The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 31, 1906, Image 4

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On Saturday last it was the writer'
privilege, in company with E. A
Watts, to drive out to the Ureen
Point lumber mill and lodging camp.
We passed by the O. A. MoUurdy nh w ith a tiriebt new wire fence
and i everything in good shape. We
next observed the J. I. Miller place,
the mitemriHiiia merchant and rustl-
inu farmer. J. I. has a very nice
Dlace and no doubt in a little time
will be in verv easy oirounistances.
At the foot of the big bill, nestling
trnoni the shady trees, we nnd J.
Binns, wbwai not asleep but op and
doing justice to the soil, just like an
old Englishman does do. Alter eev
arul ateen hills are climbed we reach
the lumber camp. The mill is just
flno, with u very largn capaoity ana
is run almost night and day because
of mauy orders. A large pond at the
mill contains many hundred of logs
of all sizes. Uy the ingenuity of Mark
Davenport a large flume has been con
structed to carry the logs to the mill.
Largo flood gates are so construoted
that they can bo raised every 15 min
utes and let out the logs. Timber is
falling, steam engines blowing and
snortiug, the toot of the whistle can
be heard, bouses and tents are thickly
dotted around and something like 250
men are employed. A large store is
on the ground where most everything
can be purchased. We returned home
leaving Ureen Point at 5 o'clock and
arrived at the liookfnrd at C, and we
thought we made good time.
We are informed that Rev. V. M.
Hell, D. D., a bishop of the United
llrethorn church, will preach in the
U. II. church next Sunday morning
and evening. Having myself hoard
the bishop, will say it is quite a treat
to listen to such a forceful and most
eloquent divine. Hood Klver does
not often got the privilege t see or
hear a bishop, ao every one that can
go should make it a point to hear
The Btram han boys have been haul
ing a large number of berry orates out
to their ranches. It looks as though
they were to have a good crop.
Mra. L. Ooddard, of Cosy Cove
farm, has a hired man at work on her
ranch, while sbe is out Instructing
her pupils on the piano.
We feel like congratulating 11. F,
Eadleman. the road supervisor, for
the good work done on the roads,
and with a little more fixing Den will
have the beat of roads, according to
the material whioh they have to work
It is very pleasant to hear the sweet
birds whispering their sweet songs,
but it is not very pleasant to hear It
whinnered that the ditch question is
brewing up again and waxing hotter
and hotter. It is better lor all par
tics to settle this business iu a friend
ly way.
We were privileged to attend the
service on Sunday last in the Opera
House. Kev. ltlghy delivered the all
course for theU. A. K. It caused my
mind to rolled back to the past days,
when the old veterans tiled In, as 1
looked upon their gray hairs and
bodies stooping towards mother earth,
but what hope inspires the old veter
ans of the Cross that some day they
will cross over the river and camp
on the other side. The ladles of the
Kollef Corps were preseut in command
of Mrs. II. F. Shoemaker, lly the
way, this lady makes an exoelleut com
We have been at sea over the
stiangor who has been around making
inquiries about the Hood Klver Irri
gation ditch and the Hood River
Water Supply ditch. What is in the
wind? Something is going to happen.
It was our privilege to attend the
services on Sunday evening last at the
llelmont M. E. church. The services
are being conducted by Miss Crow,
who is a very forceful and earnest
speaker, tukiug for her text, "What
shall it profit a man if he gain the
whole world and lose his soul at last."
The subject was well bandied and
made a good impression, and we hope
that lasting good may be the result of
her labors.
F. W. Angus has been on the sick
lint the Inst few duys being laid up
with the Ingrippe, Suppose it had a
good grip on him, but it has now
loosened its hold.
Snrgeot and wife made a trip to
the falls on Kundsv last and brought
borne the buggy which was I it mere
three weeks ago.
Horn, to Mr. and Mis. Ross Miller,
last Sunday night, a son.
C. Cf Masiker, (leorge Masiker,
Thos. Lacey, Frank Runcorn and
Clinton Woods were Portland visitors
last week, we are told.
Evart Laiferty was home from Green
Point last week.
James Eggert made a trip I -tut week
to the logging camp in which he is in
terested. Kemp Lodge, I. O. O. P., eleoted
the following o!lioet Saturday night:
A. U. Newman, N. U. ; R. U. Masiker,
V. U. ; H. S. (lalligan, Sec. ; James
Wilson, Fin. Sec. ; L. A. Clark, l'reas.
Roswell Shelley made another trip
to Ureen Point last Saturday deliver
ing groceries.
