The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 01, 1906, Image 2

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THURSDAY. NOV. 1. 1906.
Ihia mouth's iwue of "lietter
Pi ait" ba been received and if poe
ibie U even better than tba preoeding
The Benton County Kepabllcan U
new paper and la laaued from Cor
vallii. Ita tiroprietoia are Smith &
Morgan and it is both well edited sod
well printed.
; If tbe report ia true tbat Tbe Dulles
in no longer opposed to tbe division
of the county it would aeeiu that
there should be very little trouble in
bringing the matter to a nuuoawsfui
Although tbe apple crop is reported
to be larger tfiau at first eatiwaed it
doea not seem to make any difference
In the demand for Hood River fruit,
as it la said tbat orders bave been re
el ved for several cars tbat oannot be
Rejoicing was turned to gloom at
tbe office of tbe Wasco News lust week
which says:
"This office was thrown into a fever
of excitement last Wednesday and all
work suspended for the time being,
caused by liert , Katon informing us
tbat Mrs. C 11. Tom and daughter,
Sadie, of Qranta, had sent at a jar of
fine apple butter. Well, we bave a fail
Ing'for apple butter, so shut np shop
and started home to sample it. On
our way home we were overtaken by
Bert wbo informed us they badn't
sent it yet, but were thinking of
sending it. We are on the sick lift
Shall the Will of the People Ue le
iVated. Tbe Dalles Optimist comes out in a
lengthy artlole beaded with the state
ment that the endorsement of liourne
for United Stales senator was not the
voloe of the people. While tbe Opti
mist is not partioualrly opposed to
Bourne as an Individual, the paper
says that it will oppose him because
he won out by tbe help of a system
that puts up the office of United
States senator at auction. If Tbe
Dalles paper has anything to offer iu
tbe way of improvement in tbe direct
primary law, the people will listen,
but the statement that tbe office of
United States senator was put up at
auction and tbat tbe office was sold
to Mr. Bourne beoauee be was the
highest bidder, is oertahily not very
complimentary to tbe intelligence ami
honesty of the voters of a great state.
Tbe direct primary law, while not
pertoct In many ways, is tbe result
and tbe outcome of a long wanted
change from a former system, wbiob
was not desirable from the fact that
the voice and will of the people was
trampled ou. The old political orga
nizations were so effective tbat it was
an easy matter to thwart the wishes of
the people.
From the stand of tbe Optimist, the
(lazette would be justified and might
say that it is better to put up tbe
office of senator at publio auotiou
where all of tbe people have a show,
then to return to the old system of
private sale where tbe people have
nothing to say.
Tbe people were emphatio when
they spoke in favor of tbe law that
plaoes us under the present system.
No one denies the faot ,tnat Mr.
Bourne spent money to get tbe nomi
nation. No one denies the fact tbat
every other aspirant for tbe office of
United States senator spent money.
If Mr. . Bourne bouebt tbe nomina
tion, every other candidate inbmited
a bid, and were simply unsuccessful
bidders. If it were wioug for Mr.
Bourne to spend money to exploit his
candidacy, then it was wrong for all
of the rest. But this cannot be
helped for the reaion tbat it is im
possible to make a campaign without
spending money, and no law can
change it.
It is true that Mr. Bourne will not
suit many individuals. It is also true
that tbe system under which Mr.
Bourne was elected will not Buit
many, but are we to cater to tbe
wishes of a few individuals or to tbe
demand of tbe majoiity of tbe 100,000
voters of the statu of Oregou. llepp
ner Gazette.
Moody It a nc li Mold.
The announcement was made Mon
day that M. A. Moody, of The Dalles,
had sold bis large ranch in the valley
to Tbomsen & Hansen and F. C. Sex
ton, of The Dalles. The property
consists of 280 acres, one half of
which is cleared and the other half iu
timber. Thomsen & Hansen are iu
tbe sawmill business and it is expect
ed will use tbe timber iu making
lumber. Mr. Sexton is understood to
have made the purohase as an invest
ment. Sale Of Bonds Will Complete Bitch.
