The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 29, 1906, Image 7

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01. 29
Watch this Store for the next 30 days. There will be something: doinsr all
the time. The Greatest Xmas assortments ever shown in Hood River 11
The Store that Closes at 6:30
p. m. Except Saturday
We Never Misrepresent to Make a Sale
The U p-to-Date Store
The Store that Don't Sell
Goods on Sunday.
Fresh butter and eggs at Bent's.
Mr. Bartmess in on a cash basis.
Uet your chickens for Sunday dinner
at McGuire Bros.
Olives in bulk, bottles and cans at
Finishing for amateurs at Deitz Stu
dio. New Orleans Molasses in bulk and
en 1 1 t Jackson's.
(iul a tine roast at Rent's meat mar
ket Sait mackerel, eastern white fish and
pickled salmon at Jackson's.
Metiuire Bros, make their own leaf
lu i ll tinder their own brand.
Cuickens for SundiV dinner at A. S
Frnsli su.-ase made daily at Bent'
meat market.
It is to your interest to refer to M.
llHrtniess' ad under the new system.
The Diet Studio for photos.
Telephone A. S. lieht your meat or
ders at the City Market.
Our work guaranteed. Delta Studio.
Maple Syrup and New York State
Buek Wheat at Jackson's.
Ask to see our assortment of new
linens for Thanksgiving at Huggings'
Just received from the factory sev
eral beautiful pianos for the holiday
trade. Call and see them. Soules'
Piano House. Next to Culbertson's
real estate ollice.
If you want to buy or sell real estaie
10 to Onthank & Otten. Money to
loan on first mortgages. Abstracts and
legal papers carefully prepared. Nota
rial work of all kinds.
You will be surprised at the special
values we are offering in our linen de
partment for Thanksgiving. Iluggins.
To the legal voters of the Hood River
Irrigation District.
If the voters of the Dietiiot wish
to elect live directors at the annual
election to he heH Tuesday, January
10, 1907, it will be necessary to pre
sent a petition to the boatd of direc
tors by Ueoeruber 15, 11)06, of a ma
jority of the voters ot the Dis
trict. The board will then order rive
directors elected at said election.
There are about 150 voters in the Dis
triot F. O. Sherrieb.
O . R. Castner.
J. II. Shoemaker.
"For years I starved, then I bought
a 50 ceut bottle of Kodol Dyspepsia
Cmv, and what that bottle beee
litted me all the gold in Ueoigia
could not buy. I kept on taking it
aud in two months I went back to my
woik as machinist. In three months
1 was as well and hearty as I eer
was 1 still use a little occasionally as
I Had it a flue blood purifier aud a
good tonic May you live long and
prosper. " O. N. Cornell, Roding,
iia , Aug. 27, 1906. Kodol is sold
here by Williams Pharmacy.
Come To-Day.
I nave now a large assortment of
everything you'd wish, if its Watches,
Chirks or Jewelry, or perhaps a cut
uU-is dish. Also a line of silver in
Gorhams, that's the best. When I
fturt in to please the public there is no
such word as reBt. Don't put off the
day of Innkimr Come tomorrow aud
you'll rind, Arthur Clarke will gladly
show you; if you don't buy he won't
mind.' But of course you know the ad
age, "J)on't put off, hut do today what
you might leave for tomorrow." But I
ask vou to come ToDay.
W. H. Peugh is In Wasco looking
after bis interests there.
Frank Chandler went to Portland
Saturday to spend Sunday with big
Miss Howe was a passenger to Port
laud Saturday for short visit to that
11 Counaway, who recently bought
tbe Little White store, was in towu
looking after bis property last weeK.
Mrs. Marcellus, of Portland, spent
several days in town last week. Sbe
was here for the purpose t visiting
friends aud rel lives.
W. II. Post, of Priueviile, who ba
been visiting :elntives and fileuds
here for the past tea days returned
home Thursday.
Mrs. Adelia Moe visited la Portland
hint week with Mrs. R. D. Evans and
Miss Faunie Glover and also with
Mrs. Cantield at Milwaukie.
