The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 11, 1906, Image 3

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The Way Bora or GlrlM Caa Heblaa
Tuein la lota.
Tliere comes a time when every boy
or girl has some eberiHlied book be or
he would like to preserve, but cannot
do so very well bet'nnw the coter Is ot
paper. If the book had a good cloth
binding It could be easily saved, but
with only a paper eorer It Is a hard
matter to keep It from coming to
pieces If much handled.
It Is very easy to make a 'good, stiff
cloth binding by the means of glue,
cardboard, cheesecloth or muslin and
a little Ingenuity. First get the exact
size of the book. Then procure a
pasteboard box and cut from It two
covers one-quarter Inch larger all
around than the edges of the book, ex
I i
I li :l I
cept at the back, where they should
be even. Now cut a one-eighth Inch
strip off each of the back edges of the
cover and then lay the covers on the
pleoa of cloth, each one-eighth Inch
uwv.y from the space equal to the thick
uess of the volume, which Is shown by
dotted lines, Fig. 1.
Cut the cloth around the covers, leav
ing one and one-half Inch margin'.
Paste the cloth to the covers In this
position and then turn them over the
margin, which Is also pasted down
smoothly. Cut a third piece of card
board the same size as the back of the
volume. Paste this to the cloth, and
when all parts are thoroughly dry glue
the back of the volume firmly to the
pasteboard back, as shown In Fig. 2.
If the paper cover of the book still
remains you can cut It out neatly and
paste It on tint front side of the bind
lug, as shown, and the same can be
done with the paper title back, both
parts being removed, of course, before
the pasting is done. Thus If you pick
out a color of cloth that In harmonious
with the color and design of the paper
cover you will have quite aB attractive
looking a volume as you could buy for
double the money yours cost.
The Star, the Stripes and the Red.
White and nine.
The name of Mrs. Betsy Ross is so
Intimately associated with our national
flag that the belief that she designed It
has become common. It seems to be
true, however, that she made the first
one ever floated. Briefly stated the
facts are as follows: Washington was
called to Philadelphia from York In
June, 1770, to advise with congress on
the state of affairs, and during that vis
It he was requested to make sugges
tions as to the design for a flag. Accom
panied by Colonel George Ross and
Kobert Morris as a committee of con
gress, Washington called on Mrs. Betsy
Koss and asked lir to make a flag
from a drawing that they showed her.
The drawing was a rough one, and
Washington, at Mr. Boss' suggestion,
remade it. One of her suggestions wag
that the stars should be five pointed
instead of six pointed, as they were in
the original drawing. The flag thus
designed and made was adopted by
congress. The thirteen stripes symbol'
Ized the thirteen colonies. As to the
colors red, and white, It Is likely that
they were used because the army flag
had been red and the navy flag white.
The blue field with white stars repre
sented the sky, with a new constella
tion. The Imprisoned Toad.
You have nil heard stories about live
toads thnt were found Imbedded In
rocks, where, It was said, they might
have been for years. Naturalists say
that these stories are either myths or
exaggerations, for the toads could not
possl'ily exist for an Indefinite time
under such conditions. They have,
however, considered the stories of suf
ficient interest to warrant them in test
ing their truth. It Is said, for example,
that a French naturalist Imbedded a
toad In plaster of parts and found It
alive at the end of twenty-eight
months. Wo all dislike to hear of such
experiments with living tilings, for
they are not without an element of
cruelty, but the cause of science some
times requires that they should be
What la Iff
There Uvea a perfect chatterbox upon the
manti'l shelf;
It talks and talks the livelong day, though
only to Itself.
When not a soul la in the room, I've very
often found,
Twill tittle tattle ever on In ona unceaa-
Ing round.
You'd think 'twould be content to keep
appointments of Its own:
Vou'd think It might leave other folk and
their concerns alone.
But, no, It hurries one to school, to bed
It even dares
To Interfere with grown up folk In all of
their affairs!
