The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 07, 1907, Image 5

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In England and France the Salt
of Alum Baking Powder is pro
hibited by law because of the in
jurious effects that follow its use.
The law in the District of
Columbia also prohibits Alum
in food.
You may live where as yet you have no protection against Alum
The only sure protection against Alum in your Baking Powder is fo
$ay plainly-
ROYAL is made from Absolutely pure Cream of Tartar. a cure Grane
Vproduct Aids digestion adds to the healthfulness of food
The Indianapolis Star eaya of the
arrival of Eza Meeker at thai, place
after having marked the Oregon trail:
"Pioneer" Meeker baa ariived at
bis destination at Indianapolis with
bis ox team, having retraced the old
Oregon trail the entire distance of
2600 miles.
The Star devotes an entire page to
cuts and an interview with the cour
ageous pioneer, which is entitled,
"Oregon Trait lilazed Anew After
Fifty Years." The illustrations con
sist of (ii fiord 's "Dedicating Monu
ment at The Dalles, Oregon." Moor-1
house's pioture ot the pioneer himself'
In buckskin suit, gnrbed as a typical
mountain man, seen in the last Pa
cific Monthly. Also the Meeker home
on Puyailup as Camp No. 1, and
"Chimney Rock" on old Oregou trail,
in North Platte valley, with Meeker
and ox team in foreground.
Io a reporter "Pioneer' Meeker eald
be lett his home at Puyailup, Camp
No. 1. January 29, 1900, and had trav
eled 2000 miles to return to his fprm
tiome seven miles west of Indianapo
lis, which be left iu the fall of 1851
for an early start the next spring to
As a result of his land marking
journey, no less than 20 markers have
been set along the trail already, and
other cities are planning to ootuniero
orate the historic spots. Among the
cities along tha historic, roadway are
Grand Island, Neb. ; North Platte,
Neb. ; Casper, Wyo. ; Pooatello, Ida
bo; Boise, Idaho; linker City, Ore.,
and The Dalles.
In many places magnificent monu
ments have beeu created, one of hand
some design being placed in the court
bouse yard at Laker City. In one
city a granite shaft weighing over five
tons and more than 12 feet high was
"I am satinfled," said the old pio
neer. "The work ingoing on and it
won't be long before the old way will
b marked with shafts suitably in
scribed. It was a long jounery for an
old man to make, but 1 feel repaid.
Sometimes while iu the Rocky moun
tains we never saw a railroad for
days, then again, we came out into
fertile territory, dotted with comfort
able bomes, which in the etrly 50a
was the nun' lug ground of the In
dian. '
"Pioneer ' Meeker will remain in
Indianapolis this winter in the inter
est of bis two books; one, "Ihe Trag
edy of Leschi," or a history of the
Indian w r and Governor I. 1. Stev
en's administration. The "ther book
i entitled, "The Ox Team, or the Old
Oregon Trail."
In reply to tbe question as to what
literary (raining be bad bad, Mr.
Meeker said in bis early years be was
araployed on the old Indianapolis
Journal. .
"A writer on the Journal, were
you?" asked tbe interviewer.
"No," was the old pioneer's reply,
"I was the devil."
Absence from Homesteads.
A Inint resolution by Senator Hans
brougb of North .Dakota, which has
just been adopted by r.oongress ror
tbe relief of settlers in the arid re
gioni of the United States, s as fol
lows !
Rnanlved bv the senate and house
nf renresentatives of the United
Ktatun nf America in congress aseem
hlari That homestead setters upon tbe
nnhiie domain, in those sections
where oilmatio conditions and other
causes of an unatural nature eixet,
raanlrino in rjersonel hardships are
hereby granted a leave of absence
mm itmir I mid for a period ot three
mnntha from date of the approval of
this resolution. All homesteaders
seriously affected by such conditions
or causes shall make application, sup
ported by an affidavit, setting forth
tbe facts justifying the leave or ab
ind for to the register and
reoeivar of the district in which their
land is situated, and eettlers granted
auob leave shall forfeit no rights by
the absence allowed bereun
der. Provided, That the period of
arm h nntiifil absence shall not be de
ducted from the full time of residence
required by law,
Even from tha Mountains.
