The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 19, 1906, Image 2

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Issued evsrv Tharsday W
AtfTHUK D. MOB. PubUthm.
s e4 iutaorlptloa-11.60 J I waea
THURSDAY. JULY 19. 1906.
Portland proposes to bay a new lire
boat, to ooat tlOO.OOQ.
The Dalles wants a distillery for the
manufacture of denatured alcohol to
pickle their soorpions.
Th9 Portland street oar men threat
en to strike unless their anion is rec
ognized by the company. The troutle
was precipitated by the discharge of
the secretary of the local anion.
The Dalles Chroniole, iu speaking
of the oberry show a Salem, at which
Hood River carried off most of the
prizes, says In the bead-line, "Wasco
Wins." If a Dalles man bad taken
any of the prizes at the show would
they still have aaid, "Wasco Wins?"
County Fruit Inspector Castuer
gives warning in anther column not
to offer for sale any fruit that is in
fected with San Jose scale or worms.
It Is unlawful for any one to dispose
of Infected fruit, and If growers will
nturleot to stiray their orchards
gainst scale or oodlin moth, they
must keep their fruit at borne. Radi
cal measures are needed to stamp out
disease and pests, and while this may
work hardship in some oaseH, it will
result in future benefit.
In another oolumn is reproduced an
article from the Rogue River Valley
Courier, in wbiob liuod Rivei is
given credit for oarryiug oil so many
frizes. It ifives as a reason thut
Hood River is so much better udver
tlsed than any other seetiru. The fact
Is Hood River first got ber leputatlou
by ralsiong superior fruit. Fruit ex
perts admit that Hood Rivei bad no
rivals In strawberries and apples, when
it came to quality. Tbey are there
fore willing to pay more for the Hood
River product than for that of any
otber section. Then, the Hood River
pack always baa been superior to that
of any otber and it helped to adver
tise as. While we admit that adver
ising has helped some, and done
muoh to give as good prices, yet wlth-
' out quality it would be bard to get
"repeat" orders. Eastern buyers
looking for apples want the best there
is. Tbey do not oare where they
oome from, so long as they have the
quality. Tbey would not pay 13 a box
for Hood River Bpltzen bergs if tbey
oculd get "just as good" Spttznn-
bergs from Rogue River, Wenatclie
or some otber place. Every fruit
growing section on the coast raises
"just as good "apples as Hood River,
to bear them tell it. The only tiue
test of qualtly, however, Is the niar
- ket price, based on a cold-blooded
business proposition. This is the
point where friendship ceases aud
sentiment is eliminated. Nothing
would please the Eastern buyer so
muob as to be able to buy Hood
apples for two-bits a box. More ad
vertising, a better paok and better or
ganization will get better results, but
It will take "quality" to top the
Louis 8. Rhoades was born in Phil
adelphia, Sept. 12 lHIKt. He came to
Ht. Paul Minn, iu 1H68, to California
In 1871, to Portland in 1H77, securing
his present farm In Hood River, Ore.,
in 1871). He spent 10 years of bis life
in the service of the railway iu bridge
construction department. Mo it
brldgts from Portland to lllack Foot,
Montana, were built under his super
vision. Impaired health led him to
locate on his farui. Ills children were
by bis first marriage. His daiightei,
Mrs. Eva Aokermau and Miss Alue-tie
lllair reside iu Urltiah Columbia.
His only son, O. 11. Rhoades resides
In Hood River. In 1888 Mr. Uuoadee
was married to Mrs, S. Robertson
who survives him. For two years lie
has been unable to work and bis health
gradually declined. And he was the
oonstaut oare of bis devoted wife and
on. He died July 12, 11KW. The
funeral was held by Rev. II. U.
Clark, pastor of the M. K church, ol
whiob bis wife Is a member.
St. Louis ice Hon In Itlg Suit.
St. Louis., July .18,-Cirouit Attor
ney Sager today tiled suits agauiat the
Polar Wave and Merchants' Ice & Fuel
companies ohurgiug conspiracy iu the
restraint of trade aud asks that judg
ment of 171,100 be assessed against
each oomp..ny aa accumulated tine
inoe the alleged combine was formed.
