The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 13, 1906, Image 8

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Avoid alum and alum phos
phate baking powders.The
label law requires that all
the ingredients be named
on the labels. Look out
for the alum compounds.
$ NOTE. Safety lies in buying only
Royal. Baking Powder, which is a
J'pure,;cream or tartar baking powder,
and the. .best that .can be made.
Hood Hirer P.tato U Blval the Apple.
G. C Kufl, of 443 Sixth afreet, who
ooi Taluibl. apple orchard In tb.
Hood Rirer valley, and ia a pro
ooaored eotbnaiat on tb. nam. and
(am. of tb. Hood hirer apple, be
Here b. baa found a rival In that
oelebrated fruit in tb. Hood Rivet
poUto, a few buibel of which be but
on exhibition.
T hese are of tbefamoaa'Borbank va
riety, areiaging in weipbt close to
two pound eacb, although loroe are
larger, and ton and aa any potato evtr
was. Mr. Had raised about 2U0 aacki
ot them on bia ranch tbii aeaaoo. and
aaya tier are marketable at 11.00 a
aack. Telegram.
Co in To-Day.
I liae mint a large assortment of
mer ll,;n vou'J wish, if its Watcliif.
I Clork or Jewelry, . perhaps a cut
glaon dish. AIho a line of silver in
i Uorhtitus, that's the best. When J
btart in to please the public there is no
encli word aa rest. Don't put off the
day of looking. Come tomorrow and
you'll Hud, Arthur Clarke will gladly
eliow you; if you don't bay he won't
mind. Hut of course you know the ad
age, "Don't put off, but do today what
you might leave for tomorrow." But I
ask you to come ToDay.
The adjourned meeting of the com
mon council was held at tbe city ball
Wednesday evening and routine busi
ness tran -acted.
The question of placing more lights
In the atieeta at dangerous points ore
ated some discussion. Some time ago
the street committee was ordered to
report on wbat nine more light oould
be tecuied for, and on a misunder
standing of tbe report, the committee
ordered them in, but as tneiigtita nnu
not yet been placed, they will coun
termand the order and report tbe cost
at tbe next meeting of the councl
Tb. aro light at U Ill's store will be
ohanged for an incandescent, as it
was thought tbe light could be dig
tributed in a numbei of smaller
lights, at tbe same cost wblob would
be more satisfactory. The lights now
placed by the city are oosting a little
over 130 a month.
A petition for a sidewalk on the
south side of Columbia street, from
tbe west end of Columbia street to
Seventh, was granted. It was at tlrst
Intended to petition for a sidewalk
through to Suow & Upson's corner,
but there are but one or two resi
dences on the street this side of Sev
enth street, and it was thought best
to stop thero lor the present. Theie
has been considerable walk built at
the west end of tho street, and it will
simply be ooutlnued through the gar
deu patch, which wafa ordered opened
reoeutly, and on through to Seventh.
The vote at tbe rooeut city election
was canvassed, and thoso recelviug
tbe highest number of votes were de
clared elected.
Tbe sewer com ml tee were authorized
to get legal advice concerning tbe
settlement of tbe tinnl account of tbe
engineer. It appears that there have
been bills paid on sewer work several
years ago, while the oontraot signed
jy Mayor Coon appears to cover all
costs of the engineer on the percent
ile basis.
The finance committee was instruct
ed to secure bids from attorneys to
tevlse the city ordinances, codify
them, and make copies for the record
er, and after that is done, to secure
bids on printing 100 oopiea in book
Tbe chief of the fire department
was asked to negotiate with some of
tbe tire department supply bouses, to
trade the big chemical engine for
more suitable apparatus that can be
bandied here, where there aie such
heavy grades to pull up, and teport.
The following hills were allowed and
ordered paid :
Glacier, advertising and printing,
D. McDonald, supplies, 11.70.
(Jeorge I. Slooom, supplies, 11.35.
Watchman's salary, $.0.
3. R Mckelsen, il.70.
W. Haynes, supplies, ?5.(i0.
Ed Pare, woik on streets, 120.85.
