The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 29, 1906, Image 4

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S. 1). Fisher was a paaHeiiKer on
Thursduy'a train for Hood Kiver.
Mitts Lottie McDonald left laxt week
to visit friend a in Grans valley.
Mrs. Alex Stewart, who has been
viaitlna for the lat two weeks in
White Salmon, returned on Batar
day's evening train.
Mr. A. P. Uatehain returned on the
Saturday evening train from busi
ness trip to Portland.
After having spent two weeks visit
ing iu The Dalles, Miss Mattie Green
returned borne on inursuay.
Mrs. Parish was a passenger forJThe
Dulles on Monday.
Mr. J. K. McUrejfor is making rapid
strides in clearing up his land east of
town. He 1ms a force of ten men at
work and intends to nut into condi
tion ton acres in which he .will plant
a cherry or apple orouard.
Dennv Sc Oreun have recently had
Hhinned in a car load of lumber for
manufacturing purposes. The box tao
torv machinery is kept in rapid opera
tion turning out boxes, and there is
no doubt but that the company win r
prepared to meet all demands of the
coming season.
Mr. Tyler and family, who have re
sided In town through the full and
winter months, have moved into the
house owned by A. P. liatebam, situ
ated on bis farm east or town.
After an absence of two years, Mrs.
P. A. Cramer returned to Mosier on
Thursday of last week. Mrs. Cramer
will make her home temporarily with
Miss 1). Moser.
Mr. Fred Evans Is developing a
magnificent water supply on his farm
one mile from town. Having sunk a
well 80 feet in depth, be has reached
an abundant vein of water over which
he is erecting a wind mill that will
propel water suftloient to furnisb him
all irrigation purposes.
C. D. Morgan left on Sunday's noon
train for Omaha.
At a recent election Miss Agnes Uu
lovson and Miss Dollie Mosier wore
elected dologatea to attend the Sunday
sobool convention, which will be held
at Hood ltiver some time in April.
Mrs. Jas. Smith of The Dalles spent
a few days in Mosier last week looking
after the interests of her farm.
While playing on a lumber pile near
the railroad track,llttle Jlmruie Depee
fell therefrom, sustaining very serious
injuries. Dr. Dumblo of Hood liiver
was summoned, who, on arrival, dis
covered that the little lad had broken
bis oollar bone, mashed bis right band
badly, sustained painful laoera
tious of the lace and bead.
The orohardists of Mosier are dili
gently appropriating soma of our fine
days to the application of the winter
Npray to their fruit trees. While not
a great many orchards are infested
with the scale, the majority of the
farmers cling to the truth of the old
sayiug that "a' strtoh in time saves
nine,' and are siezing "time by the
forelock, " ere the evil day drawetb
There Is, without doubt, an euthusl
astlo spirit of improvement pervading
the community of Mosier. In fact,
of Best Benzo-Borato Perfumed Talcom Powder for 25c,
This guaranteed absolutely pure powder alone usually sells for twice this amount.
As watch specialists
A word that means much to the ones
who carry a watch. It is especially
applicable to
Laraway Watches
For increasing sales demonstrate their ability to ren
der perfect service
The Watchmaker and Jeweler
one passing through might suspect
that the epidemic bad reached this
place. On all sides can be seen men
at work with the grubbing machine,
clearing up land, either for themselves
or for some one else. As to the results
of such Industry there cannot but flat
tering encouragement be given for the
future prosperity of this thriving little
neck of the woods.
Rev. J. 11. Spight spent last week
with tbe people of Mosier, giving
them quite a season of refreshing with
a well delivered sermon each evening
during the weekk.
A. P. liatebam, E. J. Mlddleswart,
Amos Boot and J. P. Carrol are care
fullv Dreoailng the government horti
cultural report tor this section of the
Willie Stewart, while playing with
some of bis playmates on Saturday,
fell on bis right arm and sprained it
quite badly.
H. Uroff, of tbe Mount Hood settle
ment, was a visitor at tne Kooxiora
for two days last week. We thorough
ly enjoyed bis company and we say,
oall again, H. U., for tbe latch string
is always banging out.
Sargent, of tbe Ilarrett ranob, is a
very busy man now days, so busy with
tbe spraying that be cannot afford
time to go to town. Well, call at
Kookford and get all you want.
