The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 10, 1907, Image 7

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    New Spring Ginghams
We Close at 6:30 p. m.
Clearance Sale
On wintergoods. They must
go regardless of cost or worth
Our immense line of New Spring
goods must be accommodated with
room on arrival, so we are willing
to sacrifice the balance of our
cold weather wearables
Cloaks, Furs, Under
wear, Knit Goods,
Hosiery and Flannels
9 - ,
0i V V3h
1:2 JSfc 3;
v.-mi irv & i
1 fcff-
Clearance ale
On all Men and Boy's Cloth
ing, Overcoats, Gloves, and
everything to keep you warm
The quality is always right here, no
matter how low the price. You can
not afford to buy goods elsewhere
without looking through our splen
did lines. We can save you from
20 to 40 per cent on any item of
wearing appearel you may need.
We do not open on Sunday.
We are Progressive
The UptoDate Store
Everything in Kubber Footwear
on the market
Frenh butter and eggs at Bent's.
Mr. Bartmess is on a cash basis.
Get your chickens for Sunday dinner
at Mcuuire Bros.
Olives in bulk, bottles and cans at
Finishing for amateurs at DeiU Stu
New Orleans Molasses in bulk and
miiH at Jackson's.
Get a fine roast at Bent's meat mar
ket Bait mackerel, eastern white fish and
pickled salmon at Jackson's.
Our work guaranteed. Deltz Studio.
McGuire Bros, make their own leaf
lard under their own brand.
Cnickens for Sundty dinner at A. 8
Wodohoppets supplies of all descrip
tions at Hay nee. Wedges, saws, axes,
etc. Call and see us.
Orange, citron and lemon peel at
Hanna's Star Grocery.
Freeh ("image made daily at Bent'
meat market.
It is to your interest to refer to M.
Bartmess' ad under the new system.
The Dietz Studio for photos.
Telephone A. S. Bent your meat or
ders at the City Market.
New and complete line et groceries
at the Star Orooery.
. If you are not comfortable this oold
weitber aud want a new tove come
and see us. We have a complete line.
W. llayuea.
If you want to buy or sell real estaie
go to Onthatik A'Otten. Money to
loan on first mortgages. Abstracts and
legal papers carefully prepared. Nota
rial work of all kinds.
Just received from the factory sev
eral beautiful pianos for the holiday
trade. Call and see th"m. SouIh'
Piano House. Next to Culbertson's
real estate otlice.
If you want a pair of skates that
will give satisfaction as well as pleas
ure we have them, llaynee Hardware
"Bee's Laxative Cough Hyrup, con
taining Honey and Tar is especially ap
propriate for children, no opiates or
poisons of any character, conforms to
the conditions of the National Pure
Food and Drug Law, June 30, 1906. For
Croup, Whooping Cough, etc. It ex
pells Coughs and Cold by gently moving
the bowels. Guaranteed. Sold by
Keir&Cass, Druggists..
Beginning January 1st, 1907, the drug
stores will close at 8 o'clock, except
Saturdays. On Sundays will close from
1 till 5 and close at 7 p. in.
Mali. & Esson.
Kkik & Cass,
Char. N. Ci.arkr.
"Pineules" (non-alcoholicl made from
resin from our Pine Forests, used for
hundreds ot years for bladder a Jul Kid
ney diseases Medicine for thirty dayH,
1.00. Guaranteed.- Sold by Keir A
Cass, Druggi f..
A semicolon placed in a law, kept
Boston from drinking after 11 o'clock
at night. This is the first time tbat
a semicolon was a full stop.
B. F. Hatcbinson is spending a few
days vacation at Uollina Springs.
L. N. Blowers aold ten acres to J
J. Woody & Brothers la-it week.
G. D. Woodwortb retruned from a
business trip to Portland Saturday.
Preaching at Odell next Sunday at
11 a. m., and at K. of P. ball at 7:30
p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Knapp left on
No. 2 Fi iday for a trip to eastern
F. W. Angus went to Portland
Thursday on a several days busioen
A. J. Derby bai been confined to
bis room for several days with the
Mr. and Mr. A. Winans, who bave
been visiting at Portland, returned
home Wednesday.
