The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 09, 1905, Image 6

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Portland OregoniHU.
II. E. Van UeniHn, who jtidcil the
fruitH at the lair, uud wild that Ore
gon Lad allured KWt lows tlirotiKli the
incompetency ot tho people in chartfe
of the exhilotn, returned from it trip
of inspection of the I'ruitluiitU in the
vulleyH of tho Hood, Regno uud Will
mnet.e liners .yesterday and loft for
the Kast lui4 n i K lit.
"I think Oregon fruit compureH
favorahly with that from any tsuctioti
of the country, " he said while wait
inn for his tram. "That of the Hood
Kiver district in especially good. The
Winter upplcH of that motion 1110 the
lending truit of tho I'urillu Nurtltwuht;
tho Winter Xowlowns and tho Hpitz
enhergn foinnianil the liighoet price
for their Huvi r, ki oping iimlitiej and
appearance. Hood Kter luado a line
Hliowing at the expontio attendantu
from there were anions tho few men
who knew horticulture and agriculture
"Another thing ahout the Mood
Itiver appk'H that impresHcM one it
the honest niHiiner in which they are
packed. The khiiio care iH taken with
them that would lie given to ho many
eggH; those In the bottom of tho box
are of the same nize and quality a
thiwo on top. Spraying and good cul
tivation have done much to put the
Hood Kiver and Kogue Kiver orchards
on a paying buHiit and keep them
"In the Willamette Valley I have
not found condition nearly no good.
Not enough cure In taken in the cul
ture of the t:oon, which in many run
are allowed to fake caie of themtidven.
Above all things in fi uit-ralhing, at
tentiou Mhould bo given to the culti
vation of the trees. The Hoii xhoulci
be uultivated frequently in the Spring
and Hummer moutliH, and plowed, but
not deeply. What in wauled it) to
have a thin diiHt blanket over the
ground, which will retain the inoiH
turo for tho roolH of tho treon to ex
tract iKiurihlinient from.
"Too often, in tliu V iilametlo Val
ley, 1 have Dome acroBH oi cliardrt w here
weeds are growing proftiwily, and tak
ing the bent cunlition of the noil from
the treoH. Cultivation will keep these
down. The nitrogen and hiimiiH ol
the Hoil Hhould be renewed fre(iiently.
Kor this purpoHo, it in well to plow
the orchard deeply about the lliht ol
September, planting it in criniHon
clover or retch, both rich in liumtit
and uitrogi n. iieforo the lliat IjikIi
come out in tho Spring, thin Hhoulo
lio plowed under to nouriidi the
ground. Under no
should the crop be mowed and lined
for hay. Where trees are closer than
ill) or 40 feet, Home should bo pulled
out by the roots.
"The Willamette Valley in not a
very good prune country, an there ii
too much rain in tho drying season.
It is better adapted to the production
of applet) and pears.
"The raising of nuts in Oregon
Bhould be encouraged. Thin is an
ideal country for their culture. Eng
lish walnuts will be especially pro
ductive. At Dundee, in Yamhill
County, I Haw an orchard belonging
to Thomas J'rinco, who has lin acris
of walnuts in cultivation. The trees
lire jiiHt gutting to the producing ago,
and before long lie will llml I he
money rolling in fattier than he
known what to do with.
"Oregon berries tiro the equal ol
any; the Logan berry iH especially
lino. The country is admiral, ly ad
apted to raising tttruwherrlos, rasp
berries, hlnekhorr ios and other small
notation In crop is not practiced
by Willamette Valley farmers. Instead
of ralHing wheat alone, which impov
erishes tho soil, he says cropH of clov
er Hhould be planted frequently. Some
of this should be plowed under. Much
stock Hhould also bo kept, from which
tho soil could bo fertilized.
Mr. Van Delimit is one of the most
dlHliiiL'iiiHhod horticultural experts in
the United SlaleH. His knowledge is
the result of practical experience ol
inaiiy years on a fruit farm. He held
the position of United Stales l'oinol
ogist for eight years, and taught ag
riculture and horticulture ill tho Kan
sas Agriculture College. He is pres
ident of a ooinimnv which linn lixw
acies of nuts in cultivation in Eon
isiana. Ho left for Washington, D.
