The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 07, 1907, Image 1

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i i
very second Monday In each month l ( p.
m., In Ui club rooms over Jackson's Mom.
U.K. Davi twos, Free.
A. D. Moa, Secretary.
OOD RIVER LODOK NO. 106, A. f. and A.
M. MerU Batnrday evening on or be tor
acta rail moon. A. D. MoB. W. M.
I). McDokald, Secretary.
Meeta Brat and Iblrd Friday nights of each
month, D. McDonald, H. F.
A. D, at os, Secretary.
MeeU second and fourth Tuesday evening
of each month. Visitors cordially welcomed.
Eva Clakkb, W. M.
Maa. Thbbbsa C abth bb, Secretary.
IDLKW1LDELO OE NO. 107, I. O. O. r
Meete la Pra'crnal hall, every Thursday
alibi. H. u. bmith, h. u,
J. H. Fbbousoh, -'cretary
eden encampment, no. 48. i. o. o. r.-
Regnlar meeting second and fourth Mondays
of sacn montn. n. J. ruwnT, v. r.
ItKMP Lodge. No. mi. I. O. O. F.-MeeU In
Odell Improvement Co.'s ball every Betur-
oay nigui. v isitors coraiaiiy weicuraeu.
R. (i. Mabikeb, N. O,
L. A. E. Clark, Rec. Becy.
1. 1. 0. O. F.-Meeta Brat and third Fridays
beach month.
Mias Zoba Dat.N.O.
Ella Mat Davidson, Becretary.
Meets la K. of F. ball every Tuesday night.
W. E. BH jebts, C. C.
J. K. Nichols, K. of R. and B.
HOOD RIVER CAMP, NO. 7,702, M. W. A.
Meeia la I. O. O. P. hall every Wednesday
night. a, o. maxbs, v. v.
O.U. DAK IH, Clerk.
Woodorafl-Meets at K. of F. ball on tlis
first and Third Fridays of each month.
Lou McKeynolds, (i. N,
F. W. McRitkolds, Clerk,
MeeU first and third Saturdays of each
month. F. H. Blaoo, M. W.
E. K. BBADLBV, Financier
CHwrrBB shuts. Recorder.
Uvaoi MeeU Ibe first and tbira Wednes
days, work: second and fourth Wednesdays
Artisans' ball. Mrs. A. D. McUuike, M. A.
C. 1. Hbmuch, Secretary.
of Amerlea,-Meeta second and fourth Mon
days lu each month In K. of F. ball.
8. W. ABNOLD, C. R.
F. C. Baoeius. F. C.
A. O. U. W. hall, second and iourtb Satur
days of each mouth st 2 o'clock p. m. All
ti. A. R. members Invited to meet with us.
A. C. Buck, Commander.
B. F. Blttbb, Adjutant,
and fourth Saturdays of each Month in A.
O. U. W. ball at t p. m.
Mahtha Riobv, President.
Alida Shobmakkk, Secretary
Meets at I. O. O. K. Hall oa tbe second and
fourth Fridays ot eaeh mouth.
Mrs. susib Maybs, O.
Mas. Ella Dakib, Rwiorder.
J. F. WATT, M. D.
Telephones: Office, 281; residence, 81L
SURGEON O. R. 4 N. Co.
Successor to Dr. M. F. Sbaw.
Calls promptly answered in town or country,
Day or Night.
Telephones: KsM.-nce,ll: Office, (US.
Office in the Broalus Building.
E. O. DUTRO, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office and Residence over First National
Bank, Hood River, Oregon.
Phone Main 871
Physician and Surgeon
Office over the First National bank.
Office pbons 403 Res. pbone 1184
M. F. SHAW, M. D.
Office in Jackson Block.
Office pbone, No. 1471. Residence, No. 593.
Dr. M. H. sharp Db. Edka B. sbabp
Osteopathic Physicians
Graduates of the American School of
Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo.
Office and Residence Huxley Cottage,
River street.
Phone 25 Hood River.
'Phone Central, or 121.
Office Hoars: 10 to 11 A. M.; 2 to t
and to 7 P. M.
Office over Bartmeai store
Telephone 81.
Cbowm Bridge Work a Spkcialty.
Office over
First National Bank
Main 311
Telephones: Office 283; residence 1045
n 1
Utnce over cuuer nana,
Hood River, Orb
.MMiflrininrvnrt in ina vnmrin
line. He can be fonnd by call Inn at or
phanlng to Clarke s drug store.
Abstracts Furnished. Money Loaned
Will Practice in All Courts.
Offlos wlrh Geo. I). Cnlbertaon A Co.
lections. Abstracts. Settlement of Fotates.
