The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 03, 1907, Image 5

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The Joint ius'sllatlnn of the new
ottioers of Mood Hirer lodg of Ma
sons and It sinter I'wIrm, the Kastaru
Hlar, took place I'hurJay evening.
Tim rooiui o( tbe lorle were ciowded
to overfloffiug with members of the
organization aud a low invited guests,
tie initall ttlin bHiug a puulia one.
E. U Smith tried as invtalling
officer lor the Masons nun U K.
Ci.ttoer aa ruarshHl. The new otllrei
of the lodge -i i - lolluwM :
W. M. A. D. Wim.
8. W. O. N Oi.ike.
W. L N blower.
D. Ralpli S.ivH'o.
D. Ouy Woodortb
TreaBiner Tiuinan Duller.
Secretary L) McDouulu.
8. 8 J. M Culbertaoo.
J. a D. R. Morton.
In Installing the ottlceri
E intern Star. Past Worthy
Mr a. T. J. Kiuuard ottloiated and
Mr. H. K Davidson aoted aa mar
abaL Tbe ne- ottioera aie:
M. Mra. Eva Clarke.
P. C. D. Thompson.
A. M. Carrie Bailey
Secretary Theresa Castner
Treasurer Fannie Bailey
Cond. Kathryn Dunible.
A. Cond. Misa Ida Wright.
Chaplain Mary Clarke.
Organist Ola Boyle.
Ada Minnie Jayne.J
Ruth Jennie Thompson.
Esther Margaret Patrick.
Martha Cora L. Norton.
KJeota Lillian Brock.
Warder Sail ie Caraon.
Sentinel U. 11. Bailey.
At the conclusion of tbe installa
tions a chicken supper was served
and a pleasant evening spent in social
of tbe
Installation of Chapter Officers.
Tbe installation of Hood River
Chapter, No. '27, Royal A rob Masons,
took place Thursday afternoon. E.
L. Smith was installing officer and
U. R. Castner marshal. Tbe new
officers of the chapter are:
H, P.-IJ. MoDonald.
Kmy.-O. R. Castner.
Scribe R. Savage.
C. H.-Cbas. N. Clarke.
P. S.-A. 0. Staten.
R A. C.-A. N. Rabm.
G. M. 3d-C. II. Stranahan.
O. M. 2d-A. S. Blowers
O. M. lst-J. W. Wrigut.
Secy. A. D. Moe.
Treas. E. L. Smith.
Guard. A. L. Pbelps.
New Officers 1. 0. 0. F. in 107.
At tbe last meeting of Idlewilde
Lodge, No. 107, I. O. O. F., tbe new
ottioeis elected for tbe coming year
N. U.-H. C. Smith.
V. O.-M. E. MoCarty.
Secretary J. II. Ferguson.
Tre.'surei J. M. Wood.
Captain cf learn E. S. Mayes.
Officers elected for Enoampment,
No. 48, I. O. O. F. were:
High Priest-R. J. Parrott.
Senior Wardeu-George V. Thomp
son. Scribe J. M. Schmeltzer.
Treasurer L. E. Moise.
Daughters of Rebckah Elect Officers.
At the election of the Daughters of
Rebekah the following officers were
chosen for tbe ensuing year:
K. O.-Zora Dav.
V. G.-Mrs. E. 8. Mayes.
Secretary Ella May Davidson.
Treasuiei Mrs. W. O. Ash.
Woodmen Choose Officers.
Hood River Camp, No. 77, Wood
men of tbe World, elected new offi
cers at their first meeting in Decem
ber They are as follows :
Council Commander A. C. StuteD.
Clerk-W. MoReynolds.
Banker-H. W. Wait.
Eeoort-W. A. Eby.
Sentry J Dolman.
Watchman A. L. Emmons.
Manager W. 11. Davis.
Tbe installation will take place at
tbe first meeting of tbe organization
'n January.
New Officers United Artisans.
Tbe new officers of tbe United Ar-.
tisans were elected at their last meet
ing aud tbe following chosen to serve
for tbe ensuing year:
Maeter Artisan Alice D. McGuire.
Supt. Emma Koberg.
Inspector Ada E. Moore.
Secretary C. D. Henricb.
Treasurer-C. A. Bell.
Sr. Conduotor A. J. Derby.
Jr. Conductor Ethel Sharp.
