool Clours,
The following program wil
dered by tbe liarrett sobot.i
Valley Christian cburcb on
evening, April 19:
Quartette "Come Where
Ilea liloom."
Keading-"Tbe Last Day"
Headiug "An Apology"- liVwaie
Marcioa. ,
Hong "Jackie Horner" Poi boys.
Kbododeud'ou March (Irm I Hlier
Dialogue "Last Day at Woetei
Quartette-" We Pie SaUInt;-"
Gladys Heavis, Iieithel Copplo, lea
ter Murphy, Juanita lloavener.
Heading-"Seein' at Night "Ver
lion Jones.
Parasol Drill-Bight glriaJ
Reading "Ibo Parting Lofen"
Arthur M'.toa and Ktbel barrel,'
Dinloue "Farmer boy ajiJ City
Dude " i
Qui tar iolo Rn niond IngV'i.
IJssoy "Jjooking Hack .ard"
Ooorgia lieuuott. '
Holo "Yankee Doodle Uoy" Har
old lngalla. ,'
Beven O'clock -Rutb SobalL
Flag Drill.
Duet, selucted Mrs. Keavls, Gladys
Everybody invited. A collection
will be taken at tbe close of tbe en
tertainment to bay long books for the
acbool. Don't forget your small
change. :
Missionary Meeting Next Sunday.
Tbe Womana Foreign Missionary
society will bold their open meeting
next Hunday at 11 o'clock at tbe M.
K Cburob. Following la tbe pro
gram: Singing, led by choir, Invo
cation. Scripture readings prayer.
Duet. Mite box convention, fay nine
little girls. Reading. Singluf, "Lo,
tbe golden fields are smiling. " Bead
ing. A talk on missions, by Prof (J.
Crouse. Holo. Singing, filling,
Mra. Pickett'a Mission box. (Thank
offering. t y
Attention, Chicken Ralseri.
We have a lurge quantity df cracked
wheat that la just tbe tblng fo? young
chickens. It ia cheaper tbaa whole
wheat. Hood Kiver MHUiig Co.
Fred Shoemaker, of the Mntial Life
of Portland, la visiting in t city
thia week.
Judge Hendeiaon baa at ant live
days tbia week surveying on 'thteast
Peter Kopkle sold 10 acres of bis
farm to E. H. Long. Uoos:0rutlou,
0400. f
II. F. Davidson and III Van
Horn and wife went to Portl'T Wed-
i . i .. rtii 1 .
J. W. Raker & Co. sold th Pike
place on tbe east side oonsi iug of 34
aorea to Mr. Modaren.
Mra. Cbaa. Hall, aocomj anted by
Mra. J. A. English, went to Portland
on Wednesday's local.
II. R. lirowu and wife, of Nashville,
Mloh., arrived In tbe city this week
and are looking over tbe vajiey.
Lutheran aervioes at 2 p. m. at tbe
Advent church. All cordially Invited
Rev. L. Stuebe, Cornelius, Or
N. Bullard aud II. Hoaa. of Con
don, arrived In Hood River Wednes
day enroute for White Bb'.uhu n bus
inesa matters. . "
R. D. Lamaon, who baa been spend
ing aeveral days on bia farm in tbe
East liairott district, returned to
Portland Wednesday.
Rev. C. E. Crandall, of Falrvlew
visited in llond Kiver Wednesday
Rev. Crandall owns a few lota on tbe
beighta, which he ia setting out to
Tbe base ball game of last Friday at
toe Columbia park between tbe Hood
Kiver high acbool and tbe Barrett
school resulted iu a viotory for Hood
Hirer wltb tbe score 8 to t.
At a meeting of the Hood River
Horticultural aooiety held at the Com
mercial club rooms on Saturday, April
13, tbe following omoera were elected :
K. U.Wallace, president; . F. lily the,
vice president; Henry Avery, sec re
tary and treasurer.
Raise Red Apples.
At a recent session of tbe WenatS
obee Fruit Growers association, tbe
following instruction waa given:
"Raise red apple for tbe Austral
ian market, but do not snip your
white ones down there." This is tbe
advioe of E. Wagner, tbe apple king.
wbo lately shipped 3100 oases of tbe
produota of the Wenatohee valley to
far-off Kangaroo-land. Mr. Wagner
discovered tbe Australian markot; bia
la tbe credit for carrying out success
fully an experiment which in tbe fu
ture must mean thousands of dollars
to the Wenatcbee valley tanchera and
fruit growers.
