The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 04, 1907, Image 8

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i.icoBPOkAiio 1905
Steel Shod Shoes
For Misses, Boys and
Young Men.
is, GO.
Boys' Hats and Caps
Butler Banking Company
Sell Honest Goods at Honest Prices
Capital Fully Paid, $50,000
For Spring and Summer, '07
LMJ BCTLM, J. N. Ikl, Tkumak Bctlm,
President Viiv I residmi. Caabier
J. W. Fhknch R. T. ( ox
.A. 2STe-7- Lixxe. of IBos
Boy's Rain Coats
In School Sizes, 1 to 15, $6.00 to $10.00
Au ordet has been issued to Com
missioner Ballinger, of the general
land ollice, by Secretary ot the Inter
ior UarUeld, which is intended to ex
pediate to the utmost the issuance of
patents to tome 30,000 eutrymen
whose applications have been held
back under Secretary Hitchcock's re
gime. In cart, tho ordor says:
"You will instruot local oUlcetHjthht
It la equally their duty to facilitate
the issuance of flnul cert ideates to
bona tide settlers as to guuid the in
terests of the public and government
in preveutlugt illegal entries and
that, in the performance ot their du
ties, the will be held to strict ac
count for the exercise of sound din
oietlon and gcod judgmout. it is ex
pooted that reigsters and reaelvers in
their respective districts will obtain
knowledge of the general character
and quality of the publio iaud over
whtab their ;urlsdiutioo extends, and
iu the disposition of caces before
these olilcers they should make use of
aid kuowledge, either iu aiding the
eutrymen or in preventing an illegal
entry, as the case may be.
In accordance with the routoronce
which we have hud, you will at once
take such action as is necessary so ns
to organize your fluid him) ollice
force, either by wuy of redistdbutiuu
or couoentiation, as will make it pos
sible to most eliuctively carry out the
order of the president.
All regulations or instructions in
conflict herewith are revoked. "
Id discussing the order Secretary
UarBeld said :
"Ibis order is one ot unusual im
portance to the citizens of the publio
land states, involving as it does about
30,000 entries and a large number of
looatlons and selections which have
accumulated iu the geuerul land oltlce
ponding examination before the issu
ance of patents. Included in these
are about 120,000 homesteads, "000 tim
ber and stone ami other cash entiles
made under spocllic laws, 'JOOO desert
land and 600 minerul entries.
"To bring the work up to dute the
cleiioal force of the general lund)olllce
is working overtime and will be em
ployed fully ton weeks. The force and
means now availshle will be used to
the utmost limit to expediate the pat
enting ot lands where the eutrymen
have oomplied with the law iu good
fruit Land 1 Selling High.
The Wenatohee Kopuhlio announces
a leooid-breaking sale of fruit lands
iu that rich irrlagtod valley oi Chelan
county. An Improved six-acre or
chard has recently chaugod ownership,
the buyer giviug 92,000 an a ire tor
the place. Jt is planted to apple
trees, now six years old, and is in
come propel ty. The purchaser is nn
experienced fruit urower from the
Okanogan valley of British Columbia,
and consider he has a bargain iu his
orchard, lie states that, with proper
management, he expects to make vhe
place pay a dividend of 20 per cunt
annually on the cash invested.
Five years ago the tract, which now
sells for f'2000 an acre, whs one of
the ordinary places being redeemed
from the desert. It whs t lion pur
chased for ti'Ml, which was cons d
ered a good pi ice. Since that time
the owner ha iruproved the tin in,
and the trees bare grown into crop
producers. And the expected lias
come to psss iu the filtillmeut of the
prophecy that irrigated fruit lands
would command $2000 an Here. That
price does not appear exorbitant when
the growers leport harvestiug fruits
that pay alt expenses and leave a mar
gin ot 20 per cent for profits on the
money and labor expended.
There are thousands of acres of
good fruit lands lylug in the deseits
and timbered areas of Washington.
The present value of many such tracts
might be rjekoned at less than $10
an acre, liut with water for irriga
tion, or the stumps and logs cleared
away for crops, the price would in
crease many fold. Values are counted
on the producing possibilities of the
land. Values are counted on tbe pro
ducing possibilities of the laud. Oi
chards that return $ 1000 an acre every
year when planted to marketable ap
ples, peaches or pears certainly are
worth the original purchase price of
12000 an acre. It seems like an exag
eration of faots, or the common jug
gling of figures to asset t that such in
comes are possible; but thny are mat
ters of record.
