The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 20, 1906, Image 7

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U We do not have to Sell
We Close at 6:30 p. m. g
Goods on Sunday
icirzzz'rjcrjs?;',' 'r'nic ;:js
mmmmwj mmmmm m ,0 mm mumm i amw mw
THAT WHEN anyone reaches
of Course it is aot: juccess
IS The result of hard work
When we speak of a stylishly dressed young: man, we refer to one
whose clothes look neat, proper and right; have the appearance
of taste, refinement and grace
No Clothing Can Look Right Unless it is Made Right
No clothing can be made right unless it has style. It is the careful selections of wool
ens and linings and the skillful cutting, sewing and adjusting that is the basis of all
superior clothing, and particularly of lliekind we sell. Stylish clothes cost no more
than inferior. If you get good clothes yon must pay a fair price. The more you pay
the better your clothes, and if you buy the leading makes which we have selected and
offer. You get style without paying for it; you pay for the goodness that makes style
The Store that is Always
uomg sometning
mm Ifc-M-u
We never Misrepresent. Our
word is Dependable
3) C
Kine corned beef at McGuire Bros.
Mr. Bartmess is on a cash basis.
Finishing f"r amateurs at I )eitz Stu
dio New Orleans Molasses in bulk and
cans at Jackson's.
Halt mackerel, eastern white Huh and
pickled niiI moil at Jackson's.
M 'ile tyrup and New York State
J'.m k iVheat at Jackson's.
Olives in bulk, bottles and cans at
(Jet your chickens for Sunday dinner
at McGuire Bros.
Fresh HhIi, crabs and shrimp, Thurs
days, Fridays and Saturdays, at Al
corn's City Market.
It iB to your interest to refer to M.
Bartmess' ad under the new system.
The Dielz Studio for photos.
Our work guaranteed. Deitz Studio.
Full stock of harness to select from.
Fancy riding bridles, etc. Davenport
Harness Co.
McGuire Bros, make country deliver
ies Tuisdays nnd Thursdays and get
irtsh egiis ilireet from the ranches.
Order lor the country telephoned the
day before will be delived, if on route.
T. 8. Weckely the jeweler, has opened
a new jewelry btoreand repair shop, and
is now ready to do your watch, clock
and jewelry repairing. All work fully
warranted. Trices reasonable. In the
real estate room with Onthank & Otten.
Death of John Donohue.
John Donohue, a well known and
highly respected citizeu of Hood Kiv
er, died at the residence of bis daugh
ter, Mrs. Jeffreys, in Portland, Sep
tembr 15. M r. Douobue bad recently
been at a hospital in Portland for
treatment and his death wag not un
expected. The body, accompanied by rela
tives, was brought to this city Mon
day aud Tuesday funeral services
were held at the Congregational
cliur h Rev. W. C. Uilmore officiat
ing. The pall beaters were A. IS,
Blowers, Leslie Butler, A. A. Jayne,
John Hinrichs, H. II. Bailey and D.
McDonald. The interment was at
ldlewilde cemetery.
Mr. Donobue was born September
25, 1817, and was a native of tbe state
of Pennsylvania, He came west in
1859 aud had beeu a resident of tbe
counties of Wasco and Sherman for 21
vr. On March 17. 1887 be was mar
ried to Mrs. Kin id a Taylor at The
Dulles whom be survived ahout a
year. ,
Children's Eyes.
We ffiee especial care to childien's
eyes. Consult Dr. Hogg, tbe Port
land with U. Arthur Clarke,
Jeweler aud Optician. Hood River,
If parties owning four ricks of 1(5
inch wood on Columbia street, north
of Snow & Upson's baloksuiitb shop
do not iemove same it w 11 be sold to
tbe highest bidder.
W. Ganger, City Maisbal
J. H. White spent Sunday in Port
land. J. F. Batohelder oame op from Port
land Thursday.
Amos Underwood prrived Tburaday
from Portland on No. 2.
Julius Plans, manager of the Mount
Hood Brewing Co., was at Hood Riv
er Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Early went to
Portland Thursday afternoon, for a
few days' visit.
Mra.C. E. Hemman is now clerking
in tbe dry goods department of K. B.
Bragg & Co.
Mre. James DeBordelarrlved Friday,
from Colorado much Improved in
Horatio Frank Wood, who has been
working in tbe St. Jobna Review
olllce, is home ou a vacation.