Mastet Ceremonies J. 11. Koberg.
Joe W ilson In Sew York.
The Chioago Packer publishes this
account of a Hood River apple grow
ers trip to New York.
"Joseph A. Wilson, one of tbe pio
neer apple growers of Hood River,
Or., while in New York, was tbe guest
of Rae & Hatfield. Mr. Wilson was tbe
first manager of tbe Hood River Apple
Growers Uu'on.
"Ho says the growers there are re
ceiving a great deal better prioes than
tbey expected. Early sales of Bald
wins were made at $1, Ben Davis at
85 ceuts and higher prices were paid
later. Not one per cent of the fruit
was wormy this season.
"To give an idea of tbe big profits
growers are making in tbe Hood Riv
er valley Mr. ilson mentioned one
man who got $2,400 from 270 trees.
American Magazine Changed Hands.
Ida M. Tar bell, who wrote Lincoln
and the famous "SI ory of Rockefel
ler"; William Allen White, tbe well
known Kansas editor; F. P. Dunne,
creator of "Mr. Dooley"; Ray Stan
nard Baker, author of "Railroads on j
Trial," and Linooln Steffons, of "The
Sbame of the Cities" fame, are un
der tbe leadershp of John S. Phillips,
now editing The American magazine.
Never before has such a brilliant
group been gathered together, aud
tbey are not only contributing them
selves, but are filling tbe magazine
with tbe very best novels and short
stories and great timely articles by
other famous writers and beautiful
pictures by great artists.
Ibe regulai price for tbe twelve
numbers of tbe Amerioau magazine is
81.20 little enough as it is, but for a
limited time you can get the Novem
ber and December, 190G, numbers,
with a full year's subscription for
1907, for a dollar, or 14 numbers for
only tl.
Think of it! Think of the quality
of reading you get for 81. Tbink of
tbe quantity at least two gieat nov
els, 98 short stories, 28 poems, 70
timely articles, 800 beautiful pictures,
and all or tl.
Cut this offer out, write your name
and address on a slip of paper and
mail it, with tl. Send it now today
before the special 14 months' offer ia
withdrawn. Send it by check, postal
money order or a dollar bill, at tbe
publisher's risk, to .the American
magazine, 141 Fifth Avenue, New
York City.
Laidlaw Rhrsur Writes ef Kaoeker.
Knocker had a yawping mouth
That ti uly was a ihow ;
Fvary where that Knocker went
That mouth was sure to go!
He kept it going in tbe town
Till eery body left:
Ibey couldn't stand that horrid
Of wit and brains bereft
The landloi ' wopt aud tore bia hair,
And sped him far away;
The bat bet oM bis only chair
Aud at ip. ed in sore dismay.
Tbe banker qnit, tbe unrcbant died;
The blacksmith couldn't stay;
Tbe aalooo man tumbled to himself
And went to making bay.
Si ill Knocker works his gaping
And prints a little rag
All blotobed and splotched
Jnst like an old potato bag.
Elected President T. P. A.
Two well-known traveling men. in
fact both former residents of Tbe
Dalles, says tbe Chronicle, were can
d Ida tea for election to the office of
president of tbe Travelers Protective
association oi America, Washington
and Oregon division, at tbe meeting
beld In Portland Saturday. Tbey were
H. u. McAllister aud Lams Allvboff,
both salesman for Allen & (Lewis. As
soon as tbe vote was announced. Mr.
AlleboS moveo. that tbe election of
MoAlilster be made unanimous and
he ia now at the head of tbe associa
Mr. McAllister Is una of tbe most
popular traveling men tbat ever made
ihe JJaiJea, and his visits are alwa
welcomed by tbe business men who
have dealings with him. He also
made numberless friends while a real
dent of this city, all of whom are
greatly pleased with the honor con
ferred on him and extend tbe glad
hand to Mao.
Mr. McAllister is also well known
in this city and bis election meets with
tbe popular approval of both mer
chants and bis many friends.
Hood River Doing Good Work.
A letter received from Tom Rich
ardson, secretary of the Oregon De
velopment leagne compliments tbe
Hood River Commercial club on tbe
good work it is doing in advertising
and says:
Portland, Oregon, Deo. 27, 1906.
A. D. Moe, Secy. Commercial club,
Hood River, Ore.
