The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 25, 1906, Image 2

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Issued nerv I lie radar kr
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A Wort For the Silent Worker.
Ia an article beaded "1'he Matiter
Miud" the Corrallia I'lnie devotes
three-quarters of a column to Hood
River and tbe great ticcena it bat
bad aa an apple raising community.
It autbor gives credit fcr this won
derful development to our distin
guished towosman, E. L. Bmitb. We
do not tbink Mr. Smith wants tbe im
pression to get abroad that be ia wbol-
jr and entirely responsible for all of
Hood Kiver's many achievements in
tbe fruit growing industry and thnt
be will be tbe last to claim it.
J Hood River is not a place wbere any
one man bas been entirely responsi
ble for its success, but where tatber
a combination of elements rare in any
town bave contributed to tbe general
welfare. Wbere one man has acted
as advisor and another bas advertised
tbe city, making it and its flue wares
known, another bas applied himself
to the practioal part such as solenlflc
fruit growing, the packing of apples,
marketing them and other necessary
branches of tbe business that go tow
ard making success.
To say that any one man bas done
all tbla is an injustice to tbe many
others who bare contributed to llooi
River's successful development and is
misleading. While we take off our
bat to tbe great thing Mr. Smith
bas accomplished tor Hood River, we
tbink that some aoknowledement is
justly due many others whose work
ii aot in the limeligbb of publicity, but
whose efforts bave been none tbe less
Is Entitled to the Ofllce.
Tbe first gun was fired last week by
the Dalles Optimist in a campaign
which Is evidently to rw D'ade to sub
vert tbe will of tbe people and render
inoperative tbe provisions cf tbe pri
mary law. Tbe procedure is one that
is not new, but was oonoelved by can
didates for tbe legislature last spring
in order that they might win the con
fidence of voters by endorsing state
ment No. 1. In brief it consists in
having numerous petitions circulated
throughout the state and having
them signed and forwarded to mem
bers of tbe legislature asking that
they disregard the selection of a Unit
ed States senator under ;the primary
law and vote for the "best man."
This or any other plan to elect an
other candidate for office of Unit
ed States senatoi, of Ur than the one
chosen by tbe majority of the voters
of Oregon is an attack on the invio
lable right of the majority of .tbe vot
ers of tbestate, to rule and undoubt
edly will not receive the support of
any Individual or party except those
who bave private, rather than public
. interests to serve.
Many who did not support Mi.
Bourne believe that as be conformed
to tbe Intent of the law he is as right
fully eleoted senator as if the vote
was a direct one and is entitled totbe
oflloe on that issue alone, if for no
other. If tbe primary law or its in
tent is wrong, bave it repealed, but
do not try to evade it.
So far, however, it would seem that
the people of Oregon are very well
satisfied with its workings and that
there ia but one misguided effort for
a so-called "reform" and that la a
ubteifuge andlmakeshift, whose pur
pose is but too apparent.
Mock Marriage Party.
' A mook marriage p irty was held at
the residence of Mrs. R. P. Orr Tues
day evening. A number of young la
dies were preceut, but no geutlemeu,
the presenoe of tbe sterner sex being
The fair bride was Miss Liilie
Shutes, and the happpy groom was
Miss Fay Orr, who was properly
garbed for the oooaslon. Miss Flo Orr
acted in tbe capacity of stern parent,
giving the bride away and Miss
Gladys Hartley was best man. The
ceremony was very touohingly per
formed by Miss Bessie Evans attired
in tbe sombre hued garments wlch are
looked npon as a -necessary adjunct in
tying tbe nuptial knot. Another
yong lady whose name we did not
learn, olUoiated in tbe capacity of
After the ceremony tbe young cou
ple were showered with rice Uavored
with a mixture of old shoes and all
partook of refreshments provided foi
the occasion.
A feature of the mook wedding, not
down on the schedule, was a charivari
organized by a younger member of
tbe household and which rounded out
the affair in proper style.
