The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 11, 1907, Image 6

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    K 1
His Hour of
Copyright, WOt. by C. H. Sutciiff.
It wag an Interstate contest and 15,
00 apectatora had assembled to wit
aeaa the foot race, the long Jump, the
Tilgh Jump, the thro wine of the bam
mer and other feata of agility and
strength. Among tfaem were Edith
Lawaon and Isabel Daws, who had ar.
rived upon the grounds escorted by
noiurt Drotner Dick, but he bad left
them to apeak to one of the athletes
and had disappeared. Tbla Incident
naa put toe usually smiling and amia
ble Edith out of temper, and long be
fore the first trial on the programme
naa been called she was In a captious
mood and wishing aha had not mma.
Mlaa Daws, on the contrary, waa all
enuusiasm ana anticipation, and ber
exclamations finally brought forth the
remark rrom Edith:
"What stupid thing to waste our
ume over. These so called athletes
ought to be put to sawing wood and
made to earn an honest living. Look
at that one swelling around as If be
had saved a dozen human llvcsl"
"Why, that's Tommy Hope," was
Isabel's reply. "If I only dnred, I'd
call him over here and Introduce my
elf. He's Just one of the nicest fel"
"If he Isn't a bully then I never saw
onel" Interrupted Edith. "See him
swagger as he walks. If he was In
troduced to me I'd snub him good and
"Why, Edith Lnwsont Tommy Hope
Is the chAmplou high Jumper and run
ner, and they say that he Is the best
boxer In college this year. Ills folks
are among the most"
"Bespectable of saloon keepers,
probably," sneered the pretty girl.
"So he's a prize fighter with all the
rest Nice company we are In."
Miss Daws was about to protest and
argue further when the high jumpers
,were called. There was a field of
eight, and each and every one of them
(was cheered as be took bis place.
"Eight of them," observed Miss
Daws after counting, "but none of
them will stand a show against Tom
my Xlope. You will see blm Ball over
the highest bar like a bird."
"But any well trained horse could
do the same thing," was Edith's re
ply. "He'd better bo sailing Into some
honest work, but he'll never do that
as long as the people will crowd to
aee these shows. If I bad brother
Dick here I'd box his ear."
"Get ready to clap your hands, Edith.
There be goes!"
"I won't even look."
Tommy Hope took the run and the
lamp and cleared tho bar that had
brought others to grief. In return the
crowd raised a mighty cheer. The ap
plause lasted five minutes, but Edith
Lawson didn't Join lu.
During the next half hour she criti
cised the crowd and berated her broth
er, and her friend realized that she
was In a pet, so diplomatically left ber
alone. Then the runulng race was
called, and Miss Daws' suppressed en
thusiasm burBt forth again.
"It will be Tommy our Tommy
again!" she exclaimed In her excite
ment "Oh, Edith, bow sorry I am
that you can't appreciate athletics as
the rest of us do. You see, men are
made strong, agile and muscular by
this training. Suppose that our Tom
my had to run for his life?"
"He would If offered a Job at a dol
lar a day," replied Edith.
"What a girl you are! But there
goes the bell. Now they are taking
their places. Now the slgual Is to be
given. Now Go It, Tommy, go It!
Oh, Edith, Tommy Is galnlng-he Is
creeping up he Is leading! O-o-o-h,
such sprinting! Tommy will wlnl He
has won!"
"And I am going home."
Some folks are built that way, even
some young ladles, and the only way
Is to let them hug their theories until
circumstances arise to change their
opinion. Oue could not have safely
predicted that such circumstances
would ever arise In the life of Edith
Lawson, but fate Is more powerful
than man.
Within a month she was speeding
westward in reply to an invitation
from an aunt whose favorite she was,
and, more than that, she was traveling
alone. Though unchaperoned, she was
not a lone passenger In the drawing
room car that whirled her across the
prairies. Opposite her sat a young
man whose appearance pleased her at
first sight That he was a gentleman
she Immediately decided. He made no
opportunity to speak to ber. There
.were six or eight other passengers, all
more or less sociable, and, in one way
and another, all but the young man
came to make the acquaintance of
Iflss Lawson before the first day of
Ihe Journey ended.