"Aa to tbe keeping quality," said
Mr. Wagner, "1 found no difficulty
wltb any except the Jonathan, twhiub
ia not a auooeaa. The following apples
are good abippera and command good
ptioea on tbe Australian market:
Spitzenberg, Winesap, Rome Beauties
and Missouri Plpplus."
Use Kennedy'a Laxative Ccugb
Syrup, Children like its pleasant
taste, and mothers give It hearty en
dorsement. Contains no opiates, but
drives out the cold through the bow
els. Made in strict conformity to
Pare Food and Drugs law. Recom
mended and aold by Keir A Cass.
A Call lathe Hungry.
Tbe Ladiea' Aid aorletv of tbe Pine
Grove M. K. ebuich will serve dinner
at Booth 'a store oa next Saturday,
April 30. Aa tbia ia a Methodist din
ner "yellow legged chickens" will be
In evidence. A beautiful landscape
will be offered for sale. L-t us all at
Tbe ladiea aie preparing to assist in
the dedication of be new M. K. church
at Pine Grove, on Sunday, April 28.
Pr. Coleman, preideut of the Willam
ette University, will be present to de
liver tbe dedicatory sermon.
Christian Cbnrrh to Build.
Rev. J. W. Jenkins closed a deal
List Saturday whereby tbe Christian
cburob of thia city becomes the pos
sessor of two excellent lota located
just west of tbe high school. It Is tbe
purpose of tbe congregation of this
cburcb to build a b-atitiful and com
modious cburcb during tbe present
summer. Tbe membership of this de
nomination bas been worshiping in
tbe K. ot P. ball for aeveral urontbs !
past, fke church baa attained a
splendid growth under the popular
pastorate of Rev. W. A. Wood, aud it
ia boped that be may be able to see
bis congregation worshiping iu tbe
new temple aoon to be erected.
Royal Arch Maamis.
Ibere will be a regular convocation
of Hood River Chapter, Royal Arch
Masona, Friday, April 19.
Masons Take Notice
A special meeting next Saturday
evening, April 20. Work iu the M. M.
degree. Light refreshments. Visiting
brothers welcome.
Port la ad Kalarsa lea's Eirarsiaa.
Tbe busiueaa niea of Portland will
make a aix days' trip to Eastern Ore.
gon and Western Idaho beginning
Monday, May Ctb, and returning tbe
mowing tsunuay morning.
Ihe Oregon Railroad Navigation
i u. npeciat train will consist of re
nesbment aud baggagef cars, d-ty
uum-ii, uining car ana mree ruunien
standard sleepers.
ibe excursion train will be in
charge ot a spial representative of
me uregon lieilroad A Navigation
company, wbo will attend to ail de
tails or tbe trio and furnl.h all .1
aired iuforniaiun oouceriiinir features
oi interest eu route.
la order to meet obligations with
the different oomnjuuitiea tbe train
must leave each and overy point ex
actly on the minute.
Ibe train will arrive in Hood River
Monday, May 6, at 1:10 p. to. aud de
part at 4 p. m. Tbe Commercial
chid will take charge of the delegu
tlon upou tbeir arrival at Hood Kiv
er. it la their purpoae to make a trip
over the Mt. Hood railway, stopp'ng
hi iwo or mree oi tbe principal or
cbards enroute.
Matt Russell and Miss Agnea Koppe
were me principals at a private wed
ding at tbe borne of O. II. Grav. Wed
nesday at 4 p. m., Rev.W.C. Gilmore,
oi me congregational oiuion, oirjclat
ing. xne contracting partlea are
aruoug Hood River'a most popular
young people. Mr. aud Mrs. Kussell
will be at borne to tbeir friends in
tbeir new resi lence. The Glacier join
ttie many friends in well a lubes.
..:;:.V.V..,:. 71 plufi i TiJ""iT' wiiiaaf
.Ask for the New Material
Suesine Silk
I Crip to the touch,, rich to
I the eye, it has alt tbe
cbarmea f China Kiik and
I costs les and wears IA,
lonirer. The yard Ut
The Paris Fair
Hood River's Largest and Best Store
t m1 i
Spring and Summer
We have just opened
ii niiother hhipinent
i men's units. They
a it truly "dandies" in
point of material and
t.vle, fit and finish.