A Girl's War.
Have you noticed that when a W
bas short aklrts she Is always teasing
to have them lower, and the very day
she sets them lowered sh starts to
boltf them up?-Detrolt Free Preta.
Its Finish.
. The Governess What happen
when the mil kUlad the goose that laid
the golden egg, Margie? little Margie
W I ru his goose was cooked.
A man of Integrity will never list
to any plen against conscience, Tospa,
The Adirondack takes.
One of the most striking phenomena
of the Adirondack region Is the carry
ing lower of the human voice In still
weather upon the lakes great and
small. Persous ashore easily bear tbe
ordinary conversation of others who
are so far out upon the lake as to be
Indistinguishable, and as a great many
Adirondack visitors habitually violate
the law touching the slaughter of deer
all such offenders are extremely care
ful not eveu to whisper a word that
might betray their guilt when rowing
upon the lakes.
A "Gold Brick" of Old Tim.
In one of the Tell-el-Amarna letters,
written during the eighteenth dynasty,
the king of Babylon accuses Ameno
phls III. of Egypt of sending him a
mass of base metal for gold. He says,
"The twenty mtnas of gold you sent
me contained, when melted down, only
five mtnas of pure gold." London
No Competition.
"What do you consider the most
memorable occasion In your career?"
"Once, at an evening performance,"
answered the great tenor, with emo
tion, "all the boxes were occupied by
mutes. I shall never forget that
night." Minneapolis Tribune.
Her Cooking.
Young Wife How do you like my
cooking? Don't you think I've begun
well? Husband I'm-yes. I've often
heard that well begun Is half done.
Sarcaatle Swift.
It was Swift who warned a friend
who was extolling the air of overtaxed
Ireland: "ninth! if they hear you say
that, they'll certainly tax the air."
Reduction In Flour and Feed.
Special cash price on Flour aud Feed
ut warehouse. Bran f 14 per ton; shorts,
f Ni per ton ; Hour, $4 per barrel, 1).
Not for your dealer's sake, nor for
Benson's take hut ftr your own sake
get some of. Benson's Fancy new
potatoes. They will makw you sinile.
McGuire Bros, make their own leaf
aid under their own brand.
High Grade
I High Price-
Pttlud in Full Mitnri Votthi
J. A. Folger & Co.
San Francisco
Bautifullr located in Portland, Orefon,
often umur pasted facllltici (or th cul
ture and education of yount women. Special
opportunities in Music, Art Langruatrei and Liter
attire. Well equipped Phyiical and Chemical Lab
oratories, Herbarium and Mineral Cabinet The
tnrLrnt and oldest Ladies' Seminary in the Pacific
Northwest, it enjoys a national reputation (or im
part in f the best physical, mental and moral train
ing and developing true womanhood. Equips
soi - ally and educationally (or the most exalted
sUt on. Confers Academic and Collegiate Degrees
bv State Authority. Interference with convictions
of non Catholics is scrupulously avoided. Academy
is idrally located, amid inspiring scenic advan
tages. Social opportunities such ss are available
in no other city on the Coast. Buildings large and
commodious. wslHiKMed. heated and ventilated;
d rniitories arid private rooms supplied with all
modern conveniences. The institution if liberal
and progressive without sacrificing the character
and traditions of age and achievement. Terms
modest. Satisfactory references required. Write fot
announcement booklet. Board and tuition $180 u
year. Address Sister Superior. St. Mary's Academy
We pay 4 on rime depoiitt, current
rata on uvingt accounts, receive deposit
ubjed to check, and do t general bank
ing buwnen.
You can have the advantage of
strong bank at your very door by wing
the mailt.
Send in your deposits. Acknowledg
ment w2l be sent you by return muL
Saving! account received from one
dollar up.
Opea aa account with at and Mat
now atpidly it will grow.
R. L (MtHAJaV Vss M
W. H rtAH. imam
Iaa ftasa.T
(Trust (fotnpatm
ir r u ni"
A Young Mother at TO.
