The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 26, 1905, Image 5

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The Ulnoier niau dropped off the
noou train at Mosier Tuesday ami
fouud a general air of improvement
and piotipority in that town that in iu
keophiK with the growth i f the splen
lid country to which it in the outlet.
Nearly nil of the farmers are improv
ing their rauohea, Km tilling and clear
ing more laud, and many are looking
for men. One of t!:o undent ueeiU of
the place is more men to help clear
land and do general work.. Of the
number of houses that were put up
iu the town lust year and thif, the
last empty house was taken Tuesday
hy a family from (ira?n Yi lley, and a
new 3-room cottage is being put up
for Cieorge Harrison.
Alex Stewart, the gonial merchant,
can now be found at his deli in hie
new private otlice, iu tho additou re
cently built to the store, where he
acts as general manager of the Mosier
end of the Pacilio States Telephone
Co., or as purchasing agent for his
large mercantile establishment, when
the occasional Irummer drops in, or
figures up the profits of the various
industries of Mosier with which he is
connected, including the big ranch
south of town. A cozy trate lire adds
to tho cheerfulness of tho place. Mrs.
Stewart is giving eminent satisfac
tion as postmistress of the little city.
The Mosier Trading Co., of which
Mr. liarrie is manager, also pre entsa
neat and prosperous appearance, anil
report an increased trade.
Husbands & Root are enjoying a
brisk trade in the blacksmith and
wagon making line, although Leo
Hoot took the time to make up a
hunting party, of which Henry Wiig
nor was also a member. At the black
smith shop is a fine deer hide, one of
four which the party brought back.
John Wellberg is now enlarging hh
hotel, adding three rooms which will
be equipped with nice clean boils
where the weary traveler may find
Mrs. Well and sister who have been
visiting Amos Koot, returned to theii
home iu Heppner Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Daniel of Portland
visited friouds in Mosier last week.
II. M. Huxley has purchased 120
acres of the Weiler place, on The
Dalles road, and will tako up his res
idence iu the spring.
R. Husband and Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Wagner left for their home in
Elkhart, Indiana, Tuesday. They
have beeu visiting Amos Koot and
other relatives and friends for several
weeks. While here Mr. Wagner com
pleted a cellar for Mr. Koot.
Honda to the amount of S:i."00 were
votol for new school houses, and two
new schools will be built to accommo
date tho growing community. A i"ii'U
school will be bnilt on an aero ol
ground secured from Mrs. Mosier's
heirs, on a sightly location a hort
distance east of the present school,
and a school to cost jdiiiK) will be hi
cuted either on the ridgi near the
Wright pla"e or on Mosier creek, the
location not yet being fully decided.
Mosier haa now a very successful
school. Miss Agnes (itilovaon the
teacher is now entering on her second
year's work, and has the confidence
and highest respect of both pupils and
parents. Lant year's work was the
most satisfactory in the history of
the district, and this year starts out
with great promise. County Hiipniin
teudent A'elf also compliments Mi:
(iulovsou very highly as m:e of til
best teachers in the county.
James liurliugaaie met with a vei
serious accident a few days ago 1 i 1
returning from the Vnkium Cuii':tr.
where he was picking hops. I!' Ink
returning to Mosier he decided ti
drive south of The Dulles to make .'
short v i J i I . While several miles Iron;
any habitation, towards evening, ih
horses ran away, smashing up lh;
buggy and throwing .Mr. Uui!inj;:in:t
out with such violetieo that ho win
rendered unconscious. His sen
Kilgar, w ho is only a young boy, man
aged to sucure the team, and built a
lire, where he cared tor bis father
during the long cold nighe. In t tic
morning ho made his v.iw to the nca -est
fiinn house icr help, and Mr. I'ur
lingamo was remrued to I'l'.fur, wh'i'c
ho still lies in a very s.'iiniis condi
tion. Mr. and Mrs. 10. U. i'liiilii c!
Portland are visiting Mi.-s Dollh
Mosier. M .. Phillips is supet ii.tcnti
ing the gathering of Miss Mosier',
apple crop.
Dr. Humble was called to M'Me;
Tuesday on account of the serinu
illness of Fiank Pepper's baby. The
little fellow's condition is not regard
cd as dangerous by the doctor. Vthde
there he idi-o vi.-ited Mis. A. il.
llogan, Mrs. Oeo. Cm roll, Mr. John
Smith and Mrs. John Carroll's little
girl, who have teen under his care,
but who are ;.ll now ci;r.ile.-:ci nf.
