The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 24, 1905, Image 4

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A. I. Manna iB determined that Hood
River shall tie heard from at the expo
sition on Hood River day, September
Ti. With the aid of Home of the young
people of Pine Urove, Mr. Mason sub
mitted tho following sample yells for
t he consideration or Ulaclor readers.
Tins one it will tie remembered was
used when the big delegation from
here attended the meeting of the De
velopment league last April:
7dra! Zoo! Zuh! Hood River!
Hood Klverl Kali! Iiah! Kah!
Zim! Zool Zuh! Applea! Straw
berries !
Kah! Huh! Rah!
The following are Home new ones
which may be appropriate:
Saoajawea Jawa Juwo 1
Apples and strawberries we Do grow !
Who are we? Von can guess,
Hood River's 4(H)? Yes! Yes! Yes!
Strawberry short cake
Urenn applo pie,
Are they good to eat?
Well 1 should sigh !
Hood River soil can grow them
Hood River girls can make them,
Oh My! My! My I
Hood River. Hood River,
We all well know,
The flnest fruit in the world
Hood River can grow.
Strawberry short cake
(Ireen apple pie,
Are they good to eat?
Well I should sigh.
Some catch phrases :
It's a Gold day when Hood River
gets left.
Price Hood River fruit.
We are known by our fruit.
Our fruit against the world.
Hood River Valley, au oasis of the
Price our lands and fruits.
Hood River Is IT.
Our Motto, Quality, Quality, Qual
ity. Our conscience In each puck ago
of fruit.
Custer muMicre tpoetnole at tie Lew
is aud Clink epxosition, which was
postponed from August 10 to Angm-t
). The great tragedy of the Little
Uig Horn river, in the summer of
1876, will be reproduced by the use of
Indians and United States troops
except the actual killing and scalp
ing. This is to be followed on til '
;ilt by Japan's peace jubilee carnival
on the waters of Guild's Lake.
Pieparatious are In prorgesa for the
The complicated flsh and game laws
of the statu of Oregon give the open
season for game birds ami deer as fol
lows :
Deer (male) AugiiKt 15 to Novem
ber 1; (female) September land No
vember 1.
Ducks aud geese September 1 and
February 1.
Grouse, quail and pheasants Octo
ber 1 aud December i.
Light Company In Their Mew Office.
The otllce of the Hood River Klnc-
trio Light, Power aud water Co. w ill
lie found after this week in the new
Davidson building on River street.
The Davidson fruit Co. will also more
their otllce into the same building.
The Fruit Co. will occupy the corner
otllce, and the Light Co. the first
room on the left of the stairway on
River street. Kntrance to the Glacier
otllce In the same building Is on Third
Portland Has a til 20,0110 Fire.
For five hours Tuesday mi ruing
Portland's entire fire department,
struggled with a conflagation that
swept the east side, devastating four
blocks of buildings, rendering scores
of people homeless and entailing a
loss of approximately 41iJ0,(HH.
Twenty-two buildings were completely
destroyed, many were badly damaged
aud not a few business linns ami in
dividuals were financially ruined.
The fire started in the kitchen of
the Iowa restaurant, at Union avenue
and East Stark street, and was caused
by the explosion of a gasoline stove.
Ice at Tumpkin llros.
The Paris Fair presents a livelier
appearance than usual these days.
A large force of clerks are kept busy
wrapping up and makirrg change for
the cnoi moiis I'and stock of goods,
recently purchased by W. O. Ash & Co.
The goods have been moved from the
Smith block to the Paris Fair store,,
and it is the intention of this enter
prising linn to dispose of the stuck in
as short a time us possible.
Prices have hi en slashed to a remark
able low figure, and the goods are go
ing like hot cukes. The stock consists
of dry goods, clothing, shoos, hat,
groceries, etc.
Read carefully the prices set forth I
in the page ad of the Paris Fair else- j
Mrs. Delia Hunger of Klgin, 111., is
1 visiting with her cousin, Mrs. Wick-j
hull. They had nut n.ct since they
were little children.
Misses Freda and (Omnia and Anna
Pregge, a coinpanied by their brother
Herman, went to Puitluud on lust Sat
urday. Mrs. P. H. Martin and Misses Inez
and Dorothy and Letu Martin and
Mrs. Pond of Oklahoma and Warren
Lister of Crook county, Or., went to
Portland Monday of this week.
School at the Crupper will open
September 11, with M iss Anna Phil
lips of Marion county In charge.
L. li. Wilson, John Hicks, James
Wlckhaiu aud K. Duncan Martin re
turned on Monday of this week after a
ten days outing at liadger lake. They
enjoyed tho trip hugely. They
brought home several messes of bear
meat, but the "other fellow" killed
the bear, and it is strange to Hay that
up to date we huve heard no big fish
We nre glad to noto that Mrs. Lind
soy, who lius been on the sick list for
several weeks, is improving very nicely-
Fred Gates sold his farm some timo
ago to T. A. VunauHiliile aud went to
Seattle, where ho expects to make his
Trusses! Trusses!
