The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 30, 1906, Image 3

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llnkenlliiM's streets are fast hbbwiii
in h (ileHsiiiK anient under (tie cout
itiK ot oil wliiub Street Bupetiuteudeut
laiicey u apply lag to tttom.
At tie nieetiiiK of tbe city trustees
three weeks ago it was decided to use
tbe heavier grade of oil aud tbe oou
tract for furnishing a 10.5 gravel qual
ity was forthwith awarded to II. A.
tilodget, bis being tbe only bid before
the board for that grade.
No time bae been lost in getting the
oil aud applying it, and today more
than balf the improved streets in
Bukersfield have leoeived their annual
baptism of the durk fluid.
To say that there is a great improve
ment in conditions is putting it mild
ly. Where several weeks ago there
was several inches of dust, tbe streets
are now packed smooth in many
places, assuming tbe appearanoe of as
I he application of oil to tbe streets
has been carried on in UakarsBeld lor
a number of years and many streets
have now reached e stage of perfec
tion where little or no further expense
is necessary. For a new Btreet that
has never before been oiled the con
tract calls for 115 bariels to tbe block,
coBting at the present contiaot price
about 975 per block foi the oil ap
plied. This is (he maximum applica
tion and tbe cost ranges from tbe
above figure down to 112 or $10 per
block, aceordiiig to the amiuut of oil
A specially designed sprinkler is
used in spreading the oil which bas
been previously heated to a tempera
ture of 200 degrees. After tbe oil bas
lieeu allowed to soak into tbe surface
for a short time a slide or drag con
structs of timbers is used to thor
oughly mix tbe oil and dirt. When
this operatic has been completed
sand is spread upon tbe stieet in
places where too much oil bas col
lected to thoroughly mix with the
Tbe toiegoiug pla'i of application
has been found very successful in llak
ersfleld with one or two exceptions,
tbe failures being noted in localities
where the streets have a loamy forma
tion or where the soil is oomposed of
clay Hud loam. In such cases the dirt
fails to pack properly and has a ten
dency to creep and form holes in the
surface. Plans are under considera
tion to remedy these objectionable
features aud hopes are entertained
that a successful method will soon be
found to overcome them.
Mr. Vancy, when seen last evening
by a Californian representtive, stated
that in the course of ten or twelve
days the present annual oiling will be
completed, which gives us the wel
come assurance that for tbe balance
of the suiumei liakerslield will be
practically a duslless city. Bakers
field CHlifornian.
Special (.'ortvspondeKe.
Undwwood, Aug. 20, 190G.
Editor Glacier:
Hood River people generally seem to
think that they aie "it" wbeu it
comes to getting big returns from
their fruit, but that Is mainly du) to'
tbe fact that Underwood is yet to be
heard from.
Our oouuty is new, aud we bare
but few trees of bearing age, but what
few we have are settiug a mark that
otbet growers will find it difficult to
urpass. While, when it comes to
growing peaches. Underwood stands
inacl tssby iUclf. Ketly 4 Dubois
have three trees of Hales Early, 8
years old, that bave botue since iney
were three years old, every year.
Tbe trees now measure 20 feet in di
ameter and 75 feet in circumference
and 16 feet high. This year they
picked 35 twenty-pound boxes horn
each tree, which sold for $30 por tiee,
t'M for the three trees, yielding a net
profit from tbe three trees ol ?ia.
Tbe trees aie planted 24 feet apart
biob would allow 75 trees to tbe
acre. Now figure out me returns
from an acre if you dare. Ibe aver
age retruu for the last three years is a
trifle over 817.50 per tree. nd even
this figure looks good to us, when we
stop to think that we do not bave to
irrigate or spray this crop, wnicn re
lieves us of two very heavy items
in the expense aooouut.
Now wbv in tbe name ot all tuai ib
wonderful will neonle even stop to
see Hood River's $1,000 an acre land
ben land that will vield over r-s.uuu
per acre in our crop can be bad here
for 150 per acre. Keeley & Diiuoia
have 500 two-year-old trees, that is
yearling trees planted two yeais ago,
from which they can expect to begin
ickiug peaches this week,
to . R Cash baa a tree of Crawfords.
