The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 20, 1906, Image 3

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thm Carloaa Story Told by tho Somlk
lea Islaadora. o
The iouth bob Islanders toll a curious
Story of the jrlijin of fire. If they arc
to be believed, they came luto posses
sion of that useful element In the fol
lowing manner: A great whale Was
once washed adore upon one of their
Islands during the prevalence of a ter
rible hurricane. The monster became
entangled In a grove of tallow trees (a
l pedes of evergreens whose branches
easily Ignite) and while gnashing his
teeth In his Impotent rage struck etT
spark which lighted the grove and con
sumed both trees and whale. Fires
which are said to have been perpetu
ated Blnce the day of the "great whale
Are" may yet be seen burning In many
parts of the lslnnds.
Another fire legend, believed In by
the Inhabitants of the Islands to the
north of the ones In which the "great
whale Are" Is preserved, Is to the effect
that a great air dragon (probably light
ning) breathed upon a tallow tree and
set Its branches on Are. From the coals
left from this fire they learned of Its
great value and have ever" since used
the element for domestic purposes and
In their religious ceremonies. They
also have a tradition that the time will
come when the dragon will return for
the fire and that no man will be able
to withstand blm and save the sacred
spark except he be a person born with
pink eyes, fair skin and white hair.
For this reasou the birth of an albino
Is always hailed as a good omen and
his or her person guarded with Jealous
care, so as to preserve life to Its ut
most limit Marionette mentions seeing
a "lire god" or "Are guard" (albino)
while on his visit to the Islands who
was believed to be at least 155 years
old and who bad always been provided
for by the tribe.
RefAnesque, who made south sea Is
land myths and legends a study for
years, U of the opinion that the return
of the drlon for his Are Is symbolic
if r.i.itli and the Aight of the spirit "
&ecordlnc to Tradition, Pan Tamsrht
Mortals How to Malta Bread.
Man has not always eaten the Ane
wbcaten bread which Is so frequently
served today, and yet It would be nec
essary to go fur back into prehistoric
times to And the period In which some
kind of bread was not baked. Sarah,
who cooked for Abraham, the "father
of nations," made bread Just as her
ancestors had made It for hundreds
of years before her time. She prepared
a paste of Aour and water and, having
shaped it into round, flat pieces, burled
It In the ashes of the hearth. It was
many years before the Jewish people
knew any other kind of bread, although
there were times when these Aat cakes
were baked uton the gridiron until
they were dry and brittle enough to be
broken by the hand.
According to tradition, It was Pan
tile god with the face and legs of a gnat
who Arst taught mortals how to make
bread. .AcconJIue-io the, same author!
ty, it was the goddess Ceres who taught
the Greeks how. to cultivate corn and
Mcgalarte and Megulomuze who In
structed them lu the art of kneang
U mr and bukiue loaves In ovens. So
successful were their pupils, however.
that nt one time no less thun seventy-
two kinds of bread, were evolved out
of various combinations of milk, oil,
honey, cheese and wine with the Aour
of that period.
For a very long time the Romans
were caters of gruel, the art of parch
lug corn and of converting It Into Aour
having been taught to them by King
N'unia (1715 B. C), while the baking of
the compound was ouly Introduced
with the worship of Fornax. Perma
nent public bukehouses were In use In
Rome as early as G30 B. C. Strangely
enough, however. In the midst of the
bewildering progress of the centuries
bread Is one thing that has shown but
little Improvement.
Wfcca Wawaa Pra d Six CaataHaa
Am Man Had ta Aeoaat.
In two countries, at least, and more
than 000 year ago laws were paued
which gave women the right of propos
ing marriage. These enactments went
even farther than this. They also stip
ulated that If, the man whose band
they bad sought should refuse he
should Incur heavy Ane.
A searcher among the ancient rec
ords of Scotland discovered an act of
the Scottish parliament which was
passed In the year 1288, which runs as
'It h statut and ordain that during
the rein of his malst bllsslt Megeste, Ilk
for the years knowne as Lepe Yeare,
Ilk niayden ladye of battbe hlghe and
lows estaet shall bae liberie to bespeke
ye man she likes, albeit gif Be refuses
ta talk hir to be his lawful wvfe. be
shall be mulcted In ye sum of ane dun.
dls or less, as his estalt may be, except
and awls gif be can make it appear
that he is betroth it ane ither woman,
he then shall be free."