(!.. last night by way of Chelan
County, Washington.
Ailverllseil Letter IM.
Advertised October I1H, U)0.ri:
Lillian Hriinian, Lois lieth Cole,
Mrs. Julia Clark, Mrs. L. W. Hills,
Lucy Haiichot, Mrs. W. H. Lewis,
Koht. llolnn, S. H. IHshop, I. S.
Cohoon, Maria M. Eerris, Eon Oroer,
T. lnoziik,(.lap. ), S. V. Miller, Don
ald Mears, Kobt. McColltim, A. T.
Mardeii, J as. Mallory, Hoy 1 Nima
maker, John Newell, 11. II. (instead,
l'Yod Oiiho, Wm. 1'lay, Hank Staid, J.
S. Sterleke, I'red Siost, Walter St.
Johns, Frank Truhu, Allen Under
wood. W. M. YATES, 1'. M.
Take Them ut ." I'er Wi Iconic.
Irrigon Irrigator.
It it) said that tho new system of
primary nominal. ions w ill be a good
tiling for the country newspapers,
The most ol us are awaiting nilh
open arms and empty nines any
gooil things to come trom the primary
or any other law. The Irrigator will
welcome the announcements ot candi
dates at live dollars per welcome ill
10 not be deceived by cniilileifeits
when you buy Witch Hael S.ilvc. The
inline 'of E ('. I v Will A Co. is on
every bo of the genuine. Piles in
their woiM loini will soon p:is- away
if you will apply 1'eW ill's Wiieh Hazel
Salve night and liiorning. I lest for
('Ills, llui lis, Hoils, Teller, I .i rllia, i le.
Sold by il. I-'.. W i ! ms.
Ilouser anil .Melt, who weie in
town today, tell u they plantid
three and a half acre of their place,
two miles wot of Tygh lo hups a rai
ago last April, ami this tail realized
1SIKI pounds to the acre ; that is liie
dried article, and lane the distinct ion
of hauling the llr.-l hops to market
ovei that load. T'hev now have four
teen acres planted, and from their
trial crop hae eveiy roa.on to evpect
great things along t he hop line. Many
of their neighbors are becoming inter
ested and are following their lead.
They tell us t here is no re' why
that section should not rival the taiu
ous hop llelds ol oilier localities in
Oregon and Washington. Chronicle.
The l'olk County Itenner reports
that the Ellis prune dryer near Dallas,
Oregon, had a line run of 27 days this
year. Mr. Ellis hud about Ttim bush
els of prunes and about 7i tons wln u
cured. The Chapnian and Kimball
dryers each turned out about i'i tons
of dried prunes. II. S. Hut, had
Hbuut liHl.lHU.) pounds and has sold at
from four to live cents, according to
size. j
Origin of the Wertl Oregon.
The origin of the word Oregon Is
clouded in mystery. It was first uted
by Captain Jonathan Carver in a book
called "Three i ears' Travel 1 hrotigh
th Interior l'arts of North Amricu,
for more Than l ive Thousand Miles,
in tho Years 17(f 17W, " which was
published in London in i"x. It does
not appear from the book tint Carver
cainouuy furthei west than Minnoaotii,
where, he says, tho Indians told him
a great river called "Oregon, or the
Kiver of the West," rose near the
Mississippi and Mowed westwaid
thiol. gh the mounlaius to the Eacilic
cnti. Ill's is the o ily ri feni.eo to
ti e rivor in the I oot. ICu-ver was
a Connecticut jankee, who served as
a Holdier through the 1' reach and In
dian war, and afterwards, on his own
hook, explored niithcin Michigan,
Wisconsin and ;inni m !a He return
td to his home, vi.lel H bock and
endeavored to peisiiide the cdonial
HiithoritloH in -New Vork and New
England to pay the cost of its iibli
cation, or Bt least reimburse him for
his expoiiHes. Having failed on this
side, he went to Londi n to appeal to
the government there, lie man! ged to
get Ida book printed, but obti ined
nothing more, and died destitute in
London in 17HH.
