The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 21, 1907, Image 5

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i i u
ilk Vtotoadm
Makes the finest, light
est,best flavored biscuit,
hot-breads, cake and
pastry Renders die
food more digestible
and wholesome.
Any one who will take (he trouble to
Tiilt White Bulmou and HiiiKeu will
ood diaoover that our neighbois are
far ftou) being aeleep aud that a de
velopment is takiu place iu them
that la at present having uo parallel
aloLg tbe Columbia river.
Three years ago White Salmon cou
aiated of one or two dwelling houses
and a atoie. Todoy it has a popula
tion of 600 oi 800 and bus business es
tablishments that most any town need
not be ashamed of. The greatest de
velopment has taken place iu the past
year and a halt, or since the an
nouncement that the Portland and
Seattle railrload would behuilt. It now
baa stores arnost of every description
one of which last year did a business
of $58,000; three hotels, modern in
every respect, two b inking establish
ments, newspaper, churches, a school
in whiob there aie over 100 pupils en
rolled with four large well equipped
school rooms and four teachers Dur
ing the year just closed many build
logs have been erected, among them
the one by tbe Odd Fellows, which
baa two itrge stores on the ground
floor and a fine lodge hall on the sec
ond and is supplied w'th everything
needed in tbe way of holding lodge
meetings or entertaining, including a
kitchen. Two other busiue-a places
are not in process of erection and
plana for another on the coiner oppo
site the White Salmon Valley bank
are being considered. In the largest
of tbe buildings which in being con
tar otel a Ih. nitre, equipped with all
the adjuncts necosa'jry tor the pro
duction of tbe average play has been
arranged for.
One of the most important events
for White Salmon w-s the fotmation
recently of a Commercial club. Ibis
organization has taken up the work
of advertising the couutiy and ie is
suing attractive literature telling of
tbe advantages ot climate and soil.
Among tbe possibilities at White Sal
mon are an electrio road to Tiout
Lake and a box factory. A company
to build the roaa has been incorpor
ated and a preliminary survey made.
Stock baa been taken in it, ami it i
understood that if the plan is feasible
that capital for its construction can
be seouied.
At a meeting which was held a few
dayi ago a proposition to erect a box
faotory was discussed and favorably
considered, iruit growers are look
ing forward to tbe time when they
will ship their apples aud strawberries
oat by train and are tiguiing on tbe
manufacture of their own boxes.
Al;bough White Sulmon has been
very taccessful in raising fruit with
out irrigation laud ownei a and grow
ers there have come to the conclusion
tbat it can be improved with use of
water and have orgauized a ditch
company for that purpose. An expert
engineer will be employed to go over
the ground and devise the best plan
for constructing the ditoh and it is
expected that work will beoommenced
tbia summer. Bonds will oe issued to
provide the capital uecesary lor the
enterprise and the ncieage to be irri
gated will be close to 2,000.
An important step in the history of
White Salmon will take place shortly
wbeu ita first city election will be
held. A petition asking for the in
corporation of the town as a city has
been forwarded to the secietaiy of
atate and it ie expected that a charter
will be istued granting permission to
incorporate by April 1. At a nieetiDg
held last week to nominate candidates
for office two tickets were placed in
tbe field, both ot wbicb, however,
were republican. (3. M. W.-lfard re
ceived 10 votes as a candidate for
mayor and J. T. Wyers, sr., bIso re
oeived 10. A. II. Jewett, who was not
an aspirant for tbe office, got three
votea and one other vote was cast for
that office. For couucilmen two tick
eta were also nominated as well as lor
tbe city offices, and friends ot the
various candidatea are now gettiug
toay trying to secure their election.
