The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 11, 1906, Image 6

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Fall Opening
Special Values This Week
1000 yards best 10o grade outing, all
colors. Special 7J40
1000 yards regular Hc outing, 27 in
ches, all colors. Special 50
Men's canvas gloves, regular 1 0c. va
ues, Special 7C
Ladies' fleeced vests, good weight fine
quality. Special 230
25 dozen ladies fleece lined hose, good
quality, double heel and toe. Special
the pair 11c
2.1 dozen children's school handker
handkerchiefs in plain and fancy
borders. Special 20
200 yards, assortments of fine cambric
and nansook, embroideries, beautiful
patterns, wide width, values up to
35c the yard. Special 160
Fall Opening Sale of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Shoes,
Furnishings, Women's, Misses' and Children's New Fall
Suits, Cloaks and Skirts, afford remarkable opportunities.
..iSpecal values this week in all Departments.,
75 Humpies Shirt Waist patterns, bought at one
fifth their actual value. Made of the very bent
linens, handsomely embroidered froulH, collars and
cuff h, values up to $4.00. Your choice w hile Aflp
thev hiHt )y.
Ladies' BlacH Petticoats
Ladi a's Black Petticoats, made up in gosd quality
sattivnH, in milled and plaited effects, values Cf
up to $1.00. Special Uyt
50 pieces all-silk taffeta ribbon, Nos. 40, fiO, 80, val
ues up to 20c. Hpecial lOc the yard
Closing! out a large assortment of ladies' beltH, in
kids, black and white taffeta silks, tinsels, etc.
Values up to $1.00. Special
Fall Suits
Cloaks & Skirts
You got what you
want here at dis
count from -tf.'l to
$5.00 on the gai
nient. 'iirtock
is new, no last
years styh h here.
Pleased to show
you through any
New Autumn Dress Goods
Just received a large shipment of Diess
Goods. Those new plaid effects in car
dinal, olive green, blue and brown. The
lntest en .stern craze.
Fancy Plaid Suiting
Fancy l'laid Suiting, all color, good quality 15c
New Plaid Suiting
New I'hi (I Muting in woolen effects, 35c value, 19c
' 44-Inch Suiting
4)-inrli i-uit ng in gray mid plain i-H'cclii. regular
tifli: value Special 45c
Fancy Panama Suiting
Fancy Pmmina Huitlng, i'i blue green mid cardi
i ill plaid , regular $2.00 value. Special $1.68
Heavy Brown Suiting
Hevay Hrnwn suiting, all xl, 38-inehes, regular
(Me value 38c
Up-to-Date Line
...wl ,.i.;i i.
dren's Croats from
$1.95 up. Ju.-t
received a largr
shipment of Ali.s
ses' Skirts in the
latest styles and
colors, $2.00 up.
Fall Opening
Special Values this Week
Extra heavy sanitary fleece, regular
$1.00 and $1.25 the suit. Special
price the suit 750
Men's Camel Hair underwear, heavy
weight, close ribbed, $1 .00 and $1.25
values. Special the garment 850
Dr. Wright's Health underwear, regu
lar $1.25 value. Best underwear on
earth. Special the garment 980
Blankets, Extra heavy, lltf blank
ets in gray and tans Spjcial the
pair .'. 760
Extra Heavy Wool-mixed blankets,
dark colors, Special the pair $1.65
All-wool blankets, whites, grays and
tans.. The pair $4 to $8
Men's Hem-stiched handkerchiefs, full
regular size, regular ten cent values
Special 05c
25 dozen men's fancy hose, embroidered
and lace effects, values up to 35c.
Special the pair 15c
See Our New, Clean and Up-to-Date Stock
The House of Reliability, Quality and Satisfaction
Tfce Wife Who la Her llaeband'la
Uomrade Ha a Little to Fear.
Marriage Isn't a set of rules. It Is a
condition of life made by tho characters
of the two people who enter Into It.