The young ladles bad a very merry
evening and pronounced the make be
lieve wedding a decided suoesa as a
fun maker.
Hood's River's Fair.
The Hood River fair closed Satur
day night after a three days' highly
suooeesful fruit display. Those expo
sitions ere bouefloial to the districts
in which they are held, first, that ti e
fruit growers themselves may get to
gether and talk ovie methods, and
second, aa an advertisement for tbe
oommunity. In tbe latter art the
Hood Rver people are past masters.
And It is well they are for "Whosoev
er tootetb not bis own bom, tbe same
shall not be tooted " Again there is
no use of being pure gold if instead
of letting tbe fact he known you are
constantly counted braes. Irrlgon Ir
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollan reward for
any case of Cattarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Cata trail Cure. F. J. CHUNKY, A CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
We, the undersigned hava known F. J.
Cheney for the lata 15 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable In all business iranwtiv
lions, and financially able to carry out any
obligation! made by his Arm.
Waliunu, KinnaN Martin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Intvni.illy,
acting directly upon the blood and mumms
surfaces of th system. Testimonials will
free. Price 75c per bottle. Hold by all drug
gists. Take Hall's family Fills for constipation
For Sale Have a flrst-class homestead for sal
cheap. If interested answer st once.
olsnlS W. H. Dobyna. Ions. Ore.
Charles Mvnerve, secretary and man
ager of tbe (J ran til I'awi Fruit Growers
union, returned Sunday from a weeks
ttip north, three days of which be
speut at Hood Hirer seeing the fruit
falr'at that plae aud in taking notes
of the methods or growing and mark
etiug fruit in that valley that bolds
tbe hocor of getting tbe highest pi to
es paid for apples this year by any
groweis in tbe United States.
Mr. Meserve reports a most profit
able aud enjoyable trip and be ex
presses appreciation for tbe many
courtesies extended to him by Presi
dent E. L. Smith aud Secretary C.
D. Thompson, of the tlood Kver
Fruit Fair association, and to Mana
ger K. 11. Sbepard and Assisstant
Manager E. A. Franz, of tbe ilood
Kiver Apple Growers union and wbo
are also publishers of Uu ter Fruit,
and to A. I. Mason, oue of Hood Riv
er's most suocessful apple growers
and to all tbe citieus of HooJ River
town aud valley, who each was a com
mittee of one and all working togeth
er to entertain to the fullest extent
tbe visitors to their progressive,
handsome valley.
Though the a busy season, for apple
picking was on, the farmers were out
in force at tbe fair and they aud their
well dressed families came in buggies
aud carriages and not lumberwagone,
aud hen they paid a bill it was with
cash or a chuck, and not in brats
money or a long winded promise.
ADd what was more noticeable there
was not a poor skeleton of a scrub
horse driven by these farmers such as
can be seen all too frequently on tbe
streets of Grunts Pass, for tbe ilood
River horses look as sleek and uell
frtd as do their owneis. Tbe Hood
River roads are tine turnpikes and
the I n nil mail and telephone covers
tbe valley aud eacb farm has these es
sentials to modern rural life. Ibe
dwellings bave tbe tasty appearance if
town homes and the barns aud apple
houses are well painted. A traveler
will not see cows in tbe front yaid
and pigs at the back dooi of a Hood
River orchard ist's home, nor si gates
to be seen that are off their binges
and tbe burn vard littlcred with farm
implements in various stages of repair
That there is big prollt' in Hood
River fruit land is pioven by tbe fact
that 1100,000 cash was refused this
summer for the lienlab Land orchard
owned by O. L. Vauuerbilt. Sales
though hare been made for other or
chards at corresponding prices.