Ballards Snow Liniment is praised for
the good it does. A sure cure tor kiiu
n..t;.m and all rutins. Wrieht W. Lov
i., c.n1 Jnnci.inn. Colo., writes:
used Ballards Snow Liniment last win
i for Rheumatism and can recom
mend it as the best Liniment on the
niptsl T thnnaht. at the time I was
with this trouble, that it
unnld Via a week before I could gt
about, but on applying your liniment
airoml times during the niuht. I was
.font in 48 hours and well in three
' days." Sold by Chas. N. Clarke.
reaches From South Africa.
Peaches r arriving on tbe New
V'ork market from South Africa, and
are selling at S3 to $4 a box. There
were 500 boxes in tbe first cargo, the
boxes containing 15, IS and 21 peach
es carefully packed in wooden boxes,
each being wrapped in a separali
wrapper containing tbe name ot tbe
packers. Tbe fruit in each box was
of uniform ize and it arrived in ex
cellent condition. Tbe paoking cer
tainly did credit to the South African
growers and was quite an improve
ment over much ot that which iidone
in tbs oouutry.
Railroad Again Blockaded.
The seoond bad storm of tbe winter
oocnred Saturday and Sunday, and
the deep snow that fell, driven by tbe
east wind, was sufficient to tie up
railroad traffic Sunday and part of
Monday. Trains 3 and 5 got as far as
Ibe Dalles Sunday, and laid there un
til late Monday. The first train into
Lloou ICiver since Saturday night was
Supt. Campbell's speoial car, which
came through from The Dalles at nine
dock Monday morning, with two
engines, and proceeded west. A trans
fer was arranged on tbe boat at boo
neville, which contiuued until the
track was clear. A freight train was
caught iu a deep out below ticnnv
llle, by a snow slide, and it bad to
be dug out. Tbii was naturally slow
woik, as the euow plow could not be
Cold Weather (food for Crops.
Vancouver, B. C, Feb. 5 Ibe
farmers of sunny Alberta claim they
do not mind tbeir forty-below-zero
weather. They claim it is good for
the crops. Frederick Engen, who is
here fiom Saskatoon, claims that tne
temperature there is not felt so severe
as ten below in Pritish Columbia. Tbe
prairie farmers see nothing but obeer
n tbe cold weatner, lor tn deeper
tbe frost goes the better next year's
crop will be. WiHam Ingram says:
The frost rising over tbis longer per
iod will keep tbe ground moist most
of tbe summer and with one or two
raius iu May a tine yield will be as
suied The fall wheat, which will be
high euougb to shade tbe ground aud
therefore hold the moisture a little
louger, will benefit the most, but the
spring wheat will also reap muob ben-etlt.
Pleasant and moxt Effective.
. .1. Chambers, Ed. Vindicator, Lib.
erty, Texas, writes Dec. z, 1SMB2:
w mi pleasure and unsolicited oy
you, 1 Dear testimony to tne curauve
power of Mallard s llorehound syrup.
have used it in mv family and can
heerfullv affirm it is tbe most effective
and best remedy for coughs and colds I
have ever used.'" Sold by Chas. N.
Salem, Or., Feb. 5. That the en
:ctment of tbe Perkins bill, providing
a new water code, would cost tbe peo
ple of Oregon from 150,000 to 200,000
a year, and would open tbe way for
many grafts is declared in a protest
tiled in tbe senate today and signed
by count v Judge Dunn, of Jackson
county ; Circuit Judge 11. K. llanna,
Gus Newberry, 8. C. Minniok, W. R.
Coleman, J. C. Pendleton aud others.