.'. The opportuntics for securing valu
able lands are better today than in
former years. Ibe yo'ing men of the
present have all the modern facilities
at 4 their command for the develop
roeut of profitable fruit farms. The
pioneer days are over in transports
Boys' Clothes
If you have a boy in your fiimily
betwen tin? ages of G mid l(i it's a
duty you owe him to kwp him well
dressed. If you pay no atlfntimi
to his clothes lie g'ts into tin1 same
habit, and tin1 boy who doesn't'
how bin clothes look, usmtlly icur
changes his habit when he iv.ii-lit-f.
the age of a young man. Hoys'
Rant-Wear-Out cloth's id
ways tit right. They aie nu cii l d
on the mnnish style a bov so nincli
admires. They ure just th kind of
clothes that will encourage hi i to
I care for his appea ranee. All colors.
S all styles. I'rice per suit
I $1.50 to 0.50
tion, markets and all that goes to
make up profits or otber crops, in
vestments of labor and capital bring
returns quicker and more certain
than in former days High prices In
productive lands do not prevent the
open lug and improving of new areas.
Here is another of be numerous op
portunities. A Woman Tells How to Relieve Rheu
matic rains.
I have been a very great sufferer
from the dreadful disease, rheumat
ism, or a number of years. I bave
tried many medicines but never got
much relief from any (of tbem until
two vests ago. when I bought a bot
tle of Chamberlain's 1'ain Halm. I
found telief before I bad used all ot
one bottlo. but kept on applying it
and soon felt like a different woman.
Through my advioe many ot my
friends bave tried It and can tell you
how wonderfully it has worked. Mrs.
S irah A. Cole. 110 S. New St.. Dov
or, Del. Cham bei Iain's Pain Balm is
a liniment. The teller from pain
which it affords is alone woith many
times its cist. It makes rest and
sleep possible, for sale by Kelr 3c
First Strawberries of the Season.
The first straw ten lea ot the season
hns made its appearance in the Dover
end of the Keuuewiok-llnver valley.
iiguiu proving tho right of this volley
to the title ot tiie uoiurarjia river ear
ly fruit belt, says the Spokesman-Review.
Strawberries have been in blos
som there tor some time and the
gieeu berries nave already rormea in
some instances. This season the ber-
lies bave come earlier than usual and
in a few more weeks Kennewick will
again be shipping the earliest fruit in
the Northwest.
Flour Mills Forced to Close.
With not a wheel in local flouring
mills turning and with no prospect
in sight for resuming operations, luill
mou ot the Sound are now positively
demanding from the lailroada that
wheat be hauled to tbem immediately,
declaring that otbeiwlse a case will
be tiled with the state railway coin
mission. At a recent meeting between the
heads of the mills on Pugot sound
and General Manager Horn, of the
Northern Paoitlo, according to C. A.
I'eplow, manager of the Hammond
Milling company, Mr. Horn was told
that the millmeu believed they were
being discriminated against and that
cars ot wheat, loaded months ago, aud
uow standing on tracks only 200 miles
from Seattle should be given prefer
ence over cars of cotton comlug fiom
Texas, wheu both are being hauled
for he same rate.
Mr. I'eplow added that there aie ten
million bushels of wheat now east of
the mountains iu the state ot Wash
iugtoj alone awaitiug to be brougnt
to this port aud inability to get cars
here bus practically ruined the trade
iu the Orieut that has taken years to
"In order to Keep up any semblauoe
crane," ne concluded, "we have been
compelled to' go to Manitoba and pur
chase 000,000 sacks ot flour to ship to
the Orient. Uelliugham lteveille.
Cured of Rheumatism.
Mr. Win. Henry, ot Chattanooga,
letin., bad ibeuuintlsm iu his left
"rm. "1'he strength seemed to bave
gone out ot the muscles so that it waa
u-teloss for work," he says. "1 applied
CliHUilierlalu's Pain Balm and
mapped the arm in flannel at night.
aud to my lellef 1 found that the
pain gradually left me and the
strength returned. In three weeks
the rheumatism had disappeared and
has not since returned.' If troubled
with rheumatism try a few applica
tions of Pain Balm. You are oertain
to lie pleased with the relief which It
affords. For sale by Keir & Cass.
Work Discontinued.
Work on the government boat canal
at Celilo has bad to be discontinued
on account ot high water, and will
not be resumed again untill after the
annual rise, which will be some time
towaid the latter part of July or Au
gust. Colonel S. W. Koessler advised
the contractors to discontinue opera
tions on the canal last Friday, and
since tbeu the liver has risen so rap
idly that the men were forced to quit.
bave a torpid liver when Uerbioe, the
only liver regulator will help youf
lbere is no reason why you abould
sutter rroni dyspepsia, constipation,
chills and fever ' or any liver com
plaints, when Herbine willl cure you.