A. C. Stevens, hauling, 70o.
A. P. Jack, work on streets, 919.25.
M. W. llinoock, woik on streets,
U. E. Cook, work on streots, IG8.10.
N. J. Devoid, feeding prisoners,
U. E. Edingtou, work on streets,
Maishal's salary, 900.
Dr. Dumble, attending prisoner,
Transfer and Livery Co., 92.25.
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co., 9108.82.
Tbe bill for 9527 for tbe new bcok
and ladder truck was also ordered
L. II. Iliigpins & Co.'s Ladies' dmt
and tiult sale begins Saturday, Dec. 8tli.
Come and see the special values wo of
fer you. liny your miitn and coats now
and save 50 per cent. Do it now.
Begins Suit for Right of Way.
For the purpose of getting a rieh!
ot way foi the chauge of Hue leading
into Pendleton frrom the went, the
O. II &, N. company has tiled a con
denization suit in the circuit court
East OregonlanL
Population of Oregon.
A summary of leturns fiom thecen
eus rolls for tbe year 1005, transmit
ted to tbe secretary of utato shows a
total population for the state of Ore
gon of 404,530. Multnomah county is
credited with 120,185. Tbe legal vot
ers In tbe ate number 143,053.
Girl of lSMay Take Timber Claims.
If reports from the interior depart
ment are correct girls of 18 years tire
entitled to take up timber oalinis in
Oregon. The matter has beeu in dis
pute heie for some time, a few claim
ing this to be a fact, while others
tblnk they should be 21. A report
from the department has recently
been printed in the dispatobea which
says as the women ot Oregon reach
their majority at 18, they are of age
to make coutraots and buy and soil
timber tho same as a man at 21. There
will probably be a rush for timber
land as soon as this becomes known.
$100 Reward, 8100.
The render of this psppr will bfpWsed to
learn that there la at leant oue (treaded
disease that scU'uee hua been able to cure
In all Ita 1mo, und that la Catarrh. Hall's
I'atarrli Cure la the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity. I'atarrli
being a constitutional dlxeaw, require a mi
atltmlonal treatment, llall'a Catarrh Cure
In Inken internally, acting directly upon the
blood and rnueoua surfaces of the system,
thereby dlat.roylns; the foundation of the dis
ease, and giving the patient strength by
bulldlne BP the constitution and assisting na
ture In doing Its work. The proprietors nave
so much faith In Its curative powers that they
Oder One Hundred Dollars for any case that
it falls to cure. Hend for teatlinonlala.
Address: F. J. CHENKY X Co., Toledo, O.
Hold by Druggist, 75c
J'ait e Uall'i Family 1'liU for constipation.
License Has Refused.
One would hardly have expected it
of the county clerk, or bis usually
solicitous afsiHtauts, but t is given
out on good autbotity that a msiriage
license was refuaod this morning. Not
that tbe refusiil Is unusual, but the
circumstflticos of ti e oase certainly
warranted gi eater consideration. Tbe
applicant, who, by the way, was a
resident of "Cascade" connty, was
seeking the permission of tbe clerk to
re marry tbe wife f'otn whom be was
divorced thirteen (uo t"twenty-tbree)
years ago. It would seui that such a
small omission as a witness shot II be
overlooked. Chronicle.
Dad's Little Liver Pills thoroughly
clean the system, good for lazy livers,
makes clear complexions, bright eyes
and happy thoughts. Hold by Keir &
Cass, Druggists..
Department of the Interior, Land Office at
'ihe Dalles, Oregon, November 14, It.
Nolle la hereby given that
of Hood River, Oregon, Iirn tiled notice of hi
In luittt..i. . ittuku fl.tul H .... - a ...
Hum llc-jf-Ml firiKII III
support of his claim, vis : llomcnumd Kntry
No. Will, made May (t, 1900, for the SWV.HK'..
j,, biiu 1011 in mi;uiiii iw, ((IWIIHIlip
north, range 10 east, W. M., and that said
proof will be mucin before the Rcglxter and
"celver, at The Dalles, Oregon, on December
He names the following witnesses to prove
his eciiilliinoilK rcNldenee Uxn and cultiva
tion or the land, vis: Thomas W. Calbreath,
Karl Hsrlmess, F. K. Foratjerg and Y. V. Hher
rlcb, all ot Hood Klver, Oregon.
n22-d Register.