The protest is addressed to the Jack
son county delegation, and asks I hem
to vote against tbe bill. Tbe petition
says amou; other things:
It tbis measure should pass every
owner of a water right in the sttate
woud be uiadn a party defendant, wbo
must deieud the right of tbe use of
tbe water hioh he has employed In
watering bis btock and irrigating bis
premises, even though be may have
used the light for a period of 40
vears, aud her he establishes bis
rigbt or uot he oi Id be required to
pay tbe expeuses of tbe litigation nee
essary uuder tbis measure.
It seems to us that the measure is
calculated to open tbe way tor some
corporation to aoquire tbe lights of
tbe small water user tu tbe state by
fieezing biui out through the avenue
of tbe expeuse which this measure
must necessarily eutatil upon tbe
water users of the state.
Should tbis bill pass, in our judg
ment, (he small raucher in tbe moun
tains of tbe state wbo depends for bis
livelihood on irrigation of his prem
ises could not meet tbe expense neces
sary to defend bis rigbt to the use of
water on bis land, aud the passage of
tbe measure would meau confiscation
of bis property interests.
In short, lurking iu tbe bill there
seems to be a scheme to get for some
corporation, or corporations, tbe wat
er rights that now beloug to private
individuals. We respectfully urge
you to vote against tbe measure.
The Perkins bill is tbe water code
drafted by a committee of the Port
land Board ot Trade.
Great Olive Grower Dead.
William Crump, once the largest ol
ive grower in America, died Febru
ary 1 at bit home near Aoampo, Cal,
He Jeaves a large estate.
Itching Piles.
If you are acquainted with anyone
who is troubled with this distressing
ailment, you can do uim no greater fa
vor than to tell him to try Chamber
Iain's Salve. It gives constant relief,
This salve also cures sore nipples, tetter
and salt rheum. Price 25 cents. For
sale by Keir & Case.
West Side FrtpertT Brlnp.tioo Prtcw
R. R. Albee, of tbe Al bee-Ben bam
Co., Portand, wbo purchased tbe
Caftoer and Chauder ranobea on the
west aide, was In Mood Rii ver the lat
ter Dart of the week. Mr. Albee re
ports tbe sale of the north 30 acres of
the Chandler place to F. S. Leverett.
of Portland, for 12,000. Tbe balance
of tbeii property will not bo placed
on tbe market. Jonn Castner baa
signed contract for three yra to
manage tbeir ranohea, and the places
will be kept in a nign state ot culti
vation. This sale of 30 acroa la an
indication of tbe upward trend of
prioes of Hood River property, and
will servo to stiffen prioes on the west
side especially. Ibe Albee-Beobam
Co. also report tbe sale of 20 acres
from A. S. Bowers to 0. R. Davis, of
Portland, for 6 000.
How Did She Kuowl
Ibe local Woman's club bad ottered
a prize for tbe best essay, by any
member on "How to Make a Husband
Happy." It was a cash ptize, and
summer expenses were in tbe near
distanoe, and tbe competition was
large and warm.
The winning paper was just three
worda long, and, stranger even tban
that, it was submitted by a spinster
ot fifty seven, tier dictum was mere
ly tbis: "Feed the brute!" Feb.
neighbor dot Fooled.
I was literally coughing myself to
death, and had become too weak to
leave my bed; ana neigiiDors predicted
that I would never leave it alive; but
they got fooled, for thanks to God, I
was induced to try Dr. King's New Dis
covery, it too jusi tour one dollar
bottles to completely cure ine cougn
and restore me to good sound health,"
writes Mrs. fcva Uncapher, of Urover
town, Stark Co., Ind. This King of
cough and cold cures, and healer of
throat and lungs, is guaranteed by
Chas. N. Clark Druggist. 60c. and
$1.00. Trial bottle f ree.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications,: they rsnriot reach
trie atKemwu portion 01 me ear, i nere is amy
one way to cure detuexs, and (hut la by con
atltullonal remedies, IH-adifwi ia cauwd by
an Inflamed i-oniltllon of Ihe muras lining
of the Kimtaclilan Tube. When thla lube
la luname-J you have a rumbling aound or
moerlwt tit-arum, ana wneu u ia entirely
clotted, deafness is the result, and unless the
Innanimatlon can be taken out ana tins tube
rexlored to Ita normal condition, bearing will
be destroyed forever. Nine caaea out ot ten
are canned by L'atarrb, which la nothing but
an tutlamed condition ot the ruucaa Bur-facea.
