The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 20, 1906, Image 6

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    gCOD BlVflft OLACIER, THPhdDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1008
The next Oregon legislature will
contain aix deowcrata only, all of
them In tbe senate. Ibis will be the
smallest democratic representation in
many years, Of the 30 member of
tbe state senate, U are bold overs. Of
tbe lo elected to tbe senate tuts year.
seven signed ptatemeut No. 1 and two
pledged themselves to support the re
publican voters' choice for United
States senator. Of tbe 00 members ot
tbe bouse. 33 signed statement No. 1,
and six pledged themselves to vote
for tbe republican voters' choice lor
United States senator. In other
words, since lionrue, a Republican,
batt received I be pnpiilat vote, tbere
sra 54 members of the legislature
pledged to his support. It requin.s
40 to elect.
ilarion-J. N. Smith, T. U. Kay,
Linn-M. A. Miller.
Linn and Marion V. 3. Miller.
Lane 1. II. Xiugbaui.
Douulus O. P. (Joahow.
Douglas. Josephine and Lane If
A. Booth.
Coos and Curry J. H. Coke.
Jackson L. L. Mulit.
Crook, Giant, Klamath aud Lake
J. A. Laycock.
Benton A. J. Johnsou.
Linooln. Tillamook aud Yamhill
O. a Wright.
Polk U. H. Loughary.
VamhiU-t'. II. Caldwell.
Clackamas J. E. Hedges.
Waihlnoton-E. W. Haines.
Columbia, Multnomah and Was'iiug-
ton c;. W. 11 ad con.
(Muckamas and Multnomah A. A
Multnomah D. J. MalHrky, F. 1
Mays. Sig Siohel, O. W. Nottingham,
S. C. Iteach.
Clatsop II. T. SohoHold.
Wunn-N. VVIiealdon.
(lilliam. Sherman aud Wheeler J.
Morrow. Umatilla aud Uniou W
O. Cole.
Umatilla C. J. Smith.
Union and Wallowa Peter MoDon
Knicr. ITarnev and Malheur J. N
II Hit.
Marlon Frank Davey. J. II. Settle-
meir. George Kodgers, L. T. Keyu
nlda. J. I). Kimmous.
Liun A. M. licit, F. M. Iirown,
E. K. IJrmmver.
I jifie A lien 11. Eaton. 1$. A. Wasb-
hnrn. 1. N. Edwards.
Uouglas O. S. Jaoksou, J. S. Cray.
Coos W. A Chase.
Coo and Curry Edw. Rooklod.
Josephine L. L. Jewell.
Jacksou-J. W. Perkins, II. D.
Dnnultia and Jackson W. 1. Vaw
Polk-H. II. MoCullon.
Polk and Linooln B. F. Jones.
Yauthill-J. W. Bouea, F. A. Craw
Tilluuiook aud Yamhill A. (J,
WashluStou B. F. Purdy,
Barret, V, K. Newell.
Clackamas C. U. Huntley,
Jones, O. II. Dye.
Clackamas and Multnomah J
Mnltnomhh I. II. Adams, J. C.
Bayer, N. L. Beutgen, J. W. Bever
Idge, D. O. Burns, W. II. Chapln, J.
B. Coffey, John Driaooll, Bobert 8,
Farrell, F. F. Freeman, II. E. North
ii n. R W. Wilson.
Clataon Asraua Brlx. J. C. MoCue.
Columbia E. T. Oonnull.
' Crook, Urant, Klamath and Lake
O. H. Merryman, ii. P. Belknap.
Morrow and Umatilla W. M. Slush
UmstillB-C. W. Stoen, C. A. Bar
Union Bnd Wallowa-J. II. Dobbin,
Bakor Walter Moure.
Union ILliothchild
Harney and Malheur U. U mug.
Uilllam, Sherman and Wheeler
N. Donnelly, 11. F. Pike.
Wasco J. T. Heudrioks, P. W,
and purse of $." was made up as
prize for any one who would success
fully tide him. Alf Parke? tben
mounted and gave line exhibition of
rough ridini;, the trantio burking of
tbe borne not ho much as loosening
him in the saddle.
In the days when Madras first be
gan to be a town this form of ainuse
meut was quiet frequent, but not
much of it has been indulged in of
late. Madras Pioneer.
