The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 14, 1907, Image 6

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Corplght, 1W6, by Frank B. Sweet -
fTHERE was unmistakable exclte-
Inient on board the eastbound
train that morning. It began
on tbe platform wben three
rough, unsbaved men In miners' cos
tume arrived and carefully superin
tended tbe removal of their baggage
to tbe train. Two of them bad theirs
consigned to the express car. Tbe
third 'lowed be wouldn't bother no
body and even refused axsUtance In
transferring his heavy, blauket bound
packages to the seat he was to occupy.
Alter tbe train started there was
glancing back over shoulders to see If
the miners were In sight, and, If they
were not, men rose carelessly and
walked backward or forward through
the cars until they found tbe objects
of their search and seats as near to
them as possible.
Strolling about tbe platform had
been two men who appeared to take
little Interest In what was goiug on
around them. Nevertheless, on the ap
pearance of the miners they bad ex
changed significant glances and then
had walked nonchalantly In opposite
directions. When the conductor came
through to collect tickets, ten minutes
after the train started, one of them
was seated directly behind one of the
miners, while tbe other was on the op
posite side of tbe car, behind the man
who had refused to be parted from his
baggage. As be took the tickets from
their long white fingers the conductor
cowled and glanced sharply at them
and the miner In front and then shook
his bead grimly, as though It were no
business of bis.
"From Klondike, I suppose, stran
gers Y' called a voice from some Inde
terminate point In front
"With your piles, of course?" Jocose
ly added another.
This brought a general laugh.
"Do you mind telling us something
about the place?" insinuated a third.
"Is there as much gold as tbe papers
lead us to believe?' "What sort of win
ters do you have?" "Is there any big
game?" In quick succession from va
rious points.
The two men, who had consigned
their baggage to the express car, look
ed about and nodded good naturedly.
"Yes; we're from Klondike," one of
them answered, "me aud my partner
here. But we didn't bring our pile.
That's back In our claim under ten
feet of snow and lee. We're going for
It Just as Boon's the weather opens In
"Didn't you get anything?" asked
several In tones of disappointment.
"Oh,' yes," Indifferently. "Thirty
thousand or so fiplece, back In tbe ex
press car. But that ain't much for
Klondike. We count on three hundred
thousand. Then we're going home and
settle down to be comfortable."
"Has your friend done as well as
you and your partner?" asked a pos
senger, nodding toward the third miner,
a little, sallow faced man who seomed
anxious to conceal himself behind his
"Etlm? S'pose you ask and see. I
reckon mebbe he can talk, If be don't
say much.
"Say, Oeorgy," raising his voice as
though to make It penetrate to the un
derstanding of a very deaf person,
"these gentlemen want to know about
Klondike and have you made your
The man looked about with a pleased,
deprecatory smile,
,"I 'low I have," he acknowledged
graciously. "Pone made It In lust
three months. Now I'm going home to
Georgy an' have a plumb good time an'
live like a lord."
"Good for you!" cried a wet goods
drummer approvingly. "But how'd you
do It so quick? Find a pocket?"
"Done It by straight hard work," be
declared proudly. "Down home In
Georgy folks say none o' my family
ever work. Thoy 'low we're too shift
less. Now, I reckon when we nil buy
the old Hunter farm, where pap work
ed all his life, an' set pap up to be a
gentleman they'll be s'prlsed. les,
Irr He threw his head back, and for
one brief second looked the passengers
quarcly In the face, all forgetful of
Ibe two or three generations of servile
"poor white trash" blood which flowed
lugglshly through his veins. Then his
eyes dropped as he added apologetical
ly, "Then I'll get married."
"What?" "Beallyr "Is that so?"
from various ports of the car, and two
' ladles who had hitherto Ignored his
presence turned and gazed at him with
kindly Interest Georgia flushed with
embarrassment at such marked atten
tion, but his sloping, apologetic shoul
ders began to straighten up uncon
sciously, and again his eyes flashed
straight Into the eyes of his Interloc
utors. "?, sic r.m SQfns to. tret married."
he reiterated. "Marigold an' me baft
been set on It ten year. Most folks
Breshtown, where I live, would '' beea
satisfied with Just aback , to., start
with, but I always 'lowed that when
we married Marigold should live like
a lady an' me like a lord. That's what
roused me to go west Now we'll boy
the Hunter place an' build a new beoaa
with four rooms four rooms," lew
Ing his voice a little and looking about
tbe car.