McHane & Wright have the stooe
ouudation for their new workshop in
oonnoccou with their bnsuess aud
are ereutiug tbe frame for the build
ing. George Chamberlaiu, owner of tbe
saw mill at Mosier, was a visitor at
Hood River Saturday. Mr. Chamber
lain reports that the Mosier country
is forging ahead.
A novel order for lumber was re
cently reoeived by the proprietor of a
local saw mill. It reads: "Thirty
cracks, 9 feat wide, 8 feat long, C feat
and 22 inobes high at upper aide, 5 foet
1 inches at lower side. Also 25 peaces
battens 3 feet 15 inches."
Joseph Frazier, sr., has been hav
ing a siege ot the gi ip and was a very
sick man for two weeks, tie is nnw
convalescent, tlis daughter, Vina,
who is attending blgb school in Port
land, came up Sunday and is spend
ing the week at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Hall left tewn
Tuesday for a visit in the Willamette
valley. They will be gone aeverl days
and spend Thanksgiving out of town.
Mrs. Hall expects to a.ipear at several
concerts while away.
A number of Elks went to Tbe
Dalles Saturday to he present at tbe
monthly meeting ot that organiza
tion. Tbe Elks will bold a memorial
service in tbe Opera House at The
Dalles Sunday aud it Is expected tbat
il will be attended by a big delegation
from here.
ManZau Pile Remedy put up in con
venient, collapsible tubes with nozzle
attachment so that the remedy may he
applied at the very seat of the troulile,
thus relieving almost instantly bleed
ing, itching or protruding piles. Satis
faction guaranteed or money refunded.
Sold by Keir & Cass, Druggists..
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thorutonen ter
laiuod their friends Saturday evening.
A good number from Hood River
were present and also from Under
wood and Cbenowitb. A very pleas
ant evening was spent in social enjoy
ment after which a bountiful supper
was served.
After a long siege of typhoid fever,
Jobn Van Delleu, of tbe firm of Hug
gins & Van Dellen, was able to leave
the hospital today. His illness 0. me
at an inopportune time, just as be
was starting in business In The
Dalles, aud bis friends will be glad to
lorm of his recovery. Cbiooicle.
' Misses Gertrude and Nettie Kinney,
of Waraio, came up fro Hood River
on Monday and have returned, to
their borne after several weeks visit
in the valley. Mrs. Staata left last
Wednesday for Hood River to visit
her daugbt r, Mrs. Cbas. Clarke. Ben
King r turned to his borne in Hood
River la it Saturday. Optimist.
A. A. Jayne has been at Portland
for several days 011 business.
Geo. T. Pratber went to Tbe Dalles
Tuesday on a business trip.
Rev. Troy Shelley wil preaob at tbe
Uniou church Sunday. Tho service
will commence at 11 :30 a. m.
Harvey Wells, special ageut of tbe
North wetteru, Phoenix and Hartford
compauies, was a visitor in town re
cently. Hurry Connaway, who recently
bought tbe Little White Store, arriv
ed at Hood River to tske charge ol
bh property last week.
Mr. Bolin, of tbe firm ot Uobn &
via smart, job priuters, of Tbe
DuIbs, visited Hood Kiv r for several
days this week.
A special Northern Pacific traiu
containing a uuiiitier of tbe otUciais
of tbat road passed east over the (3.
R. & N. Wednesday.
Jobn Cast iini' went to Portland
Tuesday for the purpo.-o of 11 i.kii g
arrangements fur transportation for
an etxendea trip eat
Mr. aud Mis. !..!. Komi up, ol
Hollister, l ul, hare been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. v. O. Ash Mrs. Asb
aud Mrs. Kouiiue are sisters.
Dad's Little Liver Pills thoroughly
clean the sys em, good for lazy livers,
makes cleir coinplexinux, bright eyes
and tiHiipv Miiinghls. Sold by Keir &
Cass, Druggists..
"Religlo l or Today, " will be the
subject of discourse at tbe Uni
tarian church next Sunday morning;
tbat for eteuing, ''The Law of becom
ing." A cordial invitation is extend
ed to sll.