We will s-tveOne Hundred Dollar ror any
caae of Deafnem (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Mall a uaiarrn. send lor cir
culars free.
Addreaa: F. J. CHENttX & Co., Toledo, O.
Hold by uruftglala, 75o
Take Hall'a family Pills for constipation.
1. 7 acres two miles out at 375 per
acre. Ail In hearing orcnara, gooa lo
cation, under ditch, small house.
2. 40 acres, three miles out, S acres
cleared, most ly in hay, some fruit trees,
good timber, itnder ditch, some (ree
water. iLWd.
3. 20 acre I ix miles out, 5 acres in
apples, rest easily cleared, under ditch
nearly all good apple laud. Price
4. 40 arret- fix miles out at $75 per
acre, nearly all gooa apple land ana
easily cleared, under ditch.
5. 25 acres 7 miles nut, all choice
apple land and lies fine, 7 acres cleared,
acres in orchard one ana two years
old, rest easily cleared..
6. 20 acres seven miles out, choice
apple land, no wast, 7 acres cleared
and 5 acres In apples of best varieties
7. 40 acres seven miles out, also
good fruit land, 5 acres cleared, small
house and barn.
The above are only a few samples of
the bargains we have to 'offer. A vari
ety of city properly for sale on reason
able terms.
OntKank eft Otten
Hood River Oregon
The First National Bank
At the close of business, January 26, 1907
Loans and discounts 1206,248.05
Overdrafts, secured and un
secured i,BtJ 1
U. 8. bonds to secure circu
lation . lZ.oOUiw
Premiums on U. S. bonds 437 50
Bomls, affinities, etc 10,J07.j
Kank'iig hoiiHf lurniiureana
fixtures a.oci.w
Due from National Hanks
(not reserve agents) 1,111.8
Due from Slate Banks and
bankers 4,1.0
Dim from approved reserve
amenta fio.femia
Checks and other cash items 247.15
Noteaof other ational Banks au.uu
Fractional paper currency,
nickels and cents 71
Leeal tender notes 1,750.00 14,632.40
Redemption fund with D. 8.
Treasurer, (a Der cent cir-
rnlationl 625.0
Total 1313,853 98
Capital stock paid in foO.OOO.OO
Surplus fund 12,000.00
Undivided profits less ex
penses and taxes paid 1551.17
National liank notes out
standing 12,500.00
Due to State Banks and
bankers 244.94
Dividends unpaid 50.01 deposits subject
to check 175,660.70
Demand certificates of tie-
pofit 11,862.20
Tune certificates ol deposit
and savings department...
Certified checks
Cashier's checks outstanding
Liabilities other than those
above Btated
Total 313,853.8
State ol Oregon, County of Wasco, sa :
T E. O. Blanchar, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to tbe best ot my knowieoge ianu " x.
E. O. BLANCHAR, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me
tbis 31st day of January, 1907.
Geo. T. Pbathkb,
Notary Public
Cobbkct Attest:
E. L. Smith,
Johs W. Hhsrichs,
A. S. Blowkkh,
The Modesty of Women
Naturally makes them shrink from the
Indelicate question, the obnoxious ex
aminations, and unpleasant local treat
ments, which some physicians consider
essential in the treatment of diseases of
women. Vet, if help can be had, it is
better to submit to this ordeal than let
the disease grow and spread. 'Ibe trouble
1 that so often the womaq undergoes all
the annoyance and shams for . nothing,
TbowandsSjf women wbo have been
cured bDr. riprce's Favorito Prescrip
tion wrif In appreciation or tne cure
which dlaiWwXNi the examinations
and local treatment TJimJsuiflOlhjx
medicJnso "" "d aafw for ri
women as "Favorito Prescription J
if r-t
I It r V
i fl PI
Gordon Hats
Walk Over Shoes
Well Dressed
Half Progressed
That's the twentiety century version of
the old adage "Well begun ia half done."