Will Hell Ire at Cost.
New York, July 18. Mayor Coyne,
of Yonkers, is planning to supply the
olty of Vonkers.witb.artiHoial iue at
oust, the tiust having raised the price
to 00 oents a hundred pounds. The
oharity department is preparing to
supply loe free to the poor.
Jerome Discovers len Tru4.
Washington, July la-Ollloials oi
the department of justice, believe au
loe trust exists in New York, with
branches in every large city iu the
country. District Attorney Jerome
baa called the attention of Attorney
Ueueral Moody to the situation.
Will Increase Its Capital Stock.
At a special meeting of the share
holders of the First National bank, ol
Hood River, on Saturday, it was de
cided to double the capital stock ot
the bank, making it f 0,0O0. Till
was deemed necessary ou account oi
tbeir inoieasiug busiuess.
Arrives at Destination.
Washington, July 18. The tloatiug
dry dock Dewey, which went hull
around the world on its voyage to the
Philippines Islauda and is now an
chored olf River I a Point, Olongupo,
Naval Station. At this place there U
05 feet of water, so that all vessel
sentjin to dock can leach it iu perfect
rarety. The Dewey will be anchored
by four huge mushroom anchors at
each end, and as the tide rises oulj
about one foot at Olougapo, theie it
little danger of the huge structure be
lug moved.
Baptist church Sunday school U
a. m. ; preaching 11 a. m. ; Junior 1).
Y.P. U., 3 p. m. ;evening service, 7.30.
Saturday at Dee, occurred a sad ao-
ciduut in which one man lout his life
and several others ucro in dauger
from a flying culile. Jl'e uiill-wright
was adjusting some ot trio inftcmneiy
aud finishing up triune work. John
Kooutz was near tlie log cuiriuge In
the act ot littiug a In we, when the
machinery was started aud au eye
bolt, which connected the cable to the
log carriage, broke oil. The sudden
release ot load canted the ougiue to
spoed i p for an instant, bet ore the
power could be turned off. The end
of the cable rolled up with the veloci
ty of a wbiplaidi, catching Kooutz by
the right lug and throwing him vio
lently to the Hour, smashing Lis head
iu a frightful way, and causing in
stant death.
Fellow workmen who saw the cable
break cried out and dodged, one of
tbem claiming that it came within a
few inches of liim. When Kooutz was
seen to go down tliey rushed to bis as
sistance, but he wus past help. None
ol theeye-witnesHOH can say whether
the cable struck Kooutz in tbu head
or not. The cable struck his leg with
such force as to break both bones aud
nearly tear the lug off, aud he was
probably thrown to the floor with
sutllcieiit violence to break the skull.
Coroner iiurgut was summoned and
he empanelled a jury, who made the
following report: Dee, Ore., July 15,
l'JOti We, the jury empanelled by C.
N. llurget, curuner of Wasco county,
to inquire iuto the oause of the death
of the body now before us, find as fol
lows: That his name was John L.
Kooutz, that he ciune to his death at
abjut the hour of 11 o'clock, Jul, 14,
VMl, at the saw mill of the Orcgou
Lumber company, at Den, Oregon,
aud we further find that he came to
bis death by being hit by a wire ca
ble, the fastening ot which was made
iuto an eye bolt, said eye bolt break
ing iu two, from a faulty weld.
P. F. Bradford,
Frank H. Hchmidt,
F. K. Ksstoe,
A. U. Pierce,
Chaa. P. (Schmidt,
li . Oilnger.
Submitted and sworn to before me
this 10th day of July, 1IXJ0.
C. N. liurget,
Coroner of Wasco county.
