The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 20, 1906, Image 5

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Eiood River's Greatest Brug Depot
To the People of Hood River and Vicinity.
One year ago we began our career in the
Drug business in the city of Hood River.
Since the time of our beginning it has been
our constant aim to enlarge our stock to
meet the ever increasingdemandsof a grow
ing and prosperous community. Asaresult
we n iv better prepared now than ever to
supply th wants of an intelligent public.
We keep in totiHi with the central markets,
an I buy mr goods at the right prices,
therefore we are enahliHl to offer our high
grade suielriex at wry attractive prices.
Our lirs! ye;;r has been prosperous, and
v.ewi.Ii to thank a. I our customers who
hihv made our prosperity possible. For
the coming year we earnestly solicit your
continued patronage. We shall try to
please you New customers will find a
hearty welcome.
Wishing all a Merry Christmas, we are
The Williams Pharmacy,
HALL & ESSON, Proprietors
White Salmon ia to blossomlas a
roBo. Ad irrigatiou district is to be
formed for the purpose of irrigating
and furoihiug watei for the town oi
White Salmon.
A petition boa been circulated and
about everybody baa signed it. The
purpose ia to have about 2,000 acres
atered, beginning from the White
Salmon river aud taking ali the flat
to Ulugeu, a very rich country. So
far One strawberries and fruit have
been raised without irrigation but
with water still liner and better crops
can be raised, i'be lesident in Cooks
addition have made good money isis
ing cantelop'8, but with water they
will be able to raise twice as much.
i'he soil theie is the richtst that
can be found iu the country. We
prediot that a 10 acre truct of laud
with water on it will be worth some
thing in tbe near future. White Sul
luon ia going up very fast just now
the people are working all in harmo
ny and the Hist tbing tbe Commercial
olub took up alter its organization
was to get more water which was bad
ly needed Tbey have taken the ad
vice of B. L. Smith, of Hood River,
and tbe result will be the making of a
greater White Salmon. Tbe peuple are
determined to push it with all possi
ble speed in older to get tbe watei in
by next summer. The project now
under consideration is to have tbe
people own tbe water themselves, to
bond the distriot with the co-operation
of the town and altogether tbe
cost will be nominal. There are still
aeveial acres in tbe district unim
proved but it will soon all be under
cultivation and more homes added to
those already here.
People are moving in fast and by
the time the North Bank railroad is
completed there ill be mauy homes
staited in this famous valley and still
have tbou8eiids of acres available for
Rev. Milligan preached Sunday at
the school house both morning and
evening to quite large audiences. He
gave us two practical thoughtful ser
mons in which ho presented the goa
pel message iu a way that can be tak
en into our daily living and benefited
all who were fortunate enough to hear
Letters have been received from
Lizzie and Mae Cooper in Clifton,
Arizona, saying that they escaped
from the flood without iujuiy. Tbey
etayet out on tbe hills one night, but
when tbo flood subsided they found
that their uncle's house (where tbey
live) was unharmed.
The Artisans bad one of their good
times Saturday evening. The bauquet
was as usual delicious, and all de
parted at a lato hour feeling that
they had had a very pleasaut evening.
The Society of Progressive Thought
bad an interesting meeting Thursday
evening. After tbe loutiue business
was finished some questions were
asked to test the knowledge of history
which were answeied very well. Then
tbe leading was taken up. We finish
ed "Rip Van Winkle" and assigned
for the next reading a selection from
"The Legaud of Sleepy Hollow."
We expect to have a jolly good time
wt the Christmas tree. The people
from Upper Mount Hood and from
Klondike are planning to meet with
us aud a good program is being pre
pared. Besides this Santa Claus will
be there and the tree with all its at
tractions which is being looked for
ward to with great exrectations by
the younger population of the neigh
borhood. Mr. and Mrs. Will dibble went to
Portland last week to lay in a Christ
mas stock of goods. They returned
Mr. Watson made a flying trip to
Portland last week. He returned with
a tine horse and buggy.
There was a light fall of snow Fri
day night.
Lawrence Puddy has purchased
new horse aud buggy. He now ex
pects to be iu the swim or keep from
There will be a masquerade bal
i . u Mrmnt II nod hall on the
niaht of December 25. 1906. A prize
will be given to each lady and gentle
man who represent and act their char
acters best. Numbers $1.25 including
supper. Good time and good order
insured. Every one oordiaily Invit
ed. swimming one or the other.
William Keeling and wife expect to
spend Christmas at Stevenson, Wash.
Improvement at Postnltice.
