The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 02, 1906, Image 4

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fitkli iUVER ' tt'ti AOlBtt, THttM tiA1f , APOUST ft, 1806
An Interesting event took place at
the residence of Mrs. Wilson, in
Cook's addition last Wednesday, when
lier daughter, Miss Kuth W ilson, lie
carue the bride of Charles K. I'urrlsh,
The mariiaKe oeremony was performed
at biuh noon by K. Fields, jiistlc of
the peace, In the absence of Kev. Mr.
Lewis, who was away attendinK the
conference. A number of relatives
and intiuiate friends of the briilo and
groom were present and a bountiful
dinner was served after the cereino
uy. After couratiilations the young
couple loft on the Spencer for Port
land and other points on their wed
ding trip.
White Salmon is forging ahead.
Many lmprovem )nts are being made
itbout town and a number of new
buildings are being erected. The
commodious new home of the Odd
Fellows is Hearing completion. Tho
new building has two large store
rooms ou the first door which it in
said have been rented. On the moo
ond floor aooommodaticus for a tine
lodge room have been arranged which
will Include the main hall 40x30 feet,
an ante-room, second anto room,
kitchen, dining room and a number
of roomy oloBets for lodge regHliu.
When finished the rooms will provide
quarters for entertaining and a meet
ing place for the various lodges at
White Salmon which has long been
tho promoters of the electrio road for
White Salmon, was in that placb re
cently and says that thoro s no ques
tion about the road Doing mint iu me
ueni futme.
Tho building receutly constructed
and occupied by the White Salmon
Valley bunk is a line one and would
be it credit to a city of must any si.o.
It is fitted with tlie most modern
bank film lure, finished in hard wood
with a largo open lire place mid is
large enough to accommodate any
number of pations that the bank
would expect to be present at any
onetime. It nana large safe deposit
vault and a burglar proof sale. Situ
ated on the most prominent corner in
tou it gives a siil)tiiiitiul and pros
perous appearance to our steadily
growing neighbor.
Kev. Mr. Lewis, pastor of the Con
gregational church, who has been
away for two weeks attending confer
ence, recently returned. He reported
a pleasant trip. Kev. Mr. llershner,
of Hood Kiver, occupied the pulpit
tho last Sunday he was absent,
pleaching morning and evening.
The Citizens bank which recently
opened for business in the building
next to the nlllce of the White Sal
mon Vellny Land Co., is a brauch of
the well known UoMondale banking
imitltition. It Is said to be the in
tention of the new bank to build, If
business warrants it.
A. 11. Jewett has the usual large
number of guests this summer at his
line place. Mr. Jewett Is having
eroded a neat cottage near his present
huge dwelling. The lower part of the
The White Salmon Water Co. was cottitge Is constructed oi atone, wuu
i ......i..,i uiiH.iii a fan l.h minor storv im.du of wood, cov-
davi definite action will ue taxed
toward getting this important project
to the town nuder way. It is tho In
tention of the company to bring tho
water into the town from Hig Buck
creek. The water in this stream 's
asid to be of the finest and amply
sufficient In supply the needs of con
sumers in that section for all time.
It. Fields A Co., the real estate
firm, bas bought a lot in the center
of the town and are putting up au
ollioe building. Frank Kgau, the
junior member of the firm, bas re
cently been made a notary publio and
the firm report an Increasing busi
ness. The new Colburn botol opened up
for business last week. It Is situated
next to the residence of C. M. Wol
fiird and the location Is considered a
good one. The hotel contains twenty
live rooms, with all modern couvou
ionces Including a septic tank for re
ceiving and pin lfying the sewerage
B'jd Is up-to-date in every particular.
T. Wyers, sr., who owns the build
ing recently vacated by Mr. Colburn
will. It is said, remodel and improve
it in the near future and open it as a
hotel to be run in connection with tho
various stage lines to t rout Lake and
otljsr point up the valley.
White ftplmou loads all other points
on the river iu the amount of freight
shipments received. The river boats
lire doing such a big business of late
that ttiov are refusing to stop at a few
points down the river. For tho past
few weeks they have been loaded to
the guards and shipments ot goods
which have been ordered have been
very much delayed. Out-of-town
people looking for fruit lauds, invest
meuts and business opportunities can
be seen about the town every day aud
the stages are carrying many pleasure
seekers and tourists to 1 rout Lmko,
(llenwood mid other resorts back In
the mountains.