At Bingen, from a dozen to Hfteen
Dew dwellings and busiuees planes
bare been erected and lotsthore range
in prloe from 1225 to UaOO. T. Suks
dorf, who has control of the townsite,
waa reoentiy oftered the latter figure
for a corner lot near where it is ex
pected tbe atatioo will be located but
refused to sell it at that price- A
Portand real estate man was at Bin
gen last week and offered to buy all
that waa left of the entire townsite at
a figure that Is auid to have been
higher on tbe average than the price
tbe iota are now selling for, but the
offer was refused.
The railioad grade r.t Bingen is
about four feet below the level of the
town on the upper aide, making it
necessary t o build a terraoe. On tbe
lower aide of tbe railroad grade to
ward the river Judge Byrkett baa
erected a huge barn wbiob it ia aaid
be will use for bousing stock. It ia
also rumored tbat be will erect a One
house at Bingen and reaide tbei.
Tbe railroad company property ia 30!
teet wide at Bingen, but it la claimed
that tbe station will be built on land
tbat has not yet been purchased tor
it. Among the sites tbat it ia aaid to
have in view ia tbe hotel property be
longing to Mrs. Hansen. Tbe town
baa a moat decided appearance tbat
there ia something doingand presenta
a far different aspeot than it did a
year ago.
New Postofllce Haling.
A new ruling baa been made by tbe
postoffioe department in rtgard to tbe
date tor notifying box rentera when
payment ia due. Tbe old plan waa to
place the notice carda in the roxea on
tbe first of tbe month and if tbe rent
waa not paid by the 10th to declare
tbe box vacant. Tbe new ruling pn
videa tbat cards must be placed iq tbe
boxes on the 20th ot the month and if
the rent is not paid by the 1st, to de
clare tbe box vacant aud rent it. Tbe
next payment ia doe on tbe 1st of
April, so that tbose holding boxes
will be notified on March 20tb.
; Boys' Clothing.
We are offering some rare bargaina
in boyg two-piece suits. Suit worth
$4.50 now $3.25. Suits worth $2.25
now $1.59. Suits worth $4.75 now
$3.38. Suits worth t$5 now $3.33 and
10 on. They are well nade, Ot nloely
and will give tbe best of s'ttisfactioo
In every way. The Paria Fair.
The safe, certain, reliable little pill
that do not gripe or sicken are Dade's
Little Liver l'illf. Best for sick liead
aches, billioutmess and lazy livers. Sold
by Keir and Case
Library Contest.
At tbe end ot tbe second week of
tbe library oonteet tbe votea a'ands
as follows :
Berean club, 1004.
Barrett aohool, 1000.
K. P. lodge, 149.
Pine Grove Orange, 141.
Baptist church, II. R., 35.
Odell Grange, 32.
Foresters of America, 20,
II. K. public aohool, 12.
Crapper aohool, 7,
Frankton Grange, 8.
Mt. View Grange, 5.
M. . S. 8., H. K., 3.
M. E. cburob, H. R., 2.
Little globolea of aunabine tbat
drive tbe clouda away. DeWitt'i Lit
tle Early Risera will scatter tbe gloom
nf sink headache and billiouaneaa.
They do not gripe or aioken. Recom
mended and sola nere oy &eir a iae.
Cures Old Sores.
Westmoreland, Kans. May, 5 1902:
niin Qnnm T.inimsnt On. Your
Snow Liniment oured an old sore on
the side of my chin tbat was supposed
to be a cancer. The aore waa atub-
born and would not yield to treat
ment, until I tried Snow Liniment,
whiob did tbe work in abort order.
VI t a lata Mm Rnnhn J. Carson. Al
lenaville, Miffin Co. Pa. bat a aoie
and mistrusts tbat it is a oacoer.
Please send ber a 50 cent bottle. Sold
by Cbaa. N. Clarke.
Coe's Addition on the Market.
We have placed in our hands for sale,
all the lots belonging to H. C. Coe in
Coe's Addition to Hood River.
A at th ft nrlce of 1200
andupforthenext30days. This Is the
best opportunity to secure ion id una
beautiful portion of Hood River ever
offeied the public. ....