Grunville Lowther, of North Yaki
ma, who Is said to have paid more
money for e fruit ranob than any oth
er man in tbe Noithwest was at
Hood River this week. Mr.' Lowther
was here he said to And out bow we
got suck big money for our apples.
James Simonson and family, of Tbe
Delhi--, moved -to Hood River this
week and will take up their residence
here Mr. Simonson has rented tbe
building next to Rogers' photograph
gallery mid will soon open a restau
rant in it He is having the building
renoMtcd aud as soon as it is com
pleted will opeu for business.
A i"'i'i l uiuny Hood River people
jpeut lLanksgiviug In Portland aud
almost a ar load of passengers was
taken iu h. re wbeu tbat tiaio pulled
out Wednesday. Among those who
went to the city were Mr. and Mrs.
10. L. Smith, Dr. aud Mrs. Watt, J
H. lieilbionner, A. J. Derby, W. H.
Sargent, E. K. Golf and Mrs. Dutia
ble. Tbe ladies society of tbe Congrega
tional church will serve a six o'clock
dinner on Saturday, December 8tb at
tbe Opera House, lu connection
with tbe dinner there will be held a
sale of useful and fancy articles, in
cluding colonial rugs and quilts,
dressed dolls and many other pietty
and serviceable things. This will be
an ideal opportunity to select Christ
mas gifts.
In order to have' something to
thankful f r this Tnanksgiving,
Cbailes W. Camp and Miss Bertha A.
Smth, of Hoed River, and T.. Wilson
and Clara Moore, of Boyd, this morn
ing requested tbe permission of Was
co county In t'et rmu rip. J. Of course
the ol liglng clerk ot the u.atiimouial
bureau could u't deny tbe modest re
quest Chronicle ;.;
Pine Salve c rbolized, acts like a
poultice; highly antiseptic, extensively
used for Eczema, for chapped handsand
lips, cuts and burns. Sold by Keir &
Cass, Druggists.. ri
Go To
Santa Clause has sent his advance man and he is here
getting ready for his great show direct: from Toyland.
We want you to come and see it. . Dolls, Doll Buggies,
Go-Carts, Doll Shoes, Hats, Gloves, Coats, Fans, ; Rub
bers, Stockings, and everything else for her house. ' Me
chanical Toys of every description, a buzzing, whirling
lot, Wagons, Hand Cars, Coasters, Carts, Sleds, Cutters,
Air Guns, Foot Balls, Punching Bags, 'Printing Presss,
Scroll-Sas, Tool Chests, Etc. Books; Games, Musical
Instruments. Our Crockery department is , very inter
esting. Just come and see. . .,,: ,;.;,
1 -J..'' t '.
E. II. Sbepaid returned from a bus
iness trip to Portlaud last Saturday.
J. I. Miller, of Crapper, went to
Portland Wednesday to speud Thanks
giving. J as. Lacey made a business trip to
Tbe Dalles Saturday where be was
called on business. .
J. T. Nelf, of The Dalles, was W
Hood River Saturday- 011 hush. ess
connected with his duties an school
Mr. .1. B Nichols left We ne ''ay
for Milt-on ip . to i""' Tluink'M ic
ing with Mr Mi bo s' parents at t bat
J B 1 1 1: 1 I rut urn r) from u tii o
Portland TVo-day nigh1 niter ha', ii (.
been hung up on the rond Muudny
about all day on his wiiy down.
Kd Rand, slier ill of linker ooumy,
who is n son of Robt. Rand, of tins
city, visited here last week. Mr.
Rand It-ft for his home at Baker (,'itj
on No. 2 Sal-urday.
The members of tlm lodga of East
ern Stat gave a supper Tuesday eei.
Ing I'bo alfalr was an informal out
and was ttended by a uuod many
mouthers ot tbe lodge htid families.
The supper was a good one and a very
pleasant time was had.
Mrs. Susan ' Crookshanks, aged 82
years, a led at. the residence of J. K.