,After the very first glance at the
Toansrman roe girl was puzzled. She
felt sure she bad seen him before, and
she cudgeled ber brains In rain to re
member where and when. This Im
pression grew stronger whenever aha
stole a glance at him, and by and by
she was much vexed at herself for bar
failure to recall him. If the troth
was known, she was a bit Taxed with
him as well If he wanted an Intro
duction he could have iad K easy
enough, and that be didn't rash to se
cure It rather piqued ber.
Next morning after breakfast
tough looking fellow, who was riding
In style for the first time In his life,
entered the car and a few minutes
later was ogling Miss Lawson and max
lng himself obnoxious. The young
man opposite politely requested the
flashy youth to desist and was prompt
ly consigned to a climate that Is hotter
than this. lie didn't go. He simply
took the disturber by the neck and
dragged him Into the smoking car and
flung blm Into a seat with a bang.
That was the last of the disturber.
He didn't like the atmosphere of a
drawing room car. Miss Lawson would
have thanked the stranger, but be gave
ber no opportunity. He simply return'
ed to bis seat and resumed bis reading
as If nothing bad happened.
That evening as the passengers left
the eating house where they bad bad
"twenty minutes for dinner" a cow
boy with a couple of guns belted about
blm and too much liquor within him
freshly baited Miss Lawson and pre
tended to recognize her as a Miss
Thompson. It was a lamentable fail
ure. He was picked up some way,
somehow, and dropped off the platform,
and the young man who did It never
even looked back to see If there was to
be any shooting. He might have been
thanked again If be hadn't been so
busy with his own affairs.
Things were coming to a bead, how
ever. At midnight that night the train
was held up at a water tank. There
were five In the party of ruffians, and
three of them entered the sleepers and
commanded passengers to "shell out"
The command was promptly obeyed In
the first two cars, but the man who
started to work the trick in the Idaho
ran up against a snag. The reserved
young man brought out a gun and did
some shooting. He went outside and
did some more. In fact led by Mm,
the passengers rallied and killed two
robbers and drove the others Into the
woods. Miss Edith Lawson was one of
the many passengers who offered her
hand in congratulation, and thus It
came about that the two finally Intro
duced themselves. When the stranger
said that his name was Benny Hope,
but that the public Insisted on calling
him Tommy, the girl flushed up and
"Why why, there was a Tommy
nope at the Interstate meet of athletes
six weeks ago!"
"Yes, I was there."
"And you J-Jumped?
"I Jumped, Miss Lawson."
"And you you sprinted?"
"I sprinted. Did you happen to be
there lu person?"
"Y-yes, and I told my cbum, Isabel
Daws, that I hated athletes. I-I said
that an old horse could beat you all at
running or Jumping and that you
"That I ought to be sawing wood,
perhaps T' he laughed. "Well, I shan't
bold It against you."
And he didn't If he had, bow could
they be engaged at the present time,
as announced In the society columns?
It is more than likely also that Miss
Edith has chunged ber opinions and Is
a warm chamoton of the "cause."
A Terr tur Km.
"Why Borne Countries Are t'alafcablte.
A mere glance at our maps impresses
a few general facts upon us. We see
that the largest areas of the unknown
are now in lands that are too dry, as in
the Suhara, the desert of Arabia, and
the steppes of Mongolia; lands that are
too wet and hot, stimulating almost Im
penetrable forest growths, as In parts
of the Amazon and Kongo basins;
lands that are too cold and bleak, as
portions of the northern areas of Amer
ica and Asia. Even the characteristics
of the inhabitants Influence the extent
of the unexplored. In proportion to to
tal nrea there is mare unknown surface
lu Liberia than In any other political
subdivision of the world, because the
Libcrlana, content to live along the
coast, have scarcely entered their vast
forest maae, though they teem with
rubber and other resources. Cyrus 0.
Adams in Harper's.
What Hed Coral la.
