The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 22, 1906, Image 3

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    HCOD QtACIEfc, THUKriDAY, NOVEMBER 22,, 1008
For the reason that the lease on the Store room.we rijov occupy expires soon, and the fact that we are unable to keep up stock
at the Low prices established by us ovving to the sca!rcty of bankrupt; stocks in the country, we have decided to sacrifice
the remainder of our stock without regard to original cost. For the next thirty days we quote as follows:
Men's Rubber Boots--Snag proof, hip Ladies' Shirt Waists. wVetill'have a Sweaters. Ladies' and children's wool Banner Patterns. Sold everywhere
length, regular f 0.00 value. Our J or few waists worth $ 1.00 to $1.50 nr. sweaters and Tain O'Shanter Caps at lens at 10c and 15c. Our price. uZ
I)rlee v- which we have been selling at 50c... fOt than the lowest wholesale prices. "Men's Underwear. Fleece lined, or
Ladies' Shoes. We have been selling la- Corsets. Armbrside and M. & G. cor- rn. Rubbers We In ve a !ar-e stock of men's Generally sold at GOc. Now ibZ
dies shoes at -regular wholesale prices sets. Sold regular for fl.00. Now OVl nn(J chiIdmiV jul(l)(irs n(, Artics We Men's Slickers, Macintoshes and rubber
no ice 0 original cost will cut Dress Goods. 1000 yards dress goods, positively cannot be undersold on any of coats at greatly reduced prices. See them.
staple colors, and good values at Oj), these seasonable -nods. Mens Collars. Linen and up to or.
Children's Underwear. Fleece lined. 50c to 75c per yard. Our price date in every particular, a for ZjC
Assortment is broken and so are OA. Plates, cups and saucers at just half the Cotton Bats for tpnlts, 2 rolls r. Umbrellas. Regular 50c urabrel- OA
prices. Regular 35c values, now vl price marked. - lOt las. Now OUC
The goods are right, the prices ditto. It will pay you to come OiWTITTO S TttTD OvG
here when in need of anything in our line OJLAJ' W JILltvO JDltvLPo.
I I I "' ' "" "' ' I .1 ., I M,..,.! , . , ...
An acknowledgement of the receipt
of the box of Hood Kiver applet cant
by tbe Hood Kiver Democratic club
to William J. Hi van baa just been re
cleved by (leoree 0. Culbertaon, sec
retary of tbe organization, from tbe
great Democratic leader, dated Lin
coln, November 10, In which he nays:
"Upon my return borne after tbe
oloie of tbe campaign, I find your box
of apples and alio your letter. 1 tbink
your description of tbe apple? cannot
be questioned, at leatt 1 bave.uever
seen any surpassing tbem.
"Mri. liryan and I are veiy fond of
applea aud we eat one together every
night before retiring. 8 he therefore
joins me in thanking the club for
tbeir much appreciated courtesy.
"We may pass through Oregon in
January, but fear we will not bave
time to atop any place exoepting Port
land and Eugeue. (I understand tbe
state university is tit Eugene.) Am
very glad U bear of the reelection of
Governor Cbambeilain aud that you
feel hopeful about the campaign of
1908. V
Mr. Culbertaon says an effort will
be made to hare Mr. Mr. Bryan stop
off at Hood Kiver during his trip to
tbe coast this winter aud that in a
previous correspondence which be
bad with tbat gontleman be 'stated
that if bis itinerary can be so arrang
ed be may decide to visit tbe Apple
City. If be does a reoeption will be
arranged for biui here by the Demo
cratio club.
Exhibited (Superb Apples.
The exhibit of tbe Hood River Val
ley Apple Growers' union, at tbtolr
annual fruit fair, held this year at
Hood Kiver, was one of tbe centers
of interest in tbe fruit trade circles
here tbia week. As announoed in tbe
Journal last week R P. Loomis &
Co., who bave contracted for the en
tire output of tbe best varieties of
apples grown by the union tbia sea
son, arranged for tbe shipment of
these prize winning apples to New
York in order tbat tbe trade bere
could bave an opportunity to sen tbe
quality of apples wbioh they would
have to offer. Ibe union also desired
to show New York the cream of tbeir
pioduet of wbicb tbey are justly
proud and took conaideiable pains to
pee that tbeir entire exhibit at the
fair was taken care of and shipped
bere iu tbe best possible condition.
It arrived bere in a most perfect
shape and none of those who inspect
ed it wo'ild bave thought tbat it bad
previously been shipped to tbe frait
fair and then been resbipped here
It was tbe original intention of E.