"My mother lias wddenly been
made young at 70. Twenty years of
intense Buffering from dyspepsia bad
entirely disabled htr, until six
mouths ago, when she began taking
Electric Bitters, which have complete
ly cured ber aud restored the strength
and activity sbe bad In the prime of
life," writes Mrs. W. L. Oilpatrick,
of Danlorth, Me. Greatest restore
live medicine on the glole. Set
Stomach, Liver aud Kidneys right,
purities the blood, aud cures Malaria,
Iiilliousnessand Weaknesses. Wonders
tul Nerve Tonio. Price 50. cents
Uuarauteed by Cbas. N. Clarke.
Ironing Board.
I have just made bp an assortment
of these necessary articles, also have
the material to make them to order.
Experience bas taught what kind give
the best service, also what to make
them of to preveut warping, checking
or extracting pitch.
Yours for anything in the oarpen
teiing line.
F. G. COE,
Opposite O. B. Hartley's Rob.
Phone 571.
Siioip Line
amo Union Pacific
3 Trains to the East Dailv
Through Pullman standards and tourist
Imping cars dally to Omaha. Chicago, Hpc
ksne; tourist sleeping cars dally to Kansas
City: through Pullman tourist sleeping car
(perannsally conducted) weekly to Chicago.
Reclining chair cars (seam free) to the Fast
Union Depot Leave. Arrive.
Chicago-Portland Special for
the Kiul via Huntington, dally 9:80 am 5:110 pm
Hpokane Flyer for KhhUtii
Washington. Walla Walla.
Lewlatoii.Coeur d'Aleneand
Ureat Northern points, daily 6:15 pin 8:flU am
Atlantic Express fortheKast
via Huntington, dally 8:15 pm 7:15 am
Portland-Biggs local, for all
joints between Biggs and
Portland, daily : am 6:00 pm
and,:00 P. M.i6:X) P. M
vny points, connecting
llh steamer for 1 1 aco
and North Beach steam
er Hassalo, Ash street
dock (water per.)
10:00 P.
FOR Dayton, Oregon
City and Yamhill Rlv-
7.-09 A. M.
7:30 P. M.
dock (water per.)
Idaho, and way points,
from Klparla, Wash.
t:40 A. M.
4.-CK) P. M.
orvirc hoi'ks
Freight House S a. m. to 12 noon; I to S p.
m. Nofrelglil received or delivered after 6
p. m.
Passenger Depot I lours lor delivery of ex
press and biiggntte will be 8 u. m. till G p. m.
liener-i l';t- u --r Asoii, I'oi'iitiiiri, or.
II , . ini 1 1.... V. . II H . r
O, K. & N. I I .UK r.VBI.E.
El 1 ieiH'
li. -i. h
No. i
r-is-clMl, ll:' m. til.
K'yxr. p.
Vo. I. M:ii' illtl Kj" t"CHK. UI:W p. m.
No. h. o:.ri i. mi. No mull.
.. .M. .. rrrltfhl. I'.':l'i p In.
Vo. l- s.l l leluhl, 4Mn. III.
So. I. 1'orUnhil Special. 2:15 p. in.
... :i, IWHumi Kher.5;:a. in.
Mo., Mall Me Ks press. 4:12 a. m.
No. 7. &40 p. Hi No Ililltl.
No. '. M) Freight, :i a. in.
V Kast Krelultt. U p. m.
Nature's Wondrous Handiwork
Through Utah and Colorado
('antic Gate, Canon of the Grand,
Klack Canon, Marshall and Ten
nessee 1'osbes, and the World
Famous Koynl tiorge.
