The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 11, 1906, Image 3

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Notice of a meeting of tbe tobool
director! of tbe various schools in
the valley was recently pnbtUbed for
the purpose of diMraauing the project
of instituting a high school for both
tbe city aud the outlvlna districts iu
tbe valley. The meeting was not held
owing to toe tact tbat J. II. Acker-
man, Htate Superintendent of In
struction, was not able to be present.
It is now proposed to issue call for
another eeting which will take plaoe
on Saturday, January 27. Mr. Acker
man will at that time be present and
demontrate tbe advantages of baying
snoh school located beta. Tbe
meeting will be beld at 10 o'clock
and it is earnestly requested that the
sonooi directors and otners interest
ed in tbe plan attend.
Tbe benefit to be derived from an
educational institution of this charao
ter are many and far reaching and
will solve tbe difficulty of giving in
struction in tbe higher branches on
tbe most economical plan tbat oan be
devised. One of tbe features of
school of this character would be tbe
opportunity given pupils living in
the couutry districts to receive higher
education wbile still living at borne.
or at least while living near enough
to oe under tbe Dome lnnuenoe at an
age wben a little restraint or advioe
is most beneficial It is thought that
such a school would also attract many
pupils from the nearby towns, whose
tuition would help pay the expense of
maintaining it.
Most of the present schools are in
an overoiowded condition aud some
provision will have to be made for
the oonstant increase in the number
of pupils received. This is true not
only of tbe city schools, but of tbe
district schools as well. With the
population increasing so rapidly it is
ueoessary to make some provision for
newcomers in tbe valley, and it is
hoped tbat by taking the matter in
hand now that proper provision can
, be made for them.
Good Outlook for Poultry Badness.
The poultry industry of tbe Pacific
ixortnwest nas been making gigantic
strides in tbe past few years. That it
is not yet "up to the procession" is
evidenoed by the many car loads of
poultry which aie shipped iq from tbe
Eastern states. Tbe reason ' for these
large shipments is tbe great demand
that thire is for poultry and poultry
products. As an outlet for the pro
duction of poultry, we bave the large
cities ol Portland, Seattle, Xaooma,
Spokane and tbe mining centers of
eastern Oregon, Central Idaho, south
eastern Washington and British Col
umbia, aud tbe large shipping inter
ests wbiob must be supplied, going to
ine Aiausa country ana tne urient,
This is a demand that will not be de
.creased, for as tbe years roll by, more
people are le'ng employed In these
same localities and businesses, who
are non-proddcers of poultry and
poultry supplies. These additional
demands must be suppplied,. by the
farmers and tbe suburban poultrymen,
As a rnle, tbe suburban poultrymen
are raising tl.e high grade poultry and
looking after tbe interests of the fancy
market. Yet thousands every year are
tending fiaat for breeding stock and
egg?, owiug largel . to the lack of num
bera of tbe quality desired. Tbe pure
bred poultry of tbe West is equal to
that of tne Hiast. as has been evi
deuced by tbe competition of Western
birds in tne ttast. statesman.
Pap r Strawberry Boxes a Failure.
Now that the strawberry season is
again opening op, many shippers, have
taken tbe tiouble to make Inquiries
or the UfliOARO raoker as to tne advis
ability of the nee of tne pasteboaid
strawberry orate tbi year. There is
some talk among manufacturers of at
tempting to again revive tbe sale of
this package.
The paper box first made its appear
ance upon the market about twelve
years ago. At tbat time it was used
quite extent-ively by small growers
only. It fceenis tbat tbe box soon lost
favor and tht noue of the larger
growers took to the p-opoeition. Tbe
following are tbe principal reasons
why the pasteboard strawberry carrier
will nevtr again come Into popularity :
First, tbe moisture from tbe fruit
softens tbe box, thereby allowing it
to crus-h easily. If tbe season should
lie an exceptionally rainy one and the
berries contained a great portion of
water, as they always do, under these
conditions the box would prove al
most worthless. Second, the paper
box has no stability. Third, ' tbe
weight of tbe fruit invariably mashes
tbe lower tiers of boxes so tbat tbe
bottom and sometimes tbe second
tiers are left in u mess of slop. Wben
fruit arrives in this condition, how
ever perfect it may bave been wben
it left the point of shipment, it is a
difficult matter for tbe receiver to
convince the shipper that bis fruit is
no other than No. 1. Hence so many
disagreements arise between shipper
and reoeiver as to the condition, of
fruit. Tbe nse of tbe wooden box
would practically eliminate these dis
advantages. At tbe time tbe papet
box was used most exten lively there
was not much difference between .the
cost of a paper box and a wooden one.