Sample of lltmtl It iter Apples.
Dr. K. A. Janye brought to tbe
Xews office a sack of One eating ap
ples raised ia bis brother's orchard at
Hood Bivcr. Ihey were of the liald
wlu and Virginia Greening varieties
and are far superior lo any we bave
seen raise 1 in Lauo enmity. The doc
tor informs us Hint his brother, Hon.
A. A. Jayne, dixpoued of 1H0 boxes
this fall which brought him toSt, or
neaily $11 per box. lie hUo sold 8U
boxes i if second grade for over fJ per
dox. Here Hppns are srlling for 4U
aud 50 cents per box and uo demand
for them at that price, simply bHcause
tney are a poor sickly, and Aormy va
riety. If the fruit groweis in Lane
county would give tl fir oichurds the
propel utteution their runt woul
cominaud jut a high a price as Hood
nlver or any other place Spriug
ueid, ure. , ews.
Expensive Hold Sheep.
I'roluiUy no storkmon in this sea
tlou uf (he state preparing for a ship
merit to tlie eaxluiu market ex per
leuced (tie tjilllcimies of Collin Bros.
who alter nix weeks delay, dually got
20 cars of thi ( ji ruiiHihtiiig of 6,,r)X)
nead, sent away fiotn hlleuibiirg last
week, says the (inldeudale Seutinel
It was six weeks ugo that tbe olllo
iuls of tbe Northern Pacific railway
aid that they would bave cars
readiness ny lliu time the sheep were
brought to the valley. Tbe cars did
not arrive as promised but for some
unknown reason high onlciais ordeied
them to the east notwithslaudiug the
protest or the local agent.
At the time the cars arrived the
sbeep were brought to the valley pre
pared for shipment. The oltiuials as
serted that, they would immediately
nave other cars brought to replace
tnose removed. A weary wait of six
weeks ensued. Tbeio wag no grazing
ground lor tne stock, so it was neces
sary to purchase hay and feed them
during all the time they wer waiting
transportation. Hay in tbe Kititas
valley is selling for (14 a ton. and the
sneep consumed live or six tout daily,
wbiob entailed an expenditure to tbe
owners of between ;i,0U0 and $1,000.
nasi urejcouian.
W. N.
L. E.
Lyons Post Elect Ofiicers.
1 he following were elected o Ulcers
of Lyons Post U. A. R. Saturday. De
nemiiere: a. u. iiuok, commander
U. R. Centner, senior vice command
er; R. T. Mills, junior vice command
er: W. H. Perry, chaplain: Ueoree P,
Ciowel, quarter master; 11. H. Bai
ley, olllcer of the day; O. L. Straua
hau, otlioer of the guard ; T. J. Cuu
uuig, adjutant.
Delegates to the department en
canipirent: U. R, Cashier. L. II
Nichols; Blteriial'H. K. T. Mills. C.
J :)ikin. Patriot luntruotor. M. P.
II sen berg. A. S. Blowers was chosen
candidate for department commander
tiy tbe pOHt.
In th.! Nodal Swim.
The following taken from the socle.
ty column ot the Oregoniau says:
A viva lluudied naitv in honor of
her friend, Mrs. W. O. Hadlev. of
noon iiiver, was given by Mrs. J. IS.
lloslord, at her home at 412 East
Ninth xtreet last iusoday night. A
uuiuber of old triends of Mrs. Had
ley, together with other neighbors
ana menus ot lue nobtess. wereiuvit
ed to meet the ijiieut of the evening
and slmre the pleasures of the occa-
nou. j. lie rooms were tastefully tea
tooued with smilax and Oregon grape,
interspersed here aud there with
bunches of pink carnations, which
made the floral decorations artistia
and elective. During the eveiiiua
juu" was played, Ueoige D. Ureene
carrying off the llrst prize, aud Miss
Anuice M. nnnpp tbe seuoud.
flood Fruit or None.
iitu inAiuinn nf .Indue MoBride.
