The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 18, 1906, Image 6

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Br JLeftA Cordon
O Oopirieht, larf, litf T. C. Mr lure ,
After awhile alio came to look for
him when tlij train stopped at the
Fifty-third street stntion In the morn
ingthe tall, broad shouldered man
with the nBgresslVe ' chin and deter
mined month. She felt vaguely dis
appointed whenhe did not nee him.
InsenniMy ho. became the touch of
romance , In the drejiry monotony of
her days, five and a half out of seven
of which were spent In Wall street, a
place where the advantages of being
a woman are not glaringly apparent
Often during the flagging afternoons
of Bummer, v,'hen bunlnegs was dull
and the haudu of the clock approach
ed 5 but slowly, she would sit resting
her fuce oa her bunds and wondering
about him.' Who was bet ,Whut was
he? Was he married or singlet
The noise of the street blow, dulled
by distance until It was as dreamy as
the bumming of ', bees at noonday,
droned softly In her ems n sort of liv
ing melody, nnd her thoughts defied
oUlce hours and went far afield in a
fantastc search for the reality about
hlui among tho crowd o( possibilities.
Over and over she gave him a local
habitation and a name, but these
'(.hanged always wllh her mood. No
name that she could hit upon seemed
to express bis personality, and sho
finally discarded them all nnd thought
of him only lis The Man.
The weeks melted into months, but
her interest In him did not flag. Itiith
or It beenmo deeper us time went on.
Curiously enough, It was what might
bo termed tho nonessentials that baf
fled her. About tho man himsclf-his
character and what he would do in
any given emergency she felt the
same ssnurnnco that she did about her
self. .
Hho had decided that he was a law
yer, though precisely why she thought
so she could not have told. Then one
day she saw him with a child, a girl
of ten, who bore a certnln fleeting re
semblance to him.
He was married, then! An almost
Imperceptible sigh escaped her. Then,
as the absurdity of the matter dawned
upon her, sho laughed softly to her
self. Wlmt difference? Josephine and
Mario Louise hud never dampent'd her
affection for Napoleon. Wie even be
gan to feel n mild Interest In the lady.
Sometimes, for two or three weeki
at a stretch, I hey would not encounter
each other. It was after one of these
breaks that, watching him as he en
tered the car, her Interest nud satis
faction at seeing lilm again shone all
unconsciously In her face, and his
glanco was arrested by It,
As tho faint, color touched her cheeks
under his gaze he looked casually
away. For a moment ho had thought
her some half forgotten acijaulnUini'i
from the wohoiuo that be had sur
prised iii her eyes, but her quick an
noyance na she returned to her reading
forbade that Idea.
SUe did not look toward him again,
but more than once his keen, blue eyes
rested upon lior as she sat there, slim
and straight, with masses of pale
brown hair piled upon her small head.
After this he, too, began to watch of a
morning. A habit Is very easily form
ed! Then for weeks ho disappeared. The
girl wondered anxiously what had be
come of him. Had ho gone abroad?
Mayhap ho was 111 or dead! At the
thought sho shrunk like onu hurt, for
he bad become, In n whimsical way,
a purt of her life, lie had become tin
near and dear us oulyildeuls can be.
When he did appear one morning,
towering nbovo a crowd of lesser men
like a god, there was a new gravity In
hlB face which held her ntteutlou even
before Bho noticed tbnt be was In
That, then, was what these weeks
of aboenco from business meant. Sick
ness and suffering and death. Ills
wife undoubtedly, from the sorrow nnd
oppression that ho showed. The quick
sympathy that sho felt hovered In her
soft, wide eyes as they rested briefly
upon bis face. And lie, reading that
look, felt a curious thrill, p
Long sliieo he had begun to regard
her with a sort of tacit, silent friend'
ship. "Tho little girl with her soul In
her face," ns ho once described her to a
friend, shaking his head deprecatlngly
at the thought of a woman like her
having to wrestle with the world, She
seemed to him too exquisite for tho
ups and downs of such a life.
lie watched her surreptitiously now,
wondering Idly who she was and
whether bo should ever meet her.
There was a way ho might follow her
aud bestow a quarter on the elevator
boy, and the thing would be done. But
tho coarseness of such methods re
pelled htm. She seemed the sort of a
woman who would resent that kind of
Moreover, In his heart of hearts and
In splto of his bigness and worldllness,
he was a fatalist, If It wero wrltteu
from the beginning it would occur!