Mrs. Bowerman and daughter,
Leita, are working in the stran Larries
down near Hood Klver at Mr. Biaig i,
we believe.
Vera Crockett has been on ftraw-
berry work at Mrs. Rowley s.
M. D. Odell begun marketing Lerrlos
Monday, May 2n.
Wallaoi Young took a band of horses
away to pasture a few days sluoe.
Mrs. Wm. Ehrck left last Saturday
for Portland for a visit with her
Otto Chick and Ed Jocbimsen will
give a dance Friday ulght, May 8, in
tbel. U. O. V Hall at Udell. IN urn
ber and supper, 1 25.
It has just ome to the knowledge
of the writer that on May 11, the clos
lng day of our school, Mr. (James, Mr.
Crosby and Mr. Odell met at the
school bouse, as we believe is usual
at the end of a term of school, to
make out orders for teachers wages
and while there contracts were drawn
for two of the teachers iu Odell school
for next term, Mr. Eunes for prinoi
pal. Mrs. Mae Hull Ubrck for primary
These teachers need no introduction
to the people of Odll, having been
with us the past school year.
In a letter received from Mr. Ennes
by one of our residents, he tells of a
typewriter be has purchased for use
iu the school at Odell next term.
Rev. II. C. Clark delivered a sermon
Sunday, May 27, appropriate to the
Sabbath next preceding Memorial Day
and touching the temperance ques
tion as well. Facts told in forcible,
interesting manuer.
operation was perfor .ed. This I the
fourth operation in her lifetime and
each time for a different cmse.
R J. Milaaan hauled od a load of
brick Thursday for the chimney of bis
new bouse.
Mrs. A. Fredenburg was In town
Friday. .
The siiDervisor on the west aide was
out last week through bis district tak
ing every one that wai big enougn to
handle a shovel or a mattock to work
the road. . ' '(
We understand that there will bs a
grand big celebration here the 4th of
July. There is some talk of the Sun
day KoDool joining tne Aniaana, uut
most of the people lay tha Sunday
School should not endorse such
celebration as the Artisans are plan
ning. Thev have not got the program
entirely arranged, but there will be
a number of races and grand ball at
nigbt for those who like to trip their
fantastic toe. Everybody invited.
A number of our citizens have been
taken down with what tome term as
the measles.
Joe Hess went to Lost Lake Sunday
after E. W. Uribble at Mrs. dibble is
down with the measles.
Oscar Fredenburg bas bought a
couple of cows and will start in the
dairy business.
Well, what is the matter of the
sore beads," as they are commonly
called by the first team? The "sore
beads," wltu tne exception oi too
oatcher which was J. B. Phelps, oi
the first team, but still Baldwin, wbo
oaught for the firsts, can't be beat on
delivering a ball across to aeoona.
Their mascot had to play as they was
short one man, bnt the "sore bead"
bad to gather up four men bat in spite
of them not having practiced together.
The Thomas brothers in the box held
them down and the roore stood 3 to 11
in favor of the "sore heads." Well,
guess the first team will have to piao
tice their newly organized team.
A. Maorum and family spent Sun
day with J. B. Phelps.
A. M. Koliey Is accompanied now
days with a black eye, which he re
ceived at the ball game Sunday.
J. C. Davidson took trip to Wil
low Flat Sunday.
Clinton Uregory went to Dee Sun
day to take iu tbe sights.
You can hardly find a home
without its Aycr't Cherry
Pectoral. Parents know what
it does for children: breaks
up a cold in a single night,
wards off bronchitis, prevents
pneumonia. Physicians ad
vise parents to keep it on hand.
Tbe heat eoart aedletne moneT nT
to Ayer'i Cherry eetorel. Far the eoesnii of
caltdrea Bottuuiroouid aoMtbij be btir."
Jacob Shull. Saratoga, In.
Me.. Ml.. 11 N.
All drmrgUM.
i.e. irsaco.,
Throat, Lungs
Ayer'w Pills
is greatly aid the Cherry
In breaking up m cold.
From the Enterprise.
The Grangers and other societies
of White Salmon are going ahead with
the arrangements for a grand Fourth
of July celebration. There will be a
big parade, speaking, musio, dancing,
aul the whole win wind up witn
grand display of fire works in tbe
evening. Everybody is coming and
a big crowd is assured.
Etnmr Hadlny is r.p fio'O. California
vlbitiug bis father, H. (I. H nil ley, tbe
euterprising uierobuut of lllngen.
