The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 31, 1906, Image 7

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itrawberry Carnival
Is so popular that we, the people, request that it be
Continued Through June
So we can get action on our strawberry money while you are sell
ing good, reliable wearing appearal so cheap. We got almost two
dollars worth for one at your Carnival Sale, and your goods are not
the cheap trashy racket store kind represented "Just as Good"
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; Mr. Bartonella is on a cash basis.
Hunt carries a line of paints.
Fresli Olympla and Eastern oysters at
the Uem l&ndy Kitchen.
See that dandy line of Folders at the
Deitss studio.
All the latest styles Photos at the
Deitz Studio. -
Place ygur. order for a nice chicken for
your Sunday amner.witn aicuuire ros.
Clarke will make it easy for you to
buy a diamond. Consult him about it.
Cranberries at McDonald's.
Maple Syrup and New York State
liuck Wheat at jacKsons.
Be wise and get your Photos at the
IIOIW OliUULU.,, - l
Watch Clarke's watches go.
Fresh Columbia river salmon at Mc
Guire Bros.
Father time has left some good time
pieces at Clarke's. Begin the new year
with a clock that keeps perfect time.
Just received at McDonalds, half ton
clover seed.
Something new Puffed Rice Candy,
at the Uem Canday Kitchen.
Three pounds halibut 25c at McGuire
The Gem Candy Kitchen makes fresh
randy ev.ery day. . .It, . ,
McGuire Bros, make their own leaf
lard under their own brand.
For sale by Emporium. Fifteen acres
two miles southwest of Hood River, 10
acres in cultivation, mostly orchard.flne
land, $300 per acre.
Come to the Deitz Studio for first class
Photos. Don't put it off, but get your
photos now at the Deitz Studio.
Teut polos made to order. F. U.
Lettuce, cabbage, rhubarb, asparagus
at McGuire Bros. '
If you want cracked corn for chicken
feed go to McDonald.
How about soreeniug that porch in?
F. U. Coe can do it to suit you.
Fresh fish halibut, salmon and
smelts, at .McGuire Bros.
Do you 'need a carpenter to do that
odd job? .Call up F. O. Coe, phone
Newest, best fishing tackle at McDon
ald's. For rent by Emporium. Nice furn
ished room for gentleman, f 10 per
For sale by. jiniporium. Ten room
cottage and lut.aeven blocks from depot,
Hood River. Newly repaired, new foun
dation, wood fibre plaster.newly painted
i ntent but h and toilet connected with
fewer, good location. $1000 Cash.
If you want to buy or sell real estate
go to Onthauk 4 Otten. Money to
loan on first mortgages. Abstracts
and legal papers carefully prepared.
Notarial work of all kinds.
Frebh creamery butter and newly
laid Hood River eggs at McGuire's.
"Are'nt they fine," the popular ver
diet of the Deitz Photos.
It is -to your interest to refer to Mr
Bartmess' ad under the new system.
Fresh White Salmon asparagus at
McGuire Bros.
People are coining from Hoo'i Riv
er's suburban towns, to purchase pi
anos at SouleV Piano House iu this
city. Charles Hayword of The Dalles
came down vlonday and selected a
beautiful Strohber for his new home.
Reduction In Flour and Feed.
Special cash price on Flour and Feed
at warehouse. Bran (14 per ton; shirts,
flSperton; flour, (4 per barrel. D.
If you want always to look on the
bright side of life, come and let Clarke
fit your eyes to a pair of glasses. His
apparatus for testing eyes is of the best
and most complete.
Salt mackerel, eastern white fish and
pickled salmon at Jackson's. ,
If you are looking for a nice little
home cheap, call on Onthank & Otten.
Tbey have just the thing.
Fresh fish at McGuire Bros, Tuesdays,
Thursdays aud Fridays.
Just received from the east, a half ton
of pure maple sugar and syrup at Jack
son's. Fresh rhubarb, lettuce, green onions
and cabbage, at McGuire Bros.
McGuire Bros, are making country
deliveries of meat on the east side of
Hood river. Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Country customers desiring, orders
filled should telephone their orders
Mondays and Wednesdays.
For sale by Emporium. Five farms
In one body, 320 acres, 5 improvements
cleared land with each, 7 miles from
White Salmen on Goldennale road,
plenty of water. $30 per acre. Cau be
sold in separate tracts for 30 days only.
Terms easy.
A reduction of 15 to 25 per cent in
wall paper for 30 days, at Hunt's.
Olives in bulk, bottles and cans at
Special sale of 1000 rolls of wall paper
at Hunt's.
New Orleans Molasses in balk and
cans at Jackson's.