Lesil Barnett spent Christmas with
bis grandfather, W. H. Peugb, ot
Hood River. Wasco News.
Miss Hettie Archibald left Wednes
day morning for Philamotn, Ore., to
spend several days with ber parents.
Edgar Gilletly, of Corvallis, left for
his borne Wednesday morning after
spending a week with friends in Hood
Robt. Smith and F. Stanley were at
Hood Kiver to attend the election
held at tbe FirBt National bank Mon
day A. C. Buck baa taken one of tbe
offices recently vacated by S. F.
Fouts and will in future conduct bis
business there. iQ
Dick Fisber, of Mosier, was at Hood
River Tuesday. We regret to learn
tbat Mr. Fisber sustained tbe lose of
one of bis children recently.
The adjourned mooting of Riverside
Congregational church will be held at
tbe church Friday January 11 at 1:30
p. in.
Rev. D. V. Poliug will exchange
with Rev. W. C. Gilmore next Sun
day morning Services will begin at
Mrs. Cbas. Slettiu went to Poitland
Monday to bear Madame Sobumanu
Heink. Mrs. Slettln also spent a day
or two in the city visiting friends.
Miss Doff, wbo spent tbe holidays
in this city with ber parents, returned
to ber studies at tbe State Uoive-sity
at Eugene Saturday.
John J. Kelley, Oregon's famous
short distanoe innner, was a recent
visitor at Hood Kiver. Mr. Kelley
was the guest of E. E. Goff while
E H. Sbepard was in Portland for
several days last week. Among oth
ers be was kept from returning for a
day or two on aooount of tbe land
H. C. McAllister, tbe new presi
dent of tbe X. P. A., was at Hood
River last week. He received the
oougmtulation of his many friends
while here.
Mi's. Nettie Eooles and son wbo
went to Ogden tor the holidays re
turned Monday accompanied by ber
son. W. E. Eocles baa also teturned
from that place.
There will be a business meeting of
tbe Christian church of Odell at tbe
oburoh next Saturday evenioa at 7:30.
All members are requested to be pres
ent. The death occurred yesterday of a
baby wbiob was born to Mrs. Koy
Woodwortb on Christmas day. Tbe
i;ause ot tbe deatb is not known and
the funeial will be beld today.
On January 25tb tbe Royal Neigh
bors will give a masquerade danoe at
Odd Fellows baU. It will be an invi
taton affair and is expected to be tbe
most enjoyable masquerade tbat will
be given this season.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald MoKay aud
Mia. Skene, aooompanied by tbe chil
dren of tbe latter, spent several days
at Hood Kiver last week. They re
turned to Portland Saturday morn
ing. Misa Mable Paulson, who has been
visiting at ber borne at Newberg, re
turned last week and has taken a po
sition in the office ot J. L. Hender
son aa stenographer.
1-ester Foss. wbo baa been atfeoted
with mental trouble for some tlni,
was taken to tbe State hospital for
tbe insane at Salem Thursday in the
hope that be may be benefitted.
Miss Anna Jacksou, wbo has been
spending tbe holidays with her par
ents, Mr. and Mr F. E, Jacksou, in
this oltj, returned to Salem Wednes
day, where she is a student in tbe
Willamett- University.
David E cle, ot Salt Lake, the well
known capituhtt, woo Is largely in
terested in many ways in Oregon
among abicb interests are tbe Mouut
Hood and tbe big mill at
Dee, was tt Hood River this week.
Prof. Heudorson, brother of J. L.
Henderson, i f tbia city, was a visit
or at Hood Kiver for several days
recently. Mr Henderson is connect
ed with the btate experiment station
at Mofccow, Uubo.
All persons of liberal and inquiring
mind are oordially invited to attend
services at tbe Unitarian church next
Sunday at II a. m and 730 p. m.. J.
A. Baldridge, minister. The morning
subject, "Some Pbaaes of Modern Re
ligious Thought"; evening, "Physical
Disasters; ibeir cause and uure."
D. Swift & Co., patert lawyers, of
Washington, D. C., bave sent us a
bettutiliil art calender and a vest
pocket calendar for 1907. Tbey will
upou retiuest. send both of these cal
eudars post paid to any of our wad
ers. A postal will bring them by le-
turn mail.
