The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 25, 1906, Image 2

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" .mum! ivorT Thursday tor
AklllUR D. MOB.
Tsrm. of iu'taorlptloo-! T a
To the votors of Wasco county :
1 wish to anuoiiee myself as candi
date for renominatioti for tbeottlce of
County CommiHsiouor at tho primar
ies to be hold April 20th, 1900.
To t lie Citizens of Wasco county :
I wIhIi to announce myself as acun
didute for nomination on the Repnull
can ticket for Commissioner of Waaco
county at tho primary election to be
held April 20th, l!Xi, and if nominated
mid later elected. I pli'dira myself to ful
fill the duties of the ollieu to the beat of
ruv ability and integrity. Yours sin
cerely (i. R. CASTNER.
To the Rcnubllcans of Wasco county:
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for nomination upon the Republi
can ticket for Sheriff of Wasco county,
subject to the votes cast at the primary
election to be f.eid April zutn, iuuo.
If nominated and elected, I promise
to fulfill the the duties of the oliice to
best of my abilities by being courteous
to all and riving the otlice the same
careful attention that I would if it was
my personal business.
Yours respectfully,
Hood River, Ore., Jan. 10, 1906
Editor Glacier:
I wish to announce through the col
umns of your paper that I shall be a
candidate at the primary election to be
held in April ot tins year lor tne repuu
lican nomination for representative in
the legislature from Wasco county.
If I should receive the nomination
and be elected I shall, to the utmost of
my ability, serve the interests of Wasco
county, and especially the interests of
tho western portion of the county and
Hood River Valley. A. A. J A i INK
We are Indebted to the Oregon
Lumber Compauy for a thermometer
and barouioter. This Is something we
ueed for it Is now possible for us to
discern tbe exact temperature of an
irate subscriber and also to tell
whether tbe storm brewing is of sufil
clont Intensity for us to "stand pat"
or rush the victim to the cold storage
plant lu the vicinity.
i, j
As candidates f"r County Coinmls
loner U. R. Castner and the presout
Commissioner, II. Jt Hiblmrd, have
auuounood thomsolves. Both these
gentlemen are well aud favorably
known in Hood River aud In the
county as well aud both have many
friends.' The contest between tbeui
is purely a friendly one ud they are
willing to submit to the will of tbe
The political pot is commencing to
boil and tbe cigar store politician is
lu his glory. It is as natural for the
average American to take ,to politics
as it Is for tho average woman to lay
"no" when she means "yes. " Politios
Is a profession and not a trade, aud
the man who goes Into It with the big
stick as his weapon can be depended
to come out of tbe melee with a razor
for future use.
In another column we publish an
artiele containing vuluable informa
tion to Intending voters. It will re
pay them for the reading, as it de
fines the registration provisions aud
tells you what you can do In this mat
ter aud what you can not do and re
tain your right to vote. It likewise
gives the dates of the opening and
closing day of registration and for fil
ing petitions and other information
whioh you will find valuable. Look
it over.
The proposed meeting of the fruit
growers of Hood River valley to be
held lu K. of P. hall, February 10,
Is right lu line with the progressive
ideas of Hood River to strlko while
the Iron is hot. While the Informa
tion and stimulus ot ideas is exerted
by the conventions held at La Urande
aud Portland are still in the minds of
the gentlemen who attended those
meeting) no doubt much can be learn
ed by their fellow growers that will be
. useful. You should attend and make
it a sueess. '
It is with pleasure and esteem that
the Ulaoior auuouuoes the privilege
to bo allowed to support our distin
guished townsman A. A. Jayne for
the nomination for Representative,
The announcement of his candidacy
was eo-incldont with his statemeut of
purpose to again make an effort, if
nominutod aud ulocted, to accomplish
the passage of the Cascade Couuty
Dill. Neither lutioduotiou or eulogy
of Mr. Jayuo is necessary. His work
lu the interests of the bill at the last
session of the Legislature speaks for
him, aud speaks must eloquently.
3. W. Aekeriiiuu, State Hnperiu
tendeut of Schools, will arrive in town
tomorrow aud Saturday morning at 10
o'clock will speak at a meeting to 1
hel I in Artlsau's Hail on the high
school plan wneu delegations will tie
present from M osier, Pine drove,
r'rankton, Odt II aud 'the other dis
tricts and at which time Superintend
ent Aokerman, Prof. Wiley aud others
will address the meeting.
