The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 18, 1906, Image 5

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BCOtt croaa chlacibb, YZtaiuiY, October is, woe
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1 .Mr ,liliii Ihlz-G Lojum, New
to, AikHii)t:is liliick, Ortley, Spitz.
liflMtiriuoiit."' nrelinrd, II. hikJ R fc"
Atory--ln l.c xt'H. Itnq I)nvi, New
tuu, Jo ml l.itt', lz. 0
$igwr?,-lo l)(,xi(, WoU River,
K)itz, wtwoti, JoiiHtliHi) Wolf Kiver
I'. W. Annus 7 bo.esVi Winewp,
uutBiowu, injuw litiinou'er, iialdniu,
liliiifk Twig, llmi Davito.
OiKour. & 'Porter 24 (tvoxee, f 'Spitz,
Neivtowu Jouutliaii Mack Twig tlydt
KjiiR Alexander Buidwiu Hed Cheek
Arl(t)iH black.
View In ml Orchard, C. Dethmiu 6
LIotV, Northern Spy, Jorihtbau, Hond
ller, isojimmut, .-Spitz, INowtown.
UiU Crust orolmrd, M. M. llill-16
uiixoh, Newtown, UaMwin, Kinu of
Imupkius, ArkaiiHiM lilaok, Talpa
iiawKiiis, AiKen lied, spitz, Iiin i)av-
li King,
H. F. Tuck r 11 lioxta King. New
iowu, ThIuh Hawkins, Alexander.
Kpitz, Arkmimis black, Seek No 1' eith
ISenluh Laud orchHrdn, O. Jj. Van
aerljiH 21 Iioxh, Delaware Hod, Jon-
uthun, lilack ruin, Uriuiea Golden,
iniio. Winter liaiiuna. Kav, Winesap.
Aikaii8a lilack, ItusHian Hed, Wuiien-
er, Newtown, Wolt Hirer. Hoxliurv.
HiiHHct, Klickitat, Salome, two boxes
or siilwRy peaches.
Pomona Jurni -J. L. Carter 17
boxes, Gloria Mundi, Hbode Island
Ureeuiuj!, Northern Spy, Iioxburj
HiiHset. Spitz. Vaudeveer. Newtown.
Hellflower, Wageuer, Hed Cheek, Jou-
J. A. WilHou-4 boxes, Northern
Hpy, Newtown.
J. JjHcoy 1 boxen, Newtowu and
Dr. E. H. WriKbt 9 boxes, Spitz,
Hen Davit, Hxldwiq.
il. D. Calk i oi 3 boxea, (Jano,
Fairmount orchard, L. E. Clark 15
hoxea, uiesap, Spitz, Hed Cheeked
Pippin, Hen Davis, H. 1. (Ireeniiig.
Jonathan, lialdwiu.
Peter Mohr 4 boxes, Newtown,
Spitz, Kay, Fall Pippiu, Haldwin,
Meadow brook furin 4 boxes, Arkan
biip lUtck, Newtown, Spitz.
Neal Crck Fruit ranch, Hawson &
Ktautou 20 boxes, Hoxbury Huaeet,
Swaar, Delaware Hod, lilaok Twig,
Hed Cheeked Pippin, Newtown, Hald
win, Spitz, Walorigde, Home Heautj
Northern Spy, Missouri Pippin, Wag-
oner, one box of quinces, one box of
Winter Nellis.
Crosooland 2 boxes, Jonathan.
M. Diiigsetb 8 boxes, Greening,
Swaar, Ortley liellliower, Wiuesap,
Russet, Hed Cheek, .Spitz, Haldwin.
Win. Khrck 10 box Jonathan,
lilaok Twig, lien Davis, Aransas
lilaok, liydes King, H, 1. (ireening,
Baldwin, .
S. F. Coppl elO boxes, Jonotban,
IJnuown, High Top Sweet, Spitz,
King of Tompins, Winterboro, Van
deveer. J. W. Jeukigs ,r) boxes, Detroit
Red, Hen Davis, Spitz.
