The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 29, 1906, Image 5

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Two well known lads of this city hud
bu experience one day lent week that
will pr.ibably serve to keep them near
er the latohxtrini; of their homed in
The boys met a good nutured friend
who had plenty of money and who was
going to Portland and ho incited thorn
to accompany him iiud hare a good
timo. They consented and he took
them to the railroad station anil
bought them each h round trip ticket
,On the way dowu iu order to entire
them that they would be able to do the
town without gutting out of funds he
exhibited bin money to them and did
it in such au OHtoutiitious way that he
attracted the attention of the conduc
tor. The conductor questioned the
boys and their friend and au their
explanation was not very satisfactory
he drew the hasty couclnsiou that
tneir well moaning friend was trying
to kidnap them. In order to have
thrtin under euiveilauce he took them
back to the last coach wihch was not
occupied and locked them in. On
reaching a station dowu the road he
telegraphed ahead to the Portland
polioe department that he had two
boys on the traiu thut were being lur
ed away from their happy homes by a
bold bad man.
A detective was at the depot iu
Portland and escorted the trio t the
police station where they were detain
ed and later given a hearing before a
polioe magistrate. They were baring
a hard time explaining the whys and
wherefores of the situation and it
looked as if they would be forced to
spend a number of bonis in limbo
until their parents here could be
communicated with. Finally a police
otlioer put in au appear tuce who hap
pened to be a relative ot the supposed
kidnapper and he explained the pre
dicament. On the representations of
the ollicer the proposed sight-seeing
excursion party wan allowed to depart
ou the even teni cr of its way with
the exception that the youngsters were
escorted back to the station and put
aboard the traiu with the injunction
that Hood liiver was a pretty good
place for boys of tender age and that
the laud of the ripe red struwberry
and rosy cheeked apple would furnish
excitement in plenty for -them for a
few year to come.
Will Niimert Mr. Jayue.
Editor Cilacier And the Lord spake
and said unto Joshua: Harden not
thine heart unto the voice of my peo
ple and close not thine ears unto the
mutterings of conscientious folk, for
these aro the salt of the earth and the
mainstay of progre- sion and they shall
intuorit the nation, and the strength
of my people shall be even as the
strength of Mount Hood for 1 am with
the people, and if the people art with
tbeo, then shall victory crown thin
effoi ts.
Thus or words to the same effect
once wrote an ancient chronicler.
There can hardly lie any doubt that
iu all ages public men kept their
ears in pioximily to the ground, thus
catching the soundwaves emanating
from the people. Sometimes, it
seems, they needed a prodding to keep
from falling asleep or forgetting their
mission among their fellows and the
Lord always seemed to be a' hand to
do the goad-stick net.
Our representative, A. A. Jayne,
who is standing for re election, has ev
idently experienced n change of heart
and as a consequence has declared
himself to bejiii favor of statement
No. 1. Having signified bis intention
to comply with the spirit of the pri
mary law, there is no valid reason
why he should not receive the toll
support of both pintles and variations
thereof, thus insuring the election of
a representative from this part of
Wasco county.
Some of us may slightly differ with
Mr. Jayne as to methods employed for
accomplishing certain public meas
ures, but suchlill'erences, when exist
ing, are not infrequently due to the
propensities in some human natures,
which are a survival from the witch
burning period, when intolerance and
bigotry were the ruling passions of
Pharisaism and the Holier than
Thou spiii , old as civilization, and
present iu all communities should and
must be tolerated, but toler. tion al
most ceases to lie a virtue when a
man's word, publicly given, is im
tinonerl without iust or explicit caurfe.
It is not my purpose to take up the
oBiintlet in defense of the average pol
itician and legislator, for whom 1 have
nor. even common respect, but when
uriaiirmised dishonorable intentions
ora nhnrirml to the iiccomir. of a towns
nun and a neighbor who bus lived
amnnor na these maiiv rears, and pre
Bumably intends to remain with us the
balance or his natural life, it behooves
every just and justice loving citizen
tn nrmllenuB the traducer to bring
forth proo"ls that Mr. Jayne ever broke
his promise given publicly and in the
capacity of a public) servant.