at Oregon City, laHt week, In the uase
of T. It. A., Weliwoou vs. iouiiuis
II Ii.. id. ia an import
ant one to the fruit Interests ot the
vtutn i.iL.l u u lenlsive steD toward
the nrodiiotion of sound, marketabls
fruit In Oregon instead of the thous
ands of bushels of faulty, inseot rid
den stuff that now lies rotting on the
ground instead of bringing in a hatid
.nma revenue to the owners of thoHe
neglected orchurds. The now law in
its rigid eutorceuieut may seem draH-
o. but It is right. Alio ir.ui iuuus
,r, nt Hia ut.ut.n ia Of tOO DlUCll ill)
nnrtanne to be iauored. Its insect
,uii iju unil here to stav and
the production of Srst-olans fruit
means a coustinual warfare and thoBe
who aro not willing to wage it nmi
niv the urioe of suoceMS, must step
down aud out. The progressive, ag
gressive boitioulturaliHt uuiHt bo pro
iu iiminai'. Him neuliMitod orchard
of this thoughtless neighbor that is a
mere hotbed for the breeding of dl
sease aaud insects. Judge Mollride's
decision Vill render the eoauuiHalon
.uuif nf nnfiimiiia the law aud ed
ucating the people to the value ol
produciug a lirot clam article mueh
The' above, from the North went
I Si.lril ta utl'iliihl, talK Hllll llHH
tho hearty approval of the tiem Stale
Rural. "Uood fruit or none, is uoi
a bad way to put it, because tbere is
uo sane, sensible reason tor uot pro
unnd fruit, iu a country like
Oreaou. or the entire Paoillo North
west, for that mutter. The sooner
scale infected, wormy and diseased
fruit comes to be regauieu as disrepu
table Bii.l unriroUtal'le. the sooner!
will fiuit growing tak its place, as
the leading industry in tins great re
gion, and those who aie, or who may
be, engaged in it, will tealize that it
Is not only remunerative, lluanoially,
out eminently respeciauio uu unum
f. i il li r!
Let us make coniniou cause against
pests of tbe orchard. uem fttate .ur-nl.
In the Clmilt ponrt nf the Hlate of Oregon for
mi-ruiiuiy in ttinuo
Waller Pike, I'lulntiir,
.Iiillu 1'ikc, Dcfundanl,
To Julia I'llio, iiliove nuined defendant.
n the mime of the Htate of Oreiroii: You
lire hereliy ri ii.ili'ed U uiiiii Hr and anxwer the
'niiiphiliil tlleil Huiilnxt you In lliu alums on-
litli'd eiuiil mid raiiNe mi or befiireMnnuurv
Hi',, Hiiiru ihhix weenH Huer lieeeniner i;t.
!;, the iluie ordered for the flrxt puhlleatlon
MhlH niviu't', mid II you fall to m iinnoHr ami
uimwer. Hie iiluliiliir will niinly for llie relief
pru en n M ill iih eo IIP H III. lo-wlt: ror a iliw
eree dl ulvliix thehondn of iimirilnony now
exiHt liaMil thU time tHlwien uhove. nmned
plainlill uiid defendant, and for mii'Ii oilier
huh on uit r reiii i an u lue enuii noems mwt
and I lift .
I hlo "iiliiiiiiini In nuhiiiied by order of the
lion. W. Ij. llriKlshaw ludu'e of the rImivb
iiiiine'i i iinr-, iimiie hiiii einereii on IDs tith
uhv oi nireiiiuer, ivuu. II. J. iiiikownky,
AHorney lor rialutltr.
A Bold Step.
To overcome the woll-Brounrlnd nd
reasonable objections of tho more Intel
ligent to the use of secret, medicinal com
puuniK Dr. R. V. Plerco, of Buffalo, N.
Y., some time ago, deckled to make a bold
departure from the usual course pursued
by the makers of put-up medicines for do
mestic use, and, so has published broad
cast and ornnTy to the wholo world, a full
and cotniiVte list of all tho Ingredients
entering InSt-the composition of his widely
celebrabHl 4iu,me8. Thus ho has taken
his mimcryfTs yutrons and patients Jnto
his full (in ite nee. Thus too he has re-
moviHiyhlvniixllciiies from among secret
nostriu .if doubtful merits, and made
themtfii-mctitcf of Known t'oittposffion.
By this Hd sVp Dr, l'lerce banshnwi)
tli.iTTiiS Jiirniiiliis are uf sncli evi'eeiutj
, uit le is n, it. iitnud.lo snlijift tliem to
he full, -I, -n'l'ijipY
-iot imly dors the wrupfier of every bottle
White Man Best Rltlrr.
