The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 15, 1906, Image 5

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ito latest discovery of gold to be
rHrted from WuHhinutoo aa to the
enooi mac ne p reel on metal it being
found at Ktilila. The White Snltnon
r.mmpriHB aiy iiiut thee la gold
excitemeut ou at C'aoias fraire and
iDe wnoie conutry out there in being
laid oft iii txiuiug claim, both laor
uu unre ueou UiKtotered.
toe placer extending over wide extent
of territory, ud the quartz io Uo
ledgea, one 12 aud the other 44 feet
wide. I'he tuiubt are located near
- loe poet omoo ot l ulda and the plao
ei ia all on deedod lnd, t ha quartz
Claim "eiug ou houienteadg. Ibe
mines were 'discovered in rather a
curiou way. Courtuey Chapmau
killed a gooae fall and upou ex
amining the ooutdiiU of lU ciaw gold
waa (Uncovered and thie spring he
killed another goose, ttndiug more
gold than on the first occasion. This
opened the oyea of people living in
that vicinity aid commenced looking
for the source from whioli these geoe
gathered in their gold. The fart that
two zeese had been killed la the Bame
neighborhood, both carrying a bag of
gold, encouraged them to believe tuat
the gold inuxt be found in that im
mediate vioinity, 10 tbey went to
work aud soou dUoovered gold in
paying quantities so It la said.
Ibe quartz lodges hare been discov
ered but we do not believe that an as
say has yet been mado, if so it has
not been made public. I'he discover
ers claim that the rock contains gold
. aud platinum.
The discovery of gold at (Jamas
" Prairie has brought up the old ques
tion of the .right of prospectors on
deeded laud. We know that miners
- nave alwayi claimed certain rights on
such land .but we have never been able
to find anything iu the law justifying
the claiai.
These disooveiies are looated with
in 17 miles of White Salmon iu a di
rect line and 24 miles by the road,
if the miner should prove to b valu
able it would be a great thing for this
towo as it would be the outfitting
poiut from which the miners would
start. We . he pe gold wilt be found
there in payiug quantities though it
would probably ruin onejof the rich
est farming communities in Klickitat
Mil The Little White Store.
While the Little White store will
continue to do business, Rosweli
Whpley will no longer be it propile
tor a he has soM it to Harry Con
way of Portland. Mr. Con wi y will
continue the biisinss, but a Little
White store without Sbelhy will not
wem quite Ibe Mine. Mi. Shelley'
r b.ods for of Lis store but
nees is that it has bwowe too brdoos
lor him and that he desires a ret and
iu uranraiion that will ut be quite
so ttieuuon Jt is his Intention to
take an extended trip eat after which
ue win return rand take up the quiet
occupation of a isncber. That Is a
quiet as it is pos.ble for Shelley to
be, as be is ever lull of energy and
n Jn.K "itn he,rt P8n ud oicefor
uuuu niver.
The boys of the football club are
making plans for a basket social to ben
given at the Mount llood ball Satur
day evening, November 21. They ex
pect to have an interesting program
and. tbey cordially invite every body
to come. Ladies bring baskets aud
the gentlemen know what to bring.
The infaut son of Robert Johnson
is very ill with pneumonia. Dr. Shaw
was called to see it Friday.
At a school meeting held Saturday
eveuing at me sonooi lioune, Air. Mc
Isaacs was elected director to (HI the
vacancy caused by the resignation of
Mr. Bpriggs, who is now a director in
the new district.
Kev. Milligan preached morning
and evening Sunday to audiences
larger than the school house could
conveniently bold lie gave us two
very good sormous.
The society of Progressive Thought
held its seooud meeting last Thursday
evening. The society organized at
this meeting and elected otilcors for a
term of four weeks.
The banket social given in the Klon
dike school bouse was pronounced a
great success by those who were
there. Quite a large crowd fioin
Mount Hood attended. The program
was flue and the baskets brought
quite a sum of money. In all from
baskets, candy and lunch counters,
there was realized something 'n the
neighborhood oi $10.
