The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 22, 1906, Image 6

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It is said that Minsourians "have
to be shown," but evidently some
other persons are uouHtitnted the same
way, for in December a held meeting
of fruit growers of Pennsylvania was
held in the orchard of Dr. J. r. f nnic.
lioyertown, Pa. Dr. Funk is state
pomologist of Pennsylvania, and is a
graduate pbysioian, but now makes a
pswuaity or growing tine imic.
The mooting was held for the pur
pose of showing the visitors how to
make and apply the lime-salt-sulphur
mixture for Shu Jose soule. This pest
is very prevalent in parts of the Key
stone state,aud notwithHtauding muah
bsis been published on the subject, it
was thought best to bold inis neiu
meeting and have an actual demon
stration of how the mixture should
be made and applied.
The day was ideal one of those
bright, sunshiny days, jmt cool
enough to be pleusiiiit. The fiult
growers and farmers took advantage
of it, and by 10 a. m. the doctor's fine
orchards were tnrongod witn represen
tative borticulturalihts from Pennsyl
vania. Virginia. Maryland, Delaware,
New Jeresy and Now York. The
unanimous verdict of those who saw
the demonstration is that Dr. Funk
has the most oumplete plant and the
uem muinous 01 exiermiuiug me nun
Jose scale and other insects and fun
gus diseases of fruit trees yet discov
ered and put to practical use in this
country. As one 01 tnose present re
marked, "lie is the Luther ilurank of
the Kaut, end a wizard in the science
of horticulture."
Such a thing as an off year is un
known at the Paragon Fru t Farm,
whether in ponchos, pears, apples or
other fruits. They come Into bearing
at a voiy early ago, with an annual
increase in quantity, and of highent
quality. The trees are unusually
healthy, one peRch orchard planted in
the spring of 1U02 is a model of
bounty, the trees having an aveingo
top diamoter of fifteen feet, and have
produced at three and a half years
two crops aggregating four baskets
per tree.
in those orchards spraying is done
three and sometimes four times per
year, the first being with lime, sul
phur and salt while trees are dor
mant ; the later sprays are Bordeaux
mixture with an arsenlte.
The Mixing Mailt.
The spray nluut consists of a oom
modioli building put up for the pur
pose on a side hill, with a driveway
at lower side, where a wagon with
spraying tank is filled. Over this
driveway is a largo platform 8 by a
feet, where materials are kept and
soiilos for weighing. Next to the
drive is an elevated platform 7 feet
high and 0 foot wide, on which aro
two largo mixing tanks; back of this
is another elevated platform '!!' feet
high by B'i feet wide, on which are
four cooking tanks, where all the ma
terials are cooked by stemu furnished
by a i5 h. p. boiler, which is situated
in the rear of the lust platform. From
this boiler a one inch pipe is oarried
along the roof over the tanks, and ut
each tank a half Inch pipe extends
out and down Into the tank. This
extousiou has a T and two five inch
perforated nipples for distribution of
steam and at the same time agitates
the mixture and Baves stirring. It is
further supplied with two swinging
joints. TbiH permits the folding up
. of pipe and holding it out of the way
when not in use. There is also a
track above and in front of cooking
tanks on which a cluloh pulley which
is attached to the barrel in which the
sulphur is inado to a paste is carried
forward to any one of the tanks and
poured In ; also a largo vat at left end
itnd abovo the tanks; this is always
full of toiling wator. The beauty of
this plant is everything is done by
gravity from the time the water leaves
the well uutil it goes as a spray on
the trees, anil nevvr touches a bucket,
therefore doing away with all slop.
Promptly at 10 o'clock the (lienor
commenced the demonstration, weigh
ing out 41 pounds of good fresh stone
lime, Hi pounds of flowers of sulphur
(not flour of sulphur). This is rubbed
through a sieve made of wire cloth to
bleak up the lumps. Then he weigh
ed 15 pounds of salt.
The water being boiling, the sul
phur was put into a barrel connected
with the clutch pulley, and boiling
water being added while being mixed
to first a smooth paste, then to a thin
slop. The lime was now dropped
into ouo of the mixing tanks contain
ing about Kl gallons of boiling wuter.
This immediately commenced slaking
with great uolxe and intense heat.