The business men along Jer ett ave
line have subscribed money to oil that
thoroughfare to keep down Hih dust.
About t'M was raised for tbe puii.on
Mrs. Katie Atwood, of The Dalles,
visited with Mrs. A. F. Smith Mon
day. Mrs. Atwood is planning to
build a home in White Salmon In tbe
near future.
Mrs. Waldo and daughter Edrls are
over from Hood River, visiting with
Mr. Nanper and family. They will
remain heie for a few days visiting
with old friends.
A. W. Estes, the real estate man,
Is spending some time on his homo
stead setting acquainted with his
family. He will be back in his olllro
again iu a week or two more lull of
business than ever.
The many friends of Mrs. Fred
Luthy, of Underwood, will be glad I )
hear that she is able to sit up nmv
and in a few days she will be moved
from the hospital to tbe home of her
sister, Mrs. Frederic, on East Kith
s'reet, Poitlund. Mrs. Luthy left
here about three weeks ago iu very
poor health, llor doctor advised an
operation and two weeks ago a double
I Special Sale i Special Sale
Mr. Kobler is giving bis house
ooat of paint.
Tbe people who have been having
tbe measles all seem to be improving.
. A. neioe of Mrs. Zable's came uii
from Portland and spent a few days
last week, returning Saturday.
For sale, a good span of young
horses. For fuither particulars In
quire at The Pine Urove store.
George Wluchell was operated on
Sunday night forappendloitia by JJrs.
Shaw and Coffee. He was taken to
the N. P. Bauitorlum the .last of tbe
week where be could be under tbe
doctor's care. At last reports be was
doing very nioely.
Mrs. Zable's sister. Mrs French,
came up from Portland Monday to
visit awhile.
Tbe cool weather is holding tbe ber
ties back to a great extent. The Cam p
bell Bros, are picking some and a lew
berries are being shipped from points
on further up tbe valley.
Mr. and Mrs. DeWltt spent Monday
with the Pine Urove store people. Mr.
DeWitt baa n homestead od tbe moun
tain whioh be expects to prove op on
R. S. Shelley was out from Lost
Lake the first of tbe week. The party
of Urangers have made a new trail into
tbe lake whioh is a great Improve
ment over tbe old one.
The Pine Urove Orange will meet
Saturday evening, and will hear the
report of the delegates to the state
Urange at Salem, who are prepared to
give an interesting report.
Fred Evans left on Tuesday's early
train for Hood River, from which
point he will leave for tbe forest re
serve, clothed with authority to pro
tect the reserve from those wbo may
desire to trespass upon the same.
Protect Your Health by Drinking n
Sanitary Soda Water
Drawn from our 20th Century Soda Fountain and served with the 15EST White
Clover lee Cream Syrups in Sterilized glass containers on ice in plain sight
No Corrosion, No Germs, Delicious, Healthful
CoancLO in, sBcst anad. Too Refreslied.
Give us your Drug orders, so while enjoying your sodas
your medicines will bo dispensed in a satisfactroy manner
Cr .,"1
No More Watch Worries
We nor aiiyone else 'can sell goods at less than cost and live, but there are goods
that so accumulate on which it is better to accept a loss than to keep. Below we
give a list of some of these, most all of which are good goods, and are real bar
gains. If we have a real bargain to give we believe in giving it to our friends
A. B. Craft, of Wasco, was tbe guest
ot J. V. Carroll and; family one a ay
last week, ." .
Messrs, El iner -end Leo Root have
- .1 .1 kL.ta lanA lavtnM mnmm m 1 1 AO VtAlIf
a itu iinu auu, ijiug
on the mountains, for a consideration
nf tt '200.
V. U. raricer, or ins Danes, woo
bas homesteaded a forty-acre tract of
land, lying two miles sooth of town,
has moved witn ma lamuy on tne
olane and exueots to develop a com
fortable borne on it in tbe future.
Miss Jessie Hardwlok. of Kelso,
Wash., is visiting relatives and friends
In M osier.
Miss Lizzie Evans, of Portland,
oame up on rriday ana is me guest
of ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. J no.
Mr. and Mrs. l'ank Taylor, of The
Dalles, were the guests of Mrs. lay
lor's sister, Miss Dollle M osier, a few
days last week.
Mr. Hubb, who is tbe contractor
for J. W. Wildriok'i new residence
which la in coarse of erection, was
suddenly called to Tbe Dalles last
week on account . pi illness in mi
Dick Evans returned from The Dal
les on Sunday, accompanied by bis
mother-in-law, Mrs. Denton.
