The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 29, 1906, Image 6

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Tbe New Vork Produce News says:
Early estimates of tbe immense Bp
pie crop throughout the'United States
have not panned out. This is espec
ially troe io New Vork, New England
and Canada. Tbe western crcp waa
expected to be very large and ot fine
quality, did not meet expectations
but came nearer the estimate than the
eastern crop. Tbe weotei u fruit bas
cot quite figure here and abroad.
Eeatern Ben Davis of good carryiug
quality ate doing well, lu many seo
tiona of the Middle West cold weather
preveuted tbe fruit from hardening
o as to cairy well and there haa been
large quantity of this sent to tbe
foreign markets. Ibis fruit had been
disappointing to tbe Europeans and
ha checked theli desire for tbe west
ern fruit. In tbe high altitudes back
from tbe rivers in tbe Middle West
apples are of better carrying quality
aud these have brought satisfactory
Eriooa. Tbe western fruit direct from
andlers to tbe foreign market in
over. A large quantity of good stock
baa been stored both East and Webt
and these will oomo out of tbe coolers
when the market has been restored to
Ibe exports this week will probably
exceed those of last, going beyond tbe
150,000 barrel mark. Oreroauy is par
ticularly anxious for good fruit and
there are quite a number of I leruiaus
buyers for export on this market.
They are taking Baldwins direot from
the receiver i and the ruling price is
pi 70. A similar figure is also asked
for fancy Ureenings but tbey are
scarce. Ibe local trade is demanding
good Ureenings and tbey rule 12 aud
12 50. Ibe principal exports aie
Baldwins. Just at present Germany
is tbe best market although London,
Liverpool and Glasgow are paying
good prices for good fruit. Tbe west
ern fiuit must net back here 1175
and ti to make the handlors any mon
ey and very little of It Is doing that
Germany la watching apples attest
ed with Ban Jose scale. A buuou
bought In Niagaia county by a Ger
man exporter waa refused landing Id
Gremany because of tbe soale. This
caused tbe shipper to send them to
Scandinavian points. All tbe scale in
western New York is In Niagara coun
ty and only a portion of this county
ooontalna thia pest. There was an
other instance where 20 cms of apples
were bought to go to Germany aud
upon examinaton soale whs touuii aud
the 20 oars turned down.
$ There is a good deuiaud for Bald
wins on tbe looal market. Quite a
few of them are meeting tbe expecta
tions but these weie the ones held
' and not contracted for earlier In tbe
season. Tbe early buyers got tbe best
fruit and it is panning out all right.
Austin, Kimball & Co., this week snld
6,000 barrels for export to Germany,
getting $2.70 barrel on the vessel.
There haa been a world of poor west
' era fruit on the European maikets in
the last 10 days which have brought
very disoouraging prices. The fault
la in the canying quality. Neatly all
of tbe Baldwins comiug to the market
are entirely free from disease aud
where carefully picked aud selected
are ihowiug'up a beautiful color.
Indiana's Bum per Apple Crop.
- Statistics just compiled by Joseph
Stubbs, state statistician, show that
tbe apple orop in Indlaua thia year
was 4,708,300 busheles. Last yeai tba
total r number of bushels produoed iu
Indiana were 1,658,918. This is an
increase tbia year of 3,113,282 bushels
over tbe apple crop last year.
Greene county led the oounties of
the state iu the production ot apples
this year with a total of 2!X),200 bush
els. Last year Harrison county led
with a total yield of 00,500 bushes. A
comparative statement of the apple
crops produoed in tbe ten highest
oounties shows some surprising re
sults as to how the bulk of the orop
abided over tbe atate.
In 1905 the ten highest oounties iu
the production of apples were: Har
rison, 99,500 bushels; Bpenoer, 77,000
bushels; Bartholomew, 63,200 buxhels;
Washington, 60, 836 bushels; Clark,
17,750 bushels; Martin, 35.700 buBbels;
Allen, 33,400 bushels; Warwick, 28,
000 bushels.
