The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 05, 1906, Image 5

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Many people wlio have been impound
oq by importunate picture dealer will
feel like voting the Carnegie medal of
heroism to the woman resident on the
bill who thrathed a couple of these
gentlemen last week. Their mode of
operation ia most exasperating (or
they usually Insist that tby know
your business better than you do your
self and that you must hare a photo
graph chat you want enlarged. Yon
know that you barea't oue, but they
know better and once inside the door
tbey stick witb the persistency of a
poroua plaster.
Tbey make a business of calling at
the house when they know the man
of the family is not at borne, and work
on tbe affection of the woman for her
children and for her husband and tell
how nice it would be to bave a large
picture of tbem in case tbey should
die. Tbey exhibit samples of highly
colored photographs of the victims
which tbey bave transformed from re
spectable looking citizens into freaks
by giving tbem pink eyes, green hair
and other grote que features and tell
you confidentially that' it is "swell"
without asking your opinion. ' You
don't care for any today, but this
worst of all nuisances Insists that if
you do not want a obromograpb you
must surely want orayou and pre
sents for your inspection a portrait
that resembles the original about as
uwnratniv aa would a. mud fonne.
He calls yourattention to the "beauti
ful" frame which is really their stock
in trade and made to sell the pioture
irrespective of any artistic merit, lbe
frame is showy but obeap and be at
first quotes you a price which be luter
splits In bull and it be sees no inclin
ation to buy reduces again and tells
you. if you are not sutialled you need
not receive it wben it is delivered.
Going to tbe mantel or table be picks
up a picture and if you are in
any way inclined to be easy goes away
witb it.
Tbe man who deliver these abortions
a few weeks later do the heavy work
and are usually of the bullying type
, who threaten all sorts of dire trouble
if yon refuse to accept their wares
wbioh you did not ask for, did not
want, and will not take. A little more
of the vigorous action such as dis
played by tbe lady on the hill will
bave a salutary affect on those fel
lows, and for this she reason deserves
tbe heartfelt thanks of a long-buffer
ing community.
Hood Klrer W as Easy.
The ball same yesterday alternoon
was a very poor exehibition of the
great American game. The visitors
simDlv were not in it, but this was
laraelv due to lack of oganization.
They bad considerable good - material,
but it was not played to advantage.
Thev had no one who could bold O
borne, who thows a bard ball, so that
The Dalles boys had a snap. Neither
team played stiotly bih school tal
ent. The Bume was fortunately ended
on account of tbe rain at the end of
the fifth inning, the score boing then
ia to 5 in favor of The Dalles. What
it mieht bave been at tbe end of nine
- inninus would be bard to conjecture,
11 I' l t, .i.v, A lint
rauau huu dhxiuu, iuc uuum
'tery, did good work, but the team as
a whole bad no opportunity to show
what it fcould do. It was apparent
however, that Oharr would develop
into a star in the riant garden.
The attendance ft as about 250. About
two-scnre came up 10 root ior me
Hood River boys, but somehow, they
Inct tbeir voices.
The Hood River team was managed
by T. Osborne, who has signed to
Ditch for Pendleton. April 15. He
scored H strikeouts in tbe game yes
terday. Billy Murray of this pluce,
umnired the name in a very satisfao
tory manner. The return game will
be played in two weeks. Tbe line up
was as follows;
Hood Kiver-W. W. Piggett, c; T.
Osborne, pi Frank Fierce, ltt base;
John Cotfuiau, 2nd base; .1. C. Hoe
kins, 3rd base; Chas. Hurt, ss; Pete
Sonde, rf; L. Woodlucky, If; Frank
Smith, cf.
The Dalles aexton, o; ragau, v,
Christian, 1st base; White, 2nd base;
Conrow, 3rd ba-e; Rice, ss; Smith,
If; Harper, cf; Obar, rf. Chronicl.
A Plain Statement of rial form.
, I, D. J. Cooper, ss a candidate for
representative of Waco county in the
legislature of Oregon, submit tbe fol
lowing as a declaration of principles
on wbiob to ask the support of the
voters of Wasco county :
l believe tbe people should elect tbe
United States senators, and bave so ah
nounoed in my petition for nomina
tion filed witb the county clerk.