On Friday last Miss Agnes I..
Gulovson, oompleted a most sue esL-
fnl nine months' term of sonooi in
District No. 52. ill iss Gulovson is
an amiable and sweet young woman,
who hv her kindness and suavity of
manner has ingratiated herself into
the hearts of the Mosier people to
point approaching almost a refusal to
aooept ber resignation should she de
sire it - :.
Miss Katie Davenport returned from
Portland on Thursday evening, where
she had been to attend tbe State Re
bekah Assembly, having been elected
a delegate from tb Mosier assembly.
Miss Lenora Adams, of Hood River,
was tbe guest of her aunt. Miss Dollie
Mosier, on Saturday and Sunday.
The eiubt made examination for
the pupils iu District 52 was conduct
ed by Miss D. Mosier at ber borne,
May 17 and IS. 'Miss l.unine r inner
passed with blah "standing and was
awarded a diploma for her success. '
Alex Stewart and J no. Carroll re
turned on Fridar from Portland,
where they bad been as delegates to
the Brand lodue. I. O. O. K. whioh
wai in session In Portland last week.
The Brat annual' commencement ex
eroises in District 52 were beld in the
Kantitit ohtirch on Friday evening
May 25. Through the deit Angers of
Miss Uulvoson and ber pupils, tbe
church was decorated with flowers
and potted plants anj festooned witb
Oregon grape twined witb oaidiual
until the scene was rendered a bower
of delisht to the eve. The exercises
were entortaining. and the spirit of
vlvaoity evinoed by the pupils gave
tribute to their teacher in her ettloient
nrenaration of so pleasing a program,
Miss Lurliue Fisher was valediotoiian
and acmiitted herself well in tbe de-
livery. Alter presentation oi me ui
ploma to the graduate, Miss Lurline
Fisher, tbe following pupils were pre
sented with large certificates of award
for being neither absent nor laray
throughout the rear: Annie Ilaaoke,
Leodica Haaoke,' Mary Morgan, Alioe
Molser, Oia Waite, Willie Depee,
Johnnie Epping, Aldine Hudson.
Tbe roll of honor tbe last sobool
month, ending May 25, are as follows:
Annie Ilaacke, Leodica Haacke, Mary
Morgan, Alice Mosier, Oia Waite,
Willie Depee Johnnie Epping,, Aldine
Hudsou Marlon Woods, Mary Arm
strong, Lloyd Fisher. Alefora Haaoke,
Shelly Hudson, Mattie Hudson, Geor
gia Waite, Willie Stewart, Emily Hud
son, i,
Miss Agnes Gulovson left on Wed
nesduy's afternoon train for Portland,
where she goes to spend ber vacation
with ber pareutl.
Prominent teal estate men of Port
land and Hood River were much in
evidence In Mosier on Sunday last.
Having chartered Mr. Ginger's livery
rig, they were driven through tbe
oountry, taking occasion of viewing
tbe outlook for future business. This
being the factor of interest to the gen
tlemen, Mosier can furnish tbem tbe
attraction, aud stands with beckoning
bands to offer tbe honest bomeseeker
a land witb multitudinous facilities
for establishing a comfortable home
Petitioners Pay Damage Allowed by
the Conttty Conrl.
Tbe following list are those who
contributed to the seventy five dollars
damage allowed by tbe oaunty court
at tbe March term of court, for the
location of a county road through the
Dudley Holland property Deuer anown
as the John Lawless ranch:
F. A. Massee, 1
D. L. Davidson, 10
N. W. Hone,
O. I). Thompson, 10
II. F. Davidson, 10
Orra Kay, &
O. H. Kobbins, , - &
Chaa. Davis, 5
Thos. Lacey, 5
E. T. Folts, 3
F. P. Friday, , 2
For Ladles and Children
Sandow brand, 35c for 20c
3 for 50e
Kittie brand, - 15cforl0c
Kato brand, - 20cforl5c
25c for 20c, 3 for 50c
and 35c for - - 25c
Tor Men and Bar
Something like 100 to 125
hats that range in price
at from fl.50 to f 3.00.
Your choice for
Men's Clothing
Forty or Fifty suits that
are not strictly up to date
in cut but are all good
goods and servicable, and
for every day wear are
$4.00 to $9.50
We make
our living
by asking
a profit on
good sell
ing goods
r r Bon and Children
Five to ten years sizes,
l'rices from
85 Cents to $3.50
Most all of these are good
and are all worth more
money than we ask for
Ironing Beam.