Mr. and Mr. Homer B. Woodwortb
and daughter, of Portland, visited A.
1. Mason and family last weeK.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. L. Tousey left Fri
day for Portland, where Mr. Tousey
resumes bis position in me anaver
Frank Chandler and family have
gone to roitlana tor me winter,
where Willie will attend Itie mil Mili
tary sohol.
A. W. Reynolds, who has interests
both at Hood River and White Sal
. . t . : -.
mon, returned rrom a uusiuena iny
to Portland Tuesday.
a. II. Sletten baa a badly swollen
eye as tbe result of interfering witb a
bonev bee wtilen was woraing id a
cake of honey at Bragg's.
Misses Stella aud Florence Brown,
who bave been visiting their sister,
Mrs. Dr. Sharp, left for their home
in Ibe Dalles Thursday.
Archie Lookmau, who has been
spending tbe summer witb bis father,
Douglas Lockman, at Odell, left Sat
urday for Plortlaud to attend school.
L. Clark aud wife went to Collins
Sunday for an outing al tbe springs.
They were aficouipanied by Mrs. U.
A. Clark.wbo will lemaiu a few day
Tbe new gold leaf window signs
aiound town that are being turned
out by Hunt & Co. are attractive and
an Improvement to tbe looks of tbe
business wiudows.
E. H. Hartwig returned last wee
from an extended visit to bis tld
home in Wisconsin. Mr. Hartwig bad
not been back there for several years
aud greatly enjoyed tbe trip.
Mel Foley moved bis family to Port
land where they will make their fu
ture heme. Mr. Foley has been work
ing for tbe telephone company at
Portland for a couple of mouths, eiuoe
be left Hood River.
Cbas. Hall has sold an interest in
Williams Pharmacy to R. Esson, wbo
has beeu clerkiug in the store since
Mr Hall purchased the business from
Ed Williams. Tbe new firm i Hall
& Esaon.
L. W. Wood and family bave gone
tn Vancouver for a vUit with lela-
tives, while deciding where to locate.
Thv were aocompanieo vy
Shanks, of Comatock, Neb., an
who baa been vlsiung mem
li. F.
We Prove Yliat He Say. Mr, aD(j Mrs. II. D. Smith left for
We don't claim to know everything I Portland Thursday afternoon, re
but we do know one thin well. W muinlug over Sunday. Mrs n.
know bow to lit spectacles so as to re-1 Rogers left Thursday tor Salem 10
lieve imuy ills bud aihneuti that will visit ber pareuts. Mr. Rogers joined
ittcftfl in unv other whv. i iiAf Sutiirdav. Mrs. 0. r. Hooter, or
.utor f Mr. Rogers, re
with (J. Arthur Clarke. Jeweler and maiued at tbe Rogers
Optician, Hood River, Ore.
borne during
M. Sunderland and daugbtei came
up from Portland Friday.
Mr. and Mra. A. J. Oraham speut
several days In Portland this week.
Fred Bell wiU attend the Hill Mili
tary school in Portland this winter.
J. D. Culbertson went to TheDnllos
Tuesday, where be was called on bus
iness. O. A. MoCurdy's family returned
from Portland, where tbey have been
J. W. Nunnemaker returned Friday
from Salem, where be atteuded the
state fair.
Lutheran services every two weeks.
Sunday school, 2 p. m. preaohiug.JS
p. m.
W. W. Briacow, of Portland, wbh
looking over tbe valley last week with
veiw of looating here.
H. W. Joplln, of the Arm of Oeb
isoh A Joplln, of Portland, was a vis
itor at Hood River Tuesday.
O. H. Osborn, of Coloiado Springs,
visited Hood River last week aud wus
much pleased with the country.
L. C. Weygaudt and sou, Cass Wi y
gandt, bad business before the U. S.
Laud Office at Tbe Dalles Thursday.
P. S. Davidson weut to Portland
Saturday and speut Sunday with bis
wito ut ill uCi, v. ho is rti:tio Una nt
tbe bpriugo.
Mrs. J. H. Nickelsen, Mrs W.
HaynesandMis W. K. Sheets went
to Portland Saturday atteruoou to
Unit trieudii.