Tho mnhpr is limited and the choice
should be made early. One lot with
house, waa sold last week. Five lota
and house were Bold yesterday. Two
more to-day. They will not last long at
these prices.
For limner inioronauun see
Alwajs Keeps Chamberlain's Couch
itemeay i nis nvusc.
itv. nnlt tint h wUhnnt Cham
berlain's Coogb Remedy. It is kept
t hand Aitnt in nail v in ur home."
. .v ' i .... i
sas W. W. liearoey, eauor oi me in
dependent, Lowry City. Mo That is
iiiBt wnat every imjr muuiu u.
When kept at Dana reaay ior idwu.
- .M mac hit nhMiked at the
outset and oured in much lesi time
than after it has become settled in the
aystem. Thia remedy ia also without
- fm A.nn rt In fthllrtrAn. And will
a utwr i i'. u . .... .
prevent tbe attack wbsn given aa soon
ss cue cniia racuain uuro, .
..... ik. nnttini nramh anhearo. which
ojn only be done when tbe'remeoy Is
kept at hand. For sale by Keir &
A Woman's Cbilatian Tsmperanoe
union county convention and insti
tote will be held at the U. a obnrub
March 25. The state president, Mrs.
Luoia Faxon Additon will be present.
Program for Monday :
10 a. m. Praise service.
1U:15. Words of welcome, Hood
River W. C T. U. Response, The
Dxlles W. C. T. U.
10:30. Organization of convention,
appointment of committees, eta
10:40 "What of tbe NigbtT" Re
port from local uuions. Mrs. Lena
Bentley, Ibe Dalles; Mr. Rose
braugb, Dufor; Mrs. Rigby, II ood
1L "Our Moat Effective Weap
ons." a "Ibe Word of Ood", delegate
from Tbe Dalles.
b "The printed Pnge", Mrs. Rose
braugb, Dufur.
e "Direct Legislation," a local
d "Ballot Box", Mr Bright
11:30 Buaineaa driU and parlia
mentary leuon, iuatitute teacher.
Moon-tide prayer, evangaiietio
superintendent of llood River.
Adjournment for social lunch hour.
Delegates snd members will lunch
at tbe cburob. .
1 :30. "Our Bible Study, or W. C.
T. U. Evsngalism," state presideut
1 :45. Election of officers.
2:15. Department drill. iUustrat
ed, leader.
2:45. Paper. "What Can tbe
Women do for PorltyT" Mrs. D. J.
Cooper, Tbe Dalles. Discussion.
3. Question box. Reports of com
mittees. State plans for work. State
paper. State headquarters. Parting
words. Unly circle.
Program for Monday evening will
be announced later.
Catting Down Orchards in Michigan.
Only wben spring is sufficiently ad
vanced to start into new lite vegeta
tion in Michigan can the extent of
tbe severe freeze in tbat state laat Oc
tober be determined. Tbat it ia more
serious than Miobigan baa ever .offer
ed ia oertaln. Parties who have re
oentiy examined their orohards find
not only plum, pear and apple trees
killed, but that native timber has suf
fered. Msny otobards whiob appeared
not to be Injured from the showing of
fie tops of tbe trees were found to be
toad hen the trunk was examined at
the snow line. Patties are now cut
ting out whole orohards of plum, peai
and peaob treea. In many cases tbe
apple trees are injured from the split
ting ot tbe bark.
Michigan frnit associations are dis
banding because tbey see nothing for
tbero to do this season. In tbe sec
tions wbere the oold occurred the
damage promises to be more disas
trous than anticipated. Fruit Trade
Mt. Hol troth powder, best in the
world at Williams Pharmacy. Money
back if not satisfactory. 114
y Bars Kew Sheemaier. 4
C. Everett, whose occupation 1a
tbat of a shoemaker, and who baa
been living st Dufor for some time,
was at Hood River this week looking
for a location. Mr. Everett ia origin
ally from St, Paul, Minn., and says
tbst be is not satisfied with tbe bosi
nnes outlook at Dufur. lie la an ss
perienced band uuslolan and the
members of the llood River band are
quite anxious to get bins to come here
to live. Mr. Everett is also tbe in
ventor of a ventilated shoe, wbiob baa
an opening in tbe beel to allow air to
circulate tbroturh it and tbe sole oi
tbe shoe, lie claims it keeps tbe foot
cool in warm weather and is moie by
genlo than other shoes.
