The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 19, 1905, Image 6

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ArttlroHS of Lciiiu I'.rli at tli Apple
ShippoiH Convention nt Put in-liny.
In view of the tiict that upple grow
ing lms hcon ulmoft a failure in the
Koulliwetit, ami parurunny in wuni
is known as the Ozark rniuim, iluriiiK
the pa8t few yearK, nmi that porw
qnently no money has heen inaiie, it
may Boom a little out of order for an
apple grower who hails from that cec
tion to attempt to offer Hii'eHtiotiH
to the apple thippt'H. liut it i al
ways ho. Men who do not micceed
in making money thoniMlvi'U are ever
ready to otfer ailvieo ami hiikohU'Mib
to others how to do it. And thin in
herent weakneHH in human nature in
my Hpol -(y for takind "P your valu
able Mine a few minutea at the recpieHt
of your Kenial wicretary. lint before
1 pr c.eed 1 will Hiy that if any of you
apple BhipperHhiiveany adrico or nun
fjestiona to oiler to tho apple grower
in my part of tho country, how to
prevent tho crazy notions of the
weather and row paying crops of ap
plos, 1 will he glad to hear from you
now or any time hereafter.
I assure you, Mr. 1'iesident, it U
no fault of ours that wo have failed to
produce paying crops. We have culti
vated and mulched our orchards,
pruned and sprayed the trees, and
our conduct in other renpects as pat
riots and law-abiding citizens huve
been above reproach. Yen, we have
dono all this, and in old Missouri even
went ho far as to elect a Democratic
governor in a republican state, who
forbids horse racing on week days and
keeps the sal ohh closed on Holidays,
and in Hp to of all, hu ge apple cropi
fail to materialize.
Some of you apple shippers who
h vo gono to ricw l ork MUilo and
other favored point during tho past
two or three years to buy your supply
of apples, and thero beheld tho tree
in the orchards loaded d 'wn with fine
fruit will tell mo that the Southwest
Isn't the right section for growing nu
ll los. Perhaps that would be 'rue if
the oliinatio conditions In this sec
tion of tho past few years were to con
tinue, liut we can only judge tho fu
tore bv tho past. Apple crops, lik
history, will repeat themselves, anil
what has lieen will ho again.
Old Bottlers in MIuhhoiI and Arkan
sas who have grown gray In the civil
llzng cause of fruit growing have
often told mo that prior to lhsl) then
had not beon a complete failure th
aiililo corn in the Ozarks for forty
years. I myself have bought apploi-
In Missouri and Arkansas for nmnj
vear. and hotter fr Int. or more of it ti
the aero I never saw in my life, it win
this kliowledg of large, regular crop
of lino appp) th t induced me to em
bark In the IiiihIiioss in the Ozarks
1 saw visions of wealt ', comfort am!
happiness In the enterprise. Well, 1
have reaped some comfort, consider
able happiness, and have no doubt the
wealth wiil come in the sweet bye and
Some scientists to whom 1 have
talked, claim that the planets are
largely responsible for the unusual
climatic conditions that have prevail
od during the last few years and which
paused the sever d failures of the up
plo crop on the Ozarks. In their
travel thr ugh the universe they n r
supposed to have run against cch
other in such a way as to cause ti oubh
and confusion. Venus, the goddoHS ot
love and beauty, Jupiter, the, son .if
Saturn, Mars tiie god of war, the sun
and tho moon are all held responsible.