My Dear Sir I wish to congratu
late you upon tbe splendid work yon
are doing for Hood River and fet-i
sure tbat your labors will be fully re
warded in tbe near future.
I wrote autograph letters to 22 of
the commercial bodiea of the state
yesterday in which I said Hood River
writes that tbey are mailing descrip
tive matter to every name furnished,
and also asked tbem what tbey were
doing in this line. We must get this
state talked about. We still have be
tween one 1,000. and 1.500 names to
send out to the members of tbe
league and tbe Indications are that
they will keen on coming. In even
larger numbers for tbe next three
A Jamaican Lady Speaks Highly of
tnamDenain's tougn Kemeay.
Mrs. Michael Hart, wife of the super
intendent of Cart Service at Kingston,
Jamaico, Weet Indies Islands, says
mat sue lias tor some years used Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy for coughs,
croup and whooping cough and has
found it very lieneficial. She has im
plicit confident: in it and would not be
without a tMtttle of it in her home. Sold
by Keif & Case,
flood River Apple Grower Union.
Members who wish to exhibit apples
at tbe state Horticultural meeting In
Portland January 8. 9. 10. will find
a Uet of prizes in today's issue of tbe
Tbe anion will have one of the
paokers ga dowu on tbe boat Monday
in charge of tbe shipment to see that
it re carefully loaded and arranged to
have tbem i arted from tbed.wkto
the hall, open tbe boxes, unwrap top
aysrs ,etc. , aud see that boxes are iu
proper condition for entry . Mem
hers who bare boxes in storage or iu
tbe packing houses cnu arrange by
calling at the union not latei than
Saturday, January 6th to bare them
taken down in charge of a uniou
paoker and thus avoid any rough
Dangers of a Cold and How to Avoid
More fatalities have their origin in or
result from a cold than from any other
cause. I his fact alone should make
people more rareful as there is no dan
ger whatever from a cold when it is
properly treatel in the begin ing. For
many years Chamberlain's Cough
Kemedy has been recognized as the
most prom or aud effectual medicine in
use for this disease. It acts on nature's
plan, loosens the cough, relieves the
lung, opens the secretions and aids na
ture in restoring the system to a bealthv
condition. Bold by Keir & Cass.
Cheap Rates For Horticulturist!!.
Those who are contemplating at
tending tbe meeting of tbe State Hor
ticultural society at Portlenl next
week will do well to read tbe instruc
tions printed below wbioh have been
issued by tbe secretary of that orga
nization. Tbey are as follows:
"The Harriman lines of transporta
tion will give one and one-tbird ratea
ou tbe certiooate plan. Be euro yon
get a certificate of tbe agent when
you buy your ticket. Tell your neigh
bor to do likewise it be is coming to
tbe meet. We musl have fifty certifi
cates We expect many more. Get
all you can. Certificates will be is
sued on tbe 5tb, 6th and 8th, good
foi yourself and family."
How to Core Chilblains.
"To enjoy freedom from chilblains,'
writes John" Kninp, East Otisfi Id, Me.,
"I apulv Bucklen's Arnica Salve. Have
sIko used it for calt rheum with excel
lent remits." Guaranteed to cure fever
sores, indolent - ulcers, piles, s,
wounds, frost bites and skin diseases.
25c at Chas. Clarke's drug store.
To tbe wife of Mr. E. H. Sbepard,
at Portland, ou December 27, a girl.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications aa I hey cannot reach
thiliuwd Dortlon of tbe ear. Thereto only
one way to cure d camera, and that la by on-
atltntlonal remedies, ueaineea ia cauanu y
an Inflamed condition of the mucaa lining
of the Kuatactilan Tube. When thla tube
la Inflamed you have a rambling; sound or
Imperfect hearing;, and when It la enllivly
ckwed, deafneaa la the result, and nnleaa tbe
Inflammation can be taken out and this tube
restored to Ita normal condition, bearing will
be destroyed forever. Mine caaee ont of ten
n ennand bv Catarrh, wbleb la notblnc but
an Inflamed condition o( the mucaa sur
faces. . . ,. .
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
cam of Deafnem (mused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall'e Catarrh. Send for elr-
AdreaaT' F. J. CHENKY A Co., Toledo, O.
Hold by lruerglsta, 75c
Take Uall'a Family Pllla lor constipation.