"But that will only take a very small
part of your money," suggested the
drummer. "What will you do with all
tbe rest?"
'Tut It aside," answered - Georgia
promptly. "None o' my fambly ever
had any money put aside."
"You must have a pile," remarked
portly man, glancing a little enviously
at the bulky packages and at tbe same
time comparing his own comfortable
need for money and appreciation of
It with this backwoodsman's evldeat
"A pile! Yes, sir; that's what I keep
a -savin" over to myself," agreed Geor
gia. "I reckon there'll be enough for
all of us. None o' my fambly 'II ever
need any more."
All this time the two recipients of
the conductor's scowl bad been appar
ent uninterested spectators of what
was going on. One had tapped Imps-
tleutly upon his window, and tbe other
bad fumbled with bis newspaper. But
even In their Indifference they had ob
served that the two miners who t
together were strong, keen eyed, reso
lute men, apparently able to bold their
own In all sorts of vicissitudes, while
tbe roan from Georgia was simple, un
sophisticated and in possession of all
bis baggage.
Presently another significant look
was exchanged, and tbe one who bad
been tapping upon tbe window rose
carelessly and crossed over to him of
the newspaper.
"Is this seat engaged?" be asked,
"No," removing a valise from tbe
eat to tbe floor and then folding bis
newspaper as a preliminary to conver
"Going far?"
'To Georgia."
"Really?" In feigned surprise. "Why,
Ini going there myself."
Tbe miner In front turned eagerly
and gazed luto their faces, but appar
ently they did not notice him.
Most Inquisitive set of people la this
car I ever met" one of them remarked.
Yes, anything but boring strangers
with questions, I say."
ueorgia turned away, but bis ears
remained vigilant
At length on one of his rounds
through the car tbe conductor stopped
beside the two men whose fingers were
noticeably long and white and nerr
"I believe your tickets ran out at the
last station?" he said Inquiringly.
lea, but we've changed our minds,"
one of them answered easily. "Last
ulKht I ran across this man, an old
friend of mine whom I hadn't seen In
twenty years. Now we're golug on to
get her for a visit to our old home In
Georgia. We'll pay the difference."
Il'ml" the conductor said coldly
Where to?"
"Breshtown, Ga."
Tbe miner whirled with his mouth
open and bis eyes .bulging In eager
ness. As soon as the conductor moved
away be blurted out:
--uoggone it, stranger, that's my
piace. bo mout you be?"
"Smith and Robinson. My name's
Georgia's face beamed with pleased
"Why, I know heaps o Smiths an'
BoblnsonsI" ha cried, reaching over
and shaking hands with first one aud
then the other. "I reckon you all are
ome o' the family who went west
when boys. There was Tom an' Beth
an' Ike an' an' "
"My friend here Is named Ike,"
"Ye don't say," delightedly. "Then
me an' him was old friends when we
was boys. He"! changed, though,"
looking the man over curiously, "but
tnen, folks do as they grow up. Well,
wen, I'm plumb glad!"
There was no more reserve. - Georgia
talked freely and was met with a cor
diality that delighted bis simple heart
At last, aa the shadows began to
darken In the car, the train slowed up
at a small unpalnted building which a
brakeman Introduced to the passengers
as Hrewitown.
The men helped Georgia off with his
baggage and then piloted him to
carriage which they bad telegraphed
ahead to have lu readiness. He lived
six miles from the station, be had told
them, aud had frankly added that the
way leu tnrougb a wild, almost unin
habited forest At this their eye had
brightened hopefully, and they had as
sured him that It would be unnecessary
for blm to order a carriage. Thelra
would be large enough for all three.