Monpv saved hv biivini? vour flour
and feed from McDonald.
All kinds of timepieces at Clarke's
Come and look at some of them.
If your house office or funiture
needs repair, call up Dodge Bros. &
Reid, phone 651.
A torpid, inactive liver cau produce
more bodily ills than almost anything
eiee. It is good to clean the system
out occasionally. The best results are
derived from the use ot Ue Witt's Little
Early Risers. Reliable, effective, pleas
ant pills with a reputation. Never gripe.
Sold by Williams' Pharmacy.
Notice to Water Consumers.
Water for irrigation, by sprinkling
only, will be furnished to consumers
living on the Boutn sides or streets
running East and West from 6:00 to
9:00 A.M. and to those living on the
North sides of the streets IromoiOUto
8:00 P. M.
Light and Wateb Co.
Senator C. W. Merritt, of San Fran
cisco, is visiting F.T. Miner and family.
Mr. Merritt was one ol the earthquake
sufferers at Berkeley, afid is spending a
few weeks in Oregon resting from the
I. K. Levy, head of the dry poods de
part n.e it in Cram's store, left for Port
land yssterday afternoon to visit over
Mr. ml Mrs. Geo. P. Crow ell went
o Portland on the boa; Thursday after
noon, returning Saturday.
Complaint is made that some one is
tampering with the rural mail left in
the boxes iu Dukes Vnlley. In one in
stance vulgar sentences were written on
letters. It Is a crime to meddle with
mail boxes, and if caught, the offenders
will be prosecuted.
W. S. Gribbie moved bis family back
to Mt. Hood last week.
A grand fourth of July celebiatlon
is being arranged by the Artisans at
Mt. Hood.
Miss Yale, of Boston, arrived yes
terday from San Francisco to visit her
aunt, Mrs. T. J. Cunning. Miss Yale
arrived In San Francisco the day of
the earthquake and suffered some loss,
bat was uninjured.
Judge Henderson is so badly torn
op with his house repairing that be
don't know whether he is afoot or
horseback. His family is out camp
ing, and he spent several nights the
ill at of the week boding the house
op against the wind.
Mrs. Greenbury McElfresh, of 111
nois visited her nephew, Wm. Yates,
and family, for a few days. She had
u. rltHno har aon. Fred Mohl-
fresh, at Salem, and came up from
there, accompanied Dy ner son a wnw,
who attended tbe commencement ex
ercises at Wasco.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Mason returned
from Salem the fiistot the week, where
thAv nttuml.'il tlin meetinu of the Btate
Grange as delegates from Pine Grove.
Mr. Mason says that tney eecurea ine
next convention for Hood River, and
found but little opposition.
Memorial Day pasted off quietly
yesterday, there being no exeroises
..w...f , h. nurnh rf lknh Pnat fillll
the Relief Corps to tbe cemetery, and
tbe decoration oi tne graves, iouoweu
by an address ty Rev. W. C. Uilmore.
Tbe strewing of flowers upon tbe
waters was omitted this year.
Tbe telephone poles on the new Mt.
HnnH Imsa hnttn ant from drib
ble's store to the Booth hill and are
oouiiua this way as fast aa possible.
. . . a ill J
Help has Deen scarce, ana loin uw u
IuvaH tha wnrk Thev hone to com
plete the setting of poles at least be
fore harvest lime.
Mrs. P. a Snaua tr received a let
ter Monday from Mr. Spangler, who
arrived at tbe soldiers' home in Cali
fornia feeling better than whru he
uta-taA nn tha trln Ha lilraa hla niw
quarters and has donned Uncle Sam's
uniform onoe more ana reels ai nome
in it.
Snm nnn maliaiouslv out the bose
ou two spray pumps belonging to J.
K. IN ickelsen, Monday nignc, woiou ue
has standing outside bis implement
warehouse. The deed was a piece of
vandalism that deserves to be punished
to tbe full extent oi the law, if tbe
misoreant is caught.
C. A. Dano and wife came back
from Bend, Ore., Saturday, after a
month spent in that section or me
oountry, going as far south as Klam
ath. Mr. Dano says that they exper
ienced a snow storm of six inches on
the level, and loe formed in plaoes
that would bear tbeir weight. He
says that be was glad to get back to
Hood River.
R. II. Weber was dowu from Tbe
Dalles tbe latter part of tbe week, aud
says tbat some orchards are showing
tbe effects cf the Maroh freeze, by
some of tha apples failing to set. The
Dalles suffered more than Hood River,
especially peaches and cherries. The
trees seem to be affected in spots some
orchards showing no effects whatever,
and others reporting a partial setting
of fruit. Tbe Hpitzenbergs seem to
have suffeied little or not at all, the
most damage being to tewtowns. In
most cases the trees are simply thin
ned, and will do no barm.
