The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 21, 1905, Image 7

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f " I""..1"""1 -i u g u , n , . ,., . , f , . g L ii ii I,,,, .n ., gm fa g!J!J C
We Mean Business; Reliable Business, such as the people
of Hood River can well be proud of. OUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS
and we propose to use you in such a faithful and painstaking manner as to
insure a steady increase of our already immense and prosperous business with you.
We will incorporate Feb. 1st, 1906, and shall henceforth pursue a very aggressive business policy. WE WANT TRADE, MORE
TRADE, ALL THE TRADE if possible. Always ready to offer greater Greater Inducements than any competitor in the field can
W offer. NO trash of any description in our stock. We don't like to sell trash, and we know the American people well enough to know
they don't want 'to buy trash. Hence we don't keep trash. Nothing is too good for our customers. We buy critically and nothing
imperfect goes on our shelves at any price.
We are here to stay and and defend our honor and future. We will serve you honestly and
with intelligence. We want your business and will only offer reliable goods for it.
I Evenings
he up
mm) Cm
3 Cm
We Don't Open q
Money to loan. K. II. Hart wig.
Mr. Bartmcss is on a canli basis.
.-.hoes nt manufacturer's coat, Knapp.
Do you lire Naptlia soap? 5c per bar
at McDonald's
Fresh Olynipia anil Eastern oysters at
the (iem Cmiily Kitchen.
Hoc thai landy lino of Folders at the
Deitz tuiiio.
Shingles. See us for best prices.
Oregon Lumber Co.
Use Williams' anti-septic liair tonic
and keep off gray hairs.
If you want foniething that will he
unique, we have Japanese ware. It
can't he duplicated and yet is service
able. At Clarke's, the jeweler.;
Sidewalk lumber. Delivery tame
day order is received. Oregon Lumber
' o.
Do you use Lath? Get our price and
compare it with that of competitors.
Von will make money this way. Ore
gun Lumber Co.
Closing out all but millinery, Knarp.
All the latest styles Photos at the
Dei tz studio.
There is nothing, perhaps, that ft wo
u an admires to much as a diamond
riii)!. If you want to make yourself
solid with your tout L'irl or your wife, it
is always a winner. Clarke, the jeweler.
Patronize home industry by buying
ranch butter at McDonald'.
The Om Candy Kitchen makes fresh
candy every dny.
l'uh'i rize.l a: ce i and Java c iir.-e :k
Something for a friend or acquaint
ance. Not much, b'H just a reminder
fur some kin lues a match safe, curd
receiver, jewel box, ash trav, or even a
thimble. We have them also. Clarke,
the j.'weVr.
(io io Mr. Onthnnk for abstracts and
li' t.i in! work, renting and collecting.
Pension papers execu ed and legal pa
pers carefully drawn. Money to loan
on tirt mor niies.
Men's lutx and shirts at wholesale
price at Kuapp's.
It is to your inteieat to refer to Mr.
l'iirtniess' ad under the new system.
Rubber I -in its half soled while you
wait in 20 minute. Guaranteed not to
leak. At Don nn's Shoe shop. Oppo
site Wdiiuiu's I'h-irmacv.
Don't, gn through 1 fe without a clock
or a watch to record he Heeling hours.
Tone is money. Mod anything might
hiippen io you bv guessing at the time,
(iel atime pi ce or clock at Clarke's,
the jeweler.
N thee any'liing dain'ier than a
beautiful piece "of cut gluss? AssChrist
inas piccit for a friend it is ideal. We
have it. Clarke, the jeweler.
What looks more handsome on the
sidelioard than some nice silverware?
Nothing. Mother or father would ap
preciate this, and in fact we don't think
anvone would object to it. At
Clarke's, the jeweler.
Xniae Sale
Of all pattern hats below actual cost.
Mme. Abbott.
Notice is hereby given to the stock
holders of The Water Supply Company
of Hood Eiver Valley that the annual
meeting for the election of directors for
the ensuing yer, and any other business
that may come up before it, will be held
at the office of Judge Prather, Saturday
Jan. 6, 1906, at 2 p. m.
F. C. SHERRIEB, Prest.
F. O. CHURCH, Bec'y.
Have fionn Into Fertilizer Business.,
? Stranahan A Sheets, the wholesale
flour and feed merchants, have gone
luto the fertilizer business, and re
cently received a car load of fertilizer
and also one of potash. This should
prove a great convenience to the
trade, as they Are now prepared to
supply any quantity of these articles.
Bebekah Lodge In Hinted at Odell.
