The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 17, 1907, Image 2

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THURSDAY, JAN. 17, 1900.
Cant Off the Mask of 1 pliiit j.
In lengthy editorial headed "Pro
poaed Diviaioa ot Wasco Cuuuty'
The Dulle Curouicle ui represents,
evadea and p-blibtio statements that
are misleading to the border of uo
truthfulness aud seek to leu ounce ah
obi gallons to the word of it couutj
official and buniueaa uieu.
We iufer thai the Chrouicle speaks
officially as its Le the names ol Hep
resoutativos Kuuwled aud Hendricks
aud Senator Vnualdoo in lending col
or to it ujittabtunieuU aud eay a that
the former to member of the lowoi
house of the legislature were elocteu
on the issue of auti county division
and that Buuatoi VShealdou haaalvtay
beer, opposed to it aud ia now. If Mr,
Whealdon has given voloe to thii
etfeot at The Dalle it ia very evident
thut he baa niure courage in that city
than he baa abroad aa he uiade no
such atateuieut while here or to tut
couiuiittee whioh allerward met hiu.
and the other members of Wasco
oounty'a delegation in Portland.
Ilowevei if thia ia the aeuator'a at
titude It la well to know it aa there U
nothing ao daugeioua aa a bidden en
emy oi one who oouoeula bW motivets
behind a maak of duplicity.
One of the main poiuta the writei
of the article of subterfuge tiiea to
imprest ou its readers is that lloou
River people are preparing to include
Moslor in the proposed new count
against their expressed wish, not to
be included within its boundaiies.
This la a gross misrepresentation as
the writer well knows and is done for
the purpose of trying to work up pos
sible opposition to the pioposed new
eounty that has beretoiore taken no
pait tn the matter. Every one who i
familiar with the boundaries as pro
posed and submitted to the oounly
ottloials and business men cf The
Dalles knows that it was stipulated at
the time the boundaries were wadu
that if they were placed this side oi
Mosler they would raise no objeoliou.
Ibe M osier people understand this to
be the case aud so does everybody
else concerned except those who are
looking for a loophole to leloase them
selves from an obligation which they
thought they would never be culled
upon to make good. The Mosiur peo
ple have not been asked to come into
the uew couuty and tboil attitude in
the matter is cue thut tueyare them
selves free to govern.
The stuteuieut that it will bo neces
sary to create a now judicial district
aud add an extra expense to the state
is without foundation aud gratuitous
on the part oi the writer as there is
no intention or desire of the people
c( Hood Rivor to be in anotbot judiolul
district than the one they are now in.
A canatd of this kind may Qnd
lodgement in t le brain ot some unin
formed legislator, for whose benefit
it was written, but we doubt it.
This menduuinus oompilor of uuti utbs
then digs into statistics aud says thut
although the assessed valuation ol
Dulles City U 1,C01,"'JG uud thBt oi
the proposed i.ow county but ?1,1C1,
225, the taxpayers of the county seat
are not compluitiiug ot tbo great bur
dun of their tuxes As a mutter ol
fact the assessed vuluutiou of the new
couuty uocordiug to figures taken
from the assssiuout roll ot 1000 it
81,018,070 or a half million more dol
bus thun acre litod it by our evasive
friend, who has evidently taseu the
figures from uu assessment roll several
yours old.
, In bis p.igumuuts the writer admits
that the territory of the new couuty
oontuiua evoiything to make ot it a
county thut will be prosperous aud
progressive, That it coutalus ouu
half ot the river trout ot the preseul
county, including railroad, telegraph
aud tulephouo Hues, thut its territory
is fruitful aud productive, thut it hut
all of the timber binds not included
in Mos'or vulluy, thut is ouUldo ol
the (jrest reserve, thut the Inud iu
Hood River valley is worth irom &!IK)
to MOO per sure uud that city proper
ty in Hood Kiver is worth as much us
it is in The Dullos, thut it contuins
many valuuble improvements aud
for that reasou ho wants Hood River
to remain iu Wasco comity. Ami the
chiui reusou for wanting it to reniiiiu
is so it cun otfset the valueless and
worthless laud iu the eastern end if
the county. He wants the progressive
aud industrious residents of Hoot
RiVtf to pay tribute to tbo other pints
of the county thut thoy may ouse the
burden ot its tuxes. This is the solo
and whole arimruout tor opposing the
creation of the new couuty.