The sulphur was no v run forward and
dumped into the seething mass, and
sitxy pounds pressure of steam turned
on. As this was cooking the doctor
gave explanation, every few minutes
showing the changes of color and ex
plaining the chemical action taking
plaoo, urging the importance of hav
ing the proper combination, the fail
ure of which is the cause ot such un
satisfactory results. After a continu
ous boil for foity minutes the beauti
ful olive green tint whs shown, with
the rich odor ut an antiquated egg.
This was theu diluted by running
boiling water in until tho cooking tub
was fall, when, by opening n gate
valve ill bottom of tank, the liquid
was run through a 1'4 inch pipe
through a sieve Into the large gradu
ated mixing tank on lower platform.
It was theu further reduced by cold
water from hydrant troui an under
ground cisteru on higher ground until
tiiuk showed 100 gallons. It was theu
run through another gute valve and
l' inch pipe through a sieve, liti
mesh per inch, into the spray tank on
wagon, anil team sturted for the trees.
Tho sprayer u.scd whs a Niagara gas
sprayer ot latest pattern. This was
equipped with two linos of huso each
50 feet long; two extousiou poles,
one having six nozzles and one with
lour nozzles. This machine is run by
carbon dioxide gns. The gas was
turned on and iu thirty seconds the
doctor had a pressure of 110 pounds.
This was maintained, tin owing the
material with a hiss through the trees
in a perfect mist and with such rapid
ity that the tank own be emptied in 'ir
minutes. The nozzles used wero the
flue Veiinorol.
This was done to show power and
rapidity of spraying large trees. For
, general spraying the doctor uses two,
sometimes four, nozzles on each pole,
stopping at each tree until it is thor
oughly sprayed. With two nozzles
only on each pole and with high pres
sure, tho material will cover many
more trees, as there is loss waste of
the matoi ial. The reason of long hose
is for convenience of getting around
trees and permitting the team to keep
at a distance, so that the horses and
driver will not be iu roach of the ma
terial, which is very unpleasant.
Ifoesn't Fear San Jose Scale.
On being askod as to the destruc
tion of the scalo, the doctor replied
that he no longer feared it, although
it is the worst foe the fruit grower has
to fight. lie took tho visitors to trees
that three years ago were condemned
by scientific men as beyond recovery,
but being trees of great merit, be de-
treniined to save them It posslftle.
Being achemistand knowing the value
of carefully compounding ingredients,
be prepared lils mixture on scientific
principles, and applied thorongly, and
although these trees were completely
covered with the insects, with bark
red. cambium red and even tne wood
was red to the depth of one-third of
an Inch wi'h terminals dying, the
fruit the previous year being entirely
unsalable, he had the satisfaction as
the season advanced of seeing these
trees send out new growth, witk foil
age assuming again its rich green tint,
lie red entirely disapearlng, tne cam
bium again restored to normal condi
tlous and enabled to perform its funo
The trees brought to perfection a
fine oroD of choice fruit, free from
biemish, and made a new growth of
from 'i inches to 1 feet, and on close
inspection iu the fall we were uuable
to find a living louse.
The doctor was asked whether a
grower can Keen his orchard free from
scale, and he said one cannot iu that
locality. As long as biids fly and the
wind blows, the orchard will be re-lu-
fested ; but one can keep the scale un
der such perfect control that he can,
using other judicious orchard treat
ments. raise maximum crops of fancy
fruit, and do it with lime, sulphur
and salt, wbiob the doctor considers
the sovereign remedy. One can use
It without fear ot injury as long as
the trees are dormant. It Is the best
fungicide we have yet found. It is a
specific for the peach lent our, des
troys the eggs of the tout caterpillar,
the green aphis, the bud moth and
other insects and fungi. It is cheap,
and when one Iseuninped for Hi prep
aration is not trouble ome or disa
greeable. With Dr. Funk's plant he
can prepare K00 gallons per hour, If
necessary, and do it easily with one
man. Western Fruit Urowcr.
A Sample Kate Instance.