Cbas. and Johu Castuer, George
Strauahau aud Oi in Gray were among
those who ateuded tbe ball game at
Portland Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Wallaoe and
dangler, Margaret, weut to Portland
Friday, where Miss Margaret will at
tend St. Heieu8 Hall school thin win
One of the prettiest wiudows in
towu is that of Lar. way's with ts
new leaf gold signs aud its flue dit
play of watches, jewelry, cut ylast,
J. B. Phelps has accepted the posi
tlon of nn il carrier for route 2, and
begun his duties. It is hoped that lit)
will coudiido to stay permaneutly and
gorve I his populous part of the valley.
MIiihk fcuithMobr, Audrey Maike
ley mid Flora Wilson were passengers
on the lncl going east Thursday, the
two formor to Wamic to teach tobool
and the latter to The Dalles.
Cental le Ganger arretted a Dullos
n an Sunday tor Ashing within tbe
600-foot distance from the.dam of tbe
electric light company, but as he did
not see him catch any fish, he was
discharged by Judge lleudersou.
W. J. Baker aud family weut to
Portland Sunday morning. Mits
Marjorie will remain and take a gen
eral course in the St. Helens Hall
Aoademy. Miss Cooper also takes a
musical oourse in tbe same school.
A. P. Batebam, of Mosier, went to
Portland Saturday to meet his daugh
ter Maude, who came direct to Port-
' . .. i, t h : 1 .
laud from Hi. raui, iuiuu., m uwiuim
ny with Portland friends She will
attend school this winter at the Port
land academy.
The Laidos Aid soolety will meet
- hnlr Hist Kensington of the sea
son at the home of Mrs. J. R. Nick.,1
k'.l,l Bltnruoon. September 21.
! A cordial iuvitatinu is extended to all
ladies of tbu city, we win i"
and lunon win u mrrai.
C. R. Hone weut to Portland Tues
day. Dr. Geisondorfer, of The Dulles,
was a visitor at Hood River Monday.
Lou Morse drove a party over to
Trout Luke Sunday, returning Mon
day evening.
The many frieudsof Miss Marie
Mohr will regret to learn that she is
very ill with typhoid fever.
Dr. M. F. Shaw and Dr. J. A. (ieis
ondorfer, of The Dalles, wore culled
to Pine Grove Monday.
L. II. Hugging loft ou the local
Wednesday for Sherman county wbeie
he will spend a day or two.
For the next ton dnys 1 will make a
reduction of 25 per cent on jewelry
of all kinds. Come iu early and make
your purchases. T. S. Weekley.
The Ladies Aid society of the Cnn
giegatioiial church will meet on Fri
day afternoon ut tbe residence of Mrs.
A. B. Can Held;
Frank McFnrlaud, who has been at
Hood Kiver for a week or ten days in
connection with his business and
Home property interests ho bus here,
returned to his home in Portland
L?e is a blank when sUrht is gone.
Too Into to grieve then. There is dan
ger in delays. Free examination. Dr.
Hogg, the i'ortlaud specialist with G.
Arthur Clarke, Jeweler aud Optician,
Hood Kiver, Ore.
Getrgo T. Prattler, who has been
away from Hood Kiver for two weeks
ou a pleasure trip, returned to this
city Monday night. Mr. Prather has
beeu visiting towns along the coast
and iu the Willamette valley aud re
ports a pleasant trip.
Services in the Unitarian church
every Sunday at 11 a. in. and 7.M0 p.
in., J. A. l'aldrldge, minister. Topic
for next Sunday morning, "Joy of
the Religions Life." Evening, "Re
ligous Training." All are oordially
Mark J. Sullivan, clerk at the Uma
tilla House, at The Dalles and Miss
Esther A. Todd oro married in that
city Sunday ufternouu at il.ilO by Rev.
A. A. Brongeest. The ceremony took
place at tho Catholic chinch iu the
presence of several witnesses.
Real estate sales reported by J. 11.
n,.,i. uhBAncA. uramuie.
MAMiiLiw, very best quality In Ladies I mon jUONEJUGS
WASH BOARDS Suits, medinU weight ImH) btiVF CHURNS
wear. Sow readv. ll.OO suit STONE (11L K.
I .rule Prio BOOKS. Don't you want an -Wringer.. We
a.V.. Tracefuj TJr Ir E ( ?'"!