The funeral was held at the rest
douoe of Mrs. Baldwin, a daughter of
the deceased, and service oouducted
by Rev. W. U. (Jilmore. A lame gutb
ering of friends and relatives paid
their last respects to the departed,
among the relatives from out of towu
beiuu three brothers and a sister from
Portland, Wasco aud The Dalles. The
funeral arrnngoinunts were iu charge
of H. J'J. liartinnsH,
The deceased leaves a wife aud five
children to mourn the loss ot a bus
band aud lather.
Otis Cusliinan Drowned Near Nteveirsou
Otis Ciishiniu was drowned last
Saturday at Home Valley, near Stev
euson, iu Monohaii's slough while
bathing, lie and several other boys
were iu bathing, and while a short
distance from the other boys, was
taken with' cramps and sana. His
companions did not lealizu the situa.
tiou uutil too late to render any as
sistanco, ar:d the current curried him
away from the place where be went
down. Help was secured, but the
body was nut recovered until the next
His parents wore visiting at Uohle
at the time, tint were noli Med aud ar
rived iu Hood River Mouday. The
body was taken to the undertaking
parlors of J. Hi. Mcliols and the fun
eial held from the IVi. li church Tues
day iiftorrioou, liov. M. 1). Odell
The deceased was 20 years, 4 months
aud 1 day old at the time of his
Accident at a Charivari.
White on his way with a parly oi
boys to charivari a newly married
nomda tiaiir Tuckor'a. in fclih vullcv.
nn Hiit.nnliil' h'.umuut. Sim it H .Irruinuil
a loaded revolver from his belt, it
struck a stone and dlsotiarged, trie
bullet staking his leg below the knee
hitting the bono aud glancing, wont
throiiih Mia tlouhv itut't. nf r.lm liur
TliA bull H.en uIuiikhiI iiltUMr.i umi
grazed the cheek of Uuy Crupper, hut
inn no iiiiinur damage. A pnysiciau
was summoned aud the wound
dressed. It is vet uncertain just
what in jury will result from the
wound, but it is thouulit he will re
cover all right.
Alliance Sociul.
On Haturday, July 21, the ladies of
the Alliance will give a 15 cent social
with light refreshments at Highland
Home, th resilience of 1. J. Cun
uing, with Mudauies Cuiitiing, Mark
ham, Nicuuls, Chandler, Whitehead
and iiuntlcy us hostesses.
For the uiuiscul part of the enter
tainment Mrs. Humble, Willie Chand
ler, Mr. lieutly, Mrs. Stein holf aud
outers nave consented to ussist. Mrs.
Louise Uoddmd, Hood River's tain
uus elocuti.inlst, will recite some of
her fuvoutes. No regular progiam
call be announced, us the aftair will
be informal, with the maiu object, au
enjoyable tune. Continuous exercises
Iroui 1 o clock until I) p. in. Every
body invited. Do not miss it.
Two nine mouths Pointer puppies,
one mule an I one female. Coloi blown
aud white heads, white bodies, with
tirowu spots at foot of tail of each.
Dog lias a brown snot about the mid
die of his buck. Last seen ou Cascade
avenue, tSunibiy afternoon, July.15,
west or tiiu armory building, and go
ing west.
A liberal toward will be paid for
their return or fur initortnatiou lead
ing to the'r recovery.
A. Whitehead,
Hood River, Ore.
A (ienuiiie Clearance Sale for the next
sixty days of nil Summer .Millinery, re
gardlcs o! cost, at
MMK. AllltOTT.
All lirmiHi'liT on n.ii'M u-lio Imvo mm.
uected with the sewer are hereby uoti
tled to remove their outbuildings and
on i ue mini h at once.
Hy ordot of the Common Council.
WM. CANCER, City Marshal.
X itt Ice.
To fruit groiveis und dealers. 1 find
that there is Iruit ollertd for sale in
Hood Kievr that is infected with both
Suu Jose scale and worms. 1 wish to
give notice that hereafter all such
fruit will be condemned and distroyed
and it this will not stop the olfcrug of
it for sale, action will be taken ac
cording to law, as it is unlawful and
punishable by a tine of not less thau
J2o or more than (MOO.
11. R. Castuer,
Comity Fruit.luspector.