ATTORNEY-HT-LA w, abstSacter, no
tary pubj K and REAL
For 23 years a resident of Cegon and Wash
intnn Hu had many Tears experience in
Real Estate mstters, as abstractor, searcher of
lilies and agent. tMtiSiacuon gnaranieeu or
no charge
The beet known summer resort in
Hood River for sale cheap. This place
enjoys a large patronage, is completely
furnished an-1 is making money, The
location is ideal and plenty of room to
grow. Every year people are turned
away on account of large business. It's
a winner. See us for full particulars,
No. 255. Six acres, only one half mile
from Hood, River, all in clover, 6 in
chesof water stock. Avery desira
ble location. No buildings. Price
No. 270. Two acres on the edge of town
all cleared and cultivated. 60 fruit
trees, some raspberries and blackber-
ries, 5-room house and pantry, small
barn, chicken house. Price 11425.
No. 272. Ten acres in Barrett district
acres cleared, balance timber and
rock, 3 acres hay, 135 trees one year
old SpiUenbergs and Newtowns and
Aikansas black. Small .house and
good well. Price 12250. .
No. 178. 12J acres, 3 miles out on East
Side, 5 acres in two-year o'd trees,
Spitzenberg and Newtowns. 5 acre
slashed, balance uncleared. Good
house and barn. Price (4000.
No. 184. Twenty acres six miles out,
8 acreas cleared, 3 acres 3-year old
trees, 2 acres in strawberries, 5-roorq
house, good barn, fine well, 5 inches
of water paid for three years in ad
vance. Price 4000
No. 196. Twenty-twotcres 9 miles out
on East Side, all under ditch, all un
cleared, mostly brush land, sloping,
good orchard land. Price 171.00 an
No. 245. 80 acres uncleared, 40 acres
good apple land, balance in timber
and good for pasture. Price only
ilj. 228. 20 acres unimproved, 5 miles
iiom town on East side. All first
I'lasi apple land. Beautiful site for
honie and right among some of the
lai tiott orchards. Price $2,100!
No. 170. 5 acres 2 miles out, ;4 acres
strawberries, second year plants, 500
Hpitxenberg and Newtown trees two
years old, small house and barn, 4
inches water stock. Price $2,500
No. 224. 18 acres 5 miles out, 11 acres
in alfalfa, 500 time year old Spitxen
berg tree, 4U0 bearing, trees, guod
varieties, 6 room house, .good barn
and apple house. Here is a property
that will pay for itself in three years.
Price $5,250
No. 235, 203 acres in upper valley, 12)
miles from town, 55 acres in cultiva
tion, i acres in bearing orchard, 4
acres in strawberries, 40 acres in hay,
produced 90 tons this year, 140 acres
uncleared land suitable for apples,
good slope and best soil. The timber
on uncleared land will pay. a good
share of clearing coat, etc. 2 large
springs, plenty of water for irriga
tion, 3 large barns, two modern
houses, chicken, houses, eold storage
house and all improvements found on
first cla t farms. Everything in good
repair. Will pay better than 15 per
cent on investment right from start.
This is one of the best bargains put
on the market in Hood River valley.
Don't miss it. Price $16,000.
No. 269. Forty acres 7 miles out on
East Side, all but 5 acres in cultiva
tion, 1900 trees in bearing, Spitsen
bergs, Newtowns, Arkansas Black,
Johnathan, Ben Davis and Ortleys.
Five acres in meadow with freewater
from Odell creek, house and barn,
water in house, apple house, chicken
house and wagon shed, near 4-room
Bchool, church and two stores. Price
$20,000. This place will pay for itself
in five years.
Twenty acres 74 miles from town, 5
acres in bearing orchard, trees mostly
ten years old Spitzen bergs. Nine
acres Spitzenberg and Newtown trees
two and three years old, One acre
cleared and ready to plant. Five
acres, uncleared. An abundance of
free water from large spring both for
irrigation and home use. Price $7000.
House and barn. Here is a rare bar
gain that is earning $1200 or more
yearly now.
No. 278. 160 acres in Willow Flat
district, 9 miles from town. All good
apple land, 5 acres cleared, balance
easily cleared, brush and willow, all
under ditch line. Will sell in 80s for
$100 an acre.
Ilememberyou are doing
business with a reliable firm
when you deal with us.
Nothing misrepresented
everybody gets a Square
Contractors and
and Builder
thun Aa Kstibutm Tnmmn.
ateatet foralaheJ all kinds ot werk
Architects and Builders.
Decorative Painting aid Piper Hanging
Plans furnished. Estimates care-
- fully made. .
l.. u..hi t'Hn1 avnerienra In
drafting and bulldlnf.l would respertfnllr
solicit s part of the patronage of the people of
Hood tuver wno anticipate vuuuius. iww
nuinihu a id satisfaction auaranleed. Of
flos at residenoe on Heights.
of HcMinuville. Oregon, will insure your
property at 80 per cent less cost in an
any other institution.
m . HillAuntlAV A
Hood RiTer, Oregoi
Umber and Homestead
I hin for location some choice apple lands
and tlmqer elalms; also relinquishments and
land to script. Call on or address,
. - Wm.F.IUND,
Res. Phone 376. Hood River. Ore.