Tbe Hood River Irrigation District
Friday, consummated tbe sale of the
W0, 000 of bonds which the directors
recently voted to issue. Tbe bonds
sold at par with tbe blank bonds at a
premium of $1,485. Moiria Bros., of
Portland, were tbe purchasers. Tbe
directors say tbe amount received
from tbe sale of the bonds will enable
the company to push tbe laterals ou
tbe Rordan arid Dead Poiut ditches
and insure their speedy completion.
Much of the work so far done
has been ou tbe Gap ditch which is
now within tour miles of tbe (Jreeu
Point ditch the point of iutake. It
is also exneoted to now complete the
main ditch to Green Poiut iut be time
specified in tbe ooutraot, wbioh is
May 1st, 1907. Tbe directors say the
amount just reoeived insures tbe com
pletion of the irrigation system as
outlined by tbe company.
Cnickens for Sunday dinner at A. 8.
' Trails Killed Hones.
It was reported here yesterday tbat
a team of burses bad (men killed at
Mosier and that a shooting affray bad
taken place as tbe result. Tbe follow
ing from tbe Dalles Chronicle shows
bow far away from the facta tbe story
111 luck seems to have been follow
ing Bert Bagley recently. At various
times he bas lot valuable horses and
not long ago had a load of bay burn
on tbe rack. With blooming pluck
Bert bas kept steadily ahead, sur
mounting difficulties aud defying ill
Ibis morning bis unlcuky star
again appeared and be Muds himself
miBus a tine work team, for which be
says he would not have taken 1000.
His hired man, Dixon, was driviug
down to tbe Cooper place to secure a
load of bay and in doiug so is com
pelled to cross the railroad track
near the Anderson place. At that
point it is impossible to see the train
notil it is upon one. A driver ahead
had just crossed and as Dixon's horse
started over, No. 5, the west bound
passenger, appeared aud before be
could turn them bad struck the ani
mals. Tbe loii We lieea were bioken,
releasing tbe borses from the W' gon
and dragging tbein fifty feet.
Dixon, who was inisds tbe bay
rack, bad no means of jumping and
for a moment thought his time bad
come. Tbe breaking of tbe double
trees, however, saved him, aud when
the train bad passed be found blmself
in the rack, minus borses, which were
lying beside tbe track a short dis
tance away with their necks broken.
Dixon says the trainmen failed to
whistle before reaching the crossing
as the law requires, aud Mr. Bagley.
will probalily call on the (). 14. & N.
for damages.
Home From Eantern Trip.
Cbas. Davidsou, better known at
"Deacon," accompanied by bit
daughter, Mrs. W. H. Chipping, ar
rived home from sn extended visit in
the east Saturday. They report a very
pleasaut trip both g ing and coming
and escaped the big snow storm in
Colorado but a few hours. Going
east they went over tbe Canadian Pa
cific which Mr. Davidson thinks has
any of tbe other transcontinental
lines beaten to whisper for scenery
and returned by way of tbe C. B. &
Q. aud tbe Denver, Rio Grande, strik
ing tbe Oregon Short Line at Ogdeu.
While away they visited at Center
burg, Ohio, Monroeville, Ft. Wayne.
Ind., Galesburg and Cauton, 111., aud
several other cities where they have
relati es and friends. Mr. Davidson
and Mrs. Chipping left Hood River
August Otb and an lved at tbeir des
tination during the very worst of tbe
summer beat from wbiob tbey suffer,
ed a great deal. Before tbey left for
tbe west there bad been several snow
storms and cold weather was com
mencing. Mr. Davidson says times in the
states tbat be was iu are prosperous
with good crops and plenty of work
and the price of farms in Ohio and
Indiana is on tbe increase. He
thinks however, that the place where
he spent so many years' of bis life is
uot like it used to be and that tbe
western country bus dispelled' any
longing for a return to bis old home
to stay.
Work On Baptist Church Resumed.