Tbe ten highest counties this year
were Greene, 290,000 bushels; Harri
son. 152,200 bushels; Clay, 135,200
basbels; Gibson, 131,600 bushels;
Morgan. 101,900 bushels; Hamilton,
92,000 bushels; Washington, 905,00
Last year tthe total number of ap
ple trees that bore fruit was 4,222,078.
All of the returns pertaining to this
Eart of the orop report foi this year
ave not yet been com piled, but it is
believed that there has been a sub
atantlal inorease In the number of
fruit bearing trees, notwithstandiuu
that a large number have died. Fruit
Trade Journal.
The barges are moving slowly op
Salt river.
Open season for the ay merit of fool
Half the fun of being rich, seems to
be trying to got richer wltb It.
Knimtor Builev of lexas isn't owned
hv all the corporations it seems. He
bus denounoed tbe incorporated
Hearst ami denounced him severely.
It is on v those wbo bava met one
of those six-foot Virginia rabbits on
a lonely road who can realize bat tbe
president has escaped.
From the persistency with which
Lieutenant Peary tries for the pole,
be must want to be the ice man.
Tammany Hall baa been bearing ita
"master's voice" across tbe sea, and
It bad the ring of. battle in it.
Peary's dispatches indicate that the
pole is no more attractive at close
view than it io at a distance.
It seems that when Cuban can't
get otlJoe, ho becomes revolution.
The lion. Jim Griggps seems to be
hotieleshlv in the James K. .1 ones class
of political pioguosi icuti rs.
The Louisiana man who was elected
to oongieHS on Tuesday aud killed a
noigbliur the next day, must have
thought it wail up to him to oome to
Washington with repvtatiou.1
- At I lie critical moiueu', tbe Tarn-
manv tiuer uuHheathed his claws and
scratc'ied the head of tbe ticket. Or
words to that cITect.
There Is some talk of establishing a
"model city" near litlbhiirK. If it is
too near Pitteburg, it will not be a
model veiy long.
CouKresHinau SVadswortb was defeat
ed, although be owns an eutire coun
ty in bis disrict. Some of bis ten
naiits must have bad it In for tbeii
The neonle who regard Wm. H.
Hearst as the ouly candidate who
ecer succeeded In selling bla cam-
oaien literature, must have an Idea
that Mr. Biyan Is giving the Com
moner away.
Senator Depew expects to occupy
his seat in the senate at tbe approach
lun Hesalous. and 'e reported to be
feeliua like a new man. Peihapa he
can even make some of his stories
sound like new ones.
After thinking it over for a couple
of days, you have no doubt oome to
the conclusion that tbe result was just
what you expected anyway.
Our line of Children's, Boys' and Young Men's Suits, Overcoats, Knee
and Long Length Pants is now complete. All the New Fall Styles and
Colors you will find in our selection. Coats Cut Semi-Fitting, Long Back Vents, Medium Lengths
Special in Boys' Suits
Boys' 2-piece suits, dark mixed cash
. mere, nice smooth woven goods. A
suit worth much more than
the price we ask. Special..
Boj-b' Kussian blouses, ith knicker
bocker pants, made up in fine fancy
worsteds, sizes five to nibe. OK
Special Sfa.W
Boys' Norfolk suits, line tailored, comes
medium gray worsted, sizes ftp "7C
five to eleven. Special......
Boys' 2-piece suits, all wool cashmere,
a beautiful fitting suit, sizes Eft
five to fifteen. Special U
Boys' extra heavy, alb wool fancy che-
2-piece double
viot suits,
Special in Overcoats
Youths overcoats, Buster Brown style,
medium dark brown, trimmed with
velvet collar and anchors. CQ QO
Special yOmVO
Little Gents' overcoats, comes in me
dium grays, made up in men's
styles. . Very manish effects QO
Young men's overcoats, comes in rich
dark brown shade, semi-form fit
ting, all wool cashmere.