Mrs. E. In Kails has installed some
new batteries in tbe phone, so now
the bells will jingle.
A. D. Perry on tire C. Wallace ranob
sold a very fine team and outfit for tbe
small sum of 11225. H. Uroff was tbe
lucky purchaser. Well, we are glad
that tbe team has fallen into good
Sherif Sexton was seen on our
stieetj last Fiiday. Tbe Sheriff stop
ped at the Rockford store and set up
the cigars for the boys.
Weart & lieatty are busy with their
new grubbing machine and in a little
while the land will be cleared up and
look somewhat bett r.
Levi Chrisman of Tbe Dalles, who is
oandidate for the sherltt'a ofBoe,
oalled at Rock ford store on Saturday
morning last, leaving bis card, also a
box of cigars for the boys.
Mrs. EL Brayford sold two settings
of Plymoub Rock eggs to Mrs. Avery,
a resident of the East Side, Hood
B. F. Shoemaker Is somewhat under
tbe weather.
Jack Nealey says that be has the
best horse in the valley if he could
only get a little flesh on his bones.
Well, get condition powders at Rock
ford. C. A. Merriam of Oakdale farm, lost
a valuable horse last week. Tbe trou
ble was Inflamatlon of the stomach.
J. Ingalls is a very busy man nowa
days. Jim Is tearing things tip by the
roots and Nicholson farm is beginning
to look as though some one was work
ing on It. Uood for you James.
Mrs. E. Ingalls says it Is too bad
when you feed a hog and have him fat
and then there is no one to do tbe
butohoring. Well, every body is busy
on the ditch.
Frank Boardman had tbe misfortune,
Big' Leader (j
to cut his hand quite badly one day
last week wbile chopping wood.
Bert Can Held is cnttlng wood for L.
M. Wilson on tbe place recently pur
chased of Mr. Oliver.
To be well up to life both In Odoll
and in Pine drove, you must spell
anything and everything from the
front of the book to tbe back, for it is
by tbe ability to spell that a Pine
U rover is judged in these days.
Clearing is going on io spite of the
unsettled weather and Pine Drove is
forging to tbe front. Our neighbor
ing settlement bas long claimed to be
tbe "bub" of be alley, while we lay
no claims toward being "the bub" .of
the valley, still we oan justly oall for
our share and proudly claim for our
oorner toe name of the little nuo.
While tbe little wheel Is not so im
portant io looks as tbe big wagon
wheel yet it Is generally in front.
Likewise ttfc bub.
Lhst week M. . Thomas completed
tbe living rooms which he bas been
building on to tbe Pine Drove store.
His family are comfortably settled in
L. D. Boyed and family of Odell
called at tbe Pine Grove store on Sat
urday. Miss Naomi, the eldest daugh
ter is still suffering from tbe effects
of tbe runaway which oouured over a
month ago.
Walter 81111 man bas purchased a
buggy and oan be seen most any Sun
day spinning along tbe streets of Pine
Patronize home Industry and see tbe
Pine Drove store for prices before go
ing elsewhere.
H. Drossnr's brother who bas been
spending the winter in California,
arrived in Pine Drove the last of the
week. Even from tbe sunny south
they came back to Oregon and inci
dentally to Pine Drove.
Levi Chrisman of Tbe Dalles, Re
publican candidate for Sheriff, oalled
at tbe Pine Drove store Monday.
A. Uramea is nursing a sore thumb
with what promises to be a felon.
Last week tbe residents of Pine
Drove were tteated to a blood curd
ling sight wheu two of Draraes' mules
ran through the wire fence. One or
them got about a quarter of a mile
of wire wrapped abound bis neck and
then be started in to do things.
They ran down tbe road to Mrs.
Mohr's place, where they were stopped
by Sam Silliman and one of tbe Mohr
boys. Luckily tbe mules escaped
without serious injuries. - -
Last Saturday morning, Mark, tb
young son of Indian Frank, dropped
dead on Main street. His mother had
sent him over to Mr. Wyers for water
and while on the way back he was
taken suddenly with a hemorrhage and
fell over dead. He has never been a
strong boy and it is thought that tbe
exertion of carrying tbe water caused
the bursting of a blood vessel in his
lungs. Tbe funeral took place Mon
day morning at nine o ciock ana in
terment was in the ludlan cemetery
at tbe foot of Burdoin mountain.