Nowadays the man who is not well dressed is
handicapped in the race of life. And it costs
more to go through
the world well
dressed if 'you patronize our store. Good
clothes here at the price of cheap clothes w--cp
Special Notice
Owing to luck of space, on account of
our large and iniTritfintj Iiupiiicw, we
have rented the building, next to Cul
bertson's real estate ollice and are fitting
up the entire buildm into a l irat-'Ma"- ,
Pin lin utnrtt U'lni'h uill h a criirlit tf.
Hood Kiver.
We have two car loads of bountiful in
struments due to arrive from the east
ern lactones this week. This shipment
includes the grout Apollo Concert Grand
(like the Odd Fellows have), Babv
Grands, Interior I'iano Players and a
complete line of the very boat Upright
1 lanos in Ine uuest styles, becoml hand
pianos and nrguns taken in exchange
and several on hand for sale. Lowest
prices to all. No agents or comuiinmon
men to make your piano cost you $50.00
more than if purchased direct from the
dealer. Pianos tuned and repaired.
Soule Bros. Piano Co.
gILAS II. SOULE, Manager.
Phone Main 1423, Hood Uiver, Ore.
united Mates Land Ollloe, The Dalles, Ore,
January 10, im.
A Kiiflii'lt'iit contest atlUlHvIl hnvinii been
filed In thiH oflloe hy IVarl (llasNCOi k. eon.
teHlant, hhkIiihI homestead entry No. 147M,
made wovtmioery, m, ror toe JMv.. mmuioo
Ed. L. W'liliKcll, cjinlcMce, In which it 18
aliened that wild Kd 1.. Whltzel linn entirely
abandoned tmld lai.d and haa done no Im-
Drovement on the laixl only to iinrlly con
struct a lojj cabin : I Imi lie Imx not been on
aaid land since April llKHi ; that said alleged
baence lias not been due to ins employment
In the army, navy or marine corps or the
Untied Mini, h In time of war, aald parties are
hereby nottlted lo appear, respond and oiler
evidence touch IhhuM alleu;atlon,at Hlo'clcH-k
a. ni. on Ke'iru iry at, 1IKI7, before the KcKltiier
and Kecelver at the Hulled HLatea Laud Oltlce
In The Dalles, Oregon.
The said conleHlimt hnvlnir, In proper
affidavit, tiled January il, 11107, set lortli facts
which show IIihI Hlur dnu dillKence peraonal
service of tins notice cunnot be made, It Is
hereby ordered and directed that such notice
be iflven by due and proper tmhlli'iitlnii.
jn.tU 411C11AK1. T. NOLAN, llcglster.
cures debilitating a rains, irregularity ana
female weakness. It always helps. It
almost always cures. It Is strictly non
alcoholic, non - secret, all its Ingredients
being printed on Its bottle-wrapper; con
tains no deleterious or bablt-iorming
drugs, and every native medicinal root
entering Into Its composition has the full
endorsement ot those most eminent in tne
several schools of medical practice. Some
of these numerous and strongest of pro
fessional endorsements of IU ingredients,
will be found in a pamphlet wrapped
around the bottle, also In a booklet mailed
free on request, by Dr. E. V. Pierce, of
Buffalo. Si. i. inese proiessionai en
dorsements should have far more weight
than any amount of the ordinary lay, or
non-Drofessionai testimonials.