Vou will wonder at
the excellence of the
gaiinenta for the low
ps-iees we are offer
ing them. See our
show window. Suits
for men oh low as
$3.50 and ranging
on up by asv stages
to $20.00
Look at Our Swell Line
.Second Floo
g Kxtra punts for working or dress piv;08es in a lary variety'.
"Jf Anyihi-ng ymi want f'om a cottouade pair for 95c up.
Dress Goods
Iu this department you will
find goods suitable for any
and all occasions.
Lawns, Linens, Dimities
Voils, Mohairs, Worsted
Suitings, Mercerized
Vestings, Organdies, Im
ported Beiges, Imported
and Domestic Ginghams,
in fact anything you can think
of to make up for your summer
Kitchen Notions
In this department rfre hundreds f useful
articles you need every day ' nnd st prices
too low (or you lo get alon'tt without thorn.
J'.ead on :
Common Clothes pins, doz. 10
2S t
Egg whips, each
Wire potato washers, t-ach
Large wood spoons 30
Bamboo sink brushes
Chip baskets down to 50
Tacks per package 10
Toilet paper, roll or bunch
4x5 shelf brackets, pair
10x1 2 shelf "
No. 1 lamp chimneys
No. 2. "
Rolling Pins, each 100 j
2-foot boxwood rules, each 90 ,
each 50 J
" 70 I
and hundmls fot; ri:M-fnl
art ides th; it vi!l be found
at the same big sn vhig in-i's
We are Never Undesoid i
The New Baptist Church
IS .:'.
Rev. C. H
Itox Car Turna Turtle.
An oast hound freleht train came
nearly meetlnu witb a serious wreck
last Sunday evening at ahont 1 :30. As
It was crossiuK the Hood river bridue
tbe front truoks of car number 4DU2
urunod tbe track ah ut midway on
the trestle and demollshod the ties for
the space of about lftO feet. When the
tain waa finally stopped it was disaov
ered that the front trucks bad been
torn loose from ibe body ot tbe car,
ud tbe oar had been bumping ou the
ties. Tbe oar was loaded witb ties
which were thrown out,aud the empty
car waa raised with a derrick aud
thrown to the gronud below, where it
111 be burned.
limner Kesldcnce Humeri.
Tbe residence of Myron liruncr, lo
cated on the eat ide of Hood Kiver,
waa burned last Wednesday at noon.
Mrs. Limner was prepHiiuit the uoon
meal when she discovered the house
ou tire. It is thought that it originat
ed from a defective tine. Shortly after
the lira waa discovered the entire
building waa iu ruins. The members
of tbe family wore at borne, and ns
soon aa the fire whs detected they at
on oo begnu to move the furniture from
tbe house. They succeeded in saving
most ot the personal property. The
loss, aside from the building, will not
exoeed li". There was no insurant e
ou tbe building.
Shipper (iot Judgment.
Charleston, S. tC., Iu the United
States circuit court ihe sealed verdict
in the suit of W. J. Uurttty, a truck
farmer ot Voting's Inland, against the
AtlHiitio Count Line gives a verdict
for the pluiutilt fur the full sum. $7,
100.1)0. The attorneys lor the rtiiiioad
have served uotice of an appeal.
The case ia oue of great importance
to the truck iuterests about Charles
ton and In fact in other sections aa
well. The plaiutiif tendered a lot of
cabbage to the railroad iu Mar'h,
11)05, to be bandied in refrigerator
oars. Tbirty-aix oars In all were need
ed for the shipment aud tbe produce
was not lmuied in refrigerator cars,
with the result that the cabbage was
damaged and the pluintilt entered ac
tion against tbe railroad for the
amount. The troubles ot the fanners
u securing cars having proper dis
patch, freight charges, etc., weie all
referred to during the trial, which
seemed to have made an ell'ect upon
the jury in tendering the verdict for
tbe full amount of the action. The
posiMou of the railroad was that the
action bad not boeu properly brought.
It should nave been brought against
tbe refrigerator car people, according
to tbe attorney, aa the Atlantic Coast
Ldue did not own or control the fa
vored oars tor the movement ot truck.
A verdict fcr tbe plaiutiU will
doubtless have tbe effect of causing a
Hood of actioua of the kiud, as the
growers bavo generally had the exper
lence or Air. ueraty. on tbia uo-
coouut, the railroads will make a bard
tight to secure reversal ot the judg
ment reudered In tbe case.