Olive Fischer wont to Hond Hirer
tho Hist of tho weik to visit her
M. H. Craft will fluish grubbing
an 1 getting his ranch ready lor crep.
thid winter.
Judge Filloon whs down from "tie
D;dls the tlrst of tho wod; looking u;
a homestead. l-r.uik Cir.yiT s t Is
Mr. Palmei of North Dukota, who
has been visiting his brotbor-in-law.
J. P. Snyder, for a couple cf we, I--,
left for home Tuesday, lie is lull ! in
praiso of Mos.irr.
Price Hunter has taken charge of
tho iiowo ranch.
F. Lupere has sold part of his
to Mr. Mulhollai.d of lined liner,
who will make improvements on the
place this w inter.
Klmer Koot has tiiiisho;! delivering
sixty tons of hay which he baled on
his ranch this summer. All of the
hay was sold to Mosier parties.
J. K. McCregor is laying the foun
dation for ouo of the linest suburban
ranches or country homes in Mosier.
Mr. McUregor has fourteen acres just
in the east edge of town, and is mak
ing a contract to grub and improve
tho laud. He has an ideal place for a i
cherry orchard, and will, set nut six
acres of the tinest varieties this fell 1
The land is rich, the soil deep, and j
well sheltered from the we.-t wind,
a'ld while rather steepen the hillside, ,
will nirke a very prolitable cnerry
ranch. Several largo blind springs
have been discovered on the proprety,
an 1 one of tbe.n has been piped to
the old house down on the rou.i. giv
ing the family an abundant Mipply of
the tiue-t sprin,' water. On tho brow
of the bluff, overlooking the Colum
bia, Mr. McUregor intends to erect a
nice residence, and will be in a posi
tion to enjoy quiet rural lite iu one
of tho prettiest spots in the Cascade.
Just above the McGregor flncp is a
commanding point of the bluff, on
the Dr. Macrum property, where the
doctor declare? he wilherect one of
the finest re.-idences in this part of
the country. These improvement!
1 Special ('"Tespiiinlcnce.
j White Salmon. Wash., Oct. 24. -A
i large number of lots have been gold
I lately in Vthile Salmon, and contracts
let for residence ami business proper
S ty to be I nilt the coming spring, it
I looks as if White Salmon would double
its population in the coming year.
I Many strangers are ta be seen on
j-the street each day. The majority of
i them have heard of the opportunities
to oe inui liere to enter the fruit In-
tistry, and there are numerous in
qirics for land. That the price of land
iu White Salmon valley will advance
rapidly now that tho railroad is as
sured seems to be the opinon of the
wise ones.
Mrs. Snyder, sister of Mr. Rose
grant, who has been visiting in White
Salmon will return to her home in
Michigan by way of Montana, where
she will visit her sister.
Lynn K. liuuett of Portland, Ore.,
baa purchased lil acres of the Evens
farm for UK. He will plant a large
orchard of high grade commercial ap
ples. This place is admirably adapted
for a large orchaid. They will take
possession within tiO days.
Mr Hudson, the Supreme Master
Artisan of the Order of Artisans, vis
ited White Salmon assembly No. 177
last Friday, and was greatly pleased
with the push of the local lodge. He
gave aii excellent address upon the
rise, growth, ami business methods
of the order. The Artisans are alive,
up to date and are adding to their
membership weekly.
Tho sidewalk extending from the
steps to the postollice and down the
south side of Jewett avenue to the
Congregational church is now being
Perry Hnrter, tho stage driver, who
has beeu very ill with the typhoid
fever, is new on the road to Wellvilie.
Tho little sen of Mrs. Hanson, pro
prietor of the Pingen hotel, fell and
broke his arm. The injured bi nibor
was set by Dr. (ieaihart.
The Royal Neighbois gave a royal
entertainment iu Ijiiutcrlach hall Sat
urday night.
Tho store keepers of White Salmon
repoit a rushing business this fall. C.
M. Wolfoid i. ml Co. have 7 men
steady in and arou d the store.
Mr. W. Hi! ore ot (lilmore Hat, was
iu White Salmon lat Monday on bua-ine.-s
in the laud olllcu.
M. W. Freehand was in town from
the apple held .Monday laying iu his
winter supplies. .Mr. Fre land sold
two tracts of land lately.
li. Oginond of Fuldu was in White
Salmon Thursday laying in provisions
for tho winter.
The White Salmon people are pre
paring for w inter. Many loads of hay
and wood are coining into town every
A new lodge was lutey organized iu
White Salmon, a ladies' society, the
Royal Neighbor. The Voodmen gave
a line ridertaiiiiiient Thursday night
with a supper lit for a king.