The Hercules suits for boys from 8 to
17 sizes, extra heavy all wool goods
cravanetted, absolute" rain proof.
Buy a Hercules suit, save CtC Cft
the pi ice of a rain coat PWswU
Young men's overcoats, all wool cash
mere : invisible plaid effects, long
length, with strap back
The Famous Kantwearout" Brand
For Young Men
At the Churches.
Methodic Preaching at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. Sabbath school 10 a. m.; Kp
worth League 7 p. m. Prayer meetiiia;
Thursday evening. All cordially invit
ed. W. V. hvans, pastor.
St Mark's Episcopal Church. Holy
Communion at 8 o clock; morning
nraver at 11, and evening prayer al
7 :30.
U. B. Church Sabbath school, 10 a.
m.i nreaclnnir, 11 a. m.; i. P. C. K.
7:15 p. ni. ; preaching, 8 p. ni. Prater
nii-ehm at H p. in. W edni'sdny. All are
cordially invited to attend all or any o
tlit'W' RTvices. Pastor, J. W. Kprecher.
Christian Church. Hervices at K. ol
P. hull the lirnt, third, fourth and fifth
Kniidavs of each mi nth. Services at I
Oilcll the second Sunday of each month,
t V. A, wuou, Pastor.
Baptist church Sunday school 101
m. t preaching 11 a. in. ; Junior B.
.P. U;, 3 p. ro. : evening service, 7.30.
Riverside Congregational Church,
W. COilmore. pastor. Services Sun-
ay at 11 a. m.. Ubrlstiaa endeavor
at 7 p. ui., evening worship at 8 p. m
Belmont M. E. Church.-H. C. Clark,
pastor. Services, Belmont: Sunday
school at 10 a. ni. ; Ohsh meeting at 11
ni. ; Epworth Leaune 7 p. m, ; preach
ing every Sunday evening and 2d Sun
day in month at 11 a. m. j Prayer meet-
ntr Thursday 7:30 p. m. services at
Pine (! rove same as above except preac)
ni!. which is on 1st and 3d Sundays at
11 a. m. Crapper. 1st and 3d Sundays
at 3:,i0: Sunuay school at Z:3U. Mourn
Hood. The 4th Hunuay at 11 a.n t
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Catholic Church-
every Sunday.
New York Apple Market.
While the acouuilation of apples
here, the continued heavy receipts
and the depression iu oreigu markets
early In tbe week, caused an easier
feeling in some of tbe medium grades
of apples and tbe poor stock, the mar'
ket for giltedged fatioy stock remains
firm, and the trade seems willing to
absorb all the otterlnga of this class.
Ben Davis have sntfared in price iu
foreign markets eaiiy this week, and
some exporters are advised tmtt piao
tioally all varieties have been lower
abroad oxoept Pippins. This had
had its effect here, but the weakness
on this side extends ouly to medium
quality of stock, aud some ot the ap
pies sent abroad would, according to
foreign advices, have done better on
this market.
Later advices from abroad showed
that the markets had recovered for
good apples, aud that the demand was
good for choice stock. The estimated
exports this week are as follows: To
Liverpool, 05,000 barrels; London,
25,000; Ulasoow, 47,000; Hamburg,
sj.uuu; wanonester, oi.uw; null, u.
000; Bremsu, 2,000. Fruit Trade
Advertised Letter List.
Advertised letter list for week end
Ing November 19, 1900: Case, Mary
KeslluR, Nora; Niller, Minne; Neill
Belle; Steward, Anna; Wilson, Lot
lie; mown, Lou; lirower, Samuel
Dartey, Clarence; Deuplinea, Dow
ard; Donohue, Dan; Dully. Willie
Fields, Pike; Nelson, A. F. ; Rogers,
ired; Mmtten, u. is. ; Watson, Roy
(2) Watts, Louis; Warren, E. V.
