The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 01, 1906, Image 3

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flCOD HXVEB GLAGlik; TlttjkdDAY. NOVEMBER 1, 1068
Closing tale :f BanRrupt Stocte.
For the reason that the lease on the Store room we now occupy expires soon, and the fact that
at the Low prices established by us owing to the scare ty of bankrupt stocks in the country,
the remainder of our stock without regard to original cost. For the next thirty days we quote
we are unable to keep up stock
we have decided to sirrifir
Men's Rubber Boots-Snag proof, hip
length, regular $0.00 value. Our li or
price p4)
Ladies' Shoes. We have been selling la
dies shoes at regular wholesale prices,
but from this date original cost v ill cut
no ice.
Children's Underwear. Fleece lined.
Assortment is broken and so are Of
prices. Regular 35c values, now vL
Ladies' Shirtwaists. We still have a
few waists worth $1.00 to $1.50 OCp
which we have been selliiig at 50c...
Corsets. Armoreide and M. & G. cor- rn.
sets. Sold regular for $1.00. Now 0J.
Dress Goods. 1000 yards dress goods,
staple colors, and good values at
50c to 75c per yard. Our price Olt
Plates, cups and saucers at just half the
price marked.
Sweaters. Ladies' and children's wool
sweaters and Tain O'Shanter Caps at lens
than the lowest wholesale prices.
Rubbers. We have a large stock of men's
and children's Rubbers and Arties. We
positively cannot be undersold on any of
these seasonable goods.
Cotton Bats for quilts, 2 rolls.
Banner ratterns. Sold every where
at lOc and l,c. Our price. JV
Men's Underwear. Fleece lined, or
Generally sold at GOc. Now 00C
Men's Slickers, Macintoshes and rubber
coats at greatly reduced prices. See them.
Men's Collars. Linen and up to OP.
date in every particular. i for...... 0C
Umbrellas. Regular 5()c umbrel- OA.
las. Now OUC
The goods are right, the prices ditto. It will pay you to come
here when in need of anything in our line
0. R. & N. HAS NEW
A. C. Jackson, of Sau Francisco,
baa been appointed advertising agent
for tbe Ilarrinian lines in tbe North
west, bin appointment to become
elfectire November 1. lie succeeds
H. M. Hall, formerly advertising man
for tbe allied lines, who resigned last
September. Tbe announcement of
the apointroent was made yesterday
by William McMurray geueral passen
ger agent for tbe ilarrimau lines in
this territory.
Tbe appointment was decided upon
at tbe recent visit of Mr. McMurray
to Chicago, where be bad a confer
ence with the heads of tbe iiarriman
system. Mi. Jackson was picked to
fill tbe place on tbe strengb of bis ex
cellent record while in the Iiarriman
service, as be ha been connected
witb tbe Southern Pacillo for a long
Mr. Jackson bai been confidential
nun for Charles S. Fee, passenger
tratlio manager for tbe Southern Pa
cific, with offices at Sin Francisco.
He is a native Calif ornian and has
lived in that state all his life.
The choice of Mr. Jackson for the
vacancy will be pleasing to Southern
Paclio oilicialf, who are already ac
quainted witb him and know bis rec
ord, lie baa had a flue railroad train
ing and is a splendid advertising
man. He ban been witb tbe Southern
Pacific in responsible positions for
the past 15 years.
Mr. Jackson is spoken of as a man
who is full of the ppirit.of J the West.
As be is in such cose touch witb the
coast, be is Juaturally enthusiastic
over the possibilities of ths territory
and will thus be fitted to write enter
tainingly and truthfully of the ooaat
Under Mr. MoMurray's direction of
tbe passenger and advertising depart
ments of the Iiarriman lines larger
things are planned tor the work of
exploiting tbe Northwest and more
attention will be paid to advertising
this section of the country than evei
before. In bis new advertising man,
it is said, be will find an able second
in tbis work, who brings to it a large
fund of experience and enthusiasm
Mr. Jackson will arrive in Portland
late tbis month. Oregooian.
Think of New York being govrened
by the Evening Journal.
In New York all mankind is divided
into two classes. Those who think
Murphy owns Hearst and those who
think Hearst owns Murphy.
Why, ther's two votss for Heart: t
right in the Katzenjammer family.
Mayor MoClelland insists that be
was "put off at Buffalo."
Mr. Hearst having mutely appealed
foi quiet and temporarily stilled the
deafening applause, announoes that
he is not for Murphy.
Tbe old and new Demoorats of New
Yoik are now so far apart that it is
thought the services of tbe police will
be reqired.
Muob as bis great wbite sonl revolts
at Mn'-phy, Hearst is willing that be
should name most of the candidates
for supreme court judgeships.
From the newspaper pictures, Mi.
Hearst appears to be an unusually tall
man, but tbe impression gams that be
Is rapldy shrinking.