The Folk County Enterprise pro
phetialley remarks thut "It auy State
ment No. 1 legislator desires to bury
bimsolf so deop politically thut he will
never be beaid of again just let him
break bis pledge and vole against
Jonathan Bourne for United Statis
senator, lioiuuo is in no dungor of
defeut but the little bundful ot sena
tors aud representative!) wno uie
tLreateniug to knife him, ufter hav
ing pledged themselves to support the
"Deonles choice, are trending ou
mighty dangerous ground."
Newtown and Sulin Nursery Sloek.
Rawsou & Stanton, the nursery num
.I . i i i j
announce inai iney nave rouoiveu
5UXU) Newtown and Stiitzetitora trees.
all first class (.t ick aud aie prepared
to furnish them for spring planting
The stock wus examined by Mr. Stan
ton before it was shipped here, was
thoroughly dipped and is No. 1 in
evey parricui.r, as spiizenuprK "
Newtown stock had become exhausted
n.ia mill Im oii.lonnin news to urowers
who are contemplating setting out
Hew trees.
Main or fancy
brown or white,
all large sizes.
Children's Underwear
Odds and ends f children's natural gray underwear,
Derby riblied and fleeced lined, heavy weight, Of.
sold regular at 35c. Hecial sale price 't
American Gentleman Shoes
Imode in df
and Spl
s- is A
price: $3.50 & $4.00
Hood Kiver has been expeiienoing
the coldest wea'.ber that it has
known in a number ot years and the
temperature has been hovering nround
wro for almost a weok. The ther
momotei Tuesday moruliig showed
M.a tamnntHtiiro of the w inter.
the govermnment otmerver here re
cording the emperature at 6 degrees
hulcw zero and other thermometers
from a degree to two degree loe At
Mount Hood seltleiueut me mercury
fn H liulom ami cither idaces
in Hi 1. vuiinv niun renort .i lower tem
perature thun that recorded her. A
n umber of persons naa rueir iuces,
nn,ln anil nun fmutfirl Hllll OsOSr FrO-
.inKioptT Hm Mnunt Hood staae driv
er bad the misfortune to have both of
bts ears frozen,
wiiiia nn nf tierions damaco
by the cold wouther have yet been
mud", it Is expected that considerable
loss bus been siiftiiined by ranchers
who have fruit Hud vegetablss ex-ni-ed
to the cold weuthor and have
li,Hn unatilu to protect them.
Ilia ( nlniiil.ln r!cr I I'll fill UO
both below and above Hood tiiveruud
iuo has formed many foct from shore
neur here, The White Salmon leriy
I,,. j iiari tn ha ulmnilniiAil for se eral
days, the ferryman considering it too
dangerous to make an attempt to
or oss tbo river iti small boats. The
tug Pearl has been carrying the mail
botweeu here and una puinc oiukihk
trip a day. At Steieiisoii and Cus
a. ia T.nrlfn ilmru in moie ice in the
river thun here and i eo le living ou
the Washington sirto wuo were away
from home have not been able to get
Mirnss. ....
The steamers Cat Hal City 811(1 Kel"
him mlili'li nnmn nn tlie river lust
in. immiUrta fur the itiilrmul
camps on the North Hauls wore una
lilo to got above is auu lire
tied up iu the oovo ludow 8tuihy
Kock. Atter waiting a day or two lor
warm weather the o Ulcers ami crt-w
of the bouts were ordered toieiue
Llicm and ent to i'ortliiud Tiiosd.iy.