Mr. Walter dribble left about two
weeks ago, and returned last Wednes
day, bringing with bim a bride. They
were married at St. Paul and came
direct to Mount Hood, wheie they
are living on his place recently pur
chased from his bi other Elmer.
We are having plenty of rain up in
this part of the country.
Will Qribble is having a new house
built near the store where they expect
to live for the winter.
The rain is still falling.
Miss Jessie Walton, of Hood R'ver,
has been visiting her aunt, - Mrs.
Wise. Miss Walton just came from
Nebraska a week ago and has been en
joying the mountain scenery of the
Little White Salmon faiils.
Miss Nellie Shields went to Steven
son Wednesday and returned Satur
day. Mr. King did not go to the ' teach
er's examination at Stevenson ou ac
count of sickness.
Mrs. King's mother ia very sick.
The "Kiver Pigs" went to Cooks
Landing Sunday and the Swedes
chased them up the hill. The result
was that when they got home they
could hardly walk. They wore slight
ly intoxicated.
Miss Uoldie Wise went to Hood
River Monday and returned the same
Mr. Stipps is at Cbenowith now.
Lester Littlefleld has a slight attack
ot tonsilitis.
Mrs. Jerome Wells is confined to
her bed with a badly sprained ankle.
Jamep Malloy is the proud father of
a ten. and one half pound boy.
It is reported that Campbell Bros,
reoently purchased ten acres of the
Rhoades place. Consideration, 82,500.
Mrs. Mohr and Lizzie are not im
proving as rapidly as there many
friends wish.
A new interest is being manifested
in the Pine Grove Sunday school.
For several Sundays past- there has
been something speoial given. Two
weeks ago the talk on "The Life of
Moses" given by Mrs. Kennedy was
very instructive aud much enjoyed by
. those present as was also the recita
tion, "Ueyoud the Jordan" by Mrs.
Littlefleld. Mrs. Ben Lage, who has
charge of the music, is drilling th
little ones in the art of singing. Sb
requests all who wish to take part to
be at the church by 9:30 on Sunday
A combined temperance and thanks
giving program is being atranged by
Mesdames Kennedy, KedUeld and
Lage for November 25. All are wel
come. Snnday school now begins
promptly at 10 o'clock.
We will not buy any more cider ap
ples until further notice, as we have
all of our storage room filled up. We
will still continue to do custom work.
Barrels and kegs of all size for sale.
Hood River Cider MilL
Death of A.J. Unwell.
. A; J. KeHsell, a well 'known reel
ueui or uukes Valley, died there late
oniuruay nignt at the age of &7 years.
iu i. .mr. rteeteira death was
lyoota lever, from hii h h hH h
ui..l, 1 -
lur euciie time, me funeral was
oeld from Dukes Valley school bouse
luuuuny a it at m.. the K Hht,
nun me interment was la
riue itrove cemetery." The saddest
Pait Of Mr. Kemell'a Aaulh U th. '
mat ne leaves two little girls aged 10
ana n years without noma or my
u uure ior mem.
Special Meeting of Ministers.
At a special meetino nr th
Monday mrming it waa deoided to
nave union l'baiikaffivins .
the M. E cburob at 10.30 a. m. Thurs
day, November 29 A full program
will appear next week On motion
nev. wood, of the Disciple church,
was chosen to preach the sermon and
rvev. bureoher wag hhLhu. tn nrnl.l
singers for a male nnartatta Miu
Gladys Haitley will be director ot a
cnoir consisting of singer from all
iue onurcnes.
It is desired to mako this the best
ibanksgiving service we have ever
had and a hearty co-operation on the
ran ot every body is asked.
" Steel Coach Will be Smashed
A new acoideut - proof, collision
proof, solid steel pasenger coach
passed tnrougn Cheyenne yesterday,
xne car is going east over the Union
r aoino to be subjected to extraordi
nary tests. It will be thrown against
other cars in a collUion and run off a
derailing switch at high speed, say
mo vueyeuue ill Dime.