King at Cbenowitb, November 23, of
diabete. Tbe funeral was beld Sun
day November 25 and the services
were conducted by Rev, F. W. De
hart. Intermeut was in Cbenowitb
cemetery. T
Tbe roller aKating rink is proving a
vry popular place of amusement late
ly and many are nightly visitors
there. Tbe sport is not only a pleas
ant pastime but a recreation and
good exercise. The managers of tbe
rink nave decided to make a charge
of 10 cents admission for spectators
and 25 cents for the use of skates dur
ing tbe afternoon or evening. The
rink is open every niebt but Sundev
and also on Saturday atternoon.
Dr. Watt has purchased bo X-ray
machine for use lu bis prtotlce which
will undoubtedly prove of considera
ble value in determining the lolcatiou
of fractures aud other things tbat fre-
qu: ntly battle tbose engaged in toe
praotice or surgery, the Hist day it
was reoeived the doctor had occasion
to use it on tbe arm of one of bis pa
tients aud had no trouble in discern
ing the condition of broken bonis
which were replaced in their natural
Col. Jobu A. Morritt, of Niagara
Kails, reoenty visited at. tlm home of
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Vau Uoru In this
city. Mr. Meriitt was for several
years postmaster at Washington, 1)
C, aud until recently nag third as
sistant postmaster general. He is
now collector of customs at Niagara
Falls.Ibaviug been appointed but a
short time ago. Aftr speuding a
week or ten days with Mr. and Mrs.
van Horn wltb whom he bas been ac
quainted for a good many years he
returned east.
Carborundum, tbe new material
manufactured from coal and whioh
is making oousiderahle of a stir
among scientists of late, is becoming
popular as settinus for stickpins. Ar
thur Clarke, tbe jeweler, bas made a
number of 'hem for Hood River cus
tomers aud when set oa a gold pin
they make a very handsome appear-'
anoe. Carborundum contains many
colors and in a bright light bas the
brilliancy ot a rainbow. It is said to
be harder than . diamonds but Mr.
Clarke says he doubts tbat this is so
in the crude eta1 e. It will however.
out glass and bas been found very use
ful in various purposes for which it
bas been employed.
Will (jet 300 Boxes of Apples.
Through tbe persistent efforts ot J.
II. Heilbronner and Jo. A. Wilson
tbe car of apples for tbe poor people
of Portland will he got on Its way to
day, in all about SM boxes ol apples
were contributed aud many more
could have been secured if way could
bave been found to bave them brought
in. In tbe cat were also a number ot
bags of potatoes for the Boys' and
Girls' Society of Portland and a num
ber ot otber things wblcb it isexceot-
ed will be appreciated by tbem.
Repairing Koad to Boat Landing.
Marshal Ganger, in charge of a
force of men, has been engaged for
tbe past few days in repairing tbe
road to tbe boat lauding. Council
recently appropriated $75 for this
purpose and oontribi tious bave been
reoeived from tbe livery companies
and teamsters who bave occasion to
drive over tbe road. It is also expect
ed tbat tbe steamboat companies will
The road has been in bad shape for
a loug time and the steep ascent just
east of tbe bi idge is being out down
and tbe dirt put In tbe sag. Tbe road
is already in a ranob better condition
but members of oouncil think tbey
can induce the railroad company to
pot enough of tbe dirt taken out of
tbe cut whiob will be made at the east
end of tbe new railroad bridge to
raiie the grade four or Ave feet and
make a much easier road for hauling.
A call which was distributed Tues
day afternoon for a mass mepl.iug t
be held in the commercial club looms
for the purpose of nominating cum I
dates for city olUcrrs was atleiiilfil 1 y
about 100 citizens. The n eo 11 g w i.V
culled to order by E S Ollinpn, v. Li
noiniiinti'd A. D Moe fur i l.i irn ci
"lid Mr Moe wus duly dliclu! .Iul
liagley was de 'lared the choice of tin:
conceiitio i for seort tiiry.
1 he chai.inau stated tlm1 the con
tenl inn was ready for bin ini'ts hi i!
the names of ('. 11. Slniuahan, Geoii
1'. Pralber, Ed Vayi'S, Joseph A Wil
sou did L N. Blowers wr- e I'luci (1
in nomination for the oltlce of mayor
Mr. Mayes' nam" vas af.orxiii'd with
drawn as Hits also that of I. N. I lob
ars, nod the ( cnveutioii tluti proien'
ed to ballot for tbd other cuiulidatei.