A year or two later a law almost
similar to the Scottish enactment was
passed In France and received the ap
prove I of the king. It Is also said that
before Columbus sailed on bis famous
voyage to the westward a similar prlvt
lege was granted to the maidens of
Genoa and Florence.
There Is no record extant of any
Anes Imposed under the conditions of
this Scotch law and no trace of statis
tics regarding the number of spinsters
Who took advantage of it or of the sim
ilar regulations in France, but the cus
tom .seems to have tafcen Arm hold
upon the popular mind about that tlnie,.
The next mention of it la dated nearly
400 years later, and it Is a curious little
treatise called "Love, Courtship and
Matrimony," which was published In
London In 1000. In this quaint work
the "Drivileire" Is thus alluded to: . ,
"Albeit It now becomes a part of the
common law In regard to social rela
tions of life that, as often as every
leap yeare doth return, the ladyes have
the sole privilege during the time It
contlnuetb of making love either by
wordes or lookes, no man will be en
titled to benefit of clergy who doth In
any wise treat her proposal with slight
or contumely."
Up to within about a century ago It j
was one of the unwritten laws of leap
year that If a man abould decline a '
proposal he should soften the disap
pointment which his answer would
bring about by the presentation of a
silk dress to the unsuccessful suitor
for his hand.
A curious leap year superstition is
still to be met with In some parts of
Mew England, and that Is that during
leap year the "beans grow on the
wrong side of the pod."
Eaclaad Afloat.
England's naval supremacy began In
1588 with the defeat of the renowned
Spanish armada. This fieet consisted of
130 vessels, carrying 2,500 cannon and
30.000 men, while the , English navy
consisted of but Afty vessels no bigger .
than yachts and thirty of the queen s
ships. When the cdnfifct was over the
Spaniards had lost eighty ships and
10,000 men. A medal struck to com
memorate this great event bad for Its
motto, "He sent out bis snows, nd
. be scattered them." ' .,
What a "Barrtoaaa" la.
"Hurricane" is the old Spanish nam
for a West Indies cyclone, btft it Is
used by modern meteorologists to des
ignate a long continued wind 'of ex
treme violence. In Beaumont's scale
the different winds are classed as
"light" "gentle," "fresh" and "strong"
brecses. The next Is a "stiff" breeie,
then a "strong" wind, and then we
strike the "gales." The "gales" run
thrtmgb three or four classes, the last
merging Into thehurricane."
Aa Aat Retort.
"Foo's sometime ask questions that
wise men cannot answer," remarked
the professor in the course of bis lec
ture. "Then that explains why so many of
is get plucked In our examinations,"
said the Aippant student Home Notes.
galftla m Bardaa.
"Aren't you the man I gave a pi to
the other day r
"Yes. lady."
"What did you do with ltf
"J gave It to my brother; he's strong
er than I."-New York Press.
Aa Iacaatloaa Crltle.
Almost the last work that Sir Edwin
Landseer was engaged on wss a life
sized picture of Nell Gwynn passing
through an archway on a white palfrey.
This picture. In which the horse alone
was finished, was bought by one of the
Rothschild family and given to Sir
John Mlllals to complete. One morn
ing a celebrated art critic called and
.was much Impressed with this work..
"Ati, to be sure!" be said, going up
close and examining a deerhound,
which almost breathed.' In the fore
ground of the picture. "How easily
one can recognize Landseer's dogs!
Wonderful, Isn't It?" "Yes, It Is won
derful," remarked Sir John, lighting an
other pipe. "I finished painting that
dog yesterday and have done the whole
of It Jlyself." That critic was sorry he
Aaetaer Reaioa.
Aunt Emellne is the best loved wom
an In Say mouth, for her charity is ulIU
of hand and heart Like many other
excellent persons, Aunt Emellne Is not
a church member, but she Is a regular
attendant at the village church, which
Is so near ber cottage as to seem un
der the same roof. When, at the clou
of a recent sermon, the minister re
quested all those present who had nev
er united with the church to retire at
the end of service, everybody was sur
prised to see Aunt Emellne rise and
start down the aisle.
, "Aunt Emellne," the minister called
softly, "that does not apply to your
'That Isn't why I'm going," Aunt
Emellne responded sereuely. "I smell
iny .dinner burning up." Youth Cow-
Ta OlU JIeabadaa. .