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Ira Alcom spent Saturday in Port
land. Rev. W. A Wood preaoheu at Mosier
Geo. P. Crowell went to Portland
H. J. Hibbard had business in Tbe
Dalles Monday.
Truman Butler spent Sunday at Col
lins hot springs.
J. M. Hollowell bad business iu
The Dalles Thursday.
Ralph Savage took in Portland tbe
latter part of the week.
John Leland Henderson had busi
ness in Viento Thursday.
Miss Nettie Buck visited Mrs. Cole
at Menomiuee the last of tbe week.
A. T. Dodge, of Dukes Valley, has
gone to Bend. Ore., for the summer.
Newton Clark, of Portland, called
on old Hood River friends Saturday.
II. M. Huxley Is back with the
Davidson Fruit Co. during the berry
Myrou Smith, the Underwood mer
chant, spout. Suuday at Cascade
P. S. Davidson, jr., returned from
a trip to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Fri
day evening.
James A. Roberts, of Portland, vis
ited his biBter, Mrs. Glen Fabrlck,
last week.
Mrs. C. C. Clark, of Portland, ar
rived Tbuisday on a visit to ber sister,
Mrs. F. Slavens.
Tbos. Calkins took in the "Made in
Oregon" exhibition at Portland Fri
day and Saturday.
G. J. Gessling was iu Portland
Tuesday on business connected with
the Hood Kiver mill.
John Leland Henderson reports tbe
sale of five acres from Frank Gregory
to S. 11. Cox for $1,050.
Mrs. I. C. Sutton, of Salem, arrived
on train 8 Tuesday, to visit her daugh
ter, Mrs. W. D. liogers.
Mrs. W. B. Price, who has been
vUiting relatives here for weeks, re
turned to Portland Saturday.
Mrs. P. S. Jaugler, who has been in
poor health for some time is rapidly
improving aud will make the trip
Hon. A. A. Jayne went to Collins
Monday ou the Spencer for a few
day's recuperation at the hot springs.
Mrs. H. L. Dumble left for Port
land Friday afternoon for a few days'
visit with friends aud relatives.
Leston N. Kelsay.editor of tbe Khan
iko Republican, passed through Hood
River Monday ou No. 7 on bis way to
A special excursion of tbe Brother
hood of Railroad Trainmen passed
tbtougb here Suuday on the way to
The Dalles.
Ira Alcorn has opened his meat
market again, this time as manager
for A. S. Bent an engineer on tbe Mt.
Hood Railroad.
E. M. Rand, of Vancouver, Wash.,
was in town Friday. Mr. Rand is
buying rights-of-way for the opposi
tion north bank road.
B. F. Taylor, of Pomona, Cal., who
is spending a few weeks in Hood Rlrer,
bought some White Salmon townslte
property last week.
Mrs. Gilmore aud family returned
from Portland Monday, returned from
Portland Monday, where she has been
visiting friends.
II. M. Abbott visited bis Mosier
ranch tbe first of tbe week, and aays
that bis fruit trees are all looking
well, and not apparently hurt by tbe
March freeze.
Mrs. Gamble, who has been spend
ing a couple of weeks with her father
D. I. Stone, on bis ranch near Lost
Lake, left for Boise, Idaho, Monday.
S. F. Blythe and C. L. Copple went
to Tbe Dalles Tuesday on political
business. Mr. filvtbe also spent few
days in the southern end of the coun
John Rumford, manager of tbe Com
pressed Yeast, at Portland, was in
liood River last week, where be fin
ished proving upon bis claim iu tbe
uppi r valley.
Prof, and Mrs. W. L. Wiley attend
ed the commencement exercises in
Tbe Dalles Friday. Mr. Wiley also
made a flying trip to Portland Thurs
day afternoon.
Geo. I. Pratber has had a new siga
board painted, which will be placed at
the forks of tbe road at Tucker's, giv
ing the distances to Pratber's ranch,
Wiuans, Dee, and Lost Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Barnes arrived
Thursday from Francos, Wash., where
Mr. Barnes haa been teaching school
They will visit friends in the city tor
a few weeks.
Mr. Coon and family have gone to
Hood River from Lyle and T. T. I Mao
and family will go in s few days to
work at strawberry picking and pack
ing. Uoldendale Sentinel.
Mrs. Katberine lloyt came up
Thursday to visit ber father. H. C.