Wilkenson, W. O.
- Win. M. Yates, P. M
Notice is hereby given that the first
meeting of the. stockholders of the
Hood Itiver Apple Growers Sunnlv Coin.
pany will be held at the Oliice of Seneca
. Jouts, room 15,. itrosius buildinit
iioou mver, uregon, at i o cmcic r. M
Saturday, December 8th, for the organ
zation of the said company, and the
transaction of all such business as may
oe inciuem inereio. u. jietnman.
G. D. Woodworth
A Year of Blood.
The year of 1003 will long be re.
meiubered iu tbe home of F. N.
lHcket, of Allia ce, Ky., aa a year of
blood; which flowed so couspiously
from Mr. Taoket's lungs that death
seuuicd very near. He writes: "He-
veie bleeding from the lungs and a
frightful cough bad brought me at
death's door, when I began taking
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sum pt ion, with tbe astonishing result
that Hfter taking tour bottles 1 was
completely . restored aud as time has
pioveu permanently cured." Guaran
teed for Bore Lungs, Coughs and
Colds, at Chus. N. Clarke's drug
store. Piloe 50 cents and IL 'Mai
bottle free.
KING'S luncs
I had the most debilitating cough a mortal was ever afflicted with, and my friends expected that
when I left my bed it would surely be for my grave. Our doctor pronounced my case incurable,
but thanks be to God, four bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery cured me so completely that I am
all Bound and well. MRS. EVA UNCAPHER, Grovertown, Ind.
Price 50c and $1.00 ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED! Trial Bottle Free
reliable medicine ai.d one ibat
Regular services should always be kept in the home
for Immediate use is (Jbamberlam s
Cough Remedy. It will prevent the
attack if given as soon as the child
becomes hoarse, or even alter tbe
oroupy oo igh appears. For sale by
Kelr & Cass.
Cures Woman's Weaknesses.
We refer to that boon to weak, nervous,
sufferlne women known M Dr. Flore S
1f:iviiritA Vrescrlntion.
nr. John Fvfe one ol tne Kaiwriai man
of TttK Eci.kctio M kmc aa Kevikw says
of Ilnleorn tootaictnnuu uunca) wmr.n
is one of the chief ingredients of the "Fa
vorite Prescription :
A remedy which lnTrit)iy sets as anwr-
in InvlKuratur nitkoii for normal ac
tivity of tlio entire repruuucuvo ni.
111! coininues " In UnlonlM we hveamellc
niont wlilih more fully answers tiis above
punxwin than ontf olhtr rfnitf vlth vMth I am
. .,.,.., in thu treklnittnt of alsetiMM De-
cuilar to women It is seldom IhWi ctM Is
Weil which dis not present some Indication
for this remedial aaont." ur.rin luriner
says: "The followlnit are among the leadlns
lnUloat Ions for lloloulas (Unicorn root). Palo
in tht hrl. wlthaleucorrmra I
atonic (weak) condition 01 mo reprouucu
organs ot omen. ment depression ana ir
ritability, ar-sociaieu wmft. nruiuu uiwms.-. v,
the rcprodil'tlve ysani of women: constant
sensation Jl heat In the region of the kid
neys; menrrliagli (flooding), due to a weak
ened conlllon ofthe reproductive aystemi
amenorfig-yVjarressed or absent monthly
ts rliKl.iawCingroin or accompanying an
abiioiftiXI condition of the digestive organs
.,,.1 I ihm lilood) hahitt dragglns
st-nsJTont in the extreme lower part of tbe
If more or lo of the anovo symptoms
eiitso! wlilcu is Unicorn root, or Helonlas,
and ttio medical properties of which It
nnwt. fulthfullv renrciientg.
fif (iolilen Seal root, another prominent
inirreiiient of "Favorite Prescription,"
Prof. Finlev Elllnirwood, M. V., of lion-
m.t.t. MimIi,'1 r'nlliBn. Chlcaso. savs:
" It Is an Important remedy in dlst)rdrs Of
the womU In all catarrhal conditions
....1 ....... .i,.f.M.hliuiiut It Is useful."