It is asked by tho school directors
and those whoj are inteiestod lu the
matter that every one wno can, be
nt tbe hall on Saturday and give as
much encouragement as possible to
this movement. It is not expected
that the school will be built today or
tomorrow, but ii is poiuted out that
it soon must be.
Watch Clarke's watches go.
Proper Names That In nui mt.
Little la Common With the Way
Ther Are gpellea-Welsli Name a
oaree of Cafallla Coafasloa.
English as It li spelled and pro
Bounced in the United State la cer
tainly confusing to a degree to any
foreigner, but In old Kngiana ins km
la still harder when It comes to proper
"If," said an English writer, "the
amiable foreigner is driven to the
verge of distraction by our vagaries In
pronouncing words ending ln'oughand
cannot for the life of him see why, If
cough spells 'kof,' 'though' should not
be 'tbof and 'sough' 'sof,' what roust
he think of our phonetic eccentricities
In the pronunciation of place names,
which are such a sore puzzle even to
"Why, for lustance, In the name of
all that's reasonable, should we have
to say Amesbury when we write and
mean Almoudcsbury, and, when we
are in Lancashire, Inquire the way to
Oost'n when It Is TJlveratone we want 1
These are mysteries which are not
even revealed, one would think, nnto
babes, and which certainly make the
nnarown man feel foolish.
"If you happen to be In (Suffolk and
want to find your way to waiaring-
field, near Ipswich, you must avoid at
any cost pronouncing the word as It
ts written. You will be looked at as a
freak or a foreigner, but ask for Wun-
nerf'l and you will be sent on your
way rejoicing. One may be prepared
to find Unit Kelvolr Is pronounced
Beaver, but who Is to know that As
patrla, In Cumberland, Is only recog
nized locally as Bpethry? You may
ask tho native the neurest way to As
patrla till you are black In the face
and be will stare blankly at you for
your pains, but breathe the word
fipefhry and you will get your direc
tion nulckly enough.
"Little Urswlck is a place unknown
to thousands of Lancashire folk who
are familiar enough with the villag
of thnt name, but call it Liloslck, and
their faces will brighten at once with
Intelligence. Pontefract Is not unrec
ognizable to the southerner even ai
Pomfret, but why should Kelghley bl
known locally as Keethley and not ai
Keeloy, which is the obvious render
ing? "But the North county has no mo
nopoly of odd pronunciations. Go tc
Devonshire and ask for Brlthembot-
torn. The odds are you will be told
there is no such place. Brlmbottom
they know right well, and that Is tin
place you really want. Thurlescombe,
by a similar or worse perversion, be
comes Drlzzlecum, whioh may or may
not be a tribute to the dampness of Its
climate There Is In Clouceshlre a vil
lage called Churchdown, which foi
some inexplicable reason Is always
spoken of locally as Chosen. The good
people of Churchdown appreciate ths
Joke as much as anybody and tell you
how, when tho trains were asked to
stop there, some one said, 'Make they
Chosen people Joyful.'
"Coirgresbufy, In Somersetshire,
known far and wide as Coonisbury,
and, shades of our Norman ancestors
Ilurstmonceaux, In Sussex-, has long
degenerated on the lips of many to
Iloraemounces. St Osyth Is a nam
that ought not to present any lingual
difficulty, but Its favorite form In tin
district seems to be Toosy, and, whlls
tho educated man has long been recon
ciled to cull Greenwich 'Grennldgo,'
there are many who still pesslst (and
they are right, though It sounds
strange to the ear) In pronouncing tin
name as It Is spelled.
"Ohelmondlston, la Suffolk, has been
cut down to the more convenient Chlui-
ston, and Saudlacre, a small town In
Derbyshire, is BcnJIker to those who
know what they ought to say. Welsh
namos are a source of unfailing con
fusion to the Englishman, whose
tongue refuses point blank to grappU
with them, and yet some of them at
least have been made simple enough,
such as Rhudbaxton, In Pembroke
shire, which as Itlbson Is simplicity It
self. In Hertfordshire the formidable
Sawbrldgoworth has been reduced to
tho handy compass of Bapser, but
wliat shall we say of Woodmancote,
which to the good people of Glpuces
tershlre Is often known as Udden-
muckut?" New York Ilerald.
The Turkish Woman.