Tho liauie Oiegiai did not Hppeut in
print again until William Cullen liiy
aut ptibliHliod his poem "Thanntopir, "
in 1H17. Ho had evidently read Car
ver's book, and his sensiliva ear was
llesatd with the pi.elic rliytlim of the
wonl "Oregon." 'J heodore W inthrop
(ueated the word "Tacomu" in his
"Canoe ami Saddle" in a silnilai
manner. So far as any one can as
certain, it was never written or spok
en ollicfor tho cl a, ining mil nil i e ol
his western experieniis appeared in
la IH-'1 a liostou si teacher
named Hull Jackson Keliv became in
fatuated with Oregon, and although
he never visited this country, he do
scribed it an a paradise and predict
ed for it a wouderlid inline. lit
wrote pamphlets and nowspap t artic
les, made speeches, delivered lectures
and addressed memorials in Congress
advocating a colonization of Cieon,
and Hiicceeded in exciting much in
quiry and Interest. Among fit In i s
whose curiosity was aroused by the
writings and speeches of Kelley wan
Nathaniel J. Weyth of Cambridge,
Mush., who dispatched a vessel loaded
with merchandise around the Horn,
anil started overland in 1. ,i2 to met t
it lit tho mouth of the Coin iiibia
river. T he boat never arrived, and
was probably li st at sea willi ali on
boaid. Wyeth waited a year or two
thou went back to Huston, lilted out
another voshcI, called the May Dacre,
which arrived safely at the mouth ol
the Willamette, where ho set up a
trading post and collected furs and
packed salmon. I luring his lirst
.journey ho was iicompaiiied by John
ISall, who taught the Hint hcIiooI in
Oregon, beginning November. 1H,'I'-.
Among Hull's pupils was Konald A.
McDoiial, who went to Japan in
IMH, succeeded in obtaining the
good will of tho ollicialri and Un
people, and establised the Hist Eng
lish school in that empire. Commo
dore 1'eny found him tin to in infill
and used liiin us an interpreter. John
linll returned to tho East and after
ward founded the i ity of Oiand Kaput-.
The great river Oregon was after
ward called Hie Columbia in ITU- by
Captain (iiay of I'o-ton, who sailed
a considerable distune - inland, ill I lie
ship Colmliiu and gave the river that
name. I le never heard of the word
Oregon. Careful Investigation has
tailed to find that word in any of the
Indian languages, or any Indian who
ever hoard of it before Carver'H book
was printid. It is a question wlietliei
he invented :L or whether lie misun
derstood tie pronunciation of some
other name mentioned to him by the
Indians in Minnesota. William E.
Curtis In Chicago Itocord-Herald.
Let Their I'ruil Ite "Shew n."
Attention has already been called
to t he line aii'ay of cups to be a.winl
ed for apple exhibits at the next an
nual meeting of the Oregon llorticul
tiiral Society to bo held In 1'oilland
In January. Hood Kiver has already
announced its Intent ion of capful ing
everyone of those cnpH. Wo often
see and hear the charge that the pen
pie of l'oiilaud seem to think Hood
Kiver 1h the only place in Oregon that
raiscH good apples. If the apple rais
ers of other poi lions ot the state do
not contest for the honors ut the
coming meeting, Hood Kiver's pies
tlge in I'orllaiiil and abroad as a
raiser of Hue apples will be more
llrmly established than ever. If you
want to convince people Hint Hood
Elver is not the only place in Oregon
that raises fancy apples it. is well to
remember that M issourlaiiri are num
erous in I his county.
A few enterprising fruit growers are
working hard lo make the coining
meeting of the State Horticultural
Society a success. The ell'oits of these
men should bo met with co-operation
in all pails of the state. It. is siguill
cant I hat the one locality which can
be depended upon to send u large del
ligation to Hie meetings of the Society
is Hood Kiver. The fruit growers of
this favored valley realize that the
successful fruit grower owes some
thing to his iiidiisfiy as well as to
himself, and that ho can promote the
interests of hoi h by attending meet
ings of hurl it it It 1 1 I'm 1 sncielies and
doing his share to make such meet
ings interesting and prolllalle to all
w ho attend.
