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Oregon appfes fcave OHiigtt with the
BritUtier of tBbtrt,aiid . latliioi- He
has forsaken ttie New 'rhtk production
which be hag beeo ted for yearn auil
now demands the neatly wmpped
to Loudon Irom the
orchards of Oregon.., t'l'he,. develop
ment of this taste is. the rebult of
7 ears of work on,, the part ot local
ibippen and growers, who have con-'
itantly sung tLe vii tues of the nett
ro fruit in the iliiiti markets. The
lirititiber tealivt pi w that the Oregon
apple it the beat filial tut h Q.ldalf orcla
and be is clamoring at the market
places for iuore-t. -.lliem -tbaij have
been shipped In the past. And he is
willing to pay the highest prtoea -fop
me goouB. ine oriutsu iiaue wouiu
rather have a bushel box of Oregou
apples than a-barrel of New York's
best," says Captain Gordon Voorhies,
a large grower and fhijiper -ot ..applqa
from bis Medfoid oichards, who has
returned from an extended ( European
toux enthusiastic over the future of
Oregon apples in the fpreigu markets,
lie flatted on the ooneioent and kept
in close touch with the mrrket in Eng
land, the principal shipping point for
local apples.
'The English are waking up to the
fact that ourapples are better than,
those of any other state or country,'
be said. "It was a hard lesson for
the Britisher to learn,' for he has hail
his taste educated on the barreled ap
ples that are shipped in great quanti
ties from the New York orchards.
Our careful selecting and neatness in
boxing caught bis eye at last, and ut
ter a few years of sampling be has
been won over to our cause. Mow t(j6
best trade of England demands Oregon
apples. The. sumptuous ppeatarice
of our boxes when they are opened in
the markets did much to place them
ahead of all rivals.
"I look for the trade to increase
each year and for the prices to be
strong." '
Continental Europe did not so -appeal
to Captain Voorhies as a market
lor Oregon apples. The Oei mans are
nettled at the Ingres of American food
products and tbey are quick to llnd
fault and discard any shipments they
can. The tariff on apples also adds a
handicap to their successful marketing
The wealthy class of Oermauy pre
fer a continental grown fruit.
Southern Europe has yet to see the
Oregon shipments. The Held there,
according to Captain Voorhies, is
limited because of tpe-'cost of ship
ment aud existing tariffs.
Captain Voorhies will remain in Ore
gon for several months then rejoin
bis family in Switzerland,. Rogue
River Courier.
. iWoman Suffrage
Editor Glacier One of the ques-
ions asked by the mitieurrragiets is.
hy do Orrgcn wcrnr.ii want to vote:
One, i.iuui.k irafiy others,
they want to It ml a 1 1 1 ing hand to
their i-Ul. r i-IhUs. lon't you kuow
Ortgou i.-r hiking lie ii ad in apples,
aud it i;n'l want t,i ie behind in
liolitical redii in. 1 leliole there are
enough giil l.iiicolu am) Koosetelt
liepiiblicuiia and enough Jelt'emonian
Democrats, also Prohibit iouibts and
Sociilihls to. help our cuute. It is
true onion hate advantages in this
state which otiier stutes do not give,
but the leavening proceps will not be
complete until women are admitted
into full fellowship iu political free
dom. Many men have si use euough
to know we have been en probati n
long enough, aud those women do uot
now care to vote, if they ever did
have the privilege, would uo doubt
enjoy it as much as those who favor it
at the present time. Compulsion and
privileges are two ditJeient things.
Can any woman truthfully say, I am
willing that tiny luan shall compel me
to lie silent where my individuality
declares 1 am ot age aud old enough
to decide for myself in ail matters
pertaining to my iuterei-t and the in
terests of those near end. dear to met
'or thero is not or.o subject which
claims the. attomun of the American
people today but w hat ought to be
bared in by both men and women.
As far as representation is concerned,
one poison can never leproseut an
other. Opinions and judgments
differ, and what is most needed iu
womaukind in geueral, is maepen-
deuce and s'df reliance. Ihese com
mand self resuect. With such a com-
nnatiou. women need have no fears
that they will be lees the woman, less
the wife or the mother. They need
vo no fears that family discords will
re vail. As one gentleman taid uot
long ago, "Matters will adjust ii.em
selves." It should bo remembered it
is the big hearted, broad minded men
who are our friends in this campaign
ot equal rights, aud the writer has
been encouraged aud pleased with the
outlook from the fact that the young
men taKe so kindly to the movement.