Mount Hood Railroad Co.
Daily to Mt. Hood and Valley Points
'I I Ml.' TA l!l V.
SOU leave Hood Itlver Arrive
H:02 PnweriliilH
S:'-HI Hears
bft Vim Horn,!.'
Lent ' '
ifcW Udell...
8 10 In,!,,... Jl,i
iWi HIiHii'her
l WliiiWis
9:ir Arrive.... Ik
Hlinrinv'M Mi.tilLI.......! i in
....... . ...ul,u ,min win run one
hour late above schedule, leaving Hood River
U:W a. in. Returning regular schedule
(HAS. T. KARLY. O. F. 4 P. Agt.
No. 1. 20 acre, 3) miles from town
Good bouse and barn. 1000 apple trews-
mt i.. i : . ti i i
iu hi waring, aii cieureu, anil in gen.
erai terming, rnce fo.uuu. Tins
place can be secured by f 1, 000 cash pay
ment, and balance at 00 per cent.
No. 2. 8 acres, two miles from town.
7 acres in berries. Price 12,700.
No. 8. 14 acres, eight miles from
town, one mile from graded school, aud
lies upon railroad. Oood fruit land,
no waste ground. Price 75 per acre.
No. 4. 40 acres 7 miles from town, 12
acres cleared and in hay. No other im
provements. Price H0 per acre.
No. 5. 40 acres, 7 miles nut, 22 acres
cleared, 7 in orchard. Will trad) for
dairy ranch. Price $8,500.
No. 6. 20 acres 3 miles out. Good
house and barn. 11 acres youns or
chard, 2iJ acres struwlterries, some
meadow land and about acre waxte
land. If taken soon 8 tons hay in barn
and winter's supply of wood will go
; with purchase price of f 9,000.
i No. 7. 15 acres mile from upper
town. 5 acres young orchard. 5 acres
strawberries, balance fertilized for gnr
' den truck. 11 inches water with plue
No. 8. 20 acres, 4 miles from tow n.
10 acres in orchard. Hmall house and
outbuildings. Price, $8,500.
No. 0. 30 acres 6 miles from town,
1300 trees , three and four years old.
. This is one of the finest places in all
Hood River. Price, $17,500.
No. 10. 22 acres near Pine Grove
Behool House. 12 acres in orchard and
pari of It in full bearing. Varieties are
principally Newtowns and Spitzen-
bergs. Ho u Be and outbuildings. Price,
No. 11. 6 acres 3 miles out. 4 set
to trees, Newtowns aud Spitzeubergs,
with peach trees set between rows.
Good tt-room house. Daily mail and
telephone. Price $2,500.
No. 12. 10 acres 4 miles nut. No Im
provements. No waste land. Price
No. 13. 43 acres 4 miles out. 5 acres
in bearing, 2 acres young orchard. Only
3 acres waste g'ound. House, barn.
fruit house and fine spring situate to
pipe into nouse. rnce f lo.lMJU
.Roller Skating Rink.
Every Evening; Except Sunday
and Saturday Afternoons
Admission, 10c Skating, 25c
G W. GRAHAM, Prop.
cm m
With a Perfection Oil Heater yon can heat a cold
bed-room, make a sick-room more comfortable, warm a
chilly hallway, heat water quickly, and do many things
better than can be done with any other stove no natter
what fuel it burns. The superiority of the
Oil Heater
(Equipped wltli Smokeless Device)
lies In the fact that It trnrnttes Intense hett without smoke
or smell. The oil fount sod the wick csrrier are made of brass
throughout, which insures durability. Gives ereat heat at small
cost. Fount has oil indicator and handle. Heater Is light and
fiortshle. Absolutely safe and simple wick cannot be turned
oo high or too low. unrated as easily as a lamp. All parts
easily cleaned. Two finishes nickel and Japan. Krery heater
warranted. If not at your dealer's writa nearest agency for
descriptive circular.
can be used la any room
ana is ine best all-round
house lamp made. Gives
a clear, steady lmht. Is
the safest lamp you csn
buy. Brass throughout and alckel plated. Equipped with
the istest Improved burner. Handsome simple satisfactory.
