The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 14, 1907, Image 5

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    HCOD'Brma GLACIER, THtfhdDaX FEBRUARY 14, 1807
gjjpppr stomach disorders Its con- tVV' h "
iW:; tinued use means nermanenr JIT1
Va I l.-S
injury to health.
Following the advice of medical
scientists, England and France have
passed laws prohibiting its use
in bread making.
American housewives
should protect their house
holds against Alum's wrongs
by always buying pure Grape
Cream of Tartar Baking
q Pure Grape Cream
Tartar Powder is to
for the asking
Buy by
-I I igg,..., .u
r.ry toocblos manner, a be spoke
of Unola Lake m a v.iy peraoual
friend.' Tber do not use hearse but
a 06 tbe same u ibey aied la tbe army
an ambalanoe. Tbe baud marched
la front, tbea eight soldiers with
gnus, tbea tbe near, iiexi oar car
riage. At tbe grave they toon me
ag and flower on, put a little bunco
of tbeir own flowers on eud loweied
tbe coffin. Tben n bugle call, taps,
tbea tbe aoldiera fired tbree tiutea
over tbe grave. It waa very impres-
ire; wben tbe play tboee funeral
inarches tbe boraea fall Into atep witb
tbe men in perfect time. I never saw
anything like it. Tbey have so much
ot It to do It aeema natural to mem.
Laat month 30 of tbem went over tbe
bill. Tort's tbe way tbey apeak ot it
here. Ibla ia tbe 6th, and five bave
passed away tbla month. Uncle
Lake's namber la 3091. Ibey all bave
the aame ceremony, and the same
kind of bead atone. Ibis place will
always be well cared for, to it Is nice
fur him to be bere witb bis com
And tbua has taps sounded twice In
Canby Post tbe eaoie day. These com
rades were dear to the members of
anby Post and dear to each other.
Comrade Blount visited Comrade
Henry at Long Bearb a few yeara ago
and tbey had pleasant tme togeth
er. Now tbey bave lined up "over
tbe bill" and our duties ate still
bere. And as in tbe days of tbe uua,
after perf ot ming similar duties, tbe
order would be, "Close opi ingot
ressl Forward ! Quick time ! March!"
Ibe aame command comes to us to-
ay. Iboogb we twine for tbem tbe
reatb of laurel, yet we Know mat
our hearts throb lighter and tbe stars
on our banner shine brighter because
tbey bave marched and camped witb
as down to tbe sea.
Tboa. J. Cinning.
The new board of directors of the
Farmers' Irrigating district met BDd
organized by electing the following
officers: S. A. Skinner, president;
O. E. Markhtm, secretary. 1'he per
sounel of the board now consists of
the following members as directors:
B. A. Skinner, C. E. Markham, F. W.
Angus, F. O. Church and Joe. Hall.
The irrigating system now ia course
of construction bus come to be one of
tbe collosul enterprises of the valley,
covering npproxiiuately 6,u00 acres
with 10 miles of ditoh at au approxi
mete cost of $100,000.
The retiring directors are v. C.
Sherrieb, J. H. Shoemaker and O. K.
Castner. A little over one year ago
these three men undertook to lay out
this Intiicate line of ditch and so be
come the custodians of a large public
fund and vested with authority to in
vest it as wisdom and prudeuoe might
dictate. It is due these retiring di
rectors to say that tbe judgment of
tbe most conservative members of tbe
district is, that they bave managed
tbe affairs of their otlioe judiciously
and wisely, that the complex problems
arising fiom time to time as tbe re
sult of an uncertain condition of
tbe soil and other causes were always
dealt from a oonseivative standpoint,
looking to the permanency of the sys
tem. It has seemed to some that ex
tmsanannn hitH characterized the pre
vious management in Its construotiv
course. Yet many believe that tbe
future will evidence that these men
of or A nlu hnilrinra.