Ihcr"6"' aTp'rnt. IP.. 13.. ic iron "; -
mmm mmm UIT" TiMiw Plain and
G.IW4ufcf 5Je5eWr7in?Jeryte. '- C.nT. Clove.. U-s-d
Wmw Tal.le fets, atr gels w.rn8ufci"i. doilit and lunch quality apple packer's gloves
boil boii dishes, vasea, JZ.. tittle Prices. JOc the pair.
glasses, etc. Very beautiful and
,,ut high priced, MrtmSBmml Very buii- H ROOMS, ...
fcCr l st pfer'8- China, 4Q. I "tile Pric-e.
0 .,i.i. rom.rkixl the other do that now here had fbe found a more Wautifu
Souvenirs yp2Stt?H-od itiWHo...r b-.. i.-.
0Vellieg, muiaii
& Co this week were:
bouse and lot, 10. War-
A. Hahershang; T. A.
M. Thomas, live notes in
reii t.o li.
Schall to E.
the Belmont district; John I'ivans to
O. Mayor, 20 acres at Mosior.
W. T. Weart and wife, form ry of
Hood liiver, but now of Portland,
ho have been visiting here for sever
al days, returned to their homo luos
day. While here Mrs. Weart received
the news of the death of her sister at
Kansas Citv. who was burned so liad-
ly by an explosion ol gasoline that
she could not recover.
Rev. O. J. Nelson was summoned
from Bellingham to Illinois by wire,
on account of tho fatal illness of hlB
father, who resides at Carbon Cliff.
He urrivod on the local Monday morn
ing and remained over until tho even
ing train with bis wife, who is visit
ing with her parent, Mr. ana ivirs.
, L. Smith.
On Sunday evening et l.'M "The
Pink Rose" will be given at the U. B.
church. This is the true story of
Delia, "Tho Blue Bud of Mulberry
Bend." Mrs. Nina loung preclier
will bo the leader for the evening and
the chorus will have chaige of the
music. A silver olfering will be takeu
for hmue missions.
Rev. J. L. Heishner left on No. 2
last Saturday for points in eastern
Washington in the interest or the
Congregational Sunday School socie
ty. Ou September IS to 21 Mr.
llershner will tie at Walla v. ana in at
tendance upon the annual sesion of
the Congregational association. Dur
ing these sessions tho association
will visit, in a body l.ctb Whitman
college aud Whitman monument. Mr.
llershner will retu n on bepteinher
Mavor Blowers, who has been away
for several weeks in attendance at the
national encampment of the G. A. R.,
aud visiting relatives and tiiende in
the Middle Western states, reiurneu
to Hood River last Thursday. While
at the convention .Mr. lilowers re
ceived the appointment of c.eleit at
lartte for tbe state of Oregon to repre-
seut the national body in any matters
that mav re inire its attention. It is
uiideratood that tho mayor rmd ?ry
eninvatjle trin and that Ins mauy
frieuds are pleased to see mm uuin
acting in bis capacity of chief execu
tive of the Apple Hty.
Ham Samson, who has been making
Hood Kiver his homo for wvtrai
weeks, started Monday for Seattl,
where he will take staMnar loi Nome,
Alaska, Before going Mr. Saoinn In
vested somo of the gold be hat ten
taking out of his far northern mine
In l.'irar liuviittf trillL?ht the
1 Noah Bom place in Blows addition.
Ibe property comprises a tiuu auu
two nnd m hull lilts. Ill' SlUS in U a
great admirer of Hood Kiver d t'
that if nothing happens to prevttt t
wil return for a vilM btte r:t aoin-mer.
II. S. Richmond made a business
trip to The Dalles Monday.
Koht. Diinsnioro was a caller at the
Glacier olllco Tuesday.
Mrs. E. P. Matthews was a passen
ger on No. 2 Monday from Hood
The Episcopal Sunday school will
be opened Sunday morning at tbe
usual lioin.
li. F, Moses and .loo 1'ruzier went to
Warm Spiingg Monday to do a job of
Mrs. II. F. Duvldson and Mrs.
Willis Van Horn spent Saturday in
Pert land.
Mirs Helen Daw Ihoii entertained
a p .rly ot young folks ut her home
S.itiirday atternoon.
E. A. Fran attended tho ii ligation
congress at Boise in the interest ol
Better Fruit.
The ladies of St. Marks Guild will
moot with Mrs. L. Clark, Wednesday
afternoon, Septombei 20.
The dunce given by the Odd Follows
Tuesday evening was well attended
and an enjoyable time is reported.