Most preson are not , "personally
worried much about the president's
efforts to curb tbe power of great
Viewing tbe present alliance of
Murphy and Hearst, it is probable
that many New Yorkers now regret
the departure of Crocker.
That French anarchist who reoeutly
inherited a big fortune and title will
now have to quit throwing bombs and
get to dodging tbem.
Young Mr. Rockefeller says that a
man tao wants to succeed must learn
to control bis temper. Good idea to
learn to control coal oil as a side line.
It is now pretty generally admitted
that Mr. Brisbane writes Mr. Hearst's
speeches, but so far no one bai been
unkind enough to allege that he real
ly believes tbem.
Over In tbe Isle of Pines, tbe gov
ernment has been raising money by
giving Sunday ice cieam' festivals.
Tbey can now laise some more by
buying an oystei and giving an oys
ter sepper.
Seoretary Root went to South
America on tbeC Wleston. aud came
back on tbe Columbia. That ought
to prevent any undu feeling of jeal
ousy between tbe South Carolina
It seems to be pretty generally
oonceded tbat President Palma was
simply a good natured misfit.
Except tbe little troubles In Santo
Domingo and Cuba, paeoe reigns ',a
the Spanish-American tatea from tb
Rio Orande to tbe straits of Magellan.
It was a mistake to bead tbe article
"Why do old n en marry young wom
en f" Tbe correct caption is "What
fools these mortals be", "No fool like
an old font," or something like that.
An engineer says Coney Island is
sinking and will be under water in
about 800 years. Yes, and if tbey
give any more of those disgraceful so-
called carnivals, it ought to be wiped
out long before that..
Wbat is worrying both sides in New
York is the fact tbat tbe election will
be decided by the man who doesn't
make muob noise but rotes just as be
Washington schools ask a milliou
dollars more than tbey bad last year
This "readin," "litin" and "ritbme
tie" is getting expensive.
The Plaint or tbe Pessimist.
Knock and tbe world knocks with
you, boost aud you boost alone, when
you roast good and loud you will find
tbat tbe crowd has a hammer as big
as your own. Luy and the gang is
witb you, ring and tbe game is off,
for tbe lad witb tbe tbirst 'I see
you first if you don't prcceel to
cough. Be rich and tbe gau will
praise you, be poor aud tbey pats you
tbe Ice; you're a warm guy wheu you
stait to buy, you're a slob when you
haven't the price. Be flut-h and your
trends are many, go broke aud tbey
say "ta ta," when your bauk aooouut
burns you will get great returns,
when its out you get the ba ba. Be
gay and the mot will cheur you,
they'll shout white your wealth en
dm eg; show a tearful lamp and you'll
see them all tramp, and its back to
the woods for yours, There's always
a bunch that will boost you while at
your money tbey glauoe, but you'll
find tbem all gone in the cold gray
dawn, when tbe fringe shows up on
your pants. Exchange.
Oregon Apple; Supreme.
Tbe east is payiug more money foi
Oregon apples this year than for any
other apples raised in tbe United
States, says tbe Baker City Herald.
And this in the face of the faot that
the apple crop of the country is about
50 per cent greater than last year..
According to H. J. Miller, traveling
freight and passenger agent of tbe
Northwestern lines who has just con
cluded bis work in tbe fruit districts
between Baker City and Hood River,
the demand in tbe east for Oregon
fruit was never so great as tbis year.
Spitzenbergs and Newtown Pippins
are this yrai selling at an advance of
teu cents a box over the price of last
year, despite tbe faot tbut there are
about 70,000,000 barrels of apples in
tbe country twice as many as last
Tbe two varieties of apples men
tioned are selling for about $3. 10 and
12.75 a box delivered on the oars at
Hood River. One New York firm
bought 50 carloads of these Oregou
apples last week while other eastern
firms bave taken smaller shipment
during the entire season.
Tbe people In tbe fruit raising sec
tions of Oregon where there is ade
quate transportaion facilities are go
ing wild, says Mt. Miller. Fruit
lauds is commanding enormous prices
iu every district and the demand is
something wonderful. Blue Moun
tain Eagle.
It must be tougb to hate a man
everybody else likes.
"I am sorry" does about as little
good aa anything in tbia world.
If you want to keep your friends you
must occasionally leave tbem alone.
You can shave your whiskers off
quicker than you can get them back
Nearly every man Is henpecked, but
a good many manage to disguise the
People talk about the Importance of
"taking It euay." Some people take It
too easy.
Tbe one thing that stands by you,
keep you Interested in life and is al
ways the same is your regular work.
When a woman bluffs she seldom
baa anytli : better than a bobtail
flush, but it takes a mighty brave man
to "call" her. Atchison Globe.
Tki CtBiwi Srhooi.
In higher education England is cer
talnly the equal if not the superior of
this country, but the benefits of that
education are necessarily limited, and
limited, by the way, to tboae who have
no pressing need for it. In tbe mat
ter of common schools, however, we
have done for our people what no
country In Europe has yet attempted.