Ainoug those who alighted from be
lated No. 2 Friday were Misa Gladys
Hartley, K. H. Wallace. John Uastner
and J. M. Sobmeltzer. Mr Scbmell
zer spent Thursday marooned between
tw landslides above Troutdale and
tbeu bad tbe pleasure of a ride back
to Poitland. Several other Hood Kiv
er people were also on tbe train and
report a very weary day.
Wayne Lakin. employed at tbe
warehouse of the Apple Growers un
ion, anbtained a Dainful iniurv last
week by having a nail fly up and bit
hie left eye. He was nailing boxes at
tbe time and tbe accident was caused
by tbe hammer slipping. He went to
Portland In order to consult an eye
W. R. Beach baa taken a position
In tbe teal estate office of J. II. Heil
biooner t Co.. and assumed his du
ties Monday. Mr. Beach has bad ex
perience in tbe real estate business In
tbe east and tbe business is not new
to blm. This firm baa also found it
necessary to add man to their Poit
land land office on account of increas
ing business.
A danoe will be given Friday even
ing, January 18, in Odd Fellows ball
a"; Odell. It was to hve been given
tbia week, but baa been postponed.
All wbo atteud are assurred a good
Mittens for girls and bovs, Slede. All styles for big and For Card Parties. Play
heavy black yarn, 8c, 10, 15c pr. little lots. 50c to $4.00 ing cards, score car;s, ti ket
1 ' . punches, program pencils, prizes,
srcsr JSi'S s r., .......
style, 00c to 1.50 pair. k , 25c to $.2.50 Fancy crPf P!1"' chIP baskets,
y T paper napkins, wooden plates,
ribbons, etc.
Mufflers. Something that
are appreciated these cold da s Warm Underwear fur j
All Btyles. 75c to $1.50 pair boys and girls, men and women. Tn-hwinT
We can Suit you in price and F,,nc.hl 1oto.i her-
itvle 3 v lock Holmes, pinnockle, cribbage,
Hood River Souvenir postals. " ' chess, lotto, etc.
We have the best edition of local MatRs. We have everything Interesting Books to
views ever gotten out here. in supplies for masquerade par- read these long evenings. Cloth
b 2-for-5c. ties. Little prices. bonnd volumes. Many titles. ;
25 cts copy
rv . .i iL,. 'I...a to get a new supply of sheet music during our specal
st lrvrll a. liiiu sate, aii me ibus pupuiai uiuuv wp'
copies $1 .00.
Bishop Scaddlng will bold services
in tbe Episcopal oburoh Sunday even
ing, Januaiy 20.
Cbas. Chandler left for Poitland
Wednesday enroute for San Antonia,
Texas, where be will spend some time
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Garter went to
Portland Wednesday to be present at
tbe exhibition of applet at tbe State
Horticultural society and also to visit
with friends in tbat city.
Helen, tbe youngest child of Mr
and Mrs. J. L Hersbner, Is seveiely
ill witb congestion of tbe lungs and
bowel trouble.
Miss Nettie Buck bee gone to Gar
field county, Wash., where she has ac
cepted a position of teacber in tbe
pubiio schools and commenced ber
duties Monday.
In many plaoes tbe country roads
are repotted to be impassable and res
idents wbo live in the country and
are foroed to come to town bave bad
to walk. This is said to be tbe case
on tbe East Side where many are said
to be kept at borne by bad loads.
Ten boxes ot apples were recently
shipped by tbe Davidson Fruit com
pany to Jonathan Bourne at tbe Hotel
Shoreman in Washington, D. C. it
la said tbat tbe apples are to be used
at a banquet which Mr. Bourne will
give on bis return to that city.
Tbe good sleighing wbiob we bave
been having bag caused several to pur
chase sleighs and has also brought out
several sielghing parties. Monday
evening a number of young people
drove about town and out into tbe
oountry making their presence known
by tbe loud tooting or horns.
Tbe annual meeting and dinner of
Riverside Congregational church took
place Saturday and waa attended by
many members of tbe church and
their friends. One hundred and six
ty persona partook of tbe splendid re
past provided by the ladies of tbe
oburch and enjoyed tbe social hour
tbat ensued afterward.