I favoi a state appropriation for ex
tending the state portage road from
its present terminus to The Dalles.
I prefer a candidate for United
States senator who will stand by and
support the administration of Presi
dent Roosevelt, in his eftort to build
tbe Panama canal, and to suppress all
the evils that exist in the land.
If elected, l will work unceasingly
for an appropriation for the continu
ance of construction work on the
Celilo canal, and the improvements of
all the Columbia river from its moutb
to the bead of navigation ; aud will
favor all legislation that will tend to
tbe betterment of society and good
I will work faithfully for the mi
of couutv roads and every
lnu for the unbuilding of the
entire state. '.WM tavor such legisla
tin. win tnnd to better tbe condi
tion of tbe laboring man; having been
in the harness as a laborer all my life,
. nntiJka year ago, wben I - rented my
'.Tarm and moved to Tbe Dalles, my
ith those who toil.
Believing in home government will
; favor auqh legislation as will- allow
municipalities iu mmu ..
their own charters by direct vote of
the residents within their boundaries.
I was laised'ou a farm in Southwest
Missouri, and bave resided in Wasco
county the past twenty-eight years;
.my Interests are all bere and if elected
to tba legislature, will to the best of
my ability, be a f ai tbf ul representative
if all fchA nnnnle. '
Wben the people of H ood River feel
V that they are sufficiently populated
feud their Interests demand a division
. f th nnnntv. I will favoi it OD
ixtnnriaxv linM to be deciaea oy me
P60ple- D.J.COOPER.
Wbut might bare been a very dis
astrous wreck was avoided here Sun
day by a drawbead breaking off ajd
the fact tmtt the train to which tbe
accident occurred was moving very
A west bouud freight rain wbicb
was backing over to get out of the way
of number 1. Tbe back end of the
train was on the trestle leading to tbe
bridge wben one of tbe cats jumped
the track and afier bumping over tbe
ties for a distance of twenty feet top
pled over and fell to the ground below
a distance of 40 feet. l'taf car was
loaded witb grain and fell so that it
landed bottom side up. The foroe of
tbe impact smashed the car beyond
repair and scatteied tbe contents of
it for mauy feet in its viciuity. Train
2 was due bere at the time and was
held an hour and a half uutil tbe traok
oonld be repaired.
jNews that an acoideut bad occurred
80 ju s rop.djiiiid severalhundrcd reople
went aown to view tne wrecx. oouie
of tbem, however, were a little suspi
cious at first thinking that a wholesine
April fool joke was being played on
Hood River's populace.
Ran Away Twice in One Day.
J. H. Filsinger, who lives a few
miles out of town, bad the misfortune
to bave two runaways inside of zi
hours this week. Monday evening
while in town with bis team wbiob
was attached to a buggy it ' ran away
smashing the vehicle, but luckily
hurting no one. Tbe team ran borne
aud was uninjured. Tuesday morn
ing on the way to town the horses
again ran away throwing out the driv
er. Wben near the city they ran into
a telephone pole breaking the tongue
of tbe wagon. Oue or the Dorses uroKe
loose and ran down into town where
it was caught. The other one
caught before it could get started
agaiu. Apparently tbe horses have
not been injured in either runaway
aud fortunately no one has been hurt.
You will .save money by trading: at our More
Come and examine our stock and get prices.
Itemeinber our entire stock is new from top to Imsement,
and the very latest in all designs and patterns.
Many of our shipments have been delayed in transit, but is
now arriving; every lew days, ana is
getting complete in every department.
For Fresh, Fancy and Staple Groceries
we can save you money, and give you the very
best and highest grade the market affords. Goods
delivered t o any part of I he city. Phone ."2l.
Talks on Osteopathy.
OsteoDatbv has discovered what pby-
siciaus bave for centuries overlooked
that, first, the body gets out of ine
cbanical repair before any resulting
disease is tolerated in tbe body; tnat
disease, or sickness, is i ' the main
onlv the state of faulty adjustment and
inharmonious balance of the different
working oarts of this machine; that
disease, or paiu, or friction of parts,
or stoppage of work in our bodies, is
due specifically to some mechanical
obstruction of the blood supply or
nerve Dower of the body; and that
disease cau be cured by removing un
atural pressures, aud blockades from
blood aud nerve channels, so that the
circlating currents of nerve and blood
can tfo to the narts ueing starved ana
renew their depleted energy and vital
ity. For lttnt.