Best line of Cigars in
" the City, ;
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
; Fishing Tackle - -,' K. I,.MITB, K.O.BIMKCHAB
IT. vioe-rres. i;anier."
V, C. Bhock, AshI. Cashier,
The first National Batik
Capital $50,000 Snri.u, $12,000.
Office: Room 15, Brosius Building,
p. m. -mm k co.
Civil, and Arctiiteccaral
Engineers' and Surveyors
Maks shrvevs. Diana amfestlmstes for sew-
rr, llirht and power and mil way plants, and
furnish, subject to approval, plans, specifica
tions and estimates for all classes of buildings
public, private and mercantile. Bpecial au
lantlon arivsn to economic snd slow-burning
oonstrnction. AocuracjK and economy guar
anteed. UAV1V90N BUlLliiNU
Hood River Marble Works
Am prepared to execute
all ordern for granite and
marble work, monuments,
tombstones, etc.
Also contract for all kinds
of stone masonry, con
crete, etc. ;t , .
Prompt sales and quick returns
Wholesale dealers in all kinds of First
and Produce Consignments solicited
129 front Sttree, Portland, Ore.
Eureka Meat Market
McGUIRE ,BRQ8 Prope . '
Dealers in Fresh and Cured Meats, Lard
Poultry, Fruits and Vegetables. .
friee Delivery. ' ' Phone Main 36.
Phone 76f ' v
Estimates furnished ,, on,' request. An
honest job guaranteed.. v
Cider, Champagne Xidcrv Genuine
Champagne, Vnegar, Wines
from grapes and small fruits. Alcohol
from cereals, vegetable, plants,- frnita
and wooa ana vaiuaoie recipes. - Kend
fl for book giving practical information
bow to make them.-'- LKtj iiAhiKL,
P. 0. Box 604; Bortland.Or
Shepard & Franz
Are in correspomlenc with all parts of
the United H'atea and are' in good posi
tion to sell ytmr
United States Ua4 OfBee, The Daus,Oraaoa,
Janoary, T, 1907.
Notice Is hereby Itssi that la enrapllance
with the provislom of the set ot Van
cress of Jane I, ICS, rautled "is act for
tbe sale of tinker lands la lbs Mates of Call-
tornla, Orefun, Nevsaa, aaa ssiniun tst
rlUiry," as extended to all the I'ubllc Land
sutes, by aetofAurat . lsW, the ftilewiuf
namea persons new mes ininis onire Kueir
sworn statements, lo.wltt
of Mt. Hood, eauBtjr Of Waae, stale ar Ore.
rtin worn statement No. lilt. Sled October
, 19WI. for the purchase of the E!E of
section , townsoip t aoria, naoge a east,
W M.
of Portland, erxrnty f Maltaomah, state o
Oregon, sworn staieraant Mo. SMS, filed No.
vein bar J, 1IS, lor the porebase ef the BK
NKS, EVB rf aseaoa . " awssWis
sectloD i, township t north, raufs t, east,
W. M. .
And will offer proof to show lost tbe
lands sous ht are more valuable tor the
timber and stone thereon than foeagrleuhnral
purposse, and to establish their elalms to
said lands before the Hegtstar and Kecelver.
st tbe land offles, ta ?a Iwllee, Onejon, oa
March 12, ltt;. t
Tbey name as with sen at C 8. Archer, P. L.
Scbanu, Hamoal a. Arc bee and Job I), ata
wards, of rSirtlan. Oragua J 8. Thomllaun.
Fred ohsie, B. C. Owens and heltn Owens, ar
Mt. Hood, Oregon. i
Any and all person claiming adTeraoljr
any of the niiose desartbediaadiwir regnssisi
to rile their claims la ihlsoraceon or bafare
said mh day of March, Wl.
JlO-m? MICHABX. I. HOLAN, BegtaUr.
United RUtea Ltni OflBoe.Tbe Dalles. Oregon,
November 71b, lifts.., v
Notice Is hereby f Wen that la eonipllaBoe
with the nrovleiottsef the net of Ooaareas sf
Jnnel, URAanUUed "An set tar the sale ot
timber lands In ths stales ef California, Ore.
gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory ," as
estended to all pablls na ststes by set of
August 4, lWi, '
of Hood River, eounty of Wasoo, state of
Oregon, has this day nled In this office her
sworn statement No. SMI. tar the pan'hsae of
the N'.-MKU of seatlon ieand WWnr sec
tion '21, In township 1 north, rangs 11 east W.