J. A. Kppig ti boxes, Arkansas
lilaok. Wolf River, Red Cheeked Pip
pin, Arkansas lilaok, Newtowu.
N. W. liono 0 boxes, Wolf River,
Hen Davis
J. L. Mount 4 boxes. Unknown,
Rome Beauty. King , Gloria Mundi.
J. P. Carrol 9 boxes, Shackel
ford, Missouri Pippin, Tulpehocken,
Hen Davis, Lawver, Haldwin, Stark,
Rod Cheek, Yellow Horse.
The White Salmon display consisted
of abuut 2o boxes of Spitz, Newtown,
White Hellflower, Lawver, Arkansas
lilack uud all the varieties that were
exhibited at the White Salmon Fruit
Underwood was well represented
with a display of non-irrigated fruits
including peaches, apples aud pears.
Plate displays wore also made by J.
L. Carter, Chas. Chandler, Wm.
Khrck., F Lutby, RawHon & Stanton,
J. II. Filsinger. F. 0. Sherrieb, J. G.
Jarvis, J. J. Ward, S. C. Wbeeler,
Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Jones, Geoige
Steinhoft, Dr. K. K Wright.
Hood River.
Of course a large number of Port
land people will go to Hood River
Thursday to attend the annual fruit
fair ud the meeting of the iniga
tiouists. As many as cau spare the
time should go. It is but a short
trip; it is a pleasant one, and un
stinted hospitality of the enterprising
people of Hood Hiver awaits all visit
ors. The Hood River valley is famed
for its apples and strawberries
throughout the laod, and in oversea
capitals. It's apples, to be seen there
in gieat profusion this week, are con
sideied by fruit epioures and connois
seurs in various countries to be the
best prodmier) in the world. If they
cau be equaled any where it isjn
southern Oregon. Hut the merit of
tho Hood Rivet apples did not be
come known far and wide . by silence
and inactivity about them. Hood
River too'ed its mellow born, aud the
world listened, looked, smelt and tast
ed, and to its surprise and delect
tion found that Hood River was no
fraud, that it was able to make good,
"nod then some."
Hood KUer valley is not only the
best, or equal to the best, apple pro
ducing region in the world, but it
has other claims and attractions. He
sides its also famous straw uuirieB,
other fruits and berries can be raised
theie, aud hay aud other crops. It is
supplied with excollut water power,
timber is not far away, the great Co
lumbia flows at its feet, and better
than all, its people are intelligent,
progressive, enterprising and moral
a commuuity of as good citizens as
can be found in the couutry.
The fair will b well worth attend
ing, aud there (till be interesting nud
instructive discussions of the very
important subject of irrigation, by
those who hav made it a study and
in which Orlegon is so vitslly inter
ested. So the tiip to Hood River
should bo both leasurable and prollt
able. Oregon Journal.
Coe's Addition on the Market.
AW have placed in our hands for sale,
all the lots Ix-Iiuing to H. C. Coc in
Coe's Addition to Hood Kiver.
Hots will I sold at the price oi $2(K)
and up for the next .'lOdays. This is the
best opportunity to secure lots in this
beautiful portion of Hood River ever
offered the public.
The number is limited and the choice
should I made early. One lot with
house, was sold last week. Five lots
and boose were sold yesterday. Two
more to-day. They will not last lorfg at
these prices.
For further information see
A cold Is much more easily cured
when the bowels aie open. Kennedy's
LaxHve Honey and Tar opens the
bowels and drives the cold out of the
system in young or old. Sold by Wil
liams' Pharmacy.
Bl(r inrolUiaiit at igrlcisttiiral College
rhe entailment at the Oregon Aari
oulturaj college this- year it 655 tu
tfcnts wblob is nearly 100 larger than
ever before at, this time of tbe year.