22 years old that is loaded to breaking
itb Hue fruit, as it is every year, anu
yet people outside of Underwood tall
us this is an oif veai for ueaches.
Underwood is certainly loe peacn
section of tbe Hood Kivar fruit dis
trict. Come and see for yourself, a
oard to our post-master will secure
you a rig.
Milking Machines.
Tbe dairy opertois of tbe Noith
west will bave an opportunity to wit
ness one of tbe latest applications
for "milking mechanically" in oper
ation daily in connection with the
airv exhibit during Oregon State
Fair week (Sent. 10-15). This is cer
tainlv a wonderful machine, the work
ing of which is perfect, toe lacteal
fluid being extracted gently, speedily,
aud thoroughly, therefoie removing
great amount of tbe drudgery in
connection with this very profitable
adjunct of our growing agricultural
district. Tbe dairy section of tbe fair
has outgrown its building and addi
tional space will be provided.
Another "Needles Scheme.
The Silencer Seedlesa Apple Co., bas
taken ui p. new dodge and assumed a
iin.iit.inii that cannot be maintained.
The bave offered for sale the Seedless
Sultana grape in tbe catalogue that is
issued from their oliice in Buffalo, N.
i.. nnd Dubliclv state that it is to
cover the northeastern territory in
nlndim New York and the New Bug'
lain (.fates. The following is their
published statement aud otter of out
f.i iitsa fnr siile :
"This new i nd absolutely seedless
crane can now be grown successfully
n our climate. Uood size, neb,
sweet flavor, very proline and a
nl.rniii grower.
"Write us for particulars as to
method of propagating this new aud
rcnarkable variety." Now tbe Sul
fUim nrnnn is liv no means "new,'
fnr it has been known in the Old
World for ceutuiieu and been grow
ina iii America for many long years,
1 saw vineyards of it in Culifoinia
about 20 years ago, where it is a most
excellent grape. Nor is it suitable to
any part of tbo eastern states much
Ireine noitheastern part. It
a nn of the varieties of the Viuifer
species east of the liocky Mountain
divide, except in a portion ot western
IVxhh. 1 he nnce tor which tney as".
for cuttiugs of this grape, $1 each, is
enormous aud noi-itively extortion t
They can be had for from $3 to $1 per
thousand in ualitornia, or luipuumi
from i'nrkev or an v where that the va-
rietv is crown in Europe or Asia for
about the same price. Hooted plants,
ouhieli b worth far more than out
tings, cuu be bought for less than 25
cents each, delivered postpaid to any
address, aud I would guarantee to see
H.m. t.liio In Hnnn. but would not aa-
to rilant tbem east of
Nuw Mavinn nnd Utah.
Perhaps these "seedless" people
will next offer the Washington naval
nrunoH fnr sale (because it is seed
luuul in Illinois and adjacent states,
where it would meet tbe same fate as
Um MnltHn urane in New England.
A nrl w liv nnt the "seedlesss water
melon" for AlaBka?-H. E. Van Ue
man in Rural New Yorker.
Remnant of Boom to Become Saloon.
Tiia nlrl ahn factorv on the Wash
ington side of the river is about to be
changed into a saloon, and this will
awaken in the minds of many tbe oft
repeated story of tbe North Dalles and
c:,-Un,i DiiliflH land boom when that
...k-rii-aH nnd sand and sun-scorcb
ed region attracted tbe attention of
of our Eastern
cities. Corner lots there sold for all
the wbv from $150 to KWU, and glass,
enr. et. box and other factories were
projected, all of which came
i.Bi.uht Uatelv the building
luan imml mi a rooming house for em
ployes on tbe North Hank road which
will In the near future have a saloon
attachment. Chronicle.