Two men who were observed by
Marabal danger to be acting suspic
iously last Thursday, were taken luto
custody and wa. ned to leave town.
Tbey promised to do so and were ea
corted tu their boarding house to stay
until oioroii g a ben tbey could get a
train out of town. Tbey were cau
tioned not to leave the building dur
ing the night as tbey would be
aetcbed aud arretted.
About 2 o'clock in tbe morning,
Officer la lor, who was keeping a
close watch on tbe place where tbey
were etayiug, saw the men emtrge
from tbe back door and start op town.
He accosted tbe men and asked tbem
where they aeie goiug, to wbicL tbey
replied tbat tbey were looking for a
drink. Ha told tbem tbey couldn't
get a dilnk at that time of the night
and took tbem back to tbeir room.
Summoning Marshal Ganger a search
was made of tbe room with tbe result
tbat eight new pairs of pants were
discovered. The men claimed tbey
had bought tbem and cffeied to give
eaob of the officers a pair of trousers
if tbey would allow tbem to depart.
The men admitted tbat they had re
cently been released from I be peniten
tiary, but said tbat tbey had doae
nothing wrong at Hood River.
Tbey were kept In tbeir room until
tbe next morning and forced to leave
The tirlp.
"Before we can sympathise with
others, we must have suffered our
selves." No one can realise the suffer
ing attendant upon an attack of the
grip unless he has had the actual ex
perience. There is probably no disease
tbat causes so much physical and men
tal agony, or which so successfully de
fies medical aid. All danger from the
grip, however, may be avoided by the
prompt use of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. Among the tens of thousands
who have used this remedy, not one
case has ever been reported that has re
sulted in pneumonia or that has not re
covered. For sale by Keir & Cass.
Badly Hurt In Fight
A Swede who indulged In a fight
with a comrade ou the North Bank
road Thursday was brought to Hood
River to have bis injuries dtessed.
His throat was badly lacerated and it
wa found necessary to place him in
t he hospital He was taken from here
.o tbe railroad hospital at uouins.
Dad's Little Liver Pills thoroughly
-iflan the svstem. good for lazy livers,
makes clear complexions, bright eyes
and hannv thoughts. Sold by Keir 4
Cass, Druggists..
One Dollar will
fit u to eye glasses or spec
tacles. Perfect fit guaranteed.
You t t fitted at home. Write far
free Inklei describing onr method.
Rrmemler, the glasses we fit yon
to are worth (3.50 any where on
anl Our price, only 11.00.
nl'K REPAIRING derartaeal aaet
cumnlrtr M in tprint Sim Watct riaaesd
1 1 . S.-tid our work by refUterW auu,
2 .So repair, .nr watch.
GUIGNARD BOSIGER, Local Ajtiitj, foci Blvc
We will have for tbe Fall trade 60,000
one ana two year old Yellow Newtown
Pippin and Bpitzenburg apple trees,
also all the leading variedies of Apple,
IVsr, I'luui, Prune, Peach, Cherry and
Ktii:l -h walnut trees, ornamental trees.
slirtii mid Roi-es. Our trees are true
to iiiMiie hihI givegood satisfaction. For
tr uv rail on August (iuignard, Hood
Kivi r, or address N. B. Harvey, Milwau
kee, Oregon. Phone 1269.
Best line of Cigars in
the City
- Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
I am outlined and prepared to do all ktnda
of flrat-clata land enrveylnit. Accuracy guar
anteed. Thoae who wlah flret-claas work done
addreaa K. P. D. 2.. Hood Klver. Phone 60x1.
...Barber Parlors...
The place to eret an easy
shave and first-cla ss hair cut.
Our shop is metropolitan in
every respect.
Porcelain Baths in Connection
Department of the Interior, Land Office at
iu. iiauee, uregon, v-oemoer lwub.
Notloe Is hereby given that
of Hood River, Oregon, haa filed notice of
her intention m mnke nnai nve-yrar proof In
aupport of hl claim, via: Horoewiead Entry
No. 9779. made September 28. I8UI. for the
of (Section 1 and NUaW of
aecuon iz. townfiiiip l non.n. range iv, w.
M., ana mat awa proor win ie made twrorc
the KeelMer and Receiver at Iht Dalles. Ore
gon, on Ft-brnary 2, It 17.
ne namee aa wunexaea toprove ner oontina-
oua reaidenoe upon aud cultivation of the
land, via: L. M. Wilson, C. P. Odell and ft. H,
Kemp, all of Hood Klver, Oregon, and E. H.