Paper then cost about 12.25 and 12.50
per thousand. Wooden boxes at that
time cost about 13.
Tax Levy For 106.
Late Friday afternoon the county
court decided on a tax levy of 20
mills for tbe county daring the oom
ing year, divided as follows: For
state, 1 mills; county school fond.
5 3 mills; library, 1-10 mill; roads, 3
mills; county 9.L
Last year tbe levy was 27 mills,
made higher because of tbe extra, fx -peuse
on account of the fair. As the
county is now out of debt and in good
financial condition it was hardly
thought the levy would be so large
this year.
The taxable property this ye r Is
valued at $6,061,5)45, wbile last year
it was $4,737,220.
Among tbe amounts neoessary to be
raised are:
Htate tax, IH.625; school tax, 132,
046; library fund, $532; road tax, $18,
185, besides officers salaries and run
ning expenses. Chronicle.
Appreciates the tilacler.
Tbe following letter from a resident
of Mosier expresses bis appreciation
of the Ulacier aud also his apprecia
tion of tbe soil of tbat vicinity, as
will be noted by parnslog it:
Gentlemen : Enclosed find my check
for $1.50. I am behind la my sub
scription, - so psy op lor fear some
Thursday tbe lilkcier may tarn ap
missing, which woaid. cause me to
"beg, borrow or steal" one. I would
not miss a single iasaa, not even
though my friend Mclnnes offered me
tbe best Jot in tbe center of White
Salmon. I to sorry your cor respond
ent wben he wrote ap Mosier did not
pay me a visiit. I was prepared for
him. I bad two new corn eob pipes
and a package of Kiliklnio to smoke
after a sumptuous repast of beans and
corn dodgaia with lamp. I could
have tben with pleasure shown blm
over my estate. Hood River can boast
of its big apples, but we can discount
them on the apple worm. Tbe worm
grows so big here we bave to crack
them to get the apple, tben our soil
is so rioh we never think of planting
vegetables for sale. Wben we get an
order for vegetables we simply fill a
wagon box with soil, plant our seed,
drive to town and our customers there
gather tbe vegetables fresh from - tbe
wagon. One farmer in Uuskey valley
had an order for parsnips; be started
from home with his wagon seeded to
this variety. When about a mile from
home on a down grade his wagon sud
denly stopped. His horses, though
urged, could not budge it. Be got
oat and investigated, and found one
of the parsnips had struck a knot bole
In tbe wagon and grew down to the
ground. The last report I heard was
that tbe horses and ' farmer were all
right, the wagon a wreck and the road
supervisor was using powder to get
the parsnip out of the road. Hood
River farmers do not buy nitro to in
nooalate your soil. Come op here
and we will give tbem enough soil to
innocalate a life time. ; -
k Review of (he OIt Year.
Tonight a farewell glance I cast
Upon the year tbat now is past,
Before I try tbe realm so vast
That lies beyond my view,
I fain would stop Time's weary flight
For just a moment's pause tonight,
To get my bearings ail aright
The voyage to renew.
Bat dare I face tbe dying year,
Lest troops of misused boars appear
And stalk like specters pale and drear
. Across tbe barren sand?
But on tbe sand some flowers we And.
E'en though the weeis are intertwined
And memory's streamlet, verdure lined
Flows through the fading year.
'Tis with a ling'ring pang of pain
We view the heights we Btrove to gain,
Wben human strength was all in vain
To reach the cbemhed prize.
But aspirittious born on high '
Amidst tbe carnage do not die
And beckon still toward tbe sky,
Wbere their fruition lies.
And oft tbe blows of circumstance
Our dearest interest may advance
Tbe unseen band of Lore, rei chance,
Be underneath it all.