Hood River soil is quite similar to
much of Rogne River valley land, but
only apples and strawbeiries can be
grown successfully by reason of tbe
colder climate. Tbe fruit crop is esti
mated to bring iu this year fully
:KK),(X)0 and when the present young
orchards are in full bearing by live
years hence, there will be 11,000,000
to pass through the Hood River banks
to the credit of tbe farmers ot that
little valley that ia but nine miles by
20 miles in extent. But by intelli
gent, intensified methods it is made
to yield a wealth not equaled by any
other euuul sized district in Oregon
and its loyal residents expect that the
time is not distant when their fiuit
will annually bring them 5,00J,0U0.
Hood River town, which has a pop
ulation of about 2,000, has a prosper
ous, up to dute appearance, quite in
contrast to tbe average town that is
dependent almost wholly on an agri
cultural district for its support, show
ing that tbe fiuit industry is a solid
basis to a town's prosperity. Tbe
etorei are laige and carry tine stocks
and tbe residences are as a rule such
as can be found in a city, The high
school will compare with the best in
tbe state and tbe country districts
bave graded schools, there being sev
eral two aud four room buildings in
the valley.
It was 12 years ago that tbe Hood
River fruit raisers held their first
fruit fair aud they have made an ex
hibit every two years slnoe. So suc
cessful bave been these fairs and so
popular with the general publio that
it is proposed to hold a fair eaoh fall
hereafter. The busienss men of the
town heartily oo-operate with the
farmers iu the work of propuriug and
cm lying on these fairs and put up tbe
greater part of the guarantee fund
euch year to meet the expenses. A
small admission fee is charged that
usually pays all the expenses. The
first fair was held iu a hall but it out
grew that aud iu recent years a tent
has been used, owned by the associa
tion, Aa the fair grew the tent was
enlarged aud this year it was 75x200
taut and every foot of space available
was occupied by exhibits that em
braced every kind of fruit, farm and
gardeu products. There was also a
highly creditable display of fancy
work and band painted Cbluawure
two of the pieces having taken prem
iums at the St. Louis World's fair.
Some tine poultry was on exhibition
and several coops containing dillereut
varieties of pheasants attracted much
attention. Several swarms of bees un
der glass were another attraction. The
leading factor in the piosperity of t. e
I limit River fruit raisers is the Hood
Kiver Apple Growers union. This
union was organized four years ago
aud the first year the members got 85
cents per box tor their apples. Tn
union euch year since bas eocured in
creasing prices until this year when
the entire apple crop was sold to a
New York firm at from 12.25 to $1.15
a box f. o. b. Ilood River, And this
extraordinary price was secured in
competition with one of the biggest
apple crops ever kuowu in the United
States. The bigh quality ot tbe ap
ples inn the bouest, perfect packing
has much to do in getting these rec
ord breaking prioes but advertising is
a big factor and is liberlly used by
those hustling people. Sample boxes
ot apples are teut each year to all the
big buyers of America and Europe
aud apples aie given away by the box
and by the carload as was doue at the
St. Louis, Portland and other worlds
lairs. Apples were every wbore in
evidence at Ilood River during tbuir
fair. Store win lows were full ot them
and ofllces were festooned with them
aud tbe visitors were given all tbe
apples they could eat. 1 tie Hood
River badge at the fair was both
uuique'uud buudsoxe for it represent
ed a big iv' I apple. The badge was ot
lcatlter and on the conter was pasted a
perlect representation of a Spitzeu
berg apple while about tbe border
were the wolds: A "Hood River A p
pie, The Best iu f.he World," the let
ters being burned into the leather.
1'be union owns a warehouse that is
40x100 fee: of two stories, it being on
a hillside so both floors aie accessible
to teams in delivering apples. The
tiuiMing ia of wood with double walls,
doors aud windows to keep tbe rooms
cool iu summer aud warm in winter.
The lower floor ia of concrete. On
the second floor is a su'te of two well
furnished ollice rooms and tbo entire
warehouse is perfect in its equipment.
