The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 28, 1906, Image 2

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it 'i -I m l urwlf kf
Arf'll.l at U. MuU. HubUtktr.
f nat ol iuliMtlptloo 11.40 a raw iui 14
to a 4ydm.
Plan to celebrate the Fourth with
the Grangers at Winarm.
Nearly all the cities and towns In
Oregon will celebrate the Glorious
Fourth this year.
Hood Kiver can make a wonderful
showing this year at the biennial fruit
fair, if indications at the present time
couut for anything, and arrangement,
should be made to have a fair that
will surpass all previous eltorts.
Hood Kiver will entertain the Ore
gon Irrigation Association at its an
nual niHetiug this fall, and if possible
the time of their meeting will be dur
ing the fruit fair. To arrange dates
and make arrangements for both
events, President Smith has called a
meeting for Saturday aftemon In the
Commercial rooms. There should be
a good attendance of the business men
and farmers.
Hood River is a mighty good town.
The Hood Kiver people are mighty
fine people, and we are sorry that they
iu, tr nut in. In the count? business
nn thai, nutl hfinlc. Whv. we can't
almnlv afford to lose them. We love
tbein too much to ttee.tbem sot up
expensive county organization
i. ..I, uihlla uia nf The Dalles
ready to' govern them and willing,
t.i,. ''froo orutia for nothlua" or al-
muf A,,.i "Hnnri Kiver. Wasco
.,...,i' uunla fnr srimntll I lltf
best-while "Hood Kiver, Home other
county" would not mean ariyuiwK.
AnT iiithor thxra is E. L. Smith;
can we afford to lose bini from Wasco
oonty? Not on your life.-Uptimiat.
For the Information of the Opt!
mi tut tuhnaa oilltnr la not so well
nosted in Wasco oouuty politics as
will be, we will say that there are
good and sufficient reasons why Hood
. IV. l
Kiver wants to run ner own auui.
We admit that The Dalles cannot
afford to lose us because they need
tl monev. They cannot afford
to allow Hood Kiver proper rep
i-uynnt.Mt.inn in the Boveriimont o
nnuntv affairs. because It would not be
In nnntrnl thinus. At the
mxi vaaj "
present rate of development in Hood
River vallev. it will not be long be
fore Hood Kiver will be paying the
bulk of the oounty taxes. The Dalles
needs the bulk of this money spent at
imma. ITnnri River would like
the use. occasionally, of that
rock crusher which they helped to
i.v for. but The Dalles needs H 10
flv nn her own streets, and bosldis
..m,t h taken over the roads to
Hood River anyway. They are wil
ling to "govern us free giatls for
nnthtnii" ao loiiu as there is an ever
innroaulnir amount of the mouey com
Inir from Hood Kiver which oan be
controlled by The Dalles. The Dalles
even want Hon. E. L. Bmltb, widely
known all over the state as "Hood
River Smith,"- U there any end to
their wants?
Special School Election.
A special school election of Distilct
No. 4 will be held at the Harrett
school house. In Hood River valley,
July 2, l!KHi, from 1 to 4 p. m., to
vote on the question or authorizing
the board of directors of said district
to borrow 11,800 on or before five
year's time, for the purpose of buying
ground and building a school house
in the eastern part or said district.
F. N. MILLKH.Dlst. Clerk.
0. L. COPPLiK, Chinu. Hoard of
Looking for Election Frauds.
Rev. J. W. Rlgby went to The
Dalles Tuesday and returned with
District Attorney Menetee, on a hunt
for evidence of election frauds. Mr.
Menefee was non committal on the
subject of his visit, but said that
there wero. in bis opinion, several
irregularities in the voting in the
east precinct, iu the sworu-ln voles,
He also said that he thought the eleo
tlon board should have been mote
particular lu allowing many of the
sworn-iu votes to be cast, as the rcii
deuoe of the voter in many oases was
very ludellnlte.
Special llargain for Two Weeks Only.
40 aores. 2 miles south of Mosler. 7
acres iu bearing trees, good varieties,
5 room bouse, '2 wells, barn, chickeu
house, sheds, etc. horses, wagon,
tools, everything complete foi :t,H0O.
This Is a sacrifice sale and a gieat bar
J. H. Holllirouner A Co.,
Hood Kiver and Portland,
Killed I!) a Falling Tree.
Little Joe Lytic, son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. K, Lytic, was killed In the
woods near Mill A, on tt:e Wanning
ton side, Tuesday morning at about
10 o clock, lie whs 10 years old.