Tbe probabilities are that there will
be at least 800 students in tbe institu
tion during tbe school year. Tbe stu
luts who have eu rolled from Hood
River ra as follows:
FJvera Allen, Hlins L, Clark, Clin
ton O. Dickeu, Carl V. Ualligao, Klli
rth H. II una, Annie L. Hill, Ar
thur U Hill. Mux A. Hinriubs. Mar
ion L. Sproat, Ivlilli M. Sproat, Irene
li. Sproat, Geoige R. Itipp; L. Ho
bart booth, Murtiu J. Gnbble, Mount
Hood ; Clifford 11. Thomas, George II.
Rbonies, Dee.
(iold Excitement Contluuea.
Tbe gold at Trout Lake la increas
ing rather than diminishing as time
goes on. John Wyers came in tbe
other day and says that pack horses
are at a premium out there, and that
anything in tb shape of a horse will
bring a good price. The country In
which tbe gold is found is near a body
of water known as Salt Lake and said
to be about a day's journey, perhaps
25 miles from Tiout Lake. The niiues
are described as rotten quulrtz from
which tbe gold can be picked with the
point of a knit. 'Xbere is also some
plaoer mines being discovered. Fv
erybody around Trout Lake are be
coming excited over thejreports being
brought in arid '.It is predicted that
there will be a atompede forth mines
yet this fall.; There is already quite
a number of prospectors in tbe field
aud tbe number is being ad Jed toj
diiily. Enterprise.
Sick Headache Cored.
Sick headache is oMsed by derange
ment cf the stointttb and by Indiges
tion. Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets correct these disorder
and effect a cure. By taking these
tablets as soon as tbe first indication
of the disease appears, tbe attack may
be warded olf. Get a free sample and
try them. For sale by Kier & Cfm.
Advertised Latter List.
Advertised letter list for week end
ing Oct. 15, 1900: Blain, Mrs. B. F. ;
liro n, Mrs. Emma; Spenoet, Mrs.
0. H. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor; Wells,
Mrs. L. B. ; Bell, C. H. ; Bowerman,
K C. ; Burton, Geo. R; Campbell, J.
K. ; Hopkins, L. 11. ; Jampsa, Sakari
(2); Marlay, Leonard; Monroe, Geo.;
Robards, J. H. ; Swanson, S.
Wm. M. Yates, P. M.
Full stock of harness to select from.
Fancy riding bridles, etc. Davenport
Harness Co.
Nothing to Fear.
Mothers need have no hesitancy in
continuing to give Chamberlain's
Cougb Remedy to their little ones, as
it contains absolutely nothing injur
ious. This remedy Is not only per
fectly safe to give small children, but
it is a medioine of great worth and
merit. It has a world wide reputation
for its cures of coughs, colds and
croup and can always be relied upon.
For sale by Kier t Cass.
When a horse is overworked it lies
down and in other ways declares its
inability to go further, you would
consider it criminal to use foioe.
Many a man of humane impulses, who
would not willingly barm a kitten, is
guilty of cruelty where bis own stom
ach is concerned. Overdriven, over
worked, when what it needs is some
thing that will digest tbe food eaten
and belp the stomach to recuperate.
Something like Kodol for Dyspepsia
.that is sold by Williams' Pharmacy.
In tbe county oourt of the Slate of Oregon for
w wwu euunty.
I the mntter of the estate of Phebe Jones, de
Notice Is hmeuyelven that Kzma R. Jones.
HdinlnlKtrulrll of the estate of Phebe JeneH,
deceased, ha rendered aud presented foraet
I lenient and filed In suld court her flnal
account of her administration of aald estate,
and that Friday, the 2d day of November,
l'JOii, at eleven o'clock a. in., at the court room
of8Bld court, In the city of The Dallea, said
county ana stale, has been duly appointed by
the said court for the settlement of said
Account at which time and place any person
Interested In said estate mav atmear' and Hie
exceptions In writing to the said account aud
couiesi iue Name.
Seneca Fouts, tty. for administratrix, olul
Are You
Poisoned ?