For a "molder of public opinion
tn rAjinrfr. in ench doubtful ledgerde
main itnsi not, honor nor add laurels
to the temperance cause, in tho behalf
nf whinh 1 mvself have beenemployed
by precept and example if not in the
antnnl milihint. ranks.
Previous to Mr. Jayne's subscribing
to statement No. 1 1 was opposed to
his candidacy on the ground U'at the
stand he malutaiued was unprgtess
ico undemocratic Hiid altogether uu
worthy the state of Oregon, who is
taking the lead in the right for the
election of United States Senators ty
the popular rote. Now when this oo
iu rmnred and inv investiga
Hons In other directions have cleared
mi unmn don btful points, I can con
Bnioii'dnuslv sustain Mr. Jayne, and
hope that my exampie may to some
extent be responsible not only for the
Mr. Javne to the state leg
islature but also, indirectly, for the
election of Hood River's grand old
man to the United States Senate.
Plans which are being prepared by
Architect P. M. Hall-Lewi for the
new buildings at Dee will be in the
bauds ot the contractors next Satur
day, and it is expected that work will
soon commence on them.
-The new hotel which the Mount
lloo l Lumber Company is about to
erect will be of the modified colonial
style with broad overhanging eaves,
rust!c sides and shingle roof. The
building will be 8o and one half feet
long by 01 and one half feet deep and
will be set on a stone foundation. It
will be of a T shaped plan and will
contain in all about 30 rooms. On the
first floor will be situated the ottlee,
dining room and kitchen. The sooond
door will contain a parlor, suite of
two rooms and bath aud 2- sleeping
rooms. Thero will also be two bath
rooms on this floor, one for men and
the other for women. A veranda in
front of the building will be built so
as to give separate accommodations
for both sexes.
Plans will be issued this week for
figures on a residence for W. H.
Eccles, president of the company.
which is to be 30x38 feet on the
ground and similar in architecture to
the hotel building. The plans provide
for eight rooms and bath, with open
plumbing, electric wiring and Jopen
fire places. Both buildings will be
plastered. In addition a number of
four, five and six room cottages will
be built for the employes of the com
Wants to Debate High School Matter,
Editor Glacier Relative to Mr.
Dunbar's communication of last week
I desire to say that I wa( invited by
three mombers of the Odell Literary
Societv to come over aud assist in
discussing the consolidation school
auostiou. A personal controversy
UnouL'h a newspaper is of no credit to
the participants, and of no interest to
the public.
1 was unaware of any local personal
disturbances, hence, am sorry that
the incident proved to be so uupleas
ant. If any of the opponents of con
solidation from Odell desire to meet
me in some hall in the town of Hood
River and disouss before the public-,
"The advisability of consolidation of
our schools iu the lower valley."
should be pleased to share time with
them. It being strictly understood
that parliamentary rules shall govern
the dobate aud the losing disputant
must pay the hall rent. Each side
shall select one judge and these two
selected shall choose the third. Yours
truly, A. 1. Mason.
An Open l.ctler to Mr. Dunbar.
Referring to your communication in
last week's Glacier, I shall not answer
it, for tho reason that insinuations are
not arguments. Hut I hereby serve
notice on von. Mr. Dunbar, that
you will mako one single specific
charge over your signature either
nimiiiKt, inv character or reputation.
you will find me answeriug it without
much delay. ROSWELL SHELLEY.
Money . Money
Saved Earned
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getting complete in every department.
For Fresh, Fancy and Staple Groceries
wflcan save von monev. and dve you the very
best and highest grade the market affords. (Joods
delivered to any part of the city. Phone 521.