During the heavy wind that pre
vailed Tuesday, Joe Lytle, Lester
Hayer and lrviu 'Miller were playing
in the timlier, wlieu a tree tilew down,
killing young Lytle instantly ami se-
veiely Injuring lrviu Miller. Lester
Sayer escaped lujury. A teamster
that was passing uarrowlyescaped lie
ing hurt and witnessed the accident,
The lads were quickly brought to the
bouse and medical aid summoned for
tho injured ouos, but tho Lytle boy
was past help. S. K. liartniess sent a
colllu over to the place Tuesday even
Thousands nlintmllv bear itni'Hs to
the fincit'iicv of Kiiilv Risers. Then1
pleasant, reliable little pills have long
Lome a reputation second to none as a
laxative and cathartic. They arc as
staple as bread in minions ot names.
Pleasant but effective. Will promptly
relieve constipation without griping
Sold by Williams' Pharmacy.
lion's This.
Wenlfer One Hundred lsdlar Howard fin
ally case of Catarrh that cannot lie cared by
Hull's Catarrh i lire.
F. .1. CIIKNKY CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have, known F. .1
Cheney lor the lust l."i years, and helleve hltn
peiTivlly honorable In all business trnusac.
ilnus and financially Hide to carry out any
obligHllntis made tiy Ills rlriu.
WAI.I'ISII, Rinnan Ma IN,
Wholesale llrtlKglKU. Toledo, ('.
If all's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, art.
1ug dlreelly um.ii the Mood and mucous sur
laces of Ihe system. Testimonials sent free,
1'rlee 7icents per iMittle, Sold byall lrug.
'i'ake Hall's Faintly rills for constipation.
The l'uris Fa r Itjiuruvenienta.
The Installation of an eleott-iual
sign at the Paris Fair corner is a line
improvement to their new quarters,
It reaches from the corner of the
building to the elect ic light pole on
the corner, coming dingonlly across
the street, so that it cm I ueeu from
four diliereut diicctions. it is
lighted by incandescent globes, and
while making a tine display, lights the
corner quite brilliantly.
The completion of the cement walk
partly on Fourth street, makes a fin
ish to the corner that is metropolitan
and substantial. The balsDce of the
dlfctnnce up Fourth street is being fil
led In, and when the dirt Fettles so
that it is permanent, the cement walk
will be continued the full longtb of t he
A new freight elevator has also
been installed in the Paris lair store,
running from the basement to the sec
ond floor.
A roomy basement, access to which
is bad from the sidewalk from the
outside, to take iu boxes, fuel, etc.,
will allow the unpacking ot goods
and the storing away ot luxes out of
tight and out of the way of the sales
looms, and the elevator will be an
easy way of transporting goods to the
various departments.
Knob floor is oDxl'lO feet, Ik sides a
balcony on the H it-1 tlnor lil.soO feet
All of the floor spaco Is filled with
goods, nicely arranged. Tl ey are well
lighted and lueasaiit.
On the main floor is the general
dry goods del artmmit, shoe dopart
meiit, clothing and notions. On the
upper floor Is the Indies' ready. made
garments, filling rooms, and a wait
ing room, provided with table, chairs
mill rou !i, 1 1 ru t-hoppi is may reel
This room can also l e lei.t In d from
the rear entrance on Fourth street.
ihe balcony e.t the rear end of the
first floor Is used lor (lie general or-
flee lu one end ami tinware at the
other end. A syeteui of cash curriers
centers at tho desk iu the omen, end
from this point nearly every part of
the main floor can be seen.
Deaih of Waller II. Wood.
Waltor II. Wood, brother of J. M.
and L. W. Wood, died in this city
Monday morning at ,r : 1 .", of stomach
trou tile, aged J,i years.
The deceased had been a sufferer
for two or three years and spent last
winter In California, hut giadually
grew worse. About a mouth ago he
came to Hood River, and lived in i
teut near the residence of his bruthei
hoping that the open-air treatment
would benellt him. For a short time
he felt better, but the benellt wat
ntn .nn,.,n.n. .,.,. 1,A .. .., ,1 II.
failed until death ended his Bufferings
Monday morning.
lie leaves a wife and one child, be
sides a mother, Ave brothers and one
sister, to mourn bis loss. The three
brothers from Vancouver came up lust
week to see him, but left Saturday
and were not present when he died.
