The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 20, 1906, Image 7

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We are Open Evenings 0
We are Open Evenings
Cloak Sale is Now Going On
All Ladies' and Children's
Coats are now offered at a
fraction of actual worth : :
Men's Overcoats Slaughtered
Our Entire Stock at Enor
mous Reductions. Boys'
and Youths' as well
jsLi I
5 fe Stl.fellss,
I iteP We are Open
q ' Evenings
...Don't Wait Select Now....
and get the benefit of the re
duced prices on the most stylish
garments shown in America.
We will Save You Half on a Garment
Smoking Jackets, Bath Robes, Fancy Vests
Some real beauties, but don't wait,
they are going very fast
The UptoDate
mtm A) I
We are Open Dj
n u if " x :
Fresh butter and eggs at Kent's.
Mr. Bartmess is on a rash basis,
(let your chickens for Sunday dinner
ut McGuire Bros.
Olives in bulk, bottles and cans at
Finishing for amateurs at Deitz Stu
dio. New Orleans Molasses in bulk and
cans at Jackson's.
Get a fine roast at lient's meat mar
ket Salt mackerel, eastern white fish and
pickled salmon At Jackton's.
Our work guaranteed. Deitz Studio.
MeGuire Bros, make their own leaf
lard under their own brand.
Cnickens for Sund iy dinner at A S
Orange, citron and lemon peel at
llauua's Star Grocery.
Fresh sausage made daily at Bent'
meat market.
It is to your interest to refer to M.
Bartmess' ad under the new system.
The Died Studio for photos.
Telephone A. S. Bent your meat or
ders at the City Market.
Maple Syrup and New York State
Buck Wheat at Jackson's.
New and complete Hue of groceries
i t the Star Grocery.
It you want to buy or sell real est lie
go to Onthank & Otteu. Money to
loan on first mortgages. Abstracts und
legal papers carefully prepared. Nota
rial work of all kinds.
Raisins, currants, sweet apple cider,
in fact anything you need to make
good mince pies found at Hanoa'a
Star Grocery. .
Just received from the factory sev
eral beautiful pianos for the holiday
trade. Call and see them. Souls'
Piano House. Next to Culbertaon's
real estate otlice.
"Significance of Christmas Tide"
will be tbe subject of discourse at the
Unitarian oburcb Sunday morning;
for eveuing, "How We Know God."
All persona of tbe liberal taitb are
especially invited.
The entertainment' of tbe Midland
Opira Quintttte is said by those wbo
buve beard it to be the best of its
character on the road.
M. Emstrum and wife arrved at
Hood River for a visit Saturday.
Go To
Santa Claus
will come to town
Friday, Dec. 21st,
und be at home in
our window until
Monday evening;
This is the Place
here you can do your holiday
shopping with the greatest earn.
No trouble to find just what you want for the amount of money you have to
spare. Everything conveniently arranged for the benefit of the hurried shop
per. Bi; force of clerks, toilet and waiting rooms, goods delivered free in the
city. The one store for the Late Shopper. Open half the night
Fancy Crockery
Beautiful oake plates
Salad sets
Pnrlor lamps
Night lamps
Spoon trays
Olive dishes
Pudding dishes
Cake boats
Salad comports
Mustard jars
Salt and pepper shakers
Mustache cups and saucers
Celery trays
China dinner sets
Fancy clumber sets
Lemonade sets
Decorated tea sets
Beautiful vases
Glass table sets
Fruit dishes
Salad bowls
Wa ter tumblers
Fancy cups and saucers
Hood River souvenirs
Decorated dinner sets
Bird cages, etc.
Novelty perfumes
Dainty odors in cute pack
Telephones, Suit cases
Beer glasses, Watches,
Lanterns, Fancy baskets
Boxes and bottles
Little Prices
Framed Pictures
Remarkably low prices on
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rich frames
Tree Ornaments
Everything to decorate
your tree in a beautiful
Handkerchiefs of every
sort in beautiful prom
Nickle Plated Ware
Tea kettles
Coffee pots
Handled stew pans
Serving t rays
Tea pots
Syrup pitchers
Individual tea sets
Baking dishes
Crumb trays
Library lamps
Bread trays
Fruit dishes
Soup ladles
Tea strainers
Flour sifters
Children's mugs
Breakfast sets
Sugar sifters
Towel rings
Bathroom sets
Butter dishes
Match safes
Towel bars
Soap dishes
Satin-finish tea and coffee
This beautiful wear is
very serviceable and inex
pensive. New Books for Chil
dren Roosevelt Bears, Buster
Brown, Buddy Tucker and
Not cheap in quality but
serviceable and low priced.
Knives and forks
Tea and table spoons
Butter dishes
Pickle jars
Syrup pitchers
Cracker jars
Fruit dishes
Pit knives
Fruit ladles
Child's sets '
Table sets
Coffee spoons
Napkin rings, etc.
Steam Toys
Virtical engines
Steam pumps
Electric engines.