Wednesday, Dec 13, Hazel Keliekah
Lodge No. lt)6, was instituted at Odell
by Emma Hibbard, assisted by Mrs.
Frances Morse, Mrs. Nettie Moses
and H. J. Hibbard. The new lodge
starts out with a membership of 22,
twelve of whom were initiated that
evening by the degree staff of Laurel
lodge. The members are: Mr. and
Mrs H. J. Hibbard, Mr. and Mrs.
Hartley, Mr. and Mrs. 13. F. Moses,
Mrs. Mores, Mrs. Castner, Mrs. Ed
Mayes, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Norton,
Mrs. McCarty, Misses Ethel Eutrican,
Zora Pay, Nettie Buck, Kate Daven
port, Oto Walker and Bert Entrloan.
M. M. Hill and wife left town Tues
day evening for an extended visit in
tbe middle west. Their destination
is their home state, Iowa. Mr. Hill
came from Waterloo and Mrs. Hill
from La Porte, that state, and before
returning they will visit relatives at
both places.
and attend tbe Christmas
held on tbe Otten build
Io Wood Bros.' market
It will be hold by tbe Royal
Refreshments will be
Be sure
sale to be
ing, next
A. W. Estes and I R. Petty have
formed a partnership and will go into
the real estate business at wnite Sal
mon. Both gentlemen are well known
across tbe river and in tbisoity. Mr.
! Estes owns property near Snowden
aud is an exscbo"! teaoher. Their ad
appears in another column.
Congregational Church Programs.
Following is the Christmas program
for the Riverside Congregational
church to be given Saturday evening,
Deo. 'A at 7:30:
Organ voluntary.
Chorus "Let tbe King Eternal In."
Prayer by the pastor.
"Greeting," Ruth Treiber.
Chorus "J he Merry Bells."
Scripture lecitatiou.
Anthem by choir.
Recitatiou by Fix beginueis.
Recitatiou, "The Return of Santa
Claus. " by Bessie Martin.
Song, "The Angel Chorus," Mrs.
Ooves's clas.
Recitation. "Bethlehem Town,"
Mary J reit i r
Lullaby, Lilliar Brock.
Dialogue, "Cm istmas Choices"
Song, "Once a Golden Star" pri
mary class.
Hymn by congregation, "Joy to tbe
Dialogue, "A Christmas Pastime."
A sacred concert on Sunday even
ing will be given as follows:
"Birthday of the King," choir
Scripture, pastoral prayer.
Hymn, rougregat'on, Lewin
Solo, "Oh, I Hear the Glad Song,"
Kiss Lelia Hershner. Lewin
Violin Solo, Mr. McCalley.
Chri.-tmas Lullaby, Lililan Brock.
C"t,(t solo, "Holy City," Clay
Br ck
Oireiatory, "Nazereth," Mrs. Slet
tin Gunod
Reading, selected, Mies Gleason.
"New Born King," Mrs. P. 8. Da
vidson, L'Espoir
"Calm of the Listing Ear, " choir,
Was Fortunate.
A man named Kelly who is foreman
of a track laying crew which has been
working through this oity recently
failed to notice the approach of
train 1 one day last week aud bad a
narrow escape from being badly in
jured. He was busily engaged at his
work and just happened to step otf
the track as the train reached him.
Tbe cylinder of tbe engine struck
bim and knocked bim dowu with
such force as to tear his clothing
badly and shake bim up considerably.
He got up and walked away however
apparently none tbe worse for his
Chas. T. Early went to Port lard
Wednesday morning and spent tbe
1? V
V W'i " I
k 1
if IV wV.suS,
will ar
rive in
SANTA CLAUS will he at
this store Thursday, Kriday and Sat
urdav before Christmas. Bring
the children in to see him
town Tlui!8 i;iy ufternoon, mid will be tit home
vrtch afternoon, from 2 till 5, in our big- window.
Bring the children in to net him, he has a gift for
ou h one of them. Our istore is the most conven
ient tu iloyour shopping in, light and airy, plenty
of room, wiirm and comfortable. Our stock of
Toys and Holiday Novelties is still complete
enough to supply hundreds, and bear in mind
that you can get things here that you can't find
See our working display of mechanical toys.
See the revolving, decorated Christmas tree.
Hear the Royal Marine Band on the Phonograph.
See the Airship fly. See Jocko the Monkey.
Something doing every minute at this big store.
A. A. Jayne went to Portland
C. J. Brown was a passenger on
train 1, Thursday.
E. H. Hartwig made a business trip
to The Dalles, Friday.
S. E. Bartmess made a business trip
to Port'and Thursday.