A watchman has beou left t look
iller them aud it is expected that
thoy will not be able to get away for
,111110 time.
Ifn.mrli nf avtruniA cold weatliel
have been reoleved irom the eastern
mrt of the county end o. U. lirooue,
if The Ualles, acknowledged to be
uu aoourute observer, recoiuen
lw. I, in. iniini'.lliiu tn his leci rd.
kipt for :)2 years past (with the ther
mometer iu tbo same location) luus
ility was the coldest day for thirteen
veurs. Following is a list of the dyH
n whiob the cojd jst ten parature oo
u:red during thiwe yens:
.lauuiiry 1H, 1H75-S) b lo,v.
.lauuury 2.'i, ISTtj 1 below.
January 1!', 181-3 bi-loiv.
Jauuaiy ), 1-801 In low.
Janusry It, 1HK8 i:i below.
January 5, 18JO-12 below.
Janunry ill, 18!U-zero.
January 2, llW'2-2 below.
Kelirnary 4, lh8t 15 below.
February 12, 18H1 19 below.
February 5, 1887 C below.
I-Vliruary 20, 18H0-2 below.
Febrtiuty 1, 181KI 0 below.
February X 181W 1 below.
Deoemher 211, 187914 below.
December M, 188418 below.
A miiHHHge fram 1'iineville says it
was 22 In-low at thut place Monday
night, witli three inches of snow. At
Antelope it was 20 below, with three
or four inches ot snow. Over at Uold
eudule it wus 0 I. (.low, the theimome
tei i'ldioiitiug 2 below ut noon. From
thooountry ueut there reports said it
wus 24 while at Dufur 10 below whs
(.ot Imputation Honestly.
Hood Kiver annle crowors are re
ceiving big pi loos for their fruit this
year, it lining in excess or ltM year,
when it wus thought the top notch
had been reached. The shipments are
also gi eater than last yeur. the high
ent price p,id this year whs J3.15 a
box. for Suilzeubera. and the lesst
II 40. Hood Kiver, througn judicious
adveitlidng aud hy always shipping
olioie fruit, has guined renown far aud
wide as a fruit country, although not
any bettei in tbut reurd th .u Whrt
ni n n enmity. It is timo for us to
wuke up. Coltax Gazette.
Cured of Luug Trouble.
"It Is now eleven years since I had a
narrow iwape from consumption,"
writes CD. l'lovd, a loading business
man of Kcrsaw, S. C. "I had run
down in weiijht to 135 pounds, and
coughing was constant, botli by day and
by night. Finally 1 began taking Dr.
King's New Pisoovery, and continued
this for about six month", when my
cough and lung trouble wore entirely
g urn and I was restored t my normal
weight, 170 pounds." Thousand of
persons are healed every year. Guar
anteed at Chas. N. Clarke's drug store.
50c and $1.00 Trial bottle tree.
borders, fringed ends,
heavy or light weight,
Trices range from
to 250
$1.50 and $2.00
German Socks
German Sox
Heavy weight German Box in
all sizes, and prices range from
50c to $1.20 a pair.
$3.50 and $4.00
Just the shoe for snow water,
snag proof, rolled edges, all
An Awful Come Down .
For the Millionaire
HE rode up to his $2,000,000 resi
dence, alighted from his $50,000
automobile, took out his $100
cigar cate and lighted a weed thnt cost
a dollar at wholesule.
After he bad flecked an ash from his 1
$100 suit, he adjusted his ten dollar
necktie, g.ixed thoughtfully for a mo
ment at his fifteen dollar shoes and '
then turned his face toward the $73,000
fountain Iu his front yard.
Finally he entered the gate, whii'h
was put up nt a cost of $20,000, stop
ped u moment to ndmiro the $50,000
worth of statuary standing on the
grounds, and ho wus about to mount
the steps of bis inuusion when his feet
went tip hit) the air, his ten dollar bat
flew on", and he struck the ground with
a thud that could have been heard half
a block away.