And'why? Verhajm because they read
Snd think and feel with her that it
would have a developing luiiuence,
as Well a a moral influence, in mould
ug the chhructera aim nanus oi nuiu
men and woman, thus giving tetter
preparation for the ur.tivo duties aud
responsibilities of life. A self-re-
coctmg coil inuiiiiy is h sine com
munity, a rich gaiden tpi t for the
culture of youth.
iiuna a num.
Big Apple Conn ties. . v'
Arkansas has the distinction of em
bracing two counties which contain
more bearing apple trees than:' any
similar areas in the world. These
counties are Benton, - with 1,613, 30G,
and Washintgon, 1,505,141- This was
five years ago. Many tree's were
planted after 1897 which have since
come to beHrfng age. A vast increase
iu the number of apple tiees planted
for commercial orchards followed the
great apple crop of liMJl. The number
of bearing apple trees at. the present
time is therefore much greater than
when the figures' mentioned- were ob
tained. It would be safe to estimate
a tbird more, -wtiile,lftbe umnUrtiof
young trees planted -during the past
five years be incliil, the total num
ber of apple trees iu these' comities
would probably amount; to 24 million
trees respectively.,. The apple crop of
1901 brought f jtteit wo-counties about
million do) is us for green 'apples aud
about K million dollars for evaporat
ed. These returns stimulated a fresh
interest in commercial apple growing,
not only in these two counties but the
other elevated counties or noun,
nortbwesteru and central western Ar
kansas. The commercial plantings al
most exclusively are tall and winter
sorts. .
Condemns Trees.
The fruit inspector of Yakima
countv. Washington, has condemned
aud destroyed about ,10,000 fruit trees
shipped into Litf tuift'irict'fxlyiM outside:
nurseries, Jully one-fiult of them being
pear treea"whj(.;li -tatd,. tue. flight. A
fruit inspect of iultnomalijolitity,
Oregon, made a raid 011 two badly-infested
orchards near M ilwaukee, Clack
aulas county; last week and before he
oomoletedtuis work many trees with
the Ban JifHe.scalo, were laid low. . lie
Ilau wiiruau lire vr in, 1 c ."o v"
chards several; time's -but no atleutiou
was given bim.
An Apple Fick:ng Machine Invinled
A Cavendish, Idaho, correspondent
of the Lew iston If i bums Vay s : ifl
letter just? received from Jack .rMjiniu
oar from UifeBVowler. formerly eh-
sased In the blaoksmith business bare,
but who want east some time ago to
arranee for.ttitiUHita4ureP
nle nickinir machine of his own inven
tion, Ml. Bowler states that he has
annrauided in arranging to manufacture
the maohine, 'and has'.plaoed au .order
for a large Sntrnaber " which will Be'
tni-nod out at an early date. The in
vention is a device for picking apples,
unH if it accomplishes all tnat
claimed for it t)vli iu vendor, it w ill
be of great wuie tp ine irun. grower
and prove a fcoufyj uii$ker for ir
Bowler. A -W
Sulnith and Strawberries Dangerim.
It is said tbat eatiiia spinach,, aud
oirrhrrUalBt the eatnB time i9"dun-
gerous, the two wheu eaten at the
same meal create a chemical ebange
in the stomach that produces ptomaine
rr i (inn i,tmiii?---wiontrh to kill the
Htrnnmiat man. Severtli lieoplehave
died from this cause in various parts
nf th Bast, a vouiia "lady dt tag re
u..ifi at Richiuoud; Ili.I.. from aat
shortcake'aud spinaeh
for dinner.
Piano Mense'Falls.
H n Parkins and T. E. Hughes, of
the Eiler's Jlusio House, have found
it itiwuan to make an assitrnmebt in
favor of their creditors and theirstock
of goods will soon be placed . iu the
bauds of a receiver. '"Dalles people
til Hurint to see this .firm g;out ot
Knin.iui Vnr anme time they hare
nl.nnixt Hiasolvftpi nartueiship and it
was thought one of them would be
able to continue the business, it has
been Mr. Paikins' intention for some
im tn tuba ud his residence on bis
place at Mo8ty,.T-h.ronicle. . .