Tbe results have naturally been an
Industrial mid commercial forwardness
that has made us sometimes tbe ad
miration and sometimes tbe envy of
the English. St. Louis Republic.
Poor Atnat
Augustus Imierntor, with the world'i
wealth at his command, "had not a
hlrt to his back or a chimney to his
kitchen." He had not a fork, either,
or a teapot or an umbrella or a piece
of soap. In the depth of winter Augus
tus had no covering for his limbs.
Land Outlook.
The Umbrella.
"Where's the umbrella I lent you
"Jones borrowed It Why?"
"Oh, nothing; only tbe fellow I bor
rowed It of says the owner has been
are many, too many
to print here, but if
you aro interested in having the BEST get acquainted with
Oliver Steel and Chilled Plows
Moline Orchard Disc Buckeye Cider Mill
Sharpels Tubular Cream Seperator
Faultless Grubning: Machine
Aermoter Wind Mills Buckeye Force Pump
(Need no Fixing)
Bean Spray Pumps Kimball Cultivators
Syracuse Spring Tooth
Vehicles and Farm Machinery
"Woman" is the name of a new magazine for women.
The first number is just issued. Your newsdealer has it.
You can get it from him, and it is worth your wh?le getting
it. There is nothing startling about this magazine. There
should be nothing startling about a decent magazine for
women and the home. But this particular magazine is
unique among all the so-called publications for women.
You might not like it a little bit, and then, again, it might
hit your fancy good and hard.
If you like fiction good, wide-awake, snappy stories
both serials and short stories you will like " Woman."
In fact, fiction is the big feature of the magazine.
All the other magazines for women are cast on the same
model a little bit of fiction, a few articles, more or less
chit chat, some wise advice, a fashion department and a
smattering of general miscellany. "WOMAN" doesn't
look any more like this conventional model than a yellow
dog looks like a race horse. It is built on new lines for a
strictly woman's publication. To know what it is like you
will have to get a copy of it. It would cost too much to
tell you all about it in this advertisement.
The price of "WOMAN " U TEN CENTS A COPY,
and the magazine is a very hi one 192 pages.
By the way, two rattlinsf good serial stories be .in in this first num
ber and it contains a hi- : lot s of other good things. You would
do well to ask your dealer for it before his f.ipply is exhausted.
Sold on Merit
1 1
Always the Same
San Francisco
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
Undertaker and Embalmer.
We sell household goods for CASH and give big discount.
If you are looking for bargains call on us.
Set; our display of
which includes the best offered to the trade. A combina
tion of Cotton Felt and Hair. That will not lump and
always remain light and fluffy.
At prices never before quoted
When purchasing ticket to Chi
cago and the East, see that it
reads via the Chicago & North
western Railway. Choice of
routes via Omaha or via St. Paul
and Minneapolis.
It is tha route of The Overland Limited
nj the direct line to Chicago from the I
Coast. Four ffcit daily Chicago trains I
make connections) with all trannconti-
aental trains at St Paul and Minne
The Best of Everything.
All agents sell tickets via ttv's line.
For further information apply to
R. V. HOLDER. Oeneral Aol. O. . N.-W. .,
IRS Third CI.,
This BanK free
What our men and women of fifty year
hence will be depends on the children of to
day. Is it not worth our while, even at the
cobt of considerable effort, if necessary to
teach our boy or girl the value of money, the
habits of thrift, economy and savings. Her
bert Spencer says "education ti the prepara
tion for complete living." One of our Home
Paving Hanks which you can have FREE
upon opening an account with one dollar or
more, if in your home, is a constant appeal
ing educator, teaching the habit of saving
silently, forcefully, and not to be denied.
Savings Department
First National Bank
New Location.
We are now located in the Smith Building, in the
room formerly occupied by J. E. Hand, where we will be
pleased to nee all of our old customers as well as new ones.
This large and well-lighted store has been fitted up
with the best and most complete stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed
ver displayed in the City. Fresh Vegetables received
aily. Call and inspect our stock.
WOOD & SMITH IIROS., Proprietors. '
Nature's Wondrous Handiwork
Through Utah and Colorado
Castle Gate, Canon of the Grand,
Black Canon, Marshall and Ten
nessee Paftfses, and the World
Famous Royal Gorge.
For descriptive and Illustrated pamph
lets, write to
W. G. McBRIDE, General Agent
umts Paint ($1
Wall Paper Co.
ITflVP nrlrlixl 11. poirmlofa linn rvf T A TTTiJ rTT o ir i TivtTnTT
- ,..vv. v.,...,. aire VM xlXilAU, VlliO, V iVXViXIOll-
Our stock of paper includes latest designs in Blanks, Gilts
anu nigh unities, t rom 10c up. A full stock of room
molding, Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line of
novelties in Framed Pictures. CALCTMO, the
latest thing in room tinting, mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
Phone G71. First and Oak Streets.
124 Tblrd treet.
Millinery Display v
Latest Designs
in Pattern Hats
At Mme. Abbott's