There are homes that seem of a deadly
dullness, fit to drive any man abroad.
There are women whose dally conver
sation consists of nothing but com
plaint about servants and housekeeping
and nerves and the press of angnge
menU and disappointing dressmakers,
complaints of lack of money or com
plaints of the strain of shopping with
It There are women who aro too ab
sorbed In their children to consider the
children's fathers, women who have no
knowledge of their husbands' business
lives beyond the fact that those hus
bands forget tho commissions given
them In the morning and nre too tired
lu the evening to want to go out any
where, a scathing fact which somehow
militates against a man. And there are
women, a larger class perhaps than all
of these, goad, unselfish, loving, who
lack disastrously In some fine quality
of humor, of appreciation, of friendli
ness. The wife who Is her husband's com
rade has little to fear. It Is one of the
greatest factors lu keeping him always
hers, that of being friends with him,
Id being truly Interested lu all be does
and plans and wishes for and having
the comrade sense of humor that can
always laugh at his Jokes and make
merry by the way Instead of taking
accouut of everything with terrlblo
seriousness. . If you can smUo openly
with him at his fancy tor another and
even tease liliu a little about It, tho
fancy Isn't likely over to amount to
. very much. What Is forbidden Is, we
know, always more tempting. Many
and many a situation has been saved
because a wife was so true a friend
to her husband that she persistently
refused to regard It seriously. Mary
Stewart Cutting In Harper's Dasar.
slhle for more Ills tliun all otlier causes
put together. If a nurse cannot con
trol her feelings or the exterior mani
festations of tlieui her usefulness is
turned into uselentneiw, and nnytlilug
useless lu a sickroom Is positively
harmful. The Jest has an Important
part to play In the sickroom tut a rem
edy for Irrlliiblllly. Don't tell long
stories, don't tnlk about somo other
person's trials and don't think up mis
erable possibilities. The keynote to
successful nursing Is order, observa
tion and obedience; these qualities
Joined with tact Uie want of which Is
the base of nearly every sin which a
nurse may commit make for the Ideal
sickroom attendant.
Dresalna- In White.
Fran Llebrolch, a wealthy resident of
Munich, Is convinced that girls who
wear white dresses -get married Boouer
1 lin li girls who wear all sorts of colors.
Accordingly she has organized a
"leuguo of white women" among her
friends, the members of which under
take to wear pure white for all Impor
tant and ceremonial functions. In her
address to the first members of the
guild, some twenty fair maids of
Munich. Fran I.lebrelch Is reported to
huvu said: "I loved my husband be
fore lie loved me, ami be returned my
affection only when he saw 1110 acci
dentally In a white dressing gown.
White Is n symbol of pure love and
thus appeals to the better half of the
mule creation. The plainest girl dress
ed In white will conquer hearts more
rapidly than a beauty who stoops to
the meretricious attractions of a hun
dred hues."
It la Made of a Cheeee Boa Mounted
oi Three Less.
Every woman who has to do sewing
should have a sewing table or stand of
some kind, and no woman who has
learned the advantage of order in sew
ing appliances will be without one. A
very Interesting and really artistic one
is the work stand shown In the Illus
tration. It Is nothing more or less than
The hair needs to be washed only
once In two or three weeks. Too fre
quent bathing exhausts the nutrient
elements of the glands.
Don't polish the nulls too highly.
They should have only a natural gloss.
Don't cut the nails In points, but care
fully arch.
Ily resting for half an hour In a dark
room and placing over the eyes a bit
of old linen which has been saturated
with rose water the eyes will be rested
and will brighten considerably.
Thin arms should be washed twice a
day with a due lather of soup, rlused
well, dried thoroughly and then rubbed
vigorously. This treatment will bring
the pores Into action ami Induce a
healthy condition of tho skin.
Keep a fresh lemon with a hole cut
In one end uu tho washstand. Every
time your lingers are stained turn
them around in the lemon and the
stiiliis will disappear and the sklu
a round the nails will tie softened and
pressed back.