If your liver is working
right you probably are
not. When the liver is
overworked, as it fre
quently is, the system be
comes clogged. It is then
that sallow complexion,
bad taste in the mouth,
headaches, dizzy spells,
continuous languor, etc..
indicate that the poison
ous matter Which should
lie carried off is slowly
tainting the blood. If not
reindied at once this
onditiou will cause se
rious trouble.
provides just what is
heeded to quicken the
liver into natural, healthy
action. If you take these
pills when needed all
danger of this slow poison
ing is avoided. Posi
tive cure for constipation.
Price 25 cents
iHtMVHts you lMMals of the vnrii'ty shown for vtnir selec
tion, and the price impossible untlcr ordinary lun iii.
We invite inspection oc
An Unconiitiowl Guarantee with Every Stove
In selling thousands of these U ni versa lso in the past 22
yeas we have never beeen called on to make
guaransee on a single Universal
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public
j M. SCHMELTZEH, Sec.-Treas.
Notary Public
..Hood River Land..
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Abstracts,
Collections, Conveyancing and Surveying
We are prepared in a special manner to handle all
kinds of business in any of the above lines and ha ve
a large list of improved lands and city property
from which to make your selection for a fruit ranch,
a stock farm or a home in the inity.
With an Extensive Correspondence
We are able to handle your prop
erty advantageously and will be
pleased to have you list same with us
The president of the company is the city engineer,
and is prepared to do surveying and civil engineer
ing work of all kinds. Abstracts furnished and
opinions given on property titles.
Collections a Specialty. Phone Main 141 .
I wish to my to all our old frieiulw and custom
ers who for so many yea i'H came to our shop for
their meats, that it is useless for me to introduce
Wood Bros., our successsors, as their IS years in
the butcher business in Wasco county has made
them so widely known that un introduction it un
necessary. Being honest, capable business men,
they have the menus and ability to rwn a business
as it should be run, and in a way that will be a
credit to our city.
I 'expect to stay with the new firm for awhile,
and will be glad to see you all at the old stand. 1
will guarantee that you will get just as muck meat
for your money, just as courteous treatment and
just as prompt service as can be had in tbe city.
We will have a full line of everything good to
eat for the Spring trad1.
Respectfully yours,
Let Us Send You A
We send them fre, postpaid, to
each depositor. The most novel
bome bank ever originated. Put
in your spare dimes ; when full,
mail to us ; we'll open and place
contents to your credit. We pay
liberal interest, you'll enjoy
absolute security, and the little
home bank will help you save
with surprising ease and rapidity.
A single dollar wtjl start your
account. Writ, about it today.
. L. DURHAM . .
W. . PEAK . . .
I. C. CATCH1R0 .
. . President
, Tic-President
. . Secretary
Asst. SccrtUry
Capital, $150,000.00
J. H. FUlitn soN,
Vice President and Manager.
To the Farmer
Hood River Milling Co.
Job Printing at
I'fiMUK it
ihiv ii.ict
lies hi 1 1
)i . liair 1 1.
M'll lIlClll
exira f ir
GUIGNARDd- ROSIGER, Local Agents, Hood River
Wo will bavo for tbe Kail t rutin 5o,0OU
ono unit two year otil Yellow Now town
l'ip)in iiml Siil,cnlitir( iiiiK) trees,
also all tbe lcailint; varicilics ot Aiple,
l'eiir, I'liuil, I'l'tine, 1'eacli, Cherry ami
Knirlisli will nut lives, oriianieiilal trees,
mIhuIis ami Hoses,. Our trees are true
to imiiii! iiml iiiveiiooil satisfai tion. Kor
prices call on Aiijiust ( I uiunuril, llooil
Kiver, or lublress N. II. Harvey, Milwau
kee, Oregon. I'lione IlTi'.I.
If You Would Grow Choice
Fruits BUY of the
Russellvillo Nursery Co
l'OKTl.AM). OliKtiON.