J he remains were shinned to Van
couver Monday afternoon on the
Spencer by J. K. Nichols, and the fu
neral held at Vancouver lue-iduy
The sermon was preaohed by Rev
Lanrnan, of tho Second liantist
church, Portland, of which tho do
ceased was a member. The floral of
erlnga were very bract !ful and entirely
covered the I'ho burial was
had at Vuncouver con.oti ry.
J ho deceased was a contractor and
builder and had lived in Vancouver
since IbSi,
Another June wedding was solemn
ized on llie'J-nh when I'M win Anders
and Ed y the Lafferty were united iu
marriage at the home or the bride
father at Odell, Rev. W. C. Uilmoie
performing the service.
MIssTUdythe is I lie daughter of (Jao
W. Lafterty and recently graduated
from the Idaho Industrial Institute
at Weiser.
Mr. ALdors la from the University
of Illinois and has been an instructor
at the stato institute of Idaho. Af
ter a fw weeks spent in the valley
Prof, and Mrs, Anders will return to
their work.
Ordinance 112.
An ordinance to regulate the con
nection of private drains witli the
city sewei, and to provide a reuultv
for connecting private drlus l h the
city sower contrary to the provisions
or tins ordinance.
The city of Hood Kiver does ordain
as follows :
Section V. No person, Hrm or cor
poration shall connect any private
drain or private sewer pipe, or any
private drain, waste or sewer pipe, or
any pipe or drain connecting any
water-closet, sink, or cess-pool, with
said city sewor, with any main or lit
eral sewer iu said oily of Hood River,
without first notifying the street com
missloner of said city of tlood River
in writing of the time and place whore
the said sewer is to be tupped and such
connection mado, which notice mint
be served upon the street coiumis
slouer not less than twenty-four hours
before the time tlxed toi making said
connection, auu no such connection
with the city sewer shall tie made ex
cept lu the presence of the street con -
missloner. section 'z. It is herel y
uiadi) the nuty of the stretit commis
sioner of the city ot Hood b'lvor, up-
ou receiving the notice provided for
lu Section 1 of this ordinance, to at
tend in person at the time and place
mentioned In said notice, and to see
that the said private oonuectlou with
the city sewer Is properly made.
Suction II. Whenever it becomes
necessary to connect any such private
dram, waste ol sewer pipe, or any
pipe or diain connecting any water
closet, sink or cesspool with the said
city sewer at any place where theio is
no " for such connection, the work
or cutting or breaking said mam sew
er piee shall only lie done by a com
petent plumber In the preseuce oftthe
street commissioner. And nn person
shall make o- attempt to make any
such counectionjtvith the said city sew
er as specitled in this section except
it competent plumber as hereinbefore
Section 4. If any person shall vio
late the provisions of Section 1 or
Section .1 of this ordinance, upon con
viction thereof he shall be lined not
less than nor lume than 100, or
imprisoned in the city jail not less
than 10 days nor more than .ii' days.
First ChiM Horn at the Mill (My
Ou Tuesday ocenred an iniportHiit
event iu the history of the uew town
that is making such itridcs in the up
per country. When Dee has twome
a great city twenty-five or titty years
hence, the young lady that arrived at
the home of Dudley Reamer ou June
'Jt'i, will be pointed out as the llrst
child born in tho city limits, when
the place was but a tented village
.May she live long and prosper.
Ifvou knew the value of t'liiiluher-
lain's Salve you would never w ish to lie
without it. Here are some of the dis
uses for which it is especially valuable:
sore nipples, chapped hands, burns,
frost bites, chilblains, chronic sore eyes,
itching piles, tetter, salt rheum and
ec.ema. Price .,) cents per box. ror
sale by Keir A Cass.
9 Shoes, Shoes
7r'-' , . ;
We have on our Bargain Table some exceedingly
Big Rargains In ladien,' children's and boy's shoes.
Ladies' shoes made of the tineet of kip and patent seal
kid with French heels, the regular price of which was
13.50 and f:).25 a pair, nearly all sizes. While ff A A
they last, per pair jI.UU
Children's Shoes and slippers, sizes two to alx Cf
The pair tJUC
Il iy's medium heavy every day shoes, made of the best
ol full Block kip leather, genuine Rock Oak soles CA
worth !f:i..r0,;while they last the pair I.OU
We Guarantee a Square Deal
Dance at Odell July 4.
There will be a social dance at Odd
Fellows Hall, Odell, July 4th. Music
will he furnished by Wilson & Strang.