(leiisey Siriiii sold his 10 aero place
1 'l miles west of town last week to
James Carter from I'oiti.iiiii.
It is reported that Mr. Evans, liv
ing i miles nortloMi-t of town, has
sold his hi) acres of land iu the apple
belt. Mr. Evans is one of the old
1 1 1:1 .a C
Unci- Han-;.- i.
at ." o'clock fi,.
tlyseo'eiy, nii i
olmrcheard ,.
ing at to i'Y:o' r
years oi a . e at t
and w great I;;
. fuiniliaily known in
. I i -" i H-in-l .? e t Ming
in mi .te ii'tulc!' of
i orii d in tho
Tve-iiay n.oi -.V
i ( 'o. k was tii
I '..! e el' his deid il,
. ! . -ill for hia
i -. r -. ' j j n Uiadle
,i. lavuiiie of the
!-. cam; here about
, I own. He was a
t i
gi-ntl'-ie and i
m-.-s and was a t:i
children. Mr. ( i
I Im-"" vears ago 1
brother of Mis. Main, and has child
ren living iu Iowa.
.Miss Uuth Wilson,' iu Cooks addi
tion is very sick.
Mr. i'eny. tho singe driver, is get
tingi;'. better now, having been sick
over a month.
T. li. Sliir.sou has opened a harness
and shoeshnp in the Imil ling of the
White Salmon Lewi Co. Ihisisll.e
lii'st establishment if its kind in the
country, lii-i Hi, I ei e a l.'i cent job had
to bo sent to Hood River or The
Dailis. and the f; tight piid lortinu
sit liia U v ays
Anioi'g the 1 1 ( o 1 1 ( filings be
fore Coii-missi-mer Machines are:
Ralph I". la avay cf Hood River,
homi -t"-il mar J. F. Stninahan's
hivr.o; Iv.eri't V. Lewis of W ilmar,
Minn., limber claim: Marion W.
If. !. Itiin! cf t'. e same ) hue, timber
eiai.n ;. Roth I lie latter epplie e.ts
are cugica rs ronnccted with ihe
Northern lacilic surveying crew at
- in k ah ng the river hr re.
I red Then. a; baa rented his home
north of town to Mr. Nichols and
mined with his family into his new
cottage on Jewett avenue. A. D.
Maine A Co. were the contractors foi
the new dwelling, one of the substan
tial audit iaes lo the line residences of
White Salmon.
W. M. Rogue has been assisting A.
'), Maine in tho ( obstruction of tho
en i e-idi ai e I eii j erecli (I by Fred
menu c.ijch for the fatare of Mosier.
A. P. iiati ham is getting ready to
bn:i 1 the law county road from Mos
ier to the 1 oat Fooling. The road
will go in no uly a .-i might line from
the i :e. en I boat I-mling between his
property a'ui tie liiover and Sellirg-
pi- ci s i.otii it i-.-: e;.es a out near
lv t
ti.e !
t I l:.)!i s roc). It wi
on :'.
i ti e m.Io cf the hill
e" r ' r pnule nutii i!
i . ! li t (listhiice
- 1 . i y.oi-icr creek
I '; ! i. i ::1 s liorten the
h. . i -. t'l
ivili he (
li!n!H'l tl) til
! o il 1'tinii-JK ..: I make
i ml the uv. With
11 VI TV l-Ilf.V i!'-
the cnir.i:iL' ol tho new railrnau uorosB
the Coltilmn . thin rmul iu n neceity,
s thurc ivill ho coneiilenilile nhippini;
of trail HiTorH tho river to connect
with N'ortVi'in Ihicillo anl Ureal
Northern tn.ins
Amonif thi 111):; npjilec on iliH lny at
StoivurtV. i-i n (ilnria .Mumli that
iiieasnnis over 10 inches around anil
l'ii!h -li oilliCl'S.
(iiio:? Cli!iini.eil;:in had locatetl a
luiiilier yrr l near tho hox factory,
ivhero he will keep ;i niipply of lnm
licr. which i-i inuiiiifactiireil at his
mill .-out!) of the town.
Green it Hick hare rebuilt their
box factory, ami lime the tame reaily
for operation. rwvenil luro orilera
are waiting to bo lllleil.
Big Sale of Land.
!o you wnnt a te n tp tnwt of first-Hans
str-t wherry or iVinl Inntl at r. l-nrruiii? If so,
pxiiiniiu the M. It. I'oiicr fnrni m-ar city of
HimmI Kivt-r, liri fi'-n-s. Junt plnccj on the
nni-knt to h fo. hi lots to unit, full t the
lax in or any ral es:;ii- firm In Hotd Hiver.