From tbe time of death until tbe
funeral left tbe wigwam the tom-tom
never ceased to beat This was to
keep the evil ghosts away from the
spirit of little Mark, wbile be passed
For hard colds, bronchitis,
asthma, and coughs of ail
kinds, you cannot take any
thing better than Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Ask your
own doctor if this is not so.
He uses it. He understands
why it soothes and heals.
" I has Urrtbls conch lor waekt. Than I
look Ayar'a Cherrv J'acloml and only oita
bottla completely rureil me "
mas. . B. VANPOIITH, SI. joacpn, MICH
JSe 4e. .fl.N.
.1 0. TIC I! CO.,
f.owAll. M:i.
n n nrngtri.tii
YttU UUlll haaAM atAtAuavu lu L,
win vim vi nyer nils m oeatime.
through the valley of the shadow and
crowed the river Styx into the happy tbere la anv
fear in those wiuked spirits it is cer
tain tbey kept their distance. If tears
and lanienUtloua are an indication of
sorrow, then these people mourn their
dead just aa sincerely as do their more
enlightened white neighbor-. When
the prooession arrived at the grave
yard, they proceeded to dig the grave.
or rather to open up the family grave,
for all the Indians of one family are
burled in the si me crave. I'hev dust
down until they came tp where the
last one was buried, when tbev laid
little Mark in tbe bole, put bis play
things In beside, biin, covered him
over with blankets and matting and
filled up the bole. Mark was a bright
little brave upon whose tangled looks
tne sun of but nine summers had
shone, but be was dear to bis parents
and relatives. He was tbe seveuth of
tbe family to be laid in tbe grave.
Rosegrant & Everhart got tbe con
tract for building Wyers & Krepa new
livery stable, getting under a Hood
Kiver firm by just one dollar.
0. L. Moore, of Trout Lake. Diesi
deut of the Trout Lake electrio road,
is in White Saloinn with a crew of
surveyors. They began ti e survey at
tbe Wbite Salmon dock and are sur
veying up towards the Jewett home.
just where tbe Kutei prise said it
would be located several months ago.
The real estate business heretofore
conducted by A. W. Estes and W. A
lilesanz, under the firm name of A
W. Kates fc Co.. have by mutual con
sent dissolved, Mr. Biesanz retiring
from toe business. Mr. Estes will
continue tbe business under the same
name, and we predict a bright future
for him. Wo undoistand that be bas
closed a deal with J. II. Humphrey foi
the 120 aore tract of C. L. Colburn at
Gumas Prairie, for 1,500.
Death of Pioneer Uolilent.
George Swan, aged 81 years, a pio
neer resident of White Salmon died
there at !2 o'clock, Sunday afternoon.
r. iswan hud been a resident of
wnite Maimon ror zi years and was a
widower, his wife having died about
a year ago. Mrs. Joseph Purser, who
resides iu this city is a daughter of
Mr. Swan.
The funeral arrangements wete in
charge of S. E. Barttness and the fu
neral was held from bis lute residence
at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. Ser
vices were conducted by theUougrtga
tional minister of that place.
Mr. Plattkett of White Salmon is
working on his homestead. He in
tends to build Boon and move his fam
ily here.
J. he weather ia tine and people are
getting ready ot plant garden.
Geo. Carter made a trip to Tbe
Dalles last week.
E. L. Minton of Trout Lake Is haul
lug freight for Smitb-Peets Co.
Miss Cora Cameron was thrown fn m
her horse wbioh resulted in a sprained
A basket sooial and ghost party will
be rgiveu by tbe Husum school chil
dren at tlia eohool house, March 31.
The ocoasion ia tbe last day of school.
The proceeds of the social are to go
toward buying an encyclopedia for tbe
school. Kveryoue is cordially luvi ed
to oonie and bring a basket.
The stages are doing good business
beiug heavily loaded every day.
The preliminaiy survey is being run
from White Salmon to Trout Lake and
a good grade is reported, so it begins
to look like tbe electrio railway and
power company meant business.
Mr. Fox purohased a team while at
Ooldendtilo. He is now building a
D. E.Witt stopped at Husuni Friday
night on bii way to Uyle,
As Reported by The Dalles Chronicle.