Coe. Mr. Coe intends to move out to
hia ranch again, on Jerioho Lane, bis
renters having left the place.
Ralph Savage made a trip to Port- .
land last week.
Mrs. Benjamin was a passenger on l
No. 2 for The Dalles Tuesday, g PST.i !
J. W. S. Owens, of Golden, Colo., '
is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Chan.
V. Terrell.
Miss Ethel Woodworth, of Nevada,
is visiting relatives aud frieuds iu
Hood River.
Guy Weeks, of Belding, Mioh., vis
ited friends in the valley last week,
leaving for Portland Friday.
Pres. W. N. Ferrin, of the Paoillo
University at Forest Grove had busi
ness in Hood River Friday.
J. P. Aplin has resigued his posi
tion in tbe Hood River Milling Co.
and gone to Portland. Wm. Eidt is
now bead miller.
Tbe rains have helped gardens, fruit
trees aud everything except stiawber
rles that are ripening, aud on the
whole done much good.
Dra. Pierce aud Geary aud Mr. and
Mrs. Goldman, of Portland spout Sun
day looking over the valley, also tak
ing in Mosier and White Salmon.
Fred Shoemaker, of Pendleton,
spent Sunday with bis wife, who has
been visiting her mother, Mrs. Gil
bert, of the Mt. liood hotel, for sev
eral weeks.
Miss N. B. Ahrens, tf Portland,
epent Sunday with ber In oUur, Harry
11. Abiens, at Husum, where he has
a ranch adjoin ng that of O. R. Ball,
of the American Type Foundry. '
' Tbe average prico received by the
growers last year was between $2.75
and ft per crate. It is believed that
tbe latter figure will be the average
price paid to the growers of this year.
Ralph Reed Bnd J. C. Cleary went
to The Dalles Tuesday. Mr. Cloary
reports tbat hla wife, who was taken to
a Portland hospital a couple of weeks
ago, is much improved and is visiting
at Too Dalles
F. Rosiger, of Portland, haa entoied
into a partnership with A. Guiguard
and tbey will buy canning berries for
tbe Holmes Canning Co. of Portland.
H. C. Holmes, of that company, was
iu Hood River Saturday.
A. Bennett and J. S. Davenport, of
The Dalles, were Hood River visitors
Friday and Saturday, ttking a trip
out iu the valley while here. They
will start tbeir new paper, the Optim
ist, about tbe middle of next mouth.
Mrs. Warner bad been offered $8500
by tbe railroad people in settlement
of ber claim, and this is tbe first con
demnation suit tried here where the
verdict exceeded the amount previous
ly offered in settlement.
Services at tbe Unitarian church
every Sunday at 11 a. m., J. A. Hal
ridge, minister. Topio for next Sun
day, "Devotion to an Ideal." All
Who believe in freedom of thought
and service are cordially invited.
Stiangers iu the city will be made
Amoug (hose who left for Hood
River, for tbe berry season, were:
Mrs. Louie Sbafer, Mrs. Autoue Hief
er, Mrs. Krouse and daughter, Miss
Grace Thompson, A. Jorgengsen and
family, Mrs. F. (). Coolodgo and fam
ily, and John Zoller's family, Miss
Malo and two brothers. Get vais Star.
O. R. Ball, Manager of the Ameri
can Type Founders Co., at Portland,
dropped off at Hood River Thursday
ou bis way back from Boise, Idaho,
and Eastern Uregon. Mr. liali spent
a few hours in town and then went up
to Husum, where be has a new ranch
which be is developing.
Rev. W. C. Gilmore went to Forctt
Grove last week, where he attended
tbe Pacific University as a member of
the visiting committee. He reports
the departments of the university iu a
flourishing oondition and doing good
work. Tbe secretary's books show an
endowment fund of $201,0110, which
entitles thorn to tho Carnegie fund.
Geo. T. Prather shipped tbe house-
bold goods of O. D. Rea to Esbon,
Kansas, Monday. Mr. Rea writes
tbat be has had to go back to the Kan-
City specialists again for treat
ment. Mr. Rea was compel!:'! to
leave Hood River last summer on ac
count of his health, being a sufferer
from canoer.
Tbe Deitz studio was burglarized
Monday night. The upper sash of a
window in tbe rear was broken, and
then tbe thief reached through, loos
ened tbe catch fastening and gained
entrance. Mr. Deitz missed t'i cents
from tbe till a camera lenz and a my
screen. Tbe lenz did not happen to be
a very expensive one, and tbe total
loss was not great. There is no clue
to tbe robber.