Just It'caiiie
your coiijn is oiiry ru ine tnroat hoc
doea not troub'o you uow, don'
tbink that it iicndri no attentiou.
When it bas not had much of n stnrt
la tbe time to cbe k it. The alight-
est cough easily lo.vli to pneumonia, I
bronchitis ni d consumption. A hot I
tie of Dull 'id's liurehoiind Syrup will !
cure that ''nfh. The price, puts it
within reach of nil. S Id by Chas N I
Kodol for dyspepsia clours the atom- :
anb aud in ika the na sweet aa j
a rose. Kilni is sold by drugcM on!
a guarantee rcli. r plan It couforujH
strictly ti the National Fute Food
and Drugs luw. Bold by Keir & Cuss.
and Manufacturers of all kinds of
Highest Prices Paid for High Grade Fruit.
The Jiew I'ure Food and Drusr Law.
Wo are pleased to announce tha
toleya iioney and Tur for coughs
colds and lung troubles is not attect
ed by the National Pure Tood ant
Drug law aa it contains no opiates oi
other harmful drugs, uud we recom
mend it as a safe remedy for childror
and adults. Clarke Drug Co.
Paper Hanging and Tinting a Specialtj
liuisdencti next to Second Hand Store
At Oee, April) H, to Mi. and Mia.
loung, a boy.
W. 11,
Mr. 8. L. liowen, of Wayne, W.
writes: "1 was a suiferer from
kidney disease, so that at times I
could not get out of bed, and when I
did 1 oould Lot stand straight. I took
Foley's Kidney cure. One dollar bot
tle and part of the second oured me
entirely." Foley 'a Kidney Cure
worki woridera where others are total
failures. Clarke Drug Co.
Joshua Smith.
Joshua Smith, of Carson, Wash.
was suddenly strickeu witb paralysis
on Monday, April 8, and died within
30 minutes. Mr. Smith bad just On
ished his dinuer and tetired to his
room, when he waa atrioken in death.
Upou hia retirement, he olosed tb
dooi of hit appartment, and in a few
moments bia daughter-in-law beard
bim knocking on the door. She bur
ried in tbe room, and upon open in
tbe door, found Mr. Smith lying
prostrate upon tbe floor, speechless,
Ana witnin .w minutes be was dead.
The deoeased was 77 years, 8 months
aud 20 days of age. Mr. Smith had
been an active Christian all his life.
Hev. J. W ,'Iiigby, of Hood Kiver, was
called to ouioiate at tbe funeral. Her
vices were bold from tbe famiiv resl
den. e at Caison on Wednesday, April
xi, v.hji.
0. Jakohscn.
Mr. O. Jakobseu, wbo arrived a few
weeka ago from British Columbia,
died iu Hood Kiver Ore.. April 10.
11)07. Tbe deceased bad been sick for
several months and died from'valvular
disease of the heart. He leaves
mother, two brothels aud three sisters
lesidlng iu Kougsberg, Norway, arid
oue urocner, An tone, residing at Me
Nominee. Funeral services were held
Saturday, April 18, at 2 p. in., from
the Catholic church. Father Klein
oltlohted. Interment in the Ctbolic
oemetory. J. E. Nichols, undertaker,
ItrauTonl Nhumway.
Mi. Bradford Sbumwa" waa barn
October 19, 1815, and died in Hood
Kiver, or., April 11.1907. Mr. Shum
way spent tbe earlier pait of his lite
in Wisconsin. He had been in failing
hoalth for aeveral weeka, and at tbe
npe old age of 91 yeara passed to bis
reward, xne coay waa prepared for
burial by Undertaker S E. Hart mens
and shipped to Urafton. N. D., for
iciermeni. iev. w. u. Ullmore,
Bisted by Hev. W. C. Kvans, after a
urier servioe in tbe Uartmees under
tukiug parlor l Friday at 3 o'clock, ao
oompauied the remains to its iat rest
iug place. iev. uilmore expects to
visit lu tbe "Twin Cities" before re
turning home.
ihe deceased leaves six d uighters
aim one son to mourn their loss, re
siding aa follows" Mra. Dr. Van Ars
dale, Jasper, N. V. ; Mrs. E. 1). Loo-
mls, Lacrosse, Wis.; Mrs. h Kead.
Liikevillo, Conn. ; Mrs. C. M. Milli-
Keu, Saxeville, Wis. ; Mrs. E. F. Kil
bourn, Carlton, N. 1). ; W. J. Shum
way, of Wiscousiu, aud Mrs. H. T.