M., and will atfur proof to show that the land
soaglit is more valnable for Its timber or
stoue than lor agrienltoral purposes, snd to
establish ber claim to aald land before the
KeKlstersnd Receiver si The Dalles. Orecon.
on the 12th day of March, m.
sue namea as witnesses i s.. u. Miner, jobb
West. M. A. Mtwrch and J. M. Calbertaon. nil
of Hood HI ver. Oregon. -
Any and all persona tainting adversely
the above dtcribi-d lands are requested to
file tbelr claims in ihtsofBeeen or before the
i2tb dsy of March, lmr,
J10 m7 Keglster.
United Htates Land Offlos, Tbe Dillss, Ore.
gon, January la, im. -
Notice is berebv aivea that la eomDllanee
with tbe provisions of tbe net of Oenaress of
Junes, im, entitled "An set for the sale of
timber lands In tbe statM of California, Ore.
gon, Nevada and Washington Territory," as
extended to all the public land states by act
ol August i, ISSe.
TME.X11S9A W UVttamijli '.
of Portland, Oregon, eoaaty of Maltnomah.
state of Oregon, bss this day lied in this
office her ivm statemeut No. STtt, fer the
purchsseottheSHNKaaa total and t aee
tlnn ft. townsblD i north, ranas II sssL W. M..
and will offer proof to show that the land
sought Is mora valuable fbr Its timber or stoas
man ror agricultural purposes, ana 10 esiao
llata ber claim to tbe ssid Ised aerore the Reg.
lsler and Receiver at Tbe Dalles. Orecon. oa
tbe l'ith day of March, 107,
Hhe namea as witnesses : C. D. Morgaa. L.,
L. VaaNordwIck, J. DnVall, all of Mosler,
Oregon, and Mary K, Britter, of The Iralles
Any snd all persons claiming sd Tersely the
sbove-d escribed lands are requested to file
their claims in this effloa on or before aald
I2tb day of March, 1907.
, Register
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
has duly Bled ber Baal account and report as
administratrix of ths estate of Robe J. Tucker,
deceased, late of Wasco eounty, ststs of Ore-
Qand that the Judge of said eaort has n led
ay, tbe eighth day of March, 18S7, at II
o'clock A. M. of said day, as the time, end tbe
oounty court room In the county coart house
at The Dalles City, Oregon, as the place foi
hearing ssid final aooouut snd report. All
persons Interested In said estate are hereby
ngllded to appear at said time and place, and
show cause. If any there be, why aald nouount
snd report should not In all things be allowed,
ratlfled, approved and eonAnned, and said
administratrix disc barged, nod her bonds
man exhonorated. 1
Dated Hood River, Oregon, this Btb day of
January, 1(07.' CORA BKLLR KLaUB,
Administratrix of the estate ot Robe J.
Tucker. Deeaased.
John Leisnd Henderson, attorney! for said
nstate. , ' J81.m7
Department'of tbe Interior, Land Office nt
:Tbe DallpvOregou, Jauuary a, HW7,
Notice Is hereby given that
of Mt. Hood, Oregon, has (Ilea notice of bis
Intention to make final five-year proof In
support of bis claim, vis : Homestead Kntry
No. lOKft, made Her. 20, 1901. fur tbe B8KJ,
of section 1, HWH8WS ol section , and
NWlNWH of section A, township 1 south,
range 10 east, W. M., and thai said proof
will be made before the Register and
Receiver, at The Dalies, Oregon, on Msrch 1,
lHl7. -
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence npoa and cultiva
tion of the land, vis: George P. Weygandt,
Mark W. Weygandt, Henry I. Grot and Jo
seph j. uron, all ol Mt, ttooa. uregon.
yum Keglster.
Notice Is hereby given I bat the nnderslrned
has been by tbe order of the eounty court of
wasoo county, megon, appointed tone exec
utrix of the estate of Lucas Henry, deceased,
and all iwrsons hsvimr claims asrslnst said
,etate are hereby notified to present tbe same
to me, amy veriaeni, m iui umw 01 a. a.
jayne, in tiooa Hiver, uregoo, within six
mourns irom tne aaie oi tne nrvi puoiieation
otitfiis notice.
Date of first publication Jannary 17, lmr. -AMANDA
Executrix of the will of Lucas Henry, de.
ceseea. Ji7-nt
Notice Is hereby riven that tbe naderalmed
baa b en by tbe order of tbe eounty court of
wasco county, urniii, ipoinia 10 oe ea
mlnistratna of tbs esute of Thomas H. Bond.
deceased; and all persons having olslms
'against said estate are hereby notified to
prewihtXhe same to me duly verified, at the
office of A. A. Jayne, in Hood River, Oregon,
Wltninsix moninainnn unoni 01 tne nrat
publication of in is notice.