Work bus been resumed on the new
Haptist church that is being built on
the bill and it will now be push 'd to
a speedy completion. The stone work
is tioished aud the frame will soon be
raised. When completed the building
will be 44x50 feet on the ground with
the main building Il'2x:i8 and wiuua on
each side,- IS. A. Jerome, ha cbvrge
of the carpenter work but tbe state
board of missions in conueotion with
tbe Baptist church, bas recently ap
pointed a minister to come here and
look after the work dur ing tbe illness
of tbe Kev. Mr. Spigbt He is expect
ed to arrive some timeduriug the lat
ter part of the week.
Jiew Feature For Dancing (las.
Prof. Wall Wilson, the well knowu
dancing master of Portland, will open
classes for dancing in Odd Fellows'
hall next Tuesday evening. It is the
intui tion of Prof. Wilson to give lea
sons from 7:110 to 8:110 after which
there will be a dancing party each
evening. Good musio will be provid
ed aud invitations ieaued for each
Tuesday evening dance so tbat those
who are fond cf this pastime and want
to briuv a tew friends for an even
ing's entertainment can do so. Auy
one wbo Is desirious of getting in
formation in regard to these affairs
can do so by calling on B. F. Hutob
iusou at tbe Paris Fair.
Made (.'ood ou Worthless Check.
A gentleman wbo has been staying
at Hood River recently issued a check
to the r list Manorial bank here on
tbe bank at Butte, Mont., tbat tailed
a few days ago. At tbe time the
check was glvfcii no report bad been
received of the failure of the Moutaua
Institution and toe money was
promptly paid on it. Happening to
pick up a paper tbat evening the man
who bad given the check fouud that
the bank be bad issuod it on had
failed and next morning went to the
First National and made good the
amount. Naturally the bank officials
feel very much gratified by the act as
many men would not feel they were
called to make restitution.
Special Meeting.
There will be a special meeting of
Hood Kiver Chapter No. 25, O. E. S.,
at Musouio ball, this evening, railed
in honor of tbe visit to the lodge of
tbe Urand Woitby Matron. All mem
bers are requested to be present. By
ortlur of the W. M.
Tbiese M. Castner, Seo'y.
Public Notice.
I will offer for sale at my lauch one
half miles north of Odeli on Tuesday,
Not. (, UKKi, horses, cattle, wagous,
carriages, farm implements, machin
ery, a good cream separator, etc
Terms, sums above $10, 12 months at
8 per cent interest. Sales of $10 and
under must be oasb. S. Copple.
A (Jood Standard.
W. H. Dubyns reoeived this week 50
boxes of cifuice apples which were
raised by A. A. Cor others near Olex.
1 he best description we can give is
that they u i ai Hie variety raised at
Hood River. loue Prorlaimer.
Frtvli gaua.:e made dai'.v nt Bi'iit's
meat market.
How's ThisP
We oiler 0e Hundred IV1Iik reward for
any cawof t'attai rti that oannni U' cured by
tun a utiarran cure. r. J. ciir.K m ,
Toledo, Ohio.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J.
('Ix'iiey for Hie last Myelin, slid believe blin
pern-city botioruble In nil business lransao
tlons, and tlnsni-lnlly able lo carry out any
obligations made hy bis Arm.
Wai.ium), Kinnan A Martin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hull's Catarrh cure is taken Internally,
acting directly upon tbe blood and mucous
nurlacM of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price 7!r per bottle. Hold by all drug
gist. Takeliall's famllyf Ills for constipation
New Idea Patterns
..Ladies' Shirt Waists..
All the Latest Styles of the
season may be found in our
Large and Up-to-Date Shirt Waist Department
Silk or mercerized cotton in white, with
embroidered fronts, or fancy plaids.
A large assortment to choose from.
Display on Second Floor)
An Immense Assortment of Ladies' Lace Collars
Ladies1 Hose
ladies' extra lieavji fleece lined cotton hone, double
heel and toe and fatH black. Special for . Q 1
Friday and Saturday, the pair O3V
nil. nru'ivrijivi vviuli
In Time of Peace.