A new cement walk in front of the
Odd Fellows block bas just been com
pleted, and it is the best cement walk
tbat bas been built here. It is built
in an arch shape, forms being made
of corrugated iron, and two openings
for light are made by embedding
round glass in an iron support in tbe
walk. Tbe walk is built solid to tbe
front wall and ret,t on a brick foun
dation, bo tbat it will be water tight.
A similar walk will be built on (he
fourth street aide of the building.
(loos a long way toward making a poorly
writton lottor look well.
Wo arc showing a lino of tho
in boxos, tablets, ami bulk. Envelopes in
all shapes and colors.
Are You Patriotic?
If so patronize Home
Industry. Use Hood
River Flour and Feed.
Come right down to
the mill and get your
Feed fresh and see how
much farther it will go
j Hood River Milling Co.
O. L. Rioh,of Wasco, spent a couple
of days in Hood Kivor tho first of the
Mrs. Donald Skeenn, of Portland, is
visiting her Nthor, Donald Mackay,
iu the valley.
L. If. Nichols, who haa been rusti
cating in the mountains in the south
ern part or Wasco county for two
months past, returned home Monday.
Rov. J. W. Mayes and family came
in from Bickleton, Wash., Monday, to
visit lelativos and friends. Mr. Mayes
will go back today, but Mrs. Mayes
will stay for a few weeks.
Tho Rt. Rev. Lemuel II. Wells,
Bishop ot Spokane, will preach iu St.
Mark's Kiiiseopal church next Sunday
evening at 7 .:) p. in. The public are
cordially invited.
Riverside Congregational, W. (J. Gil
more, pastor. Sunday school 10 a.m. ;
worsboip and; subject,
"Approaoing the ballot box."; 0, K.
7; evening worship, 7:15.
Miss Eva Nicklason, of Portland, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. II. J.. Fred
erick. C. W. Mutt, of St. Paul,
Minn., general 'emigration agent of
the Northern Paoillo, arrived Thiirs!
day on a visit with Oscar Vanderbilt.
The handsomest baby in Oregon or
Washington. Whose is it? That is
the Sunday Journal which continues
to be the best Sunday paper on the
coast wants to find out; aud it is
offering valuable awards iu its efforts
to do so. 'Ibis week's Sunday Jour
nal bas tho details. Write to Tbe
Journal, Portland, Oregon, foi a free
A good comp'exion is impossible with
tbe stomach out of order. If pasty sal
low people would pay more attention to
their stomachs aud less to the skin ou
their faces, they would have better com
will digest what you eat and put your
stomach back in right shape to do its
own work. Kodol relieves palpitation
of tbe heart, flatulence, sour stomach,
haart burn, etc. Sold by Williams'
Mrs. John Evans, of Ruthtou, who
has beeu seriously ill, is convalescent.
Louis liurkhart, of Mt. Hood, was a
passenger on the local to Portland yes
terday. J. II. Hollbrouner went to Portland
on a business tiip yestreday after
noon. Ed Felts, of Winona, Kan a., stopped
off yesterday on his way to Portland
to visit L, E. Morse.
County Judge Lake, Clerk Bolton
and Treasurer Donnell were down
fiom Tho Dalles Tuesday.
Michael T. Nolan, register of tbo
land ollice at Tbe Duiius, was a pas
senger on traiu 7 yesterday.
Bishop N.Castle will bold the fourth
ijuarterly meeting ot the U. B. church
June 2 and 3. Xhe bishop will preach
morning and evening, June 3.
Mrs. Laura Houghklrk, of Ranier,
Ore , was the guest of Rev. J. L.
Ilershner and family last week. Mrs.
Ilonghkirk is Grand Chief of tha
Kathbone Sisters of the state grand
Mrs. Hello Hall, daughtor of B. F.
Belieu, who was dangerously ill iu the
Cottage Hospital here a mouth ago,
but subsequently partially recovered
from the attack of typhoid fever, and
went to Portland, is aguiu very kick.
Sho gave birth to a daughter recently.
E. V. Sohiller was quite badly hurt
Thursday at Hammond & Swan b saw
mill at White Salmon. While working
theratchet on the carriage,' it struck
a clip block, knocking him off. He
struck his head on a timber and re
ceived a very severe bruise. The skull
was not fractured, and he is not dan
gerously hurt, but will be laid up for
awhile. This is tbe fourth time he
bas been urt in the same mill in the
last two mouths. He is a brother of
E. A. Schiller, of Hood River.
Why take a dozen things to cure that
cough? Kennedy's Laxative Honey
and Tar allays the congestion, stops
that tickling, drives the cold outthrough
your bowels. Suld by Williams' l'harm-.