Tb CltJ Jiicker.
The kickert dd'tftHarm fe mt so
hmrA n-i7et alanfr'witb 8 those iu the
towns. Ou the farm there is the kick
tr.a ani4 - nnr lontt eared friend
the mule, while in towu there ia the
M mnsHhack. Sho jaU all the'pnv
nt nimilnfnal liviuB withofit tiny-
ing for WNr.-Woflfe :.fsr
n rv moniclPRl Improvement.
- The cow mas be eoW lot bifand tte
mule tradetfor-aiiiihet gup,. but no-,
thing sbort of a funeral 111 get rid of
the (own iticer.-ueuiorulu,uuuc.
Before and Aflir.
An eastern editor remarked as fol
lows: ."When a girl is lirst .engaged
'she figures on a ten room house. As
time goes ou the house gradually di
miuish s in size until 11 is a rour ropui
structure. Then all the fancy triiu
minua are taken off and next the
hniiun i located iii a remote, part of
nun. Final v when ttie wedding
. " 1 AU... tl.n
comes it is auuouuoeu iuhi mo
ill reside with tho bride's
Notice Ik lii n liy a I vi 1
n in Hip nubllo and 11
li'ulerx In linoils liml Hit ititHIe-'ot linlmj.
i'.i. t..r u.-ill nut be risi onsible lOrim' Indelit-
ediiess tnciii ied, or He imuie 1111 nnj nui
ninnp nv ami 1111 : 1 1 1 i-ir,,n-. ,
iltilllinlsllnl'N'. .1. 'I- r THIJ , Mini nn
otherwise -olit r:i 1111K or miniMnm: K'K.r,
wares 01 ini-reliiinuise m-jii 110 o hi in. n .mu
j. 11. navy, iiiinnii-iii'i.
"rnitprt stHit'N r.tmfl RHci'.Tlie iJHllt-H. are- MHrrir JT. Nonce is heiebv .tfli'en
ihut in ('01111' nm'i f 11 11 1 1 it ninviKions tn hit
A Tof ConKiHMi ol 'June a, etiliUeU "An
cl lor ilu-Miii- oi 1 mmih r jjt nil in Mic wiiiicsoi
'Hllforniii, mi .'' "tin, ttii'i v iii-nniiiti
IVrrilory,'' -M ii-lfU i(, ttii n!(. pnhlic im
lies D. iK'i "i u.t-r 1, it'.r;, in. nniuvt i.ij.
nu'fi i in ."' "ii ' ii is il,t v li f 1 1 .11 tlii.
ofllre tin 11 m. -l. tu nit ut!, 1 -wil :
.itili S a. KCMI mIJ).
ol PoiilaiHl. niif.iy 1 AltMimiHiiih, slalf
r,K'Hl. rSV O! II M !l t'hH HI ju, 1ft .1, 1(11 I lit' I'M-
huse ol'llif NMj .mii.I l-oi:!, svr'.i.m V,
township - n"'i I'aiiur u vni. Him 1 t ts .' antl
:. ht'ftiDii 1, luwiisiiin i lunui, ranm y cum,
of Porllnni, ponnty nf Miiltimmah, saU' ol
rt'Kon, HW4H-H ntui'iiu ni tt). .i, ir uif pur-
. rieolion ttiwnsiiip 2 north, rnii(;u li tast,
V. M.
.That thev will otfvT prtKft to show tht the
ttnd ism.L'ht i iimrt valutihlf for tin limber
or nIoiu tlicrt'on ttntn lor airiiin,tural pnr-
;k)h(h. hiuI to t'htuhllHh Uifir claims io Mtin
untis belori tlif Ucaistt-r Hurt Itcci-ivor at Hie
Html T,ht imlltJB, Oregon, on May a,
TnPV nHrilr" iiih iihiuwmik iiiH-nx-o : .iuiih
A. HuYiHorO; i'Htrirk Hart, antt 1mis II
t'tlniPbell. of 1'orllnhil, tiifijon ; C. h. Morw?
hu Wlllimn K. Hand, of Hcod Hlver,
Any Rhrt ail peirons (Maiininiitivcrneiy iwiy
f tii' nlKivt' tlt-M'i ituMl iantiH are renut'steu u
file their-.fMinv in this oilier on or in-fur; tlie
Half! tl day f May, l'HKi.
lllZ-IUOl, , 'HIK llrtr-bl. UI,rt, iV'Kiiri.