Auderson, ot tbia city.
Mrs. . F. Fuller.
Mrs. U. F. Fuller died at Cbeno
with,Wash., Thursday, April 11, 1907,
at 4 p. m. Mrs. Fuller had been a
sullerer for many yeara fiom locomo
tor ataxia. It was thia dread disease
unit caused ber death. The body was
brought to Hood Kiver Saturday tor
burial. The deceased waa a most esti
mable n. igbbor, considerate frierid,
a loving wife and devoted mother.
Mrs. Fuller was the mothet ot 13 chil
dren, uiue of which aurvlve her. In
addition a husband, two sisters and
oue bi other remain to mourn her loss.
Kev. Fred Dellart, of Underwood, ottl"
dated at the funeral aervioes. S. E.
liartmess, undertaker, interment in
ldlewilde cemetery, Saturday, April
13, at 1 p. m.
Notice '
All persons indebted to Norton A
Smith, should settle by May 1st. Kee
our announcement on hfth page.
Cured of Rheumatism.
Mr. Wm. Henry, ot Chattanooga,
lenn., had ibeumatism iu bia left
"ni. "1'he strength seemed to have
gone out of the muscles eo that it waa
useless for work," he says. "1 applied
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and
wrapped tbe arm in flannel at night,
and to my lelief I round that tbe
pain gradually leit nin and the
strength returned. In three weeka
the rheumatism bad disappeared and
has uot since returned.' If troubled
witb rheumatism try a few applioa
Hone of I'ain Balm. Vou are certain
to be pleased with the relief which it
aiforda. For salo by Keir & Casa.
On the Washington Side
I am a dinner and L.ivj gome fine
fruit lands for salo around me six miles
from White Salmon. A line chance,
'to acres of good fruit laud, u fair frame
houee, good frame barn snd wood shed,
family orchard in bearing, 5 acres ready
to plant to trees. Considerable fenced
and it can he had for fL'O per acre. All
correspondence answered. J. II. LAW,
Uristol, Wash.
A. R. Byrkett, of Iliinjen, Wash., has
sold hia entire ranch at that place and
on Friday and Saturday, May 3d and
4th, lUOi, will at hi ranch, in Bingen
sell at public auction, without reserve
tion, all his line herd of pure bred short
horn cattle, about ml head of til ages
about 20 bulls and ISO cows and heifers,
Also an ma rest oi ins herd of pure
urea jersey etuiie, eeiisisiing oi 2two
vear old bulls, 4 cows and 2 two-vear
om lienors.
aiso an oi rus Mirnimiiiro sheen, con
sisting of about 120 head ; ubout 30 ranis
and 1)0 ewes.
Also one spun :f horses, weight about
L'NOO, and 1 span, weight about 2200, 1
brood mare and one yearling colt.
Also one iiaca or wagonette. 1 spring
wagon. 1 set wagonette harness, saddles
and bridles.
Also 1 six hundred pound De Laval
cream separator, nearly new, and other
dairy supplies.
Also a large amount of good house'
hold and kitchen furniture, 1 dairy
waterwneei and other articles too nu
meroua to mentton.
Terms of Sale Any article selling for
less than IM, cash ou day oi sale. Any
single sale exceeding $50, or any mini
oer ot sales exceeding foo each, may be
included in a note witli securities ap
prnvdd by himself on 8 months time, or
i desired, ono vears time, at 7 per cent.
Farms for Sale
Eighty acres uncleared orchard land
situated on The Dalles road about 5
miles east of JMosier. Nearly all can
i cultivated when cleared, about 20
acrea of which is partially cleared.
l'rice $2,400.
A'so 80 acres adjoining this, west.
with new 8-room plastered house with
concrete cellar ami water piped from
ring. Also new fruit house and wood
led combined. About 2 acres full
bearing orchard, about z acres young
trees. Trice for quick sale
Owner going East, hence low price,
elephoiie in residence.
Mosier, Ore.
Kau-Cuin-Cuin, March 25, 1907
Fifteen acres the best soil in Hood
Kiver!vallcv. without any exceptions.
for all kinds of fruit. All cleared, well
drained, 15 inches free water, 8 shares
n ditch, 4 acrea in apples in bearing.