For a long term of years, south bulf
of H ock 8. l'nrktiurst. and three acres
vast ot Piirkhurst. W. J. Bilker & Co.
Hardware SteWaft'S Furniture
The Ice Cream Season
Y the time you have read this we will display a line
of Carpets, Hugs, Art Squares, lsunaps, linoleums,
Oil Cloths, etc., never before attempted in other than
a citv store. We appreciate the patronage extended to us
on these goods in the past and will show you what can be
rlnnp tn nrove this appreciation. By April 1st this line
will be displayed on ball bearing racks (no trouble to show
goods), and as our room rugs range from $6.00 to $45.00
each, you time inspecting win ue wen spent.
New List of
Real Estate Bargains
v J. linker & Co. offer the following nronnsitiun ill real estate this
week :
r' acres, Hut ween ii ami 3(1 acres
eliM'fl; 12 aeree i" bfsr n. rhard, 15
iie aix;
t''' !i I'd,
iili- ,ir-
4nienH cli ured,
in !! m iv rrii'8 ami elm
bir i. 'I'm .t i- :i goi.d t 1 1 it- r. "''HI.
yo acres 5 milen
20 in iirelim i of v tiic
ing; standard vnrie' ii
70 acres 4 n i'es tit
Ifl in orchard. 12 in full beariiiL', 12 ue ft
meadow land. AH ne vsHiity buildings
on pluce. Price per Here, fJOO,
80 acres til miles out, Unimproved.
No waste land, l'riee, 4l) per acre
120 acres 6J miles out. All necessary
buildings, good well and springs on
place. This is an uniiHiiiiuy goou uuy.
Kmall orchard and all kinds of small
fruit; 45 acres cleared. Price per acre,
MO: terms to suit purchaser.
40 acres. All under cultivation. JSice
Imirn house, ordinary barn aim two
ware houses. 0 acres apples full bear
inir. standard varieties; also young
Winu-n orchard. 20 acres grass, 6
acres pasture; under irrigation ditch.
This is a good buy at f iu,uou,
V mil snecial attention to one 10
acre tract, all cleared
from town, l'riee, 1250
We have a number of 5, 10 and 20
. I . . I
acre tracts mm are iiiiik""io. n.,,c
otviH nroiuiMtiuiis in retard to land
(miii t. in Mount Iloou uminci.
ii nrl Rre Its about It. ' Also land in Mo-
aier. White Salmon ami iimiien.
We loive fine alfiilfii runch in Baker
county, another in morrow; aiso pruy
rt In the Wi aniette valley to cx
chante for Hood K ver realty.
Houses and lots lor rent or sale in all
nartu nf Hood Uiver. Collections maae.
Insurance written in your choice of
three companies
.New Harness Shop.
Stock of new goods of the best quality on the market.
Everything reliable aud all work guaranteed.
Millinery Announcement
We are now ready to show you the latest crea
ations in Millinery.
. 2v-m.o. ABBOTT
Spray Your Trees and Bushes
Every owner of fruit trees or bushes is required by law to spray
them to prevent the spread of scale and kill injurious pests. If you are
not equipped to do this work, write us for illustrated catalog doacri bing
up-to-date Spray Pumps all the way from 75c to $75.00, also the pr oper
sprays to use. Tell us how many trees you have and we will tell yon
about what kind of an outfit you will need.
about two miles
Fruit Damaged ia Washington.