V win clothe any member of your family from' 1ttd to foot; ami save you the
time uml bother of making your clothing. We have men and boy'w suits that will
look well and give you t-atisfaction. Our range of style Is large and the goods5
are well united to the needs in thin climate, not too heavy nor too light, but goods'
that ure nuifced for all-tlie-year-round wear. Bring iu your little boys for a suit.
We can give you as large a selection in three to eight years old suits as you can
find in the larger city stores. We also have ready-made dresses from three years
old up to lady sizes. A large line of ladies' washable suits that'we are selling for
less than you can buy the
extra large sizes. io cnarge ior aiberaDion ot u,ny gcu mi,-iiu mm o wm Kuiu,u
tee a perfect fit. . ,;. ,-
If you are going camping come to ue and we can furnish you everythingf-you
want and will save you money on every article. We have hammocks, .blankets,
comfortables, pillows, and all kinds of cooking utensila ,
Matches, loOO in a box, three boxes 25c
7 bars U'lmx Soap 25c
liross King Washboards 25c
Clas Wai-hlwurds 38c
Clothespins the dozen Olc
No. 1 lamp burner J5C
Galvanized iron tubs, 80c, 70c, and 60c
Galvanized iron buckets, 10 quarts 20c
Crepe paier, all colors, 10 ft rolls O5o
Rome copper nickle plated lea kettles l.OO
Brooms i-titclied four time 25c
That Oeoige Mitchell was a sane
mau wbeu he slew "Joshua" Cretlield
was the oonolusiou arrived at by phy
sicians of Seattle who performed a
post mortem examination ou the
young man's brain, which was normal
In every delail
J Mitchell's sanity is expeoted to have
au importaut bearing ou the case of
his lister when they put ber on trial
for murder.
The report that the Holy Rollers
ure assembling at Seattle haa caused
acitvity la the police department.
Chief Wappenstelu states be baa bad
enough of this sect, aud that no more
of them will be tolerated iu Seattle.
The police are now working ou clues
which may implicate others of this
sect in MltoheU's murder.
Holy Rolleiism as taught by
"Joshua" Crelileld, bad its iuoeptlon
at Corvallis, Ore., iu the spring of
1903. Crelileld held oarup meetings
and suooeeded In getting a group of
followers at once.
Previus to this be bad been a Salva
tion Army worker. Ha was bom in
Oermany and was a deserter fiotu the
Herman army.
Ou the night of January i, bis fa
natical teachings bad gone to tucb
lengtlM that iudlgnant futheis aud
husbauds of Corvallis women took him
out aud gave him a coat of tar and
feathers. Tbey gave similar treatment
to one of bis followers, C. Brooks.
The men weie warned that they would
he killed should tliey ever return to
The next day Crelileld returned cov
ertly aud was secreted by the Hurt
woman under the door of tbeir borne.
Here be dispensed with his olothiug
aud pi oolaimed himself a prophet i f
(iod and carried on bis revolting or
gies iu the name of religion.
July V!H, V.M, Crettield'a hid lug
place became known aud be was takeu
out aud put iu jail.
In the meantime Esther Mitchell,
because of bis influence over ber, bad
been sent to the Boys' aud Girls' Aid
society. After being kept there a few
weeks she was seut to -her father's
home in Illinois. She was not per
mitted to return to Oregon uutil
Cretlield was seut to the penitentiary.
Other womeu including Mrs. O. V.
Hurt aud Maud Hurt, were sent to
the insane asylum, for a short time
because of Crellleld's lutluenoe over
them while be was secreted under the
Hurt residence.
Cretlield, a tew days after bis dis
covery, was brought to Portland on a
statutory ohaige preferred by Burgess
10. Starr, husband of Mitchell's elder
sister, a Crelileld victim.
In August Crelileld was found
guilty. Soon after Crelileld went to
prison bis wife, Maud Hurt Cretlield,
whom be married shortly before being
tared and feathered, secured a di
vorce. There ware no further Holy
Itoller demonstrations, and seemingly
the dangerous craft was broken up.