Wolfard A Co., the merchants,
have recently added a tufiittme de
partment to their already large store
and have also added many otboi feat
ures. Five, ten and fifteen cent
counters have been installed aud the
company bas now on sule about everv
thing that can be found lu a depart
meut store lu the oity.
County Fruit Inspector Ingram bus
been at White Salmon for several days
looking after the Interests of bettor
fruit in that sectlou. Mr. Ingiam's
term of olllce expires lu October when
he w 111 be succeeded by Win. Olson,
of Muslim. Mr. Ingram has been
quite successful In having fruit pests
exterminated while iu olllce and while
insisting on doing bis duty has made
many friend among fruit growers.
E. 0. Peets, of Trout Lake, one of
erod with shingles. An overhanging
shingle roof tops the stiucture, mak
ing a very attractive cottage.
A. W. Ualsiger. tho woll kliown
nierehniit, reports business veri good
for this season .f tho year. Mr. Ual
siger bas faith In the prosperous fu
ture for White Salmon and he Is lint
alone on his Ideas, as most White Sal-
monites are enthusiastic in this re
White Salmon Is a pretty warm
place on a hot day. There Is one
place however, whore you can be
made cool. We refor to the thirst
uonoing factory of II. K. Ilownian &
Co., where you can obtain the cup
that neither chiers nor ineoriaies,
but refreshes. After a long drive over
the country roads one of those long
cool life sa ers is a boon to mankind.
During his trip to White Saluiou
the ( i lacier mau had a heart-to-heart
talk with our correspondent, who has
been nouleotiug his duty somewtiat
latelv. Although he Is a busy man,
he assures us that he will do better in
the future and promises to keep us
informed of the di lugs in the bill
oitv. If von have anything of Inter
est In the way ot news don't keep it
to yourself. We cau tell ic to more
people than you can, tiesuns you
won't have to wear out your voice.
.Inst whisper it In the ear of our cor
respondent, 11. Fields.
While at White Salmon recently tbe
(llacior man was shaved In the print
ing olllce there a very good srave
too, by the way. This isn't the drat
time however that tho Ulaciei man
has lieeu shaved in a prntlng ofllce,
having been iu the business ost of
his ill'e he has been getting shaved
there pretty regularly not however,
w'th a razor. Somebody conies in al-
must evoiv dav with the iiiteution of
ehnvini; him and uond many succeed
in doing it. We wouldn't be surprlsd
if Kilitoi Cinder had been shaved a
few times this way himself.
W. W. Kiiukln, a former Hood Hiv-
er resident, and who was at liingen
until the right-of-way of the railroad
took tho site on which his stable was
located. Is now in the livery business
at White Salmon. His place of liusi
lies is opposite the now Culburn hotel
for which he meets the boats. He
also has a coutiact for hauling gravel
for the railroad Biid has several teams
working In the vicinity of llingeu.
coat of paint, Mrs. Hansen, proprie
tor of the Maple Leaf hotel, bus
bought two lots In the center of the
proposed town and expects to build a
hotel wbiob will be morn modern and
accommodate a greater number of
guests thau the present one.
Judge liyrkett, who in company
with hie wife has been on au extended
trip to Washington, 1. C, returned
last wee!.. Mis. B.ukett will return
after. .
Old residents of liingen, and there
are few older anyhoia in this neigh
borhood, say that this is the first time
iu their in einbranco that two sea
sous have pisitd wleu there has been
no high h iter. Vtoik on the long
level stretch of the uorth l ank rail
road through liingen is progressing
t rapidly. When completed this will
be one of I be best pieces of track to
be found anywhere iu the country.
Kxtending sixteen rules stialght
way with a grade that will be on
only two-tenths ot one per cent.
Through ISitiKon the new road bought
4,r00 feet of right uf-way )0 tut
wide. On tliis the railroad will lav
side tracks and erect a station. With
a natural town site surrounding the
railroad it Is iueviULle that a town of
no mean prr.i nrlious will spring up
at this point, lu fact it is said by
those who know, tbat tnere Is no spot
on the line of the new road that is so
well adapted to the building of a
town. With this in view, it is very
evident why A. If. Upright, who
bought considerable of the right-of-
way for the new road In this neigh
borhood, purchased the store proper
ty of F. L. 1 nomas. The purchase In
cluded three lots along side the store,
wbiob are no wui tli ;iOU a piece. Mr.