Steam saws
Corliss engines
Block system
Railroad trains
Circular double tracks
Logging engines
Machine shops, etc. De
lightful and instructive for
Mechanical Toys
The biggest showing of
nov lties ever made here
A buzzing, whirling win
dow full of cute toys that
is worth your time to
no I ice.
Burn' Leather Novel
Knife cases, Pocket Mir
rors, Match cases, Pen
wipers, Scissor cases, Court
plaster cases, Comb cases,
etc. All burned Hood
River, Ore. 150 each.
For Sweethearts
Comb and brush sets
Manicure cases
Beautiful albums
Handkerchief boxes
Necktie cases
Collar and cuff boxes
Work boxes
Writing desks
Fancy stationery
Men's kid gloves
Fine silk mufflers
Gold plated mirrors
Hat brushes
Cigar jars
Photograph cases, etc-
For the Baby
We have the cutest things,
Let us show you
TU 4k I or fhanro we will have to urge you to come to this con
I (IIS IS InC L3SI LnulllX venient store to do your Christmas shopping.
The finely assorted stock n still unbroken and we feel assured of your satisfaction
if you will come here first.
S. Copple aod wife returned Friday
from trip to Portlaud.
C. L. Rogeis was receut visitor at
Portland on a business visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson r'ike wcut to
Portland Saturday for a few days vis
it. Mr 8. Newby came up from tbe mill
Friday and was a vlsitoi iu town for
tbe day.
Mrs. ISobert Deuamore bas gone to
Tbe Dalles to be with her daugbtar,
wbo is ill.
Dr. B. E. Wright, of Portland, wna
at Hood River from Saturday until
Monday this wek.
County School Superintendent J.
T. Neif mxde an olHoinl visit to Hood
River schoo.8 tbis week.
J. L. Hendersou, II. F. Davidson.
Sherman Frank aud H. J. Uibbard
were passengers for Tbe Dalles Tues
day. II. B. Esson, of this city, went to
Tbe Dalles Friday, wbere be waspres
ent at a aooial function given by Dr.
aud Mrs. Esson. .
Mrs. T. Q. Rutb, wb bas been
suffering from rheumatism for some
time, was taken to Portland for treat
ment Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Jayne will so
to Tbe Dalles today on the local to
visit wltb tbe family of W. 11. Wilson
for aeveral daya.
A man wbo attempted to board tbe
local Saturday aa it waa pulling out
of tbe station waa thrown aeveral feet
aud narrowly escaped being run over.
Mrs. Stockton arrived yesterday
from llood River wbere she has spent
tbe last montb with her son, Claude.
Sue was very sick while at llood River.
Tygh Valley Bee.
A. King Wilson, secretary of the
State Irrigation association, waa a
passenger on tbe local Saturday. Mr.
Wilson greeted several friends wbo
were at the station.
Miss Luor A. Hoadley returned
Monday from a visit to Miss Mary
Matthews at The Dalles. While at the
county seat Miss Hoadley proved up
on ner Homestead.
Prof. Wal Wilson wiU reopen bis
dancing classes next month and New
Veai's eve will give a grand ball. Mr.
Wilson bas bad considerable success
bere ah a danoing master and many
will be glad to see him return.
The young people f tbe Unitarian
church will render a oantata Christ
mas and give a tree at tbe church. All
aie cordially invited to attend and
share with them a pleasant evening's
George Haaoke baa returned from
North Dakota, after au absenoe ot
several months. Mr. Haacke has ex
tensive wboat interests in Dakota,
cut being oDarmed witn toe Ideal
climate and auroundings at Mosier,
baa bis borne at this place.
J. W. Kirkwood, wbo bus finished
pruning the orchards of O. 11.
Kboades, Mrs. Poole and others, went
to Portlaud Monday to look after the
orchards of Dr. Montgomery. Mr.
Kirkwood expects to be gone some
time aud will not return until after
January 1.
Cbas. II. Grout, commissary man
(or tbe Oregon Short Line, made a
short visit to Hood River Saturday.
He was bere for tbe purpose of pur
chasing apples for use on tbe dining
cars of tbe O. S. L. Mr. Grout is lo
cated at Ogden and left on No. 2 for
that place.
Tbe ladles of tbe Unitarian oburcb
wiU bold a bake sale at Wood & Smith
Bros, store on tbe Monday before
Christmas. Plum pudding, dough
nuts, cookies and pies will be on sale
and special ordera will be received by
nooning Mrs. 1. J. uunning or Mrs.
Watt. Orders will receive prompt attention.
In blasting out rook to open a
street at The Dalles an extra heavy
oharge was ehot off last Saturday that
sent boulders weighing several bun
dred pounds close to residences in
I be vicinity, and soma smaller pieces
orasbed tbrouub tbe roofs of twc
bouses, causing about $1,000 damage,
out lortunately injuring no one.