Karly iu February, 11KH1, Cretlield 's
sentence was ooin muted by good be
havior, and be left the state prison,
going to California. From there be
got iu correspondence with bis former
wife, who had leuiaiued wiih her
father, O. V. Hurt, of Corvallis. A
reconciliation was effected. Cretlield
returned to the vicinity of Coravllis
aud got a number of women and one
man, Frank Hurt, to go to a louily
spot on the beach in Lincolu county.
Ills purpose was to found a Holy
Roller colony.
He made particulr elforts to secure
Ksther Mitchell to his keeping, say
ing she was to be the mother of a sec
ond Christ, who was to lie born to
the world.
Late iu April of this year, Mitheell
after beiug leleased from the Hood
Samaiitaii hospital in Portland, where
he had been contlned with an attack
of measles, declared to close friends
bis intention of killiug Cretlield. lie
If you want the best potatoes on the market call for
If your dealer has not got them, nsk him to "get
them for you. If he will not get them for you,
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Always buy the Benson Brand if you want the best
potatoes on the market.
Pans Fair
- Made Goods
goods for. Skirts that will fit a. small girl up the j
.U. i P mmwvsnn An1 ttm itfi 1 1 'rant X n.i rt''".l
Every Day Needs
I-ad'ee' and Men's Chenille Knib. slippers .
Asteitossad irons, set of 3
Knives ond forks, Iron or wood bamlU-H, set
White enameled plates
1 pint tin cup, each' , v . . . . . . .
Calico the yard ' ". . ! :", '.' . . '
Turkish towels .- .c ;. : 4.". .
Bead necklaces
No. 1 lamp chimney
No, 2 lamp chimneys '. ;. !.!.
White Cleanse for white canvas shoes
told several persons Cod had told bim
to remove the Holy Roller from the
eartb for ruining bis sisteis.
; About May 1 Mitchell went to Al
bany to search for Cretlield. Wbile
tbere be saw Maud Hurt Cretlield,
and following her learned that Cref
fleld was iu Seattle. The Holy Roller
prophet had gone tbere supposedly for
the purpose of raising funds for tlie
camp on the coast.
May 7, early iu the morning, Cref
fleid and Maud Hurt Cretlield, whom
he had remarried, started down town
to do some shopping. As they passed
down First avenue Mitcbeil stepped
suddenly behind Cretlield and shot
bim dead.
Esther Mitchell at once denounoed
the act and seemed to care nothing as
to the fate of ber brother. She main
tained this attitude throughout the
July 10, after beiug on trial for 11
days, Mitchell was acquitted by a
jury in the superior court, after an
hour and 25 minutes of delibeiation.
To Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Phillips,
at Belmont, July 10, a boy.
To Mr. and Mrs. Flo Heavener,
July 11, a boy.
To Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell,
Juue 20, a boy.
To Young Men And Women.
(IroatopportnnttteMareawaltliiKyou In tin
Bum. new World. HundrutlH or young men
and w rim en are wanted In and around Oak
land and Han KraiwiHcn, to take potritlona at
MlenoKrapherH, bookkwrjrern, ttMegrapnera, of
Hi lUtKlHtanU, etc,, at good imlirU&,
The Polytechnic HulnM College, of Oak
land, the leading nchool of IU kiinj In tin
Went, IndoMed by theC'humb r of Com mem
and leading educators, oilers exceptional op
Dortunllien to lmm who can enter college at
once and prepare for poHittoint. thin school
Im conMldered by many to be the the beii
equipped huftineMU college In A in erica. It ift
unqueHllonubly uuperior to any other Hlinllai
itchool went or Chicago. All ex pen Hen tou
Ho ne InttiienceN Individual tiiMrncltop,
AddrettM ftilylecuto HunIiichm College, iept.