In tbe rlrst mouths of tbe Russia
Japan war we' bud a striking example
of the necessity ror preparation ana
tbe early advantage of those who, so
to speak, "have tthlngled their roofs
In dry weather." The virtue of prep
aration has made history and given
to us our greutest men. Tbe Individ
ual as well as tbe nation should be
prepared for any emergency. Are you
prepared to successfully combat the
llrst cold you take? A cold can be
cured much more quickly when treat
ed as soon as it has been contracted
and before it has become tettlod in
the system. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy Is famous for ita cures of
oolds and it should be kept at band
ready for instant use. For sale by
Keir & Casa.
Tbe regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Hood Kiver Fruit
Growers union will be held Saturday,
November 10th, at 10 o'clock, a. m,
in Artisan hall for tbe eleotion of 0 Ul
cers, and such other business as may
come before f"e meeting.
Hood River Fruit tl rowers Union
By E. 11. Sbepard, Seo'y
Olives in
bulk, bottles and cans at
United States Mui office, Tbe Dalles, Oregon,
September 21st, im.
Notice t hereby nlven that In compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June I, ISiS, entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands Id the Mates of California, Ore.
Kon, Nevada and Washington Territory," as
exlended U) all public land stales by act of
August 4, lKttt,
of Hood River, county of Wiueo, stale of Ore
vnn, has this day tiled In this "Mice her sworn
statement No. L"Jli:i, for the purchase of the
HK'NK, of section No. 41, In township No.
1 north, range No 8 east, W. M., and will otter
proof to show that the land sought is. more
valuable for Its Umber or sume than for agrl.
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim
to said land before the Register and Receiver
at The Dalles, Oregon, on the ltith day of Jan
uary, WW.
She names as witnesses: Arthur I Moe,
William K. Rand, Lewis K. Morse and Seneca
K Kouts, all of Hsd Klver, Oregon.
Any and all persons clslmlng adversely the
above-described lauds are requested to tile
their clslms in this office ou or before said
ltilh dav of January. l'.H)7.
NOLAN, Register.
United mates Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
Hcptembcr lsih, 1WW.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions ot the act of Congress ot
June a, 1H78, entitled "An act for the sale of
titular lands In the states of California, Oie
gou, Nevada and Washing! n Territory," as
extended to all the public laud slates by act
of August 4, ism,
of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore.
gon, has this day tiled In this office his sworn
statement No. Mm, fur the purchase of the
K!N W4 and W,SNK(, of section No. at), In
Township No. 1 north, range No. 11 east, W.
M.. and will otter proot to show that the land
sought I more valuable lor Its timber or
stoufthan for agricultural purpoM-s, slid to
establish his claim to said land before the
Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon,
on tbe ltith day of January, 1W7.
He names as witnesses: Will Davis, ,1. W.
Davis, M. A. Heart h and U. 1). Culbertson, all
of Hood Klver. Oregon.;
Any and all persons claiming adversely
the above desert bed lands are requested to tile
Ihelr claims In this office on or before said
ltith day or January, I'M;.
nl-JlO Mil IIAKL T. NOLAN, Register.
I 1
The sole of Honor
llf ?; tVif snip ttnmtuvl n.i'tVi w?
Keith's Konqueror trade-mark.
An honest dollar's worth for your
r ..a
$5.00, $4.00,
mouiaea to
wrinkles to
FRANK A. GRAM, Hood River, Oregon
The Paris Fair
The Place to Save Money
Ladies' Gloves
Ladies 2-rlaep Reindeer fin
ish, pei feet fitting glove,
in white), tun, brown, pray
or black. Imitation Mo
cho, snap. Special 40c
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Boys' extra liesvy fleece lined nnderwear In
and serviceable shade, a splendid wearing .