J. II. Heilbrouuer, a Hood River real
estate man, was heie lust evening.
Ross Shelby, a Hood River mer
chant, was up yestreday, returning on
the late train in the eveuing. M. P.
Isenberg, the Hood River apple man,
was also here,
Jack Hagley, the well known cap
italist, was up from Hood River yes
terday, registering from "Caroarette"
county, at the Umatilla.
Filed at County Clerk's Office.
J. S. Harbison to K. K. ' Harbison,
assignment of mortgage, Hood River.
R. M. Young, et ux, to Amanda
Ledgerwood, warranty deed, 1400,
l'ood River.
Peter Kopke to Maggie Hanna, sat
isfaction of mortgage, Hood River.
George E. Foray the to Leslie But
ler, trustee, Trust deed fU Hood
Leslie Butler trustee to Dead Point
Improvement Co., warranty deed,
3,000, Hood River.
Candidate for Representative.
S. F. Blythe has aunounced himself
as a candidate for the Democratic
nomination - of representative. Mr.
Blythe bas been a oitizeu of Hood
River for a good many years and ia
held iu bigu esteem by his fellow citi
zens. Since we must have a Demo
cratic oandidate from this district no
bettor selection could have been
made. j
Don't frown look pleasant. If you
are suffering from indigestion or sour
stomacn, take rvoilol I'yspepsia Cure.
tion. Jake Moore, or Atlanta, ua., says:
"I suffered more than 'M vearg with in
digestion. A friend recommended Ko
dol. It relieved me in one ilnv anil nov
I enjoy better health than 'for many
years." Kodot digests what you eat,
rvlievva sour stomach, cas on stomach.
beL'liinft, ftc. Sold by Williams' Thar-niacy.
Lace Curtains and
Curtain Goods
A good line of Nottingham
Lace Curtans in white,
per pair, - 75cto$4.00
White Brussels, per pair, 7.00
Ecru In Nottingham, beau-
tiful patterns, per pair, 4.00
Large single curtains for
single door and window,
each, - - - 550
Curtain goo -in in Fish-Nets.
Nottinghains, Bavins and
Swisses, - - - 15 to 35c
Table Linen
We are showing some extra good
values in Table Linen at from
45c to $1.00
Some extraordinary fine Linen Dam
ask, 72 inches wide in beautiful pat
terns at
$1.25 and $1.50
Also Nottinghams to match.
Ladies' Waists
An extraordinary pretty
line of White Waists, em
broidered fronts and lace
trimmed. Are beautifully
made up and extraordi
nary good value for the
price at which we are offer
ing them.
Untied States Land office, The Dalles, Ore.,
March Jil.liyo.t. Notice U hereby given that
In compliance with the provision of the act
of congress of June , 1K78, entitled "An act for
the sale of timber lauds In the Mates of Call
fornlH, Oregon, Nevada, BDd Washington
Territory," ax extended to all the public hind
states by act August 4, im'A
ofPortland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has this day tiled in this onlce his
sworn statement No. asto, for the purchase of
Lot I. sec. 4, Lots 1 and , and HRi Mr.'j, see.
f, In Uwnshlp 1, range 0 east, W. M., and will
oiler proof to show that the land sought Is
more vaiiianie inr its limber anu stone man
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hi:
claim to sttld land before the Register and Re
ceiver at The Dalles, Oregon, on the Stlth day
of Muv. 1WW.
He names as witnesses: Nllos C. Olsen. PorU
land, Oregon ; rred Krautehy, Hood Kiver,
Oregon; ueorge Handley and llavls Foulkes,
I'.irlluml Oroirim
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
stMive described lands are requested to rile
their claims in tins ome on or berort, tne mn
day of May, IWW MltJHAKI. T. NOI.AN,
ni29 mu ltegister.
Department of the Interior, United states
Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon, March 10,
lvwtt. - A sufficient contest affidavit having
been tiled in this onlce by Andy Mi Beatly,
contestant, against homestead entry No. I&30,
made March 10, 11MI, for NK1., section S,
township I. south, range 10 h. W. M., by
James F. Walt, contcstec. in which It Is
alleged that said James V. Wait has entirely
aoanuniu'ti sam entry ior six niontns last
pat find that there are no Improvements
thereon: that said alfc'gi'd absence was not due
Ut his employment in the ai my, navy or ma
rine corps of the United Htaies In tlineof war.