Land llargalns.
Prloe and terms of the Doliusey
lands three and one half miles cast of
Mosior on Dalles road:
40 acres or over 'M an acre.
M aoie tract W an acre.
'20 acre tract $75 an acre.
10 acre tract tl(K) an aore.
5 aore tract $100 an acre.
One half down, balance to suit pur
chaser at at eight per ceut interest
on deferred payments.
Will accept as part payment team,
harness, wugon, plows, harness, culti
vators and other farm implements;
cows, bogs, poultry eto. Also iartn
work at ruling wages.
See our new list uext week.
W. J. 11AKKH & CO.
Should Not lie lard In Houaea Where
There la I'lumbliia,
Few things clog a waste pipe so
readily as lint. Old scrub cloths and
wash cloths are apt to shed lint and
thread. These, going down the waste
pipes with refuse water, lire apt to
cling and twist around the Joints. They
attach to themselves all small particles
Unit but for them would pass through
to the sewer, thus lu time clogjjiirj up
the pipe. Well worn Ilnty scrubbing
cloths should not be used lu a house
where there Is plumbing. Dishcloths
also, as soon as they become lluty,
should be destroyed. Washtubs are
apt to become either wholly or partial
ly stopped up where there Is much Hut
from the articles washed lu them. He
cause the refuse pipe of the sink Is
large tea leaves and coffee grounds
are often disposed of by emptying
them dowu It. There nre a great
many cases where no harm ever re
sults from this practice, but it Is bet
ter not to do It. In a household whero
the sink became stopped recently the
plumbers, when they took the pipes to
pieces, found the trouble due entirely
to the gradual accumulation of coffee
and tea grounds. Hel'ore the repairs
were completed the plumber's hill
amounted to a considerable sum.
Grouse from dishwater Is also apt to
accumulate lu time and harden in the
pipes. After pourlug greasy water or
anything that has greiiNc particles In
It dowu the sink pour liollin;; water
and snlsoda after It. Cold water care
lessly thrown down helps to h.irden
the grease that lias gone before It.--New
York Tribune.
But Irrigated Fruit Lands at our new town of Attalla, Washington, located
In the Columbia Mlver Valley in the weal im port of WUa Walla County, Waah
lnpton, opposite ti. i K ar.-w nv ,at in canal, and at the junction of the
Northern l-acifto, th.1) Washington ft Col mbia Kiver and the Oregon Railway
Navigation i.o. i.ial'.vaju, a: te head of navigation on the Columbia
This Is one of -the ric' 'it -.srrlc ttnral UrUlcts in the United States, and
the soil is pcr-C;Uy f. Sf.,.- l i t' i a ling : ' ries, fruits ana V0o'etabl.
whicli lipen eiuhei' ibaii in ur. uti-wi- part of t e ttnte.
Owing to tli svpi.icr '..'. voa:l a vnntaget, " possible to sriVot pro-'uoe
as late as 7 oYl-f'r. p. t li.-.v hi; nei:t in Seattle, Taiomu, tort
land, Spokane and intermediate points in tho movninr?, traveling In the cool of
the night, which means the largest income in t e Northwest ia received lrom
theae lands; it being possible to CLEAK PROM 9500 TO 700 FEB ACBE PB
Fortunes are being made every yar from Irrigated Lands. There are no
crop failures, and price are always 1. h. T ore lands, with perpetual water
rights, can be secured by making a an-nil payment in cash, and the balance on
favorable terms.
An Investment of this Kind Beats Life Insurance
The amount of money paid as premiums Invested in irrigated lands will soon
furnlah a splendid Income for th purchaser while he Uvea, and support for sis
family after him.