. Dste of first publication January 17, 107
Admlnlstrstiit of the estate of Thomas H
.Bond, deceased. J17-fl4
Department of the Interior, Land Offlos at
Tbe Dalies, Oregon, January at, iU7.
Notlee Is hereby given that
of Hood River, -Oregon, has tied aotlee of his
intention to maae nnsi nve-yar aroor in
sooDortof blsclaim. via; Homestead Bntrv
No. 10162, made Deosmber 1, 19St, for tbe
NEof section 25, township t north, rsaget
eest, W.M., and that aald proof will be made
before the Register and Receiver at Tbe Dalles,
Oregon, on March S, 1907.
. Ha names tbe following witnesses la Drove
his continuous resldenea anon, and cultiva
tion m toe isna, vis:
T. W. Oalbreeth. R. W. Caldwell. Frank
gossberg and Alvlng Bondly, all of Hood
River, Oregon.
. JS1m7 Register
Farm Property
Northwester. Notsal Life Insnrina Ci.
. Orteit Fire Inwrwce C.
KolUwIag U the Bill la hlt k Hood
Blrer Is Tl ally la
tertd. Seetioc 1. That all that portion of
Ina state of Uregou embraced within
tbe following boundary liues be and
the same is hereby cieated and orgs
nisad into a separate county by tbe
nana of Cascade, towit: Beginning
at a polut in tbe nildiiie ol tnn cnau
nel of tLe Uolumbia river opposite
tbe meander oornar between sections
three and four, towo'Dip two ooiili,
range eleven east of Willamette meri
dian, then running south along tbe
section line between sections 3-aud i
and said liue extended to a point on
the base line at tbe southeast comer
of ana. 33, in tp. 1 oortb, range 11
east, W. M., theuoe west along said
base line to tne nortbeast oornar ot
tp. 1 south, rauge 10 east of W. M.,
thenoe south along tbe township line
to the southeast oorner of township
three south, rauge 1U east ot Willam
ette meiidian, thenoe west along the
south line of township thiee south,
lange 10 east and said line extended
aloug the south side of tp. 3 aoutb,
range 9 east of W. M., to the summit
of the Cascade m luntains, and the
line between Clackamas and Wasoo
counties; thenoe northeily aloug tbe
summit of tbe Caosade mountaius and
along tbe liue between Claokumas and
wasoo, and betaeeu Muituoman ana
Wecso counties to tbe middle ot tut
channel of the Columbia river and tbe
northwest corner ot Wasoo oounty :
thenoe in a general easterly cour e
along the ceuter ot tbe Columbia riv
er to tbe place of heglnuiug.
Beet loo x J. bat toe teriitory ein-
biaoed within tbe said boundary shall
oompose a county lor ail civil and
military purposes and snail be subjeot
to tbe same laws -tud restriotiona aod
be entitled to elect tbe same officers
aa otber counties oi tuis state; pro
vided, that it shall be the duty ot tbe
governor, aa soon as it shall be con
venient after this act shall have be
come a law, to appoint for Cascade
county and from its citizens tbe sev
eral oounty oottleis allowed by law to
otber counties in this state, which
said officers when duly qualified ao
eording to law, shall be entitled to
bold theif respective offloes unli their
tu.'easors are duly elected at tbe gen
eral eleotion ot VJOH aud are duly
qualified acoording to law.
Section 3. The temporary oounty
seat of Cascade oounty shall be locat
ed at Hood River in said county until
permanent location shall be adopt
ed. At tbe next general election the
Jiuestion shall be submitted to tbe
egal voters of said county, and tbe
place, it any, which shall receive a
majority of all the votes oast at said
election, shall Jbe the permanent coun
ty seat of said oounty. But if no
place shall teoeive a majority of all
votes oast, tbe question shll again be
submited to tbe legal voters of said
oounty at the next genetal election,
but between tbe two points having
the highest number ot votes at said
election, aud tbe plaoe receiving tbe
highest number of votes at auob last
eleotion, shall be the permanent coun
ty seat of said oounty.
i tteotlii . bald county oi .uaacaae
hall, tor representative purposes, be
annexed to the 29th representative
district and for senatorial purposes
said oouutty shall be.auuexed to tbe
aoth senator! district, unless other
wise provided iu tlie apportionment
of 1907.
Section 5. The county clerk ot
Wasoo oounty shall, within thirty
days after this act shall have gone in
to operation, make our ana deliver to
the county clerk of Casoade oounty a
transcript of all taxes assessed upon
ail tie sons aud propity within said
Cascade county which were previous
ly inoluded within tbe limits ot was
oo county, and all taxes wbiob shall
remain unpaid upon tne day tnis aoi
shall becoome a law, shall be paid to
the proper o Itinera ot Cascade county
The clerk ot wasoo county snail auo
make out and deliver to the oountyi
olerk of Cascade oounty, within tbe
time above limited, a transcript of all
oases oendlns In tne circuit and oouu
tv courts ot wasco county Detween
partiea residing In or concerning
property located in uaacaae oounty
and transfer all original papers In
aald oases to be tiied in Casoade
Section o lbe oounty oouit or
Cascade oounty shall be held at the
oounty seat on the first Monday in
January, April,' July and October of
eaob year.