Tbe ladies of tbe U. B. oburch will
give an experience social at tbe read
ing room in tbe gymnasium Thursday
January 17th, at 7 :30 p. m. A good
program will be rendered and a ten
cent lunoh served. Come and meet
witb us in a social evening. Each
one having earned a dollar will be ex
pected to tell the manner in which it
was earned in a well written poem.
C. K. Marshall, wbo in company
witb bis wife and sou, left here on
Nov. 20 for Buffalo, returned last
Thursday evening. While away Mr.
Marshall had his little boy operated
on for an affection ot tbe tbroat. Tbe
little chap stood tbe operation well
and is gettting along nicely. Mr.
Marshall visited New York olty dur
ing bis trip and reports Hood River
Newtowns as selling at a high figure
tbere. Mrs. Marshall and sou will not
leturn to Hood River until later.
When a man can completely capti
vate large aud oritioal audiences of
the many Chautauqua assemblies
wbiob employ tbe best talent only,
and when he can repeatedly appear in
suoh city entertainment oourses as
those conducted in Boston, Atlanta,
Buffalo, Detroit, New York, Chicago,
Nashville, Ioiedo. Indianapolis, Port
land, Seattle and Los Angeles, be cer
tainly is a star entertainer. Boob has
been tbe record of Dr. Tbomas Mo
Clary, wbo comes December 17 in the
Midland Lecture course.
Rev. Louis G. Wilson, of Boston,
representing tbe Unitarian church,
delivered two addresses here Sunday
in tbe Unitarian cburob in tbia city.
Mr. Wilson is said to bave given those
wbo beard bim a most eloquent and
interesting discourse. His subject in
the morning was "Tbe Outlook of
Liberal Religion," and in tbe even
ing, "Historio and Organized Unitar
inism." Both lectures were well at
tended. While here Mr Wilson was
tbe guest of tbe Commercial club at
its banquet. He is making a tour ot
the oountry under tbe auspices of the
church and does not expect to get
back to Boston for seven months.
Sew Plan to Develop Valley Land.
A. L. Dondas and J. J. Hurlbert, of
Portland, representing a company
whose intention it ia to purchase a
large traot of land here and induce
eastern people to put it under culti
vation, were in this city Monday.
Tbe name of tbe oompany is tbe Hood
River Development and Annuity com
pany, and it has been incorporated
by the two already named gentlemen
in company with T. A. Ward, of Port
land, with a capital stock ot $50,000.
It is tbe intention of tbe company to
purchase 2,000 acres of land which
will be sold in small tracts on tbe in-
a 1 1 1 m a n t nl.n .ltd nna n nat h th.
company. Wbile here Messrs. Dundas
and Hurlbert secured material for
some advertising matter whicb,Jtbey
f ropose to circulate in tbe east giv
ng a prospectus of tbeii plan wbiob
tbey think will be successful. No stock
will be sold, tbe oompany receiving
tbe right to retain it.
To the wife of II. E. KnoDD. on
January 7th, a boy.
! The meeting ot the State Horticul
ture society now being beld in Port
land is said to be creating much in
terest and tbe exhibition ot apples is
I said to he the best ever made tbere.
I J. R. Card we 11, wbo has been tbe so
ciety's president for the past year an
nounces tbat be will no longer serve
in tbat capacity and it is hinted that
a president tor tbe society may be
chosen from Hood River. It is not
expected tbat tbe selection will be
made until today, when the awards
for prizes will also be announced.
Hood River's delegation to the meet
ing was s large one, among whom are
H. F. Davidaon, aocompanied by bis
wife, R. H. Wallace, Win. Kennedy,
Tuos. Lacey, C. K. Marshall, M. M.
Hill, E. H. ShepaH, John Cunt dpi,
A. I. Maaon, J. L. Carter, E. L.
Smith, Frank Angus aud a number of
others whose names we did not learn.
Mosier also is represented by a dele
gation among whom were the follow
ing: J. P. Carroll, Amos Root, Dr.
C. A. Maorum, O A. MoCargar, J.
M. Carroll., A. P. Bateham, A. Gros
ser, Lee Evans, J. M. Elliot, O. F.