You do not have to Die to Win
Tot further particulars, maps and circulars address I
TJ. X. loose. President sad General Manager
609, 610 Marion Building, Seattle, wmu or Attalla, Walls, Wall. Co., W5"'
wuolesa u:
K. II. Wb'BER, Prop.
Evergreens, Roses and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931 IKK) I) KIVER, OR.
a cheese box sot oil throe legs, with tho
lid turned upside down for a tray. The
!ki ami rests are palutod lu tlui k
green, Willi ennmel tlnlsh. Cretonne
In a gay, lirlxht colored pattern Is used
far a lining, the under tray being fitted
up With a aeries of pockets.
Such a stand is really very dutuly
nnd attractive In appearuuoe, but nat
urally Is more sultnblu for a bedroom
or sitting room than for a more formal
iipartmeut. riilladelphia North American.
A Three Cornered Tear.
.V three cornered tear Is a nasty thing
to mend neatly, If It conies where
there Is no strain or wear whatever It
may be best darned by simply sewing
the edges together with a plain "lu and
out" or adapted "herringbone" stitch.
If the tear Is near a seam and there Is
homo wear on the part put a square
patch on the outside, baste It neatly
ou, putting one side Into the seam.
Hliteu It on with tho sewing machine
close to the edge aud cut away the
g mils underneath, leaving Just enough
to overcast. This will bo a less ob
tusions patch than the old fashioned
one run underneath with the worn or
torn goods hemmed dowu ou the outside.
Taet and tiesd Cheer.
Ths restorative power of gid cheer
Is tar greater than medicine, and men
tal depression Is the true physician's
worst enemy. It Is the bane of a sick
room and the shackle upon recovery,
la fact, the mental attitude Is rcspou-
Iteveragea For Children.
It Is advisable not to give children
tea or coffco imlil they are ten years
I old, as oven the slight stimulant of
I weak tea is unwise. Water aud milk
j tiro the drinks proper -to childhood, and
j these may be giveu freely. Most chll
. dreu have milk at 11 o'clock In the
: morning, and this Is a wise plan to
i follow, as the hours between break
! fast ami dinner are too long for thf
j active little liody V) 1)0 without sonv
kind of sustenance.
Meet One That Wilt ilarmonlae
With Ita Sarroundlnera.
When you've a clock to buy choose
It with an eye to Its playing a part, no
matter how small that part may be. In
the furnishing of the particular room
It U for.
Crystal clocks In one form or an
other come to suit almost every sort
of room stunning circular ones, with
their tiny floors paved with colored en
amels In mosaic patterns, for parlor
or drawing room; plain as a plpestem
kinds, with a world of dignity lu
their very plainness, for library or
music room, and dainty little forms for
liedroom or boudoir.
For sitting rooms the colonial clocks
mahogany cases, left almost plain to
show olT the beauty of the wood are
particularly good.
Attractive bronze clocks aud pretty
ones of clilna, usually Dresden, aud a
thousand and one others more elaborate
lu style. Indulging profusely, some of
them, even In ornament, may seem to
suit tho particular corner. Only be
sure that tho one you pick does
suit It so well that It Is hard to Im
agine any other clock in Its place.
A well ch.i.ic.i cl.i.'k is as great a re
lief aud pleasure ; i tho eye as a vase
or a bit of brlc-a-l'i ic Exchange.
Fall Planted Bulbs
Orders taken now for Kail Planted
llulbs and Hants. Buy your Gladiolas
from the grower. See Oakdate display
i'i lielrt now. Gladiota bulbs from 50c
to 7!ic per dozen. Wyandotte Cocker
i Is, the white kind, for sale now, $1.00
nidi. J. 1. Ki.ktchkii, R. R. No. 1,
Hood Rirer
Arrival and Departure of Malls.
The niwtnfflce In open dally between 8 a. m.
n ltd 7 . m.; Sunday tror 'i tol o'clock. MhIIi
f,ir the KhhI olnwat U.Jt i m., 8.10 p. m. and
p. in.; for the West, at ' 30 p. m. aud p. m.