P. Loomis & Co. to display the fruit
in tbe new building wbiob tbey bave
leased adjoining thfir present store
at 9o Barclay street, but owing to an
unavoidable delay iu getting into that
building, it was found necessary to
arrange a place for the exhibit on the
sec oud Hoot of tbeir older building.
Ibe employes of this firm bad tbe
apples arra -.ged and labeled and ready
for inspection Wednesday morning
and it remained on exbibiion until
Thursday 'afternoon. As the fame of
the Hood Kiver valley apple baa al
ready one abroad, and as this was
the first opportunity that tbo trade
here has bad to soe such a display of
flue apples, representative members
of tbe trade eagerly took advautuge
of the opportunity afforded them aud
visited tbe store in large numbers
during tbe entice two days.
All of tbe vis'tors praised tbe ex
bibit, many ot them stating tbat it
was th finest tbey bad ever seen,
and others remarking that it was the
best tbey bad witnessed siuce tbe
World's fair. Tbe fruit was really as
nearly perfect as oould be and tbe
Hood River Valley Apple Growers an
ion was bgbly commeuded for tbe
care an I pains which they bave taken
to provide tbe market with such fine
fruit. It is of oouise a wel; known
fact tbat tbe climatic conditions ot
Hood River Valley are peculiarly
adapted for tbe growing of fine apples
there being no bugs or worms aud no
scale to infest the fruit, but it is also
a fact that tbe growers bave exerted
themselves greatly . iu order to get
the best possible results from tbeir
natural advantages. Tbat they bave
profited by doing this is evidenced by
the high pr'cea wbicb tbeir apples are
commanding wben tbe market Is glut
ted with inferior stook and by tbe
growing demand for it even at tbe
high figures wbiob are being paid.
While tbe yield of tbe Hood River
orchards is constantly increasing, tbe
demand is keeping pace with tbe in
creased production, and it is tbe be
lief of the best posted observers tbat
the demand will oontinme to grow
fast enough to take care . of all tbe
high grade apples grown in the val
ley in future years. The land baa en
hanced in value phenomenally. Ibe
orchards producing tbe best varieties
of Hood River apples are now worth
11,000 per acre and are a profitable
investment at these figures. .
One thing demonstrated by tbe ex
hibit bere this week was the fact tbat
there are other extra fanoy varieties
of apples gown in the Hood River val
ley besides tbe Spitznberga and New
town Pippins for Which it is already
famous, for among the varieties shown
which attracted especially favorable
oomment were .Jonathans, Red
Cheek, Hyde Kings, Winesaps, Ganoa,
Arkansas Blacks, Ortleya, Northern
Spy and Ben Davis. These showed
an excellent color and keeping quali
ty and several varieties of tbem will
be obtainable after tbe Rpilzenbergs
and Newtown Pippins bave been ex
hausted, tbeir keeping qualities per
mitting tbem to be bad until next
spring. These apples oarre from tbe
orchards from which EL P. Loomis 4
Co. will supply tbeir trade.
Tbe entire exhibit was sold Thurs
day afternoon to Aoker, Merrill &
Condit, and tbat firm will place tbem
on exhibition at tbeir various stores
in New York and Brooklyn. Fruit
Trade Journal.
Apple Market Active.
While there is still a surplus of ap
ples in New York the market for good
stook continues cteady, and tbcre is a
free movement of choice varieties Ex
porters bave purchased liberally iu
the market bere because the export
dema-.d for choice stock baa been so
strong that there was not enough ot
tbe right kind of fruit going forward
on consignment to satisfy tbe de
mand. Hamburg baa been taking
quite a considerable quantity tbis
week, l'J.UUU barrels going forward to
that market on three steamers. Plas
tically all of these were bought out
Ibe demand bere for box apples
from tbe northwest was active during
the week aod tbe best western New
York stock has also been in good re
quest at firm prices.
INotwltbstandiug tbat tbe embargo
ou apples from points on tbe Deleware
& Hudson ooutinuRB, holding baok
shipments from northern New York,
shipments bave been coming forward
to New York principally from western
New York at tbe rate of 40 to 50 car
per day, aud the choice stock has
beeu well cleaned np eaob day. J. 11
Killougb & Co., oue of tbe most re
liable firms in tbe trade, consider tbe-
out look generally favorable. Home
of tbe exporters fear that heavy ship
ments of Amercia.b apples abroad
which bave been going out in con
stantly increasing quantities during
tbe past few weeks will cause foreign
markets to become depressed, and
some of tbem predict tbat shippers
will be fortunate it tbey get even a
fair margin of profit over prices raug-
iDg on tbis side, ihe heaviest expor
tation on a single ship on record was
made Wednesday ou tbe as. Cauadiau
wbiob carried 3,000 barrels of applet
from Boston to Liverpool. Fruit
Trade Journal.