On the tlrst Imlkt Joe W'dn,i Received
20 votes, Pratber 15, and Hltiuiahan
11. The chairman declared Unit there
was no election and on the second
ballot Wilson received Zi votes, Pratb
er 20 aud Strauaban i. Mr. Strana
hau then withdrew bis name aud on
the third ballot Prat her was elected
receiving 25 votes to Wilson's 20. Mr.
Wilson did not know that bis name
was to be placed in nominption aud
was unaware of the action of tbe
convention until Wednesday mom
The nomination of oouuciJmen was
next in order and J. L. llershuer, J.
Otten and C. II. Strauaban were chos
en by aoolamation Ou motion of A.
C. Buck, tbe secretary was ins' ruct
ed to oast a ballot for Truman
Butler as tbe nominee of the conven
tion for city treasurer and J. R.
Niokelsen was nominated for the
ollice of recorder by acclamation.
K. of 1'. (jive Enjoyable Dance.
Tbe first large dance of the season
was given Monday evening by tbe lo
cal lodge of Knigbts of Pythias and is
said by those who were in attendance
to have been a most enjoyalle affair.
Fifty-four couples were pieseut. The
large floor of the Upera House I. d
been put in excellent condition si d
the walls were tastefully decor. it id
with evergreens and bunting The
interior of tho Opera Homo luis ie-
centiy been re-kalsomined iiir the
wluter seasou of eutertumnih' aud
with tbe stage decorated for the occa
sion presented a very attractive ep
pearanoe to tbe dancers.
Music was furnished by Everett's
orchestia of Portland whioh arrived 11
the Spokane train which wa uhout i n
hour late. Some of the guests wcie
getting a little uneasy before (he mu
sicians appeared thinking that thoy
were going to be disappointed The
arrival of tbe orchestra however, fin
ished their fears and after dancing
was started the merry p trty kopt it
up until about 2 o'clock. Tho gather
ing was a representative one most of
the members of tbe old dancing club
being present and several guests from
out of town.
Supper was served in the banquet
ball of tbe lodge on the flour above
tbe daoclng hall and the guests were
served iu parties of teu or twelve at a
time according t. their inclination.
Tbey are warm in their praises of
the dance and congratulate its mana
gers ou its sucoess.
Two Alarms But No Fire.
During tbe past week two alarms of
Are bave been turned in, and iu both
instances there was nothing doing.
The tlist one was occasioned by the
smoke from a tinsmith's furnace
which was being used to repair the
roof of Cram's store. Somebody
yelled fire, an alarm was turned in
and the fire apparatus arrived in less
time than it takes to tU it. '
Wednesday another alarm was given
for a flie iu the chimney of tbe resi
dence of W. 11. Chipping. It was of
no consequence, but tbe firemen re
sponded promptly being able to move
tbe new apparatus very quickly.
Nominated By I'e itlon.
A petition was circulated Wednes
day afternon asking tbat another tick
et be placed iu uoininatiou for oity
officers, It was signed by a good
many of tbe business men and others
who were not satisfied with the one
placed in nomination at the conven
tion Tuesday night. In it L. N.
Blowers is named as candidate for
mayor, A. D. Moe, Ed Mayes and H.
II. Bailey for meirbers of council,
Trnman Butier was nominated for
oily treasurer and J. R Nickelseu for
recorder. The candidates uamed in
tbe petition have accepted. For mem
ber of council J. M. Wood was also
nominated by petition.
Mosier I rult Land.
6ost 6 miles east of Hood River, in
the Mosier valley, C. D. Morgan has
some excellent fruit land in large or
small tracts which be can sell cheap if
taken soon. Parties wishing to buy will
do well to write or eee C. D. Morgan,
Mosier, Or.
Fall and
Winter Shoes
now ready. They com- prise shoes (of every occa
sion, every pair of which is guaranteed to give complete satis
faction. Examine them before purchasing your Fall shoes.
Retail price, f 5.00, $4.00, $3.50.
PRESTON B. KEITH SHCE CO., Makers, Brockton, Mass.