Now, whether any ono or all of these
and other planets hail anything to do
with the failure of the tipple cop in
on tho Ozarks I am not prepared, to
One doubling Thomas, to whom 1
mentioned the matter, Intimated that
the devil hail a hand in tt, and he
may be correct; b it at the same time
it. Is hard to comprehend why the
"old boy" should interest, himself in
tho apple growers while there are so
many apple shippers ami cominissiou
merchants abroad. II is my opinion
that if It is the fault of any particular
one of the heavenly bodies it iiiuM
have been the moon, as nothing but a
lunatic would have brought about
such preverse conditions. The moon
is capable of plavinuall sorts of tricks
on the i (lairs of the world. Kven so
great an observer ns Lord Itaeou re
coided ill Ills time that, eggs laid in
the full of the moon breed belter
birds, and that you can make swal
lows white by putt iug ( intmeut on the
eggs before they are hutched. Kurd
llaeou failed to say, however, whether
to apply ' he ointment during the light
or the dark of he inouii. And even
to this day no succohful farmer in the
Ozarks will think of planting potntoci
nud corn, u r of cutting sassafras
sprouts except in the dark of the
moon. On the other hand, some of
the good wives of these farmers ser
iously object to having the hair ol
their boys cut. in the dark of the
moon, lint claim that the lli'-t i'ridiiy
in the light of the moon is the proper
One old fellow, a nat ive of the en
lightened state of Ohio, bid now a
Mlsourian, with the wool on, told me
about the middle of hist April, when
my frees were get I iug into good blnn
sem, that. I would be sure to have a
big crop of apples t his year, beeause
fruit was never killed in blossom dur
lug the light of the moon. When two
days later a col l I I u -1 tioni the hoary .n to T.i percent
of the blossm, 1 al.rd liuu Imw about
the moon. He n'li"il: "(Hi, well,
the moon is clmiiKi'iililo and you must
make some allowance tor that. " liut
no matter what (lie scientists may say,
no matter what the planet may do or
the vagries of the union may be, as
sure as Phoenix rose f rum the as'ies
and bleeding K.uiMix freed herself
from t he t liralldom of mortgages, old
Missouri will conic to her own again.
She will again raise a I. .matrons crop
of apple, which will tempt every apple
shipper in the country to pay us a
visit. And, my Iriends, when you
buy Missouri apples, nu. I especially
Missouri lien I'avis, like you saw iu
St.. Louis last summer in t hose glass
jars, you will eea-e Pi lo-e money on
the apple deal. liut us every cloud
has a silver lining, so our misl'ort no
have brought ns in sympathy with
the apple shippers, who, in a financial
way, ' ave fared no belter than the
Western apple growers. As the mis
fortunes nf the apple shippers, how
ever, as a rule, are not the result of
climatic conditions, but rather to
their own acts, it has occurred to me
fiat they call lie prevented. I assume
that the International Apple Shippers'
Association was organized mainly for
the purpose of the mutual protection
of the interests of its members. If
so, why don't you co operate in some
way to prevent losses in the apple
deal? Many years' experience, both
as an apple dealer and an apple grow
er, has convinced me that the surest
way to avoid losses on the apple deal
Is by proper distribution that is, for
each dealer in the ditlVreiit markets
to buy no more apples than his trade
demands. Whenever an apple dealer
buys what ho can reasonably dispose
of to Ills customers there is little dan
ger of losses. Hut when ho buys
double or three times tlnf quantitiy
his trade justilles him in doing and
allows himself to become leepl.vohli
gated to banks an I cold storage com
panies, ho takes chances like any other
speculator, with the disadvantage
that nppcu are perishable, and that
therefore ho can't sell "futures"
against IiIh purchases to protect Him
self like the dealer in grain or cotton.
On an advancing market, wlncli is
tho excetion in these times of Inrge
production, it is an easy matter , to
mako sales . lid take up outstanding
notes, but on a stationary or declin
ing market a surplus of apples in
warehouses mi l matuiing notes In
banks are like undigested dough on a
man's stomach. It gives hnn moral
It creates a tired bilious
feeling all over and ho can't think and
act with clearness; his judgement ho
comes warped and ho will either sell
too soon or hold on too long ami winu
up with a balanco on tho wrong side
of his books. It is a well known fact
that more men go broke from over
trading than under-trailing. in no
business is conservatism n ore nn
nnvtant than in the apple business.
Plunuiiiu iiiiiv so - etimes win, but, as
a rule, it results in h ss to these who
attempt it and an injury to mo gen
eral trade. .No man can make money
on million where some other fellow Is
uuloadinu a surnlus at a loss.
Many years ago, when apples used
to como down to Memphis in flat
boats, I Hometimes bought tho whole
load of several thousand barrels to
keen tho other fellow from getting
any, but tho other fellow got appples
all the same, and in that way the
market became overstocked, ho that
none of us made much, if any, prollt.
When Iter several of these expert
ences 1 found that cornering the
market on nunles didn't work. I let
the other fellow in uu our deal ; each
man got out of the boat when his
trade demanded and the result was
entirely satisfactory. 1 had less in
vetsed, took les risk and made more
money. In the fruit liUHiness, more
than in any other, it is a wise maxim
not to begrudge your competitor the
sumo degree of success that you like
to enjoy yourself, especially If from
In nroHiierltv no injury results to you.
In other words, the best policy iu the
fruit business, or, in fact, in any bus
bies, is do unto others ns you
would havo thorn do unto you." It
will make life pleasantor for you
hero, ami if there Is a heaven when
apple shippers go you will stand I
belter chance of getting there.