Section 7. lbe said oounty oi uas
cade is hereby attached to tbe 7th
judicial district for judicial purposes
and the terms of tbe circuit court tor
said oounty shall be beld at tbe coun
ty seat ot said county on the second
Monday In July and tbe second Mon
day In Jauuary of each year.
Seatlon 8. Until otberwlse provid
ed by law tbe oounty judge of Cas
cade oounty shall reoeive an annual
salary ot 1300; tbe county clerk of
said oounty shall teoeive an annual
salary ot the sheriff shall re
oeive an annual salary of 91,200; and
the treasure! shall leoeive an annual
salary of 1100. The oounty school
superintendent shall receive au an
nual salary of S100; aud the assessor
of said oounty aball receive an annual
salary of 1000, and tbe county com
missioners of said oounty shall reoeive
93 per day for the time actually em
ployd in county business and mileage
at tbe rata ot ten oents per mile each
way when required to travel on ooun
ty oualnass.
Section 9. Tbe law relating to tree
pass of sheep aod other animals shall
be the same in Cascade oounty aa now
maintain'! in Wattco oounty.
Section 10. The oounty judge of
Cascade oounty shall let by oootraot
to the lowest responsible and efficient
bidder, tbe work of transcribing all
records of Wasoo oounty, affecting
real estate situated in Cascade ooun
ty, and when completed tbey shall be
examined and certified to by the
olerk of Cascade county, and aball
thereafter be recognized and aoknowl
ede-ed aa lbe official records of Cas
oade oounty. provided tbe dark of
Caeeade county aball be allowed to
bid upon oon work.
Section It. It aball ba tbe duty of
tbe auperiutendeot oi acboola of Was
co oounty within alxty days after the
appointment of a aoperinteodent of
schools for Casoade oounty, to make
out and foraard to amid soperlnten
dent of schools ot Cascade county a
true and correo transcript or abstract
ot tbe annual rsnoiU of tbe clerks of
tbe varlot a tcboul i 1st i lets embraced
within Ca e da oountr; and tbe coun
ty school . superintendent ot Wacao
oounty shall also at tbe time of mak
log the apportioumeot ol tbe aohool
fuud lor tbe year 1907, a portion to
tbe varlooa school dlctrlcls within
Cascade eounty their pro rata pro
portion of aald school fund, lbe same
aa if aald county had not been cruatad
and organised.
Section 11 lbe county treasurer
of Cascade county aball, out of the
Bret money collected fur taxes, pay
over to 'be rsr of Wasoo county
the full amount of state tax of tbe aa
sesment ot 1900, due from oititens ot
Cascade eounty.
uectlon la lbe treasurer of Cas
cade oounty stmll, aitlilu oue year al
ter ita oigatxtiou ty tu appoiutmeul
of ita officers as hereinbefore provid
ed, assume and pay to the oounty ol
wasoo pro rata pr jportlon ot tbe re
maining Indebtedness, it any, ot Was
oo county, after deduotlng therefrom
tbe amount of money that has been
collected in taxes from tbe property
ot the territory taken from said Was
oo oounty by tbia act aod Inoluded la
tbe oounty or Cascade and expended
by tbe aald oounty ot Wasoo tor pub
lic buildings;- provided, that If when
this act takes etteot there shall be a
balanoo ot money ip the bands of tbt
treaaoorer of Wasoo oounty remaining
out of the taxea paid io the year lOuti
or 1907, tbe o muty treaauter of Was
oo oounty sh II, within thirty days
attar tbia act taka etftct, pay to
the treasurer t.f Cascade oounty, suob
proportion ot the balaooe of the taxet
paid In 1906 as the total amount ol
property Id Cascade oounty bears to
the total amouut of property In Was
oo oounty accord iug to the aaseas-
meut of 1905, aud within the same
time the treasurer ot Wasoo county
shall pay to the treasurer of Casoade
county all mosey that may have been
paid to tbe tra isurer of Wasoo eouutv
foi taxea In tbe yar 1907 on ttcasseis
ment of 1900, on property In Uaosade
Suction u. . lbe eounty judge of
Wasoo oounty aud the oounty judge
of Cascade oounty and E. O. Blauob-
ar ot Casoade county are herety ap-
Solnted a board ot commissioners to
etermlne the value of tbe county
buildings in Wasoo - oounty, the
amount of tndebtedaeae, if any. to l I
assumed by Cascade county and paid
to Wasoo oouuly, and tne amount ol
money that may be due from Wasoo
oo'iuty to Casoade oounty on aooount
or taxes paid by oltlzena or Uasoade
oounty on the assessment of 1905 and
1900, aa provided In the proceeding
section. Said board ahall meet at tbe
Oounty aeat ot Wasoo oounty ou tbe
10th day of June. 1907. or within ten
days thereafter, and attar taking and
subscribing an oath faithfully to dis
charge their duties, shall proceed with
suob work, and whea it la pompleted
Hie reports ot their conclusions inau-
Slloate with the clerks of Wasoo and
ascade counties, lo eaaa a vaoanoy
ooonrs in said board the same shall
be tilled by tbe appointment of the
governor of the atate of Oiegon.