The apple packing ia all done at tbo
orchards. - All the packing ia done by
packets in tbe employ of the union
and a foreman is in charge of each
Simons' Kid Gloves
I Just Received Direct from New York
Owing to the large demand for our Fall and Winter
Ladies' Coats, we found it necessary to place a third
order, which, we tako pleasure iu announcing, has
just arrived direct from New York. We are now in a
position to supply the most particular people because '
our stock is new, clean and dressy. Before purchas
ing your winter wrup set. our prices. Coats from
$4.75 to $13.00
On Display Second Floor
(..The Store
Outing Flannel
27-inch dark outing flannel,
heavy weight, suitable for com
forts or children's dark' dresses,
sold regular at 7c. Kiiecial 4.
for Friday and Saturday. . . hC,
Ladies' Kid Gloves
Ladies' black kid gloves,
all sizes and a good value at C A
$1.00. Special price Out
Ladies' Hose
Ladles' fast black cotton hose, ex
tra heavy with double heel f A
crew and does all tbe grading for the i
puckers. Tbe grower attends to 't lie !
wiping of the apples and the nailing
ot the boxes. Two nf boxes are
used, the speciid ono for the large ap
ples of tbe three-tier paek. Only :
Lla ukc boxes are used aud at tbe or-
chard the foreman puts on with a'
stenoil tbe growers name and number, !
his own number and name of tbe ap-!
pie and tbe number the box contains. !
At the warehouse when the apples are
to be loaded on the oar the handsome
lithographed union label is pasted on ;
tbe other end of the box. This same I
rule is carried out with strawberries
and so large Is the shipments of tbe j
union that during tbe rush seasou tho !
(). It, & N. railroad bas a switch en
gine placed at the service of tbe un
ion so that cars may be moved on tbe
sidings as tbey are loaded at tbe ware
bouse. Tbe entire management of
tbe paoklog crews and and the force
at the warehouse and tbe selling and
shipping of the fruit is done by E. II.
Shepard who with bis capable, assist
ant, E. A. Franz, and a stenographer,
have tbeir time fully occapied and
the union's otfloe is as busy a plnce
as ia found in flood Kiver. That Mr.
Shepard is a most capable, energetic
manager is proven by tbe fact that
the business of tbe union has steadily
increased wince be assumed charge
and be has been able to command lor
ilood River applesja higher prioe than
Is had by any other union iu the
United States. Rogue River Courier.
When a horse is overworked it lies
down aud in other ways declares its
inability to go further, you would
consider it criminal to use foico.
Many a man of humane Impulses, who
would not willingly harm a kitten, is
guilty ot cruelty where his own stom
aoh is concerned. Overdriven, over
worked, when what it needs is some
thing that will digest the food eaten
aud help the stomach to recuperate.
Something like Kodol for Dyspepsia
that is sold by Williams' Phnrmucy.
Renter Wanted.
An experienced farmor who thor
oughly underntands strawberry cul
ture and general farming. Must be
sober and industrious aud able to
furnish first clans references. Married
m iu prefered. Good proposition for
the right uiho.
J. U. Heilbronner & Co.
Hood hirer.
Mount HoodRailroad Ce.
Daily to Ht. Hood and Valley Points
8:00 leave Hood Kiver Arrive 6:00
K:(tt Powerdale
two Hears i n
d:'2S Vim Horn 4:1(1
8:M lienls 4SV
H:H7 OJell.. 4:27
8:10 Pukes slley 4:'if
M:SR .....Hlmirher 4:15
9:10 Wliinns 4sln
9:15 Arrive lee Leave 4:(io
Humtay's Snullihoiind train will run one
hour lst alove schedule, leaving; Hood Kiver
V:iO a. m. Returning regular schedule
CHAS. T. EAKI.Y. U. F. P. A.
i I ana toe. i rice
W. yoneh for the high q
wm..n . ' r """"Vi" "T'""raqnHrtereentnr's ' '
pem1tfln effort to nmki snort hoen for nwn. Aim .ZVZL -in :...-
aorta to any man. Pries, 5.0O, S4.00, . i.vto tumz
PRANK A. CRAM, Hood River, Oregon
The Paris Fair
The Place to Save Money
that Leads in
Flour Sifters
Full size tin flour (lifters, sold reg- II.