Including his buggage, and they were
going directly his way to their old
Georgia was hilariously exuberant
He laughed and sang and cracked Jekes
that he remembered to have been time
honored In tbe old neighborhood, and
they sang and laughed with him until
they came to lonely place la the
Then the carriage was turned quietly
Into the bushes, and Georgia felt the
cold muzzles of two revolvers pressing
against his temples.
"Now turn over your money," one of
the men ordered sternly, "and be quick
about It!"
Georgia looked at them In dased won
der to see If they were In earnest
"Ain't you my old friend IkeF ha de
mantled. "Not much. Out west we've got names
that would make you shake In your
doou to hear. But that don't matter.
What we've come all this way for la
your money. Now pass It over quick,
and no fuss."
"I won't!" cried Georgia obstinately.
"I got It to buy the Hunter place an'
to get married with."
"Oh, well, Just as you like," said the
man Indifferently. "We'll kill you and
then take the money. It's all the aame
to us. You can't help yourself."
Georgia turned white and glanced
appeallngly from, one to the other.
They were calm, smiling, but Implaca
ble. - Slowly he. unbuckled the belt
from bis waist and passed It to one of
them. The man showed his teeth a
little, but nevertheless openel It tad
counted "the mall roll of bills and
gold piece that It contained.
'"Six hundred and seventy-five dot
lars," he said. Then he rolled tbe belt
and money Into a ball and contempt
ously threw It Into the bushes. "Now
we'll get right down to business," be
went on, tbe words beginning to hiss
aa they cam through his closed teeth.
"Give us your money."
. "I have," walled poor Georgia, al
most hysterically "every blamed
"Once more, give us your money,
the msn insisted. "It is the last time
w ask. Killing comes next Open
your, handle."
"But there ain't no money In 'em,'
eagerly. "See!" And be hurriedly cut
the string from on of the packages
and disclosed an assortment of bright
colored dress goods and ribbons and
laces. "I bought 'em for Marigold.
"ow triif van toub mow it," onb of
An' this," cutting tbe strings of an
other bundle, "is full o' bead stuff
an Injln flxln's. I 'lowed Marigold
would like 'em. An' these other bun
dles," cutting tbe strings from one
after the other as rapidly as possible,
"la full o' pretty rocks an' shells an'
things. Long's I bad all the money I
wanted I 'lowed Marigold would like
'em bettern she would more gold"
"And do you mean to say" speak
ing the words slowly auJ menacingly
"that you brought all this stuff from
Alaska wben you might have brought
"Why, of course," wonderingly. "I
didn't need any more gold. The
Hunter place can to for two bun
dred an' a four room house raised for
two hundred more, an' a mule' an' ker-
ridge an' cow an' all the rest bought
for a hundred an' fifty. That'll leave
hundred an' fifty to put nslde. Tlenty
enough, land knows. More'n any o
my fambly aver bad afore."
IJhejmmble of a wagon could be
heard coming through the woods, and
baffled, vindictive gleam came luto
the men's eyes. For a moment they
glared at Georgia as though debating
the question of a quick aud signal re
venge, i Then the rumble grew louder,
and they suddenly sprang to the
ground and disappeared In the woods.
When a wagon- came noisily round a
bend . In the road Georgia was Just
emerging from the bushes with his
belt and money. The money be slipped
Into his pocket tbe belt he rebuckled
around his waist
"Howdy, Peke!" he called cheerily as
the driver of the wagon approached
near enough for recognition. "How
tlr ye? How's the folks?"
Uey, .that you?" In mild surprise
from the wagon. "When'd ye come?
Oh, I'm toler'ble, an' tbe folkses air
all well."
"An' Marigold?"
Peke grinned.
"Marigold's well too. Aat 'bout v
otner oay."
Georgia sprang into his carriage and
cracked hi whip.
"See y agln, Peke. Hain't no time
to fool now. Q'lang there, you old
plug, you!"
The two vehlciea moved apart and
the foliage closed in between them.
and soon nothing could be heard but
the decreasing rumble of a wagon In
on direction and the Impatient, soft
ening cracka of a whip In the other.
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