The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 28, 1907, Image 7

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Taxes received and forwaided by
the First National bank.
W. R. Winans visited The Dalles
A. J. Derby came ud from Portland
f! K Marshal and wlfa arrlvail
from Poitland Saturday.
V. M. Jackson arrived Thursday
from a trip to Portland.
Mrs. Edith Neil left for her new
borne iii Portland Monday.
T. R. Coon has moved his family
from Lyle to Hood Rvler.
.1 l-TalmA ynAfit A nnnnln fit dhVS
in Portland the last of the week.
E. T. Winans, ot Goble, visited
with the home folks a few days last
J, W. Shipley, of Heppner, was la
Hood River last week on a business
L. M. Wilson left Thursday for
Cbebalis, Wash., where be will proba
bly locate.
Mel Foley and wife came up from
Portland Saturday to visit relatives
and friends.
C. II. Stranahan and J. i Liagley
hoarded the Ute morning train for
Portland Tuesday.
Mrs. Ernest Schauer, of Portland,
visited with ber sister, Miss Ota
Walker, last week.
H. M. Metoalt went to Vanooaver,
Wash., Saturday to visit relatives for
a couple of weeks.
R. W. Pratt, of the Hood River
Hnnlrinff A. Titut Co.. went to Port
land Monday on business.
c. .1 I. Ilnrnhnnr want to Gtttb-
lamet, SVasb., Thursday, on business
connected with bis church work.
C. L. Youni has move into the
bouse at tne end of State street, op
posite the Hood River Laundry.
Mrs. L. Winans, who has beeu vis
iting relatives here for aeveral day,
left for ber borne at Goble Monday.
r. Mrs r, H. Vauehau went
to Portland Monday and spent a day
viewing the sight or toe oig cuy.
Mrs. C. E. Smith, of Waseo, visited
ber sisters, Mrs. Bert Stranahan, Mrs.
C E. Lamm and Miss Fowler, last
R. Smith, of the Stanley-Smith
Lumber Co., oame up Monday from
Portland to look after business man
ters at the mill.
IV 1 . TTnf nn want in Poitland Frl
Sunday with his
wife and daughtei. Mrs Upaon went
down a couple of weeks ago to nave
hr dauhahter's eyea treated by an
Our office and business methods are
up-to-date. List your property with us
and it will be handled In an - up-to date
manner. J. H. Heilbronner 4 Go.
Mrs. Hadley, of Moro, who ha been
visiting ber parents Mr. and Mrs. L.
Clarke and other relatives, returned
to ber home Saturday.
Rev. Dix. of the Vallev Christian
obuiob, returned from Boyd, Ore.,
Monday, where be baa been conduct
ing meetings for a couple of weeks.
Mrs. W. J. Baker ent to Portland
Friday to visit ber daughter, Marjo
rie, and was joined by Mr. Baker on
Saturday, the latter returning Monday.
D. P. Smith and J as. Mills, of Cas
per, Wyoming, are looking over the
valley with a view of locating. They
are much pleased with the looks of
Hood River.
E. II. Whitney, superintendent.
and A. C. Strooe. principal, of The
Dalles schools, attended the monthly
principal's meeting at Hood River
County Superintendent NelF. ac
companied by Mrs. Neff, visited a
oouple of days with Mi. and Mrs. S.
iiiytbe, at rrankton, tbe last of
tbe week.
Geo. I. Slocom, tne bookman, has
put In a Hoe line ot colored souvenir
postal cards, made in Germany. They
are Hood River scenes, ind are finely
done in odors.
Division Manager Thatober. of the
Paoiflj States Telephone Co.. was in
the city the first of the week in con
ference with Manager Bailey, ot the
Hood Riter exebange.
W. F. Mutes returned from Port
land Saturday with bla wife, who is
reooveriug from an operation in a
bospital at tbat plaoe. Mr. Moses is
gradually gaining in strength.
Mi. aud Mrs. A. J. Dellart lett for
Grant City, Mo., Thursday, accompa
nied ry ivny Smith. Mr. Dellart
goes to fettle up tbe estate of bis
mother, who died leoently.