No man could dabble in the affairs of
It was ncarlug tho end of the third
year. Ho took the same train now
with a regularity which made her sus
plelous. The results of chnnee were
never so unerring. Intention was ap
parent. But through it all save at unexpected
moments when the curtain would lift
for a second and nn unintentional
glance betray n deeper knowledge they
regarded each other with the buMlne,
Impassive eyes we keep for the tin
tuowu. No rweiitietn century romance
pver moved so slowly.
Then Billy Stoughton, who in this
particular ease tvus the Instrument of
fate, awakened one morning with an
unaccountable but imperative yearning
for Broadway. Five years earlier an
equally eonipelM-i desire had landed
tihn on the ranch, where be had bided
contentedly enough up to that particu
lar morning. The evening of the next
day found him In Ienver, from which
(dace he proceeded with as much haste
is the railroad facilities would permit
lo New York.
I ,! t It A On V ,11 ;.m wrrjVIM rwatf''
to dine .with Reulck, the Closest 6"f
his college friends. He had Just time
to catch him by telephone before he
left his office, which he did, arranging
to meet him at the elevated station and
go up town with him.
The first effervescence of their meet
ing aver, Stoughton's beaming eyes
roved over the other passengers. A
slight figure at the far end of the car
held his glance. He looked again to be
"I'nrdon me a minute, Jack," he said,
rising and making his way toward the
girl, with whom a moment later be
was shuklng bands cordially and talk
ing with the ease of long friendship.
I'resently he returned to Renwlck, and
os be did so a revealing look passed
between the two. A bridge at last!
"It's Natica Alston, a couBln of mine,
yon know," be explained to Itenwlck.
"Tough luck they hud, I tell you. But
she's a plucky girl. She has earned her
own living now for four years."
"Will you present me?" demanded
Itenwlck eagerly.
. "Certainly. I'll take you up there
with me. Natica will be glad t' re
ceive any friend of mine."
"Thank you, old fellow; than!; you."
Itenwlck paused awkwardly. 116
seemed to have something else to s i. v.
but scarcely knew how to say It.
"When I sald-nsked you to intro
duce me-I didn't mean the usual thing.
I'm going to nsk you to do something
queer and to do it without asking too
many questions."
"What kind of a mystery Is tbls'f'
inquired Stoughton. "If I didn't know
that there Isn't a grain of romance In
you I should certainly think"
"Now, don't think-there's a good
fellow," soothed Itenwlck. "Just fol
low Instructions. Tell Miss Alston all
about me, and mind that you tell her
everything good thnt yon can or I'll
wring your neck, and make an appoint
ment for me to call. Don't make any
mistake. I want to see her and sco
her alone. 1 don't want you there."
When poor, mystified Bill Stoughton
broached the subject to Natica her be
havior was doubly mysterious. No,
who didn't want to know anything
about him. Then n moment Inter:.
"Did you say he Is a bachelor?" (In
nocently.) "I thought he was a wid
ower." Stoughton, Indignantly, "I thought
you knew nothing about blm?"
"I don't, but ho wore mourning."
"That was for his mother."
In the dim little pallor of the small
apartment whero she and her mother
lived they met for tho first time alone
save for the dead and gone Alstons
that looked down upon them from the
walls. Surely never was such a first
meeting before.
When the mall ushered him In,
Natlcn, looking rather more like a lily
than usuul In her long, soft black
gown, rose with every Intention of
greeting him in the most formal man
ner. Then a most unlocked fur thing
occurred. .
For a moment they looked Into each
other's eyes. Then he stretched out
his hands toward her, and she placed
hers in them. A moment later sh"
was swept up Into his anus us If uliii
had been a child as he murmured soft
ly, "My deur, dear love!"
"What shall wo frll mamma?" wall
ed Natica In despair a half hour later.
"How can we over explulu ourselves?"
"Wo can't," replied Renwlck com
fortably. "We-uilght Just as well re
sign ourselves to being thought mad.
It nil comes from the ridiculous su
perstition that in order to know people
you must talk to them,"
And then well, then they forgot the
world and its opinions to talk of far
lovelier things.
The Pariah.
It Is to be remembered that, as lu the
apostolic go tho work of converting
tho world started from the great
towns, so was this emphatically the
ease lu Gaul. How early or how late
the practice became general of ca'llnu
tho country cure tho parish nnd the
episcopal see the diocese I have never
beeu able to discover. As eurly us the
fourth century we find mention of
country churches with hinds belonging
to them, and lu the next century the
number of these foundations so much
Increased that Bldoulus (A. D. 4:10-188)
mentions a vtsltutlou he made of the
rural churches In his diocese (Au
vergne), and we uotice that by this
time these settlements are sometimes
called parlochlae aud sometimes dio
cese. Later on Gregory of Tours (A. D.