The coach waa built for the Harri
man system at I he Sacremento shops,
and ia the first of the kind to be con
structed. Sheet steel is used through
out with asbestos between the plates
and the truss frames ate expected to
enable the ooaoh to withstand crash
ing strains that will render it immune
iu an ordinary wreck and the asbestos
makes it fire proot.
The coach is larger than the ordina
ry passenger car and can oomfortably
seat 78 people. It is the model from
which cars for all of the train on the
Hairiman system are to be built. The
windows are much largei than the or
dinary coach and it ia in every way
move luxurious and comfortable.
I It is confidently predioced by rail
road men that passenger who would
be killed or injured in a wreck in the
ordinary day ooaoh would escape with
a slight jarring uuder the same cir- j
enmstances in this car.
Although the cost of the coach waa
almost $10,000 it is being sent east for
thijttole purpose of being (mashed cp
as it will be subjected to all kind i
tests to show just how much the oai
will stand. Before it is put out of
commission however, itis expected
to destroy a large number of ordinary
coaches which will be sent against it
and theexp-rm'ntjpiomlsles to prove
a very cosiij one. feat Ure,;onian.
Notle ta htrtbj rTea Ibat on th XU day crjuo. IMS. a w.rrnt waa rrgularly lul
by tlx ttontnlcr of th Ctly of Hood River, mad to m direrted od delivered, od o 1 niand
In me to KMibwttb adTarilw I 1m property mentioned aod deaeribed In atid warrant, wnliixt
whtob toe ajweuDeBi lur toe eot of conntrucllon of aet'tton Nor one (1) of lb sewer yatr-m
of tberujof Hood River ru made, and In aell aald property, or auch part thereof, a ran lie
sold eparately to advantage, wfttrlent lo pay etwh delinquent aneemmenU. I'vWIiit with
Intereat, eueta and dlabtiraenienl In the manner provided by law, and to retarn the proceed,
of aneh aalelo thetniy Trea.urrr of the Cliy of Hood Klvar.
Tlie ftillowtnc hi a II In tabular form of aald delinquent Hemetit an I it In erh
anewoenl whi'-h I. .le'iiMi'tenl vlvritie n.iiten' the mt.mi la wh'Mii . I i n ,.. ,MP.
tlcalar deMsrlptloM of llie pni-il v nn.nii'il, and the amiHiut of llw Hweaaiui ut tlx ns,u 11 w
due, which are aa folio-., lo-wit:
raaaoN to whom
8- r. Fouta.
pamairrioM or
lot 1 block H Hood Rim Proper
lot?, bluckf
bit I block a
W. a Moody, lot i. block t
aama lot . block I
m lotT. blockt
Tit la Guar ante and Tnut Co..
Hood River Devel
opment Co..
do .
do .
do ..
- lot
lot 8.
lot 10.
S. Riverview I'ark additioa do
A Parcel or tract of land lying between the north line of State (tract, and a
Una UK) ft- northerly therefrom and paiai'.el therewith, and brtwx n the
weat line of Spring atroetand the cast line of tho county road runnit ,f
akms tneeaat lm- of the William Jenicina donation land claim, the en at
Baeheldera! Krwia
Mania L. Thornton lot SJ. block . Id lew i We addition to Bond River .. tUk)
Mucin L. Thornton. lot S4. do S, do do .... hill
Title Guarantee Truat Co., kit 1, do D, do du .... .(
aama lot i. do 3, do do ... .
aama lot . do , do do tiim
am bt 4, do' I, do do ti.ll)
aama lot &, do , do do ii.ll)
aama lot 6, do do do ti.U
aama lot ". do 3, ' ' do do li.W
aama lot 8, do . do do ti.lW
Mime lot t, do i, do do .... 6. ml
. aame kit IU, do . do . do .... 6.(U
aama lot U, do . do do 6(H)
aama lot li, do ' s. do do li (IU
aama lot 1, do 8, do do .... .(
am lot 2. do tl, do do .... em)
ame lot S. do K, do do li.UO
am lot 4, do . do , do .... K.0D
aama kit 5, do , do 'do .... 6.W
am lot 6. do do do U.UU
am lot . do H, do do li.ilU
ama lot 10, do , do do ... . n.M)
ame lot U. do , .do do .... .0U
aame lot 1'J, do do do t.U
iamaa F. Maaon, lot A), do V, do do .t
lot 21, do , do . do ....