Until a Turkish girl is eight years
old she Is free to run about nnd play
tho same as her brother. After that
time she Is regarded as a grownup.
She leaves school and pats on a veil,
She Is forbidden to run about. Nb man
except her father or husband is allow
ed to look upon her face, and she I
not permitted to go Into her father'
part of the house. Her parents begin
to arrange for ber marriage she has
nothing to say In the matter. She must
be married by the time she Is eleven,
and her husband will probably tie
about seventeen. In Turkey an un
married man or woman is unknown.
Buch a state Is lookM upon as dis
graceful. When tho wedding arrives
the ceremonies last a week. The wed
ding dress Is a most gorgeous affair,
often costing f 1,000, being embroidered
In gold and pearls. The prettiest part
of the ceremonies takes place one even
ing, when the girl friends of the youth
ful bride entertain her family. Each
takes a lighted candle and, forming
procession with the bride as loader,
march about the grounds among the
flower beds, through the trees. All are
In bright colored dresses, and their
hair bangs over their shoulders. Bongs
are snng, sweet musical chants are
heard and tbe scene suggests nothing
o much as a bit out of fairyland it
self. Washington Star.
After the tea things had beeu cleared
away the young wife came over and
(at on hubby's knee, put her plump
arms about his neck and kissed nlm
half a dozen times.
"Well, what Is It now?" he queried.
"A. new dress, dear," she answered.
"But don't you know that times are
awfully hard just at present?" he que
ried. 'Ot course I do," she replied. "That's
by I want to give the poor dreas
aker something to do," Detroit Trl fa
We have just received a new assortment of men's
logging and cruiser shoes in both tan and black. These
with what we had in stock gives us the most complete
line of high cuts in the city. We are selling a Good
year welt dress shoe at - - $2.50.
Wo have a nice line of men's, boys' and youths' clothing that we can save
you money on. Thoy are nice clean goods and the fit and style is first class.
Among our clothing we have a large assortment of extra pants, coats and
vests. They are not odds and ends, but "nice clean, desirable goods.
Goods at Half Price
500 mackintoshes buy them while it is wet $2.50
400 " -v.-.-...,..:. ; 2.00
LiKlies' (Joals a hii'ge.nssortment at half price
We have all endless' variety of men's and boys' working and dress shirts from
a 2"h; working shirt uj to the very best ; $2-75
A inmg them wo have a heavy trilled black and white trilled shirts, double front
and back ........... J... ....... ..450
Fancy boaom shirts for dross 50
We have a large and well selected stoclc of
are prevent jd end cured by the greatest of all, and strictly scientific remedy for
Throat taid Lung Troubles, Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, La Grippe, etc., viz :
Cured of Pneumonia After Doctors Failed.
"I bad been ill for some time with Pneumonia," writes J. W. McKinnon of
Talladega Springs, Ala., "and was under the care of two doctors, but grew no
better until I tried Dr. King's New Discovery. The first dose gave relief, and,
by continuing its use, I was perfectly cured.
50G and flti.oo
CJ -
latcrastlaar Work That la
Dona la
the Velrliia Room.
Doth the metal nnd wooden pipes ot
a pipe orgau are nimle on the selfsame
principle of the willow whistles that
every man made wueu be was a boy,
and to, after all, a pipe organ, tht
nilKhtlpxt uvmli-Hl Instrument yet In
vented, is but the evolution of that
primitive pipe of Tan, the willow -whistle.
The uost IntereHtlng place in an or
gan factory la the voicing room. ITp to
the time the pipes enter this room they
are as dumb us broomsticks. Here Die
breath of life l breathed into tliem,
and they aro made to speak, eachla.
tho voice Intended by Itn maker. Her
the big fat pipes are taiiKht to thuu'dcr
out their dlapaon aud tlniwe scarce the
dlamoter of a shite pencil and one-half.
an Inch long to utter tliuir shrill wills
tie and others the thousands of varying
tones between. And not only mnst the
pipes of one stop speak correctly as In
dividuals and members of their own
particular fiuully, but they must lie In
accord with all the hundreds of otliori
In whose rahUt they are to live. To
see that they do this Is the work of a
man whose ear Is keen to the slightest
variation and who must know why a
pipe does not spe:ik as It should and
how to make It. due by one the pipes
are set upon the wind chest stamling
here, with the bellows and all Uie In
ternal mechanism of an organ properly
adjusted and with a keyboard in front
of him the volcer tests each one. lly
ctmuclug the sUe and sliHpe.of the.
aperture through which the wiud pass
es he governs the tone until It Is exact
ly what It should be, a task which only
a uiun with the nicest sense of sound
ruu accomplish.