J. R Steele went to Tbe Dalles Fri
day, whore be purchased 120 apple
trees row R. H. Weber, which he
will set out at Mount Hood for him
self and Portland parties who own
ranches in tbe uppei valley.
F. L. Thomas went to Portland
Monday to look up a business deal.
r. Thomas Is still undecided wheth
er be will take up bis residence in
Wbite Salmon oi not. He has several
propositions in view, and may con
elude to locate elsewhere. - -
Tbe standpipe to tbe east of tbe de
pot was again bioken last week, tbe
heavy weUht dropping down and
breaking piece out of the pipe. It
baa been repaired by putting on a
heavy band around the pipe, and is
again in commission.
A. C. Buok got down to the depot
Monday Just lu time to see tbe delay'
ed morning train pull out for Port
land. He started down tbe tiaok on
a double quick march, but concluded
to wait for tbe loual in tbe afternoon
after tbe train bad gone out of sight
aioond tbe bend.
N. B. Jordan, of Elfop'a, Wash.,
arrived in Hood River Monday, to
look after business inteiests. Mr.
Jordan aaya tbat Mrs. Jordan will
join bim here in a week or so, and
tbat possibly tbey may conclude to
remain bere for tbe sum met, at least.
Mrs Jordan's mother was quite pool
ly when be left, and the state of her
health will determine on tbe date of
tbe arrival of his wife.
If yon have property co sell and want
it sold at once, list it with J. 11. Hell
bronner & Co.
Garden Tool. Rakes
boes, shovels, spades, forks, prun
ing shears, garden trowels, etc
Little Prices.
Seeds. We've got just the
kind you want, and they are the
very best we can buy. That's why
our seeds bring result.
Stoneware. Churns, Jugs,,
jars, all sizes milk crocks, bean
pots, extra chum covers, flower
pots. Little Prices.
Hardware Special.
Mann's double-bit axes, the very
be,-t ax made, 3 lbs to 4 lbs.
uvular 1 1 value. ....... .75
vt'"" 1-
For the past four years it has
been customary for this store to
give a series of Church Benetlt
"ales by which the ladies of the
various church organizations were
afforded an opportunity of help
ing themselves Last year by this
means we turned to their beiieSt
nearly Fifteen Hundred Dollars.
We would like to make it mu. h
more this year, and we believe we
can do it. This effort is solely for
the good of tbe community, and
we are glad to do our part in up
building its welfare. We would
dc a similar interest from every-
onw.tch the at of "'.'iihelj1?'?;-
nt onranlMlkM", and If there 1 any
Lith which yon are .fflllated, make It
rpoliUtobuy ally can from them
Sarins tnelr sale. Nnmeroue .pecljl
beVJifni will be offered daring tbwj
m that will be of mierert toyon, and
we nr. e y to help the food ladle. .11
vou cin. We announce the first eale
St M.rk'i Eplncopal Uolld.
Ladies' BlacR Sateen
Waiatfl. Accordeon pleated
fronts, very best sateen, looks like
satin. A nicely made waist for a
little price ' 9Se
Crepe Paper NapRins.
A new lot of very beautiful de
signs just in. Lnncli sets, doilies,
lace paper mats. Little Prices.
Dishes Rented fur large
parties. We can supply any
quantity. Punch Itowls and
glasses, candelabra, etc.
Toilet Sets. Wash' bowls,
pitchers, combinets, etc., in plain
and decorated ware, in set or
separata. Ljttle, pripeg.
' Bk S
Ihe annual meeting of the Horti
cultural society Saturday afternoon is
free to everybody, and a good attend
anoe is looked for. There will be a
good piogram.
Harvey Slushei returned from Du
fur last week after a ten day's visit
with relatives. There la rumor afloat
tbat Harvey has some attraction at
Dufur outside of tbe parental roof,
but be aaya there ia nothing to it.
Every fruit grower of the valley,
whether a member of tbe Horticultur
al society or not. as well as ladies,
should attend the meeting of tbe so
ciety at tbe opera bouse Saturday
afternoon. 1 be program will De in
teresting and instructive.