Madma tieoole were given a lively
exhibition of broncho busting laHt
Friday mornhig. Ben WUsou recent
ly acquiied possession of a blue bron-
.L- 1. ..l.l n t. u,. nnlluar11
hoise, and David Jaoobs, a Warm
spring Indian, offered to ride him
for $1.50. The horse was saddled and
the Indian "forked" him. tben fol
lowed some of the hardest bucking
and riding seeu in Madras for many
a day. The lndiau rode splendidly,
but the horse started to run and when
neat the flour mill fell and turned a
complete summersault ovei tbe rider.
Tbe latter sustained a badly sprained
ankle as a result of the tumble aud
did ot feel like riding again.
The broncho wa captured and
liuilt Lack to the bat ball grounds,
Of iJr. 1'linv's Oolden Medical discovery, the
jmiiioui uieiiieiiio lor wena nmmacn, torpid
liver or biliousness nd all catarrhal diseases
Wherever located, have printed upon It, in
mini r.'iinri, a iuu ami eoinpieiu list ol all
lie Illk't'i-dlentS -VTlUMnlllir it. but a small
tsxik has 1hm-ii (-onioileJ ft-oni miminnM
sundard medical works, of all the different
schools of practice, containing vi-ry numer
ous extracts from the wrli ink's of leading
prartltloiiKin of nieiltcine, tMidorsing' in the
ttrimuext inwnffifr term, each and every tnero
dient cent allied lu Dr. Pierce's tnedleliteo.
VJneof these llitlo books will lie. tnalhsl free
) any one scnutnir auuresson postal card or
by letter, to Dr. K. V. Pierce, HutTalo, N. Y..
and nsiuestinir tbe same. "From this little
took It will lie learned that Dr. Pierce's med
icines com am no alcohol, narcotics, mineral
agents or other poisonous or Injurious avents
and tliat thev are made fisitn haiIva. meiliei
nal riKils ot great aluo: also that some of
tbe most valuable liurrcdlciits containnd In
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription for weak,
nervous, over-worked, "run-down." nervous
and debilitated Women, were emnlored. Ion
years airo, by tbe Indians for similar ailments
affecting- their wmnws. In fact, one of the
most valuable medicinal plants entering Into
the composition of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription was knorn to the Indians as
"Niuaw-Weed." Our knowledge of the uses
of not a few of our most valuable native, mo
dicinal plants was gained from the Indians.
As made up by Improved and exact pro
cesses the " I avortte Prescription " is a most
efficient remedy for regulating ail the wom
an i y iuncuons, correcting displacements, as
prolapsus, antererslon and rptorremlrai.
overcoming: painful iwrlixls, toning up the
nerves mill brlnli, ttU,n. ..r... B..A
bealtn. Bold by all dealers In tyxuclaes.
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In the Circuit Court of the Htuteof Oregon,
fur the county of W.bco.
Edna (Jrace Watorhoune, Plulntlir,
Fred A. Waterhouae, Defendant,
To Fred A. Waterhouae, above named defend-
In the name of the Mat nf niwnn nn
hereby required lo appear and snuwer on or
brfore the 2fitb ly of January.'.lMff, the mm
plalut filed KVHluHt you In the above entitled
court and rauiie, and you are hereby not I tied
that If you fall ao toppearor answer herein,
me piaintiirwiii apply to the court ror the
relief prayed for in the comolalnt. which la
thnt the marriage heretofore entered Into be
tween me piainun ana youraeiron September
ll til. In Mullnoinan conntv. atale nf nra.
(on, be forever dlaaolved and set aside, and
for audi other relief aa to the court may seem
Juki and equitable.
This summon! la served npnn you by publi
cation, or In lieu of ; publication, by personal
iwrviiD uui ui mo hihi oi urextia, oy oraer ot
.lie iiouorauie w. i.. Draasnaw. juaxe ot llie
above entitled court, which order la dated the
ilotli day of November, HMti.
llie date of the first publics! on of thlsRum-
mona Is the 13th day of December. IDixt.
dllljit Frank Bchlegel, Attorney for I'lalntlll.
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Parlor rhone Main 1513
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