A dispatch from Pomeroy, Wash.,
saya that Iruit in most localities baa
been killed. On tbe Keiley aud Miller
rancbea there will be half a crop of
peaches. The cherry crop on the
Malcolm rancb, 16 miles from Fomeroy
on tbe Snake river, baa not been a
failure for 20 years, and is reported
to have oome through tbe late storm
all right. In tbe Pela country, wbioh
lies around tbe bills of the Blue
mountains and where tbe season ie
two or thiee weeks later than at Pom
eroy, tha fruit buds are said to be in
healthy condition. '
Home Seekers, Attention
As I am about to take up
a profession which necessi-
tnt4s inv. sroinc East for
some time, I have concluded
to sell my two farms in Hood
River Valley. I will sell 10
'20. t0 or 50 acres. Tnis
nlnfrt lias two houses, and
can be divided. All close in
Also 40 acres near ;M osier,
with 10 acres bearing fruit
New house, chicken house,
all fenced, . ffood water. I
will st'ivg irood terms and
long time.
Land to Lease
10 acres, all cleared ready
for crop. Oood hou -e, barn.
chicken yard and good
water. Also 40 acres adjoin
ing, brush land, Lrood place
for goats or cows. Will take
work for rent.
Land to trade for residence
property in Hood River. 10,
20 or 50 acres. All good
apple land.
For particulars see
fl. M. ABBOT,
At Millinery Stor
Don't Forget
When you warn first-class work
done at home. All kinds of
Laundry Work and Cleaning
Lace curtains, 60c; blankets and
carpets, 25c to 50c. Phone miMl
Clan rabrlck. Prop.
Patronize Home
Our Work cannot be
Let's get
Not in formal standoffish introductions, but
with honest American freedom ot spewh. We are
not kid-gloved, and we like the clasp of friendship
aud the straight look that gauges respect. We are
here to sell clothes to you; but before we begin,
we want to be friends. Our clothes are the best,
but you must have faith in us before you have
faith in our wares.
Come in. You need not buy.
Hood River, Oregon
And we are prepared to serve our patrons with the
Best Ice Cream in the City
"The Mount Hood Brand" our own make from pure
Cream, no adulterants; the only kind to buy.
The Favorite Oyster Parlor LVeX?
Blacksmiths and Wagon flak ers
Special attention given to making and repairing
Grubbing Tools and Loggers' Tools
If You Want
20 Acres
of the best 4-year-old
Spitzenberg & Newtown
Orchard that ever laid
outdoors, call or write to
Do You Want a Home
in the rapidly rising
community of
Mount Hood?
Can furnish you any size
ranch you desire on terms
to suit. Call on or write
Mt. Hood.
- ... - r
i Tourist!
MmP-1 ylMfFTK Travel.
-AT A-
10 acres of very early
strawberry and fruit land,
with a southern slope, 1
miles from White
mile from dock;
water; 4 acres cleared. It's
a great bargain for ifl.'i'O,
part cash.
We have other bargains.
Salmon, 1
plenty of
We Will Give You-
Free Electric Lig'ht
For one month if you will allow us to install it in your
residence within the next 60 days, you agreeing to con
tinue the service for one year. ' We w ill do the wiring at
a nominal COSt cheaper in fact than ever done before
in Hood River. '
You cannot afford to miss this
Of havimr in your homes the electric lieht service
which you will use in many other ways than
for lighting.
There are a creat many electrical appliances that are prac
tical, very handy, healthful and economical, and the cost
is nnt, hirh. You should investigate tnis oner ana
call in to have a talk with us about it at. once.
Yours for business,
The Hood River Electric Light, Power & Water Co.
Lehmk Buti.rr, President
Truman, Cashier
Who Deposits your Money?
Sooner or later it gets into the bank whether
you put it there or not. If you haye a bank
account and save, it is deposited by you. If
you spend all, some one else deposits your
money. : : : : : : : :
fuffipaid $50,000
Hotel Waucoma
White Salmon Land Co.,
White Salmon, Wash.
We can offer the following properties
for sale cheap for a short time only :
Good residence property close to bus
iness blocks.
Sii lots and larra residence on the
Two lots and fine two-story residence
with grand view.
Small resilience on large lot, very
Good residence property in the upper
Lot 50x150 and good 6-room house.
Good acreage property within city
Several Dice little farms near town.
Good apple land for sale on reasonable
Onthank A Otten
I Hood Rlrer Oregon
A First-Class House
Moderate Rates Good Service
Farmer's Dinner 25 cts
Hood River Prop.
Steam and Hot Water Heating
All jobbing promptly attended to.
Dealer in
Harness & Saddles
All Repairing Promptly Attended to