D. T. Williams, of Hillyard, Wash.,
was among the prospective purchas
ers of Hood River land last week Mr.
Williams Is an oll orcbardlst, having
recently disposed of 50 acres of or
chard near Spokane, and is now look
ing for a good location ror a borne.
Oscar Vanderbilt and wife returned
Thursday from tbe coast, where tbey
spent a month flsbing and enjoying an
outing. J hey were at beatnde and also
Newport. Tbey found tbe latter
tbe beet plaoe, tbe weather being very
pleasant, with very little rain, and
fishing good. '
Miss Lavonia Thomson, of Cali
fornia, sister of George Thomson, of
the Paris Fair, who has been visiting
her brother and family bete during
the winter, and who is a professional
urse, started lor Keno, Nevada,
Thursday ou No. 7, where she has a
position in a hospital.
Axel N. Rahm baa aold bis ten-aore
traot, a milo west of town, to H. W.
Wait, tbe feed store man, taking tbe
lattet'i residtnoe in town as part pay.
Mr. Rabm will move Into town at
onoe, and give his attention this sum
mer to improving his ranch near the
Rordeu plaoe.
Tbe Eleotrlo Light Co. are string-
n a beavier lead wriea irom tne pisnt
through tbe main part of town. Tbe
new wires bave a capacity or carrying
5iHJ horse power. There are prospects
considerable more power being
eeded in tbe city tbe coming year,
and the company are getting ready
for tbe business.
T. W. DeBussey and A. I. Mason
went to Mosier Saturday, where they
attended a bortioultural meeting. K.
Dunn, of Portalnd, also oame np
for tbe meeting. Mr. DeBussey and
Mr. Dunn are interested in a large
land pioposition at tbat plaoe, which
tbey are developing ana putting out
in small tracts on easy payments.
Track laying on the new trestle or
approach to tbe new railroad bridge
began in earnest Monday morning, a
frog was put in oonaeoting the biidge
track to the sidetrack, and a power
ful derrick ia being used to lift the
rails and heavy material in plaoe. As
soon as tbe track is laid the bridge
material will be carried out and put
n plaoe.
Tbe new pioprietor of the Ramoua
hotel. E. Goldsmith, Is showing the
ight kind of enterprise, and la axing
up tbe premises in good shape. He
ntends to thorougniy renovate tne
place, fitting up tbe offloe in hotel
style, will put in a writing desk and
otbei impiovemnnta ana conveniences
tbat will be appreciated by bla pa
trons and lesult in more business.
J. P. Barnet oame np from Eugene
Monday evening, and will remain here
a week or two settling up nia anairs
He wishes to sell bia plane on Metho
dist Lane, as be will run bia father's
farm in tbejvalley and keep bia chil
dren with his parents, where tbey can
be well oared for. His motbet, who
was reported seilously ill last week,
was muob better when be left.
Daniel Satre was over Tuesday from
Underwood, and reports tb t there is
still two' feet of snow on his plaoe,
four miles back from tbe river. Con
alterable damage wa done to young
trees in tbat neighborhood, ihe snow
tall exceeded four feet, with a heavy
ccat of sleet and ioe crust on tbe
anoff, and when It settled it stripped
tb.9 trees very badly.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Dean arrived
from Berkeley, CaL, to visit Mrs.
Dean'a sister, Mrs. Wm. Ganger.
Their home ia in Gilliam county, but
tbey bave teen In Berkeley for several
months while Mr. uean waa being
treated for oanoer. I be tieatment hns
apparently been successful, and be
cornea back lid ot tbe disease bat
with a bad scar on Ma faoe, a painful
reminder of its ravages.
J. 11. Osborne, who bas been ident
ified with tbe banking business In
Sioux City for a long period, and tbe
first of tbe year resigned as assistant
cashier of the Live Stock National
bank, will leave tbe latter part of
March for bis new location at Hood
River, Ore. R. W. Piatt, who is at
Hood River, waa formerly associated
with banks at Hurley and Parker, &..