L. H. HUGGIN5 (& CO.
Hardware Stewart's Furniture
RY the time you have read this we will display a line
of Carnets. lturs. Art Squares, Burlaps, Linoleums,
Oil Cloths, etc.. never before attempted in other than
a fitv store. We annreciate the patronage extended to us
on these goods in the past and will show you what can be
done to prove this appreciation. By April 1st this line
will be displayed on ball bearing racks (no trouble to show
goods), and as our room rugs range from $0.00 to $45.00
each, you time inspecting win be wen spent.
1 cAnN-Bwaco5lg
Let's get
Not in formal standoffish introductions, but
with honest American freedom of speech. We are
not kid-gloved, and we like the clasp of friendship
and the straight look that gauges respect. We are
here to sell clothes to you; but before we begin,
we want to be friends. Our clothes are the best,
but you must have faith in us before you have
faith in our wares.
Come in. You need not buy.
Hood River, Oregon
Glass SteWarfS Trockery
TT . " 1 ,1 - V
Falso Alarm of Fire,
( !l111M blerahle excitement was ocoas
ioned Monday evening by the cry of
"Hre" which biouaht the people iu
doors out to see flames shooting
toward the Bky over the tops of build
inns. Investigation, however, proved
that the ocasion for yelling "fire" was
a "tempest in a teapot" as the flames
came from a bimney that was being
burned out in a residence back of J.
L. Henderson's realont.ito ofHce. The
fire department promptly responded
to the call and bad there beeu a con
flagration would bae beeu on the spot
iu time to have rendered valuable ser
Sweet pea seeds given away at the
Williams' Pharmacy.
10 acres of very early
strawberry and fruit land,
with a southern slope, 1
miles from White Salmon, 1
ile from dock; plenty of
water; 4 acres cleared, ii s
a "Teat bargain for $1350,
part cash.
We have other bargains.
Millinery Announcement
Wfi are now readv to show you the latest crea-
ations in Millinery.
White Salmon Land Co.,
White Salmon, Wash.
Talks on Osteopathy.
It is not the claim of lr. A. T.
ka fnnm nr nr osteopathic nii-
!ir.Q nnr nf his followers, ttiat
basic facts and principles upon whicD
the system rests are essentially new
dicsoveries, but only that their appli-
! This rlnim cannot be
UHI UU IB II ' " .
contradicted. Osteopathy,
science and practice botn,
lufaio nriirinHl and is not to
..j -ifi, niiir avstems of practice,
nor with such adjuncts to medicine
... ,Da Kaindialn' movements,
medical gymnastics, etc, with which
I ,.rter i rn nr PHHPtltlHl llKO-
ness whatsoever. Other schools of
medicine accept all the isolated facts
and principles of anatomy, puj
" a n,oi. nut of which the new
auu iiovuun --- ,
......, Cut tin nther medical teach
- i.f- n. M!1 ever wrought these
facts and principles into a iM
homogeneous system which is able not
only to overcome much sickness and
deformity, but indeed to do so
large share of cbsos much more suc
cessfully than can be accomplished by
old-time methods.
as a
Is abso
le con-
.New Harness Shop.
StnfL- nf n.nv fronds of the best duality on the market.
Everything reliable and all work
a 1
For further part iculars regarding the SMITH GRUBBING MACHINES, call
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Spray Your Trees and Bushes
Everv owner of fruit tees or buBhes is required by law to spray
in nrevent the snread oi scale aim kui injurious u
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up-to-date Spray Pumps all the way from 7.rc to $75.(10,
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n I " ' ,
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sprayB to use. Tell us now many t rees you
about what kind of an outfit you will neeu
catalog doscri bing
also the pr oper
have and we will tell you
y i
New List of
Real Estate Bargains
T.khi.ib BiiTi.KH. 1'reHident
Tkiiman, Cashier
Don't Forget
Home Seekers, Attention
As I am about to take up
a, profession which necessi
ntw inv ffoirnr East for
some time. I have concluded
to sell my two farms in Hood
River Valley. 1 will sen iu
20, 'AO or r0 acres. This
place has two houses, and
1 . , . -l i ii i :
can be divided, ah eiose m.