ThftAA diiectors. oarryiua burdens
of anxiety and worriment necessarily
connected with an undertaking of
thl dBore. and the recipients ot
anatnemas and criticism, ought to re
iii rli8chuii?e with charity
onl hlnh nnmmnndutiou. And the
pew ottioers, beginning where tbey
An m.oht tn h met with the highest
encouragement and loyal support. All
ill feelings of whatsoever character
ought to be buried in the rough sands
aF r na una Thn ultimate interests of
this vast irrigiating system factors iu
tha nnmmnn unnA ot the entire vaUey
and its ultimate course of profit or
loss ramifies every professional ann
nmmfiicisl interest of tbe valley,
therefore we are all interested crafts
no. artisan mnrnhant and agricul
-rhan ink na lift miebtilv for
n a (m a li.imnnv And prosperity. The
H.u.. f tha nnis hoard are men
of wisdom and intergrity and it is
proposed to oomplete the system as
soon is the weather will permit. An
ofHoe will be built at Kcokford, and a
burglar and Hre proor sate lnnauwu.
v na has rnt hnpii named as man
acer. A strong sentiment has crystal-
ized in favor of F. W. Angos.
Pleasant and mot Effective
T. J. Chambers, Ed. Vindicator, Lib
erty, Texas, writes Dec. 19J2:
''With pleasure snd unsolicited by
..An I hmr tpstimonv to the curative
powM-of Ballard's liorehound H
It in mv family and
cheerfully affirm it is the most effective
And best remedy for coughs and colds l
Clark. '
Piles of beople have piles. Why
poffer from piles when you i can use
Pe Witt's Carbolized Witch Hazel .n,l aft relief. Nothing else so
cond. Beware of Imitations.
ibat tbe name is stamped
box. Sold by Keir & Cass.
on each
Pomoua. Cel.. Feb. 6. 1907,
Editor Glacier. The olcse of last
vear and the beginning of this has
robbed Canby Post of two of its ao
tive members and both weie laid to
rest on the same day, January 5, 1907.
Lucas Heurv. whose body was
brought fiom Long Beaoh, California,
and buried at ldlewilde and Luke O.
Blount, who was buried 'at tbe Na
tiounl Miiltarv Home, Kansas. Nut
having s:eu any mention In tbe Ula
cier of Comrade Blount's deatn,
send the following for publication, as
be was well known lu Hood ilver,
wheie he made his borne will bis sis
tor. Mrs. I. J. Cunning.
He was born in me state or iew
York June 1. 1836. and moved to
Wisconsin witb bis father and moth
er and Gerald Blount. He enlisted in
Co. D, 7th regiment, Wisconsin vol
noteers. and served the lull inree year
teim. In 18U5 be was married to Mist
Frances Palmer and in lBb9 moved to
Mount Moriab. Mo., where bis wife
died iu 1889. leaving him with two
nhildren. Mvrtle. about 18 years, and
. ' IJ C1I a. I
Kula, two or tbree years oia. ouuiti;
after tbe death ot bis wile be became
a member of tbe National Military
Home in Wisconsin, Myrtle teoomtm
Hiuicessf ul school teacher ana Cjuib
mired for bv relatives in Wisconsin,
He sneut much or bis time wnue a
mnmhnr nt the Home witb bis mother
ut. Mnnnt Moriab. and came witb her
In Hnnd Kicer. Urecon. in lews.
where he remained until about mree
venrs affo. wbeu be went io rruu
, i l 1 .3 1. .