Largest Single Tract In Peaches.
Wenatchee, Wash., Nov. 21. Arti
cles ot inoo poratiou were filed yes
terday by the McLean-Van Holder
beke Land Fruit company. Tbe ob
jects of tbe corporations as set forth
In tbe articles of incorporation are to
purchase and improve lands by plant
ing orchards aud constructing a can
nery to utilize fruit impracticable
to nhip. Ihe Ufa of the corporation!
is fixed at 50 years, and the capital
stock $50,000. Tbe incorporators are
L. McLean, Lottie McLean, A. Van
Uolderbeks and Emily Van Holder
beke, all of Spokane.
Tbe corporation contemplates carry
ing out a scheme planned some
months ago of iriigating lands near
Chelan . Fall and planting 2,000 aores
to peach trees, making the Jargestor
ohard in tbe United States devoted to
that fruit alone. Tbe land lies across
the Columbia river from Chelan Falls
and it is thei intention of tbe promo
ters of tbe project to irrigate the en
tire tract by means of springs and
tbe construction of a reservoir to
oatob water from melting snow during
tbe early spring Tbe trees for the
oiobard are being grown in the nurse
ry et out by Mr. Van Holderbeke in
the Wenatobee valley two years ago
and wbioh be intends to make one of
the largest in the state. Spokesman
Review. Differen ee in Favor of Ihlef.
It must be mighty uncomfortable to
be a town deadbeat. Tbe dead bent
may not know It but be baa a yellow
streak down bis back that causes tbe
streets lights to turn pale wben he
passes beneath tbem. Everybody has
him spotted, be is distrusted by bis
neighbors and tbe members of bis own
profession refuse to associate with
him aod be is treated with silent con
tempt by tbe publio. If be bad a
spark of manhood he would leave the
town. Tbe deadbeat thinks be bas
friends but be bas not. But tbe old
deadbeat lives on, be smokes all tbe
cigars and drinks all the whisky he
can bam off tbe saloonkeeper or tbe
stranger that passes through town.
He .wheedles, whines and fawns to get
responsible men to go bis security for
loans and then brazenly tells tbem to
settle tbe notes. Ibere is a difference
between . a deadbeat and a thief, but
it is all in favor of tbe thief. Blue
Mountain Eagle.
Ashamed to Take the Money.
"Here, my dear," .aid a fond
Mabton husband, producing a roll !
bills, "here is t40 1 won playing pok
er last night aud you ma bav it to
buy tbat new drees yon wanted." Re
luctantly the conscientious wife took
tbe money, then said witb an expres
sion of rectitude, "I simply shudder
at the thought of using money gained
I in sucb a way. Henry, promise me
tbat after you bave won enough for
me to buy a hat to go witb tbe dress,
you will never again toncb those aw
ful cards. I don't want my husband
to become gamabler." Exohange.
The Yenth's Companion in 1907.
Tbe Youth's Companion announoes
among the attraction of Its 52 issues
In 1907:
Two hundred practical papers, ser
viceable to young people who have
tbeir way to make in tbe world.
Two hundred aud fifty capital stor
ies, cbaraoter stories, stories of life
on tbe farm, in tbe great cities, on
the sea , In tbe wilderness. Among
them will be five serial stories by five
Companion favorites.'
Oue thousand short notes giving
oonoiaely, clearly and aoourately tbe
important newa of tbe times iu pub
lio affairs, and in tbe field of soleuoe
and industry,
Three hundred contributors giving
assuranoe tbat every need and every
taste among Companion readers will
be satisfied. Two thousand one min
ute stories, anecdotes, bits of bnmor
sketches which take not more than
a mintrte to read.
A full announcement of' the new
volume will be sent witb sample cop
ies of tbe paper to auy address on re
quest. Tbe new subscriber for 1907
who Bends 11.75 for tbe new volume
at once will receive free all the re
maining issues for 1906, including
the double holidays numbers; also
tbe Companion's four leaf banging
calender tor 1907, lithographed in
twelve colors and gold.
Subscribers wbo get new subscrip
tions will receive $ 16, 290 in cash and
many other i-peoial awards. Seud for
The Youth's Companion, 144 Berke
ley street, Boston, Mass. l
Just as Hood as Hood River.