Advises hin; To Try West Crupper.
Hood Kiver, (Ire., .Nov. 1. Editor
lllicier. I sen that neighbor King
has stopped the (llacier because it
brags so much on Hood Kiver. Well,
I do not. wonder at it. Hut here is a
panacea for his ill. If he will sell oot
down there and come up lo West
Clapper he can buy some of the best
fniii. land iii the valley for .:inii per
acre, set lo strawberries and apple
tree-.. We do not have to plow up oiii
heiries because they will not amount
to anything. On the contrary, they
will net liuu I'ronisdiHi loJUi per acre
viiuh and by the time his berry
paVh is played out his apple trees are
h-.irnig. I ni l herniore, we pick our
hi I les ell lli. frees, not. t ho ground.
Ills land will be worth, will the Ola
cii r sav luuv much per acre? And he
A i II haie a sin ite on his face and be
taking both the Olacier and the Sun
dav ( it ei;e;i ian.
,1. J. JOUDAN.
I!erv Ounce Veil I'ltt.
l-'verv eiinee of food lhat you eal
I hal I'.uii in iltireM does a poui.d ol
hanu. II liirns the entire meal into
po-MMi. This not mi i V deprives the
lil. ilnf liie necessary tissiie-huildini;
iii.-ilei eil, I ill il poisons it. Kedol Dys
peps.a Cine is a perfect diia'-tanl II
ii'"Mslie food regardless of lliece'.l
dil iuii of ! he slomacli. It allows
ei-iMii In i.'-i and net strong again,
llelnves llelelung, Ileal'! Kuril, Sour
"..'loacli, Imlipcstioii. Palpitation ..I
H e heart, clc. Sold by li. E. Will
iams. Ollii'i's ami I! minis.
The verv best fur rent in Smith K'.ock j
The trouble is, your liver's
sick. One of its products,
"bile," is overflowing into
your blood.
You can't digest your food,
your appetite is poor, you
suffer dreadfully from head
ache, stomach ache, dizzi
ness, malaria, constipation,
etc. What you need is not a
dose of salts, cathartic water
or pills but a liver tonic
This Kreat medicine acts gently on
the sick liver. It purifies the blood,
renews tlieappetite, feeds the nerves,
clears the brain and cures consti
pation. It is a true medicine for sick liver
and kidneys, and regulates all the
d't;estive functions. Try it.
At all dealers In medicines In
tl ;c puuiuge;.
Mulled 1M Ways.
The 1'ost Otlice says that Chicago
is the word most, frequently and moi-t
horribly mispeliod by foreigners. It
iH claimed, indeed, that I his word has
been mispelld in IN!) dilierelit ways
Some of the ways in e:
Zizao, Jagjago, llipaho, Jagiga,
(-'ehocchnoho, Hiago, Chacliioho,
The Knoll Old Way.
A severe cold or uttaek of hi grippe is
like a lire, the sooner you combat it liie
better j our chalices are to overpower it .
Kill few lumbers ill this age are will
ing to do the necessary work required
to give a good old-fashioi'cd reliable
treiiUncnt such as would be ministered
by I heir grandmothers, backed by l!os
eiiee's (ieinnin Svrup, which was al
ways liberally Usui in connection with
the lii'iue treiilini III of colds and is still
in gicaler household favor I hull any
known 1'i' I tui even without tin1
application ol the
liernuui S.VI'M' will
in qlliek tillie. 1'
children or gi w
Ihe congi'Sled org m
lion, and elleel iv. h
Any child will till i'
bit in a household
size bottle, L'oe; H i.
sale by C. X. Clarl e,
ld-l'ashioned aids
cure a severe Cold
will l ine colds in
people. It relieves
, la v -i the irrita
. s'-'i'S Hiccough.