Kvery lamp warrautcd. Write to nearest ageucy if you cannot
get it from your dealer.
RdO Lamp
Beautiful Home for Sale
Twenty aerra, ten In fruit Uma, beer I Da:
0 eberry trees In fall bearng. All e lea red
bat SU acres: 10 acres neeu no Irrigation: soma
timothy: o acres plowed ready lor grass:
Inches of water gees wltli puw-e; also S Uus of
hay; wikhI all under shed (of winter. A
lil. house, six moms, bain, room und
l auiry, barn and other outbuildings, all nw ;
good water, fine nstds and lou only t',
ilea): mail rl!iil at the door every dny. I rk
StoO per acre; t VU per acre cheaper ltan Und
sold all around the plaoe. Don I pans by (his
place wltb iut seeing It. Address. U. W.
bmltb, H. F. l. No. i MayU
-F1. COB
Shop opposite 0. B. Hartley's residence
Phone 671
O SWCE1, o
4kflNA awarn r
UmHrt, nnsst Fwmn; I
yaakatthiaiaw (Maaklisisi
Leave Hood River 8:00 mil Leave Dee 4:00 p. m.
On June 10th, and each Sunday there
after, Mount Hood Railroad will run an
Excursion Train between Hood River
and Dee.
A more pleasant trip than
a few hours ride through the
Beautiful Hood River Valley
cannot be taken and the
Fishing' in immediate
vicinity of Pee is unsur
passed. Round Trip $1 Round Trip $1
Tickets on Office, Mount Hood Hotel.
C. P. R.
Next Door to McOuire Brothers,
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired
All work dune with Electric
Jron and guaranteed
I am prepared to furnish mill and alab
wood, also other kinds of wood.
I have a new steam wood saw and am
prepared to do sawing.. Also do general
team work.
Phone 121.
Butler Banking Company
Capital Fully Paid, $50,000
Leslie IU'ti.kk,
J. W. French
J. N. Tral,
Vice Tresident.
Truman Putler,
R. T. Cox
-- Health
Is your best asset. Proper health is most
essential to your happiness and welfare.
I'ure air is an absolute necessity, and no
effort should be spared to keep it so in every
Where open-flame illuminants rob the air
of oxifen and turn it into earbonic acid gas,
pure air is an impossibility,
Air poisoned by the name of m rns jet, or
that of an oil lamp is unfit for breathing
purposes and exercises a decidedly injurious
effect upon the occupant of the room.
Electric Light burning iuun air-tight bulb
leaves the air of the room pure and fresh,
and furnishes a better, brighter and safer
light than any other medium.
We furnish the current and a phone mes
s;ige or postal from you will bring our representative.
Blacksmiths and Wagon flak ers
Special attention given to making and repairing
Grubbing Tools and Loggers Tools
Staple and
Fancy Groceries
Majestic & Mesaba Ranges
and Stiletto Cutlery.
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Lath, Shingles, Etc
Lumber Delivered to Any Part of the Valley
Stock Grown on FuH Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know
that for the fall planting we will hare and can sup
ply in any number
Cherry, Pea r.Apricot, Peach Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitiea
berg and Jonathan apple trees.
RAWSON & STANTON, Hood River. Or.
and Manufacturers of all kinds of
Fruit Boxes
Highest Prices Paid for High Grade Fruit.
Boys' Suits
We are closing out a
line of Boys' Suits, all
wool long pants, Etc.
$10.00 values reduced to $7.00
A full line Ladies', Misses' IC
and Children's Golf Gloves ol
noon itivnit Tircioim
NOW IS THE TIME to trade your old Stove in, on
The Big New and Secondhand Store
is the place. We buy, sell and exchange anything in Furniture, Stoves, Carpets, Tin and
Graniteware, Crockery, and in fact EVERYTHING salable.
Come in and be convinced that we can SAVE YOU MONEY.
Phone 1053
0. P. DABNEY & CO., Proprietors.