James Cook will bo floor manager
An oyster supper will be sreve. Tick
ets, including supper, $1.50. Every
body come, a good time is
liOHtlK Iltlll h -U'OUNtH $l,.iOfl.01
ilvi'itiruitH Mi iirml and ut Hwuietl 8,000.37
II n I U'd hiHli'H lloiuU toHtHJuro ulrcu-
luilnn 0,250.00
I'ri'tiiltuiiN tin II. K. bonds ,. lM7.Wt
UotitlM iilid hfciil'Uh'H ,741.7ft
Kuruliurc and fixtuiv :i,".VoO
hut- In m HiaU' li.inkH am! JlunkiirH... ilti:iM.j
I Hie from at'nvt-d ifwrve MKHutH.,.. !&,?2H.1M
ChiH'k and oiIii-itumIi IUmiih o,;U1.7H
NiiU'moI (lln r iitilional bunk iVU.UO
KriM'ltoual jm(MT t'lirrmiry, nickel
ami mitn 87,:D
I.awki'i, Money Kkhkuvr In bank
Sy.vve 6,H(t7,00
LcKaltfiidrrinUcH 140.00... P,137.0U
iU'dt'iniition fund with IT. 8. treaHur-
er (h jht cent of cirt'iilutlon)
Total 9l03.fl25.43
CnpltHl stock paid In f-V,000.00
SiirnhiHfund 6.0U0.OU
Unillvldfd iirolllH, leNH expenwK and
laxiw pHlil 1,703.35
Nulltuial Hank uotw oiitKtaudiiiK ... tl,:.'fm.00
Individual drpoMltNMiili.lect toidieck U4,lii6.;W
lU'inand ft'rtttlcalt'Mof dt'iMNit 7,4fi0.41
Tlmtt ct'i tllk'iilt'H id dtHiNlt and Huv-
Iiikn l('mrtmt'iit 30,781.20
('HMhler'KclitH'kwoutKtandliig 8,186.00
Total "iui3,5'2iS.43
Mtalo of Oregon, ounty of Wbmco, kh:
, K. o. Maiu-har. t-ashidr or th above
natnt'd bank, do Hou-mnly sweiir Hint the
above Htait-nieiit Ih true to the Uvsi of inv
kuowlfde and ludU'f.
K. o. HLANPHAU, ('ftHhlnr.
t'nKHWT, Atttwt: H. Hmith, Jobn . lliu
rlclm, K. L. Hmlth, IdrtH'torH.
Hubm rlbed Hiid ttworu to befon me this '.Md
day ot June, VMM.
iitn, T. I'rather, NotHiy Public
In th Circuit Court ofttie State of Orp(. in for
Hit oounty of Wftwo.
( amei-on T. Groat, Plaintiff,
Aiu'iio llioat, I'l'friuliint.
To AnfMe Oroat, defendant above nanied.
In the name of the State of Oretfon you are
hereby reitulred to appear ami Hiidwer ttie
cnmplalnl tiled inralnNt you In (he above en
titled Nult on or before the explrHtlon of nix
weekn after the dale of llrst publication of
thin miuiinohN which In June l'.HMi, and If
ymi fall ho (o apear and answer, the plntn
Wli will apply to the court for the r lief prayed
tr lu the ooiiiphilul, to-wit: lor a decree
dlHNolvliitf the inaiilae ooutiact and mar
rtHjerflallohMexlnlliiK tietween phitntttr and
deteiitlanl ami tor hucIi oltivr relief aa the
com 1 may deem JumI and etjiiltable.
ThU kiimtiiiMm Ih puhlUhed In the Hood
Itlver (Jlcler by order of the Honttrable W.
h. Hiiubhawt Judge of natd court, made and
euiL'ied on Ihe luu day ot' June, l'.Hhi.
Attorney for lMainlltt
First publication June'iM, liKltl.
i.iim puDiicauon aukumi iu, lyini.