Hood River's exhibit consists of
many boxei ot choice fruit and other
districts in the Bttte have are also
making an exhibition numbering sev
eral hundred boxes. In connection
witb tbe exhibition tbe Oregonian
Pomona bas smiled upouOregon and
her orchards. Tbe goddess has lavish
ly given of ber golden stores to tbe
state tbat raises the "best apples" in
several different sections. Her magic
wand bas been waved over pictur
esque foothills and fertile valleys and
buge quantities of prefect aud lus
cious fiult has been tbe result. Just
what method tbe orcbardists bave em
ployed to gain the favor of this fickle
dame they seem loath to tell, but
those wbo have seen J tbe nmgniUcent
exhibit now being made by the State
Horticultural society are inclined to
the belief tbat it was .witchcraft. The
display la so beautiful aud tbe apples
are so perfeot tbat it seems almost
incredible that mere man could have
achieved suoh triumphs in horticul
ture. Never before in tbe history of tbe
society bas there been such an exten
sive exhibit nor one so large. Seo
Hons are represented which have nev
er taken the trouble iu past years to
compete witb their neighbors in tbe
effort to raise tbe best, Individuals
wbo bave not taken interest hereto
fore are now tbe most enthusiastic ex
hibitors, and throughout the state the
slogan of better fruit baa been beard
sod bas done its work. Tbe Rogue
River district Is represented by fruit
tbat would bave graced the garden of
Hesperldes, tbe WiUameete valley is
showing foi a second time iu two
months tbat it can raise "just as
good' if not better, apples than other
sections; Hood Kiver is present witb
a regular gold-medal display wbiob
would win a prize at any world's fair.
and tbe Mosier and other easterrn
districts are not so consptoious by
their absence as tbey bave been in tbe
First National Bank Elects Ofllcers.
Tbe annual meetna of the First Na
tional bank took place Tuesday after
noon at wbiob time tbe following di-
ectors and officers were chosen tor
the ensuing year:
Directors F. S. Stanley, E. u.
Smith, R. Smith. A. S. Blowers.
John W. Hinriobs.
The officers elected weie the same
as those wbo seived lust year and are:
President V. S. Stanley.
Vice President-E. L. Smith.
Cashier E. O. Blanobar.
Assisstaut Cashier V, C. Brock.
Tbe officials of tbe bank report a
very prosperous year tor 1900 aud
prospects for inoressed busness dur
ing tbe co nlog year. During the past
year the deposis in tbe bank bave in
creased $110,000 over those of tbe pre
ceding year or almost double.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to publicly express our
thanks for tbe kind help and sympa
thy shown ua during our recent be
reavement in tbe death of our hus
band aud father. Mrs. Henry.
Mrs J. B. Hunt.
Haster Masons Attention.
There will be a special meeting of
Hood River Lodge, No. 105, A. F. &
A. M., this evening at Masonic hall.
Work in the M. M. degree. Visiting
brothers weoome.
D. MoDooald, Secretary.
It will be absolutely necessary ior all
persona contemplating the purchase of
new stock in tbe farmer's irrigating Co.
to make application within 30 days to
the secretary of said company if you
wish any water for the season of 1907.
jlOtf M. II. NICKELSON, Bec'y.
Vs. jl W vonch for hht(jh quality of wt pair of jV
C y onr )!. Our lrwl-mrk hu bohlntt it V y
W Tnnph fnr ) fclot. ..... ....
onr (how. Our trmlf-mitrk hu bohlntt It
PRESTON B. KEITH SHCE CO., Makers, Brockton, Mass.
Stationery Sale
Eaton-Hurlbert and Whiting
stock, the best manufactured
55c regular price , 350 sale price
45c regular price 300 sale price
35c regular price 250 sale price
A lot of odila and ends at Your Own Price
This is not dead Stock, but we must
have the room for the new stock now ar
riving. Our LOSS is your Gain. Always
your money's worth at
Death of L. 1). Mount.
L. D. Blount, a former resident of
liood River, died in the Soldiers
Home at Leavenworth, Kan., January
4, 1907, agod 70 years, 7 months and i
days, a is deatb was caused by drop
sy, from wbiob disease be bad been a
sufferer for years.