For dcucrlpllve and llluntrated pamph
lets, writ to
W. C. McBRlDE, General Agent
124 Third mroot, fOKTLANIJ, OR.
Vehicles and Farm Implements Exclusively
i Orchard and Garden Tools a Specialty
- Colne in whether you want to buy or not, I welcome visitors just us
cordially as I do customers
Corner Fourth and Columbia Sts., T "O KTIfK FT aVRN
What Ails You? "
Po you fuel wpft, tlror), dosnondBUt
have frequent headaches, cnatiM tongue,
bitter or bad tast In inortiini;, "heart
burn," belching of gas, avid risings In
throat after eating, stomach giu or
burn, foul breath, dizzy spWIs, poor or
variable appetite, nausea at times and
kindred symptoms?
If yoiNiave any considerable number of
thSbovesyiptoms you arc suffering
frornillousnrsrpid liver with Indl-
gftStionTlopS Dr l'ierce' Oolrien
ytedlfl fliseoycv lsniieU- u i, of the nui
Valuable medicinal princiiiTis known to
medical sclejice for the l r:ii:u)eiil mre j
such abnormal condilloii. It is n m,n
emcient IKer tnvigorator, stomach tonic,
bowel regulator and nerve strenpthener.
The "Golden Medical DNc every " Is not
patent medicine or secret nostrum, a
full list of Its Ingredients being printed
on Its bottle-wrapper and attested under
oath. A glance at Its formula will show
that It contains no alcohol, or harmful
habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract
made with pure, trlple-reiiued glycerine,
of proper strength, from the roots of the
following native American forest plants,
Viz., Golden Seal root, Stone root, Hlaek;
Cherrybarlt, Queen's root, likiodroot, and
Mandrake root,
The following leading medical authorities,
among s hot of others, exio ihe foivifotnif
roots for theruro of just Mich ailments as the
alcove symptoms Indicate: I'mf, It hurtholow.
M. I)., of .luffnrxon Med. College, I'hila.i Prof.
H.C.Wood. M. I)., of I'nlv.of I'a.: I'rof.Kdwin
M. Hale, M. I)., of Ualiiiemanii Meil. Collegis
Oilcagii! Prof. John Klnir. M. II.. Author of
American llsp,nsatory! 1'rof. Jim. .M. S uil
der. M. 11.. Authorof Stiecllic Medicines; Prof.
J.aursnee Johnson. M. I.. Med. Iiept, I'nlv.of
N. V.i Prof, I'liiley Elllngwood. M. i Author
of Materia Meiliea and I'n f in llcnnett Medi
cal Colleife. t'hlcairo, Kend name and ad
tlresson Postal Card tol'r It. V. I'lerce. Buf
falo, N. Y., and receive irr hooklet girliiff
extracts from writing's of hH the alKve medi
cal authors and many others endorsing. In the
stronirest possible terms, each and every In
gredient of which "Golden Medical Discov
ery" Is composed, f
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet.s regulate and
Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels. Thef
may be used In conjunction with ''Oolden
Vertical Discovery " If bowels are much con
stipated. They're tiny and snuar-coated.
When purchasing ticket to Chi
cago and the East, see that it
reads via the Chicago & North
western Railway. Choice of
routes via Omaha or via St. Paul
and Minneapolis.
It la the route of The Overland Limited
and the direct line to Chicago from tho
Coast. Four fast daily Chicago trains
make connections with all transconti
nental trains at St. Paul and Minne
apolis. The "Best of Everything.
All agents sell tickets via this line.
For further information apply to
R. V. HOLDER, aanaral agnt, O. a. N.-W.
tas Third St.,
unts Faint
Wall Paper Co.
Have added a complete line of PAINTS, OI LS, VARNISH
Our stock of paper includes latest designs in Blanks, (Jilts
and high Grades, From l()c up. A full stock of room
molding, Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line of
novelties in Framed Pictures. CAU'lMO, the
latest thing in room t inting, mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
Phone 671. First and Oak Streets.
jLX-"-s1fc ..r ' : -V---EsaMi ii!