D., and was for a abort time cashier
ol tbe Frederickspn Live Stock Com
mission company at tbe stock yards.
Both of these young men bate re
ceived tbe proper schooling in tbe
baukiuff business. Tbey bave ample
backing and their irieoda prediot a
successful future for them In their
B)w borne. Sioux City Journal
W. II. Walton is up from Portland
for a few days.
John LBland Henderson went to
Portland yesterday morning ou legal
Andy Kellar, of Tbe Dalles brew
ery, made a business trip to Hood
River Tuesday.
A. W. Ontbank is taking the school
census, and Uuds a considerable in
crease over last year.
Mr. and Mrs. 1. 11. Uenrdloks, of
Elgin, Ore., spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. E. O. Blanohar.
Soule Bros, bave kindy furlnshed a
fine Gabler piano for the Reed-Alexander
concert this evening.
C. and W Shea, of MInneapole. are
spending a few days looking over the
valley, and may conclude to locate
Mr. and Mrs J. K. McGregor came
up trom Portland Thursday to Ho
lier, where they will remain for the
II. R. Albee, of the Albee-Benbam
Co., Portland, oame up Monday with
W. 11. Steward to how him around
the valley.
W. (J. Daris, special agent ot the
Los Molinos Laud Co., of Los Moll
nos, Cal., was in tbe city the latter
pait ot tbe week looking over the val
"It will be but a fow days before
Rev. Walton Skipwortb will be able
to be up," was tbe leport whioh oame
tiom tbe sanitarium this morning,
says the Chronicle.
Mr. and Mrs. William Nlokols came
np from Hood River today to consult
Dr. Geisendorfier concerning tbeir
li tie daughter, whom they fearrd was
sufleriug with appendicitis. Chroni
cle. Services at tbe Unitarian church
Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., J
A. Baldridge, minister. Morning sub
ject, "Tbe New Revival;" evening,
"Personal lnfluenoe." A weloome to
The Ladi a' Aid society ot the Con
gregational ohuich will give an after
noon tea at tbe resideuoe of Mrs. W.
F. Laruway ou Friday afternoon,
March 1. There will be a few woik
aprons and some other useful articles
on sale.
F. L. Cook, of The Dalles will
preach Jn K. ot P. ball next Sunday,
both morning and evening in the ab
sence of W. A. Wood. He will sing a
solo at both services and be ia a sing
ei of more than ordinary ability.
The oompany who bave been experi
menting with the sandbar at tbe
mouth of Hood River, are waiting for
more machinery, and will make a
thorough test ot tbe sands of tbe bar
this summer. Tbey are not after the
gold, but wll only test tbe iron prop
erties in tbe sand.
W. Hayuos hne purchased of Laur
ence Hlowers tbe brick bniiuing now
ooupied by L. 11. Hoggins & Co., and
will occupy it with his hardwarelstore
as soon as Mr. liuggina nnds larger
auaiters. which he is looking for.
both 11 nus need more room lor tneir
iuci easing business.
S. H. Cox received word from tbe
Gold Run mine at Cape Horn that a
contract bad been let to run a cross
cut from tbe 50-foot level, whioh bas
now been reached, and also sink the
shaft 60 feet more and run another
oi oss-cut from the 100-foot level. This
work will probably take a year, but Is
neoessiry to determiue tbe thickness
aud value ot the ore vein.
Irwin Parkins, of Tbe Dalles, bas
been euuneed to manage the shoe de
Dsrtment for Frank A. Cram, at tbe
up to-date store, and will also be as
sistant manager of the store. Mi
Parkins is an old friend and brother
salesman of Mr. Cram, while tbe lat-
tei was employed in a store at Tbe
Dalles, and comes well recommended.