"And to think," he moaned as he
picked himself up, "thnt I slipped on
the peeling of a banana that only cost
about a cent!"
Even the millionaire has his troubles.
A. B. Lewis in Judge.
A Dtuporerr.
"There Is one tiling 1 never realized
until I began to cast my bread upon
the water."
"And that Is?"
"How many people are out for the
dough." Philadelphia Press. '
Won by Lark of n Neck.
The plaintiffs barrister In the "breach
of promise etixo thoug'it he would innke
life a burden to the uuf irtmmte young
man who was the unwilling defendant.
"Do you mean to say," he asked, aft
er n number of ques
tions, "that after you h:ul been absent
for an entire mouth you did not kiss
the plaintiff, to whom yoy were ou
gnged to be married, when you first
saw her ou your return?"
"I do," responded the defendaut
"Will you make that statement to
the jury?"
"Certnluly, If necessary."
"Do you think that they would be
lieve you?"
"One of them would, I know."
"Ah, indeed! Aud why should he,
"Because he was present when I
first saw her. lie was at the gate when
I rode up, and she stuck her head out
of the second story window, and I said
to her, 'How dy'e do?' and called out
I'd be buck to supper In half nu hour.
I'm no giraffe." And everybody smiled
except the barrister. Tit-Bits.
Long Tennessee Fight.
For twenty years V. 1.. Kawls, cf
Bells, Tenn., fought nasal catarrh, jje
writes :"Tlie swelling and soreness in
side my nose was fearful, till 1 began
applying Ibieklen's Arniea Salve to the
sow surface; thia caused the soreness
and swelling to disappear, never to re
turn.". Best Salve in existence. 25c at
Chas. N. Clarke, Druggist.
0Cnt this out and take It to Keir &.
t'ass's drug store and get a free sample
of Chamberlains Stomach and i.iver
Tablets. These tablets are far superior
to pills, being easier to take and more
pleasant in effect. They correct dis
orders of the stomach, liver and bowels.
Keir & Cues.
Carrie .Nation.
certainly smashed a hole in the bar
rooms of Kansas, but Itullard's Hore
hound Syrup has smashed all records as
a cure fir coughs, bronhitis, intlueuca
and all pulmonary diseases. T. C 11 ,
Hortnn, Kansas, writes: "I have never
found a medicine that would cure a
cough so quickly as Mallard's H iro
hound Svrup. 1 have used it for years.''
o Id by Chas. N. Clarke.
The Place to
fiats 98c
Have You Lost Your Phone
At the Williams Pharmacy
You can get the handiest Directory
to Hood River ever put out
at actual cost 85c, or
given away with $5.00
cash purchases as long as
d': they last.
...HALL & ESSON, Prescription Specialists..
Kin? cf AH Ct iigb. Medicines.
Mr. K. G.( W, a'mail carrier of Canton
Oenl -r, Conn , who has beeb In the U.
S. Service for about f-ixteen years, says:
'We have tried many cough medicines
for croup, but Chamberlain's Cough
Uemody is king ol all slid one to be re
lied upon eviry timo. We also find it
the be;t remedy for coughs and coMh,
nivina certain remits and leaving no
bail niter effects." For sale by Keir &
tuilled States l und Office, Tho Dalles, Ore.,
Junuary 1", WW.
A HiinVlent content effliluvll having been
lili;cl Iu thin ollUe hy t'enrl (Massooek, con.
tenmiil, iHpiinxt honiehlead entry No. 14. S3,
imete November 7, twitt. Tor ti e M1. ,, oei'tUm
K Tuwnrhlpl north, n.nire 10 east w. M.,by
Ivl. 1.. Wliiiuell, ontet, In which it la that naiil K.d l. Whltzcl has entirely
ul.Hiiiloiml sulci land mi'! has done no 1m
i.rnvcnieiit on ;h hind only to partly con
Mruet a Insrabln : that he ban not been on
milil biii'l Mme April ltKlti; that said Hllesed iu e Iikh not been due to bis employmeut
in the n my, navy or iin.rlne toiw r the
I elieil stntex tn Mine of war. asld parties are
hereby untitled to appear, r spund and offer
vldeheetoii liliiHMldHllealioii,al lOuelixk
a. til. on KeVu iry Kt. 1IW7, belnre ihe Kevbier
und lleri lvcr t the United Stiiten Land tillice
in The lialltn, Oregon.