Iaratl5c. Special price. lit
Dish Pans
17-iuart heavy tin disli pan, sold OOz
regular at 80c. Friday and Sat'day -"V
Stew Pans
2-quartstew pans, sold regular at If
15c. Friday and Saturday
Tea Pots
Royal granite steel wre lea pot, ))
sold rpe. 34e. Friday und Sat'dtiy
are Never Undersold
s Middle Valley Mill
Fir and Pine Lumber
Ready for Business
All orders Promptly Filled
V. O. Hoou Kiver, Oregon.
Mill Mt. Ilood Stage
CMell, Oregon.
Mrs- Km. Calvin Chilton
Mrs. Win Culvlu Chilton, who will
appeal at the Opera House next Mon
day evening, is a talented monodram
1st mid will open the Midland . Enter
tainment course which will be given
here diuiug the winter. Mrs. Chiltou
is said to give a superior entertain
ment and a good many tickets have
already been sold ior the course,
lioth season and single admission
tickets can be secured at Clarke's
drug store. Season ticket holders'
souts will be reserved. Those who
want season tickets should secure
hem at once aa the number left Is
limited. ; , .
isltty of ewrv pair of
Wool Sox
Men's black and fancy wool eos,
second, a (treat bargain for C
25c. Special price IDK,
Men's Underwear
Men's extra heavy fleece lined
underwear, soft and warm, sold
regular at 60c. Special Of.
price the garment 071
Men's Shirts
Men's fancy drees shirts iu ging
ham, percale, madras, etc., shirts
vabu'd up to 85c Special Atl
price ..I....;.' iyt
(Inc) Proprietors
Rood, 4 miles south of
Special Notice
Owing to lack of space, on account of
our large and Increasing business, we
have rented the Bone building, next to
tbe Ramona Hotel, and are lilting up
the entire building into a First-ilaas
Piano store, which will be a credit to
Mood Kiver.
We have two car loads of beautiful in
struments due to arrive from the east
ern factories this week. ' This shipment
memoes m great Apollo Concert Grand
(like the Odd Fellows have). Bub
Grands, Interior Piano Players aud a
complete line of the very best Upright
Pianos in thelatest styles. Secondhand
pianos and organs taken in exchange
and several on hand for sale. Lowest
prices to alt. No agents or commission
men to make your pinno cost you (50.00
more than if purchased direct from tbe
Soule Bros. Piano Co.
SILAS H. SOULE, Manager. ,
Phone Main 1423, Hood River, Ore.
A variety of good residence property
ty at prices and terms to suit.
Good buys for $500, $ 000, $700, $8.r)0,
$1,01K), $1,2.50, 1,300, 11,400, . 11,500,
$1,760. $1,800 or any price you want.
Two-story house near high school for
only $1,000. , , .
Several good residences close to busi
ness for sale cheap.
Fine two-story residence ' with two
! !.. 1 .5 l Li UnA
iota, cuoice location, on ly fj,ouu.
New two-storv bouse, six rooms be
sides pantry ana bath, only $900.
Whole blocks and acreage property for
sale on easy terms.
Finest residence lots in the City cheap.
Good investment.
Large list to select from, Including
gooa orcnara lann and larm property.
Come and see us.
Onthank 3 Otten
Hood River ' " Oregon
, Have in their New
Harness shop a
. ; Jarge line of ; t
Whips, Tents, Axle
Greace and Harness Oil
We.wpnld like for you to
come and examine burfhar
ness reDair work whieh is
quickly attended to.