Also 40 acres near Mosier,
with 10 acres bearing truit.
New house, chicken house,
all fenced, good water. I
will give good terms and
long time.
Land to Lease
1 0 acres, all cleared ready
for crop. Good hou -e, barn.
water. Also 40 acres adjoin
ing, brush land, good place
for goats or cows. Will take
work for rent.
Land to trade for residence
property in Hood River. 10,
JO or 50 acres, guuu
apple lamb
Tor part iculars see
At Millinery Store
When you want first-class work
done at home. All kinds of
Laundry Work and Cleaning
Lace curtains, 60c; blankets and
carpets, 25c to 50c. Phone m041
Clan rabrick. Prop.
Patronize Home
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We Will Give You-
Free Electric Light
For one month if you will allow us to install it in your
ithin the next 80 davs. you agreeing to con
tinue the service for one year. We will do the wiring at
a nominal COSt-cheaper m fact than ever done ueiore
in Hood River.
You cannot afford to miss this
Of having in your homes the electric light service
which you will use in many other ways than
for lighting.
There are a creat many electrical appliances that are proc-
. . , . i i i 1
tical. very handy, healthtul and economical, ana me cosi
is not high. You should investigate tnis oner anu
call in to have a talk with us about it at once.
Yours for business,
The Hood River Electric Light. Power & Water Co.
v. J. Baker & Co. offer the following
flood propositions lu real estate this
52 acres. Between 25 and 30 acres
cleared; 12 acres in hearing orchard, 15
in straw lrnes and clover. House aim
barn. This Is a good bi'y. l'rice for a
hort time, 3.500.
30 acres 5 miles out. 25 acreB cleared,
20 in orchard 5 of which Is in full, bear
ing; standard varieties, l'rice, !000.
70 acres 4 miles out. 45 acres cleared,
16 in orchard. 12 In full bearing, 12 bc es
meadow land. All ne.esHary buildings
on place. Trice per acre, f4H). i
80 acres 6J miles out, Lnhnprovcd.
No waste land. Price, f 10 per ucre. .
120 acres 6 miles out. All necessary
buildings, good well and springs on
place. This is an unusually good buy.
Small orchard and all kinds of Hmall
fruit; 45 acres cleared, l'rice per acre,
00; terms to suit purchaser.
40 acres. All under cultivation. Nice
laige bouse, ordinary barn and two
warehouses. II acres apples t'u labour
ing, standard varieties; also young
Newtown orchard. 20 acres grass, 5
acres pasture; under irrigation ditch.
This is a good buy at 110,000.
We call special attention to one 10
acre tract, all cleared; about two miles
We have a number , of 5,10 iml 20
acre tract that are bargains Some
eood Dronositions in regard tic land
from the Mount Hood district. om9
and see us about it. Also land ill Mo
sier, White Salmon and liingen.
We have fine alfalfa ranch in Baker
county, another In Morrow; also prop'
ertv In the Willamette valley to ex
change lor liooa K ver reauy.
Houses and lots for rent or sale In all
farts of Hood Kiver. Collections made,
nsuranee written iu your choice of
three companies.
esTAnusiiKi) 1900
Who Deposits your Money?
Sooner or later it gets into the bank whether
you put it thero of not. If you have a bank
account and save, it is deposited by you. If
you spend all, some One else deposits your
money. ::::: : :
fully paid ruuuu
Hotel Waucoma
A First-Class House
Moderate Rates? Good Service
. Farmer's Dinner 25 cts
Hood River Prop.
The Ice Cream Season
Perfection Bakery
"Joite" Bread delivered daily.
Parker llowte ItMt, Cinnamon Bum,
etc., ig ordered a day before.
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Best Ice Cream in the City
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cream, no adulterants; the only kind to buy.
The Favorite Oyster Parlor LVJSf