Viewing this matter of proper dis
tributloii from the standpoint of an
apple grower, 1 contend that iu the
long run it is better for the producers
if the apple dealers make money than
if t liey lose It. the Interests or the
apple dealers and the apple growers
ari llargely mutual In t Heir Joharaclor,
and If the liusluess ot the one Is un
protllahle for any lentgh of time it. is
necessarily detrimental to the others.
The apple growers need tho apple
dealers, or apple shippers, as they
are called here, and tho more prosper
mis tho latter are t lie better it is for
t he former.
I'.y nature and instinct tho aveiage
apple shipper Is liroail-gngueil, altru
ist ie and liberal ; he has nothing of
t he skin Hint about him, ami when he
makes money he is generous am) anx
ious to divide it ' some body.
Next to his family tho apple grrwer
is his best friend and will therefore
come in for a share ot it. I say this
not. in jest, for it is a fact that when
ever apple dealers make gooil prollts
they are inclined to pay good prices.
The good Lord made them that way
and they can't help it. Hence 1 make
tho asesrtion that if tho International
Apple Shipper's Association, by co
operation and by a policy of "ilvo ami
let live" between its members will
bring about a more equal or proper
distribution of the apple crop among
its several members, so that they will
all make prollts Instead of losses
every right kind of apple grower in
the country will say amen to it.
It is a well known axiom that the
best customers a man can have in any
line of business are those who make
money on their purchases, not those
who lose. I'.very sensible ami fail
minded apple grower realizes this and
would prefer to hear the apple ship
pers talk about the profits they made
instead of listening to tales of woe
concerning their losses.
As I have stated on a former occa
sion there is no over-production of
tipples in the United States mid proh
ably never will be, no matter what
croakers may say to the contrary. It
is my opinion, and tho opinion of ob
serving men ueneially, that, with prop
er distrhutiuii' which can largely he
brought about by such organization!,
us this, business of the grower and
I he dealer can and should be one ol
prollt ami not of losses. With the in
crease of population in this country
and the ennst an t ly growing demand
lor American apples in foreign conn
tries I preedit a great future for the
apple shippers and the apple growers
All that is required to meet modern
conditions iu this progressive age Is
organization and co operation. As an
illustration of what organization ami
en operation will do in the fruit bust
ness 1 deem It. proper to mention I hat
the strawberry growers of Missouri
and Arkansas, by reason of operating
through tho Ozark j I'Vuit lirowcrs'
Association during the past set sou
got about 'J." per cent, more for their
i rop this yi tir than they did last, am'
crop and weather conditions wen
i l.out the same; ami this was all dm
1 o proper distribut ion. No mat kits
i. or any paiticulsr house in the sever
al markets were at anytime overstock
e l as was for m rely the case. Ily tlii
n r 'iiigonient" the commission men
and dealers lined betler than usual
and lliiaucial results to thein were
t inre sat islactory.
What organization has done In n
curing railroad and refrigerating rrg
ul it ions i.-, tno well known to riiptin
icitcral ion. liut I repeat, (he most
i npoitiint thing to accomplish by or
i;aniations, he they composed of
ilealers or growers, is a more even
1 i; 1 1 ibut ion of the apple and all othei
truil cro s to insure more prollt able
i esu It to the parties interested. If
I hi objccl will be accomplished as
I ir a- it is possible, through the Iu
trrnatioind Apple Shippers' Associa
tion, its existence will be a great hen
i lit inula lasting blessing, nut only
to the men engaged in the fruit, bnsi
t ess, but to all who follow the uohle
calling of Horticulture.
! ''rw l;tr'rs Cured.
Mi. i'i V, Favlerof lligbtower, Ala.,
r. lale i an xrT!i)!l3ti!ie bad while serx
hif, on jiu'lt jury bl a inurder cac at
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eoiin'v, '.!:;ba "a 'le hiivm: "While
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I if ti M'lioU ra morbus in
iv s-V"rt) r i.. 1 never was inure
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he tlx 1 was iu. I
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cleared and ready to plant to orchard,
balance only light brush, easy to clear,
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fence, nmi a line well of cool soil water.
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improvements. The United Artisans
v ill ,nv their annual hall on Thanks
giving the Modem Woodmen their an
niversary good time Christmas, and
the flowers that bloom in the spiing
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unlay, October in, weather permitting.
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land and Cascade Locks, and has been
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