Merrill, of The l)a. lea, Oregon.
d27.J3l Keglnter.
Departnu-ut of the Interior. Land Office at
The Dalles, Oregon, Deoemaer u, luuo.
Notloe la hereby given tbat
of Mount Hood, Oregon, baa Bled notice
of bla Intention to make flt-al flre-year
proof In aupport of bla claim. Tit : Home
atead Entry No. 8H4, made Dec 29, 1900, for the
Vt9W)i ana ux e, oi eectioa t, wwoaoip i
aoutb, range 10 eaat.w.M., and tbataatd proof
will be made before tbe Kegiaterand Receiver
at Tbe Dallee, Oregon, on January 31, 1907.
He namea tbe following wiltMeeee to prove
hlacontlnnnua realdenue opon. and cultiva
tion of, the land, via: W. H. Rodenbeleer,
Robert McKamey, H. H. Tomllnaon and W.
8. irlbble, all of Mt. Hood, Oregon.
d27JSl Regleter.
Robtnlne elves what avery woman
moat deelraa a perfect complexion.
It brings tbat aoft, smooth, fresh,
clear tint to tbe cheek that denotes
youthfulneaa. It will bring beauty
t those who lack It; It wilt retain
It tor those who already posaeaa It;
It will enable you to aucceaafully
combat the ravages of weather and
time. Don't doubt don't argue. Just
try atobertlne. Tour druggUt'wlll
glva you a free .ample J.A11. drug
gists keep Robertlne.
SDecial Notice
Owing to luck of space, on account of
our large and Increasing business, we
nave rented the building, next to uui
bertson's real estate office and are fitting
up the entire building into a Firat-class
fiann store, which will cm a credit to
Hood River.
We have two car loads of beautiful in
struments due to arrive from the east
ern factories this week. This shipment
includes the great Apollo Concert Grand
(lfke the Odd Fellows have), Babv
Grands, Interior Piano Flayers and a
complete line of the very best Upright
Pianos in the latest styles. Secondhand
pianos and organs taken in exchange
and several on band for Bale. Lowest
prices to all. No agents or commission
men to make your piano cost you 50.00
more than if purchased direct from the
dealer. Pianos tuned and repaired.
Soule Bros. Piano Co.
SILAS H. SOULE, Manager.
Phone Main 1423, Hood River, Ore.
About two hundred head of my cattle scat
tered and atrayed from the mountain, about
tbe bead of Bager and the head of Hood River
that are likely to come out at Hood River,
Mosler, Eight Mile, Fifteen Mile, Tygh Valley
or Waplnltla.
My mark ia a cropofftbe right ear and un-
deralope of the left. 1 tbink all my cattle are
marked with thla mark.
My brand la a apear point or arrow bead
generally on the hip. All of my cattle
have thla brand except a few of the "D
cattle hereafter referred to,
Many ol tbe cattle were purchased by me
rom other parties and have tbeir brands in
addition to mine. Among tbeae are (1) "MM"
brand, (2) "heart" brand, (3) "E" brand, (4)
tome have tbe "circle bar" brand, generally
on the side, (5) D" brand. Some of tbeae oat
tie wltb Ihe "V" urand do not have my apear
brand. (6) "atlrrup', brand on the aide, (7)
"seven -up" brand on tbe hip or aide.
In addition to Ibeae branda and some oth.
era not described, a good many of tbe young
cattle are marked wltn two nolcuea or dew
lapa In the brisket.
Anaoneaeelng any ol tbe above cattle will
try o hie In the matter.
confer a favor
Dalle. Oregon, and I will gladly pay tar any
I iff .&fislk--T
B if f?$ji
Gordon Hats
Waitvrw stwc mm
w VI aJIlVViJ (i "ff-fgJSg
Well Dressed
Half Progressed
lp$ i iiHi. s in ivwiitit'ty (Viitury version of
ff p4 the old atliifre '-Well begun is half done''
4 Nownduys the mun who is not well dressed is
VII 1 . ... .... . - .
fi'-" Handicapped m the race of life. And it costs
111 no more to go through the world well
CilJ dressed if you patronize our store. Good
clothes here at the price of cheap clothes "n block co
1. 7 acres two miles out at 375 per
acre. All In bearing orchard, good lo-1
cation, under ditch, small house.