A., Oakland, ( al for litre catalogue howlng
liie elegant interior and splentAed facilities
of thin school, which has five lime more
money I uvea led In equipment than any other
school In the Went. New bu tiding la perfect
Electric Sad Irons
Now is the time, whilst the
weather is hot, to get the
real benefit of an Electric Sad
Iron. Do not swelter jn a hpt
room miule so by heating
irons when you. can have, a
eool room and finest heated
iron in the world at practic
ally the same price as with
Do not lay awake these hot
nights when by use" of. an
you can get a good nights
rest and be ready for the
business of the next day.
Mount Hood Railroad Co.
A. M.
ittlll leave Ilood Klver Arrive ."(
Ml.' I'owenlHle I:.M
Seam t 12
: Van Horn 4:10
: Lnts 4-SO
Oilell I: T
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... lOc
n -
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Kor Sale Hlx good milch cows, three fresh
now, others will he fresh by the IB i ti of July.
Also No. 7 U. H. crenin separalor used 9
months. O. A. Knox. Mt. Hood, Ore. J2J3
If you have n watcb that others have failed
to mskcglve iatilactlon briug It to me. T.
s, Weeklcy, the leweler. js lm
V. . U.i. ivrvAV n.wa .ui i. with a
halfo. ..Mir lleo. Hnrden. I.'llli-n
l.eo. Hordeu.
Farm forHale 240 acres choice orchard lind
situated alMiut three miles east of Mosler.
About 'JO acres cleared, about '& acres partly
cleared, three and a half acres full bearing
orchard, llrand new &.room house plastered
throughout, with water piped to spring. Also
new fruit house and woodshed, barn and hen
nery. Three choice springs of water on farm.
I'rlce 17500. inquire J. W. Weldrlck, Mosler
Oregon. aJyl9
Kor sale IWOO late cabtwge plants now ready.
All the best varieties. Hee Gulgnard nr call
upiiW JJ'1
ForSale Well matched team of dark bay
marea,6 and 7 yeai sold, good travelers: weight
Hhmj pounds' each. A Iso one two seated hack
and hack hufneaw, nearly new. Alex Slew
art, Mosler, Ore m 10 If
For Hale One team of horses, weight 1400
pounds each, wall broken, single or double,
9 und 12 years old. Uood baraess and tt1'.
Kaln wagon, wide tires, witb rack. Price '0.
Terms. Also one pony, 8 years old weight
between 0and KlnO pounds. Kxcellent rid
ing pony, well broken to saddle. ; Price t&.OO
Write to or luqulreof C, W. Pearsons, Cascade
lAwks, Oie. IMt
Only few more of those splendid 10-acre
tracts, unsold on Uie M. K. Potter farm In
Hood River valley, near the city. Suitable
hir spples and strawberries. Prices are
placed below regular rates on similar prop
erty In this vicinity. No belter apple land
can be found. xskst It personally for the
prool. Write Krauk McKailand, l;lih st,
Vooiland, .or see Mrs. M. H. hotter on the
farm. in 101 f
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregou, for
Wasco county.
Thomas Hennlngsen, Plaintiff
' ' Vs.
Alfreda'Hi nnlngneri, Detendant.
To Alfreds Hennlngsen, the above named
In the name of the state of Oregon, you are
hereby re'"tred to appear and suswer the
complain! fll -d against you m theab.ive en
titled courtuii or tMlore August :nh. I'.aSi, and
if vu fail so to appear and answer, for want
fher.-oflhe plaintiff will apply Ui tliecourt
for the re lef prayed for in the complaint, to
wit: For a decree dissolving the bonds of nv t
rlmony now exl t nr betwetn yoa and plain
tiff, and for such other and further relief as to
the court msy sem meet and equitable.
This fttiblk-jitioa tf summons is made by
o derorllon. W. I.. Hrartshsw, Judge of the
abms entitled ctnirt. dmy made aud entered
ou uie 1X1 li day of July, loos, directing this
a'imrnnn. to b nuhlishtd once each week for
six consecutive week iu the Hood Klver
Glacier weekly newspaper of general circu
lation In Wasco County, oieg. tn.
Date of first publication July 19th, l'Ov
Jl-s Ay. tor plaintiff.
i. h. lftttot'sbN.