The raid contestant hsvlnir. In lo r
Hllldiivll. bled Jallliary 2, 1W7, t lieth le i
whieh show that Hltt r due dllno nee timi .1
Kervleeof thm notlee cannot he iomiu,
hereby ordered and dlreeted tlmt meli nonce
b. eiven bv due and nroper luiblleatlon.
Ji:.ft!l JIIL'llAKL, T.NOLAN, Kegnter.
Notlee l hereby given that the nnderslgned
bun b en bv the order o( the comity court of
iiseoeimniv, Oregon, npiwilnled to be d
mltiiHtriiii ix of the estate of Thomas H.l.ond,
rtieiHK.d; mid all (leri-oiis having
nsaniKt mid evtatfl are hereby notltl d to
1.. eenl Uie Mime to me duly verified, it the
elltee or A. A. .luvne, In Hood River, Onini,
within ix moiilin from the date of the lli.-t
publlciitlon ol this notice. .
Date of brsl publication January 17 1
Admlnlrtiatrlx of the estate of Thomas !.
Hond. decexcd. jn-rll
.Fruit Lands.
in largo or small tracts. Some very good
land at low prices, at prenMit. Good
trowing cominui.ity. Six miles east of
Hood Kiver. Also homesteads and re
limiuiehment!(. l'arties wishing to buy
will do wull to writ-J or see
MoMor, Oregon.
A Family library
The Best In Current literature
S2.E0 khycab; SScts.acopt
Save Money
.". YOU , , '
Men, Women and
Complete assortment of heavy
Wintei uud? ear in wool or
cotton. Prices from 35c to
185 a garment.
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' extra heavy fleece lined
underwear in cream color,
Derby ribb d. A good wearer.
Price 50c a garment.
if i' i 'w
Read of Reeds and Bamboo Stuff
We have never Been any household that had too many
comfortable chairs. We have a fine assortment and
would be pleased, to show them. See our display of
Reed and Bamboo Furniture
Undertaker and Embalmer.
Here is Your Chance
to buy land and make
the crops pay for it.
40 acres. 15 acres cleared read v for
trees. Balance partly clearad. 17,000.
40 acres. 7 acres cleared ready for
trees. Balance partly cleared. 1,000.
40 acres, including valuable water
power. $i,000.
40 acres, including valuable water
power. 12 000.
All thia land i within five miles of
town on banks of Hood River under the
ditch, sheltered from wind. Kicli soil
for apples, early berries or hay. Two
or more tracts can be gild together or
further subdivided. Kasy terms and
lone time given. - .
Enquire d DR. J. F. WATT.
Hovsestor Sole Hlx head three year old
pastl lour In spg; weight 1160 to l.H). I.Wy
era, White Salmon. dill?
A large selection of Damask towels in
plain or fancy borders, fringed or plain
ends. All heavy linen. Prices range
150 to 500 Each
Another lot of odds
Patent leather, Vici
eled shoes, that
Special sale
Buster Brown
Buster Brown Blue
Ribbon Shoes for
Boys and Girls. Shoes
thut wear because
they are one of the
best made shoes for
children on the mar
ket today.
Don't be a Knocker
Come Bay a Rocker
Sewing Rockers
Willow Rockers
Tukeu Up. Iteil Kteer, 2 years old. Left
ear split, right ear clipped. Owner can have
Riinie by puying charge. L.M. lialdwln. Ml.