And while tbe year has viewed afar
Tbe writhing nations torn in war,
Thank God, we bave not lost a star
Nor let "Old Glory" fall
And through my window now I see
Tbe clouds disperse, while full and free
The moon bursts out a silver sea,
Wbere all was dark and gloom.
So let us trust that God's own light
May scatter all our clouds of night,
Until the future sky grows bright
With Hope's eternal bloom.
William Steward Gordon.
" "I shall spend tbewiuter in Samoa,"
said a traveler. "It's always summer
there. There the babies swim.
"Can you imagine a quainter, a
more charming sight tban a host of
babies, none over two years old,
orowing and laughing and swimming
like fish in pools of clear sea water?
"You will see this sigbt in Samoa.
Sarooan women believe sea baths ben
efit babies and iu tbat equable cli
mate tbey bathe their little oues daily
tbe year round. "Tbe youngsters
soon learn to swim. - Tbey oan swim
before tbey can walk.
"And to see 'beee pretty brown ba
bies swimming in the sea is well worth
a 5000-mile trip to Samoa."
' Miss Miriam Micbelson, the success
ful novelist, was a few years ago a re
porter. Of her life as a reporter she
said recently:
"1 usually bad good luck. 1 was
assigned to good stories, 1 covered
tbem well, and therefore I liked tbe
venture befell me. I bad interviewed
a millionaire's wife, and, as tbe lady
had been very kind and obliging, I
wanted in my article to say only sucb
things as would please her.
in one paraigaph 1 put tbe sentence:
'Immense diamonds sparkled in her
"The compositor and the proofread
er mnst have been ill or something,
for the next morning the sentence ran:
Diamonds sparkled in her im
mense ears."
The ferryboat crossed the river
slowly in a furious snowstorm.
'Ine mermaids under tbe water
bsve no snow, bave tbey?" said a lit
tle boy in the bow.
Wo," his mother answered.
"Tben." said be, "instead of snow
ball do they have fish ball tights?"
' Lewiston ew Dally.
A company known as the Lewiston
Publishing company was formed at
that place recently with E. N. Blythe
president, U. A. Foresman secre
tary, and L. G. Bradley business
manager it was organized for tne
purpose of publishing a new daily pa
per at Lewiston, and also to do gen
eral printing. , Tbe new paper is
named tbe Lewiston Evening Teller
and is edited by Ned Blythe, .formerly
connected with tbe Giaoier. It has
scared the telegraph servioe of tbe
Associated Press and has . all the ear
marks of tbe newsy, up-to-date min
ute American newspaper.
A Liquid Cola Cure.
For coughs and cold no remedy is
equal to Kennedy's Laxative Honey and
Tar the liquid Cold Cure. It is dif
ferent from all the others better, be
cause it expels all the cold from the
system by acting as a cathartic on the
bowels. Gives strength to weak lungs.
Affords immediate relief in Croup,
Coughs, Colds, Wbooping-Cougli. etc.
Children love it. Hold by G. E. Wil
Cave a 600 Party. '
Mrs. Jenkins, assisted by Mrs.
Frank Chandler, entertained a 500
party at tbe residence of tbe former
lady Thursday evening. The prize
was won by jura. u. ta. Mark ham, ana
oousisted of a handsome deck of cards.
Alter tbe game an oyster sapper was
served whiob was enjoyed by all. Tbe
following gentlemen and their wives
were preseut: H. F. Davidson, J. .
Rand. V. C. Brock. Frank Chandler,
C. E. Markbam, E. A. Franz, L. E.
Morse. C. T. Early. A. D. Moe. T. J.
Cunning and Dr. Jenkins.
Local PestofBce Receipts.
. The general receipts from Tbe Dalles
poetoffice foi tbe year 1905 were $12,
109.17; for 190 tbey were $M,20A10,
making an increase for the past year
of $965.07. - For the eame period the
receipts from the Hood River post
office were about $8,000.
Hera Is a Bargain.
Five acres firl-cU-s laisd, one mile
frni Hood River; all in orchard; new
willing on place. Must sell at once.