Mr. Blount left liood River two
yeais ago last fall, and bas since been
living witb a daughter at Far ions,
Kan. lie spent Christmas day with
bis daughter's family and waa after
ward taken to the hospital at the sol
dier's home where he died.
Luke D. Blount was born near Byr
ne use. N. Y., Jnne 1. 1836. From
there be went ;to Wisconsin and en
gaged in farming nntil tbe outbreak
ot tbe Civil war, when be enlisted in
Company D., Seventh Wisconsin,
known as the "Old Iron Brigade,"
and served throughout the war. In
1804 bo moved to Missouri, where be
followed farming for a time, and came
to Hood Kiver in 1800.
Mr. Blount's wife died 18 years ago
leaving two daughters, Myrtle and
Julia, who reside at Parsons. J. L.
mount, of this city, is a brother ot
tbe deceased and Mrs. 1'. J. Cunning
also of this city, is bis sister.
Avery Fredenberg Dies of Old Age.
Aveiy Fredenberg, a well known
and respected resident of tbe Mount
Hood distrot, died at bis borne tbere
Monday morning at tbe advanoed age
of 79 years. Mr. Fredenberg, although
feeble bad been as well as usual and
did not complain of feeling indispos
ed when be retired Sunday night.
Early Monday morning it waa discov
ered tbat be was in a dying condition
and shortly afterward be quietly
passed away. His deatb is attributed
to old age.
Tbe funeral was beld Wednesday at
hi. .t H . m P.. Tr.
Sbellley officiating, and Interment
was in Mount Hood cemetery.
Mr. Fredenberg was one of Ore
gon's pioneer citizens baving crossed
tbe pains in 1804 and settled in tbe
Willamette valley, tie lived there for
a number of years and came to Hood
River in 1882. lie is survived by bis
wiie and Ave sons, one of whom is
Oscar, the well known Mouut liood
mail carrier.
Don't Fall to Hear Tbos. McClary.
The - next entertainment ia the
Midland oouise will Lbt Ibomaa Mo.
Clary. One of our exchanges where
Mr. MoClary lectured says:
"Few meu possess similar charac
teristics. He has tbe humor ot an
Artemua Ward and the (oratory and
learning of a Wendail Phillips. He
baa done as much to make the lecture
populai as well as entertaining and
instructive as any man on tbe plat
form. His faoe ia like tbat of Lincoln
and Fmerson, homely, but pleasing.
He possesses their power to mane men
laugh and iry. His ideas are fresh,
his illustrations apt, and bla :wlt
keen. Well bas he been styled by
those wbo know bim 'The People's
Favorite.' At Paclflo Grove, Placer
ville and Shasta Retreat Chautauqua,
as well aa at Ashland and Gladstone
Park, Oregon, he has bleased bis pro
pie greatly. Many people on tbe
coast bave heaord him and all who
have very highly praise him."
If you like fun and sound sense,
bear Thomas MoClary on Tbuisday
night December 17. Any long faoed
man who comes and is not cured bis
money retunded.
Editor Kinder Appeals for Ills Calf.
If anybody sees a flea-bitten calf of
tbe female variety wandering around
in tbe storm we hope tbey will cre
tor it till tbe weather ohanges. She
is a kind of melancholy looking creat
ure with a far away look in her soft
eyes and ber appeaiauce would indi
cate that she bad seen some pretty
bard times. She belongs to tbe editor
and has no marks, as we could not
bear to thrust tbe cruel knife into her
velvety ears or press tbe sizzling iron
against ber soft bind quarters. She
aa born a year ago last April and is
therefore almost old enough to gradu
ate Into a oow and. furnish lacteal
fluid for our somewhat numerous pro
geny, which time we are waiting with
what patienoe we opn command. Tbe
last seen of this pretty heifer she was
wandering around Bingen like a lost
spirit in a fog and we hope tbat some
of our numerous friends down tbere
will look after ber sucffliently to keep
soul and body together until the soft
zephyrs of spring bring back tbe lus
cious grass or until we can get her
home. Enterprise.
Pine Salve ctrbolized, acts like a
poultice; highly antiseptic, extensively
used for Eczema, for chapped hands and
lips, cuts and burns. Sold by Keir St
Cass, Druggists.,