2. 40 acres, three miles out, 3 acres
cleared, mostly in hay, Borne fruit trees,
good timber, under ditch, some free
water. fLUOO.
3. 20 acre six miles out, 5 acres in
apples, rest easily cleared, under ditch
nearly all good apple land. Price
4. 40 acres six miles out at f"5 per
acre, nearly all good apple Innd and
easily cleared, under ditch.
5. 25 acres 7 miles out, all choice
apple land and lies tine, 7 acres cleared,
5 acres in orchard one and two years
old, rest easily cleared.
6. 20 acres seven miles out, choice
apple land, no waste, 7 acres cleared
and 5 acres la apples of best varieties
7. 40 acres seven miles out, also
good fruit land, 5 acres cleared, small
houe and barn.
The above are ouly a few samples of
the bargains we have to offer. A vari
tty of city property for sale on reason
able terms.
Onthank A Otter
Hood River Oregon
Hood River Studio
First -Class Photographs
We have the latest In mount and can en
large your Photoa in (Jrayon, Platinoid or
Hepla. Batiafactlon guaranteed.
W. D. ROGERS, Prop.
interests you because of the variety shown for your selec
tion, and the price impossible under ordinary buying.
We invite inspection
An Unconditional Guarantee with Every Stove
In selling thousands of these Universal in the past 22
yeas we have never beeen called on to make good the
guaransee on a single Universal
Hardware CTFW ADTC Tinware
Paints V3 1 ML, W t I O Crockery
F-snionr STABLE
..Livery, Feed and Draying..
Hood River, Ore
Horses bought, sold or exchanged.
Pleasure parties can secure first-class rigs.
Special attention given to moving furniture ana
We do everything horses can do.
To the Farmer
Do you know our Feed, Fresh
from the mill has Double the feed
ing value of stale feed ? All the pro
gressive Dairymen are buying
feed from us. Beware of Bargain
Feed. It is worth Less than they
charge for it. We will sell you the
right kind of feed for just what it
is worth. No more, no less. Our
prices are the Market prices. Pa
tronize Home Industry. It's to
your advantage and ours.
Hood River Milling Co.
OmeThird Off
on all Cut Glass in our Store
Now is the time to complete your assortment of this
the prettiest of table ornaments. Beginning
Monday, January 7th,
and continuing all week, until
Saturday Jan. 12, we will give
...One-third off on all Cut Glass...
All goods marked in plain figures
You See the Price
ARTHUR CLARKE, the Jeweler,
Next door to P. 0. Watch for next week's Special
Don't Forget
Hood Hirer Laeflry
When you want first-class work
done at home. All kinds of
Laundry Work and Cleaning
Lace curtains, 50c; blankets and
carpets, 25c to 50c. Phone niWl
Glm Fabrick, Prop.
Patronize Home
Our Work cannot be
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931
Increase Your Profits
What'a th. u.a of loins to all th. axpena. of apraylng and than hav. poor
fruit? The aecrat of accurlnf dean, fancy fruit ia In apraylng thoroughly with
high, pmiur. The hired men have acldom done thia because th.
pump, ran ao bard, but they do it aaaily
By Using Bean
Magic Spray Pumps
becaua. tfcey aa. Jaat . thirl th. lab.r.
In the Spring Rests the Secret
The Increaae In profit from eecurlng fancy fruit will
alone pay for the outfit, and the eaay-running, no trouble
featurea found exclusively in the two aiiea of Betan
Magk pumps merit your Immediate investigation.
It aeeme almoet too food to be true that all the new
Improvement, can be had in one pump, but it ia tru.
and you will understand why when you ae a Magic
to operation.
W. hav aaaaplee t these suae ia stock
aa will k pleaaea t. shew than t. yea.
White Salmon Bargains
1G0 acres unimproved land 11 miles out for only
$1,G00. 1G0 acres unimproved, 6 miles out. About
1 0 acres cleared balance hilly, house and barn, for
only $1,800. 10 acres, 2 miles out. Little cleared.
House on it, for f 1,000. 13 acres, S miles out.
7 acres cleared, bearing orchard on it, $ 2,000. See
The Bustling Real Estate Man