We never knew any one who did not
talk "shop" too much.
How you admire the man who catch
es you doing a good deed on the sly!
What a sorry spectacle a spoiled
cWHl Is when away from Its mother!
A whipping never harts to much as
the thought that yon are being whipped.
Some men are washed of their sins so
much that they Anally have a faded
Tell a bad story without names, and
every one will have an enemy to attrib
ute It to.
Ambition dwindles away In time like
a cake of soap, aud by the time a man
Is seveuty he can't remember that be
ever bad any In the tub with him.
Atchison Globe.
Look Here!
. We I ave (arms to exchange in differ
ent parts of the United States and Can
ada lor farnii and city properly.
We have several splendid farms of va
rious sizes in the great stock and wheat
belt of AHierta to trade for Oregon fruit
lands. We have; more than ten thou
sand acres of splendid prairie lands im
proved and unimproved that we can
sell now for $10 to f:X) per acre. It has
doubled lu value (luring the past three
years on account of the rapid develop
ment of the country in' which it lays,
and is bound to incrouse from now on,
as It is fertile and easy to handle.
If you have anything in the real es
tate line to sell or trade, write to us for
our blanks to fill In for a description of
it " We Invest money for out of the city
(lienta, aml.hivitu you to call at our of
fices and make yourselves at home when
ill Portland. .
BniGllSTtritf) REALTY CO.,
- ' - mi First St., Portland, Ore.
Peimrtmi'tit of the Interior, Land Office at
The lIlo, on-con, Jan. IS, 1906.
Nfrtice I. hereby given th.t th followlng
nHined .ettler ha. tiled notice of lila inu-n-turn
to iiiuke Hunt proof lu .upport of bla
claim, and thHtsald proof will ba made be-hi-fore
Oco. T. Hrther, United mate commis
sioner nt hi. nftlre In Hood Hlver, Oregon, on
February at), IHtM, viz.:
of Mimler, Oregon-, on H. K. Ha. 7417, Air the
HV. HK Hen. a, and N'4 NKU, 8 so. 10, Town
.htti i N, II. II K..W. M.
lie nme lliu following wllneMa to prove
hi. coiilluiKv.iM it-Hldem-e upon and cultiva
tion of siild land, vl: llenjanilu F. Shoe
linker and Toner Haluman, ol Hood Klver,
I'JSKH M K HAKI, T. NOLAN. Register.
Timber Ijtnd Art Junes, 1878.1
t'ultc.l Ntute l-Anrt Oltlce, The Dallea, 0e
Ron.M.m'li.t, Notice Is hereby Riven th.t
in roiuptlHiiee wltb the pruvitUona of the act
orcontK iMif Jnut-a, 1K7S, entitled "An act for
(Ite sale ol tlinlH-r IhihIn In the Htat-H of rail
fornta, Oregon. Nev.dK, and WaHhlngton
Terrltory,"aH extended to all the Public liiid
Sliite. by act of August 4, 1NIJ,
of Oolricndale, county of kllekftat, state ol
Washington. h . this day ft led In this office lit.
.worn .lateinent No. 27m, for the purchase of
the N'jNKVj and K',NW(, of section No. If,
lu lownslnp.No. '4 north, raniie No E., W.M.,
and will otter proof Ui .iiowthat 111. Inndsunght
Is more valuable for It. timber or .Uine thau
for agricultural and to eatabli.h
hi. claim to ftHidlttnd beftire the Kegl.ier and
Kiveivcr. at The Palls., Oregon, the lh day
ot .March 11M..
HenanicKaH wltneaaeat H. A. Wherry of
Collin., Washington; Cat. Wagel. of The
Indies, Oregon; Kruncl. (Iran" of wyeth, Oie
gon; Robert Warren, of Wyeth, Oregon.
Any and all person, claiming adversely the
above deseritn-d laud, are reo,ueHted to tile
Iheirelaiin. in till, office on or before aaid
SMh daof Marcn, Iww.
JsS ni'JS ill K'HAKL T. NOLAN, Register.
Eureka Market.