Uepartment of the Interior, Tnlled Htatea
Laud olhes The DalleH, Oretton, May 2ti,
Notice Ih hereby nlven t tint
of HiMtd Itlver, Oregon, haa tiled not lee of bin
Intention to make final five year priMtf In mip
port of hlH claim, Mn: Hnnieslcml Kntry No.
made March 8, iwl, fori the W'NK1 and
H'.jNKl4, Meet ion ;tl, townntilp t N., runnel! K,,
V, M,,nnd IbHt Maid proof will be made be
fore the KenlNter and Iteceiver at The Ltallea,
Oregon, on July 7ih,
He names the following wltneNscN to prove
hlH continuous ivNldeueo upon and L-ulllva-llon
of the land, vly :
Pitvld M. JackNon, John H. Ja-kson, Fran
ce H. JackHon and Harry K. Kemp,, all of
flood Ulver, tri'Kon.
m:llJyU Kt-KiMer
In order to cloxe up the estate of
t A. Nil r Ki le, a bankrupt,
1 will e)l to the Idylie: bldtler, Koit cash, the
following tiem-rUn-d real eslute, Ihe sales to be
field at time and place mentioned below
r v it:
I iiert'N timber land, i miles south of Htiod
Ulver, Omkoii. t'tMinty court house, The
hallet, Oregon, II a. in . July it,
(Wk ncrej uood ImproN ed larniinL' land, near
I Veil, Oregon, fuunty court Iuhim1, llcpner,
Oregon, 11 a. m., July 11, I'.tr..
M acres larnilng lantl, I J miles Notith of Ar
lington, Oregon. 1 Iwo.story stone luu Id Inn
and wtire.hotiHti, .XI toot lot. On Main street,
nriiiikEion , ii n't i m. ,- iso
1 ouc.story dwelling, VtK)i lot, Mainstnvt,
ArliUKlou, Oregon.
I cottage, 'Z lots, flue home, Arling
ton, Oregon.
i ou ut v court house, ondon, Oregon, u a.
1. 1 July t;t. hum.
ror further tle-crlntton and paiiiculara nd-
drcss W. II. MOOltK, AsMignei.
MS Fast ia i M., I'ort laud, Oregon.
xotk'k rou prr.i.uwnnx.
hepiirtment of the Interior, 1'nited Ststea
Lantl Oiilee, the I'alles. Ore.. June la, IWti.
Nolle is be -'bv given that
OSt'AK r UKl'KN m UO.
of Mount Hood, ttrtvtm, has filed notice of his
intention to make final live-year proof in aiii
port of his claim, vlr
HmnesltMid hint rv i 7t'H hihiIm liiinmri'
Jtrnu. lor the NV '.sW1,. vvliiin .M, town
ship I N. Kanue 10 K, V. M and that said
proof will be made Itctoie Ihe Keglsier and
KtH-eive at Ihe land office in The 1'alles. ore.
Kon, on July -"th, I .
He names the following wimessea to prove
bis conitnuous rwidence upMi end cultiva
tion of the lantl, viz:
8. H. Hens, W. S. tiribblc. Warren M Cooi -
er and C K. speiuvr. all of Mount Hood Ore
gon MI 11 AMI. T. Nol AN,
JSU Uegister,
Men's & Ladies'
Dress Shoes and Oxfords
Of all the latest styes and leathers. We carry the
largest line of shoes in the city, and can supply you
with the very best of Quality. Our Shoes are made by
the Hamilton & ISrown and the Brown Shoe Co., the
lurgest manufacturers in the world.
Men and Boy's Clothing
We have the best assortment of medium priced cloth
ing to be found in the city. We are selling more than
three times as much clothing this year as last. We
can save you money on this class of goods, and guaran
tee you 100 cents in value for every one dollar spent
Boy's Suits
90c, $1,125, $1.50, $2.00 and Up
Men's Suits
$3.50, $5.00, $7.50, $8.50 and Up
Wliy buy tbem from agents or t om
mission men and pay 975 to $100 more
when you can buy direct from our
firm in Hood River, where we have a
bianch store, which contains a large
assortment of high grade instruments,
including the great Apollo Interior
Piano player. This is the only in
strument in the world which plays the
entire key-board of the piano, and
also the only one having the transpos
ing scale by which tho performer can
play in any key and accompany the
voice or any instrument. Pianos and
organs Bold on time or for ensh. Sec
ond hand instruments taken in ex
change and also several for siilc.
Pianos Mined and repaired.
Silas II. Sonic
Phono Main Hit Hood Kirn.
losi h Lut,ur ieti:rned from Mur
ray, Utah, following his family, who
have been here for h couple of M oks.
He says there is no piano like Hood
4th of July
Big Free Entertainment for the Young and the Old
Irrginning at 5 p. ni. and lasting- till Midnight .
Hose Tournament, Band Concert, Amusements
for Children on the Streets, Fireworks Display,
Grand Free Ball at Opera House, Fine Music
Come and have the Time of Your Lives.