Wo havo jiiHt added u new line of Trusses, nn
aro prepared to fit cases 01 all kinds. Ifyounn
need of a tniHs or nre not satisfied with the one yon
wearing, allow us to show you ours and we will soon con
vince you that wo have
The Truss that will Give You Perfect Satisfaction.
They are a new style just out and nre giving such
general satisfaction that there is no doubt they are the
They are a new felco, spring, adjustable to any spot.
Are light, easily worn, cause no chafing, but remain linn
and strong in their posit ion. They are adjust able up and
down, or can be changed from right or left side as desired.
We also carry Elastic Trusses for those not desir
ing the Spring Truss, and for those who are more easily
Tome in and let us show you our line. ,
Smith Block.
Reliable Druggists.
This falling of your hair!
Stop it, or you will soon be
bald. Give your hair some
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The fall
ing will stop, the hair will
Hair Vigor
grow, and the scalp will be
clean and healthy. Why be
satisfied with poor hair when
you can make it rich?
" My hair nearly nit rime out. I than tried
Ayera Hair VlKoraml mill oiih lu.MIe atupiteil
the falling. New lialr rama In real UMU and
l"" nine curly. on us. i.. al. smith,
aratoga., N. y.
1.00 a bottle.
a ii nrtn'iftntii.
J. e. arsK en.,
I."WI. MnM
Thick Hair
oods must
home in the future.
Mr. McCurrly, nr., is on the sick
J int. His home in with his eon (). A.
Mr. Viinausdide hug the lumber on
the ground for the erection of a nice
residence on h in new purchase.
Hurry Hackutt i the champion snake
Icillur of thin neighborhood. He hag
killed live rattlers within the last few
The Hawkeyea will picnic today on
Noul creek, on tho Moody farm, now
in charge of Henry Lane. The Hood
Kieor brass and will enliven the occa
sion, and an extended prt gram has
linen prepared. Dr. W. K Laraway
will preside as chairman of the day,
aud it is whispered by the little birds,
ho will be the firnt president of the
Iowa society to be organized 200
strong today.
The exercises are scheduled to begin
at 11 o'clock. There will be a vocal
solo by Miss Cooper; a paper on Iowa
by Mrs. Laraway; remarks by Hev. J.
W. Kigby; violin solo by Willie Chan
dler; song by Murray Kay and an ex
tended addiess by lioswell Shelley.
Dr. Laraway has arranged to have
the Iowa state song sung at this pic
nic The words are by Tacitus llus
sey of DosMoines; the niusio by II.
M. Towner of Cuming. The tong is
fiing in march time, and is entitled
"Ioivii, lieautiful Lund. " The words
are :
A song fur Our Dear llawkeye State;
lown, lieautiful Land ;
As a bird sings of love to his mate,
Iowa, lieautiful Land.
The laud of wide prairies aud trees,
sweet clover and humming of bees,
While kine bioutli adds perfume to
these in Iowa, ISouutiful Laud.
Crown her! Crown her I Crown her!
Crown her with corn, This Queen
of tho West,
Who wears the wild rose on her breast,
tho fairest, the richest, the best,
Iowa, lioniitiful Lund ! Iowa, lieauti
ful Laud !
Thacornllnld of billowy gold, In Iowa.
Ileautitnl band,
Are smiling w ith treasure untold,
lown, iieaiitiful Land.
Hie food hope of nations is she, with
love ovi i'liowiiig and free
As her rivers which run to the sea In
Iowa, lieautiful Laud.
Her tulo of the past has been told of
Iowa, lieautiful Land,
The future is not yet unrolled of
Iowa, lieautiful Land ;
Hie past, how on fame's scroll she has
written her dead heroes' roll,
the future, fear not for thy goal, O
uma, litiautitul Laud i
Having bought the Geo. P. Crowell stock of Gen
eral Merchandise, and leased the building, we will
Close Out the Crowell Stock
Regardless of Cost
Before moving into our new quarters. The Entire!
Crowell Stock is being offered at prices that will move
it in a very short time. Don't miss this opportunity to
get goods at your own price.
In order to reduce our Regular Stock before mov
ing into the Crowell Building,
Prices Have Been Reduced
on everything, and now is your opportunity to get Big
Shoes, Hats, Shirts and Underwear
Ladies' Skirts, Corsets, Hosiery,
Men's and Boys' Gloves,
Rain Coats for Women,
and, other articles too numerous to mention.
Diamonds Watches
Eye Glasses and Spectacles
Specially Ground
No extra charg'e for engraving.
Did you ever notice the lialance whirl in your watch? The balance wheel of a watch nivrs live'ions everv
second, throe every mimito, 18,1100 every hour, W.'.OOO everv dav, ami 1,"7. (S0,i0 ,.Verv veiir. U each
vibration it routes alxiiit one ami a ipiarUT times, making UMi.sGO.OttO levuluti.m even year.
In order that we may better underlain! the stnpendou.i amount of lalior performed lv these tinv w-.rks let n
make a comparison with a locomotive having tux-fool driving wheel.. Let it he run until its w heels shah have
Riven the same number of revolutions that a watch balance gives in one vear, and it w ill huve covered a distance
e.)iul to twenty-eight complete circuits of the earth. All this a watch does without other attention than winding
once every twenty-four hour.