110 Ppitzenberg, 110 Newtowns, 80
Baldwins, 24 (Jravenstines, 16 cherry.
and 15 pears. Nine acres in hay, cut
40 tons last year ; 2 acres for vegetrbles,
fairly good house, barn, chicken house
and other out buildings. Well of water
at door. Fine view of Mts. Adama and
Hood and Columbia River. Come and
see It Must be sold in 30 days or will
raise the price. Now it will be aold for
half what it is worth. A bargain for
either a home or an investment IU
mile west of Hood River.
Rest ia the great restorer. We tiie
our muscles by exercise and then rest
to restore them; yet a great many ot
oa do not atop to think how littlo rest
we give to our stomachs. Aa a usual
tblng no pait of our bodies ia so gen
erally overworked as our digestive or-
gan. A tired aud overworked f-tom-ach
will give signs of distress to
wbioh we pay no heed until at last
ayspepeia lanes bold. Indigent ion is
just u warning, and if we heed the
warning we can easily avoid further
consequences. Kodol is u most too
ougb stomach relief. It digests what
you eat and gives tbe stomach the
needed rest and greatly assists iu re
storing it to ita normal activity ai.d
usefulness. Kodol is sold ou a guar
aotee relief plan. It ia aold here l.y
neir a uass.
Little White Salmon
I have now arraced so Hint I run sell
- - -
lauu rn tracts ranging Horn two acres
up to 100. A number ol tlacca im
proved with good buildings, water ami
fruit. Will sell at reasonable) prices
and on easy terms. This land is second
to none on the Columbia river for fruit,
berries and grass. I also have some
good timber land, homesteads and re
linquishments. Will bo pleaded to
show parties wishing to buy what I
have. Write or call on
Underwood, Wash.
In the Circuit IJoiirt of the Stnto of Oregon ,
County of Wmico.
George P. Sink, Plaintiff,
Emma Hluk, Defendant.
To Kinnia 8lnk, the above named defendant.
in the name of the State of Oregon : You are
hereby required to appear and answer the
complaint Bled against you Id the above en.
titled Court and rhiima on nr haf.trA th irrh
day orMty, 19U7, aaid date being the last dale
of the publication of this summons, and being
alx weeks from the 4th day of April, 1IKJ7,
which last mentioned date Is the date of the
nrsi publication or this summons, and if you
fail to appear and answer, for want thereof,
the plaintfa will apply tn the Court for the re-
uei prayed ror in plalntilTi complaint, to-wit:
For a decree of the ahnve Ant.itiAd iviort th,.t
the bonds of matrimony heretofore and now
existing between said plaintiff and delendanl
be dissolved and held for nnnstii in.l n,t
aid plHlntiff and defendant be in all respect
miinraon outer, anu lor sucn oilier
and further relief aa to the Court may seem
equitable and Just.
This summons ia nerved llnrtn vrtn tfmmn
Hlnk, by publication thereof I n th HimiiI
Kiver Glacier bv ordpr of i h M..n
Ilradahaw. judge or the above entitled Court,
which order was made on and bearing dale ol
the 29th day of March, 190?. H. W. 8TAKK
Attorney for I'lalutllt.
Notice is hereby giver, that the undersigned
aH administrator oi the estate of W. V. John-
mm, uewnseu, win sell nt public auction, to
uiB inguesi uuu uesi tjiuuer therefor, for cash
at the hour or II o'clock n, tn., of said day, the
followim; described real property belonging
w -urn ,,,-, j ;
liegiiii:iig;iehiii!iH North and 8 chains West
oi tiie M'j voviier of Section Si, In Tp. Two
North, Kuhkc l,, Kast ot W. M., ill Wasco
count)-, Oregon, at the Houlhwesi corner of
mini miim-nj owmo dv o. C. Johnson,
thctuv North U.w.., limliis more or less to
urou i ui couuiy roan ; iirence west 7.i)clialns
' point 4.;.') chains Kast or the West line ol
SK4 oi SK'4 of said Section s!4, thence South
1J.H) ciinlirs, more or less, to Krussow's
North InuMhenco Kal T.i chains, more or
ii, io inure oi ueginmug, containing acr
incsaiu i uuu will be sold by me as admin
istrator ot said estate niirsmuit o. nn.l h. u...
thurily ol'an order to that etlect heretofore
uui) rnane oy me Hon. county Court or the
mute el oiegou, ror said Wasco County, ror
i f imjoiif a' ois auu expense ot
admiui.-,Uatioii ol sai i estate.