Elmer Rand went to Portland Fri
day afternoon on train 2.
J. S. Booth went to Portland on tbe
early morning train Monday.
11. J. Davis went to Portland Thurs
day morning on a business trip.
E. H. Shepard spent Friday in
Portland, returning home on the even
ing train.
'IH.. Hknnni.n . V. n Uaa llld.l
lliuiuno v.. Ii 1 ' lil u ii , u ii una
visiting in Eastern Oregon, returned
Miss Adele Uoff, a student at the
state unive isty is at. home for the
Richard Shepard, of Portland, was
the guest of R. E. Lara way for several
days last week.
Truman Butler went to Mosier on
Thursday morning aud returned on
the evening train.
A sister of Mrs, Med a Surface, Miss
Lydia BurJingame, of North Yakima,
is visiting in thia city.
Chas. Cosgrove of Chicago was here
last Friday making airangements for
the K. of P. entertainment.
Miss Helen Teal will leave her ranch
for the winter and go to Portland,
where she will reside until spring.
F. R. Jacobs, a brother of Mrs. H.
J. Fredericks, has b?en spending sev
eral days in town visiting .with his
Tbe green and red colored window
decorations at Bragg & Co's. store,
are unique aud artistic and are the
subject of many nice compliments.
Percy Harrell, a son of Mrs. Em
strum, who has been a putieut at Tbe
Dalles hospital for some time was far
enough recovered to return home re
cently. George Slocom, went to Portland
Friday to get what is the very latest
in bia line in tbe way of novelties aud
replenish hit stock for tbe holiday
The Beau Brummel of Indians was
in town tbe other day. We don't know
what bis name was or where be came
from, but be was a handsome fellow
and good to look upon.
L. M. Greeno will wiutor at bis old
home at Vermillion. O., and left bere
recently for that point. Sir. Ureeno
will return in tbe spring and take up
woik on his ranch.
"A Girl From Sweden" will be tbe
next attraction at the Opera House,
This play will be seen bere January
4tb and is said to be a first-class
show. Tiokets will be on sale as usual
at Clark's drug store.
Manager Stubling of The Dalles foot
ball team, dropped oil tne train
Thursday afternoon and bad a mo
meut's obat with friends here. He was
on his way to Portland to make ar
rangements for tbe visit of tbe team
to that plaoe.
Rev. R. II. Barnes, who has been
sick for several days, but who was
thought to be better, took a turn for
tbe worse last Thursday and bis ill
nesa baa developed into pummonia
While be is not critically ill, he is
very seriously so, and it is hoped that
be will soon recover.
We are in receipt of a communica
tion from Capt. Edna Anderson of
tb i Salvation Army Corps, located at
Tbe Dalles, asking for contributions
of food, clothing or money to help
the corpa In assisting tbe poor and
destitute daring the holidays. Any
thiug you wish to give may be left
at tbe 1'otel Wauooma.
Mammas on a shopping expedition
have considerable trouble in towing
their ever observant youngsters past
Cram's store. One of the windows is
profusely decorated with dolls and
tbeit belongings and to children, of
course it appears like a doll s para
Workmeu are engaged in roofing
tbe new water tank for tbe O. K. i
N. Tbe tank is proving a great oon
veniouce to tbe road and tbe railroad
company evidently intends to make
It secnie from tbe sby stones and
brioks in the bands of tbe miscbiev
ous small boy.
Riverside Congregational churo
will hold their annual dinner at the
K. of P. halL Thursday. December '2.
A general invitation is extended to all
members of tbe church and iittendauts
upon the services. A number of vis
iting friends from out of town are ex
pected to bo present ami respond to
toattts. Report to Mrs. V. C. Brock,
articles you may wish to contributu
toward the flue dinner lit l'J.HO sharp.
Engiueer Clarke of Cascade Locks
was a visitor between truins Wednes
Mrs. M. E. Harwood of Portland is
in this oity visiting friends and rela
Mr. and Mrs. Roswell Shelley made
trip to The Dalles and return Tues
Mr. Joplin of Gehisch & Jophn, ar-
ived in town on train 2 from Port
land Tuesday.
Attorney Wilson of The Dalles was
in town looking up some legal busi
ness last Monday.
Saturday evening tbe U. B. ohurc.b
will bold a children's service, at 7:.'J0,
which will be followed by a short can
tata entitled "In Search of the King. "
At the executors' sale held ht The
Dalles court house Tuesday, Mrs.
Roswell SehJley bought in a 15 acre
tract of the late Divers ostuto for
$'J1,000. Nolf Brothers are the exo
cutors of the estate.