The ml coral that Is used for neck
Inces Is a horny axis which supports
number of soft lodled, coral-like ani
mals, or polyps, the entire structure
beuiing a strong resemblance to a
small shrub. The fishermen, after they
have brought this shrubllke colony to
the surface, clean the soft animal mat
ter away, preserving the red core, or
axis, which Is sold as Jewelry. Al
though red coral contains some line, it
Is largely composed of a substance
akin to horn, and, like horn, It takes a
fine polish. Horn, wool and other ani
mal substances of this nature almost
invariably change their color when
brought into Intense heat St. Nleta.
WfUh Itabblt Fiasco.
"When I was starting my apart
ment," remembered the bachelor, "sev
eral of my lady friends wired me they
would bring a small party of people up
for Welsh rabbit. I went out and
bought a chafing dish, the handsomest
I could find; a dozen plates, stiver
kelves and forks and spoons and nap
kins and a table to set the rabbit out
on, so that the rabbit, which at a res
taurant would have cost about $1 aU
told, cost me about $33. And then they
didn't come." New York Tress.
Ilia Oppoalto.
Jenkins I am told that the happiest
marriages are between people who are
exactly opposite In every respect to
each other, so I am looking for a young
lady of that sort don't you know. Miss
rcrt Then you have come to the right
place. Come to the other side of the
room, and I'll Introduce you to a bright,
Intelligent well educated girl.
"I want to get a divorce from my
"On what ground?"
"Well, I don't know the legal term
for It, but she didn't tell me before I
married her that she was an elocution
school Inspector went to investi
gate tho case of a man who, although
ha could well afford to keep hla coil
Crta at school, had obtained labor
certificates for them all and was tak
tag frequent holidays while the poor
little fellows worked to keep the home
To his wife's plea that the young
sters wages were useful when "fey
ther", was out of work the Inspector
"A mere Quibble, ma'am. Your hus
band has constant work, but is too
lazy to do It Hla employer told me
"Then ifs a wicked story, and I'm
not particular who hears me say it!"
cried the woman Indignantly. "My
h us ban' Is the busiest man In England,
bar none. Why, he was up at day
break tbls mornln' teacbin' my youn
gest lad to swim, an he's walked ten
miles across plowed fields to fly a pi
geon an' won a bounce ball contest an'
boxln' match sine dinner, an' now,
to wln4 things up," she added as a
final proof of her husband's amazing
Industry, "he's down In the wood yon
der trainln' hia dog to catch an' kill
rabbits without leavin' the marks of
his teeth on 'em. If you want more
work than that crowded Into a day,
you must be a regular nigger driver."
London Tit-Bits.
Win Wore Bis.
Bachaumont writes In his "Secret
Memoirs," Nov. 18, 1780: "The mania
for buttons is today extremely rldlcu
lous. They are not only of enormous
also, some of them as big aa six pound
crowns, bat miniatures snd pictures
are made upon them, and this orna
mentation Is extremely costly. Some
of them represent the medals of the
twelve Caesars, others antique statues
and still others the Metamorphoses of
Isabey, in his biographical notes,
says that when he came to Paris be
worked for a living by making copies
of Vanloos and Bouchers on the lids of
snuffboxes and that for these medal
Hons be was paid from 6 to 8 francs
each. "As It was still the fashion," be
said, "to wear buttons as big as a five
franc piece, upon which Cupids, flow
ers and landscapes were cut in cameo,
I went Into that business. I got 12
sous for each." Parts Figaro.
Tfco Caaaa.
Theater Goer The love scene In your
play isn't half so natural as it used to
be last season. The same people do It
too. Manager Yes, but the lovers were
married a few months ago.
Hard Uaderatand.
Blbba Some people get everything
they go after. Glbbs Yes, and others
don't seem to get what's coming to
them. Smart Set
Let another praise thee and not thine
own mouth; a stranger, and not thins
own lips. Book of Proverbs.
Irrltatlna- Anerleaalania.