The property described above will be sold at
in nine nunv.i named, on said described
iMcmises, anil t lie su le iviu oo subject lo con-
iiruui'.ion oy s. i,i court.
Dated at Hood Kiver. Oregon. thU nfl luv
of Aoril. hi:o. ir r- iniiujnw '
Administrator or Li.o Estate of W. V. John.
son, llectaseu.
Please return my umbrella which v.-m
took by mistake from Artisan's hull
last Saturday. I have votirs and we will
exchange. K. 11. SllKPARD.
H. F. lilythe.
For Sale Fresh Jersey cow.
For Hale Tlmothv ami vtn.n i. ..i....
strawberry plants and carrots in the Held
Come this week, farm is lea-scd. Mrs. Ida B
Mercer, on liarrett road. ins m'l
For Hale. Hnrav Dion it
II. M. Abbott.
and outfit,
ul I or:
For 8ale-AI reduced prices. as walnut ti-ent
Hit.enberg aud ti McluUisU Keds. Transier
cry Co.
For Hale Thorouuhhred c......,i..t.
eKgs. Sl.uO per selling. C. A. Newman, across
tun si reei irom rara street school house.
For Bale-Hav.
Dukes Valley.
Apply U) J. o. Cameron,
Notice la hereby given that the understirncrt
executors of the laat will and testament, ol
I'eter Fredrick. Knudson, deceased, have filed
their final account as such executors iu the
the County court of the Htste of Oregon for
Wasco coantv. and aaid court, hua mnvtiniwi
Saturday the lltb dav of Mav. 1907. at the
hour of 1 o'clock p. m. aa the time for the hear.
Ing oroblectiona to aaid final annum t ami fur
the settlement thereof. All helra. tors or
ouitr persona interested In aaid estate are
hereby required to file their objections to
aaid final account or any particular items
thereof on or before the time appointed for
me uvniiug tuvreoi aoove mentiouea.
imiea una ntu day of April, lwr;.
JAM KM HK'llluf
Kxecutora of the last will and testament of
reierrrauericK Knudson, deceased.
In the Superior Court of the State of Oregon,
ioi v asco i oiiniy.
t-lsie .1. Reynolds, Plaintiff,
John A. Ileyuolds, DefeiHiattt.
T.v.lohn A. Reynolds, the above named de.
in ihe name ol the S ate of Oreuon von are
heieh required to annear and answer the
conipiainl tiled iiKiiinst you in the above enti
tled sun, on or tieioie the last aay of the time
iiiesenoeu in uie oroer oi nun leatlon lo wll:
(in orbi for Hie pith diiyof May luu7,Hnd if yon
lail lo so appear and answer iilHiiuiff will
apply to the above mimed Court lor the Teller
iieuiiinded in her complaint and for a decree
Qistniviiig me bonds ot matrimony now ex
isting between plaintitt and yourself on ths
groinu a of cruel and inhuman treatment
rendering plaintilrs life burdensome: lor
intili s costs and disbursements and tor such
othir re Iter as to the Court may seeine quila.
awie an u jusi.
i nia summons is servefl upon you by pub-
iichiiou uiereoi iu me iiooa Kiver uiacier, a
wecKiy iiewsnaner. or general circu atlon.
puousuea in lloial liver. Wasco Count v.
Oregon, lor six successive weeks, in pursu.
anceof an order of the Hon. W. I.. HmdKhaw
iudgeol the above entitled Court., rlnlv niMilp
on Ihe a'.tli day of March, 1907, and the date or
For Hale Two teanies ! OtIA MIllnll rll'lcliitf
team and one all-purpose team, weight lloU
pounds. H. S. Thompson 2W miles soutn of
town, Mt. Hood road, West aide. Phone S'.lxl
Kor .Sale Hull Orntiorton .,..- i... k..n.,,.
tl.UO for 15 eggs. I'nunu I21i. Airs. Anna ai.
dwson. mil ni va
Kor sale White VVvimdoiin eu. iv, ,..ui..rf
pens, Jl.&u aud 2.WI. 'luotli nrkupi. ...n
altdanaCI. i'luuls for salo. Can be seen and
uiucieti iiuui Mil tv Lass. Will be
with a nne line of vi ireuible hhm.
choice roses, lilacs and wistaria vines
dale. Fitteiier A letelier. If,..,,! k,v..
i iik.