Hood. J3-J24
For Sale
For Sale I have the agency for the Niagara
Hprayer, and also taking orders for lime and
sulphur solution spraying material. Hive
me your orders. O. l. Woodworth. n29 20
Jersey Cattle for Sale
One bull, three yi arsold, flO OO One heifer,
eighteen niomhsold, $l5.0u. One heifer ten
months old, fcO.cO. One heifet, Ave months
old th' llO. One heifer, one month old, fcVOO,
One cow, two years old, was fresh In August,
gives three gallons of miik dally at present
line, fMUKv For ml ik and butter producers!
give Mr. B. K. Hiirbison. of Hood Kiver, s
reference. O T. KOBLHT8, Meadow Farm.
Phone Farmers Ml JH-ji4
Notice la hereby given that t he undersigned
lias been by the order of the county court or
vnsco county, Oiegon, appointed lobe exec
utrix of the estate of Lucas Henry, deceased
and all persons having claims against said
estate aie hereby notilled to Dresent the same
itoine, duly verified, at, the nfllce of A. A
iJayne, In Hood Kiver, Oregon, within six
I mom lis fioin the dale of the rtrst publication
ol ,nis notice.
late of tlrst publication January 17, lfw.
Kxeentrix of the will of Lucas Henry, de
ceased. j17.n4
SHOE Specials
and ends shoes, consisting of
Kid, Box Calf or French enam
sold as high as $5.50
Blue Ribbon Shoes
s vv r sTPnwRPinnp
T m v v V" -4
Mlihl VVRHtK
Paper Hanging and Tinting a Specialty
hei&deucK next to Second Hand 8tore
For Bale "0 acres fi'J tnlUw from fold ttlv.
it; l2 acres yonngf ctuirl, hiiihII hoiiHt; on
river road, 8I.5U0. II nil' cusli, bHlanuu K per
cent. Hee Tucker, Hood Hiver nr Hiluross J. H.
Krury, to: Wllliania ave., I'ortlitnd, Ore. daO
Kr Hale A 40-arr tvuil. fiirm two miles
nonu of CuniiiH, V' iiiipiDveiiiHiits a
good 5 room lum e, lnrne Imrn, prim t dryer,
elilcken hoii-e, lim; houc, Nn. 1 well und
miinp, seven acres nf prime orclmr I, j.d in
n no,', fruit Bold fur jfl H. VS'lll i i - . . . i In
to: iimllon to unvone u riM nir. or coiuj niid
II. Will Bell lor :I.U!W. J..II0 or more ra-h, lull,
auce on time. KeaMon lor (.eiloiir: Kwllier
got litirt In rallrotid wreck and wiiuM me to
tn ie cliui'Ke or his ruucli iu NebnitUa. A. C.
Mo.., Caiiuis, Wash. till t.27
For Hnle. I'lne ?.nd fir wood on the trrouiid
at 81 CO ilek. Kir Is dry, ( Inc pur!. sea
soned. l.e It. Klroiiif, Ofli ll, 11. V. 1). No. 1.
Wood for S lie I'lne woo l, lii Inch length.
Leave ordtr :it S.J. Frank's. jlTtH
For Sale or Trade-Town properly, house
and four lot, lor apple land, o lell properly
preferred. Kuqmre K. .S, Muhiiuey. jlin
Vor sale Cream separator und milch imivvs.
John Vaulliries, Mt. Jlood, Ore. J17-f7
For sale A young mare. Standard bred,
weight, 10M pounds. Price il XT). A. f. Hlow.
ers. J1T-IH
Hay for sale. J. O'Conn r, Imkes Valley.
For sale Oak nod tlr wood. Apply A J. A.
F.ppiiig. Phone ranncrs. ITti. J Oj-ll
For Sale. A single barrel, hi gauge shot gun,
almost new. A bargain ut ;.uii. Also a con
cert roller organ Willi records. Price JK.00.