Our prices are popular prices and i
our meals liint-class. We bny no Chi
nese fatted hogs and dmi t have any
rubber necks. W ho is the government
meat insjxctor?
Ofllret and Rooms.
The very best for rent in Smith Block
Dry Goods
r n
O) V'
Iienartment of the Interior. United state.
una umce, ine Danes, Oregon, necemnerCT,
1(5 A aulflelent contest affidavit having
been Med In till, office by Algorn H. Tlngley,
contestant, agafii.t homestead entry No. Uiwj),
made May So, 1WW, for lota 1, 2, N Ki, Sec
tion S, Township 1 North, Range 9 K. w. M.,
by Willie O. Carrier, contestee, In which It I.
alleged that said Willie 1. carrier ha. tailed
to establish hi. residence or make any Im
provements upon .aid land, having totally
abandoned the same for the petlod of two
year, last past; that mild aileg.-d absence was
not due to hi. employment In the army, navy
or marine corps of the United state, in time
ot war.
Hald panic, are hereby notified to appear,
respond and offir evidence touching .aid alie
gat on at 10 o'clock a. m.. on February 20, 110 1,
beforethe lUglster and Receiver at the Unlltd
Mtate Land Uitlee In The Dalles. Oreuon.
The salS contestant having In a pmper affi
davit, filed I'ecemlH-r S, itA, set forth fact.
which show thai after due diligence personal
service of linn notice cannot bo made, it I.
hereby ordered and directed that such notice
De, given by due and proper publica
U.S. rag lie, Oregonlan bldg., Portland, Ore.,
Ally, for Conteatuut.
Pepiirtinent of the Interior, United 8tale
Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon, December 1,
1V A .ntflelenl contest affidavit having
been Hied In this office by Andy M. lienttv.
oonteatant. against homestead eutrv No. 122 it),
made March ill, una, for NF.V Men. -N. tp. 1, S.,
range 10, F. W. M., by James F. Walt, con
teatee, In which It la alleged that said James
F. Walt ha. abandoned aaid land for more
than aix month, last past and there are no
Improvements thereon whatsoever, and that
.aid alleged absence was not due to his em
ployment In the army, navy or marine corp.
ol the United Nlate. In time of war.
Haid parties are hereby notified to appear,
rcpnnd and olfer evidence touching such alle
gation at 10o'cl-k a. m. on February 's, ltsm,
before Oeo. T. I'raiher, a IJ.H. t'ominls-loiier,
.t his office In Hood River, Oregon, and that
tlnal hearing will be held at 10 o'clock a. m.
on February VJ, 1WW, beKire the Register and
Receiver at the United .states Laud Office In
The Dalles, on gon.
The said contestant havln. In a nroner affl-
j davit, riled December IS, lwi wet forth fact.
I which show that .iter due diligence neraon.l
; service of this notice can not be made, it I.
hereby ordered and directed that aiwh notice
I be given by due and proper publication.
J 118 Register.
j Vl)U wji besure of a rfect cure for
-n .,..i, :i m ,
. ( larke's watch hospital for treatment.
aass nsaivis tiiCTorvo IS SIlV v aisV IT VII LV
Cudaby's Rex brand hams 15c per lb.
at Mc. Guire Bros.
Wood For Salo
All Kinds at T,ovest
Market Price.
Prompt delivery, phone. Marraj Kaj.
For Sale
For Hsle Bay mare, weight 1160, gentle, sin-
or double: good cultivator.
good cultivator. Will trade
(or .mailer bone.
I'nons lix l.riueiv.
M array Key.
For Uale-Bweet corn fodder cheap.
J. II.
fnr Hale Konn of Ave room., lot 109X114,
woodHUfd, ehldren botiM, room for large gar
den; pleHxKnt location. Price I12W, part down,
balance I1U0 yearly. Kent well. H. H. H al
ley. H
Kor Hale Genuine Imported Engllab wal
nut tree, at reasonable price, while euick
Alao .till bave aome No. 1 .Undard ap
nle tree, r-none or write u. a, nouuiu., n.
F. D. No. 1, Hood River.
Kor Bale-One eulky atrawberry cultivator,
rice flit; aim one atove, prlo M. Inquire of
lira. W.M. Koaa.
For Hale-A fine Poland China brood aow,
E. Hawkea, U. K. D. Ma 1. JIB
For Sale-High Grade Wild Weat aboeafor
men and boye, at Cowley'aaboe ahop. Oppo-
a lie roai umce.