Haid parties are hen by nettled u appear, re
spond ana oner evidence loucmng said alle
gation at lOu'clock a. m. on May 4, Mm, before
Ueoiye T. Pralher, a U.S. Commissioner, st
his office In Hood Kiver, Oregon, and that
tlnal hearing will be held at 10 o'clock a. m.
on May 11, l'JOli, before the Register and
Iterelver at the United Hlales Land Office
io The Dalles, Oregon.
The said contestant having, In proper aflda
vlt, tiled February S7. ISOii, set forth facts
which s'iow that after due dliligence personal
service of this notice cannot be made, It is
hereby ordered and directed tbat such notice
be given by due publication.
- Register
Timber Land Act, June 8, 1878.1
United States Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, March 5, IWXi. Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress ol June 8, 1878, entitled "An act
for the sale of limber lands in the states of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to nil the Public Land
Htaies by act of August 4, lHitt,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has this day tiled In this office bis
sworn statement No. 28H7, for the purchase
of the NKl-k of section 21. In township 2, N.
range K. W. M., and will oiler pnar to show
that the land sauglit Is more valuable tor Its
timber or stone than for agricultural pur
poses, and to establish his chiiiu to said
land before the Register and Receiver at The
Dalles, Oregon, on the SStll day of May, IHUil.
He names as witnesses Louis Morse, Hood
Kiver, Oregon; W. K. Rand, Hood River, Ore
gon; P. Hart, Portland, orcgot.; John A.
Kmnlord, Portland, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said
iith day of May l!l.
M22 altl MIC'HAEL T. NOLAN. Register.
Department of the Interior, United State
Ijtna Office, The Dalles, Oregon, Msrcli ID,
ill. Notice Is hereby given that the follow
Ing named settler ha tiled notice of his In.
teotion to make final proof in sunnortof his
claim, and thai said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Receiver at The Dalles.
Oregon, on May 7lh, lUOii, yt. :
of Vlento, Oregon, on H. E. No. 12H73, for lots
Sand 4, NE', section 4, and lot 4, section
8, townships!, N., ranges E. W. M.
ne names tne roiiowing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence noon and .uiliiva.
tion of said land, vis. :
Ernar W ilia. Portland. Oreaon: 8. W. Cnr.
ran. Vlento. Oregon : Thomas Helle. Vint
Oregon ; M. Kstegaard, Viei to, Oregon.
U XI U K Ull'll A L'l T a ? 1,. 1-.--
Denartment of the Interior lTnttjut BD,..
Land office. The Dalle; Oregon, March nth,
iHoa. nonce is nereoy given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his In
tention to make final proof In aupport of
bis claim, and that said nnsif will hn ta,iu
before Geo. T. Prather, U. 8 Commissioner.
at his office In Hood River. Orea-on. on Anrii
4,liJK, vlt:
of Hood River, Oregon, H. E. No. Sims lor the
li'l- SKU MH'UHk'L Mu kk c.H MIDI tl,,.
Section 3), township 2. N., range 11 K. V M
He names the following wltneaaes to prove
his continuous residence upon aud cultiva
tion of said land, vis :
i-ewr Maiinman and uens p. Hanson, Hood
River. Oregon.
ma, aid MICHAKL T. NOLAN. Register
Notice is hereby given that the nnneniiirnod
executor of the estate ofj J. W. Hlark, decesed,
baa riled his final account and rejiorl Iu
said estate with the clarK of the County
Court of the stale of Oregon, for Wasco
county, Oregon, an i that Monday, the
7i h day of May, ltKM, at the hour or 10
o'clock a. m. of said day, at the couuty court
Momtt tbe oountv cinirt bonae. In Dalles
City. Wasco County, Oregon, has been fixed
by the court as the time aud place for hearing
said report. All persons Interested in i.
estate are hereby notified to appear at said
time and place and show cause, if any there
be, why said report should not be approved
and an order made diacharging said executor
and Monoratlng his bondsmen.
lhited tltl 7th day of March, Wirt.
Executor ofthe Estate of J.W. Black, deceased
mia. aid
It ia to yoor interest to refer to Mr.
Bartiue88' ad under the new aystcm.
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