All will be welcome to the Xinas
tree and entertainment at the Unitar
ian church Monday eveuiiiL'. There
will be candy and nuts for the child
ren and cake and colfee for adults. A
good social time for all who will come
is assured.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Carunhau of
Dukes Valley returned from Salem
Tuesday, bringing with them their
son, who has been confined in u sani
tarium there for some time. Mr. Car
nahau is still very weak and requ red
assistance in getting olf the train.
The ladies of the (Jnitai iau church
held a very successful siilo of fancy
woik at tbe vi cmi! 'ore in tint Smib
building laft -' Their dinner
aud -supper v. us also well patronized
and tbe ladie.4 wish to thank the busi
ness men of the city and others who
made this alli ir a euccecs.
The Ladies' Aid and Chii.4iuii En
deavor of the First Chi i -tiau church
will serve a dinner ami iiIho hold a
side of aprons Mid fancy work, Hattir
day. Decern I ! r 2' in the brick bulid-
ing formerly occupiod by. K. I!. Bragg
& Co. Chicken dinner 25 cents, from
11 to 2. E.eryboily welcome. All
come and In ing your triemls.
D. N. By-T.'ee, tbe local weather man
has had a signal pole erected on tbe
corner of Si cond and State ht reels and
signals fnrca.-tiug the weatebr can be
seen fluttering from its peak. Iho
uows of the forecasts are received eaob
morning aud we hope Bverlee will see
to it that we are served with a little
better weather than wo have been hav
ing lately.
Wauconia lodge, K. of P. will give
an eutertaiun.eut on .luitinry It), un
der the management of ('lias. (Vis
grove, of Co grove's Orchestra, Chi
cago. Seven 1 years ago Mr., Cosgrove
gave an entertainment here under
similar conditions that is still very
favorably rer. iMiibored. The plan and
scope of the i :.torttiiume:it will he an
nounced later.
Dr. Chambarliss, h.v.- icinn and sur
geon for tne Urent aoi Uiitii, witn
beadquprters at Collins nes in town
rriday. Dr. Uimmocriioi says that
the Gieat Northern, reulizing that
there will be more or less accidents
during the construction of the north
bank railroad has eiinipi ed a hospital
at Collins where those who are unfor
tunate enough to be bint may receive
medical attention.
Miss Stella Richardson who is known
by every one who goe to the post-
ollloe, where she is a trusted employe,
and a good n any besides, is in the
contest for the Oregon Journal's trip
to tbe Hawniin Islands. If you take
the Journal save your coupons for
Miss Richardson ; if you do not take
it subscribe for it aud give Miss
Richardson a lilt. Iiemember that
every coupon counts and save them
for this deserving young lady.
If you want to buy or sell anything,
rent a houte, call attention to stray
ing cattle, or have a proposition of
any Kind to put tierore tno puiinc, ad
vertise it in the dinner. It brings re
sults. A recent ad. of a team of
horses for sale brought ten inquirers to
this otlice aud sold the team in H
hours after tbe paper wm published.
Another advoitiser telephoned to ns
to take "My ad. out of the paper. 1
rented that farm the same day the
paper came out, aud am getting an
swers from it yet.".
for YOU NONE for US at our CLOSING prices.
All we ask you is the factory price and the freight
charges on any of our stock, except millinery. We
have made something out of profits on merchan
dise, and now if you do not make something out of
it then it is YOUR fault
We have seasonable goods in Men's, Ladies'
nnd Children's Arctics and Rubbers, Silk Velvet and
Felt Slippers, all sizes. Sweaters, Underwear,
Gloves, Mittens, Shawl', Hosiery, Shoes, Caps,
Leggins. Get the goods and take our profits all
home with you.
Tuesday evenlug a lodge nf Grangors
was instituted at the Pine Grove
school house and is one of the largest
ever organized in this state. Tbe lodge
starts out under the most auspicious
circumstances, having a charter mem
bership of 77. State Organizer Jacob
Voorhees says that this is tbe strong
est grange that be has instituted since
he has been doing tbe work of organ
izing. The otllcers of tbe new lodge
are as follows :
A. I. Mason, W. M. ; Ed Lage, W.
O. ; Mrs. Mara Lage, W L. ; Joe Jar
vis, W. 8. ; Joo Vaunler, W. A. 8. ;
Miss Arlone Wiuehell, W. C. ; P. A.
Cox, W. Treas. ; Miss Mildred Mark,
W. Sec; Martin Dragseth, G. K. ;
Miss Lu.'u Hunt, Ceres; Miss Marie
Pnasch, Pomona; Miss Lizzie Mohr,
Flora; Miss Allie Mark, L. A. S.