For aale, several aeeor-d-hand bugglea and
carriages, f aamon Biaoie. j
Kor sale, full blooded Plymouth Rock roos
ters and Dullets. oerv fine .lock: will graca
any poultr yard; nothing better, guarantee
topleaaeoou. only a few for sale Mrs. E.
Brayiora, ttocKioraators. j.
For sale, one gent e hone. N. W. Bone. J
For .ale. home-made lelllea. SUM) Der dos.
U-pInU; chow-chow, 1.60 per dos.. 1 pt.; apple
butter, etc., qui. per aos. Also canneu
fml j at fci.tiO lo 2.;b tier dos. ats. Delivered
la dosen lots anywhere In city limits, all put
up in gUas. Mrs. Jfi. Vauhan. raradiae farm,
Phone 020. jb
BOYS OR GIRLS or attractive young ladles
wanted-If you have only a few .pare hours,
you can employ them profitably and eam
money for Xmai; If yon want to give your en
tire lime to tne work you can earn a nice liv
ing. The best of It la, you don't need any
money to atari. A complete outfit free. P.O.
Drawer No. wo, Uuffitlo, N. x. an
Horse Bu
vers. Attention!-About February
Wih I will havedrlvln
nave ariving ana arait oorse.
sale at Odell.
Call or phone E. T. Foils.
Strayed oi.e red heifer with white .not on
face, two years old past, marked wltb crop
otr each ear, brand O It on bin. Suitable re
ward win ne paid for information concerning
same. L. H. Khoadea, tt. F. 1),, seven miles
out on east. siae. ju
To Lend J1MX) to lend on improved laud
First mortgage, shorter long term, or on un
Improved laud part at a time aslmprovnienls
are niaue. Address, J, care uiacier. j 11
FARMER, do you know the Hood River
Artldclal Hlone Co. is manufacturing Just
the kind of concrete blocks to build au apple
or milk house? while you nave time thins
Hover. Tbe cost Is trilling. Uet prices. JlS
For Bale Hel of International Encyclope
dia for sale cheap. Mrs. C. Jfi. Hemmeu. fl.
For sale six or seven dosen nice spring
cuicnen. cnapm.n a m. u
Any person desiring to purchase farail;
cow. i ay secure same by addressing J,
Bailey. Btate I). Iry and Food Coram lasloner.
i'ortlaud, Oiegon. Mr. Bailey being a compe
tent judge can guarantee .atisiactioo.
Wanted to Rent From about March 1, fur
nished house, containing not less than four
(4) bedrooms, within a mile and a half of
Hood River. Apply lo Mrs. Houghton, ere
Mrs. Alma tiowe, uooa tuver, ore. ic
For sale Great Bargain Ten acres Smiles
out; .mall orchard, best variety of trees; two
mall houses. Price, H75, 1476 down. Inquire
a. uauo. ai.u
For Sale Fifteen acres land, nntmnroved
will contract to cleat same If purchaser de
sires. r.w.Angu.. .-ii
For Sale Ten, 20 or 80 acres; apple and
ciover; -s ciearea; unuer aitcu. u aeuiman
K. F. O. no. 1. nm
handsome wall of panel or rock face concrete
Dim s, ptacea arounu n it your residence is
on the side bill. Tbe Hood River Arlltlolss
stone Co. is ready to book your order. JlS
For sale-HO acre, of timber for sale at a bar
gain; Mt. Hood railroad through center. In
quire at hub office. fl
For sale 20 acres two miles south of town.
on the Mt. Hood road; can be divided Into
twelve and eight acres, H. w. Chapman, fl
HOW 18 YOUR CIIlMNEYf Isn't It better
to put In a concrete one rather than run tbe
risk or the house burning down with a defec
tive fine? Better see tbe Hood River Artificial
stone co. about it. Leave order now. jig
Ixwt A mackintosh cape, between Fashion
Livery barn and my home. Finder please re
turn. mrH.aiurraya.ay. js
Lost A large, light brown dog; part colic
aiiu pur, nueperu; answer ui name OI max
. r. my tne, pnone tun. Jan2o
FLACK YOUR ORDERS at once with the
Hooo tttver Artincial Htone Co. for chimney
blocks and foundation or retaining wall Work.