KIU-S0.1) more often calls tho country
cures dioceses aud the episcopal see
the pnrochla. lint, call them what you
will, we are fairly woll instructed as
to the manner lu which the country
parishes (as we call them now) rose up
lu tin ul, aud I have a suspicion that
what was true of Gaul was true, mu
tatis mutandis, of Ilrltalu. I havo
suspicion that If we had for British
history auythlug approaching to thnt
wealth of orlglnul sources which wo
have for early French history during
the first live or six centuries of our
era we should havo evidence that some,
perhaps many, of our English parishes
existed as ecclesiastical parishes, with
pretty much the same boundaries as
they have today and are survivals of
coudltlou of affairs anterior to the Sax
on conquest Nineteenth Century,
Felon and Felony.
"Were you In the garden for the pur
pose of committing a felony?" nuked
the English judge of tho small boy.
"No, "sir," said tie boy. "Me and my
couslu were after the gentleman's
fowls and eggs." Forfeiture of luuds
and goods and "corruption of blood"
1 (loss of hereditary stnudlng) were for
I nierly the penalties for felony. Before
! they got their technical sense, however.
"felou" and "felony" (connected either
with Latin "fallere," to deceive or "fel,
gall, bitterness") counoted wickedness,
anger, courage or melancholy, as tha
case might lie. "The admiral began to
laugh for felony," says Caxton, mean
lug thnt he laughed, not feloniously,
but recklessly. Also a boll or whitlow
was a "felon" ad choiam "felony
"What makes reek look so worried r
"Ht's beeu contesting his wife's
"Why, I didn't know his wife was
"That's Just It; she IsnV-Clevelaud
lie who speaks fot ny length of
time lu the presence of others without
flattering his hearers awakens their
dlsuleagur-loth. ,
Tla Dnar'i Farloagh.
Countless drummer boys have swell
td the rolls of heroic deeds, and tin
heart of many a stern officer has been
moved to Dior for the ciinaisn arum-
mers In his regiment In the critical
days of the civil war an order was 1
sued that under no clrcumstancei
should a furlough be. granted. Jusl
then "General Scott," Ohio drummei
boy, aged thirteen, became terriblj
homesick and hungry for a sight of hli
I'oor little General Scott! He had
been in many battles, always obedient
and fearless. But he was beaten al
last. His lip quivered aud his eyei
filled with tears.
The bandmaster wroto out a brlel
statement of the case, but careful!
avoided asking for a furlough, and sent
General Scott with it up the line ol
officers. Generals Comly, Hayes anil
Crook each added a line, aud then II
was laid before Sheridan.
"No furlough can be granted," wrott
the hero of Winchester, "but Genera.
Scott is hereby ordered to repair t(
his mother and to report again ul
headquarters In thirty days." Tutu
It was that one drummer boy wenf
tome on duty. Youth's Companion.
"Do you really maintain that there
exist dogs who are more Intelligent
than their masters?"
"Certainly. Such clever animals are
rare, but I've got a' pointer what are
all you chaps laughing about?"
Thla Ufa of Oars.
At the end of life we discover that
wo have passed nearly one-half of It
in being happy without realizing It
and the other In imagining that we
were miserable.
Climatic Cures.
I lie iiillnence if il. unite cumlithiiip
in the cure of cmsnntiin is very much
overdrawn Ih-pior patient, and the
rich patient, too, can do much better at
home by proper attention lo food digee
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ii' kkI night's rest and the absence of that
wen'.ciiii'K cough and debilitating night
sweat. K.'stlesM nights and the exhaus
tion due to coughing, the greatest dan
ger and dieud of the consumptive, can
lie prev nted or stopped by taking Ger
man Snip liberally anil regularly.
Should ynu be able to go to a warmer
clime, urn will find that of the thou
sands f hi nstimptivcs there, the few
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bottles, 2'w. ; regular size, 75c. for sain
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IVrfi i tion can only be attained in the
pity chI Ii v allowing nature to appropri
ate and mi- ilifsipato her own resources.
Cathartics (i 'i weaken dissipate, while
Ill-Witt' L:it. Knrly Kisets limply
ex el all putrid n at'er ami bile, thus
allowing the lier lo s !"ime normal ac
tivity. Good fur tl.e r un, lexion. Sold
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