Tbe new lodge will secure the va
cant room at tbe school house and will
lit it up as a lodge room. Here it will
hold meetings which it will endeavor
to make so interesting that all the
members will make special efforts to
be present. Subjects that will be
timely and up-to-date in interest, In
terspersed with songs, recitations
aud a literary program, will lie dis
cussed and commented upon.
The first of these meetings wiU be
held on Jan. 6th aud the subjects for
discussion will be "Rural Delivery
and the Postofllce Deficit," and
"What Can Each Memlier of a Family
Do to Make a Happy Home." There
will also be a literary and musical
program aud roll call and each mem
ber is requested to be present aud an
swer to his name at 7 :.'W.
Several committee meetings wi'l be
held before the time of the next reg
ular meeting. The committee on by
laws will meet at Lee Winchell'a on
Dee. 27, and the committee on pro
gram at Mrs. lien Liage a Deo. 2!).
On Deo. .'Io an officers' drill will be
held at the school house.
So much interest has been manifest
ed in the Grange movement that Mr.
Voorhees expects to return here soon
and perfect the organization of one or
more lodges on the west side ot tbe
valley and possibly one at Mount
Hood. There are a number of resi
dents in tbe valley who bold cards of
membership in out of town Granges
and who would like to have an or
ganization of this kind on the west
side. Mr. Voorhees made many
friends while bere and won tbe es
teem of all with whom he came In
contact with.
We are requested ti state that
"there is s mething doing at Pine
Better Ketura It.
The persou who carried a 14-inch
pipe wrench away from the Water
Company's work shop in basement
of the Davidson block between noon
time last Saturday and Monday at 10
o'clock, is requested to return it im
mediately. It was lubricated with
Magic oil and will turn their fingers
blxck to their elbows when tbey come
into tbe presence of Peter, if they
do not return it.
Miss Rule Blagg and Chas. Peugh
were married Sunday afternoon at the
home of the bride's parents, near thia
city. The wedding was a very quiet
affair, only the near relatives of tbe
contracting partiei being present.
Rev. W. A. Elkins performed the
ceremony, the bride being attired in
a dark navy blue traveling suit with a
white silk shirt waist. After the
bride and groom had received tbe
congratulations ot their friends and
relatives a wedding supper was served.
They were then driven to tbe railroad
Btation in this city where they were
met by a party of young friends who
made merry until train 4 arrived, by
showering them with rice and playing
pranks thut only newly married peo
ple are subjected to.
Mr. and Mrs. Peugh then boarded
the train for Condon, near which they
will make their future borne on a
wheat ranch owued by the groom.
The brida is a daughter of P. II.
Blagg aud is but recently graduated
from the High Sohool, and the groom
is a son of Wm. Peugh, both well
known gentlemen in this oity.
Beside tbe father of the groom and
tbe immediate family of Miss Blagg,
those present were; Miss Cora Peugh,
Miss Nettie Peugh, Miss Ilia Rood,
and Garland llollowelL
W. G. Ehrck, son of Wm. Erhck,
of near this city, and Miss Mae Hull,
teacher at the Odell school, were mar
ried last Sunday by the Rev. Troy
Shelley. The wedding was a very
quiet one, only the relatives of the
groom and a few friends of the bride
being present. Mrs. Ehrok's home is
in Kansas, and after the ceremony and
supper which followed, they came to
this city and took train 6 for tbe land
of the sunflower, where they will visit
for a time.
The many friends of tbe newly wed
ded pair were not to be denied a peep
at them, aud assembled at the rail
road station and pelted them with
rice and wished them good-bye and
good luck.
Ira Alcorn, proprietor of the City
Market, made a business trip to Port
land Monday.
George Herreu, representing the
Armour Refrigerator car lines, was a
visitor at Hood River Tuesday.
Dr. M. A. Jones will spend Christ
mas week in Seattle. During his ab
sence Dr. W. 8. Murray will look after
the aching molars of bis patients.
A. R. Upright, right of way man for
the Northern PciQo, was a caller at
this office Tuesday. Mr. Upright re
ports that nearly all the right of way
for tbe new road has been secured,
and be expects tbe deals still on will
soon be closed up.
Tbe masquerade dance to be given
by Prof, and Mrs. Hoist in the opera
bouse tomorrow night la attracting m
good deal ot attention and many have
signified their intention of taking it
in. Tbe professor has Just pulled off
a very successful dance at The Dalles
snd expects the one to be given her
I will please those who attend.