J10 31. Lee K. Strong, Udell, H. F. U. M ). t
For Sale 8 horses, fresh milch cow, 8 heavy
young cattle, good mountain hack, 1 brand
new wagon. 1 cream separator. Mrs. John
Lenz, R. K. II. No. 1. Jl7
FBF.K WOOD-W'lll give idne sapl.ngs for
wood for the cutting. I'. I). Ileuriclis. Jl"
For Sale One Half donen fnncy Brown I-eg-horn
cockerels, liirds irom prize taking pens.
Best laying strains., J. L. Carter, i'lioue, 1OT
For Sale Ferns, potled plants, and a lew
choice perenluls. Also white Wyandotte
cockerels Irom 81 to J, J. t- Fletcher, Osk.
dale (Jreenhouse. , dm
For Hale Beagle hound pups. For ten days
they will go ut tf.'iU apiece. Dr, lfosius.
Phone, Hi. dill
Wanted A responsible party to clear about
eight acres orchard land iu Hood Kiver.
Address & L. House 2M)1 a Turk street, Port
land, Ore. jl7-fi
Wanted A womuti as housekeeper. No
hard work and w ill be hels d with washing.
Willing to pay Sill u month and board the
year mound. John W. Jones. Ktiouo K87.
. jlUj31
Hood Hlver Valley Kestaurant and Bakery
eoiiibined, on the Heights, next do ir to
Tweedy's. M ulsut all hours from 15o up.
Mrs. Al. t. Htutis. JIO-31
Wanted. Bids will bn received until ten
days Irom date for IK) cords ol 4-foot fir wood.
C. H. Vaughn, School Uistrlct -No. ,1.
Warilil-r.UkllMMWin will, onntl t.
ereuce to travel by rail or with a ng lor a
nun oi env.uw capioii. r-aiary di,vt pt r year
aud expenses, salury paid weekly aud ex
penses advanced. Address, w ill stamp, Jos.
A. Alexander, Hood Kiver, Ore,
Wsnttd-Several men to cut cordwuod. J.
E. llanua. dlJ
Wanted- parlies to cut 10 licks ol wood.
House on place in winch cutters can live
while working. Henry Avery, Figgermont,
Hood Kiver, ore. J1U-31
Wanted. Gent leinan or lady to travel for
Mercantile House ol large capital. Territory
at home or abroad to suit, if derirabie the
borne may be used as hcadou.trleis. Weeklv
salary of 11,000 ier year uud expenses. AcT-
uress job. Aiexauucr, noou Kiver, uie.
Taken up-Cow and calf. Calf about four
Weeks old, the cow about six years old, has
no brand or mark. Color while and roan,
but mostly while. Hail ol one hot n biokjn
otl. Owncrcaii huve same by pHyiigcmirt;es.
Paul Hubert JlO Jl
Strayed Bed heifer calf about 18 months
old. Both ears split quarter circle, A on right
hip. Liberal reward lor inloruialion for its
return. Mrs. A. Mohr. J id 81
Lost and Found
It-A pocketbook 111 town or on rosd to
Mt. Hood. Finder will please return to this
office or Sarah K Fawceit, Ml. Hood. da7-17
Lost. A neck fur on the road between
Hood Kiver and Crapper school house Mon
day night. Fiuder will please return to tills
office. H. A. Huckelt. J3J21
Found A ladies' purse contain'ng some
money. Ownerciin have same by calling at
tnis office und paying for ad. JlO-ai
Found A child's embroidered blanket.
Can be bud at thlsjilllee by paying for ud.
For Rent
For Kent Horn kecpinc looms at 3 Co.
luinbia Avenue. Patily (furnished. Mrs. 1).
UMajior. uiijiljj
For Sale Cheap. one heavy-one-horse
wagon in good repair. Kn.imre of J. O, ;inr,
B. F. I', No. , or Mrs, (jouusrd, ruueh. l'r..p
per district. J3 Jt