Upright paid tl,7U) for tbo property.
The saying that "eveiytbing comes
to him who waits" is exemplified lu
tbe life of Their. Suksdurf, of liingen.
The Suksdorf family landed at Uiugeii
ma i. y years ago, what was known us
W bite Salmon thou, but is now named
after the far famed town in song aud
story of the "Uingou on the Hhiue.
the Suksdorf family was not We ouly
one of thrifty Oorniaus who U tided at
this point as White Saluiou lauding
was known long before the now fa
mous fruit town of Hood Kivei wh
iu existence. It was at this point
tbat tbe Lages, Detbmaus and other
hardy Oerman ploueers, wbo have
helped so mucb to develop various
sections of this country, landed.
It Quiets
the Cough
This is one reason why Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is so valua
ble in consumption. It stops
the wear and tear of useless
coughing. But it does more
it controls the inflammation,
quiets the fever, soothes, heals.
Ask your doctor about this.
The best kind ol a testimonial
"Bold lor over sixty years."
by f . O. Ayr Co.. towtlt, MftM.
a uteri
lliugim is picking up a little these
days. A corner lot sold there re
cently for t'.W, several houses have
been built hikI improvements me be
ing made on others. S. U. II ad ley
has had an addition built to his store
building aud has also giveu It a fresh
Mrs. Hoswell Shelley bad ber bouse
papered one day last week. O. . Ol
sen did the work.
Mr. Win. Ehrck has fcoeu laying tie
foundation for bis new house and tu
lumber Is being hauled. This is to bi
a comfortable, convenient house witli
plenty of room and we are glad Mr
and Mrs. Ehrck are to enjoy this
ideai, ant home, earned by their unit
ed elforts through years of bard work
aud economy. luls house will be
built by returns from land, not by
sale of same, but by receipts from
products, apples pri no' pally. I his
is the third new houte witnlu a raul
oue of one-half mile, the others being
Harry Kemp s and Mr. Clark's, t i
former on a tract bought from K. Llv
ingstone, the latter ou a tract bought
from Mrs. Lenz.
July '21 tb a little girl came to make
her home with Mr. and Mrs. Uuy Tal
uiHtie. and their friends rejoice witli
thoin. This is Kev. Troy Shelley's
tlrst grand-child anil he Is bappy as
oue ou such ocoasious.
At this writing the two children of
10. T. Folts are thought to be on the
wav to recovery. Tbe little girl was
removed from tbe bospital last Hatui
dav. aud It conditions continue as
indicated now, tbe baby will be take
home before the end of the week.
Saturday, July 28, was Gladys Cios
by's 12th birthday aud be Invited i
n u ni ber of friends to help her cole
brute. Ice cream, cake and games
helped to make a merry afternoon an
all went to their homes wishing Miss
(ilndvM many bappy returns of the
A short time since a deal was closed
whereby J. K. Crosby became the
owner of a 40 acre tract formerly
owued by A. H. Mauley, of Fortlaud
ibis was a snap at the price made.
Another party frni Odell will go
Into camp at Lost Lake Tuesday or
Wednesday, aud those uow there will
el inn home when this party arrives
there, thus killius two birds with one
tone, viz., making oue trip mov two
I.eita Bowerman vUlted relatives in
Hood Kiver the I ast week.
M irie Lockman la borne from Port
.1. H. Koeert closed up last his log
ging business at Mitchell's Point last
Mrs. Margaret A. Neh entertained
the members of ber Sunday school
class Tuesday afternoon. Songs, reci
tations and reading a Diina gin a let
ter made a pleasant and instructive
afternoou. Ice cream and oake were
served and all went home united in
thinking this had Leen a delightful
L. D. iloyod and family are Id oamp
at tbe Lava Ileds.
Kev. II. C. Clark Dreaohed at Odell
unday morning. He will preach
again tbe tourtn bUDQay in August.
Tbe C. E. of Odell, bad a mission
ary subieot Huuduv evening. iaa
Young, leader. A special song ny
Miss Alice Lewis ana goou tarns.