section io. witnin iniriy aays al
ter the filing of auob report either
oounty may appeal from tbe deoislon
ot aald board t tbe clroult court or
Wasoo oounty, by serving notloa of
appeal upon the oletk of tbe other
oounty Interested. Upon perfecting
the issues In aald olroult court, eith
er (oounty may demand a ohaage of
venue to any otner eounty io tne eev
enth judicial dint riot of tbe state of
Oregon which may be agreed upon, by
said counties; or In the event ot a
disagreement, to auy county which
may be designated by tba judge ol
said district. ' lbe trial may be by
Jury cn1 tbe judgment rendered may
be enloroed as otber judgments
against -counties. If tbe eounty ap
pealing fatla te receive a more lavora
Lie iudament than the finding of tbe
board appealed from by at least 9500
It aball pay the ousts of tbe appeal. If
no aoDeal be taken by either party
within the thirty daya above provid
ed, the findings of said board shall be
Conclusive. The members of said board
aball receive 93 p r day for eaob day
actually employed aod the same mile
age as witness in tbe circuit court
'l'be expenses incurred by above men
tloued board shall be borne equally
by tbe two counties.
Three Thousand Feet of Tunnel,
lbe heavy fall of soow of the past
week has brought work on tbe grade
of the North Dank road to a stand
still. All outdoor woik bad to be sua
peoded. Estimates recently made by
tbe contractors wbo are bonding tbe
road vary on tbe amount of conitruo-
tion completed on the ntlre line and
run from 40 to 60 per cent It la said
that there are more tunnels in the
section of the new road opposite
Memalooee island In a apace or little
over a mile than oo any other road
in tbe United State . Tbia section
of the road is about two miles belo
Lyle and io it there are fonr tunnels
varying in lengtn from duo to ijm
feet. In all there la 3000 feet of tun
nel with the open spaces abont!eflusl
lv divided between them. Tbe est!
nated cost oi mis nine more man a
mile of road la 300,000, exclusive of
tbe trsoklaylng. Work was oommeno
ed on this expensive piece of con
struotion about a year ago at tbe east
era ends of tbe tunnels and oue of
tbem is completed. Six hundred feet
of the longest one Is finished and tbe
otber two are in about tbe same de
gree of completion. It la between two
of these tunnels that an abandon d
drift 400 feet long into tbe rooky bluff
was found by one ot tbe engineers. It
is said by oid reaidenta near there to
have been made about 15 yeara ago by
a DrosDeotlna company that thought
tbev had atruck vein of ooaL It is
between Ljle and tbe nrsc oi these
tunnel that tbe longest piece of trestle
along tbe Columbia river will be built
and which is already in place and the
tlea laid. Tbe trestle la over a mile
long. Agriculturist.
Strange But True.
"Why la a poodle on a frozen pond
like a kiss?" asked one bachelor girl
of another. ,
"Because it la dog-on loe," aald
ber slangy friend. Feb. Llpplnoott'f,
Continued Stoi m for Tl.rce Days lie
moralizes the Kal road
Tbe auowttorm which set in Satur-
day uiorniug and continued until
tuesday morning, was tbe norat that
tbia seotiou ba experienced aiuoe
1888. All tratho aas tied up on tbe
railroads fiom Saturday night until
yesterday Snow elides iu the m un
tains covered tbe tratkt in plaoea to
tbe depth ot flttec-u to thirty teer,
aod while tbe storm raged but Utile
headway could be made in clearing
tbe tr.oa. the worst situation naa
ne r Multuoiunh fulls, where the
uiouutaiua rise almost peri end let 1 .r .
foi over a thouuaud lest, aud l ha
snow kept sliding off the steep lu
olluea uutil it buried tbe track with
snow that packed aolid as it fell, A
freight train that was caught made
tbe situation still worse, as it had to
be literally dug out a car at time.
making it Impossible for tbe rotary
snow plows to work at that point .
lbe private oar ot Assistant Hupt.