The oilv character of the menhaden
1 familiar. It Is caught for Its oil, 1
which Is tried out In factories. Men-'
haden Ashernien use purse nets, which
are tarred to preserve them. To keep
their hands from sticking to the tarred
net they rub on them a freshly caught
menhaden, handling It somewhat as
they would a cake of oap. So oily I
the menhaden that the slmpleressure
thus applied hi enough to bring
through the scales oil sufficient for the
Fleaaaat Job.
"Oh, George, I'm so glad you'v
come," exclaimed the sweet girl. "Fa
ther la so excited and disturbed. Do go
In and calm him."
"Very well," replied Mr. Lovett,
"what's the matter with blm J". "
Why er I Just told him you want
ed to marry me." Philadelphia Press.
Some men don't care how dull busi
ness Is if it is equally bad with their
About the third time some people
how you a kindness you And they
want to sell you something.
Patience is that which you have to
have with others, but which no one Is
colled upon to have with you.
Society is a good deal like our rlcb
kin we are mighty uloe to its face,
but make fun of It behind its back.
Some people are like a worthless
team of horses always have to be
helped when it comes to pulling a load
There is one way of starting on the
pathway to get rich which is seldom
traveled these days running a store
and living over It
It sometimes happens that defer
enc 1 shown a man not In recogni
tion of bis greatness, but because he
will b cranky of it isn't. Atchison
Thar Bad Ha Dlaaer.
1 The absentmlndedness of a certain
well known Scotch professor la notori
ous. Not long ago he luvlted a few se
lect frieuds to dine with him, and upon
their arrival, some short time before
the hour set apart for dinner, the pro
fessor suggested a walk through the
conservatory and grounds until the
eons: should sound the dinner hour.
After spending a short time inspect
ing Aowers, plants, etc., host and
gueata came suddenly to a small gate
at the end of the lawn. "Ah," said the
professor to his astonished guests, "as
suredly this will be a much nearer way
home for you than going back to the
front" And, all unconscious of his in
vitation to dinner, be opened the gAU
and bowed his srueats nut
Ironing Hoard. -
I have Just made up an assortment
of these necessary srticles, also have
the material to make them to order,
Experleuoe has taught what kind give
the best service, also what to make
them of to prevent warpiog, obeoking
or extracting pitch.
Yours for anythiug in the Jcarpen
teiing line.
F. O. COE,
Opposite O. B. Hartley's Res.
Phone 571.
Pal a from a Burn Promptly Relieved
by Chamberlain's Pain Balm
A little child of Michnl Straus?, of
ernon, Conn., was recently in great
pain from a burn on the hand, and as
cold applications only increased the in
ttsmmatinn, Mr. Straus csme to Mr
James N. Nichols, a local merchant
lor something to stop the pain. Mr
Mcliols says : "I advised linn to use
Chamberlain's Pain Halm, and the firnt
application drew out the inflammation
and iave immediate relief. I have used
this liuaiuenl myself anil recommend it
very often for cuts, burns, strains and
a me back, unci lisve iiever known it to
disappoint." For nate by Keir & Caep,
Nature's Way Is Best.
Tha fnAotlon strrnethenlne and tisane
building plan of treating chronic, linger
ing and obstinate cases of disease as pur
sued by Dr. Fierce, is following alter
Nature's plan oi restoring neaun.
Ha nsM natural remedies, that I
extracts from native medicinal roots.
repared by processes wrought out oy
is expenditure of much time and
money, wllliou. uie use oi aiconoi, sua
by skillful combination In Just the right
Golden Medical Discovery, Black Cherry
bark, yueen's Toot, Uolden Seal root,
Bloodroot and Stone root, specially eiert
their Influence In cases of lung, bronchial
and throat troubles, and this "inscov
T" Is, therefore, a sovereign remedy
for bronchitis. laryngitis, chronic couch.
catarrh and kindred ailments.
The above native roots aim have the
strongest possible endorsement from the
leading medical writers, of all the several
schools of practice, for the cure not ouly
of the diseases named above but also for
Indigestion, torpor of liver, or bilious
ness, obstinate constipation, kidney and
bladder troubles and catarrh, no matter
whnr located.