12 M 13tb street, i'ortlaad
Special Correspondence.
Orapper, West Hood River Valley,
Oct. 24. Some of the apple growers
here maintain that theii apples are
from 30 to ft) per cent better in point
of quality than they were last year.
P. H. Martin had 5iif boxes of Yellow
Newtwous, of which 5iVJ boxes were 3
and 4 tier iruit. Tha; is pretty good
if tbey are grown on the west side.
The attendance at the Crupper
school is unusually large this term.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry of Hood River
visited with Mrs. E. E. Lyons on last
Saturday and Sunday.
O. O. Miller of Portland visited in
this neighborhood on last Saturday.
T. II. Hayuor, after spending two
years in Iowa, returned to his old
home on the Ronshaw placelast;week.
It is hard for a man to reuounoe bis
allegiance to Hood River.
Miss Lucy Omeg of The Dalles spent
Saturday and Sunday in this neigh
borhood as a guest of Mrs. R. H.
Limlsey. She left on Sunday evening
for Rnfus, where she has chaigeof the
Hardware SteWaft'S Furniture
Ours has not been a complete store long. Have you been in recently
to inquire Into the thousands of things that you buy from day to day?
We make it worth your while to progress with us. We have hund
reds of articles in stock now that you could not find when you called ,'iO
days ago, and you probably did not find in town. Our prices are light,
because we buy right. We are merely your agents, and wo have the
cash to back you. We buy the quantity that gets the price to meet ARE
competition; we get the price by knowing the markets. We know the
lowest selling markets and price our goods to meet it without regard to
tempory local conditions. Lot us explain about coal oil lamps, stoves,
doors, glass, and the many needs before winter closes down.
,iuv mi. in. JlCWdll Material
I wish to announce to the people of this com
munity that the doors of the new City Market,
situated first door west of the Oregon Lumbt r
Co., will be opened to the public MONDAY, OC
TOBER 30. This is a first-class, up-to-date
marl: 1 1. All orders, however unall, will be de
livered promptly, (live me a trial order. Sat
isfaction is guaranteed. Phone Main TO.'l.
Coffee Perfection
We have been selecting, blending, and
roasting coffee for over half a century.
Golden Gate is the result of our long
coffee experience. We cannot improve it.
Could not make it better if we tried.
No one knows how to blend it but ourselves.
Golden Gate is fragrant delicious.
High grade grocers sell it. I and 2 lb. aroma-tight tins.
J. A. FOLGER A CO., San Francisco
KatablUhd In 1850
All Repairing Promptly Attended to
English Walnut Trees, Fruit Trees, Scrubs
Planta, etc. Oretfon ifl developing as a wnmlurful walnut proilu inc scclion. liii;
proli's, wi h small outlay of capital. Chance of a life time. No i-pnii iii(; nor
expensive dryera. We have the hardy varietion, eirly bearers. A pnt-tal card
will bring yon walnut catalo(f, a treatise on their culture and recoils here, .Ah
send for nursery catalog. BROOKS & NONS, Walnut .Nursery, CmUon, Ore.
Has ncccptod tho Hood Kivcr agency for tlw Troy Luuii
dry Co. f)f Portland, with an oftico at KniKtruni's.
Ho will call for laundry W'ednenday and Tlmrsday,
dolivcrin'; Tuesday. These dates will hold for a few weeks,
owing to the rush of work in Portland. Dates will be
changed later and notice given. "Wagon will collect and
deliver goods. Phone Main 203.
Hood River Cider Mill
We have completed our Cider Mill and are ready
to do custom work and buy cider apples. I.ring in
your apples. Barrels and Cider for sale.
Mill phone, Main 191.
Residence, Main 203.
Special Correspondence-
Mount Hood, Ore., Oct. -I-Ram ti
ers are taking advantage of this line
weather to get their apples picked
and potatoes dug before winter.
Apples are of fine quality m:d the
yield is much greater than was ex
pected. Potatoes are as good as can
be raised iu any country and yield
as high as 300 sacks to the acre.
O. C. Ruff of Portland is here for a
few days, looking after business in
terests. The Mount Hood Development
League will hold its regular meeting
on Saturday afternoon at the Mount
Hood ball.
Joe Hess left Monny for Canby,
Ore., where he will attend school this
Henry Tomlinson, Joe Dinimick and
Jim Wishart are working for the Ore
gon Lumber Co., helping to construct
a dam near the Lloy bridge above
Elmer Oribble and family have gone
to Portland for a few days visit.
at the
Dealer in
Harness St Saddles
i f.' I "XT -H. I I .
for men of professional leanings, abounding in dignity, but with a wealth of
comfort and many pockets.