F. C. Waite, WeetviUe, Fla., writes:
"1 was sick for a month with chills
and fever.and after taking two bottle
of lierbine, am well ' and healthy,
Sold by Chas. N. Clarke.
and. "goTaja-g
Spring Oxfords
Ye, I Have Found It at Last.
Found what? Why that Chamber
lain's Salve cures eczema and all,man
ner of ltoMng of the skin. 1 have
been afflicted for many yean witu
akin disease. I bad to get up tbree
or four time every .night and wasn
with co d water to allay tiie (eriioiie
itching, but since using this salve in
December. l'JUO. me liooing nas
stopped and bas not troubld me. Kl
derJobn T. Onglev, Kootvilie, Pu.
For sale by Keir & Caaa
Wlllliuy 208,000 Sacks.
At the meeting of the Inland Em
pire Wbeatraisers' ' ssooiatioo at Pen
dleton Saturday afternoon it was vot
ed to accept the bid of a Portland
firm for supplying 250,000 sacks. The
price, while not oltlcially made pub
lie, is understood to have been 0!
cents, with a condition that it be low
ered in tbe event of a decline.
During tbe meeting Saturday suffic
ient orders (for sacks were received
from farmers to bring tbe total num
ber up to 268,000. Consequently it
will be necessary for Ibe association
to make another buy In tbe near fu
ture. Hv that time it is presumed
other orders will also bave been tiled
with tbe association. East Orego 1
lan. Don't I'nt Off
for tomorow what you can do today.
If you put off bin iug a bottle of lial
lard's Snow Liuiment wheu that
uain comes you won't have any, tuy
a bottle today. A positive cure tor
reumaticm, burns, outs, sprains, con
tracted muscles, eto. T. S. Uraam,
Prairie Grcve. Ark. writes:
"I wish to thank you for tbe good
results I received from Snow Lini
ment. I positively cured me of rheu
matism after others had failed. Sold
by Cbaa. N. Clarke.
Underwood, Waah., offers the only
remaining chance of purchasing firt-t
class fruit land in the famous Hood
Hiver district at a reasonable price.
Underwood is only two miles from
Hood Hiver, (just across the Columbia)
and in addition to all that Hood Hiver
can grow, Underwood, being better pro
tected, has a peach crop of the highest
quality KVKKYyear, while her btiawbcr
ries are ten days earlier and catch the
big prices. 8hould you like something
beside fruit, how does time crops ol
alfalfa, 4 to 0 feet tall, six tons to the
acre, Viithout irrigation, strike you?
That is what B. F. Heals of Under
wood does while lie is resting.
Underwood offers some of the most
delightful locations for homes of any
place on the Columbia river. Magnili
cent views of mountains, rivets and
valleys, pure bracing mountain air,
southern exposure, protected from the
raw up-stream winds.
Tbe land bas been held by old si t
tlers, content to make a living in other
ways than growing fruit, but witli
the building of the North Hank road, on
which the rails are now being laid, this
land i is coming on tho market, and the
prices now are certainly lower than any
to be found on the Oregon side of t quul
quality, especially when you remember
that Underwood is now only 20 minutes
from Hood Klver, while iu six months
Hood River will be coming over to ship
Ler fruit on our railroad and then it
will take more money to buy Under
wood land.
We have several tracts of both im
proved and timber land for sale. If
you fail to find what you want in Hood
River, drop me a card, take Underwood
Ferry. I will meet you at the dock and
you will be in a fair way to become a
resident of Underwood, for it needs but
to be seen to convince you of the ad
vantage of buying here either for a
home or for speculation.
Railroad otliclals are buying here.
"A word to the wise is Butlicient."
Compare these with other prices :
Forty acres, 18 cleared, 4 acres in
strawberries, balance ready to set to
trees or berries, water to Irrigate piped
from spring, berries only three ays be
hind White Salmon bottom, only half
mile from school, two miles from river
and railroad. Price 3,600, f 1,!HH) cjisIi,
balance 4 years 6 per cent.
Forty acres, 4 miles out, fair bouse,
woodshed full of dry wood, 20 acres in
cultivation, 200 bearing trees, apples,
pears, cherries, place all fenced, cedar
posts. Price l,l50.
Twenty acres one and one-half miles
from liver, 6 acres in strawberries and
peaches juet coming in bearing, 1 acre
in alfalfa, 40 rods from school, a chance
to make a fine sightly home with a good
income from start. Price $2,500.
Underwood, Wash.