"n ; Wholesale and Retail
; Lath. Shingles, Etc
Lumber Delivered to Any Part of the Valley
He Does Reliable Work
Buy Your Fruit Boxes
Hood River Box Factory
and Patronize Home Industry.
Best Quality Lowest Price
Home Made
Phone Main 71
Paper Hanging and Tinting a Specialty
Phone 1313
Notice Parties owing us on account will
please call at tha office of Onthank A Otten
snd pay same. Wood Bros. Dealers In meats.
For Sale
For Sale rox te-rter pups from my prise
winner that took first prize at Portland show.
Tlie pups are pure blood, very nicely marked
black and tan heads and ears, white bodies.
Kvery one will make a winner If put up for a
show. These dogs make the best of com pan.
Ions and rat dogs. Hockrord store, Hood
River, Ore. r7
Bulls lor Bervlce-I keep two bulls at my
place for service. Any one wishing the use ol
.....v ... ..n. pnj inn bunt; bct v n-j m rviiuereu
Service, $1. 1 also do dehorning at Vio pel
bead, Bruno Franx North Belmont. aS-novl.
For Sals A No. S Smith stump puller with 100
ieet oi incn came, one sup scrapar, one steel
harrow. Cheap if taken soon. Can be seen at J.
K. McKamey place near Mount Hood P. O-o 18nl6
For Sale Brown Spaniel, three months old,
male. Address R. W. Caldwell. Hood River.
o'nl5 Oregon.
For 8aL- Horse and wairon. Horse is annml
gentle, good worker and driver. WWnn l
horse fsrm wagon, good as new at a bargain.
Am going away. 8. Johnson, K. F. D. No. i.
For Sale. One mountain hack, one single
buggy, 1 set breast strap harness, 1 mau's sad
dle,! lady's saddle. 60 gralu sacks, 1 set abso
lutely new double work harness. Nen Bros.,
For sale cheap.-Heven-etghUis Jersey bull.
Sure service. Very gentle. U. Pregge, Hood
iviYor. ou-nl
For Sale.-Bay horse, weight UOO lbs. Per.
foctly sound and gentle. Works either single
or double. Children can ride him. A most
consistent driver, a horse that will give satis-
ihviiuu. n in oe soiu cneap ii taaen at once,
oll-nl Hockford Store, Hood River
For Sale- Dry Wood. U per cord. J. H. Ko
berg, PUone 801. 02Snl5
apple land In Hood River valley. Call on or
address V. Wiiwliell. Mnorl vtvar nr.
For Bale. 80 acres of timber land at the
mouth of Summit creek on O. R. A N. track
near Weyeth. For particulars write H. H.
wmiiney, wapinma, uregon. Dec. s-'08
For Sale 70 acre t4 miles from Food KI v.
er: ? acres vouna orchard, small hoimo- n
river road, fc.WO. Half cash, balance 8 per
cent.; See Tucker, Hood River or address J. H.
r rary, j w imams ave., fortiand, Ore. d30
Lost and Found
Lost. Ladles' hat, between Hood River and
Mule White Store. Return to Glacier office
for reward, nl .
Lost annoy sack ball full of rug rags, car
raveled out and balls of other colors.
I rider please leave with owner or at Glacier
otTlce and receive reward. Mrs. o. H.
Hlioades, Hood River, H. F. D. Mo. 1.' o25ni5
Lost. A dark bay horse, wels-ht 900 nonnria
Strayed away from home last Saturday night.
xinu on iieavv uaiivr. Any information will
be gratefully renewed by Alien Hart, Hood
River. oU-nl
For Kent
For Rent-A nicely furnished Jront room with
board. Mrs. Entrican. ol8nU
for rent lower story of ( rooms and bath
with modern Improvements, free water, in
Blowers Addition. - Also i rooms furnished
and -4 unfurnished In nam bulldlnz. Call on
Onthank A Otten.