One of the most Irritating of Amer
icanisms Is the use of "limb" for
"branch." "Limb" for "les" has al
ways been accepted as an American
prudery, but what Is the matter with
"branch?" Unt-eful Anglophile writers
are beginning- now to reintroduce this
latter word, but "limb" bus hitherto
been the transatlantic word with all
authors. If it Is also old English we
shall not mind so much, but Is It? The
Joke of the verse Is at leust 1,300 years
old, but bow old Is the English ver
sion? London Chronicle.
A Woman Tells Hew to Relieve Rhen
matle rain.
I have ItAAn a VAr opabI finjfarn-
irom me areaatui .disease, rheumat
ism, or a numhnr nf vanra I huso
tried many medioines but never got
union teuei ironj any I or them until
two years ago, when I bought a bot
tle ?of LChamharlaliWa Puln Malm I
found telief before ',1 bad used all of
one Dome, dui kept on applying It
and soon (elt like a different woman.
friends have tried it and can tell you
now wonderfully it bas worked. Mrs.
Sarah A. Cole, 140 8. New St., Dov
er, Del. Cbambeilain'a Pain tialni Is
liniment, lhe lellef from pain
wbloh It affords Is alone woitb many
times lta Clint. it nmlrua nit n.l
sleep possible. For sale by Kelr &
The New Pure Food and Drug Law.
We are pleased to an n on no a thnt
rwiey's Honey snd Tar for ootiohe.
colds and lung troubles is not afleot-
d by the National Pure Food and
Drug law as It contains no opiates oi
other baimful drugs, and we reoom
mend it as a safe remedy for children
and adults. Clarke Drug Co.
For Sale
One corner lot in Hood
River, Oregon. Said lot is
50x130 feet and contains a
store building and dwelling
house, the same being the
property known as Chap
man's grocery store. For
particulars enquire of
0. W. Farmax,
ml4-lm Condon, Ore.
iimIsU ittsawtaj mti Hariu 1
ad lla-iiftM mkU skoal
QJaW uaTtB tar Wad. a;
mm in MurfiY jsubjul
oajAly aaWUbaa ewuiaaaj
alti aaaiatlai aaaMaaaaaaSiai al aatULa
a Bte BaaM, aanlaa, lam aaa! U
kar a! SV auy BU wila
MAI tf A TttfUtAftl WMBMS
. Soak ei 7) mm run bias
a at vwfiia
t-j . . . $2.75
M Arm tot $1.50
Gently mover the bowels and at llie
same time stops the cough. Bee's Laxa
tive Cough Hyrup. Contains Honey
snd Tar. No opiates. Brat for Coaglis
coolds, croup and aliooj'h'g cough.
Patiafaction guaranteed. Children like
it. Mothers indorse it. Sold by Ki ir
A Cass..
Apples, Apples,
White Salmon, Wash.
We csn sell you liiml that is second to
none in quality f"r l!5.i)0 er acre, that
lies aithin (ix miles of White Salmon.
We lead the Northwest in the pro
duction of fine strawberries.
There is no country in the world that
will excel us in gum mix a tine grade uf
Our Newtown and Kpitzenburgs are
known the world over.
No. 1. Five acres V miles from
White Salmon, In Cook's Addition.
Four acres in cultivation, one sere to
grub vet, 21 acres straw lorries. This
tract l well located ami will make a
I'eautiful home. Trice $1,250.
No. 2. Six a:res l' miles out, per
fectly level, 8 seres in cultivation, 2
acres in ptrnwhernrH, about 50 young
fruit trees, einxll t"'X hnune, a delight
ful view of ti t- ('"Itimbia river, Mt.
Hood and Hood Kiver valley. Price
No. 3. Forty m res 2 miles from
White Salmon, 7 acres in cultivation,
small family orchard, bearing, a uuin
ber of good rifi, can irrigate ten
acres. This is No. 1 dm wherry and
apple land, nice y located, will make a
Fplendld fruit and poultry ranch.
I bis is a splendid buy for either
a home or an investment. Price Easy terms.
No. 0. Four and one-lmlf acres )i
mile from town, nice smooth land, all in
cultivation, 22H apples, Newtown and
Spitzenburgs, 62 cherries, Koyal Ann
and Hing. This is the cheaiest land j
in the valley, but must be sold in 30
days. Price f 1,500. Very easy terms.