garment. (Special price
Cashmere Gloves
Ladies fatt black caxlimere
. gloves, fancy silk lining,
perfect Hitting, 2-rla'p,
a bargain. Special. 40c
Cashmerette Gloves
Gray, brown and Nsvy
Cashrnt'rettp gloves, fancy
fleece lined, heavy quality,
2-clasp and poiftc: rk
ting. Special 45c
cuiors, boiu regular ai inree pairs ror OC,
Special, tliCpair
s Middle Valley Mill
ELPPA ORCHARD CO., (Inc) Proprietors
Fir and Pine Lumber
Keady for Business
All orders Promptly Filled
O. Hood River, Oregon.
Mill Mt. Hood Stage
Odell, Oregon.
Tlfitiiin Day Observed.
Saturday evening, November 10th,
ia the date set for the observance of
Tit man Day by Hood River Lodge
No. 105, A. F. & A. Ai. There will be
a speoiel meeting of tbe lodge with
work in the M. AI. degree, followed
by a short program and an oyster
supper. Members of the lodge are all
urged to be present. Visiting broth
ers welcome. lij order of tbe W. AI.
D. AloDonald, Seo'y-
Renter Wanted.
An experienced farmer wbo thor
oughly understands strawberry cul
ture and general farming. Must be
sober and iudustiious and able to
furnish rlrst class references. Alarried
m m prefered. Good proposition for
tbe right man.
J. 11. Heilbronner & Co.
Hood River.
Have in their New
Harness shop a
large line of
Whips, Tents, Axle
Greace and Harness Oil
We would like for you to
come and examine our har
ness repair work which is
quickly attended to.
Konquerors sell at I
53.50. Linings!
1. 1
normal lasts no
bring corns.
.1 T
Children's Handkerchiefs
Children'! pare white handkerchiefs, good she,
punched hemetlched and made with half inch fl
liera. Special Friday and Saturday, each ..... y
Ladies' Union Suits
Ladies' cream colored, ribbed union suits, OC
fleece lined, heavy weight, all sixes. Spl. )v
Work Sox
Men's heavy weight work sox, seamless and fast
1 11 1 x 1 .1 -
Arnold's Plaids
Arnolds' Shadow Plaids in blue, brown, gray, etc.,
27-Inch wide, and standard gauds. (Sue- Q
cial price , 101
4 miles south of
Special Notice
Owing to lack of space, on account of
our large and Increasing business, we
have rented the Bone building, next to
the Ramona Hotel, and are fitting up
the entire building into a First-dass
Piano store, which will be a credit to
Hood Kiver.
We have two car loads of beautiful in
struments due to arrive from the east
ern factories this week. This shipment
inciuues trie great, A polio uoncerturand
(like the Odd Fellows have), Babv
GrandB, Interior Piano Players and a
complete line of the very best Upright
Pianos in the latest styles. Secondhand
pianos and organs taken in exchange
and several on hand for sale. Lowest
prices to all. No agents or commission
men to make your piano cost you $50.00
more than if purchased direct from the
Soule Bros. Piano Co.
SILAS H. SOULE, Manager.
Phone Main 1423, Hood River, Ore.
A variety of good residence property
ty at prices and terms to suit.
Good buys for 1500, foOO, $700, $850,
$1,000, $l,2.i0, 11,300, 11,400, $1,500,
f 1,750, tl,800 or auy price you want.
Two-story house near high school for
only 1. 600.
Several good residences close to busi
ness (or Bale cbeap.
Fine two-story residence with two
lota, choice location, only $2,000.
New two-story house, six rooms be
sides pantry and bath, only $900.
Whole blocks anil acreage property for
sale on easy terms.
Finest residence lota in the city cheap
tood investment.
Large list to select from, Including
good orchard land aud farm property.
Come and soe us.
Onthank cfl Otten
Hood River Oregon
Mount Hood Railroad Co.