Advertised Lttter List.
For week ending March 18. 1907:
Jane, Mra. Minnie; Mills. Bessie E. I
Moore, Mrs. buaian; nurpny, jura.
Marr: Phillips. Mis. Lottie; Spoyds.
Ethel; Spsngler. Bessie; Ward, Miss
Glen Coulter, J. M. mranz, r. ; E. ;
UiU, Mrs. Hoffman, f. U. Airs; Hud
son, Pete; Johnson, Win.; Johnson,
A. L.; Kennedy, George; King, Les
ter Long, M. M. ; Murphy, I). F.
Morris. J as. ; Mills, H. ; Mills, W. E. ;
Olsen, llant; Porks, Esq. M. D. ; Pa
tro. Amon: Rawson. M. M. and M.
W. ; Rider, W. ; Rumsey, Boyd (3);
Shell, Jack; Steward, Ulen ; Sturges,
P. A. Taylor, Lewis Vooder north, A.;
Webster, W. C. Wood, C. A. Zeeles,
Morgan ; Zlbler. E. O.
Win. M. Yates, P. M.
English Walnut Trees for hale.
Mayette and Frsnquette varieties
imported from Franoe by O. D.
Wood worth and planted by him a year
ago. I have purchased tbe tract and
have taken up 360 out of tbe 500 orlg
i nelly set out. Tbe trees are thrifty,
bare good roots and of undoubted
genuineness. Plant a few in your
yard and along tbe fenoes or roadside
and belp determine the valley's adapt
ability to this valuable production.
Trees 20 cents each, 6 for $1. 15o in
lota of 20 or more.
R. E. Harbison.
R. F. D. No. 1. Phone 122x
Notice to Our Customers.
We are pleased to announoe that
Foley's Honey and Tar (for coughs,
colds and lung troubles is not affect
ed by the National Pure Fcod and
Drug law as it contains no opiates or
other harmful drugs, and we leoom
mend it as a safe remedy for chil
dren and adults. Clarjce Diug Co.
A Favorite Remedy for Babies.
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cougb
Remedy a favoi Ite with tbe mothers
of small children. It quickly cures
their ooughs and oolds and prevents
any danger oi pneuomnia or other
serious consequences. It not only
oures croup, but wben given as soou
as tbo oroupy cough appears will pre
vent tbe attack. For sale by Keir 4
Cass. ' )
For Sale
For Sale I have the agency for the Niagara
Sprayer, and aim taking orders for lime and
sulphur solution iDravIni material. (Jive
me your order. O. D. Woodworth. n2-a
Established 1863
525 Acres Unde Cultivation
Still have a nice lot of Y. N. Pippin and Spitz
enbarg apples to offer for Spring. No culls and we
guarantee them to be true to name, free from pests,
yearling tops with three year old roots.
Agents Wanted F. W. SLTTLEMEIR, Prop.,
Woodburn, Oregon.
w. H. MOORE,
Vice President.
Hood River Banking
& Trust Co.
Transact a General Banking Business
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
library voting contest!
100 Volumes and Case
Below will be be found the names of some of the pro
gressive firms in Hood River who make this most
popular and liberal offer: This elegant libraryand
handsome case will be given by vote to the Lodge, So
ciety, Church or School in Hood River securing the
largest number of votes in the following manner : The
business men listed below will give with Each Ten
Cent Purchase one vote. The contest begins March
1, and ends August 1, 1907. A ballot box has been
placed in Hall and Esson's drug store where the votes
are to be deposited. At the close of the contest the
the church, school, society or lodge having the largest
number of votes will be awarded the library. Current
accounts, when promptly paid will be entitled to votes.