Kaunas, and staia wim ma uauguwr
Myrtle, who bad married Ueorge 1
r iuHaiil a nui'.neagf ui creamery man
that nlar-A. where his voungest daugb
tar nlan made her borne. He became
a member or me uiuimij "
annoiint of h i dropsical oonauion
and was greaty benefited by tbe care
and madical treatment. visueu
Ma Mrs. Green, at Klilgeway,
Mn . and die c ad his time between
the Home and Parsons, but always
got worse after leaving the Home and
finally got so oaa mai i iou
preme erf rt for bim to spend Christ
maa and Nov Year witn his children,
anrl crnnd children at Parsons, tils
Mr. Littlefleld. kindly as
sisted In the journey both ways and
remained witb bim to see inai ne waa
nrnneHv cared for. leaving to at end
Auirv mofitinu at Manhattan, where
he received a dispatch from ois wire
atarino that her father was deaa. as
. .. , . . ij 1
neither of tbe daughters oouiu aneuu
tlie funeral be went to Kansas uy
an.l ant Mrs. Maude Freidlander,
Hanohler of Gerald Blount, of Hood
River, to go with him and tbey were
tiia nnlv relatives to witness tbe final
mnster out of this well known com
ruria aha g bIwbvs eenial and kind,
hnnnrad hv men and respected by
Amon and loved by children, for
whom he always bad some little token
tn niakn the remembrance of tbe
moi.tino nleaaant.
Ha waa not a success as a financier
as be always took more pleasure in
aioincr than receiving, and bis final
passing away was peaoeful and ration
al tn the laat.
He was a charter member of Brad
ahaw Post No. 201. Dept. of Missouri,
(1 A. R . and joined Canby Post
transfer. In both posts he was a reg
nlar attendant when oear enougo
go and held minor offices, never as
nirins to leadership. Mrs. Friedland
tbo following accouut of tbe
nnat PArARIflnV:
"lhe funeral took plaoe on tbe 5tb
at 2 o. m. First they covered tbe
nnfHu witb a flag and tben placed
the flowers. Tbe chaplain tben con
ducted abort religious ceremony
' Theie waa a large amount of spray
ing done last year for tbe San Joes
soale tbat waa not effective. This, in
a large measure, 1 attribute to using
some of the prepared material found
on tbe market Urnwera who do not
ase tbe tor mula recommended by the
state board of horticulture cannot be
too careful in tbe spray tbey nee, as an
article that ia not effective Is money
and time thrown away as well as an
Injury to themselves and others.
County fruit inspector.
Acute RheamatlsM.
Deep tearing or wrenching pains, oc
casioned by getting wet through: worse
when at rest, or on first moving the
limbs or in cold or damp weather, is
cured quickly by Ballard's Snow Lini
ment. Oscar Olesoo Gibson City, III.
writes Feb. 16, 1902: "A year ago! was
troubled witb a pain in my back. It
soon got so bad I could not bend over.
One bottle of Ballards Snow Liniment
cured me" Bold by Cbas. N. Clarke.
Balmy days again. It truly aeema
good to again be permitted to com
municate jvlth the outside world, af
ter tbe protracted snow bound period.
Mesdames Minnie and Gertie Stark
were among the snow ooana passen
gers wbo spent a rew -wee sma
boars witb trlends, returning to xne
Dalles on Friday's speo'al from Bon
Dr. Robinson was called to admin
ister tbe M. D. services tbe bouse
of John Coyle;on Saturday. On reach-
ins bla destination be touna miss
Bertress to be etHioted witb an ulcer-
ted toolb, and immediately added
the remaining D to bis signati re
y extracting tbe same.
Ibe Artisans will give on Thursday
igbt Valentino party in Lamb's
all. Tbe Artisans are very success
ful in this line, and we prediot a so-
oial sucesa In every particular.
Mr. and Mrs. Hildretb Snyder were
amona those passengers wno came
down from Missouri Fiat on snow
shoe Saturday last.
O. Wyss, sr., has so greatly im
proved from his recent illness, that
on Friday ho whb able to visn our
metropolis sifter, The Dalles.
Ye correspondent spent severaldays
of last week in L agendo county's busy
town, being i nioug tbe enow bound
ers, and like the rest contented "to
wait foi the wsgoli.