Kant-Vear-Out Suits
for you n;.- m 11 in wveml distinct
ive stl 1 if single and double
bre.-isti'd iikiiIi Is. The latest c. Ir
creations i r spiing are silverjin
in hi-iiii li.rk , i li' i ks, invisible
brt'ki n-u t- , -'aid effects, in wor
steds, clievii. Is ale iniere. some
of I lie ov i-jil.iuiK b' 1 ..ii' the in'
olive tilt li: d' s i " 1'ilar fr
Spi in . liii.'- s 1 . ''!' k J'l d
b'ne tli'el' ts .f il ii 1 1 . i I ivni
?tciN t-i .'f . . '. ll to
.,8. l'.H-e
$6.50 to $18.00
Men's r-amiGiiigs
Young Men's Rain Coats
Length 30 to HO, $10.00 to $15.00
100 Volumes and Case
Below will be be found tin- names of home of the pro
gressive tirnis in J loot! River who make this most
popular ami liberal offer: This elegant library and
handsome case will be given by vote to the Ludgv, 80-
6 eiety, Church or School in
largest number of votes in the following-wanner : 1 ne
business men listed below will give with Each Ten
Cent Purchase one vote. The contest begins March
1, and ends August 1, 1907. A ballot box has been
placed in Hall and Esson's drug store where the votes
are t o he deposited. At the
the church, school, society or lodge having the largest
number of votes will be awarded the library. Current
accounts, when promptly paid will be entitled to votes.
Ilomember votes can only be secured by trailing with
the merchants listed below. Each week the Hood
Hiver (ilacier will announce the standing of the contestant'.
The library ana case
show window of L. IT. Huggins & Co.
Grocers Furniture and Han ware
L. H. HUOG1NS&CO. , .11 ALL A hSS)N
Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing Drugs
Vehicles & Farm Implements Millinery and Fancy Goods
Ph. C. Yodno, Prop. Programs, Calling Cards, In
(Successor to A. 8. Bent) vitations, Society Work
and Manufacturers of nil kinds of
Highest Prices Paid
Buy Your Fruit Boxes
Hood River Box Factory
and Patronize Home Industry.
Best Quality Lowest Price
Home Made
Phone Main 71
NOW IS THE TIME to trade your old Stove in, on
The Big New and Secondhand Store
is the place. We buy, sell and exchange anything inJFurniture, Stoves, Carpets, Tin and
Graniteware, Crockery, and in fact EVERYTHING salable.
Come in and be convinced that we can SAVE YOU MONEY.
Phone 1053
Hood Hiver securing the
close of the contest the J
are now on exniint imi 111 uiei
for High Grade Fruit.
Do You Save Money?
If nut, it would be a good plan to begin NOW, i.y -wnintc a SAVING
ACCOUNT with thi-Btrong, conservative bank, tml (rininjt lo habit ol
HygteuiaticaUy laying aMile part of your salary each week i r ne nih so that
nirkneM or lack of employment will not find yon unp pa !.
Remember we Welcome Small DepositsOne Dollar will Open Your Account.
I so IT TO-DAY DO NOT WAIT until you have ' moi. u -nie; " Yon
h ive 'put it off" before for that reason.
We Pay 4 Per Cent Interest on Saving Account
No nut er where you live you can make dep"- tg . wiihd . a .In by mail,
i,riill 1 1 the bank in person.
We are prompt in acknowledging depositF, .1 l l' 111,1. tl- I' r witli
drawuls are complied with by return mail.
First National Bank
White Salmon Bargains
100 acres unimproved land 11 miles out for only
f 1,G00. 160 acres unimproved, G miles out. About
10 acres cleared balance hilly, house and barn, for
only $1,800. 10 acres, 2 miles out. Little cleared.
House on it, for $1,000. 13 acres, K miles out.
7 acres cleared, bearing orchard on it, $2,000. See
The Rustling Real Estate Man
The Club Cafe
Meals at all Hours from 250 up
Best Two-Bit Meal in the City......
T-Bone and Porterhouse
Steaks our Specialty
Next Door to Reed's Cigar Store, Hood River, Ore.
Stock Grown on Full Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know
that for liie fn 11 planting we will hare and can sup
ply in any number
Cherry, Pear,Apricot, Peach& Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitwn
berg and Jonathan apple trees.
RAWSQN & STANTON, Hood River. Or.
Century vSpray Pumps
Vermorel Nozzles Double and Single.
Bordeaux Nozzles Double and Single.
Deming-Vermorel Nozzles Double and Single
Bambo Extensions, Hose Couplings,
Nozzle Connections, Valves, Etc.
Boys' Suits
$10.00 values reduced to $7.00
A full line Ladies', Misses' ocr
and Children's Golf Gloves
Norton & Smith
We are closing out a
line of Boys' Suits, all
wool long pants, Etc.