Prof. John M. fcoudder, M. IX, late of
t.l. svs of Golden Seal root :
in v..itinn lt ffensral effects on the
STStem. thm i tut mtiltrlnt in use alxnil which
fjwnitnieh oenmti unanimity of optnton. It
is unnfrMlly regarded a tht tonic useful In
11 .lut.lllt BI...1 Ul I..B 1
Prof. R. Hartliolow, M. D., of Jefferson
Medical Colleee, savs of Golden Seal
vinhl In niorlne hemorrhage, menor-
rharta (IkKidliig) and congestlva dyameuor
rlnra (painful menstniatloiil."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription faith
fully represents all the above named In
gredients and cures thedlseases for which
Are You
If your liver la working
right you probably are
not. When the liver is
overworked, as it fre
quently is, the sy stem be
comes clogged. It is then
that sallow complexion,
bad (ante in the mouth,
headaches, dizzy spells,
continuous languor, etc..
indicate that the poison
ous matter which should
lie carried off is slowly
tainting the blood. If not
remedied at once this
rioun trouble.
Flour and Feed
pTTnit. no "Jllil,,i'ilnii'l .fiiF' f'j
i :ike nr. t ie
oiiS"blhe lllUuin IngreUI-
will ne-
providis jost what is
needed to quicken the
liver into natural, healthy
action. If you take these
pills when needed all
danger of this slow Miisoii
ing is avoided. Posi
tive cure for constipation.
Price 25 cents
alwavs follows the use of
and Golden Crown flour.
White River
r you
bake bread, cakes, pies, or any kind of
will tind this Hour a sale ana
imstrv. vou
reliable standby. Try it once and you
will never use any other. .
H ., IW U AVI V AJ SVf v .'-'-
wwinrM put' i
i m mm
Watch Your
Money Grow
We have arranged for a. number
of these safes to be loaned free of
charge to depositors in our Sav
ings Department, lour deposit
will earn you
V 1
4 Per Cent
First National Bank
UNDERTAKER I hold license from the
nt Funeral Director St ' 0ren
and WashniKton, and am
qualified to ship bodies
. to any point. Prompt
t service either day or
night. Hearse, famished
on all occasions . .
Parlor Phone Main 1513
Schiffler Building,
' Residence Main 1511
.'VCt HowJ River, Ore.
Square Deal Store
"Honest Goods and Square
. . Deal for Every Han' '
The Ideal Weeder
Is what its name implies, a Genuine Weed Killer
and the nearest io perfection of any orchard
tool yet introduced in Hood River Valley. Try
one and be convinced. Satisfaction Guaran
teed or no sale.
Osborn Spring Peg-Tooth Harrows
Acme Harrows
Plows and Cultivators
Potato Diggers
Wagons, Hacks aud Buggies
Flour, Feed, and a Full line of Groceries at all Times
Car Load Stumping Powder just received
Yours for Business
Phone 741
3rd and River Street.
Hood River. Ore.
F. 8. STANLEY, Pres.
E. L. SMITH, Vice-Pres.
E. 0. BLANCHAR, Cashier
V. C. BROCK, Asst. Cashier
The First National Bank
Capital $50,000 Surplus $12,000
We offer you the facilities of a well managed and
well equipped bank. The interests of patrons receive
our careful attention.
R. H. WEBER, Prop.
Evergreens. Roses and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
The Club Cafe
Meals at all Hours from 260 up
Best Two-Bit Meal in the City
T-Bone and Porterhouse
Steaks our Specialty
.Next.Door to Heed's Cigar Store, Hood River, Ore.
, , . Seneca F. Fouts.
they are recommended.