Chas. Stollz, of Greenwood, went
o lilver on ssaiuraay to speuu
it te days v. ilh his family
D. Duvull bin! fnmllv have vacated
e II r.tou 1 oie iu town and are
io i.cciii I t,' I tie uuienam nonage,
Mrr Vku Noitv.icl', who was last
week ui rtel as duugerously ill, is
P. Hei.nir.gseu a a Dalles visitor
on Suturdav.
M. Craft has disposed of bis neat
and attractive borne near town to
1. 7 acres two miles out at ,375 per
acre. All in liearing orchard, good lo
cation, under ditch, small house.
2. 40 acres, three miles out, 3 acres
cleared, mostly in bay, some fruit trees,
good timber, nnder ditch, some free
water. 2000.
3. 20 acre nx miles out. b acres in
apples, rest easily cleared, under ditch
nearly all good apple land. Price
4. 40 acres tlx miles out at $75 per
acre, nearly au gooa aupie tana ana
easily cleared, nnder ditch.
5. 25 acres 7 miles out. all choice
apple land and lies fine, 7 acres cleared,
5 acres in orchard one and two years
old, rest easily cleared.
6. 20 acres seven miles out, choice
apple land, no waste, 7 acres cleared
and 5 acres in apples of best varieties
7. 40 acres seven miles out, also
good fruit land, t acres cleared, small
house and barn.
The above are ouly a few samples of
the bargains we have to offer. A vari
ety of city property for sale on reason
able terms.
OnthanR cfl Otten
Hood River Oregon
Poilland business man whose name
we bave not learned.
Mrs. Noia Root Roiden is visiting
home folks at Rosedale.
Churl, s Davenport, ol Davenport.
Bros Co.. Portland, visited borne
folks last week.
Tue Diinils of tbe town school, on
der tbe efficient instruction ot their
tee her. Miss F. Olmsteud, are plan
niuu an eutertainment and basket
snci' 1. to be given at an early date.
I lie proceeds are to be used to pur
ohare a drum for tbe school.
Advertised Letter List.
Advertised letter list for week end
... .. .nsr.. 1 1.111 Rjf
uik- reuruary ii, jyui; Dtruuui, iura.
Bert; Beard, Mia. Annie; Taylor,
Mrs. Jas. A : Thompson. Mrs. U. L.
Berristoid, John B ; Bradley, Ed Ira;
Carslv. John: Casbman. J. U,
Coyne, George T. ; Fox, Paul ; Fos
ter. J. H. : Lausston. uan; Luivuie,
Bert; Rider. W ; Wulker, Matthew;
Weight, G. W.
wm, m. rates, r m
Even from tbe Mo ntains.
Ballards Snow Liniment is praised for
the good it does, a sure cure ior itnu
.V j ii i u'-i-L. nr t
maiiBm anu au paina. nriKin . ixjv
ing. Grand Junction, Colo., writes: "I
used Ballards Snow Liniment last win
ter, for Rheumatism and can recom
mend it as the best .Liniment on the
market. I thought, at the time I was
taken down with this trouble, that it
would be a week before I could get
tbout, but on applying yonr liniment
several times during the night, 1 was
nbout in 48 hours and well in three
lays." Hold by Cbas. N. Clarke.
The Badge of Honesty
Is on every wrapper of Doctor Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery because a lull
list of tbe Ingredients composing It is
printed there in plain English. Forty
years of experience has proven Its superior
worth as a blood purifier and Invigorat
ing tonic for the cure of stomach disorders
and all liver ills. It builds up the run
down system as no other tonie can In
which alcohol Is used. The active medic
inal nrinclnles of native roots such as
Golden Seal and Queen's root, Stone and
Mandrake root, Bloodroot ana mack
Cherrybark are extracted and preserved
by the use of chemically sura, triple
refined glycerine, Send to Dr. E. V. Pierce
at Buffalo. N. Y.. for free booklet which
ouotcs extract from well-recognised med
ical authorities such as Drs. Barthnlow,
King, ScuddW, Coe, Elllniwood and a
host of others, showing that these roots
can be ds-rinded upon for tnelr curative
action lb all weak states of the stomach.
accompanied by Indigestion or dyspepsia
as well tk In611 bilious or liver complaint
and inftwastlng diseases" where there
Is lossftfnesh and gradual running down
of turstrenKth snd system.