Now, suppose both machines started in good order. The locomotive is oiled everv lil'tv minutes, i ca refill v
Wiped and cleaned before lH'ins oiled. So that while doing the work of a watch loi one vear', it has been cleaned
i,.l55 and oiled L'S.iHO, (and is now in the shop for repairs.) While voiir watch-suppose it d en-t look verv dirtv
and even if it still keeps pretty fair time wouldn't it do better service and wear much 'oncer if caiciullv cleaned
and properly oiled ONCh to everv 14,1X10 time a locomotive is?
Then (dug to the praise of our (lod, of
i own, lieautiful Lmnil.
And our fathers, whoso feet early trod
iniH town, lseautirul land.
A land kissed by sunshine aud show
eis; of corn lauds, wild rosea and
m, uirica iiiessed land, this of ours,
Our Iowa, lieautiful Land.
The Only Way.
I here is no way to maintain
llie health and strength of mind
and body except by nourishment.
uieieis no way to nourish except
ti... i. .i. ... .... .
iiuoonii mo siomaen. i ne stomaeli
must he kept healthy, pure and sweet
or the streii"th will let down and (lis
ease Hill set up. No appetite, loss
strength, nervousness, headache, con
stipation, had breath, sour risings, rift
"tr. indigesiioii, dyspepsia and all
stomach trouble: that are curable are
(piieU.v cured by the use of Kodol Dys
pepsia i ure. Kodol digests what you
cat and stivnuthens the whole digestive
apparatus. Nuilbyti. K. Williams,
lliit Yield Tills Year.
lotal wheat yield of the Northest
this year will he approximately 50.
iiiHi.iHHi bushels. Threshing has begun
in .Norl iienstern region and Kouthea
ei u Wash i net on, and results are very
good, the wheat averaging Ito bushels
to tne acre Miipineuts ure beginning
in i umi ilia county.
Peculiar Disappearance.
,1. 1. hunyan of litillerville, ()., laid
tho peculiar disappearance of his pain
ful s inploiiis .'I indiircstion and bili-
ousue-s to nr. king s ew Life Tills,
i lie mivs: "ITiey are a perfect remedy
lor dizziness, sour stomach, headache,
i constipation, dc." (iuarantoed at C.
; N I'larke's drug store; price Sic.
The ("rook County Journal suya that
a man fi-oe to death en the streets of
l'rineville a few uights ago. He had
read the thermometer up side down
and thought it was 1." degroesjhelow
7.ero, and expired iustautly. Tbat'a
t range, but no more so thau au inci
dent occurring in Lakoview about the
same time. Dick Wilcox, assistant
cashier in the I'irst National bank,
hung a thermometer up-side down iu
his coa barn and the next morning
his cow gave ice cream. Lakeview
I oii Slider with Dyspepsia j
oi luuigesiion: i larKe a lyspersia
Tablets willeure von. Trice only oOc.
IVai ihis: I solved the mother-in-law
problem; just give her regularly
llolli-tcr's liocky Mountain tea. It
will make her h althv, happv and do
cile us a lamb. ;; c, Tea or Tablet's. C.
Ilest Spraylnar Material
at the lowest price at Clarke'setor e.
5ome Bargains.
Our list contains about 40 different
tracts of fruit and general farm lands in
Mosier; about 600 acres In Underwood, 1
divided into tracts of from 40 to 320
acres each; also about ISo different
tracts of farm property in Hood River
valley, and some very desirable resi
dences in Hood River and Mosier.
33. (I acres mile nut; berries and
orchard. A beautiful location. Will be
sold at a bargain.
24. 42 acres 4 miles out, 10 acres in
orchard, 10 full bearing. First-class im
provements. A beautiful home.
2. 40 acres in the most beautiful por
tion of the valley. 4 acres in orchard
one vear old, 3 acres in lierries, 4 acres
In alfalfa, balance general farming.
114. Two l(!0-acre tract about nine
miles out; one on east side, other west
side. Choice for fl 100.
A numlier of 5, 10, 20 and 40 acre
tracts of unimproved land that will
bear investigation. Also a number of
large tracts from 100 to 320 acres in Ore
gon and ashington
Some few residences and lots in every
portion of the city.
Real Estate Agents
Hood River. Oregon.
Williams' Pharmacy
Fino lii.o of
Whoa you go Cnainiag
take along some of
tho. e line
Lunch Goods
you will find at
S, L. YOUNG, Prop.
Phone, Main 5o.
Toilet Articles,
etc. Also
Spray Material
liring in your Prescriptions.
Groceries, Flour and Feed
has boe-a installed bv
at the old stand, just south
ot Indian l reek bridge, and
the firm, extends aa imita
tion to their former patrons
to call and iee them.
Cordially yours,
The very finest line of Pianos, from the cel
ebrated ("bickering, tho renouned Weber, the
fine Kimball, which is used and known for its
purity of tone and easy action, the silver-toned
Hobart M. Cable, and on down the line of
Pianos to suit your means and pocket book.
P.e sure to write for terms, or come and see
The Dalles, Oregon.