Borers Destroy 500 Tree.
n V 1 .annum, a rancher north of
t-'n ima n vouiia oicbard of 500
una 'l.urllv Affected with "borers,"
and thhc entire orchard will bate to
i.o T-,r TIia trees were bougt last
snring from an Oregon nursery. Mr,
ill trv In torce the nursery
He bas notified tbe
t.n-f ixnitnml insnector of tbe condi
tijn of the orcliara ana or mo
that alfected trees bad been allowed
the aiuto line, notwithstand
ing tha ar.ntA inspection law Counoil
Was Worth It.
ti... .p. tpllinir this stotr on a cer
tain pretty Trout Lake girl whose
father was anxiotrt to get bis bay
stacked. Tbe aforesaid pretty girl
-h.a tr iriaana to tbe farm band
who would haul the most bay to tbe
stack In two dBys leoently, and
ti nf the first day t
p.a,i lioen prostrated, and tbe re-
hurl tin lie declared off to save
the lives of tbe balane.
Reduction In Flour and Feed,
Special cash price on Flour and Feed
at warehouse, nran n v .,' -
i i,,n- fl. .nr. 14 rjer barrel. V.
I'rof. Tyler, of Amherst college, said
recently: "A man can live Comfortably
ithout brains: no man ever existed
without a digestive system. The dys-
eptic has neither faith, hope or char
ity. Day by day people realize the
mpftrtance of caring for their digestion;
realize the need of the use of a little
corrective after overeating. A correc
tive like Kodol For Dyspepsia. It di-
ests what you eat. Sold by imams'
Why does the pun bum? Why does
mosmiito Bting? Why do feel un
happy in tbe Hood Old Summer Time?
Answer: we don t. ne use jJewiUB
Witch llax'l Salve, and these little ills
u t bother us. Learn to;look for the
name on the box to gel the genuine.
Sold by Williams' Pharmacy.
fr. Usee's FimKi PftKiJpSafc
It not a secret or patent medicine, af&iaft
which most Intallsarat people art
quiuikatarally averse because of the un
certainty as to their harmless characMr,
but U a medicine or mown compositkjB,
a fall list of all Its Ingredient being
printed, in ploin English, on every bottle
wrapper. An examination of this list of
Ingredients will disclose the fact that it
is nou-alcohollc in lit composition, chem
ically pure glycerine taking the place of
the commonly used alcohol, in its make
up. The "Favorite Prescription" of Dr.
Pierce it in fact the only modlclne put up
for tha sure of woman's peculiar weak
nesses and ailments, told through drug-
lists, that does not contain alcohol and
ttattooin larat avttntitit. Furthermore,
It It tbe only medlnlne for woman's special
dlseasna, the Ingredients of which have
the unanimous endorsement of all the
leading medical wrltert and teachers of
all the several schools of practlcs, and
that too as remedies for the ailments for
which "Favorite Prescription" it recom
mend nd.
A little book of some of these endorse
ments will be sent to any address, post
paid, and absolutely free If you request
same by postal card or letter, of Dr. 14.
V. Pteree, Buffalo, N. Y.
Don't forget that Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, for woman's weaknesses and
delicate ailments, is not a patent or secret
medieine, being the "Favorite Prescrip
tion "of a regularly educated and gradu
ated physician, engaged In the practice
of his chosen specialty that of diseases
of women that lu ingredients are printed
in plain EnglU en every bottl-wrappe,r;
that It it the enly medicine especially de
signed "for the cure of woman's diseases
that contains no alcohol, and the only
one that hat a professional endorsement
worth, more than all the so-called "testi
monials ever published for other med
icines. Send for these endorsements at
above. Ths.rareAfortbeatUlnf.
If you lunar from periodical, headache,
backache, ill ml nest, pain or dragging
dowa sensation low down la the abdomen,
weak back, have disagreeable and weak
Ing, catarrhal, pelvlo drain, or are la
distress from being long on your feet, then
you may be sure of benefit from taking
Dr. Plaree's Ftftoite Prescription.
Dr. Pteroc'a Pleasant Pellelt the best lax
fttlve ain4 regulator of the bowels. Thsy
Invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
One a laxative; two or three a cathartic
C. P. R.
Next Door to McOuire Brothers.