Notice to Contractors.
Notic'S 'liert-by given lliat tin board of
diri'dor of tin Hihm Kiver lrrii;iuton lUs-
i.rn-t. Iu. awt county. Or., will receive mils
for llie consiriK tiuu of a laleral dilcli lor said
dintrit jitti ht; couslru'-ltjd in accortlance Willi
ihe nlmiWnd i-iH.-ciltcHlit'iiB tlifreof. Healed
bids fur Midi work will be received at I lie
'IIHT OT lilt" uuaru ni on- irMiiniir i o. 11.
Shoeiiptkvr. m unid district, until ThurwUy
Jim A ii. ito tu. -Hie; Utiur.oT a o 'cltK-k, p. in
Kids will iMMecriven lor fecuons oi nm, less
thuii fitui L:ilf mile, or for the whole amount
The puf'fditf'h bi'lu a Htarri.MttritNr'nciiiK
h lictul Voint ditcli. near Hie l. . t oinreath
olace. and i uniting norl li to I '. A. MiekleK
uliicc: Ihi licc in. i ill east l i the -. Hordeii
lOH IIMIfl l"' Hl-nill'Mlliri iij nwiiMMU
clifl k oi li ! r cent td th amount ot the
hid, or oi her:;' frrnrM v l'lw board resi-rveh
he rilit to n icct. iinv and nil jhum. j-ians
Hid .prt It cat mns nmy tie procured by apply
lug to tiie Kcit wiry. j. it. MinemiiKui ,
Dated at ilood Ktver, Or., tlii.s 7th day of
May, nun.. nih Ji 1
In the rirrulf "Oonrt of the Mute of Oregon
for Wasco coiiiily.
, 1 hcu'Uirc uiiiispK-, iiuumin
Atnia (tillist.'ie. dch-ndant.
To Anna iillipi': In t be nameof the htte
of oicfcrim y n tn- ben hy cununnnijon rn hii
hT In the imnvc hiii m um rmn i Hid r.ui-c ur
or he Ion bur-day thi ,t day ut .tone,
Hiid iinv. i r ,i in 'complaint llb-d aKnlnI yo
In said court mhi caue Mini lor warn oi Mini
imsw i-r llie T-lallll ill wm applA to me ciuii
lor ttie ivhej. ceimu'tip4i n ine (uinpiMini
hi'fi- Ki-r a dene O'sKolvint: ine i othi
iD.ot iiii.H iu iwcen plaintiil and (it .ndnl
unini a!, i.b-ointe uivon e to the pi .hiiitt
" ' . i,i , 1 I- piiblt-lit f! 1 Ofd( I
II.. ii A, lb nfli..v, iu'i.'e oUti - aiovt-
t ii led com I n.aui aid no ied on th-11 h day
of Mkv. IViW.
liateof tit si pnblicalioi), Mav lUtli, l'.0i).
.lay ii. I pton,
iulOj-1 - - - attorney lor plntntitl
Pacific -- U niversity
Beautifully located iweniv-.six miles
from Fortiani
Full reeular collepe courses
Academy giv3 strung iirepanitory and
Hign Sch'jl..cnira's.
Conservatory of Miis.c and School of
Art, with superior instructors.
Business branches lajirht.
Gymnasium and Field Athletics under
a Physical' Director.
Well-equipped LaWatorica.
Library of 1 3. f " i Volumes.
Healthful social Iifs: religious influences
AU student entcrpries active..
Dial in iiuvHiivn
That tho roots ot many nntivo plants.
growini? wild In oar American forests,
possums remarkalile properties for theoure
of human maladies is well proven. Even
trie untutored Indian had learned we
etirativo value of some of these and
tauirht the uarly settlers their ucs. I he
Indian never liked work so he wanted his
squaw to Bet well as sihui a possible that
she might do the work and let him hunt.