The decision of the United States
court at Chicago in the livestock case
ought to open the eyes of the pro
posed railway rate legislation giving
the Interstate Commerce Commission
the power to make freight rates. I he
Commission sought to exercise this
power in this case, first by a ruling
ordering the eighteou dereiiuaut ran
roads to lowet their rates on livestock
to conform with the rates on dressed
beef, and next by an injunction, pro
hi biting them from refusing to obey
t.hA rnliii. After tnkinu expert testi
mony for several weeks and hearing
evidence for two weeks more, the
oourt held that the ruling of the Com
mission was erroneous, and that that
boyd had not power to compel the
railroads to obey Its arbitrary rulings.
Hut suppose It bad had the power to
on force this unjust ruling at once, as
the Ksch-TownKeud bill contemplated?
The result would have been the same
in the end, but there would have been
expensive and tedious litigation, end
less confusion in rates throughout the
Wont, and a disastrous disturbance in
business which would have paralyzed
the markets of the vast cattle raising
The railroads and the great major
ity of experienced shippers have not
obieotod to fair and intelligent gov
ernment regulation of rates, but the
record of tho last eighteen years has
given them just cause to object to
lodging this vast power In the Inter
state Commerce Commission, or any
other political body. From the Kan
sas City, Mo., Journal.
M llllnnulro's Pour Stomach.
The worn-out stomach of the over-fed
millionaire is often paraded iu the pub
lic prints as a horrible example of the
evils attendant on the possesion of great
wealth, Hut millionaires are not the
only ones alllioted with bad stomachs.
The proportion is far greater among the
toilers, i-yspepfiu and indigestion are
rampant amung these people, and they
suffer far worse tortures than the mil
lionaire unless they avail themselves of
a standard medicine like Green's Au
gust Flower," which has been a favorite
household remedy for all stomach trou
bles for over thirty five years. August
blower routes the torpid liver, thus cre
ating appetite and insuring perfect di
gestion, it tones and vitalizes the en
tire system and makes life worth l'ving,
no matter what your station. Trial
bottles, L'fioj regular size, 76c, For sale
by C. N. Clarke, druggist.
Hardy Strawberries.
Prof. N. K. Hanson of the Agricul
tural College at Brookings, 8. D., dis
cusses the subject of strawberries
hardy enough for a temperature of 40
degrees below zero without snow or
oter protect ion. This gentleman has
experimented with a great number of
varietlos of strawberry plants, and is
woiklug on plants from the far North,
discarding everything not hardy
enough to endure without proteotiou
nf hiiv kind tlinir nonullup and vnrv
trying conditions. This gentleman
is also experimenting with raspberry
..I.. ..A . -.1.-.!.- . - J I
plains, aiming iu uovoiop variukios
that shall bo perfectly hardy lu their
Held without any protection. Fruit
Word "Wchfooi" Must do.
At the suggestion of Tom Kichard
son the newspapers of Oregon are
dropping the use of the word "Web
foot." There are other names which
hare acquired standing which might
well be dropped. Malheur Is an un
happy name for a county to have to
use for all time. We notice iu an ex
change the appointment of judges of
election foi Coyote precinct. There
Is a poHtolllce in the state named
Starvoout. It Is a good plan to get
rlil of all such names. They are not
good advertisements.
Will Stay in Hood Kiver.
The remedy that makes you eat, sleep
and grow strong, called Pal mo Tablets,
will be sold regularly by Williams'
Pharmacy, Mood Kiver. These great
nerve and constitution builders cost only
60c per box, six lioxes li.60.
All old-time cough syrups bind the
'jowols. This id wrong. A new Idea
was advanced two years ago In Ken
nedy's Laxative Honey anil Tar. This
remedy aits on the mucous membranes
of the throat and lungs and loosens the
bowels at the same time. It expels all
cold from the system. It chars the
tb oat, strengthens the mucous mem
liniues, relieves coughs, colds, croup,
whooping cough, etc. Sold by U. K.
White Salinon-IIootl River
Two bi; sail bouts, two
big perfectly safe gasoline
launches ami two big ferry
scows. Expert sailors in
charge. Routs leave at all
hours. RE.VN & RE ARSON
Licensed Ferrymen,
H. F. Davidson, president of the
Davidson fruit company. Hoaxed
Hood Kiver citizens into a state of
excitement yesterday by making them
believe that gold bad been discovered
in aewer trench that is being dug
The Davidson Fruit company la bar
ing some gold signs plaoed on the
windows of their olilces, and some of
the gold leaf waa scattered about the
floor. Mr. Davidson went out and se
cured some of the rock which had
been blasted out of the sewer trench
in front of bis office, and applying the
gold leaf on it judiciously, went forth
In search of victims.