I have iut made ud an assortment
ot these necessary articles, also have
the material to make tbem to order.
Experience haa taught what kind give
the best aervioe, also what to make
tbem of to prevent warping, checking
or extracting pitch.
Yours for anything in the carpeu
teiing line.
F. O. COE,
Opposite O. B.Hartley's Rer,
Phone 571.
Hood River Fruit Growers Union
Strawberries, Raspberries,
Blackberries and Cherries
An Organization of FRUIT GROWERS, For the Benefit of FRUIT GROWERS, Managed by FRUIT GROWERS
Every Fruit Grower enjoys the same privileges. Returns are made according to
the Quality of the fruit shipped irrespective of person. The Union is open to
any grower as a shipping madiuin. Come to the office and get acquainted with us.
We are slwnys ready to cheerfully furnish any information desired.
Yours truly,
C. H. SHEPARD, Manager
Remember. The Union is iii existence for the benefit of the Fruit Grower.
-AT A-
10 acres of very early
strawberry and fruit land,
with a southern slope, 1
miles from White Salmon, 1
mile from dock; plenty of
water; 4 acres cleared. It's
a great bargain for $1350,
part cash.
We ha ve other bargains.
White Salmon Land Co.,
White Salmon, Wash.
ITnilaJ StstM 1 . rut OHW TS DU. OrWHI
April 23d. W08.-Nowi hmbr titn tht th
following named actUcT turn filed wKkc or ha in
tention to hhlIm final proof in support of hia claim
and that Mid proof will oe mad befora tha Kec
ister and Racamr at Tb Dallaa. OraKon on J una
5th. 1U06.
of Hood Rirar. Ortvon, on H. E. No. 8740. for tha
Sac, 8, Tp. t. N.. R 11. E.. W. M
H namaa tha followinc witnaaara to pror hit
conttnoua raaidenca upon and cultivation of aaid
land, vit: John , of Hood River. Oregon,
Kmil D. West: of Mood River. Onoa. William H
Davia. of Hoad Wear, Oreron. John W. Da via. of
Hood River, Oregon.
New List of
Real Estate Bargains
". J. Baker & Co. offer tbe following
flood propositions in real eitate, tfaia
week :
52 acres. Between 25 and 30 acren
cleared ; 12 acrea in rearing orchard, 15
in strawberries and clover. House and
barn. This U a good buy. Price for a
short time, lUU.
30 acres 5 miles out. 25 acres cleared,
20 in orchard 5 of which is in full bear
ing; standard varieties. Price, $9000.
70 acres 4 miles out. 45 acres cleared,
16 in orchard, 12 in full bearing, 12 ac es
meadow land. All ne essary buildings
on place. Price per acre, 1200.
80 acres 6 miles out, Unimproved.
No waste land. Price, ,40 per acrv
120 acres 6) miles out. All necessary
buildings, good well and springs on
place. This is an unusually good buy.
Small orchard and all kinds of small
fruit ; 46 acres cleared. Price per acre,
$60; terms to suit purchaser. '
We call special attention to one 10
acre tract, all cleared; about two miles
from town. Price, (1250.
We have a number of 5, 10 and 20
acre tracts that are bargains. Some
good propositions in regard to land
from the Mount Hood district. C"m
and see oa about it. Also land inMo-U-r,
White Salmon and Bingen. ',
We have fine alfalfa ranch in Baker
county, another in Morrow; also irp
rrty In the Willamette valley to;e
cliune for Hood R ver realty. -
Hoiuh-s and lots fur rent or sale in all
parts of Hood River. Collections made.
Insurance ' written in your choice of
three companies. ;
40 acres. All under cultivation. ; Nice
laige lioure, ordinary barn and two
ware houwa. 6 acres apples full bear
ing, Htnmlard viirietiea; also ytmng
New town orchard. 20 acre grass, 5
acrrs pasture; under irrigaliou ditch.
Tins is a good hoy at $10,000.
For a Few Days Only
Fifty acres, 6 miles out,
Ten acreas cleared,
"Sixty-flve apple trees,
Good house and barn,
Fine water,
Rural telephone and mail
No stone, well protected,
Deep soil,
Splendid fruit land,
Good outside range.
Who wants it for 2,500.
Gdod terms. Land all
around it held at twice the
At Millinery Hor
.Prompt sales and quick returns
Wholes-tie dealers in all kinds of First
and; Produce. Consignment solicited
Front Street, Portland, Ore, '