J. R. Kinaey. lot 24, do . - do do I1.0U
Title Guarantee A Trutt Co.. lot 10, do s. do . do .... .(
m lot W. do . do do .... n.00
aama lot 1H, do s. do do ... . tl.W
aama lot do S. do do ... . H.M
m lot , do S. do do .... f'.tM
am lot 21, do . do do ... . .
ame t 22, do . do do ... . tl.lW
ame t I. do . .do do .
ama lot 2, do V, do do .... M
aame lot 8, du , do do .... .
ame ot 4, do 4, do do .... .W
aama ' . ' - lot f, do " 'do " do .. .
aame kit do 4. do do .... tt.U'
ama lot f. do 4. do . -do .... 6 00
aama . lot , do 4, do ' do .... UJ
ama lot . do 4, do .; - , - do .... 6.00
ame lot 10, do 4. " do do .... .t
aame lot 1 1, do 4. do .do .... 6,00
ame lot 12, do 4, do do .... 6.00
aame lot I. do 7. do do . . . . 6.0U
ame ' r lot . do 7, do ' - do .... 60S
ame lot I, do ?, do , do .... .
ame . lot do -1. do do .... .'0
aame jot 6, do 1. do do ... . 6.00
ame lot 6, do 7. - do do .... 6.00
ame lot 7, do 7. do do .... .W
aame lot 8, do 7, do do .... ."0
, aame lot , do 7, do do .... .
aame lot 10, do 7, do do .... A0U
ame lot H. do 7, do do ... . 6.00
aame lot 12. do 7, do do .... 6.00
ame lot 13. do 8, do do .... 6.U0
aame kit 14, do 8, do do . . . . .0U
ame lot 16, do 8, do ' do .... 6.00
ame , -. lot 16. do 8, do ' do .... .!
aame lot I", do 8. do do 6.00
aame lot 1H do 8, do do ... . 6.00
aame ' - lot 20, do do . do .... 600
aame lot 21, do 8, do do 6 00
aame otS2. do 8, do do .... .O0
ame lotW. do 8, ;' do do .... 6.00
aame lot'24, do 8. d do .... 6.00
l pi J '
r f VJ
us pr
Rev. J. W. Jenkins preached at the
school house last Sunday afternoon.
J. V. Jones has moved to the Van
Johnson place
E. Way berry and family are occu
pying Mrs. Brosiut' house.
J. N. Huyett finished E. E. Lyons'
barn last week.
Miss Leta Mai tin has, reooveied
from a recent illness.
Conrad Franz, who bought the S.
Johnson place, has had the houae for
merly occupied by Mr. Johnson mov
ed back and a cellar dug and baa the
lumber on the ground for a comforta
ble, five room bouse.
it is about the right time for the
American house wives to secure the
pumpkins for their Thanksgiving pies.
Seuaho Panza said : "God bless the
man who invented sleep.
But I say "God bless the woman
who invented pumpkin pies" for our
Thanksgiving feasts would be sadly
incomplete without tbem. I would
wager four bits that she was a Yan
kee. The Ladies Aid society met at the
home of Mrs. Aernson on last Thurs
day afternoon.
Advertised Letter List.