J. L. Joreeoson. coming here fiom
Hood River, arrived in Dufur Tues
dav to take oharce of tbe local cieam
ery plant. He is well recommended
in his piofession, having bad thor
ough training in that line in tbe state
of Minnesota, and tbe butter making
in Dufur this season will be well
looked after by this man. Mr. Tib
betts, who has operated the plant
since its establishment, loft yesterday
for Black Lake, Wash., where be bas
a brother and wbere ue oaa an inter
est in a lumbeiiog concern. Dufur
On Monday W. W. Pickett moved
tbe last ot tbe buildings from tbe Dr,
Eliot rropeity. to a lot ion tbe bill,
After a few bieakdowns tbe building
was finally located, it requiring aix
teams and four wagons to transport
tbe building. Owing to carelessness
or accident considerable damage was
done, probably as muob as tbe build
log waa worth. A line tree waa cut
down in front of the Harbison prop
erty which was in tbe way of the
bnilding, and Mr. Harbison threatens
to make trouble for tbe mover on ac
count of it. The tree was in the edge
of tbe roadway, but Mr. Harbison
thinks they cocld bave got around
tbe ttee without destroying it Tbe
tree shaded bia residenoe, nnd was
very valuable to him on tbat account,
Hand Colored
Hood River
Best Ever
Geoige T. Piather is suffering from
an attack ot bronchitis.
T. J. Davidson and wife went to
Portland yesterday on the looaL
Cbaa. Hall and E. H. Shepard went
to Portland yesterday on delayed No.
6. . . -', . ,
The good weather that has prevailed
for tbe paat week baa started up
spring work with a rum.
Dr. Welob waa called to the East
Hood River "Fruit Farm Tuesday to
attend a aiok bone.
W. H. Belieu oame op from St
Johns,! Ore., ' Tuesday on business,
returning yeaterday.
Mrs. Bertba ' Ueuman spent Wash
ington's birthday with ber parents,
returning to Portland Monday.
W. E Stowe,' of Portland, rlght ot
way man for the uarrlman lines, waa
a caller at tbe Glacier omoe yester
W. A. Wood writes from The Dalles
tbat tbey are having good suooess
with their revival meetings at tbat
There will be' a meeting of Hood
River Chapter No. 27. R. A. M.. Frl
day evening, Maroh 1. Work In tbe
M. E. M. degree.
Mrs.' Wm. Blesan left for ber borne
in Irrigou, Ore., yesterday on train
artei a visit with ber alster. Miss
Virgle Crow. :
Mrs. E, N. Iflytbe returned to Port
land yeaterday aiternon, after visit
ing Mr. and inn b. r. Biytbe at
rrankton for a Oouple of weeks.
A marriage license waa granted thia
week to Mr. Frank Lyle of Polk coon-
aud Miss Neva Ruth Pendleton, of
ood Kiver, aaya tbe Uhronlole.
Tbe local lodges of Woodmen of tbe
World and Women ot Woodoraft will
give a joint entertainment Saturday
evening, Maiob 9. Ibe program will
be announced next week.
Frank A. Cram announoea tbat tbe
contest for savieg Burter Brown cou
none will close March 1, and so will
be paid Monday to tbe one turning in
the largest number, as will be seen by
referring to nit ad in this week's uia
The Columbia Soatbern road baa
been opened ' this week, aftei being
tied up tor nearly a month by wash
outs. Another slide near Latourelle
Tuesday caused by construction work.
delayed trains for several hours. Tbe
slide was about 70 feet long and ten
fee deep,
The Hood River Banking and Trust
Co. expect to open np for business
Monday. W. U. Moore, tbe presi
dent, ia expected to come np Satur
dav and help amuse for the Opening.
Tbe new safe arrived last week, as
well as most of tbe offloe fixtures, but
tbeie are still supplies due wbiob wll)
be bere in time for tbe opening.
W. E. Sheets' resignation aa assist
ant postmaster takesBeot tomorow,
and Miss Stella Richardson bas been
app tinted to OU tbe vacancy. Arthur
Cunning takes Mise Richardson's
plaoe as stamc oietk. roecmasier
Vatea said yesterday that be bad not
examined tbe new law aa to tbe raise
in salaries, but tnooabt tbat Hood
River would set some benefit trom
tbe raise.