Fur particulars see John Leland Hen
Friday morning in the rapids below
Cascade Locks tbe steamer George W,
Simons struck a rock and sank almost
instantly. Her crew of bix saved
themselves by means of a small boat
with which the steamer was Drovided.
Tbe Simons left Portand Friday
night bound for Tbe Dallies. Sbe
made tbe ioornev safely until she
reached the rapids. Wbile feeling her
way through tbe narrow channel tbe
vessel struck. It was the same rock
tbat the Bailey Gatzert bit several
days ago, when she barely escaped
serious injury. Tbe Simons sprang a
leak at once and began to sink quick
ly. In a short time the vessel was al
most submerged.
Tbe vessel sank close to tbe Oregon
shore. Tbe steamer Maria, equipped
with a wrecking outfit, was dispatched
to the scene for the parpose of rais
ing the sunken steamer. The vessel
carried no cargo and no passengers
exoept ber crew.
The Simons left Portland Thursday
night for The Dalles to resume ber
run between tbat plaoe and Cascade
Looks, stopping at Lyle. Sbe came to
Portland some two weeks ago for re
pairs and bad been completely over
She is the property of George W,
Simons of Portland and la valued at
R. A. M. Installs Off! cent.
Hood River Chapter No. 27. R A.
M., installed the following officers at
Its meeting Friday evening:
H. P.-D. McDonald.
Soribe E. O. Blancbar.
C. of H. O. R. Castner.
R. A. C.-J. K. Carson.
G. M. 3d V.-C. H. Stranahan.
O. M. 2d V.-J. L. Hershner.
O. M. 1st V.-J. M. Wright
Trees. E. U Smith.
Seo'y. A. D. Moe.
Sen. A. L. Phelps
H. F. Davidson, who was elected
K. recently, and A. S. Staten, ap
pointed P. 8.. could not be present.
and will be installed at tbe next meet
Always Increases the Strength.
A reasonable amount of food thor
oughly digested and properly assimilated
will always increase tne strength. If
your stomach is a "little off" Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure will digest what you eat
and enable the digestive orsrans to essim
Hate and transform all foods into tissue
building blood. Kodol relieves Soar
Stomach, Belching, Heart-Burn and all
forms of Indigestion. Palatable and
strengthening. Hold by G. E. Williams.
A Box of Fine Apples.
J. J. Jordan, who lives at ' West
Crapper, bad a box of assorted apples
on exhibition at the warehouse of the
Apple Growers Union last weejc tbat
attracted a great deal of attention.
They consisted of Snow apples,
rungs, Hpltzen bergs, tselinowers, Jon
athans and Hen Davis. 1 hey were
pronouuoed by a number of growers
who examined them as an extraordl
nary fine collection. The Snow, which
is an early apple, were as bard and
firm almost as on the day tbey were
picked and re 1 1 autif ully colored
and in fine condition. December 1st
is thought to be a I out the limit of time
for keeping Kiuu apples, yet the ones
exhibited by Mr Jordan were as well
kept as tbe Spitzenbergs, which were
in the best of condition. Ine color
ing of this variety is especially good.
Tbe Bellfiowers are of tbe o'd fashion
ed yellow Mod, lorge and firm, per
fect in form and most pleasing to the
eye. Tbe Ben Davis and Jonathans
were also due specimens.
Tbe apples a ere sent to Portland
and placed on exhibition there during
tne meeting of tbe Horticultural so
Indigestion Overcome.
Indigestion is easily overcome by the
use of Kodol Dynpepsia Cure, because
this ri inedv digests what you eat and
gives the toinacli a rest allows it to
recuperate and grow strong again
Kodol re1 ii-ves Indigestion, Belching of
uas iour stomach, Heart-Burn, etc.,
and enables I he digestive organs to trans
form alt foods into the kind of rich red
blood that makes health and strength.
Sold by G. E. Williams. '
Printed Industrial Editions.
The Salem Statesman and Eugene
Register both published industrial
editions tbe first of tbe year. Tbey
are replete with fine piotures and in
teresting news matter describing the
resources and advantages of Willam
ette valley and paper and press work
are of extra quality.
Soothing and Comforting.