No. 28. 110 acres six miles from
White Salmon, 100 acres nice smooth
l;ind, 00 acres under fence, 25 acres in
cultivation, 200 fruit trees, 54 Spltzeu
berg, 50 Yacimas. 30 Johnathans, all 4
years old, balance family orchard now
bearintt. Five acres timothy, 1J acres
clover, 1 J aeresalfuli'a, two good springs,
can irrigate 10 acres, ilarn 38x48, small
house. This is No. 1 apple land and a
great bargain. 1'nce $3,300 if sold soon.
White Salmon, Wash.
Oakdale Green House
Bush nnd climbing roses two years old,
honevsuckels, pansy plants in bloom.
carnations, Shasta daisies, inowballsand
Longfellow daisies, gladiola bulbs 50c
to 75c a dozen, no finer to be had,
and many oilier pants.
Will Uy la Beod Xlrer
The lemedy that makes jou eat, sleep
and grow strong, called Palmo Tablets,
will be sold regularly by Williams'
Pharmacy, Hood Kiver. These great
nerve and constitution builders cost only
50c per box, sil boxes, $2.00. tf
Are You
If your liver is working
right you probably are
not. When the liver is
overworked, as it fre
quently is, the system be
comes clogged. It is then
that sallow complexion,
bad taste in the mouth,
headache, dizzy spells,
continuous languor, etc..
indicate that the poison
ous matter which should
be carried off w slowly
tainting the blood. If not
remedied at once this
condition will cause se
rious trouble.
provides just what is
needed to quicken the
liver into natural, healthy
action. If you take these
pills when needed all
danger of this slow poison
ing is avoided. Posi
tive cure for constipation.
Price 25 cents
I am prepared to furnish mill and slat
wood, also other kinds of wood.
I have a new steam wood sa- snd am
prepared to do sawing. Also do general
team worK,
Phone 121.
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Lath, Shingles, Etc
Lumber Delivered to Any Part of the Valley
Square Deal Store
"Honest Goods and Sqaure
. . Deal for Every flan" . .
C. P. R.
Next Door to MuGuire Brothers.
Clothes Gleaned, Pressed and Repaired
All work done wilh Electric
Iron and guaranteed
Oregon Lumber Company
Lumber, Lath, Shingles
Piling, Cedar Posts
and Poles
Can also furnish Slab Wood 2.50 per cord, f o. b.
Hood River
City Ofuck: Phone Main 51 Mux Office: Phone Dee Line
Steam and Hot Water Heating
All jobbing promptly attended to.
Flour and Feed
The Ideal W eeder
Is what its name implies, a Genuine Weed Killer
and the nearest to perfection of any orchard
tool yet introduced in Hood River Valley. Try
one and be convinced. Satisfaction Guaran
teed or no sale.
Osborn Spring Peg-Tooth Harrows
Acme Harrows
Plows and Cultivators
Potato Diggers
Wagons, Hacks aud Buggies
Flour, Feed, and a Full line of Groceries at all Times
Car Load Stumping Powder just received
Yours for Business
Phone 741 D M'DONALD
3rd and River Street. ... Hood River. Ore
F. S. STANLEY, Pres.
E. L. SMITH, Vice-Pres.
K. O. BI.ANCIIAR, Cashier
V.C. BROCK, Asst. Cashier
The First National Bank
Capital $50,000 Surplus $12,000
We offer you the facilities of a well managed and
well equipped bank. The interests of patrons receive
our careful attention.
Hotel Waucoma
Moderate Rates
Excellent Service
Farmer's Dinner
P. F. F0UTS, Prop. Hood River, Or 1
Staple and
Fancy Groceries
Majestic & Mesaba Ranges
and Stiletto Cutlery.
wa ya follows tha use of White River
nd Golden Crown flour. Whether vou
bake bread, cakes, pies, or any kind of
paltry, you will find this flour safe and
reliable standby. Try it once and you
will never use any other.
Prompt Service Day or Night
Office Phone 1513, Residence Phone 1511 HOOD RIVER ORE
Li -