Therefore, he dun " paKxnse root " for her,
lor tliat was tiieir great remedy nir 10
niale weaknesses. Dr. Pierce uses Uie
Mine root called Itlue Cohosh In his
"F'avorite Prescription." skillfully com-
blued Willi oilier agents tnul maKn it
more ellective than any other medicine In
curing all tho various weaknesses and
painful derangements peculiar to women.
Manv afflicted women have l,een saved
from the operating table and the sur
geon's knif by the timely use of Doctor
Itnrce's Favofito Proscription. Tender
ness over the lower pelvic region, with
backache, spells of di?..niess, laintness,
bearing down nains or distress should not
go unheeded. A course of " Favorite Pre
scription" will work marvelous benelit
In all sucn caws, and generally enect a
permanent cure If persisted in for a rea
sonable lengLji of time. The "F'avorite
1 rescript ion" is a harmless agent, wing
wholly prepared from native medicinal
roots, without a drop of alcohol In its
make up, whereas all other medicines,
put up for sale through druggists for
woman's peculiar ailments, contain large
quantities of spirituous liquors, which
are very narmitii, especially to uoncaie
women. "Favorite Prescription" con
tains neither alcohol nor harmful habit
forming drugs. All its Ingredients are
printed on each bottle wrapper. It is a
powerful invigorating tonic, Imparting
health and strength in particular to the
organs distinctly feminine. F'or weak
and sickly women, who aro "worn-out,"
or debilitated, especially for women who
work in store, ollice, or school-room, who
sit at the typewriter or sewing machine,
or bear heavy household burdens, and for
nursing mothers. Dr. 1'ieicc s Favorite,
Prescription will prove a priceless lieneht
because oi us iieami - restoring auu
strength-giving power.
For constipation, the true, scientific
cure is Dr. fierce s rieasant renins.
Wild, harmless, yet sure.
Nature's Wondrous Handiwork
Through Utah and Colorado
Castle (late, Canon of thelirand,
Hlack Canon, Marshall and Ten
nessee Passes, and the World
Famous Hoy a I Ciorge.
Kordescrinllve nml Illustrated pamph
lets, write to
W. C. McBRIDE, General Agent
1-J4 Till 111 Rlreet, PORTLAND, Oil.
White Salmon-Hood River
Two big sail boats, two
big' jMM'fpctlv sad' gasoline
launches and two big- ferry
scows. Expprt sailors in
chargo. lloats le-ive at all
Licenetl 'm.vwicn.
Wood For Sale
All Kinds at lowest
Market Price.
rrompt delivery, phone. Murray KT.
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
Wood consumers will find it to their advantage to
call on us. Have on hand
1500 Cords of Dry Slab Wood
Prices have not been advanced.
Oregon Lumber
Hood River, Oregon.
Hunts Paint .
Wall Paper Co.
Have added a complete line of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISH
ES and 15 RUSHES.
Our stock of paper includes latest designs in Blanks, (Jilts
and high Grades, From 10c up. A full stock of room
molding, Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line of
novelties in Framed Pictures. CALCIMO, the
latest thing in room tinting, mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
I wiioi.ksau:
It. II. WKl'.KH, I'rop.
Phone 671.
First and Oak Streets.
Annul .! Ii'ili '' of Mails.
Tin' iKwtofllit' iMii'im (Liily between Sa. m.
iiid ; . in.; Snii'liif Irom 12 lo 1 o'clock. Mall"
for Hit- Ivist (;' at . in., N.lo p. m. auu
p in ; for Hie Vfct,nt . m. nd p. iu.
Tim c. n u-i . n K. K. 1 routes No. I anil 2
lenve I In- postorllcM Ht . in. Alall leaven
ror All. iliu(l, UHMJ l ill.; arrivea
hi. '
Kor I'liilcrwiiiMl, IViisli.. (Uily "except Sun-
lav, ut in., iiirive.- ai 1 1 ii. in.
to- iii.- Nniiiinii. w ah., dally iu 11 m.;
ii nvTs hi Ji. in. , , ' '
' Wl! ITK MAI.MON. .
I'd- I! !' m i, (iii !.i ui .i. in.; nrrlveH al
V'oi''humhii. I'nni! Lake nml liuler, Wash.,
juL.v nl .f ji. iii ; in i it i. in.
K. r i.ii-i Motiil. Kulda nml (llliiicr, Wash.,
lull v :H 7 ii in.; arrived al s p. in.