Advertised letter list for week end
ing Nov. 12, 19U6: Bailey, Mis Kate;
Berendco, Mrs. Wm. ; Brown, Anna;
Butcher, Viola; Campbell, Mrs. Wm.;
Clark, Carrie; Oealler, Mrs. L. J. ;
Porker, r'annie; Kssiter, Julia; liar-
ne, u. u. ; tsauey, ti. m. ;-.rjeiaiiig,
Clifton ; Beatte, Mr. ; Blaok, S. a ;
Bodde, W. O. ; Boyd, Ernest H. ;
Bonner, W. C. ; Brown, Wm. ; Brown
hill, W. ; '.Brooks, U. A. ; Campbell,
Allen ; Cole, W. C. ; Davey, CJarenoe;
Dougherty, Cbas. ; Douglas, J. R. ;
Gerrard, Boy; Giuseppe, Gnlffre;
Griffs, A. W. ; Hammond, John ; Ho
mer, J. w. ; Howell, j. t . ; tinner,
Jack ; Jewett, E. - E. ; Lay, E. L. ;
Leagree, T. J. ; Loving, Cbas ; Mali-
da, Joe; Mitchell, C. F. ; Morse, N.
W. ; Murphy, .1. H. ; Murphy, u. t: :
Noble, A. J. ; Randall, Frank; Red
man, Roy ; Stewart, Jas. ; Smith, Her
aid ; Suilvan, W. E. ; Taylor, D. F. ;
Whetzel, E. L. ; Willis, Austin. ; Wi
ly, Jas; Williams, Jack; Young, C.
B. Wm. M. Yates. P. M.
More of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy than or All Others
Pot Together.
Mr. 1 bos. George, a merchant at
Mt. Elgin, Ontario, says: "1 have
had the local agency for Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy ever si no it
whs introduced into Canada, and I
sbll as much of it a I do of all other
lines 1 bave on my shelve pot togeth
er, Of the many dozens sold under
guarantee, 1 bave not bad one bottle
retutned. I can pesonally recommend
this medicine as I hive need it my
self and given it to my children and
rlways with the best results." For sale
by Kelr A VfBa.
A reliable medicine and one )hat
should always be kept in the home
for immediate use is Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy. It will prevent the
attack if given a soon aa the child
become hwrse, or even after tne
. r- a I
oroopy co gn appears, r or saie oy
Keir & Uass.
Hood River Devel
opment Co., A tract of land lying between the north line of Durham avenue and a line
100 feet northerly therefrom and parallel therewith, and between the
went line of the Coe Donation Land Claim and a northerly prolongation
of the aaat line or (spring atreet , 96.00
aama a tract ox no lying oexween me aoum una oi itiver atreet and a line HA I
feet northerly from and parallel with the north line of State atreet. and
between tho weat line of Spring atreet and the easterly line of the
county road running along the weat line of the Coe Donation Land
Claim and the eaat line of Military avenue, eaat 276 feat Hood River De
velopment Co., balance to nachelderand fcrwin 324 00
Therefore, under and la purauanoe of aald warrant for the purpose of tatlafylng the aa'
MumMilji mentioned In aald warrant, not heretofore Hutiafled hv Ihn Hmi i ,i.A.u..n.
will on Ibe Bill day of December, lwOfl, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., at the front door of the
City Hall, In the City of Hood River, In Waaco County. State of Oregon, proceed to aell at
public auction, lo the highest bidder foroaab In band, the several tracts and parcels of land
above m ntlontd, or no inucb thereof aa can be sold eparately to advantage, aufHcient to pay
th delinquent anHemmenta, together with Interest, ooata and dlHuursemouW, and will con
tinue aald wle from day to day thereafter nntll all of laid property la sold.
, Dated at nooa rvtver, Oregon, mis tun a ay of November, 1'JOti.
Marshal of the City of Hood River.
Hotel Waucoma
Moderate Rates
Excellent Service
P. F. TOUTS, Prop.
Farmer's Dinner
Hood Kiver, Or-
interests you because of the variety shown for your selec
tion, and the price impossible under ordinary buying.
We invite inspection
An Unconditional Guarantee with Every Stove
In selling thousands of these Universals in the past 22
yeas we have nevrr beeen called on to make good the
guarausue ou a single Universal
Hardware XT A 1sPQ Tinware
Paints v3 1 ML, VV M 1 O Crockery
This is a Young Store and
a Growing Store
Vi mir. fiMiiih t ) ho;) to grow mid grow-in:;-
life, M- u ;iir)ve of our methods.