You don't have to take Dr. Plorc'
aav-so alone as to tnis: what he claims
for his "Discovery" Is backed up by the
writings of the most eminent men In th
medical profession. A request by postal
card or letter, addressed to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for a little book
of extracts from eminent medical au
thorities endorsing the ingredients of his
medicines, will bring a little book free
that is worthy of your attention if
needing a good, safe, reliable remedy of
known emnpimUion for the cure of almost
any old chronic, or lingering niaiauy.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation. One little " Pellet " Is a gentl
laxative, and two a mno catnaruc
The moat valuable book for both men
and women Is Dr. Pierce's
Common .Sense Medical Ad'
viser. A splendid lOM-paire
jwgj volume, with engravings
?f.'J paper-covered, will be sent
to anyone sending 21 cent
In one-cent stamps, to pay
the cost of mailing only, to
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.
Y. Cloth-bound, 31 stamps.
Leave Hood River 8:00 a. m. . Leave Dee 4:00 p. m.
On June 10th, and each Sunday there
after, Mount Hood Railroad will run an
Excursion Train between Hood River
and Dee.
I 9 A more pleasant trip than
I a few hours ride through the
Beautiful Hood River Valley
cannot be taken and the
Fishing' in immediate
vicinity of Dee is unsur
passed. Round Trip $1 Round Trip $1
Tickets on Sale at Office Mount Hood Hotel.
Facts Worth Knowing.
Our little daughter Gladys, suffered
for some time for causes unknown to
us until we bad to keep her out of
rcbool. We Dually took her to our
pbyiichn who recommended nerve
treatment of the eyes. So we took
ber to Dr. W. F. Laraway end bad
glasses fitted. Soon alter she had one
slight attack and now we consider her
perfectly welL
Mr. and Mrs, J. R. Crosby.
For sale bv Emporium. Twenty acres
on Methodist lane, four miles southwest
from Hood Ki-er, small house, Borne
land cleared, Only 13000.
Not for vour dealer's fuke, nor for
Benson's Mke but fr your own sake
ret some of Benson's Fancy new
potatoes. They will make you smile.
Nature's Wondrous Handiwork
Position as farmer on strawberry (arm. !
Am well experienced and willing to work j
Address T. J. Hammond, Bor 08,
Springfield, Ore.
B. II U jrwir duty to nuk. yourMlf
-I attr.t-tlvv iKMUtbli.. II rw Sat.
wrlnklrtt. tiiiilrhtljr
completion, lnrn how to iU.rt perfect
ktu hf hanulmt. f turMUtfefl methudi. I
will ud you frr pamphlet. In pi In
HTvlop, firing til par! I culm. If you
writ todity. FW ypn Mtalltsh4.
MADAXK HUDSON, 7 MhcWi bid.,
SH6 Wattblnfton it., PnrtUnd, Off fun.
I R. II. WEBER, Prop.
and i K rr i ; and
. Evergreens, Rosea and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
White Salmon-Hood River
' irw u w .'irwr.if m mm it a.y.vir' ur ih
II iv. . is; . 1 b m
What a man can do I hi greatest
ornament, and he always consults hi
dignity by doing lt.-Crlyl.
Jiitt ee.
Dennsltors in the Ssvins Depart
ment of the First National Bank are
rnniiMied to brioii in t sir back
books in order tbst Interest may be
entered therein which is due Septero
ber 1. Caabiei First National Bank
Reduction Id Floor aid Feed.
Pi.., iiil i 'h prior on Flour an Feed
t vnreluiiise. Bran tU per ton: shirts.
ilfinerton: flour. 14 per barrel. D.
A Hna Trick.
'What do you do to make talk when
you call on new glrlf
"1 usually start by telling a Joke."
"But the rest of the evening?"
"That can be filled up In explalumg
the joke." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Foresee misfortunes that thou mayeat
strive to prevent them, but whenever
tbey happen bear them with magna
nimity. Zoroaster.
Chamberlain's feat R-m'fr let
Nature' Plaa
The mst ucremiil mertMnes ar'
tli..-e tlmt aid natnre. Chsmlrtsin'i
I on j It Remedy sets in thin plan. Take
i when yon hsve a cold and it will allay
I he ci'ii ah. relieve the lunir. aid eipr
toratioii. opens the vecretion and
aid nature in mtnring the system to
healthy condition. Thousands' have
testl6ed to- Its .uperior excellence.
counteracts any tendency of a cold to
ft-siilt In pneiwnoni. rnce Zfic. Largi
size, 50c. hot sale by Keir A Cass.