WiU Frank, brother of Sherman
Frank, of this oity. wbo is connected
with tbe well known Gorton Minstrel
troupe, bas been in town for several
days visiting with tbe latter. He bas
been taking a vaoation, but went
from bere to Ibe Dalles, wbere be re
joined tbe company which shows in
Ibe Dalles tomorrow, will ears Gor
ton's minstrels, which has 25 men, is
toe oldest on tue road. Having been
organized in 1870. Gorton himself is
73 years of age.
II. L. Valencia, a member of tbe
Government Coast and Geodetio Sur
vey, was at Hood River last week
making observations for that branob
of tbe government service. Mr. Va
lenoia waa engaged while here in
gauging tbe rivers and went to Win-
ana for that purpose. He left beie
for Tbe Dalles wbere be went to
point on the Deschutes river for tbe
purpose of continuing bis work.
S. E. Bartmess returned Friday
evening from a business trip to Port
land. Rev. W. A. Wood will preach fit
Odell next Sunday morning and o veil
ing. Mrs. Carl Lawaou came up from
Menominee Fiiday aud spent the day
at Hood River.
II. K Bowman, of White Siiliuon,
was a visitor at Hood River Monday
on his way to Portlaud.
Hershey A Blagg have tnkcutle
coutraot to clear a number of acres of
laud ueur the brickyard.
J if. Gill, who had hem at Port
land for a day or two on butiiiofx, n
turned home Saturday.
H. F. Davidson went to Port) i il
for a dny in the metropolis on butt
neBS Thursday.
Miss Edith Moore is home for the
holidays. Mis Moore is at present
teaching school at Wamio.
Mr. and Mrs. -VV. S. Gribble, of
Mount Hood, went to Portland
Wednesday for a visit, returning Sat
Ira Alcorn wbo was engaged lu the
meat business here for some time, ar
rived in town Mondy for a few days
D. E. Miller, wbo has a ranch in the
Mount Hood district, returned from
a two weeks trip to Portland Thursday.
As a reader Mr. Tolhert McRae.
wbo appears with the Midland Opera
Quintette, is said to be superb and a
wbole entertainment In himself.
Harry Buckmaster, the well known
and populbr night clerk a tbe Mount
llood hotel, left for a trip to Portland
J. Wesley Ladd atfd Cbas. Warrens.
of Portland, were here Sunday tor the
purpose of visiting tbeir ranches in
tbe valley.
A. J. Derby bas rented tbe office
building owned by P. S Davidson
aud will in future conduct his law
business there.
Mis. B. Tbeyson. Mr. Uee and
Mrs. Ross, of Portland, visited at the
home of their mother, Mrs. Mrtyos, at
Hood River for severul days lust week.
Tbe Artisans gave an in for uml duuce
and card party to their uieuibaiw and
friends last Wednesday evening I ho
affair was a very eujoyal.J one and
was participated in by a good many
of tbe members.
In the full blaze of publicity Konquerors will stand compari
son with any shoes selling at $5.00, $4.00, and $3.50. Specially
designed to give full play to all the bones and muscles of the feet.
PRESTON B. KEITH SHCE CO., Makers, Brocklon, Mass.
Mr. aud Mrs. D. R. Norton left for
Corvallis Friday to spend the holi
days with Mr. Norton's parents. -
Mrs. Swaitz and daughter, of
White Salmon, were at Hood River
for several hours Wednesday on their
way to Portland, on a shopping expe
dition. J. J. Jordan reoently treated bis
friends to some very One apples that
he says came from near McMinuville.
They were Spitzenbergs aud Swaar
aud were said by those wbo tasted
them to be of very fine flavor,
J. B. Culbertson, who has been
confined to tbe housj for several days
with the grip, is able to be out again,
although still suffering from tbe
effects of the malady.
The building which islbelng erected
for an office for Supt. Early is near
lug completion and will soon be ready
for occupation. Its location is con
venient and it helps to make a rather
unattractive spot appear to better ad
vantage. The varied entertainment given by
tbe Midland Opera Quintette makes
it one of tbe most pleading that can
be given. The instrumental and vo
oal musio interspersed wltb readings
by Mr. McRae makes it tbe ideal per
formance for an eveuiog'a pleasure.
Roswell Shelley, who has been on a
visit to bis old borne in Iowa, aud was
also a delegate to tbe senatm lal con
gress, returned last week.
II. R. Albee, of Po tland, as a
visitor at Hood River ednediy.
Mr. Albee was here to look alter his
property in tbe valley.
Tbe High School Literary society
held Its monthly meeting at tbe lllrfli
school last Friday evening. Tbe meet
ing was well attended by tbe friends
and relativees of tbe pupils who went
to bear tbe essays and papers which
bad been pienarjd for the rooaslon
and tbe meeting was a very interest
ing one. Ibe members of the society
are considering publishing a paper
to be known as the High School News.
To Mrs. Thos. Bond, December 13,
a girl.
To Mr. and Mrs. George Eddie,
December 11, a girl, Esther Derato.
You can't afford to miss the MoKee
Bros, concert. Hear a first class pro
gram, enjoy a good ltiugh and help
out tbe Baptist church. At tbe Op
era House Tuesday night, December
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