Vice President and Managefi
Insurance, Abstracts,
For Sale Only SO minutes walk from post,
office, 18 acres of good rich land, flue view,
living springs on place, Good new house,
some land cleared. All for .81 Ml. Easy
terms. Enquire at this office.
Wanted Huddlng to do. 1 will be Iu Hood
Ktverafter Aug. 1. Have had several years
experience. Reference, Htanton V Kawson or
True to Name Nursery. Leave orders at co.
T. Trainer. KAKL TKATHKK, Jl an
Wanted In or near Hood Klver, position
with mill or lumber yard by all round lum
berman. I'.xpci'ienced side track loading
foreman, order clerk, exgiert talesman and
general Umber surveyor. Married and do
not gamble or drink. Best of references. Aue
3t. Address (4. F. Buck, fare Ulacler. JID.uli
Wanted-Young man seeking quiet and
rest wants good board on a farm tor the sum
mer. No objection to sleeping on the oulslile
but wants plenty ol milk and eggs. Address
O. care Glarier. J5-'J9
If you want a square deal then deal Willi
T. H. Weekljy, the jeweler. All work war
ranted. Trices talk. J.'Hlm
Wanted to Sell or Trade-Two lots. B 1x1(10
and 40x100, one six-room house and tour-room
cottage with fruit on place. Box SOS, Hood
River, Oregon.
Wauled 4 or 5 men to clear land at Mosler.
Konr months' work, owner will furnish tools
or contract work. Address Wm. Wllson Hle
vensou, Mosler, Oregon. J14-W4
Lost-Tuesday evening, a heavv gold chain
bracelet, with heart attached. Kinder will
please return to Leuore Adams aud receive
For Rent
For Rent Kront room, neatly furnished,
with hoard! two nrufprruH u,.u I.
can, 803 State street, j ma
Kor rent, lower story of 6 rooms and bulb,
with modern Improvement, free water in
Blowers Addition. Call ou Onthank di otten
In the county Court of the State of Oregon for
Wasco county.
In the matter of the estate of Roba. J. Tucker
deceased. '
Notloe Is hereby given that under and bv
vlrliieof section li:M of Bellinger Cottons
Codes and Hiatutes of Oregon, I shall apply
to the above named court to grant my resig
nation from the office of administrator of tlie
above named estate, and that said application
will be heaid In the above entitled court at
the cxiunty court room In The Ha lies city
Wasco county, Oregon, on the 17lh day of
August, I9ti, at the hour of one o'clock n m
of said day. r'
My Mnal account having herein been duly
filed, notice Is hereby furthur given, that by
virtue of said application and resignation be
ing granted at said time, the final account of
said administrator, John H. Frsrv, hereinbe
fore duly tiled, will be heard at the same
time and place that said application for resig
nation will be heard.
All persons Interested In said estate are
hereby notified to appear at said time and
placeand show cause, if any there be, why
sa.d reiort and final account In all respects
should not be allowed, ratified approved and
conllrmed, and Executor be grunted his
resignation and nnal discharge and his bonds,
men be wholly exhonorated aud released.
Dated at Hood River, Oregon, this second
day of July, A. II. lHUti.
i.B-.ia J01IN H "RARY.
Vzffy Administrator
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed by the honorable
t ounly Court of the Slate of Oregon for Wa.
co County to be administrator ol the estate of
Henry sitrlHiison, deceased, and all persons
having claims against said estate are heubv
notified to present the same, duly veritle io
the undersigned at the office of A. A. Jnvnn
rrcli.Ti'' f'T"''??- wllhln " nioriths
from the dale of the llrst publication olihis
Cider, Champane Cider, Genuine
Champagne, Vinegar, Wines
from grape and mall frui'g Alco'.ol
from tvreala, vetietahlw, ilant8, fruits
ami wood and valual.le recipes. Send
1 for look giving practical information
liow to make tlietn. I.K() X,BKI
P. O. B ii m, rorlland,'ort.