We have purchased at Bankrupt Sale a $2,000 stock of
Men's, Women's and (Children's Shoes
mid us wo wore fortuimto cnoufih tosoonro those goods at a') ,afc
Fifty Cents on the Dollar .
wo art- in a position to moot any and all competition. Most of those shoos are of" the
well known SMITH, WALACE & CO. make, a line that has been sold in this
town for the past ten years, and is well and favorably known. When you want
anything in the Shoe or Clothing Hues fall on us. IT WILL PAY YOU
Position km fanner on strawberry farm.
Am well experienced and willing to work
Address T. .1. Ilainliioiid, llox UK,
Sprinjjtield, Ore.
As a dressing lor sores, bruises and
bui'iis, t 'hamliei Iain's Salve is all llial
.can be desired. It is soothing and lieal
ng its effect. Price S cents. Kur biiU:
by Keir iV C'a.-s.
DF It H your
i,t Httrs'tl-e
duty to ni si Ice yourself
t. Ht(rr1('tl II M tXIMHlhlf . If J'oll llllVd
tn u d 0 y. Hulliiw,
wrinkled, tllislirhtlv
iniilexlin, leitrn liow to m.MiIre h prftet
tkln hy tiiiriuliNH, gutinnitieii nietiititls. I
will lend you h fret pHinplilet, in tt plain
DTelop", RlVltlK nil pHt'tb'llilirH, ir you
write todHv. rivi yetirM i-Htntilllifd.
MADAME HUDSON, LM7 Mnrlpny bld ,
SNA Wnshtnittnn ut., 1'orlliind, Oterui
White Salmon- lood River
Two big sail boats, two
big- perfectly safe gasoline
laiint'hes and two big ferry
hxpert sailors in
15outs leave at all
lAcenxed Ferrymen,
C P. R.
Next Door to McOuire Hrotlieie.
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired
All work done with Kleetrie
1 ron and guaranteed
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
Spring Wagons
Surreys, Etc.
State Normal School at Monmoth
Regius its 2."th year September 2i, 100(5. Three fill
courses of study. I Uglier course recognized in Washington
and other states. The best and shortest way to a stnte
and life paper. Additional work in both general and
special methods; Also school management for graded an I
ungraded schools will be given this eoniirg year.
Longer terms, higher wages and better opportunities
are open to normal graduates. School directors appre
ciate the superior ability of Monmoth graduates and t he
demand far exceeds the supply. Catalogue containing
full informal ion will be sent on application. Correspon
dence solicited. Address
J. B. V. BUTLER, Registrar
Coe's Addition
Cheap for Cash or on
your own terms.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Phone Farmers 1233.
H. C. COE.
New Location.
We are now located in tho Smith Building, in the
room formerly occupied by J. F. Rand, where wo will ho
ilensed to see all of our old customers as well as now ones.
This large and well-lighted store has been fitted up
with the best, and most complete) stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed
ever displayed in the City. Fresh Vegetables received
dailv. Call and inspect our stock.
WOOD k SMITH PROS., Proprietors.
Bartmess' Furniture Store
Malleable Iron Reds, guaranteed against breaks by the
factory for 2 years, and yet cheaper than the cast bodH.
Wo get them direct fromtheEust. Call and look them over.
Building Material, Carpets, Paints, etc.
Undertaker and Embalmer.
A Large Linejof Mew Spring: Goods
At prices never before quoted
and Lots
This Bank Free
Wlintour moo Biid women of fltty yeara
hmice will be tluptinilH on the children of to
duy. Is it not worth our while, even at the
cost of eoneiiloruble ell'ort, if necessary to
teach our hoy or girl tho value of money, the
hubitti of thrift, economy and savings. Her
bert Spencer says "education la the prepara
tion fur complete living." One of our Home
Saving" Hanks which you can have FREE
upon opening an account with ono dollar or
niojo, if in your home, is a constant appeal
ing educator, teaching the habit of saving
silently, forcefully, aud not to be denied.
Savings Department
First National Bank