McGuire Bros, mske their own leaf
ard under their own brand,
Wc pay 4 on time depodtt, current
rata on sivingi accounts, receive deposits
subjea lo check, and do s genets! bank
ing bunnets.
You can hav the advantage of
tfrong btnk it your very dewf by wing
the nails. ,
Send in your depoBta, Acknowledg
ment will be mt you by return nal
Savngt accounts received from on
doBat up.
Open aa account with s snd not
new apidly it wiO grow.
ft. L DURHAM, Vto Mt
a C CATCMNCk, Aa tmm
hi JT-tf- . .
l 34? WfceitST. f0tTiAND.OM.
Through Utah and Colorado
-tl.- t'.jiU', t'i-.iion of llie (IrHinl,
'tliiek iV.i i ', Miir-i i.H aiel l-ii--iv
P'i- !. mi 1 the W'nr il
Famous lioyal Gorge.
KW'K-iuilu'Ke mi l i iH?-r-..-c1 pumri
letH, write to
W. C. McBRIDE, General Agent
: U'l Tn I ill alii-rl,
Two big sail boats, two
big perfectly safe gasoline
laiuiclien uiul two big ferry
scows. Kxpcrt sailors in
charge. Boats leave at all
hours. DEiN & PEARSON
Licensed Ferrymen.
Houses and Lots
. IN
oe's Addition
C. P. R.
Nevt I r to Metiuire HrotlierK,
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired
All work done with Electric
I run and guaranteed
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
Cheap for Cash or on
your own terms.
is the Time to
Phone Farmers 1233.
H. C. COE.
unts Faint
yallRaper. Co.
Have added a complete line of PAINTS, OILS, VAKNlSII
Our stock of paper includes hi test designs in Blanks, Gilts
and high Grades, From 10c up. A full utock of room
molding, Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line of
novelties in Framed Pictures. CALCIMO, the
latest thing in room tinting, mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
Phone G7 1 . First and )ak Streets.
1 1IP
This Bank free
What our men a-i I w mien of fifty years
lienett will be depends on the children of to
day. Is it not worth our while, even at the
cost of considerable ellbrt, if necessary to
teach our boy or nirl the value of money, the
habits of thrift, economy aad savings. Her
bert Hiiencer says "education is the prepara
tion for complete living." One of our Homo
Saving" Hanks which yon can have FRKK
upon ('iH'iiinK an account with one dollar or
more, if in your home, is a constant appeal
ing educator, teaching the habit of saving
silently, forcefully, and not to be denied.
Saving Department
First National Bank
When purchasing ticket to Chi
cago and the East, sea that it
reads via the Chicago Worth
Western Railway. Choice of
routes via Omaha or via St. Paul
and Minneapolis. .
It is the rats of Tbs Overland LieJted
snd the direct Una to Chicago farm the
Coast Poor fsst daily Chisago iraias
make connections with all traasBOBti-
Bsatal trains st St Paul and Miane-
Th Bo Everything.
AH afenta sail tickets via this lin.
Foe furtlMT Information pply to
a. . nataaa, MMrt aM, o. a. svw.
isa tw at.,
rorukiw, ant.
'J A
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931
New Location.
We are now located in the Smith Building, in the
room formerly occupied by J. K. Hand, where we will he
pleafted to nee all of our old ctiHtomerH hh well as new ouch.
This large and well-lighted store Iihh been fitted up
with the bent and most complete stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed
ever displayed in the City. Fresh Vegetables received
daily. Call and inspect our stock.
WOOD & SMITH BROS., Proprietors.
are many, too many
to print here, but if
you are interested in having the BEST got acquainted with
Oliver Steel and Chilled Plows
Moline Orchard Disc Buckeye Oider Mill
Sharpels Tubular Cream Seperator
Kimball Cultivator
Bean Spray Pump, Aermoter Wind MUl
Syracuse Spring Tooth
Acme Harrow Buckeye Force Pump
Vehicles and Farm Machinery
Bartmess' Furniture Store
Malleable. Iron Peds, guaranteed against breaks by the
factory for 25 years, and yet cheaper than the cast beds.
We get them direct from the East. Call and look them over.
Building Material, Carpets, Paints, etc. ,
Undertaker and Embalmer. .
r A Large Lmegof New Spring Goods
At prices new before qisoted