The otlloes of the Ileilbrcuuer Real
Estate company are next dioi to bis
place, and going In be exhibited the
stecimen. There were several men
in the place at the time, and after
tbey bad examined it tbey fell over
each other in getting to the rock pile.
The news soon spread about town that
gold bad been discovered in the sewer
trench and the citizens came flocking
down to stake out claims. Many est!
mates were made as to what the ore
would pay to the ton, some of them
running as high as 1 1.000.
The bait was taken so easily that
several more specimens were hurriedly
fixed up and presented to some of Mr,
Davidson's intimate friends with tbe
Injunction not to let it go out of their
bauds. One man, waiting bis upper
(unity when be thought no one was
looking, hurried off to the drug store
to have tbe "acid test applied, and
as tbe gold leat was real it wasn't
lu the meantime the hoaxer, who
was going to Portland, heard the train
whistle, and grabbing a piece of the
precious ore, slipped it into his pocket
and started on a run for tne station
yelling that be was going to Portland
to have it assayed. As there Is an
end to all good things, the joke whs
dually discovered, and If you have any
friends iu Hood Kiver and want to
keep them, don't mention anything
about tbe gold that was discovered lu
the sewer trench. - Portland Journal
Hoed Kiver In the Lead.
Kpeaklng of the fruit growers' meet
ing held here the Oiegon Agriculturist
As Hood Kiver is always determined
to be in the lead in such matters as
this, a society afllliated with the local
society was then and there organiid
with b list of over 100 members, mak
ing the largest local society iu the
state. This also gives Wasco county
the credit of bieng the first county to
organize two societies of this kind,
as Mosier oignnlzed two or three
weeks ago with 40 members and there
is The Hallos yet to bear from.
Had III I. eg Itrnki'ii.
Dr. Dumble and Chas. Hall of tho
Williams' Pharmacy went across the
river Friday to attend a laborer on
tbe north bank road who had had his
leg broken by a blast. The unfortun
ate man's name is T. K. Anderson,
and be was taken to the railroad com
pany'! hospital at Collins Saturday
Harriet Howard, of 201) W. !t4tb St.
New York, at one time had her beauty
spoiled with skin trouble. Mio writes
"I hud Salt Kheum or H,czema for years
but nothing would cure it. until I usee
Iluckleu's Arnica Salve." A quick and
sure nealer for cuts, burns and sorts.
2(c at C. jN. Clark t drug store.
To the Voters of Ilablnln Precinct.
The reidslral ion books fur Baldwin
precinct are now oin. I will be pre
pareil to register you at any time at
(jrlbble s store. O. rredeiiburg,
Notary Public,
4,. Sclentlflo America!
" "i Agency for
fat information and frae Handbook write to
WUNN A CO., aa Dhoauwat, new Yokk.
Olitoit bnrtwu for securing jfUmta In Amerloa,
Krmrj Mlent taken out by u le brought before
tlie public by a nutlos (Iran free of onarg la Uie
JWfUtiffa ttlMCiW
I .art-eat dreulatlon of any aelenttflc paper In tho
world. PplonJIcllr llln.lralu.l. No Intelligent
man ahould be without It. Weeklr, Hit. OO
(eari ai.n0 ill inoiitba. Addreaa MtNN CO
umuniuui,IU Biuwlwar. New Kurt
Annimllv. to fill I tie new poult loin created by
Railroad and Telegraph eomimnleH. We want
iuuinu mf.n anu i.Aiutviui Kooa nanus 10
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Station AifentH In Amerlon. Ourslx atx schools
are the largeM! exchiMve Telegraph Mchoola i n
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dorm'd by all leadltiK Hallway omclalH.
We execute tM Hond to evey student to
furnish him or her a position paying from 111)
ui vki h inoiHii ill maiva east ui me iioeKy
MoiinUilns. or from (76 to lli a month In
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The Morse School of Telegraphy
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