Golden-Medical Discovery 'watt
Special Notice
Owing to lack of space, on account of
our large and increasing business, we
have rented the building, next to Cul-
bertson s reel estate office and are luting
up the entire building :into a Urst-ilass
Piano store, which will be a credit to
Hood River.
We have two car loads of beautiful in
struments due to arrive from the east
ern factories this week. This shipment
includes the great Apollo Concert Grand
(like the Odd Fellows have), Babv
Grands, Interior Piano Players and a
complete line of the very best Upright
Pianos in the latest styles. Secondhand
pianos and organs taken in exchange
and several on hand for sale. Lowest
prices to all. No agents or commiHsion
men to make your piano coat you 150 00
more than if purchased direct from the
dealer. Pianos tuned and repaired.
Soule Bros. Piano Co.
glLAS II. SOULE, Manager.
Phone Main 1423, Hood River, Ore.
rich. Pure bltoq and so Invigorates anil
reglliates HIP UMimacn, liver aim mmr.i.
slid, through them: the whole system.
Thus all skin affections, blotches, pimple
and eruptions as well a scrofulous swei
lings and old open running sores or ulcers
are cured and healed. In treating old
running sores, or ulcers, It Is well to In
sure their healing to apply to them Dr,
Pierce's All-Healing Salve. It your drug
gist don't happen to hay this Salve In
stock, send fifty-four cents In postage
stamps to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel
and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., and
a large box ot the 'All-Healing Balv
will reach you by return post.
You can't afford to accept a secret nos
trum as a substitute for thlsnon-aleohollc
medicine of knowk coMroerriOH, no
even though the urgent dealer may
thereby makn a little birger DrofiL
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
Sugar-coated, tiny granules, easy to take
as candy.
Geo. T. Prather
Tobaccos and Gigars
The Oregonian, Telegram and Journal
Hood River, Oregon
Royal Male and Trombone Quartette
Opera House. Hood River, Ore., JC
Friday Evening, February w
1 .ij
Blaine James Nicholas ; , First Tenor
Ernest Henri Boyd ... ... ..... t Second Tenor and Reader
Bert G. Critchett First Baas
I Clifton Le Roy Beldng Second Bass
li it i
Gordon Hats
Walk Over Shoes
Well Dressed
. Half Progressed
That's the twentiety century version of
the old adage "Well begun is half done."
Nowadays the man who is not well dressed is
handicapped in the race of life. And it costs
more to go through the world well
dressed if you patronize
clothes here at the price
our store. Good
of rhpnn pint, ips earw-BLCCi,
Doited Htatm I .snd Olllce, The Dalle., Ore.,
January iu, im.
A aufnclent context Rftl'liivli having been
tiled In ttilH tilllro by l'uarl UlaNxcock, n.
teoUnt, agaluitt linmeNteud entry No. I47KI,
made Novemlirr 7, IMA, fur the NKW, ctl)D
TowiiHhip 1 north, runire 10 earn W. M., by
r.U. 1.. WIlltKttll, IXIIIlNlCJ, III WIIIUII li IS
(illfRed th.t Hiiid Kd U Wliltzel ha. entirely
abandoned suld lai.d and baH done no Im
provement on tue hind only to partly oon-
alract a log cabin : that be ha not been on
mid land .luce April lDUft; that Bald .lire ml
abaence baa not been due to hia employment
id me army, nvy or marine oorpa oi tue
United HUtiiw in time of War, aald partlea are
hereby notified to appear, rexpond and otter
evidence touching auld allegation, at lOo'clovk
a. m. on r eiru iry it;, oeiore tne tvegiater
and Kecelver at the United HUtea Laud Ofllce
In The Dalles, Oregon.