Wanted two or three exrrlnrd tie. ak.
era. N. M. MuncL, Underwood, Wash, nlo
Lumber Co.
Wanted, to exchange, heavy truck wagon
for lighter wagon, or will sell. Call phone
m. ; o25nl5
Wanted A boy not under 15 years of sge, to
do chores for bis board and lodging and go to
school. Must know how to milk. Address P.
O. Box. '216, Hood River. nl5
Wanted A man, single or married, to take
a permanent situation ou a large fruit farm at
any work where he (Is most needed, and U
act as assisstant superintendent, tiood wages
to the right party. Address, stating ex pur.
lences, "Fruit Orower" care the Glacier. nl
Wanted Small fruit ranch to work on shares
for the season of 1607. Can give best of refer
ences and am used to work. Address E. L. P.,
care Glacier office. o!8n 1 a
Wanted Traveler for established house. SI2 per
week. Expenses advanced. References. Address
with stamp, Jos. A. Alender, Hood River, Or.
Wanted A relinquishment that can be develop
ed into fmitland. Address W. M. Wynne, care
Mt. Hood Hotel Hood River. ol8nl5
W anted At the telephone office, tw young
ladles for operators. s'27
Wsnted to exchange a nice 8-room house
In Dallas, the county seat of Polk county, for
an apple orchard. Address with full partic
ulars to C. A McCargar, Falling Building,
Portland, Oregon.
Wanted-Man or men to take contract for
clearing land. Liberal pay. A. N. Rahm.
Wanted Immedlately-Man to cut lb ricks
of 16 Inch wood and 5 cords of 4 loot wood.
Mrs. Adams, Paradise Farm. tan
Wanted Position as bookkeeper that will
only occupy a few hours of time each day.
Address Glacier office. o2fnlf
Wanted To trade six months old colt, bred
for road horse, for a cow. Address K. K.
Whlsler. Star Route 10. n!5
Wanted, man to live on my farm during tbe
winter. Rent free. References required. J.
L. Hershner, Hood River, Ore. n!5
Wanu?d.-A messenger boy at the Western
Union Telegraph office at the o. R. A N. sta-
wv,i3.oiuiui, mgr.
naniea. team, narness and wagon. Ad
dress P. Q. Box 8ii, Mt. Hood, ort. oil-Hi
Wanted. Reliable man to take agency for
Oregon Fire Relief Association for Hood River
and the Valley. Address Ed. J. Perkins, Gen
'A!J,n' k'W'ern Oregon Department, Vogt
Block, The Dalles, Ore. o 1-nl
Department of the Interior, United States
Land ofllce. The Dalles, Ore., Oct. 13, 1908.
Wotlce is hereby given that
pf Mt. Hood Oregon, has filed notice of hia
Intention to make final five-year proof in
support of his claim, vis:
Homestead entry No. 77U5 made Nov 18 lMtto
township f, south range 10 E., W. M and
that said proof will be made before tie Ren.
Novr.amh?tiVe, "tThe Orim
i.iHLna.7,"thfoI!'lwlnw'tne8e to prove
Son0S?uD.a.nd,,vT1l?en0e UPD ,U,, cutW--W;l?.llbl,
H,enr: Tomllnson, William
OreM. 0blD ,U ot Mt- Ho"1.
Mary K. Bragg, Plaintiff
Thomas Branr. IVfani...
To Thomas Bragg, defendant above named.
In the name of the state of Oregon you are-
lor want thereof, the p'alntlff will a5Sf"
between yourself and plaintiff lln,
This summons Is published pursuant to an
order m wis by the fion. a. e. like ludSs r
the county court of the Stale of orViof for
00tiM'l the 16th day October
ii.nnn Z" DPn yon by ;pub-
In the ilood River Glacier tbeT ZSSf "
lion belmron the i7h J?. "P ?obl''
"-j v., vciuoer, hjus.
Attorney for Plaint AC