Come in to satisfy curiosity. You need not buy.
MARY P. JCii'iSON, M.D., Supt.
! Ideal Home for Invalids
(.'liniiite iin.l view unsurpassed
in the L'nited
Some Bargains.
Our li-t riuiliiiiis iilu.iit -ID different
lnirt nl fruit iimi -..'i iii'iiil fin in liiiuls in
MilMCI' ; ilhilllt .'l'KI lirl'i'H ill I IK llT IM 111,
iMUilnl into tniris of In, in 40 Id iil'l)
:i '! H e.ich; iiImi al'uill 1 Si (lil'ferent
tnicls nl la' in property hi Mood Hiver
,iiley, iiml hhuc t-rv dc-indilu resi
ilenccs in lluiiil l!ivcr and .Moshir,
;;:!. ii iicre-i '.J mill' out; hcrries and
..rcliaiil. A lir.iutilul locution. Will be
solil at n haivaiii.
21. 4-' acres 4 miles out, 111 acres ill
ul'cliiil'il, HI iu'l lii'iiriiiir. Kirst-clasH iill
proveinciil.s. A licaiilil'iil home.
'1. IU at'iv-i in tlirlliot lieitlltiful por
tion of the valley. I eeies iii orchard
ne veal' old, .'li urns ill berries, 4 acres
ill aif.ilm, l.alaiici' j;i m nil fanning.
114. Two li.O ane I I'acts aliout nine
mill's mil ; one on cad side, oilier west
nle. Choice f-.r tr I M)l).
A tiniiiliiT of "), III, L'O and 40 acre
trai'tH nl' uiiiiiipniM'il Ininl that will
liL-iir invcstiiralii'ii Also a number (if
hiriie tracts (ruin 1 i;o In ojo acres ill Ore
;fili anil Wii-liinlmi
Some h ' I'iniili'iiccs and lots iu every
portiiiii of the city.
Real Estate Agents
Hood Rivor, Oregon.
Oiviaenaj o
r - ifLmt
t- j jfT - ti' ac&"fi HAYES
I ' S Sfcuuuw GARFIELD
I ; f -m -jt BtNJ.HARRlSON
I: i ,fm& lift iNtuRANCe AT lOwtJT cost im M'KINLEY
For additional information apply to 1. F. LKAVY, Manager, 711-71 2 Marnuam I'.uildinL', Portland. Oregon, or
JOUN LtLA.U UESDJ-IIWO.X, Ageat, llwl Kiver, Oreijon.
Hood River, Oregon
The "Stay Satisfactory' Rang
Coe's Add
Cheap for Cash or on
your own terms.
Now is the Time to Buy,
Phone Farmers 1233.
H. C. COE.
ASSETS $44,000,000.00
INSURANCE IN FORCE $216,000,000.00
fas Investments are not sxcnllod bv thoso of any company In)
tha world. It has no fluctuating ctcci'.s fnd bonds. For over
twenty years Its mortgage bns cn fe.rrn. lands havo earned
the highest rate of toau ,rt'rol of any American company.
Its ratio of death "C losses and expenses of manage
ment have always been very low. As a result it excels in large
pone noiaers, among whom are Oivifled tne
ui ine tompany.
Union Central
wtriw ANotmHTM ado rtn or biatw I
How close
have vftlI
been to
IIav(,you ft lt their fab
ric? Orlu'ldthomupbe
f ( re y ( u? Or tried them
The clothes the Stein
l'loch tailors have made
for us for Fall and Win
ter are unpacked,
(iraeeful overcoats of
many weights for all de
grees of temperature:
sacks for business or leis
ure, slitted, vented, long
and full; Knglish walkers
Monarch Malleable
Ranges Awarded
Highest Prize
At the Lewis and Clark Exposition
lieciiiiflo the Monarch was tho only raiiRO
wilh a patent Duplex Shaft, which caiiBcs
the fuel lo hum evenly in the firebox.
UcctiiiHo the Monarch was the only range
shown with an emery polished top, requir
ing no blacking.
llecHiiHM Monarch Kanges have oven
therinoineterg made especially for them,
which tell tho decree of heat required for
roads, bread or pastry.
Ilocuuso the Monarch Mange bodies are.
made of the heaviest Wellsville blued
steel, without enamel, and do not discolor.
For Sale by W. HAYNES
and Lots
prola J