Hood River, July 4th, 5 p. m. Unill Midnight
I hold license from the State Board of
llied to ship Isxlies to any point. I'rompt service either day or
night. Hearse furnished on all occasions
Tarlor l'lione Main 1143 Schifller Building,
Residence Phone Main I4H-I
From 5c. Double Roll to 40c,
J. XV. TAYLOR, Captain
Lo.n os depot for The Dalles, Mondays, Wtnlnesdays
and Fridays at 4:.'U) . in.
Leaves for Cascade Locks Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays at 7:M a. in., making all regular landings
and railroad camps.
pppiirlnipnt of Hip Interior, UnK"d Rtutes
1 IhikI ollk'o, The J h lies, Ore., June 18, liKJti.
Nollce Is henliy irlven thai
of Hood Kiver, Oregon, has 11 If it notice of his
Intention lo mnke final flve.jear proof In
sip port of hi claim, vU:
Ilomehlead entry No. 377mii(leMay22, 1901,
fnr ihe S'jNW, section 33, HKkNK, anil
NK.'.iKK', se tlon 3?, ton nahlp t X., ranire 10
K., W. M., snd that t,ald proof will he rustle
berore (leorxe T. Frnther, United MlHtes I'oni
mlas'oner, at his office In Hood Kiver, Oie
gun, on July 'U. IMM.
He nenieii the following witnesses to prove
hlH continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of the Itind, viz:
Frank K. Nell', Julnes KiiuIIhIi, Mlclmel K
Welnh snd Harry Kingesherry, ill! of Hood
Itlv r, Uregon.
jaijll' Itegislcr.
Abiolgt, Purity. Flnnl Flivw.
Oregon and Washington, and am qnal-1
Hood River, Oregon
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public Vice President and Manager.
J. M. KCHMEl.TZElt, Sec.-Tren.
Notary Public!
..Hood River Land..
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Abstracts,
Collections, Conveyancing and Surveying
We are prepared in a special manner to handle all
kinds of business in any of the above lines and have
a large list of improved lands and city property
from which to make your selection for a fruit ranch,
a stock farm or a home in the city.
With an Extensive Correspondence
We are able to handle your prop
erty advantageously and will be
pleased to have you list same with us
mi :.i i. c i ;.. li !,'. r ...w,
g me pn'siuem ui me uuiiiiiiiuj in uit;:iuy ciigiiiTO ,
and is prepared to do surveying and civil engineer
ing work of all kinds. Abstracts furnished and
opinions given on property titles.
M ) 5 bion. s a Specialty. l'lione Main 141.
"The Test of Time"
1 las stood the test of time for 18 years with
a constantly increasing sale. Tin1 best and
purest Ice Cream made and known through
out tin1 Northwest as the
We leecivc it fresh every day by express
and are ,- .le Agents in Hood Itiver.
Yon will w.i ut a (rood boiiicliku l.unclicon wben shopping in
Porlliiiid. Swl laud's, 273 Morrison St. i" Hie must popular plair.
Paper Hanging and Tinting a Specialty
Phone 1313
For Sale
Kor S-ilo St ji Rood milch cowh, tli'ee freh
now. others will be frt'hh hy t lie 15ili of .hilv.
Alw No. 7 II. S. orenm Hf-pnralor iwd 9
monthH. t). A. kiiox. noon, ue. j'js-j-"'
If you have n watch Unit others have fallal
toinakt'Rive satlfa'li(in bring it to nn. T.
S. Wekky, Mie ieweler. 1m
Kor Sale Two Jersey c wh, each with a
heifer on If. (ieo. Hordeu. J;0-'n
Kami forHiil tW acri'M riiok'e onMiard I nil
sltuati d about three tnilca east ol Musicr.
About M0 acrfR cleared, Hltimt lt acres nurily
cleared, three and a half acre?i full bearing
orchard. Hrand new H. room house plastercl
throiiKhout, wllh water piped tospnnjf. Also
new fruit house and woodshed, barn anil hen
nery. Three choice springs of water on farm.
PrleetfnOO. Inquire J. W. Weidriok, Mosler
Oregon. )'.iy 1st
Kor sale ftOOO Uite eftbhaife plants now ready.
All the best varieties. Wee UuiRnard or ea!l
up 1259 .iJyii'
Kor Sale One team of horses, weight l KHi
pounds each, w?li broken. siiiRle or double,
If and 1'2 yearn old. Good harness and
Rain wacon, wide tires, with rack. Price &VU.