17 if
Kor Hale. Factory loesiioi, u
building on gronud, ;, tw n.iies nom
own. Also apple aud siinwbi rry laud in tf,
III, Id, and '.5 acre tracts. Reason,. 'Oc He,
I. I . rscaleigll. Hood liiv if i. i, '
1. l-'81f
Wanted HelD ror hi, niu,,i.,..
week's work, maul m v.. '..i.i. ..
Japs. Mrs. Thomas Avery.' FgL-erinoiini
Wanted Man whh im
and load 500 cord I foot wood. Oregon I'liiii.
ber Company.
Wanted Lad
at Dee. Oregon lun e . : u" se
flr( pine and ak. To be deliver. i in im.o.
niaini u ii ,i ...
fc.Hlt1, b'Us ". received unUl
I lir.-rf'turu . l.
right to reject any orall bids. Hen ii l.H,'e
Clerk DIs. No. 7.
the first puhllcnlou ihereor is the 4th day of iJilante .At Cottage Hospital, Wood River
April, 1907. 1-.J.K1RWIN, V,, ?ivier. tw,'IHy y?1 l" lr'" as nurses.
.r." S. T u leiter to Miss Grace-
tajmr, oupi or Abble J. Mills. Matron, lanii
Vancouver, Was.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
aim 16
In the County Court of the Htate of Oregon,
ioi n useu couuiy.
In the matter of Ihe estate of 11. A. Leavens,
Notice is hereby given that the nnderslgned
has hied her final account as the adminis
tratrix ot the estate of II. A. Leavens, de.
ceased, and that Wednesday, the lath day of
..ui,, , jiu.-. , hi i ne iioni oi -i o ciH-it p, ni., at tue
county court room. Dalles City, Oregon, has
been fixed as the time and place for hearing
iiiv-iiuii., .Hiuimai uecouui auu tue set-
t lenient mereor.
Date of first publication April 11, 1907. V M. I1J
Administratrix of the estate of H. A. Leavens,
uectascu. ail-UlH
warned Tn ni, a ....... i . ...
win nav caiT V r.8'C,7;..T.,"a: !'.
Hood River. -""i oiaie street.
Wanted Ulrl for general linowi7."J3I
wages. Apply to Mrs. Willis Van llo,-,;
Wanted. Ulrl for general iin.Uu...,i.
wages. Apply to Mrs. Willis Van UnrA
ala.B. '
Wanted Person
salary a 5 oer dv ut..i " . .i"lor
A. AfexaLder, w 'nyum Place?
To Order
Hy Feeding
lVi im u. i.- bj EtLji
KSJ iff
Wanted (4iri tn Hn
MrjJKJ-ank Davenport, Jr., phone uau? mZli
Wanted. Heln Hei
R e?LZ 0".,"-.H.ghest pnee paid "w
KV inans, W loans City, Oregon. mas.als
Wanted ,rf..i . , .
house workT i Z L ", "u?e"?
.Vanted Joofl uiri ft.r i
Mrs. R. U. W'allacHhadmvblt FarrK-
Wanted Party or narttea iin, i ........
contract hauling logs and lumber, xn.i.iw
alley Mill, Koule W, Hood River. or,m
Lost and Found
Lost Kiftv foot nr iiffi.t r.,...., i
I ween McDonald's iii,Tr h. i-:.,rT.
Christian Church. Return to K. W. An,.. y
lame car
for this notice.
Same can be had at Glacier oillce by paving
IMIad-e Jq Fit
To Wear
Mme. Abbott
3 Live-stock necessities
These medir.itri lords are the I
result heth oi sccntilic re I
search and prartieai fnrin ex I
.r pent nee.'. nia- is . J
CV ure inonrf tualier lot
fetlCOiA -08 WESTERN f J
nutra ef tr ili ' I'll ua
For Rent
ir pt-farnlshed housekeeping rooms
latyeand pleasant, at ,H l olumbfa StreeU
Mrs. D. U. Taylor.
a 26
For Rent IS ncrea H y.ii.m, r. t ...j
depot, good b, lin; " "' " '.ver
blkerr.!.rn0,'y-1 C"Wct' wber?l; and!
b lack berries. Cash rent and recommenda-
MrS'rrt'iuLre'M Al8l."- m " ? ilt
lund, Ore.B- MerCer Front
NOTICR Tl,,.,,u . .
Zt ' i Pysiie at nmem
Chell. Phnn. i ,l "imge. . 1Q-