V wiiiit voui- pcnii.iiM'iit busi !( by prov
ing .in-ii Ivi-m worthy of it. We expect to
ii.ikc n snmll )jift? prorit ;i h time you buy
hi'i t, and we believe it will be to your inter-
'iiv often.
et to
'a i" 1
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
Hood River Studio
First-Class Photographs
We bave the latest In mounts and ran en
large your l'hotos In Crayon, I'lutinold or
Hepla. Satisfaction guaranteed.
W. D. ROGERS, Prop.
Beginning Oct. 1st, '0G, all
day lighting will be charged
for at the rate of 1 cents
per candle power per month.
Iioursfrom 8:30 a. m. to 4:00
Hood Electric Light, Power and Water Co
I am qualitled and prepared to do all kinds
or nrawsiasa mna aurveymif. Accuracy guar
anteed. Thotttt who wia& limt-claHN work done
addreaa U. F. D. 2., Hood Itiver. I'liotie 50x1.
Are You from Missouri?
If you are we can
the finoHt line of
Toilet Waters, Perfumes, Tooth Brushes
Shaving Brushes, Strops,
Large Line to Choose From
trsif; I
I i ne wiiimms t-riarmacy n
Prescription Specialists
HALL & ESSON, Chemists, Proprietors
Phone 1001 We Deliver
t 7D13
You buy from Factory
Direct. 1 neretoreour
prices are lowest.
C. D. Thomi'son
We offer Hood River grown nursery
took and do all kinds of Orchard and
Nursery work. Lay off, plant, prune,
trim and cultivate young orchards in
the most thorough and up-to-date in tin-
CDIGIURM I0SIGEI, UcatA,Mts, lood Rive
We will bave for the Fall trade 50,000
one and two year oid Yellow Newtowo
Pippin and Spitzenburg apple trees,
also all the leading varieties oi Apple.
Pear, Plum, Prune, Peach, Cherry and
EuglWh ttaluut trees, ornamental tree.
shrulis and Roies. Our trees are true
to natue and give good satisfaction. Fur
S rices rail on August Onignard, Hood
ivf r, or address N. B. Harvey, Milwnu
kee, Oregon.. Phone 1259.
One Dollar will
lassei or spec
to eye
fit fuaranttad.
1 fit yon
Yur eyes fitted at home. Writ far
free booklet describing our method.
krmemher, the (lassei we fit yea
in are worth $3.50 any where on
earth. Our price, only $1.00.
comitate. Main sprint SIM). Watch claaaij
1 1 (1. itni rour work bf rafitara4 suU.
tZX repaira aar watch.
li iu tma mm. rotnuro. ou.
To the Farmer
Do you know our Feed, Fresh!
from the mill has Double the feed-'
ing value of stale feed ? All the' pro
gressive Dairymen are buying
feed from us. Beware of Bargain
Feed. It is worth Less than they
charge for it. We will sell you the
right kind of feed for just what it
is worth. No more, no less. Our
prices are the Market prices. Pa
tronize Home Industry. It's to
your advantage and ours.
Hood River Milling Co.
Steam and Hot Water Heating
. All jobbing promptly attended to.
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931 HOOD KIVER, OR.
3 C
y The Hood River Rakerv nnr
D chased 200 barrels of our Golden fl
. Crown Flour Opt.. 1 1905 TW U
have just placed another order
with us for 100 barrels more. At
Mr. Williams' Bakery can be found R
the best bread in the city, and it jj
is made from oir Golden Crown M
flour. The bread sneaks for itself. U
. Our White Itiver and Golden Crown flour
can be found for sale at all the leading gro
cers. Try a sack. , Once used, always.used
For Sale By
Hood River, Oregon
3 c
Millinery Display y
Latest Designs
in Pattern Hats
At Mme. Abbott's