Our own manufacture. Tureand
fresh in any quantity and at
prices as low as a first class article
can be sold : : r : : : : :
in the city for the holiday trade.
Nuts of all Kinds, Oranges
and other Fruits : : : : :
T. L,. THOMAS. Pronrintnr
Referring to tbe cessation of tralllo
on the upper river couueotiug with
t'10 portage, igeut Hmtwood, ot tbe
Bpenoer lino, said yoaterday tbat the
recent Hoods had ixt:u the cause of
111 nc h grain being shipped over tbe O.
R. & N., whioh wan intended for tbe
portage Tub sued 1 2 iee of tbe riter
look evt-rj tling wilbui its reach aud
tbe bsuks ot fbe upper Columbia
were strewn with wreckage. A cor
respondent writing from Wallula Sat
urday says:
''lh is morning tbe writer accompa
nied CHptain Wrigley, in his lanuch,
Island l lyor, on a toir' of inspeotiou
up tbe Columbia. For some two
miles the east shore was littered with
lumber, timbers, baled bay wreckage
ot all descriptions, much of which
came from (be Wallula steamboat
lauding. There was a rise of eight
feet during tbe first hour of the
storm. A strong wind from the west
added to the terror of tbe siti ution.
"1'be steamer Norma was moored
to the wharf at the end of tbe railroad
spur. She was so battered up tbat
Captain liaugbmaii was compelled to
take her to Ainswortu for repairs.
She did not get into commission un
til several days Inter. 1'be wharf was
carried down stroaui and broke up on
tbe rapids. Many tons of bay and
ooal were destroyed Three cars of
supplies for the North Hank contract
ors, one ot groceries, were at the
mercy of the waves, wbicb completely
submerged tbem, damaging their con
tents. The loss at this point is said
to be about t:i,000. At camp No. 4,
opposite Wrigley Island, a raft con
taining 40,001) feet of lumber broke
from its moorings. Captain Wrigley,
with the Island Flyer, attached a line
and made tbe raft fast to tbe island,
but the angry waves caused the raft
to break up and tbe lumber all got
"Many carcasses of horses, cattle
and 'sheep, supposed to have floated
down tbe Yakima river, passed down
toward the ocean."
Wantdd To let contract to cut 100
cords of pine wood. A. IK Moe.
Aa Bhutto ConuUae.
"Here, my dear," said the husband,
producing a roll of bills "here Is $10
I won playing poker over at Brown's
last night. You may have It to buy
that dress you wanted." Reluctantly
the conscientious wife took the mon
ey, then said, with an expression ot
rigid rectitude: "I simply shudder at
the thought of using money gained In
such a way. Henry, promise me tbitt
after you have won enough for me to
buy the hat to go with the dress you
will never again touch tbose awful
cards. I don't want my husband to be
come a gambler." Judge.
Lunar Athletlea.
The "man in tbe moon" must surely
regard with amused contempt our much
vaunted athletic records. A good ter
restrial athlete could cover about 120
feet on the moon In a running broad
Jump, while leaping over the barn
would be a very commonplace feat II
would find no difficulty In carrying sis
times as much mid running six times
as fast as he could on earth, all because
the moon attracts bodies with but one
sixth of the force of the earth.
Origin of "John Bull"
The origin of the term "John Bull"
Is thus explained by a London journal:
Dr. John Bull was tbe first Oresham
professor of music, organist of Here
ford cathedral and couitMser to Queen
Elizabeth. John, like a true English
man, traveled for Improvement, and
having beard of a famous musician at '
St. Omer he placed himself under him
as a novice, but a circumstance very
soon convinced the master tbat he was '
Inferior to the scholar. The musician ;
showed Jobn song which he bad com- '
posed In forty parts, telling htm at the
same time that be defied all the world
to produce a person capable of adding
another part to his composition. Bull
desired to be left alone and to be in
dulged for a short time with pea and
Ink. Ia less than three hours he added
forty parts more to the song, opou
which the Frenchman was so much
surprised tbat he swore la groat ecstasy
be must be either the devil or John
Bull, which has ever since beea pro
Terblal in England.