Some of tbe Hood River apple rais
ers bave beeu irritated by tbe asser
tions of apple growers iu other parts
of tbe ktute, tbit tbey oan raise just
as good apples us Hood Kiver apples.
Every time tbis assertion is made in
public it advertises tbe merits of tbe
Hood River apples. It would be bard
to think of a higher compliment
which could be paid to an artiole than
to bave it sot up aa the standard of
excellence which other produoers of a
similar article claim to be able to
equal Rural Northwest. -
':lo On Ksbxt
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public
J. M. 8CHMELTZER, Sec.-Treas.
Notary Public
..Hood River Land..
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Abstracts,
Collections, Conveyancing and Surveying
We are prepared in a special manner to handle all
kinds of business in nny of the above lines and have
a large list of improved lands and city property
from which to make your selection for a fruit ranch,
a-stoek farm or a home in the city.
With an Extensive Correspondence I
We are able to handle your prop
r - erty advantageously and will he
; ; ' pleaded to have you list same with us
The president of the company is the city engineer,
and is prepared to do surveying and civil engineer
ing work of all kinds Abstracts furnished and
opinions given on property titles.
Collections a Specialty. Phone. Main 141.
Harried at The Da des.
A very pretty wedding took place
at tbe Middleswart home Tuesday at
12:30 o'clock, wben Miss Elsie ou her
21st birthday became tbe bride of
Mr. William Marsh, both of Mosier.
Tbe sound of the wedding march,
played by Miss Mabel Kiddell ot Tbe
Dalles, announoed tbe approach of
the bridal party, 'wbo were attended
by Miss Lurena Densmore aud Mr. E.
Evans. Rev. F. L. Johns performed
the oeremony. After receiving con
gratulations, all sat down to a d-lio-ions
dinner. Many beautiful presents
of china and silver were reoeived by
tbe happy oouple. Those present
were: Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Middles
wart, W. L. Rowland, A. E. Middles,
wart, Wymans; Mesdames Marsh,
Evans, Blakeney; Mia Lurean Dens
more, tbe Misses Evans, Miss Mabel
Kiddell, Miss Edna Root, Earnest
Evans Willie and Pearle MoClure,
George Chamberlain and Fran a Mid
dleswart. Optimist
Terrible Accident Averted
A maiden fair, with sun-kissed bair
Came tripping down the street
Her face serene, her age sixteen,
Gee wbiz, but tbe was sweet.
On tbe sidewalk she slipped aud came
down quiok, '
But was hurt only in a measure :
Thanks to her muscle as well as her
For the latter waa made of tbe Glacier
A Year of Mood.
Tbe year of 1903 will long be re
membered in tbe home of F. N.
laoket, of Alliance, Ky., aa a year of
blood; which flowed so conspiously
from Mr. racket's lungs tbat death
seemed very near. He writes: "Se
vere bleeding from tbe lungs and a
frightful cough bad brought me at
death's door, when 1 began taking
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, with the astonishing result
that after taking four bottles I was
completely restored and as time has
proven permanently cured. " Guaran
teed for Sore Lungs, Coughs and
Colds, .at ChBS. N. Clarke's drug
store. Piioe 50 cents and $L 'Mai
bottle free.
Absolutely Pure
Pure Cream Tartar
Pure Bicarbonate Soda
J. A.FolgerSCo
, Sn Francuco li
Vice President
Need a good cathartic? A pill is
best. Say a pill like DeWitt's Little
Early Risers. About tbe most relia
ble on tbe market. Sold by Williams
Horse Blankets and Robes
Tents and Wagon
All repairing promptly at
tended to.
Union Pacific
3 Trains to the East Daily
Through Pullman standards and tourlxl
leeplng cars dully to omnha. Chicago, Spo
kane; UmrlNt leilnii cars dally to Valium
City; thnmirh Pullman tonrlHt (looping car
(peraoniially conducted) weekly to Chicago.
Recllnlnf chair can (seam tree) to the Eaxt
Union Depot- Leave. Arrive.
Chicago-Portland Special for
the KuA via Huntington, dally 9:80 am 6.00 pm
Hpokane Flyer for Kanturn
Washington. Walla Walla.