IT o
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hem Here
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modern ami up-to-datt
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Ayer'a Pills.
Ueorge Wlncbell came home last
week from the N. P. sanitarium,
bere be bus been oouHued for the
last two weeks.
Cantain Jackson bas been on the
ick list for tbe last few days.
The balers are busy la tbe nelgb
borhood with good prospect of all tbe
work ahead they can possibly nanaie.
The following clipping takeu from
Ibe Pendleton evening paper or July
), will he of interest to our neigh
bors: "At the borne of Mrs Julia L.
Dennis, at 8 :!I0 last evening, William
1. (iadwa and Miss Martha Van Allen,
nf this place, were married. Tbe cei-
emouy was performed ny Kev. (jobs.
II. Nellor, pastor of the Congrega
tional church, .in the prese ice uf a
few of tho groom's intimate friends.
Dainty refiesbments were served and
the bappy couple was presented with
a number ot beautiful and useful ar
ticles." Mies Van Allen is the
. . . j ir a It
daughter m air. enu mrs. van nuvu.
of this nelgbbotnooa ana was wen
known in Pine Urove and vicinity
Mr. Oudwa was employed by Mr.
Frank, of llood Kiver, ior about two
veins and is now in me employe oi
llamley & Co., harness dealers, ol
Pendleton. Mrs. Uadwa came down
week before last and went onto ber
homestead southeast of Willow Fait.
Mr. Uadwa expects to come down
about September 1, when they will
build on the homestead nod become
lesideuts of Hood River valey. Ibe
best wishes of Pine Grove are theirs
Miss Alice Lewis oame down from
Portland Tuesday of last week to spend
a part of ber vacation.
Mrs. Kohler, wbo was brought home
from the Hood Kiver bospital last
Moudny, is Improving. Mrs. Kohler
cannot say enough in pra se of tbe
hospital, nurses and doctors. This in
stitution does not receive the support
it deserves from tbe people of Hood
Kiver and vioinity, and tbe writer
understands tbat . unless it receives
more support, it will be forced to
close its doors.
Mrs. L. M. Wilson returned borne
last week from Cbehalis, Wash
where she bad been for two weeks on
a business trip.
Mrs. P. 11. Robinson and children
of Portland, are visiting at tbe Dav
en port home.
The Misses Katherine and Gertrude
Davenport spent part of last week I
Hood Kiver, tbe guests of Mrs. 11
Mr. La Salle, of Albany, a promt
limit fruit dealer, was seen on our
streets Friday.
Mrs. F. S. Gunning bas returned
to The Dalles after a sojourn of sever
al days with ber mother, Mrs. M,
Miss Josephlue Nickelsen, of Tbe
Hallos, is sojourning on ber home
stead during ber vacation.
About foity of the young friends of
Misses Gertrude Davenport and Zoe
Gunning gave them a genuine old
lashlnned surprise on Friday ulgbr,
at the homo of Mrs. M. Paveopoit.
After a merry time, which was enjoy
ed by all, refreshments were served,
and the guests departed with a feel
ing of ".we'll come again."
Koad Supervisor L. Uuskey must
surely be complimented ou tbe new
road known as tbe Cbaniberlatu road.
This road gives those living on the
ridgo between M osier and Kook Creek
hii easy access botb to town aud rail
road. The new road reduces grades
from a 32 to 8 per cent.
on all
will so to Vancouver, Wash., to visit
frlenda and relatives.
Kvervbodv soiog hop picking to
the valley get your "bib and tucker"
on, for we start lu about oue mouth.
Doroey Sml'h and Albert Oarra
braut started ior tbe harvest fields
last week.
Knllev PhelDS is hauling forty cords
of wood totheFranktou school bouse.
We don't mean to freeze.
Mr. Lee Morse and family have
goce to Lost Lake for a few days out
ing. Mrs. Jayne, of Hood Kiver, is
also oamped there.
Mr. A. I . Phelps bas reoeived sev
eral communications fiom bop grow
ers in Yakima valley. Tbey say hops
are fine this year. Anybody desirm
to go, Mr. Phelps will secure worit in
good fields for tbem.
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1 wish some
recipe for items.
Miss Milo Stull, of Dee, spent Sun
d ty iu llelmout.