The proceeds are said to have been
0. P. Johnson returned yesterday
from taking a bund of goats to his
Mount Hood ranch. He says he pick
ed all the strawberries be wanted and
loft plenty for the goats. Chronicle.
Fred Council, a traveler for a jow
elery house in Minneapolis, called on
F. W. Laiaway Mouday, and said that
the fume of Hood Kiver was known
far aud wide by its fruits.
Tho dining car conductor on the
Northern Pacific said they were ill
ways glud to get Hood Kiver straw
berries, as they would keep during the
entire trip if necessary, whilo berries
obtained from tho St. Paul end of the
route would not last more than a day
or two going west.
Prof. Ecclea and his assisstant, Mr.
Kelley, of Philadelphia, who lectured
before the undertakers meeting ut
Poitland last week, spont Mouday iu
lluod Kiver nnd were taken out t'oi a
drive in the valley by S. E. Bartmess.
They were simply ainuzod at the apple
oruhar s, Hiid poi leclly delighted with
the trip. They wont from hero to
Walla Wullu to attend the meeting oi
tho Washington association.
.V n H-h l.a(U r at Light I e.'s Bum.
The Hood River Eloeliiu Light &
Power company hua just completed
putting in u new fish ladder ut its
(lain in the lluod Kiver. It is situat
ed where the fish call easily find it
and built so they can ascend without
Oittioulty. It is said tho tlsb are II nd
lug tlwir way over It In great uuiu-
bers and that it Is an interesting slgtit
to watch them.
School Books
School Supplies
For this year's (ltMiiaiitl I have received the
best line of Tablets, Pencils, Inks, in fact
everything for School Use, ever brought into
the city. It costs no more to please the
children with a Fancy Cover at
The Depot for School Books
Saturday, Sept. 15
You are cordially invited to inspect our stock which in-
udes all that is NEW, ELEGANT and Exclusive.
Our P.lnck Pat tern Hats are trimmed iu in one grade
ofostrich-THE BEST
its 2."th
ourses of study.
and other states.
md life paper.
iccial methods;
Married ut White Salmon.
A ipiiet family wedding took plane
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. K
Kuukin. ut White Salmon, ut lO)
Wednesday morning, when theii
duughter Chetiu was united In the
ootids of matrimony to L. O. McLean,
of (iuldendalo. The ceremony wut
witnessed by only a few frieuds and
the iiuniedialo relatives of the con
traction parties aud the bride and
groom alterward oame to this ( it)
where they took the train tor Port
land for a short wedding trip.
The bride was formerly iu the mil
liuerv business at (ioldondalo and the
groom is well known throughout
Klickitat county having tor a number
ot vears been employed as head clerk
in the large mercantile estaollslimeul
of Sam Waters at (iolilemlalu. In
liurtueiahip with Mr. Waters the
groom will soon open u store ut trie
uew town ot Koosoveiy opposite Ail
ington 00 the .North Jiank railroad.
Ferry Scow Hum An Accident.
Lust Saturday Dean & Pearson
loaded six dump curs, a team aud
wagon at liiugen for the North hunk
contractors, to transfer tliem down
the river. Having a shipment to
bring over to Hood Kiver, they came
across tbe rtver with the whole loud
Wheu hall way over they discovered
bad leak in tbe scow, and made
hBfcte to get to chore. Just as thj
lauded the horse were driven oil.
wheu the end of t tie scow sank, let
ting the dump cars tilde olr in mx
teen foe I ot wator.
it apktars thgl luc liigli wind of
few dats before tiUiodwt i.he scow on
dome sliatp forks at the shore, mult
lf.a abuls lajue euoiiKli to taku in con
siaiXalile eater. 1'Dey did dot (lis
coAiif it Witd tilt ay over ith the
lueJ. & toiioi aa-t Ctfhle, wklli tcrnl
hook, wote taken to tbo C0Be, ul
ilieroDom ivere uot strong (oongb, and
4 ttntnii puUnt he J to be tJven to tbe
idiioe tefor tli coull e tviiri
out It van iiiukj that tl r,at was
as is ar aburo as it wan, or a mftre it
ion time woul?t bav resuiteil.
year September 20, 1!W. Three full
Higher course recognized iu Washington
The best and shortest way to a state
Additional work in both general aud
Also school management for graded and
ungraded nchools will be given this coming year.
jonger terms, higher wages and better opportunities
ire open to normal graduates. School directors appre-
i.'ite the superior ability ot Momnot'i graduates and the
mand tar exceeds the supply. Catalogue containing
full information will be sent on application. Correspon-
ence solicited. Address
J. B. V. BUTLER, Registrar
la Mr. a ad Mi. A. L. Davit e, Sep
tembof ii, m boy.