A Stick la Time
will save nine. So will a bottle of Bal
lard's Horehound Syrup always kept on
hand save many a suell' ol sickness,
sure cure for Conshs, Colds. Bronchitis
and Whooping Cough. Mrs. 8. Hot
Springs, Ark. writes: "I keep a bottle
of Ballard's Horehound hyrup in my
medicine chest, and thank my fore
thought many times. It has prevented
many severe apel la of sickness." Sold
by Cbaa. N. Clark.
Mrs. Gilbert Entertains.
One of the most enjoyable oooaaions
of tbe season was tbe party given at
tbe Mount Hood hotel by Mrs. Gil
beit, tbe hostess of that popular hos
telry, on Washington's birthday. No
pains were spared to make the occa
sion an attractive and enjoyable one,
and it was a decided auooesa.
Tbe parlors ot the hotel were very
prettily deoorated with flags and the
national colors, while pinned to the
curtains were oheiries, and decora
tions of hatchets and otbei appropri
ate articles suggestive of tbe ocoason,
were in profusion. In order to ac
commodate tbe large number of
guests, tbe large porch was screened
in with canvas, well lighted by num
erous eleotrio lights, while rugs, easy
chairs, divans, Chinese lanterns, eto.,
made it fully as attractive and home
like as tbe pretty parlors.
lo assist In waiting on tbe snests
two little girls, Marion Van Horn,
dressed as George Washington, and
Miss Florence Brosiua, dressed as
Martha Washington, made a pretty
piotore, and performed their parts
well. They also led the grand maroh
the banquet rooma. at the close of
the progressive whist games, whioh
were indulged in from two to four
liny Bags were awarded for every
progression, while points gained also
figured in the score. Prizes were won
by Mis. Kinnaird aud Mrs. Hadley.
Mrs. Hall and Mrs. P. a Davidson.
The banauet tables were very neat
ly deoorated with ribbona of the na
tional colors, twisted candy stioks of
tbs lama colors, while bon boo boxes
were made of Colonial bats, batohets.
and o'her appropriate designs. Ioe
cream waa served in designs of flags,
cannons and Washington a bead.
Muaio was furnished by Miss Neva "
Swartz, piano, and Clarence Gilbert,
violin, and all marched to tbe ban
quet room to the tune of the Star
Spangled Banner.
Mrs. Gilbert was assisted in enter
taining by her daughter, Mrs. Shoe
maker, and Miss Neva Hwartz and
Mrs, Ralph Watscn, of Poitland.
ibe following guests were present.
Madames Btosius. Early. U. F.
Davidson, Young, llaynea, Price, N.
w. none, u. a. (Jiark. wm. uiabam.
Hadley, Levi Clark, Blanohar, Chas.
Bone, Cbaa. Castoer. Button. Nich
ols, Morse, Vaugban, Shoemaker, Rob
erts, Thompson, Brook, Dumble, But-
er, bberman, Wallaoe, Hall, U. Avery.
Iboa. Avery, Friday. Franz, Hurt
Graham, Sbaw, Kinnaird, Cram,
Chas. Clark, Van Horn, Capt. David
son, P. S. Davidson, A. A. Jayne,
Blytbe, Vanderbilt, Norton, Moe,
Canfleld, C. T. Roberts and Miss
Hong Recital This Evening.
Mrs. Walter Reed and Arthur Alex
ander will give tbeir oonoeit tonight.
in plaoe of tbe date which wai annull
ed by tbe big enow blockade. The old
tiokets issued to our people for tbat
event are still good. Thia will be one
of tbe most delightful musical treats
of tbe season, as tbese singers are the
best tbat oan be found on the coast,
and no lover of good music can afford
to miss it.
lo the presence of a few ft tends of
tbe contracting parties, at the boms
ot D. B. Taylor in Hood River,
Wednesday evening at 4 o'oolck, Rot.
J. W. Foioe, of the Church of God,
North Yamhill, Yamhill county, Ore
gon, was united in marriage to Abble
France, of Hood River, Rev. J. W.
Spreober, of tbe United Brothers
onuroh officiating.
Rev. and Mrs. F'oroe will make tbeir
home at North Yamhill, wbere Mr.
Foioe is in charge of a congregation.