Lewl8Un, Coeur d'Alene and
Oreat Northern polntH, dally 8:15 pm 8:00 am
AtlanticExpreHg for I lie East
yla Huntington, dally 8:15 pm 7:15 am
Portlaud-Wgu local, for all
polnta between Ulgga and
Portland, dally. , 8:15 am 6:00 pm
FOB ASTORIA and 8:00 P. M
5:00 P. M
way pom in. connecting! Dally
with steamer for Il Aaco exennt
and North Beach steam- Hiimlay,
er naaaaio, Ann street iHaturdHy,
dock (water per.) 1 10:00 P. M
FOR Dayton, Oregon
City and Yamhill Riv
er points. AhIi street
dock (water per.)
7K A. M
:3U P. M,
Idaho, and way polulu,
from Uiparia, Wanli.
5:40 A. M.
1:00 I'. M,
I 1 1
exivpt t'rliliiy
Freight HoueR a. ni. to 12 noon; I to 5 p.
m. No freight received or delivered aflei 6
p. m.
PaaHenger Depot-Houi-k for delivery of ex.
press aud bagguge will be 8 a. in. till (I p. in.
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
H. W. BOYLE, Agent, Hood River.
East bound " ' "
No. 2, Chicago Hpoclal, 11:45 a, in.
No. 4, Hpokane Klyer, 8:3ft p. in.
No. li. Mall and Express, 10:42 p. in.
No. 8, 10:33 a. in. No mull.
No, 24, Way Freight, 12:15 p. m.
No. 22. Fast Freight, 4:05 a. Hi.
West bound
No. 1, Portland Sjieclal, 2:.15 p. m.
No. S, Portland Flyer, 6:33 a. in.
No. 6, Mall and Express, 4:42 a. m.
No. 7, 8:40 p. in. No mall.
No. 2H, Way Freight, f :2ft a. in.
No. 56, Fast Freight, 1:06 p. in.
Arrival and Departure of Mali.
The postofllce Isopen dally between 8 a. ni.
and 7 p. m.: Bunday trot 12 to I o'clock. Minis
for the East close at 11.21 l in.. 8.10 d. m. and
p. m.; for the West, at 30 p. m. and t p. m.
inn carriers on n. r. U. routes no, 1 ana 2
leave the posbifflce at 8.30 a. m. Mall leaves
For ML Hood, dally at 12 m.; arrives 10.20
a, m.
For Underwood. Wash.. dallv.aexnt Run
day, at 12 in., arrives at 11 a. m.
For White Halmon, Wash., dally at 12 in.;
arrives at 11 a. m.
For Hood Kiver. dallv at 9 a. ni arrives at.
2 p. in.
For Husmn, Trout Lake and Outer, Wash.,
dally at 7.30 a. m.; arrives 5 p. m.
ror uienwoou, ruiaa ana uumer, Wash.,
dally at 7.30 a. in.; arrives at 8 p. m.
For Pine Flat and Hnowden, Wash., at 1 p.
m. Tuesdays and Saturdays; arrives same
days at 12 in.
For Blngen, dally at 4.45 p. m.; arrives at
1.45 a. m.
Have in their New ?
Harness shop a V
large line of
Whips, Tents, Axle
Grease and Harness Oil
We would like for you to come nd ex
amine our harness repair work which is
quickly attended to.
ffl Pi I
Viio liNo 21 Mo
Box Wood
Box Factory
Phone 71.
Undertaker and Embalmer.
We sell household goods for GASH and give big discount.
If you are looking for bargains call on us.
See our display of
which includes tho best offered to the trade. A combina
tion of Cotton Felt and Hair. That will not lump and
always remain light and fluffy.
At prices never before quoted
New Location.
We are now located in the Smith Building, in the
room formerly occupied by J. E. Hand, where we will be
pleased to see all of our old customers as well as new ones.
This large and well-lighted store has been fitted up
with the best and most complete stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Hour and Feed
ever displayed in the City. Fresh Vegetables received
daily. Call and inspect our stock.
WOOD & SMITH BROS., Proprietors.
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turnouts Always Ready.
Phone 131.
...Mount Hood Store...
W. S. GKIBBLE, Proprietor.
Dry Goods Ammunition Boots and Shoes
Hay Grain Flour
... Apple Trees ...
All standard varieties grown
best bearing orchards in Hood Iliver valley. Guaranteed
true to name ana free Irom
Hunts Paint & Wall Paper
Have added a complete line of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISH
Our stock of paper includes
anu nign uracies, r rom luc up. A lull stock of room
molding, Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line of
novelties in Framed Pictures. CALCIMO, the
; latest thing in room tinting, mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
Phone 671. First and Oak Streets,
Feed Full line of Groceries
J. W. WIL80N
from selected scions of the
latest designs in:Blanks, Gilts