They will do It for you cheaper than yon can
have stone cut for aud better. JlS
ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME that you bad yosw
residence raised and a concrete block wall
placed under Itr It will look so much better
ana a cellar is handy. The Mood River Arti
ficial Htone Co. will do It cheap. ig
To Rent A good U acre ""farm, near town,
first-class fur truck raising. Everything In
good shape. See Mam Eby, East Belmont. f!5
For Rent.
For Rent The Marcelln. House on C street;
5 rooms, pantry and lath. Flue residence
with modern Improvements. Urand view,
inquire ot A. W. Anthank.
Thomas Day, plalutitT. vs. Anna E. Day, de
fendant. To Anna E. Pay, the above-named defendant i
In tbe name of the State of Oregon: You
arc hereby required to appear and answer the
complaint Hied against you in the above en
titled suit on or bemre the nd day ot March.
iw; and li you fall lonniwer said complaint,
on nr Iwlnrn ..Irf il.tu . .1.. 1 ... 1 r ...1 11
the Court for the relief prayed tor therein,
many existing between yourself .nd plaintiff.
This summons Is published by order of the
Hon. W. L. Bradshsw, Judge or the above
entitled Court, duly made and entered on
the 10th day of January, woti. directing tbis
summon lobe published once sweek for sli
consecutive week, in the Hood River Ulacler,
a weekly newspaper published In Wasce
county, State of o egon.
The date of the tint publication of tht
summon. Is January wth, 1SUJ; dale of last
publication March 1st, I WW.
Fonts 4 Derby, attys. for plaintiff. ml
Wanted-Lady canvassers. An exception
ally good otter. 1'o.ition permanent. Ad
dres, Ijx-k Box 7, The Dalle., Oregon. II
Wanted-Rellable parties to contract ch ar
ing. Apply Knpa Orchard Co.. B. Jriuwn.
malinger, ft. F. 1). 10, Hood River, Or. laitf
Notice to Stockholders.
There will be a special meeting of
tho stockholders ot the rarmar.' lPri
gating Co. held at the Commercial
Club ball on Saturday. Januarv 27
1906, at 1 o'clock p. nt., for the pur
pose of voting to rebond tha dirnh
and flume for $40,000 for tbe purpose
of reconstructing the ditch and flame.
oy oraer oi directors.
M. H. Niokelsen, Seo'y.
Lutheran Services will be held
again next Sunday, January 28; Sun
day school at 2 p. ni. German preach
ing at 3 p. m. Tbe oonflrmation class
meets Saturday afternoon at 1 p. m.
II. J. KoIIl paHor.
Riverside Connreffational W. Ct.
Uilniore, pastor. Sunoay school at 10
a. m. Worship, 11. C. E. meetino
6:45 Tbe sacred concert will be post
poned until Sunday evening.February
Real Estate
Five room house, and lot 80x140 leet,
on tbe heights, 1,100. Terma reason
able if taken soon.
160 acre mountain ranch, all under
irrigation ditch, twelve miles from Hood
River; ail acres cleared, one acre or
chard: good bunch marketable timber.
Also four Ion on bill near residence of
Charles Castner; terma reasonable.
6 acre, one mile from tiooa wiver;
all apples, 1 acre bearing. Price for 80
days, 11850.
40 acres 6 miles from town, east sine;
20 acres clearer!, 10 acres orchard. $125
per acre, cash.
10 acres, 2 miles from town; alt in cul
tivation. Price, 12400.
4 room cottage. East 45 by 150 feet of
Lot 2 block 8, Tarknurst, w
House and two lots in Barrett-Sip ma
addition. 1700.
Fine business lot on main street for
f 1600 on installment, or (1500 cash.
6 acres at Belmont, 6 acres In cul
tivation, cottage aud outbuildings, 150
apple trees, 2 acres straw Demes, z acres
alfalfa, $1300; (750 or more cash.
New 6-roomed cottage, patent bath
and closet, four lots, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $2100; terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, $550.
Two lots, new 6-roouied house, patent
bath and closet, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $1700.
Two-story 8-roomed cottage, 101 u dj
140. on the hill, $1200; terms reasonable.
For Sale 9000 acres pine timber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,000 per day; 1 planing
mill, capacity 30.UUU leet per aay; i
store and stock of merchandise, about
$3,600; 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented; S nouses, renieu; iu
bead horses and harness ; 0 road wag
ons, a M l logging wuca; o pair
sleighs; 30 head cattle; 50 head noes;
600 feet lumber; 2000 cords wood. All
located at and near Hilgard, Or.