Right young ladies ot lielmont went
to the Cascade Locks and back oue
day last week. Tbey repoit having a
good time and a One steamboat ride.
Mr. J. C. Nealeigh is on tbe aick
list this week.
Mr. and Mrs. (. 1). Woodworth and
Mr. and Mrs. John WiUon went op
near Mt. llood to spend two weeks
camping out. We hope they have
tukeu a gun and a good supply ot am
munition along, for there surely must
be iu that vioinity.
The (Irange will give an ioe cream
social Tuesday eveuing at tbe Frank
ton school house.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Philips oame
down fiom Mt. llood this week and
& Watts and J Frazler are now
busy plastering F. U. Hherrieb's new
bouse. Suppose it will be doue up in
good shape, especially when we con
sider wbo it la for
Fred Ingalls visited with bis mother
. m. I 1 .
on Munday artrenoon. rreu iuusi.
have steady work now, as we so sel
lout see him.
Mrs. E. Brayford and husband were
visiting at the Markbam borne on
Sunday last when most delicious ice
cream and cake were served, and
plenty of it.
J. Van Balraoom is down from the
Green Poiut logging oamp and will
spend a day or two with hi -i f' tnily.
lie says lie wauts to get nxiu su m iv
he oan stay at borne aud loon uiter
his small ranoh.
J. H. Shoemaker sot through t ith
baling bay last week. We are infer...
ed tbat J. H. bas quite a large quan
tity of good bay. Well, yes, it is
goud property.
Rookford purchased a flue spun of
young horses last week. Rocktord
means to be up-to-date In good
horses, just at mucb as keeping good
goods at low prices. Small protlts?
Why, yes, you know the rest.
On Saturday evening last, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. K Mark
ham, a very large party of friends
and lelatives numbering 75, gathered
together to celebrate Mr. and Mrs.
Markharo'a sixeeutb year of their
wedded life. Kiery one was In the
best of spil its. Ioe cream and oake
were in abuudance and served up in
good shape Mid a most enjoyable time
was spent 'number until late in the
evening, v. lien tl.e several vehicles
and buase ''epurted, wishing the host
and hosted a loug life and a happy
one: and when tbe shades of the even
ing gather around them tbat tbey ;
may still be bright and cheerful, aud
as tbey peer through the mist may
tbey see liglt ahead and realize the
Cf.ptain will bring tbem safe to the
Harbor of Keet ; tben they can say,
let us go over the Kiver aud camp ou
tbe other aide.
A trip to Portland on the Spencer on
Wednesday or last week. We left the
dock at llood Kiver at 6:110 p. in. aud
called at White Salmon to take on
passengers aud freight. As we passed
on down the Old Columbia 1 thought
what tali - she could tell if only she
bad the gift of speech ! What deeds
of bravery have been performed in
the saving of lite. Then if she oould
just speak and give up the dead, how
many mysteries would be solved, both
of murders and suicides. We called
at Collin's Hot Springs, Stevensou,
tbe Cascade Locks, a most excellent
piece of work and many wonder how
these great leviathans of tbe water are
to pass through. Two large gates at
each end of tbe leeks ares construct
ed to bold tbe water at bay while tbe
boat is lowered or hoisted. Tbe gates
are worked or moved by hydraulic
power and seem to be just as easy gu
lug to sleep in an arm chai. . We pass
ou through tbe rapids, the only place
where it seems dangerous to me, but
the oaptain of tbe boat knows tbe
course to take. We pass on and as we
look out on either side there are
mountains most majestio and grand to
look upon, and we are leminded cf
what tbe palmist said: "Tbe heavens
declare the glory ot Cod and tbe
firmament shewed His handiwork."
We not ioe tbe water falls at various
points, and tbe hills aud mountains
covered with trees and shrubs make it
delightful to look at. Vancouver is
our next stoping poiut, where passen
ger are taken oft aud some get on,
goiug up tbe Willamette river. We
oome in sight of Portland, a city all
aglow with electrio lights. At the
sound ot tbe steamer's born tbe pou
derous steel draw blidge opens wide
its gates, and so we pass saft-ly to our
baven where ntw ana women are sooo
scattered aud we soon Bud ouiseves
at rest in tbe St. Charles hotel Will
tell of our ntura trip at week.
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