Campbell was tbe first to come
tbiough from Tbe Dalles Monday
uiorniug at nine o'clock, with two
engines, and it proceeded west to
break tbe trail It was followed ;a
oou.ile ot hours later by train 3,
which bad la d at lbe Dallea aluce
Saturday, l'ble traiu left Hood River
Monday auenioou uud got aa far aa
V leu to. where H was stalled or the
oontlcuid sleet storm ot ice and snow.
luecday tbe train pushed down to
Shell Kook, ana late in tbe day sue.
Ceeded In reaching tbe boat and mak- .
Ing a transfer. A rotary woiked con
tinuously from Port hind iu the snow,
and also one from this in J.
The latter part f the storm waa
half sleet, the little pai tides ot hall-
like loe and soow roliiug around like
wheat, aud was in au ideal condition
to slide down t e steep mouutatn
sides. And slide It did, to the de
spair ot tbe railroad oiews. All the
available meu were put to work a big
wages, aud they were followed by
work trains with mess cars Hud a few
oar loada of coal to keep up beat aud
lbe Alouut llood rauroaa waa aa
badly crippled .a tbe O. K. AN., tbe
outs tilling up with euoff, snd alides
ooouriog wherevel a steep nana pre-
olpitated tbe accumulations co tbe
track. Supt. Early.i lgged up a snow
plow Monday, which helped in tbe
tight to clear the tiaok.
The deDtb of tbe anow was acout
two feet ou a level in the oity, gradu
ally Increasing in depth as the higher ;
elevatioua were reached. At mouut
flood it was reported four feet aud
upwards, and fully alx feet at Uieeu
folnt at tbe Btaniey-Buuitn mm. .
The i oral mall carriers started out ,
each day, and made tbe beat part of
toe loute, but Tuesday it was an al- '
most impossible job, aa the crust on
the anow cut the horses' legs.; The
livery stables refused to seod out
horses exoept in oases- of extreme
luesday forenoon a cninooa aet in,
but tbe current of warm air waa high ,
in the air, and waa not felt In tbe
oity until afternoon. It waa telt at
Mount Uood, However, ana wae.aieu
reported to be melting the snow fast
at The Dallea. i
Iba atotm Is niarlna havoc witn tne
telephone liues that cross tbe Colum- ,
bis. ihe White uaimon ana omgan
lines have been out for ttu da) a, and
ft has teen Impossible to tlx them,:;
Manauer llailev received word Mou- -
day that tbe liue orossing the rivei at '
Caosade Looks to Stevenson went out.
while the lines between tuere aua
Portland have , been out ot commis
sion since tbe tirst sleet storm. The ;
Wesetrn Union have had one line
woiking, wbiob baa been used exolut-1
Wei v for railroad business, but all
othar lines are still down.
Several .
miles of poles are down, and
It will
be a bin lob to reset tnem.
AU the
avalluhla 11 n Amen in tbia Dart
of the;
flountrv have been sent to Pcrtlaud.
to help out tbe city in stralgbteuing ,
up tbe tangle, aud that part fl tne
system will be put iu ordei first.
Heavy Winter lu Southern Idaho. ,
South Idaho is experienoiog lbe
steadiest winter this year that it ever
has, la tbe opinion ot the oldest set
tlers. For two months snow baa laid
on the Snake liver bottom. It waa
never known to lay on tbe ground be
fore, longer than two or three weeks
at a time. !bers baa been less wlud
than usual, hut the temperature has
lemalued o.ld, Tbe lowest tbe ther
mometer registered in Hurley t is
winter was 17 degrees below zero. In
the mountains the snow is muoh
deeper than usual, wbich inaurea
plenty of water for irrigation purpos
es tor farms along tbe mountain
atreama, whiob are dependent upon
tbe snowfall for tbeir tlow. In that
part of tbe Minidoka project which
will oome under the government
ditch next epilog, tbe settlers are
making arrangements to farm by tbe
"dry land" process, wbiob proved a
suooess last year on tbe limited num
ber of aores planted. Burley (Idaho;
Bulletin. .
Eljrhteeii Feet of Hiion.
Berlin, 1'eb. 5. Tralllo is tied up
by 18 feet of snow. N.. thing ot the
kind known before wituiu a genera
tion. Kail aud wire communication
Is Interrupted in oentral Europe.
Alaskan-Siberian K .ilroad. '
Vancouver, Feb. 5.-Dawscn ad v lo
ss aay Captain John Ileuly and party
have started for the source ot tbe
'Vblte river on the Uist survey of a
trana-Alaska-Siberian railway.
A Stleh la Time
will save nine. So w ill a bottle of Bal
lard's Horehound Syrup always kept on
hand save many a spoil of sickness. A
sure cure for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis
and Whooping Cough. Mrs. S . Hot
8prin(j8, Ark. writes: "I keep a bottle
of Ballard's Horehound Syrup iu my
medicine chest, and thank my fore
thought many times. It has prevented
many severe spells of sickness." Sola
by Chas. N. Clark.
I ' '
; it.
i i