Daily to ML Hood and Valley Points
A. M. STATIONS '. , J M.
8:00 leave Hood Klver Arrive 5KM
(WW -. Powerdale 4:Sfc
H:M . Sear 4-42
van Horn 4n0
8: Lent 4::f
.S7 Odell 4:v!7
H:40 Dnkes alley 4sa
XiSft Moocher "4:1s
:10 Wliiaus.. ....... .... 4:05
Arrive Dee Leave .U0
Sunday's Honthbonn'd train will rnn one
hou.' lata above achedule, leaving Hood Rle
KU a. m. Returning regular achedule
CHA8. T. EARLY. U. F. A P. A.
"QC Q )CTv
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Lath, Shingles. Etc
Lumber Delivered to Any Part of the Valley
He Does Reliable Work
Buy Your Fruit Boxes
Hood River Box Factory
and Patronize Home Industry.
Best Quality Lowest Price
Home Made
Phone Main 71
Wr cTnii;nniirr For Sale Have a flrgt-claan homestead for aale
. 13. O I KUWDKlUtltl che"P- If interested answer at once.
o!9nl5 W. H. Dobyns. lone. Ore.
SIGN WRITER -Wanted. -
Paper Hanging and Tinting a Specialty
Phone 1313 Wanted' two or three experienced tle-mak.
Not Ice-Part lea owing us on account will era" N. M. Munch. Underwood. Wash. n!5
nSlWSlS """"""-To let contract to clear few acres
ana pay same, wooa nros. Dealers In ineata. brush land. .1' miles southwest from Mount
-:""0 Hood post olfloe. Apply at once to Cheater
JIqj, QjQq C.Walton, Mount Hood. nl-tr-Sl
Wanted Men to clear land and cut cord
MISCELLANEOUS. wood. Beejur. J, F. Watt. nl-nat
-K6r8alelo7d77em nrW,?nln.JaUi,)r mCeS f Dr Wit,'
horse, welstht about law pounds, good driver, ' Je'"t"lg- nl.njn
worrth''p!e0rdOUble- 6M Bt ' U-nWSd Wanted-A man to grub ten or fifteen acres
worth place tnree nl one na,f from Wwn ()n ie
For Hale-Team, young, sound horses, Eatl'''e- Enquire of Jamea Lacy. nl.nJH
weight 21(10, and new harness, bnggy, wagon, Wanted, to exchange, heavy truck wagon
and Implements. Inquire of 8. J. Frank, for lighter wagon, or will sell. Call phot.e
at harness shoi . nl.naa 90t. oiflnla
For Hale Fox te'rier pups from my prle Wanted A hoy not under 15 yoars of age, to
winner that took first prize at Portland show 1 chores for his board and lodging and go to
The pups are pure blood, very nicely marked school. M uat know how to milk. Address V.
black and tan heads and ears, white bodies. . Box. 21S, Hood River. nl'i
Kvery one will make a winner If put up for a w..j-VZ. . 7 7 TT"
show. These dogs make the best of compan. . antd A maD- "ln"le r married, to take
Ions and rat dV Hock ford store ll ood a P'"'"'"' "ituatlon on a large fruit farm at
Kiver. ore iiuru siore, nooo any work where he ls most needed, and to
I act as asslastant superintendent. Good wages
nnii. i.oi. i , u ,. . to the right party. Address, stating exper-
ni?. Li:Lkeep t7i.bu"". at my lenceg- ""ult Orower" care the Glacier. nl
place for service. Any one wishing theus ri
fceT lMdoU dhnr'8re?red . Wnted-Sm.l! fruit ranch to work on shares
KXno IiMSjfn.'1.?!, "? for the season of 1607. Can give best of refer-
nead. Bruno Franx North Belmont, aft-novl. encesand am used to work. Address E. L. P.,
For S.le-A No. S Smith stump puller with 100 GUcier office- 18"'"
lZl"L UchLU 'Xnif """"i 01,8 Hi1 Wanted -Traveler reestablished house. $12 per
RS'JvT.3Mrr,'. Ht ?Tn w wetk- Expenses advanced. References. Address
McKamer pau near M""t Hood P. O. ol8nl5 with stamp, Jos. A. Alender. Hood Kiver. Ore.