For Sale New two-story -room
house; Stranahan addition ; $1100; terma
14 acres across tne roaa irom me m.
M. Davenport residence. $90 per acre.
Terms easy.
160 acre mountain ranch, all under ir
rigation ditch, twelve miles from Hood
River ; six acres cleared, one acre or
chard; good bunch marketable timber.
Also four lots on hill near residence of
Charles Castner; terms reasonable. In
quire of John Leland Henderson.
One goat ranch on mountain east
of alley on county road. Price $1,500;
has small house, running water, and ii
fenced. Terms, easy.
For Sale Beautiful lots in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $300.
8. 160 acres at White Salmon; fine
timber land ; $10 an acre.
Lots 10, 11, 12, block 5, Waucoma ad
dition; improved; price $1,600; or
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent.
Small house and lot on hill to rent, $24
a year ; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
For Sale Residence on State street at
head of Front; $2,500, including 3 lots.
For Sale or Exchange for Hood River
property Fine residence in business
center of Sumpter.
Money to loan.
21 a. at Frank ton ; improved; $2400.
First-class Surveying Outfit
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-clan
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
City Engineer.
Farms Wanted
We have buyers for farms and can
make quick sales. Write us, giving full
particulars and lowest price per acre.
We bave choice pieces of Portland
business and residence property for sale.
Tortunes are daily being made in Port
land real estate investments. Make
your money earn something by investing
in Portland realty. There is no city iu
the country where values will advance
as they will in Portland. With our ex
perience we can help prospective buyers
purchase property where values will
enhance most rapidly where property
will double itself in a short time, be
sides paying a good percentage in ren
tals on investment. We take great care
In investing for non-residents.
Real Estate Agents,
535 Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, Oregon.
At the Churches.
Belmont M. E. Church. H. C. Clark,
pastor. - Services, Belmont: Sunday
school at 10 a. m. ; Class meeting at 1 1
a. m. ; Epworth League 7 p. in. ; preach
ing every Sunday evening and 2d Sun
day in month at 11 a. m. ; Prayer meet
ing Thursday 7:30 p. m. Services at
Pine Grove same as above except preach
ing, which is on 1st and 3d Sundays at
11 a. ra. Crapper. 1st and 3d Sundays
at 3 :30 ; Sunday school at 2 :30. Mourn
Hood. -The 4th Sunday at U a.n t.;
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Methodist Preaching at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. Sabbath school 10 a. m.; Ep
worth League 7 p.m. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. All cordially invit
ed. W. C. Evans, pastor.
St Mark's Episcopal Church. Holy
Communion at 8 o'clock; morning
prayer at 11, and evening prayer at
U. B. Church Sabbath school, 9:45;
preaching, 11 a. m.; Junior services un
der the leadership of Mrs. Effie Beeler,
3 -p; m. ; Christian Endeavor meeting,
6:30; sermon by pastor, 7:30. All are
invited to any and all of these services.
O. Mv Beeler, pastor in charge.
Unitarian Corner State street aud
Park-avenue.' Service at 11 a. m. Sun
day school at 10 a. iu.
Unitarian-Rev. W. O. Eliot will
preach Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday
shoool t 10 o'clock.
Valley Christian Sunday school at
?, V,! P,eaohiD U ! V- P- s.
C E. at 6.30 p. m. ; preachiug at
7 :30. Chalk talk every Sunday even
ing. We extend a cordial invitation
to all to attend the services of tbe
day. W. A. Elkins, paator.
Christian Services for next Sunday
will be held in the K. P. ball. Sun
day school at 10 a, m. Preacbin. at
11 a. m. and 7:30 n. m r. v.
6:30 p.m. Cordial invitation to all
tne services, w. A. Wood, pastor.
Riverside Conffrnaatinnni w n
Giltn -ire, pastor. Sunday school 10 a!
m. FTof. U A. Wilev. nrri,,t...H.
ent Worship and Dl-Aanhlnff nt 11
Anthem bv choir: fiDsrtnn
Sermon. Jesus growing in favor itb
God and man. Hymn "Ye fair green
hills of Galilee" an-annul rmm nn.
man. C E. 6:45 n. m R.rmn. .,;tk
special music 7:30.
,t - .... t .i