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired
All work done with Electric
I rou and guaranteed
Not for vour dealer's pake, nor for
Benson's sake but fr your own sake
get some of liens n's Fancy new
potatoes. They win mane you snuie.
McGuire Bros, make their own leaf
bird under their own brand.
Boardlm and dr school for touuc ladica.
Uuilo (LeschtiEky raatbod). Art: Compl.t
Academic Count ; ipscta) inducement. For
Information addrM SliUr Superior.
Pacific University
forest grove, oregon,
high-grade College with
Superior equipment.
Beautifully located twenty-six milas
from Portland
Full regular collese courses.
Academy gives strong preparatory and
Hicrn School courses.
Conservatory of Music and School of
Art, with superior instructors.
Business branches taught
Gymnasium and Held Athletics under
a rnysicai Director.
Well-equipped L-boratories.
Library of 13.(hk Volumes.
Healthful social life; religious influences.
All student enterprises active.
Btsi irf tuuvRiiun
When purchasing ticket to Chi
cago and the Kaat, see that it
reads via the Chicago & North
western Railway. Choice of
routes via Omaha or via St Paul
and Minneapolis.
It is the route of The Overland Limited
and the direct line to Chicago from the
Const Foot fast daily Chicago trains
make connections with all transcoati
aental trains at St Paul and Minne
Tht Vest of EVerftfitng.
AH agents aell tickets via this lint.
Par further information apply to
a. . Noteca, tmni t, e. a. aar. ay
it a TMrS at.,
pwnui, eat.
White Salmon-Hood River
Two big sail boats, two
perfectly safe faaolme
launches and two lug ferry
Expert sailors in
charge. Uoats leave at all
hours. DEiN & l'EAHSON
Licensed Ferrymen.
Wood For Sale
All Kinds at T-owest
Market Price.
Prompt delivery, phone. Murray Kay.
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
Leave Hood River 8:00 a m. Leave Dee 4.60 p. fsl
On June 10th, and each Sunday there
after, Mount Hood Railroad will run an
Excursion Train between Hood River
and Dee.
A more pleasant trip than
a few hours ride through the
Beautiful Hood River Valley
cannot be taken and the
Fishing' in immediate
vicinity of Dee is unsur
passed. Round Trip $1 Round Trip $1
Tickets on Sale at Office, Mount Hood Hotel.
Nature's Wondrous Handiwork
Through Utah and Colorado
(tattle Gate, Canon of the Gram!,
Black Canon, Marshall anil Ten
nessee Passes, anil the World
FaniniH Knyal Gorge.
For descriptive unci tllUHlrated pamph
lelB. write to
W. C. McBRIDE, General Agent
124 Third street, PORTLAND, OR,
Hunts Paint $1
Wall Paper Co.
Have added a complete line of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISH
Our stock of paper includes latest designs in Blanks, (Jilts
and high Grades, From 10c up. A full stock o room
molding, Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line of
novelties in Framed Pictures. CALC1MO, the
latest thing in room tint ing, mixed t o order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
Phone 071. First and Oak Streets.
R. II. WEBER, Prop.
Roses and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
Houses and Lots
Arrival and Departure of Mails.
The pontorriee iHopcn dally between 8 a. m.
nd 7 n. in.: BimrtRy Iror 2 to 1 o'clock. Mails
for the KhhI cluxe at 11.21 i. in., 8.10 p. m. and
t p. in.; for the Went, lit a) p. m. mid I p. in.
Thecrrternn tt. K. 1). route" No. 1 and I!
leave the poHUitllce at 8.80 a. m. Mall leaves
f or ml iiiKiu, aauy m u m
For Underwood, Wash.,
dav. at 12 in., arrives at 11
For White Hiilmon, Wash.,
arrives 10. aO
dally.Jexcept Sua
a. m.
dally at 12 in
arrives at II a. in
For Hood Itlver, dally at 9 a. in.; arrives at
2 p. in.
ril Iiutllll, irouiiKe anu uuwr, nu.(
dnll hi '.At a. in.; arrives 5 p. m.