Terms. Also one pony, S years old weight
between 910 and 10(H) pounds. Kxcelient rid
ing pony, well bioken to saddle. ;Prlee (fn.'K)
w rue io iir inquireoi i.. v. rear.H)ns, t aseaue
Locks, Ore. jaiif
For Kale Cheaiv-Second lihlid Imbv yn-cart.
Call at H. J. Kt. is residence. J-HH-
Kor Hal. At Mosler, Oregon, a general
store. Only two stores in this tlirifty burg.
The trade of this valley Im ea lly $'m,()()0 pT
annum. A live man with ready money can
divide tills trade. Widow desires to sell. Ad
dress Mosler Trading To., Mosler, Ore., or
I. 11. Ileiihronuer A to,, Hood, Kiver, Ore.
For sulo A very line lox terrier pui, i.lne
moiiihs old. Uiimt' at ruts or anything. A
line companion. Very clean In the house.
Has gentle disposition and is sure to please.
Dog will tie sold chep. ibickford More,
Hood Kiver, Oregon, J14 h5
For Hale Two choice lols on Mtate street
Apply to W, J. Haker. j;-js
For Sale Steel range, t all at Walt's feed
store. ni:lljnci.'l
For Wale Milch cow, !. 1. Fresh nlnad Iwo
in intlis. I'l'iceKO. F. K. Htrang, odell. .',-.h
For Sale Tenrn , harness, and logging liui k
with outfit complete A bargain ut $r.':V
Team brown I 'lydesdnles, weight alwiut -Mit
lbs. Well matched, wound and true to pull.
Wagon Mitchel a, boughr three months
ago. Rack snd rigging good rs new. Will
sell either wagon or lemn separately. For
further particulars address A. B. rihellev,
route I: or call at Troy Hhelley's place. J;-Jis
Bulls lor Hervlce I keep two bulls at my
place for service. Any one wishing the use 01
same must pay at the time service is rendered
Service, JI. 1 alo do dehorning at Sic pet
head. Bruno Frann North Belmont, a5-noT.
For Sale-iui acres in Ml. Hood dlsirlct at a
bargain. J. 11. Heilbronner A- Co.,
JS1JU Hood Kiver and I'm I laud.
Only a few more of those splendid in-sere
tracts unsold on the M. II. I'otter larm In
Hood River vsllcj, hear Ihe city, suiutble
lor apples and strawberries. Tnccs are
placed below regular rales on similar pr
ertv tn this vieimtv. No better apple hmd
can 1h3 found. Usik at It personall x tor ti e
prcsd. Write Frank McFarlaud, wi 1:1th st ,
l'ooiland, or see Mrs. M. H. I'otlir on the
farm. niHHr
For Kale ti acres. HI acres fenced, T acres
in cultivation, 110 fruit trees, liouse and ti;n n,
unit 11 It d free water Willi place. Pi ice lor
whole liM) acres Is only St hi. This W u
gain. J. H. Heilbronner .V ' o.,
jiijli HiMid Kiver and I onian I
For SaTeflnly minutes walk from po"
Offlce, lsacfeaof gmd ruU land. Hue v., v,
living springs on place, tood new bouse,
some hind cleared. All for JIM, I Fa-y
terms. FiiQiore at this orhVe.
Fouad-Sierllng silver pin Owner can have ' o i 1i I I 7
Mni.1,1 uiu.iiiiiiui u,im, .. ., n ck acciiletit urotpction.
Mon.y to loan farm land. In Rlw '
Valley. No agents, no bonus. Ux-li tsx h
Hjpd River, oregtin. JJI.j.u'2
If you want a -imre deal Ihrn flenl wiili
T. H. Werkl iy, Hie Jfweler. All wink war.
ranlcil. l'rli k talk, J.Slm
I'Mcltcr wantwl 12 llrst china pai kera to
pai-k ktrawhrrrlcH In Hip tiw ialcli, 3KI
rralc-sori). K. Miller at .Mt. llixxl. Apply
Hood Ulver Fnill ifrowcrK Union. K. II.Khi p.
urn, Swri'lnry, Hood Kiver, Ore. jll-jyi",
Wanted lo Sell or Trade-Two loin. Slxluo
and Mix Km, one slx-rooin house and lour-room
1-oitane with tiull, on place. Ilox Titis, h"1
Uiver, Oregon.