The auld contealant having, In proper
affidavit, filed January 2, 1DU7, aet lorth facta
which ahow that Hlltr due dlllgeni peraoaal
service of thla notice cannot be made, It la
hereby ordered and directed that audi notice
be given by due and promt publication.
J17.f21 MICHAKL T. NOLAN, Iteglater.
.Fruit Lands.
n large or small tracts. Some very good
land at low prices at present. Good
growing commui.ity. Six miles east of
Hood River. Also homesteads and re
linquishments. Parties wishing to buy
will do well to writ) or see
Hosier, Oregon.
Robertlne gives what every woman
most dealres a perfect complexion.
It brlnga that aoft. amooth, fresh,
clear tint to the cheek that denotes
youthfulness. It will bring beauty
to those who lack It: It will retala
It for those who already poaseaa It;
It will enable you to successfully
combat thn ravages of weather and
time. Don't doubt don't argue. Just
try Xobertlne. ' Your druggist will
give you a free sample. AA11 drug
gists keep Kobertlne.
as engine service
Uncle Bam tines tha 0NI0M GAS
BNGMB for bit field outfits Is the
artillery snd wireless teles rapS
service. This rauf h treatment is
a tone srutlcal test of efficiency and dura
bility. The UM0H GAS IMG1RB is COS
tructeS ia suck a superior manner and ot
sack Sbs material that it starts easy, works
easy aad mas easy under ordinary, every
day, lougk tana ssage. Bsfort you invest a
cent la a gas engine writs for oar free catalog
Union Gas Engine Co.
62-66 First St., Portland, Oregon
P, P. Kendall, Sales At eat
May prove more injurious to
yonr eyes than wearing none
at all.
Who calls himself
ia competent to lit
I show you unci expl.tin why
right, and guarantee remit,
charge (or ttts.
The Optician and Jeweler
Next door to Postoffice
Don't Forget
When you want first-class work
done at home. All kinds of
Laundry Work and Cleaning
Lace curtains, 60c; blankets and
carpets, 25c to SOo. Phone m941
Gloss, F.brlck, Prop.
Patronize Home
Our Work cannot be
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties. Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931 HOOD UIVEH, OR.
Increase Your Profits
What's th. UM of Solnc to alt tha expert of apray'os and than bava poor
ftultf Ths sacrst of wcurin ilean. fancy Iruil ia in Bpiayina thoroughly with
klh. arvain nrailttt.. Tlio l.lred tn.ii have r.lilom dona thla bacauaatb.
pump inn C9 hsrn, bu: thiy do it anally
By Using Bean;: "ay Pumps
;i ont-thlrd th. lahor.
T.esls the Secret
bscsus. t ier
In fisl
Th. ir.c k in rr fit frnrp r.ecurin fancy fruit will
alon.payiui th.uuu; .ui.aihtsuHy-tunmnii.notroubl.
fcatur.a foumi i.xclunvely ... 'he two aim of Bass
Mattflc uii.k nicnt ; .1 ; ir.micdiata inveiligatioo.
It aecnir tlmo ) crr.dti l-"-ie that all the new
Impr jvet nnlr an au't m cr-.-stamp, but it 1. tru.
and you iiU'i...-. u.v .y V"e4 J" cc
inopim'.itff. 1 " 't -
Wa b.ivt nrr9- c f i eve-vnm-n in ttocM
aa4 will t pi.l I jow tham U y.a.
White Salmon Bargains
1G0 acres unimproved land 11 miles out for only
fl.GOO. 160 acres unimproved, 0 miles out. About
10 acres cleared balance hilly, house and barn, for
only $1,800. 10 acres, 2 miles out. Little cleared.
House on it, for f 1,000. 13J4 a:res, 8 miles out.
7 acres cleared, bearing orchard on it, f 2,000. See
The Rustling Real Estate Man