Kor l'me Hal nun Mnou den, w ash., ai l p.
. I'l es'lms and SutiirdayK; arrivea same
day.- at M in.
r i i liinecn, daily at 4.i p. iu.; arrives ai
8.16 a. in.
O. li. & N. TIMK TABLK.
East bound-
No. 2, 1, hteatro Hpeclui, n:w a. m.
No. 4, Spokane Flyer, : p. in.
No. li, Mail and Kxpreaa, 10:42 p. m.
No. 24, Way Freight, 12:l.'i p. in.
No. 22. Kii.-il Krt'lalit, 4:05 a. m.
Wi'Kt lionnd
Nn. I, I'ortliind SMielal, 2:M p. m.
No. :!, l'orllanil Flyer, 5:ttl a. in.
No. 5, Miill and KxpresM, 1:12 a. in.
No. ', Way Freight, :2.i a. in.
No. 6o, Fast Freight. 1:115 p. in.
t ill W
and union Pacific
3 Trains to the East Daily
Throned I'lillmnn Ntandnrd and tonrlnl
leeplnir ears dully lo Omaha. Chicago, Hpo-
kune; tonrM uli-ening curs dally lo KaliwiR
Citv; through I'liHiimn toiirini sleeping car
rmnNii k- e,tndllcll-(ll week V to Chicago.
Reclining eliiiir ears (mm la free) to the East
:16 a. m.
At antlo
El pre It
1:1.'. p.m.
Portlind. Or.
Evergreens, Rosea and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
Houses and Lots
Coe's Addition
Cheap for Cash or on
your own terms.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Phone Farmers 1233.
Staple and
Fancy Groceries
Majestic & Mesaba Ranges
and Stiletto Cutlery.
PK Ik. DenT.r,
Ft. Worth.Oraaha,
KaniM Clly, 81.
Et. rat
rt Mall
(:p. m.
Bait I,ke. Dcnnr,
! Kt Worth, Omaha,
I Kan in City, ht..
Walla Walla. LcvrlH
ton, Hpokaucn al
lace, ulliuan,
tlliincai'ilia, Nt.
and Kaat.
IrfWa. k.
T:lla. m
River Schedule.
"KOKA!TllltlA" unf'Uti PT M !'i:llO P. M
wny iMiintH. connectlni Iiully j lially
with Ktennierfor 1) net except except
anil North Beach Mtearn-1 Hunilay, Hnnday.
er llassalo. a Kh street atnrfiav.
dix k iwater per.) I(HI P. M
FOK limton. Oregon. A, M. bM P. M.
City and Yamhill Klv ; Dally Iiully
er potnla. Ah street : except except
dock (water per.) Sunday. Punday.
FOK l.tWISTO.V.W l. M.1 About
Idaho, and way point,. Monday, SKW P. M.
from Klparla, Waah, , Wedn'd'j Tneaday,
; Friday. Thursday,
Frelht llonse-S a. in. to 12 noon: I to 5 p.
in. No Credit reielved or delivered after &
p. iii.
Paseeneer Depot Hours tar delivery of ex
press and bacifuga wiM be a a. in. till ft p. in.
General Pasaenger Agent, Portland, Or.
W, B. BOYLE, Agent, Hood River.
Stock Grown on Full Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know
that for the fall planting we will have and can sup
ply in any number
Cherry, Pear,Aprlcot,Peach& Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spittea
berg and J onathan apple trees.
RAWSON & STANTON, Hood River. Or.
and Patterns
K 50c, 60c( 75c, $1.00, $1.50
Men's w5 50c.
Mount Hood Brand
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. I 'bono Y,ii
..Mount Hood Store...
W. S. GRIBBLE, Proprietor.
Drydoods Ammunition Roots and Shoes
Hardware G raniteware
Hay (irain Flour Feed Full lino of Groceries
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turnouts Always Ready.
Phone 131.
We have just received a car load of
Water Pipe
Direct from tin; fact ory. We are selling it at wholesale
prices. We can wive you money. Also have a full line of
fittings nnl the largest stock of garden hose in the city.
Hotel Waucoma
A First-Class House
Moderate Rates Good Service
Farmer's Dinner 25 cts
Hood River Prop.