Wanled-A ynutm ladyat the lic.ini' of Itev.
A (Milliliter two miles KoulhweHt of Hood
liiver dexin s a HitiiHilon as a mime or to do
house work. Ka'.ml'arUiry references will lIH
given. jaijio
Wanted Gentlemen or lady with rood
reference, to travel by rail or with a Ha, for a
tlrm ol 8j0ii,(MI KJ eniital. Halary 81,072 per
year anil expenses: salary paid we.kly and
expenses advanced. Address with stump,
Jos. A. Alexander, Hood Kiver, tlriK in.
June 1 1.
iinled-A girl to wait on tahle and make
herselt Kenerally useful nbout the house.
lines SI. i tier monlh and in:rvuse. Address
1 rou-l.ake Hotel, Uuler, Wash. Jljlj
Wanled-Klther h snmll farm cln-e In or a
well-Improved residence In Hood Itlv. r, Inex
chiimie lor well eslaljilshed cash business In
I'orilaud. Slock and fixtures Imoire t,-ti).
: ..... mini ir.,1 ioitiu per uitv. vtoou
lease, low rent. Address, desci Iblnu pmperl v,
While (irocery,5l 'iViiliums Ave., l'ortlanil:
Ore. .M..
Warned I or 5 men to clear land si Mosier.
""'ir n lis' work, owner will fun l-ih Usils
ononirnct work. Address Win. Wilson-Kte-venson,
Mosier, Oregon. JU-w4
Wlinled Neveiiil itimi r,.P m.m.,.. I 1 i
ii i . i iii.iii hi unii auu
small tlnilier anil culling up Into wood.
Hruno Iran.. 17
Ij n -ill 1 ii n , . c ir s.) niil on,, ; answers to
the name of Tony. Has black body and
brown legs and Isliltle lame In one limit r.1,,1
8n reward for its return to Miss Teal Lyman,
fimltli Avenue. J-'K-jy'JiJ
Lost-Lady's brown band bag on road be
tween Hood Kiver and Mould s strawberry
ranch. Contained a sum ol money. Finder
leuve at this otltce. J I4.jy ft,
Ixist on May .11, a lady's tan Jacket. Re.
ward, l'lione Oeo. W. Houle, Farmer 119.
For Rent
For Kent- Newly furnished rooms. Mrs.
Kigby, corner Oak and Sixth street JJljl
Fnr Rent. Two well furnished rooms, Willi
or w II bout board, at Mrs. 1. Ii. Taylor. Colum
bia Ave. jujy,-,
Notice Is hereby given that sealed bids will
be received up 10 Wednesday 11. lI. 1. In'y n.
imiti, by Si ImkiI district No. :(, foi tl construc
tion ol two outbuildings at the I'm rk Ktrect
sclusil. I'lnnsand spei'itlcatlons may be seen
at thenflice ol Duller I auking Co., or by cull
ing UwinC. H. Vaughan, clerk. The hoard
reserves Ihe ri.-ht to reje't anv and all bids.
iiil C. II. VALUHAN.CIeik.
Iteiiartmem of the Interior, 1'nited Mtates
Land Office, The Italics, Oregon, May- m
IWi. '
Notice Is herehvglven that
widow of .emi II. egundt, deceased, o(
Mount Hood. Oregon. liMsni..,1 ,..,l..u I ...
-Inleulion to mnke llioilllve-enr proof in sup-
P-.ii.., or, riioin, vik. iioinesieaii r.niry No
Si!"s, iiiiide July s. lull), for the W '.NK',. sec.
Hon an and W,MKt4.M-eiion 17, township
range HI F. , W. M,, and thai said pioor will be before the liegisler and lleeeiver, at The
Iialles. Oregon, on .Inly Isih, im..
She names Ihe following witnesses to pro"e
her coniinuous residence upon and culilvai ion
of Ihe land, vi. :
Russell (iohin. Hi nry oilhert. Henry (irorl
mi 1 .1,1-epn unit, iillot .Mount Hisnl. Oreif.ui
jm.HJyl4 MICHAKLT. NOl.AN. Register.
! Horn "
To Mr. Htnl Mrs. lltirns Jnnos, Fri.
day, June 2, a girl.
To Mr. Htiii Mrs. Dtulley Hearter,
Tuiglay, Juue 2ti, at.Dee, a yirl.
2. f' IV "n JV.'-
ht e J1u 11. btarr, IJlst. Deputy, M,
W. A,