PostmasterjVates has deoided on an
improvement at tbe postotfioe that
will be welcomed by tbe many patrons
of that iustituton aud one whiob will
in future insure bettor and more
prompt a service than has been possi
ble under tbe eld arrangement. An
arangement has been made so that
stamps and money orders only will be
issued from one window and 0t,o of
Inn employes will be detailed to at
tend to this part of tbe postoHlce
business entirely. Heretofore stamps
nere issued from tbe general delivery
window and many times it was neces
fary for those who wanted tbem to
wait some time before being waited
upon. The new arrangement will in
sure better facilities and give better
service, t -
No Opium tn I'liuinln rlalns' Cough
There is not the least dange in giving
CliHinlerlnin'8 Congh remedy to small
children an it contain no opium or
other harmful drugg. It has an estab
lished reputation of more than thirty
years as the most successful medicine in
use lor colds, croup and whooping
cough. It always cures and is pleasant
to take. Children like it. Sold by Keir
& Cass.
In Praise of Chamberlain's Cough
There is no other medicine manufac
tured that has received so much praise
and so many expressions of gratitude as
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is
effective, and prompt relief follows its
use. Greatful parents everywhere do
not hesitate to testify to its merits for
the benefit of others, It is a certain
core for croup and will prevent the
attack if given at the first appearance
of the (I if case. It is especially adapted
tn children as it is pleasant to take and
contains nothing injurious. Mr. E. A.
Humphreys, a well known resident and
clerk in the store of Mr. E. Lock, of
Alice Cape Colony, South Africa, says :
"I have used Chamberlain's Cough
remedy to ward off croup and colds in
my family. I found it to be very satis
factory and it gives me pleasure to
recommend it." For sale by Keir &
1. 7 acres two miles out at f375 per
acre. All in bearing orchard, good lo
cation, under ditch, small house.
2. 40 ai res, three miles out, 3 acres
cleared, mostly in hay, some fruit trees,
good limber, under ditch, some free
water. f2000.
3. 20 acre six miles out, 6 acres in
apples, rest easily cleared, uuder ditch
nearly all good apple land. Price
4. 40 acres six miles out at 75 per
acre, nearly all good apple land and
easily cleared, under ditch.
6. 25 acres 7 miles out, all choice
apple land and lies fine, 7 acres cleared,
5 acres in orchard one and two years
old, rest easily cleared.
6. 20 acres seven miles out, choice
apple land, no waste, 7 acres cleared
and 5 acres in apples of best vaiieties.
7. 40 acres seven miles out, also
good fruit land, 5 acres cleared, small
houe and barn.
The above are ouly a few samples of
the bargains we have to offer. A vari
ety of city property for sale on reason
able terms.
Onthank a Otten
Hood RWor Oregon
For chapped and cracked hands noth
ing is quite as good as an application of
DeWitU Witch Haiel Salve. Put it on
before going to bed, use an old pair of
gloves and see what a difference the
morning will bring. Sold by Williams'
ManZan Pile Remedy put np in con
venient, collapsible tubes with noxzle
attachment so that the remedy may
applied at the very seat of the trouble,
thus relieving almost instantly bleed
ing, itching or protruding piles. Satis
faction guaranteed or money refunded.
Sold by Keir A Cass, Druggists.
Headquarters for High Grade Souvenir, Comical and
Leather Postals. A large assortment of Beautiful Xmas
Cards. We have exclusive sale of the neatest Souvenir
Card of Hood River ever putout, 15c. Watch our windows
L II. Hugpins & Co.'s Ladies' Coat
and Suit sale begins Saturday, Dec. 8th.
Come and see the special values we of
fer you. Buy your suits and coats now
and save 50 per cent. Do it now.
Dad's Little Liver Pills thoroughly
dean the system, iroori for lazy livers,
makes clear complex inns, bright eyts
and happy thoughts. Sold by Keir &
Cass, Druggists..
Parties knowing tlieiiielvef to le in
debted to mo are riqiested to call at
my office and hi fie by January 1st as I
am very n.iu h in nei il of money
d!3-3t Dk. 11. I.. IX mbi.k.
Don't Forget
When yon want first-class work
done at homo. All kinds of
Laundry Work and Cleaning
Lace curtains, 50c; blankets and
carpets, 25c to 50o. Phone m941
Clan rbrick, Prop.
jZu C-r-K LO-ID OF
interests you because of the variety shown for your selec
tion, and the price impossible under ordinary buying.