Remember votes can only be secured by trading with
the merchants listed below. Each week the Hood
River Glacier will announce the standing of the con
testant .
The librury and case are now on exhibition in the
show window of L. II. Huggins & Co.
Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing
Vehicles & Farm Implements
Ph. C. You.vo, Prop.
(Successor to A. S. Bent)
Furniture and Hardware
Millinery and Fancy Goods
Programs, Calling Cards, In
vltations, Society Work
Are You Buying Clothing
from This Store?
Are you still a victim of the sliding scale prices ?
Are you still paying tribute to certain makers
who blow about a supposed superiority ? Or
are you paying the same for good clothes as
anybody pays ? Or paying for what goods are
actually worth? Why not buy here? We
back up every transaction and guarantee a
little more satisfaction.
Special Notice
Owing to luck of space, on account of
our large and increasing Dusineas, we
have rented the building, next to Cul
bertson's real estate office and are fitting
up the entire building into a First-class
Piano store, which will be a credit to
Hood River.
We have two car loads of beautiful in
struments due to arrive from the east-
em factories this week. Thia shipment
includes the great Apollo Uoncerturand
(like the Odd Fellows have), . Baby
Grands. Interior Piano Players and a
complete line of the very best Upright
t'lanoe in the latest styles. Secondhand
pianos and onians taken in exchange
and several on hand ior sale. Lowest
prices to all. No agents or commission
men to make your piano cost you $50.00
more than if purchased direct from the
dealer. Pianos tuned and repaired.
Soule Bros. Piano Co.
gILAS H. SOULE, Manager.
Phone Main 1423, Hood River, Ore.
Three Blocks from Depot on Principal
Conducted First Class with
Second Clans Kates
When in Town Make Yourself at Home
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
Robertlne gives what every woman
moat desires a perfect complexion.
It tarings that soft, smooth, fresh,
clear tint to the cheek that denotes
youthfulness. It will bring beauty
to those who lack It; It will retain
It for those who already possess It;
It will enable you to successfully
combat the ravages of weather and
time. Don't doubt don't argue. Just
try Itobcrtlne. Your druggist will
give you a free sample. All drug-,
gluts keep Robertlne.
gas engine service
Uncle Sam oaes th UHIOaT GAS
Blf G1HB for kit Sell oatflt ia the
artillery and winkta tekcrapk
terrle. This rough treatment is
true practical test of efficiency aid ten
sility. The UNION GAS INGOT is ooa
stnicted ia nek a superior manner tad of
suck use material that It starts oaty , works
easy and runs easy under ordinary, eery
day, rough farm usage. Before you iaMt a
cent ia a gas engine write for our tree catalog
Union Gas Engine Co.
62-66 Firit St., Portland, Oregon
F, P. Kendall, Sales Agent
fib 2v
May prove more lujurioua to
your eyes than wearing none
Wbo calls himself
is competent to fit
I show you and explain why I am
right, and euarantea results. No
charge for tests.
The Optician and Jeweler
Next door to Postoffice
Don't Forget
When yon want first-class work
done at home. All kinds of
Laundry Work and Cleaning
Lace curtains, 60c; blankets and
carpets, 25c to 60c. , Phone m04l
Glom rabrlek, fro. I
Patronize Home
Our Work cannot be
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931
It is not an experiment as over fifty of
Hood River's most successful apple growers
are using this disc, many of them their third
season. It is built for service, and is easy
to extend or reverse. There are no holes in
the frame so there is no danger of spring
ing it. If you contemplate buying a Disc
harrow, investigate. Ask your farmer
friend who has one. There u re more
Just as Good
Vehicles and Farm
Inplements Exclusively
' , . R., H. WEBER, Prop.
) AND- '
- ETrgrnts
Roses snd 5hrtibbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.