Careful ami reliable attentiiui niveu to
lilliiiK every order with lirat-clasn trees
and plants. Satiifdcrion Guaranteed
i. II, Vii.sox, Hood Hiver, local agent.
I'lione lL'J'.l llox ftti-
(i. H. HolilllNM
C. I). Thompson
We offer llooil Kiver (irown nursery
slock and dnlill kinds of Orcbard and
Nursery work, l.ny off, plant, prune,
trim and cultivate young orcliaiils in
the most tlinroiiidi and ii-to-i!uto iiiai -ner.
One Dollar will
hi you to eye (,'lassei or spec
laclfs. I'erfect fit guaranteed.
Your eyes fitted at home. Write fur
b ee booklet describing our method.
Ucincinber, the glasses we fit you
io are worth 3.50 any where on
artli. Our price, only 1.00.
I- i'IIH RF PAIRING lictiartmfnt Is most
' 1 1 iii eletp M sin 8iirmK$nw. Watch cleaned
fl HI. Si-nd ynur work by regiatered mail.
u ?2 .SO repairs any watch.
Have the 'Qlhcier
do you job printing
1 VI
Do you know our IVed, I'i-csIi
from the mill lias Double tlit; i'cctl
ingvalueot' tale fWi ? All tin- pro
gressive Dairymen an' luyinr
i'et'd from us. Dewan' of Bargain
Feed. It is worth Less than 1.1 icy
charge for it. W'u will hi '11 you the
right kiml of fwl for just what it
in worth. No more, no less. Our
prices are the Market prices. Pa
tronize Home Industry. It's to
your advantage and ours. "
the Glacier Office
- Over Shoes The Cordon
Thus is the Popular Stpre
with Young Men
S Mill ; iv'ii-'ri'f .'(HUM
li'iur i.f I he ifw way
. .. Kiu r, I be Oiic-l'r
met 'i I but mi every
i ilniiu' a clutliiiiji biisi-
ay. Youim iiicn ari-
ix st. i! .
inn to i
il il ilS Hindi': II I Ir.l- ll
'alibi;! n ull out a I'H'liiliihvc
it a ii"iiiMiiis n aniilaci nier
an iis-uiued Hii'ori"i'ify i f 'uliric mid lit.
Are You from Missouri ?
1 f you aro tfe can
the finest lino of
Toilet Waters, Perfumes, Tooth Brushes
Shaving Brushes, Strops,
Large Line to Choose From
The Williams Pharmacy
Prescription Specialists
HALL & ESSON, Chemists, Proprietors
liono 1001
Don't Forget
-in i:-
When you want work
done at home. All kiuda of
Laundry Work and Cleaning
Lace ciirtaiuf, rHc; blankids and
ciirpetH, 'J5c to BDe. I'lione mlMl
Glen Fabrick, Prop.
The Club Cafe
Meals at all Hours from 250 up
Best Two-Bit Meal in the City
T-Bone and Porterhouse
Steaks our Specialty
Next Door to Reed's Cigar Store, Hood River, Ore.
All Repairing Promptly Attended to
3 c
jg The Mood River Bakery pur- j
chased 200 barrels of our Golden
Crown Flour Oct. 1, 1905. They
have just placed another order 9
with us for 100 barrels more. At JJ
Mr. Williams' Bakery can be found
the best bread in the city, and it Jj
is made from our Golden Crown j
flour.. The bread speaks for itself. Jj
Our White River and Golden Crown flour II
can he found for sale at all the leading gro- U
cers. Try a sack. Once used, always used fi
For Sale By
Hood River, Oregon
.'V: ",",' !',..! Of "VI k 1 "" JIL 'IQ
" o -x if
:llijl y III
I'liec- lis
in tnxiuir
Wo Deliver
Patronize Home
Our WorR cannot be
0 i4 i
Y 1 it
- . 'i.. it
Ai i' - ft n !
Dealer In
Harness Saddles