We invite inspection
An Unconditional Guarantee with Every Stove
In selling thousands of these Universals in the past 22
yeas we have never beeen called on to make good the
guaransee on a single Universal
Hardware CTT1T117 A DTQ Tinware
Paints vj 1 ML, W -TVix 1 O Crockery
GUIGNARDt ROSIGER, Local Agents, Heed live
We will have for the Fall trade 50,000
one and two year oni Yellow Newtown
Pippin and Spitzenbnrg apple tries,
also all the leading variedies ot Apple.
Pear, Plum, Prune, Peach, Cherry una
Euglish walnut trees, ornamental trees,
shrubs and Hopes. Our trees are true
to name and give good satisfaction. For
prices call on August Guignard, Hood
River, or address N. B. Harvey, Milwau
kee, Oregon. Phone 1259.
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
C. f. Thompson
We offer Hood River grown nursery
tock and do all kinds of Orchard and
Xnrsery work. Lay off, plant, prune,
trim and cultivate young orchards in
the most thorough and up-to-date man
' f' '
1 1
1 ?-;u
A Texas Wonder.
There's a Hill at Bowie, Tex., that's
twice as big as last year. This wonder
is W. L. Hill, who from the weight of
90 pounds has grown to over 180. He
says: "I suffered with a terrible cough,
and doctors gave me up to die of Con
sumption. I was reduced to 1)0 pounds,
when I begun aking Dr. King's New
Discovery lor Consumption, Coughs and
Colds. Now, after taking 12 bottles, I
have more than doubled in weight and
am completely cured." Only sure
Cough and Cold cure. Guaranteed by
Chas. N. Clarke Druggist. 50c and $1.
Trial bottle free.
Patronize Home
Our Work cannot be
Hood River Studio
First-Class Photographs
We have the lateat In mounU and can en
large yonr Photon In ( rayon. Platinoid or
Hepia. Batlafectlon guaranteed.
W. D. ROGERS, Prop.
To the Farmer
Hood River Milling Co.
One Dollar will
J. lit you to eye glasses or spec
Hj lacles. Perfect fit guaranteed.
Your eyes fitted at home. Writ far
- dee iHMiklet describing our methoi.
f;i Kcnirmher, the glasses we fit you.
i. nrf worth $3.50 any where on
.r ib Our price, only $1.00.
'l R UK-HAIRING department la Boat
ni i .leif Main aprinr $UX). Watch cleaned
M .(XI. bc-nd your work by reglatered dill.
? 50 rrpairi anr watch.
Do you know our Feed, Fresh
from the mill has Double the feed
ing value of stale feed? All the pro
gressive Dairymen are buying
feed from us. Beware of Bargain
Feed. It is worth Less than they
charge for it. We will sell you the
right kind of feed for just what it
is worth. No more, no less. Our
prices are the Market prices. Pa
tronize Home Industry. It's to
your advantage and ours.
For Xmas Buy Something Useful
Wo have them $1 00, ,$5.00, S9.C0, $10 00,
$12.00, $17.00, $20.00 and $35 00
No i ced toenlaifie mi the quality
of the Kastman Kodaks
Dveljping Machines, .J3f $4, $5 und $7.50
'ith -i a.i-'iiii ' it divM-V all t!w w.-iv.
l-'nii li i ' of Ki'-n j, frintiiii!,1 i.ii..r. Ci.ciiifv. Is
and all I'liuioiMpiiic Matt-riais
From 12.50 to $.",00. Ouarantiwl for one year
Our Souvenir of Hood River is going fast.
Over 300 sold the past week. Price 15e.
Xmas Cards, Red letter Bibles, Writing
Desks, Sundries, etc. Our line will interest
No Price so Low that Good
Quality Doesn't Go With It
It's true we sell oil a close margin mid ex
pect to build up a big business through sell
ing you often. But the lowest price at which
you buy anything in this store carries with
it merchandise of merit, we won't sell any
other kind, no matter how great the finan
cial gnin might be. nd you get actual
value fur your money if you buy the most
expensive suit in the house.
m mlyou
buy from Factory
Direct. Therefore our
prices art lowest.
SAV. 8k lock ca
4 36T. eORTkANO.O.
I ' " ni n .
Do you not want one? Besides you will have
Tom Calkins, of Hood River, says :
"The first week after using a Shaples Tubular Cream Sep
arator I churned 36 pounds of butter from the same cows from
which the 'week before I churned only 18 pounds of butter. I
had oo idea I was losing so much cream."
Vehicles and Farm Implements EXCLUSIVELY
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies.
Railroad Ties. Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931
If i i-w : i
Why Not Investigate ?
If you can double the
amount of butter you
are now making by
getting a : : : : :
..Tubular. Cream Separator..
i j