The currier on K. K. 1. routes No. I audi
leave the piwtoitlce at 8.S0 a. m. Mall leaves
Kor Ml. Hood, daily at 12 ru.; arrives 10.20
n. ni.
iwrn,lurul U'utili rtatlv "esemil anil
(hiv, at I-.' ni., Hrrlve at II a. in.
Kor While HHlmon, Wash., dally at 12 m.;
arrives lit II a. to.
For Hood Itiver rinllv at 9 a. in.: arrives at
2 p. in.
Kor II iisum, Trout tjike and Unler, Wash.,
dally hi T.. a. tn.; arrives h p. ni.
Kor i4Iiiiuimh1 Kiiltln and Ullmer. Wash..
dully at :.;m, ni.; arrives at A p. 111.
Kor I'I lie Klut and Wnowcten, W ash., at 1 p.
i. Tnesduvs Mini Miii.nrdavH! iirrivea same
ilavs st 1.1 in.
Km HiiiKi n, dully at 4.45 p. m.; arrive at
8 !o a. ni.
...General Merchandise...
i A Bad romblaatloa.
Scads Toil say be left no monayj
Bam-No. You tee, be lost his health
getting wealthy, and then lost bl(
stealth trying to get healthy.
. Rvalfnl llook.
"Yes, I picked up his bo:ik last night,
and I never budged out of my chair
until 4 o'clock this morning."
"Goodness! Was It that Interesting?"
"No, but I didn't wake up until that
tlma."-rbtladelphln I'rcss.
True lletp'ulni'as.
I waut It to lie xii i I of m. by th'.a
Wlm know me liesl that 1 ' ; e 'I'.r-yn
plucked a thistle nnd ' .' .! .-. !'. iwer
la Its pHiv wher w ; ;: i . vonhl
grew. -Aofu'.iam I.'
I). S. Commissioner Notary Public
The Oldest Insurance and
Real Estate Agent In town
Insurance Loans Abstracting
Hood River, Oregon
Square Deal Store
"Honest'Goods and Square
. . Deal for Every flan" . .
The Ideal Weeder
Is what its name implies, a Genuine Weed Killer
and the nearest to perfection of any orchard
tool yet introduced in Hood River Valley. Try
one and be convinced.' Satisfaction Guaran
teed or no sale.
Osborn Spring Peg-Tooth Harrows
Acme Harrows
Plows and Cultivators
Potato Diggers
Wagons, Hacks aud Buggies
Flour, Feed, and a Full line of Groceries at all Times
Car Load Stumping Powder just received
Yours for Business
Phone 741
3rd and River Street.
Hood River, Ore.
F. 8. STANLEY, Pres.
E. L. SMITH, Vice-Pree.
K. O. BLANCHAR, Cashier
V.C. BROCK, Asst. Cashier
The First National Bank
Capital $50,000 Surplus $12,000
AVe oftVr you the facilities of a well managed and
well equipped bank. The interests of patrons receive
our careful attention.
I hold 'license from the
State Board of Oregon
and Washington, and am
qualified to ship bodies
10 any point. Prompt
service either day or
night. Hearse furnished
on all (M-c'Kfionn
Parlor Phone Main 1513
Scliifller Building.
RAsidmo Main 1511
Hood River, Ore
DELIVERY DAYS i Mondays, Wednesdays
and Friday Mornings and Saturday
Order limt'froin Factory
Hiono Main 71.
Steamers leave Portland and The Dalles
daily, except Sunday, at 7 o'clock a. in.
calling at Hood River, eaatbound, at
about 4 p. m. ; westbound at about
8:30, p. tn. Direct connection at Lyle
with the C. R. A ti. Railway to and from
Go'.dendale and Klickitat valley points.
For any further information address
any agent of the company or
M. TALBOT, V. P. A (3. M., J
Portland, Oregon
Lady Assistant
Hotel Waucoma
A First-Class House
Moderate Rates Good Service
Farmers' Dinner 25 cts
Hood River Prop.
o o