The soothing and comforting effects
of DeWitt's W itch Hazel Salve, wben
applied to Piles sores, cuts, boils, etc..
subdues pain almost instantly. This
naive draws out tne innainmation. re
duces swelling and acts as a rubefacient,
ttius circulating tbe blood through tbe
diseased parts, permitting or aiding
Nature to permanently n move the trou
ble entirely. Sold by G. E. Williams.
Land Offle Makes New Ruling.
A new regulation has been adopted
at Tbe Dalles land office which re
quires that all money paid to tbe re
oeiver -for fees, filings or final pay
ment on land mast be remitted in
cash or by money order.
A Grim tragedy
is daily enacted, in thousands of homes,
as death claims, in each one, another
victim of Consumption or Pneumonia.'
But when coughs and colds sre properly
treated, the tragedy is averted. F. 'J.
Hnntloy, of Oaklandon, Ind., writes:
"My wife bad tbe consumption, and
three doctors gave her up. Finally she
took Dr. King's New discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, which
cured her and today she is well and
strong." It kills the germs of sll dis
eases. Unr dose relieves. Guaranteed
at 60c and f 1.00 by C. N. Clark drug
gist. Trial Bottle free.
Underwood Hotel
Mrs. Mary D. Olson
Firrt-clsM accommodations for travelers
Meals snd lodging. Meet all boats.
Lunches at sll hours. Waiting room.
Comfortable rooms.
Unpkbwood, Wash.
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also Handle line af
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
New Present
For Any
Boy or Girlee.
Deposit one dollar to
..... their credit with
The First
National Bank
and get a fine new
steel savings bank
for them free of charge!
It is sure to please tlem.
Call and investigate.
BANK. ...
Da Io Suffer wltk Dyspepsia 1
or Indigestion? Clarke's Dyspepsia
Tablets willcore von. Price only 60 c
Another Car of those Fine
ed Cedar Shingles
on hand. We solicit your orders.
Oregon Lumber
Hood River, Oregon,
and Manufacturers of all kinds of
ruit ooxes
Highest Prices Paid for High Grade Fruit.
Veh ides and Agricultural Implements
. (Seasonable Goods)
Grubbing Machines,
' Wire Cable and Extras
Cream Separators,
Feed Cutters,
Buggy Tops, Spray Pumps
and all sundries for above.
mm mm
J." H.
Staple and
Fancy Groceries
Majestic & Mesaba Ranges
and Stiletto Cutlery.
, Stook drown on Full Boots.
-W deiir to let our frieiidi land patrons know
that for tht fall plaiting w will hare and can sup
' dIt In anr number . . , i
Cherry, Peiir,AprIcot,pach& Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard TarletJes of apple trees. Can
snpplj th trad with plentj of Ntwtown, Spitren
berg and Jonathan appls trees.
; BAWSON ft BTAHTON, Hood Elver. Or.
. , I 1.1x4 I
Closing Out Ladies' Top Skirts
inese blurts are ol the latest Fall and Winter
styles, in blacks, browns, blues, plaids and tans.
Exceptional good values at these prices.
Ladies' Top Skirts, worth $9.00, reduced to $7.00
Lauies lop DKiiTs, wortn f i.uu, reduced to 5.50
Ladies' Top Skirts, worth f 6.00, reduced to 4.60
R. II. WEBER, Frop.
Evergreens, Rosea and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
Houses and Lots
IN . .
Coe's Addition
Cheap for Cash or on
your own terms. ;u i
Now is the Time to Buy.
Phone Farmers 1233.
H. C; COE.
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931
.. Mount Hood Store.
W. S. GRIBBLE, Proprietor.
Dry Goods Ammunition Boots and Shoes
Hardware Graniteware
Hay Grain Flour Feed Full line of Groceries
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turnouts Always Ready.
Phone 131.
Tinners, Plumbers and
Steam Fitters
PumpS. Windmills, Spray Fittings
and Hose
SNOW & UPSON .......
Blacksmiths and Wagon Hakers
The most completely equipped power' plant in Oregon.
Contract work a specialty. Grubbing supplies and Log
gers' tools always on hand.
The care of the horse's hoof is essential. We are
experts in that line and cure corns and interferes.