The most intelligent women now-a-days
insist on knowing what they take as med
Icine Instead of opening their mouths like
a lot of young birds and gulping down
whatever Is offered them. "Favorite Pre-
scr lotion" is of knows composition. It
makes weak women strong and sick
womnn WfllL
Dr. fierce s Meaicai Adviser is sent jree
.Fruit Lands.
arge or small tracts. Some very good
land at low prices at preeent. Good
growing cnmmui.ity. Six miles east of
Hood River. Also homesteads arid re-
linquishmei'ttj. Parties wishing to buy
will do well to writs or see
Mobier, Oregon.
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
matllnt mill. Send to Dr. B. V. Pierce.
Buffalo, N. V., 21 one-cent Stamps for pa-
ner-covered. or 31 stamps for cloth-bound.
If alck consult the Doctor, free of chartre
by letter. All such communications aro
held sacredly confidential.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets Invla-orate
and regulate stomacn, uver ana bowels.
Geo. T. Prather
Tobaccos and Cigars
The Oregonian, Telegram and Journal
Hood Elver. Oregon
For Good
Jewelry Work
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Next door to Postoffic
Don't Forget
Ttr WO-."'.
Robertine gives what every woman
jnost desires a perfect complexion.
It brings that pnft. smooth, fresh,
clear tint to the cheot: that denotes
youthfulnes. It will brln beauty
to those who lack It; it will retain
It for those who already possess It;
It will enable you to successfully
combat the ravnRe.i of weather and
time. Don't doubtdon't arRue. Just
try Jtobertlne. Your drugrjlst will
give you a free sample. All drug
gists keep Rohertlne.
as engine service
Uncle Sara nse the DNI0H GAS
ENGINE (or Bia Held outfit in the
artillery and wireleaa telegraph
' service. This rough treatment it
a true practical teat of efficiency and dura
bility. The UNION GAS EliGINB 11 con
structed in such a superior manner and of
such fine material that it starts easy, works
easy and runs easy under ordinary, every
day, rough farm usage. Before you Invest a
cent in a gas engine write for our free catalog
Union Gas Engine Co.
62-66 First St., Portland, Oregon
F. P. Kendall, Sales Agent
When you want first-class work
done at home. All kinds of
Laundry Work and Cleaning
Lace curtains, 60c; blankdti and
carpets, 25c to 60c. Phone m941
Glass Fabrtck, Prop.
Patronize Home
Our Work cannot be
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931 HOOD III V Kit, OH.
Increase Your Profits
What's tht us. of tolng to all tha eiixia. of spray 'nn and than hav. poor
fniltf Ths secret of securing clean, fain v ( iiit Is In spraying thoroughly with
hisfh. .rssittrv. 1.1 l-.'eJ men have reldom done this bscauM ths
pump. 11. mv H.IU mjr
s- Aans
Using Bean
Kuk Spray Pumps
b.cau.t tnry sev i it! on. -thirl th. lak.r.
Ii l.
Kests the Secret
T, I : i feci recurinc fancy fruit wfll
sMne.) '. .R.'.hi.Mi.ct ilif ritsy-running, notroubl.
t. ati.j-. I ..l K1 .i;vc ' i.t ile two sizes of Bsa
Xd,';ic uiniu li.cnt .rj- immediate investigation.
't set 1 nx.'ant too kc ilij Lc true thnt all the new
Ir.ipruv. ir.nlf ccn be huu ii one pump, but it ft.tru.
a. id y. ii v ill Liitit.u..t! why wl.en you ace a Matgie
in op r: i .i.
W - I jve sao-itlts i f tb. pumps la stacK
and Ut us puuvd io show them U yom.
White Salmon Bargains
100 acres unimproved land 11 miles out for only
fl,G00. . 160 acres unimproved, G miles out. About
10 acres cleared balance hilly, house and barn, for
only $1,800. 10 acres, 2 miles out. Little cleared.
House on it, for $ 1,000. 13 acres, S miles out.
7 acres cleared, bearing orchard on it, .f 2,000. , See
The Rustling Real Estate Man