ChsM, Btantoo,
li to Mr. nod Alia,
JSwj. ir, tirt
State Normal School at Monmoth
Portland Behind the Times
Kor the llrst time during County
Clerk Holds' incumbency of olllce, a
marriage license wus issued today on
an ullldavit and mailed to the parlies
for whom it is intended, and Depu
ties l'rusp und Rose ure wondering if
tliis action marks the beginning of a
mail order business iu the Issuance of
permits to wed iu this connection
the following letter, rteoived today
colon to bo sigiiillcunt :
"Hood Rivei.Or., Sept. li. -Coun
ty Clerk, MnlUiomuh county. I ear
Sir: lnclos;d herewith I send applica
tion for a marriage license. I 'lease
issue the same and mail it to A. C.
liuck, Hood Kiver. Would consider
it a favor if you would kindly send me
hluuk atlldavit for next one. Respect
"A. C. liuck, Notary I'ulilin.
The marrage license requested was
for Leo K. Ulrich, of Hood Kiver,
ami Maud 1. (iee. The affidavit,
made by J. V. Reynolds, states that
Ulrich is pust 2T years of age and that
Miss (ieo is over 21, and that sue lias
been a resident of Miilinomuh county
for the past six months. The proceed
ing was oinethiiig unusual, nut inete
wus nothing essentially ii regular
ahout it. so the license wus mailed to
Hood Kiver, where it la supposed the
parties will be united Telegram.
Inquiry at the otrlne o Mr. linca
leveionoil the fait that there lr noth
ing unusual Iu securing a marriage
ticon.-e tiy mail, tin auys that be bus
freniieutlv iimcmed thorn from Ibe
f I ah us and othei county aoats and
that tiit eivloni instead or rieing naw
is d.-o.l"dy ancient and thiaka tnat
t'urtlaad nnd bettor wake up.
Of the unities BM'Iflaiif if Inn oar
liago iirj'nee Mr. C'li ioh is employed
! tte tpp On iird cuii i cany uear
Moiitit iLioJ and ttin yuio;lily, mbu
istincnf htM, no f ira'lt
livedl it llc4 RiT. i-eaidea iu i'nrr-
tLi where she eill I carri4 at tbe
rosi Jonce 'f bT pnrente ui thet tilt-
Liken lluod River Product.
ISolow will be founu a letter that is
self explanatory :
Fortlund, Ore., Sept. 17, l'.HKi.
Hood River Milling Co.
While ut llwano this sumuior 1 used
flour from a Mr. Collins' grocery la
belled "Cascade Mills, Cupid brand,
Hood River Milling Co., Hood Riv
er., Ore.'! 1 liuve enquired here iu
l'orlund and can tlud no one who car
ries "Cupid" brand. Will you kind
ly let me know by return mail who
oarits it here as I consider it the best
Hour 1 have ever used.
Mrs. .1. J. Allard,
f).r)5 South Third street,
Portland, Oie.
We are informed that the teasou
the lady could not llnd the brand of
Hood River flour she wus looking toi
wus because the Cupid brand is sold
iu Portland under tbe uume of Ivoyal
Itiiinl Issue Carried.
Tbe meeting held at Barret last Sat
urday to vote upon the question of
Issuing li,iKHt 'additional bonds of
continuing the work of constructing
tha now ditch of the Hood River Irri
Irriagtiou District was successful, the
bond issue being cariied by (it to !!(i.
Thia is sail to mean that work will
go ou the large 11 ad ley ditch aud that
the irrigation ayatein being installed
above tbe lliuns and Hickle placoi
will be puahel to completion until it
intersect with the Dead Point ditch.
The $:i,KK special aasoaiawut (or
tbe purpi ot paying iutereat ou
boadM and other nwiesiary expotisej
consented with the work oa the
ditch wul f iled dotu. Secretary
SbomiekHT sy ke d" Kit tbink
there wi'l be of dlrniiHv in nerket-
ing tb niw tjouds and tbt work ou
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