Fnr I'h'iiwood, Fuldu and Utlmer, wanii.,
dally at 7.3(1 u. in.; arrives at II p. m.
ror rine r ihi idu nnowuen, n wu., i i.
m. Tuesdays and Hulurdays; arrives same
days at li in.
For unwell, aauy at . P. m. arrives ai
8.45 a. m.
are many, too many
to print hero, hut if
yon are interested in hn ving the BEST get acquainted with j
Oliver Steel and Chilled Plows
Moline Orchard Disc Buckeye Cider Mill
Sharpels Tubular Cream Sepcrator
Kimball Cultivator
Bean Spray Pump, Aermoter wind mm
Syracuse Spring Tooth
Acme Harrow Buckeye lorce rump
Vehicles and Farm Machinery
Coe's Addition
East bound
No. 2, Chicago Kpeclal. 11:45 ft. in.
No. 4, Hnokane Flyer, 8:Hn p. m.
No. 6, Mall and Express, 10:42 p. ra.
No. 8, IU:: a. in. No mail.
No. 24, Way Freight, 12:15 p. m.
No. 22. Kant Freight, 4:06 a. in.
West bound
No. 1, Portland Hpecial, 2:35 p. m.
No. S, Portland Flyer, &:M a. m.
No. 6, Mall and Kx press, 4:42 a. m.
No. 7, 3:40 p. m. No mall.
No. 23, Way Freight, :25 a. m.
No. bh, Fast Freight, 1K p. m.
Union Deuot- Leave. Arrive.
(rhlcairo-Portland SDectftl for
the Kst via Huntington, dally 9:30 am 5:00 pm
Hpoaane Flyer rur lutstura
Washington, Walla Walla,
I .Awiwion. I wur d' Alene and
Ureat Northern points, dally 6:15 pm 8KKI am
Atlantic F.XDreas for I lie Kant
via Hanllngton, dally 8:15 pm 7:15am
Portland-biggs local, for all
uoints between hiwts and
Portland, dally 8:15 am 6:00 pin
Sfioip Line
a imon Pacific
3 Trains to the East Daily
Thtniivrh Pullman PtandanlR nnd tourlxt
lwplnir phd) (IhIIv to Omaha, rhlcmrn. Hr-
kftm; tourtt uleepintf turn daily to Kan nan
i li v. inmuffn ruilmnn lonrint Meeting car
ipcn'onMiMy cnnaticwa) weekly 10 ijiiichko.
RriMintng chlr earn (so.hU free) to the
FOR ASTOItIA andlMO P. M 5:11) P. M
way iiolnts. connecting Iially
with Htmmer for Il-Aaco! except
and Nort h Beach steam.' Hunday,
er Haiwalo, Ash street Saturday,
V. M.
dock (water per.)
i 10:00
FOR Pavton, OmtnnlM A. M
City and Yamhill Rlv- Dully
er points. Ash street except
dock (water per.) Sunday.
FOR LEWI8TO!f, 1:40 A. M.
Idaho, Bd way points,!
rrom tuparia, wasa.
730 P. M.
4.00 P. M
ornca Borm
Freight House H a. m. to 12 noon: 1 to I
m. No freight received or delivered after
p ni.
Passenger Depot Honrs fbr delivery of ex
press ana oaggsge win oe s a. m. mi p. m.
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
H. W. BOYLE, Agent, Hood River.
Cheap for Cash or on
your own terms.
is the Time to
Phone Farmers 1233.
H. C. COE.
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phono 931 HOOD 111 VER, Oil.
Summer Outing's
Yellowstone Park
The Finest Place in America for a vacation of a week, a month or the season.
Special Excursion Hilton East in July, August and September during Park season. Tickets will
permit of Stopovers, affording an opportunity to visit the Park at u slight additional axpense.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, and
the Bast.
Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, St.
Joseph and the Batt.
Livingston and Gardner Gateway
is the Government Official Entrance
Send Six Cents for Wonderland, 1906 Full particulars on Application at
Ticket Office 255 Morrison Street, Corner Third
Or by Letter to
A. D. CHARLTON, Assistant General Passenger Agent