For Sale Brown Spaniel, three months old. a, 7Z I 7- 7. '.
male. Address R. W. Caldwell. Hood River Wanted A relinquishment that can be develop-
ol8nl6 Snwon w ,n,to Jltl!nd. Address W. M. Wynne, care
M , "regon- Mt. Hood Hotel Hood River. olnl5
For Hale Horse and wagon. Horse Is sound .
gentle, good worker and driver. Wsgon isl , Wanted At the telephone office, tw young
horse fa rm wagon, good as new at a bargain, ladles for operators. 827
Am going away. H. Johnson, K. F, 1). No. 8. " Mr.,., . " :: ;
Oct2H , Wanted to exchange a nice 8-room house
. Dallas, the county seat of Polk county, for
For sale cheap.-Heven-etghths Jersey bull an apple orchard. Address with full partlc-
Kure service. Very gentle. H. Pregge. Hood' dI? "i C' A McCargar, Falling Building,
Klver. oll-nl "rtland, Oregon.
For Hale.-Bay horse, weight liOO lbs. Per. Wanted-Man or men to take contract for
fectly sound and gentle. Works either single clearlng 'and. Liberal pay. A. N. Rahm.
or double. Children can ride him. A must
wSr!;IiuyWOOd Wperoord' J-H K- Wanted-Posltion as bookkeeper that wTTl
berg, I hone Jul. 0&als onlvoccunya few hours of time each dav.
Address Glacier office. o2 nl5
., , Wanted To trade six months old colt, bre 1
For Sale-one of the best 20-act, tract, of Whffi?. nlaM ,0. K
apple land In Hood River valley. Call on or : -
address V. Wlnchell, HoodRlyer. Ore. Wanted, man to live on my farm during tb.
For 8ale.-80 acres of timber land at the L HMhnuD,Keference8 re4ulred-
mouth of Summit creek on o. RAN track Hergl""'r. Hood River, Ore. nl5
near Weyeth. For particulars write H. 8. 7Z 7 '
Woolsey, Wapinltia, Oregon. Oec.6-' i,Wan!d, A messenger boy at the Wea'ern
Union Telegraph oflW nt the o. K. A n ata-
ForHale-70 acres 6'j miles from pond IKtv. tl""- APP'y to C.8. Smith, Mgr.
er; ;? acres young orchard, small house; on "
yrm. i liner, noou Kiver or address J H
r riry, &2 Williams ave., Portland, Ore. d;i
Lost and Found
Lost, ladles' hat, between Hood Klver and
Little White Htore. Return to Glacier otlloe
for reward, U
Lost Gunny sack hall full of rug raga. car
pet raveled out and halls of other oolors.
Y Inder please leave with owner or at Glacier
office and receive reward. Mrs o H
Khoadea, Hood River, 11. F. D. No. 1. o-,"inri
Lost.-A darkbay horse, weight 900 pounds.
Strayed away from home last Saturday jight
Had on heavv hal er. Any Information wll
be gratelully received by Allen Hart. Hood
Klver- ollnl
For Rent
For Rent-A nicely furnished Jront room with
board. Mrs. Entncan. olSnlS
For rent, lower story of 6 rooms and bath
wVlllltMll 1 n . .
21 .vey; Adrtr" K- J- Perkins, Uen
fea?!ern 0res-on department? Vogt
Block, The Dalles, ore. oil-nl
DT.,1m.?t L,n? Inerlor, United Htates
Land nlce. The Dalles, Ore., Oct. 13, l'jutt.
Notice Is hereby given that
?Jf.M';, "' Oregon, bas filed notice of his
tthtaW.;1111 KSNWU of section So.
township 1, south range 10 E.. W M anil
hat said proof will be made before tbe" Iteg-
hlHnn'"'tne following witnesses to prove
tionnea1.nd,denoe d
rak". b,blS1en.ry Tomllnson, Wl lllam
Oregon. uuoln ' Mt. Hood,