, 1 1 is invalua
o e'liiili'en. Trial
: u
Tuleiram : li II. linker savs
u In at cut put i f i :.o I ii hleliiialu dis
liiet will n I i ll ti e grand total of
1,1 I 0,(1 II I, in 1. els. i l.ii tidily ail cl
this will sceli tie l'orfhind markets
by way of the C. li. A N. which was
n ceiitly built linm Kyle to (ioldei;
ilale. Will Slay in Hood Itiver.
The remedy that, uuiltes you cat, sleep
a ml grow si rung, called l'alnio Tablets,
will be sold regularly by Williams.'
I'harniacv, Hood Kiver. These great
nerve and const il ill i ni builders cost only
fine per box, six boxes tfli .r0.
Ayplo Growers
We wi-h to correspond with you
iiaoiit apples. Will pay cash tur rigid
,u iel ies and puces.
A. D. Hlowers A Co.,
Seattle, Wash.
1 am prepared to furnish mill and slab
wood, also other kinds of wood.
1 have a new sleiim wood saw and ttni
prepared lo do sawing. Also do general
team work,
l'hone 121.
Tho Best in Current Literature
12 Com pict Noveli Yearly
$2.60 PER year ; 25 CTS. a copy
Rivcrview Park and Idlcwildc Additions
Easy Grades, Fine View and Good Water
Cheap lots for building: Small Houses near Flour Mill
Office next to Waucoma Hotel
The TALLY CARD is in
dispensable to the Whist
Party. Why not have a
neat, pretty design? It
adds to the attractive
ness of the party and
costs but a trifle.
j& Fifty New Designs
Blacksmiths and Wagon Hak ers
The most completely equipped power plant in Oregon.
Contract work a specialty. Grubbing supplies and Log
gers' tools always on hand.
The care Of the horse's hoof is essential. We are
experts in that line and cure corns aud interferes.
and Manufacturers of all kinds of
mix ooxes
Highest Trices Paid for High (Irade Fruit.
S. J.
ii narnefisccbaddles
AM Repairing Promptly Attended to
Bartmess' Furniture Store
Your dollar will buy one dollar's worth, and we
will show you we appreciate it.
Prices greatly reduced. Remember we are the
leaders in reducing prices.
Come and see what Cash will do.
Building Material, Carpets, Paints, etc.
Undertaker and Embalmer.
I ooushs QUICSyES i CURE colds
CHAS. EBY, SR., of Elizabeth, III., writes: MI paid out over $150 to locI phy
sicians, who troatod mo for La Grippe without giving mo any relief. I afterward
bought a $1.00 bottlo of DR. KING'S NEW DISCOVERY, and after taking contents
of this ono bottlo 1 was entirely curod."
Pr!c9 50c and $l.C3 ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED! Trlil Bottto Fw
Steam and Hot Water Heating:
All jobbing promptly attended to.
Dealer in
Building Material,
Doors, Windows,
Lath, Mouldings,
.sszionsr STABLE
.Livery, Feed and Draying..
Hood River, Cre.
lliirst's boutilit, buKI or exchanged,
riciisiirc parties can sei'iire Hrst-cluss ris.
Special attention given to moving furniture ami
Wo do everything horses can do.
a Faoer
Carries everything in the line, including
Krinked SilRs, Sik Embossed, Tapestries, Moires,
ngrains, Varnished Tiles, Banks, etc.
Up-to-date Paper Hanging, Sign,
Carriage and House Painting.
Phone G71.
First and Oak Streets.
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turnouts Always Ready.
Thone 131.
Square Deal Store
Do not forget that you will get full value for your
money every time you trade with me. When in need of
Groceries, Flour and Feed
Call and see me. You will find it pays to trade here.
Plows, Harrows, Cultivators and
aii kin is of Agricultural Implements
Alfalfa, Clover and All Kinds of Field Seeds.
I have just added a stock of PAINTS and am pre
pared to guarantee prioe and xnality.
Come in and make your wants know n and get prices.
It will pay you.
Yours for Business,
3rd and Hirer Strmmt.
Hood River, Ore.